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His perfect marriage was troubled. His family codes were strict, and its legacy weighed him down. Piloting his plane was one of the few places he felt free: Inside the last years of JFK Jr.

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"Turtleneck sweaters and high-waisted slacks have rarely looked so ruthless." (via The New Yorker)

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To be sure, the analogy didn’t come from Trump himself, and it wasn’t clear if Iran representative Brian Hook actually endorsed the comparison.

So American lives are being compared with this presedent to a bunch oil fields that is some pretty sick thinking
It probably makes perfect sense for someone who doesn't believe other people are real.
911 attack was a self made crisis. That is right our own Gov knew and did not stop it. Its just like teens and reality TV acting out or mocking the trends to get a reaction out of people. They try to manipulate the weather so they can allocate Emergency management money. They manipulate the elections and eventually even World Government. Takes money to make money. Also Human Trafficking is a business just like any other business and its a protected business like the Drug business.
Wow... the Saudi Oil Attack killed 3,000 people?! Wait, what? Nobody died!!?? Well, that's one helluva analogy... 😳
Wasn't the first 9/11 their 9/11?
oh did they do it to themselves? Cause they were involved with the one on our country. Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi and so were many of the others, and hey there's probably more than we know.
The good thing is, they shouldn’t have trouble finding these Saudi perpetrators in Saudi Arabia.
I missed the fact that 3,000 Saudis died in the attack...
More proof that only ignorant, greedy, & traitorous individuals are employed by the WH.
No comparison, and they bankrolled 9/11.
there were no casualties in the drone strike , and operations are up and running again at normal capacity . very much unlike the events of september the 11th .
How much money has Saudi Arabia given Trump?
....such a pathetic man....not even close....but since his first thought after the towers went down was that his pos structure was again the tallest in nyc, it makes perfect sense that he would think this way....if you can call it thinking....
Not even close.
13 Saudis attacked 9/11 how many Americans did this ???
Equating the loss of thousands of lives to some spilled oil sounds about right coming from this tone deaf administration.
Dan Arriola
Trump “did you bring the cash”
There were zero casualties in the attack on Saudi. Oil infrastructure does not equate to the loss of 3000 U.S. citizens, at the hands of Saudis by the way.
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The summer of 2017 was the summer of fire—and Exhibit A for the dangers of a warming planet.

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William’s boarding school classmates didn’t make it easy on him after risqué pictures of his mother circulated in the press.

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Trump also pointed out a Hispanic supporter last night and then marveled at his ability to pass for a “WASP.”

I swear almost every time I see an article about him I have to double check the source and make sure it’s not The Onion.
I marvel at 45’s ability to pass for a human.
He’s one step away from rocking a doll in the nut house.
Where does one begin??? Mother of God!
I keep mistaking these reports for satire. Sigh.
He is such an ignorant man...and we should be ashamed he is our president. What has happened to our country that he represents us, as Americans?
When an Onion article becomes reality I think we're just screwed
Let me guess, he was joking. That's always the White House statement after his gaffes. 🙄
The question for his supporters: what do you like better Trump or your country? It can't be both.
What a low-life piece of human flesh!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
He barely passes for ‘human’ ...
Once again Vanity Fair blunders in thinking the Latin Voter is a monolith.
When will America say" enough".
Damn! I'm getting sick and tired of him.
Trump don't like either. He is russian.
Is passing for a WASP supposed to be a compliment?
Is not going to work, we do not believe anything he says
just more and more 💩 every day
Another jaw-dropping statement - I can't stand any more.
What A Stupid President?
Wasps? He's more of a mosquito or a bed-bug!
So sick of this shit. 😒😖
The most revolting man in America.
What a twisted, moronic being.
Dementia and Adderall are a bad combination.
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The series’ creator talks about his initial pitch—and why we haven’t seen a West Wing revival yet: “I simply don’t have an idea that wouldn’t feel like A Very Brady Reunion.”

Still the best show EVER. The "Two Cathedrals" episode was hands down the most impactful show I've ever seen in my life.
My wife and I just finished watching the entire series again. I was amazed at how prescient the series was with issues that became relevant later and how much I learned about how the US government worked from watching it.
Great series!
Best series ever!!!! Bartlett for President !
I’m from Finland and I love The West Wing. And I do have the whole serie as dvd.
Smashing , might dig out the box set AGAIN !!!!
CJ AS PRESIDENT. make it happen.
James King
Fabiola 😬
Billy Johnston Sam Maggs Brieanne Elise Charles E Netto Lisa Marks
Brittany Golob Susie Litman
Nicole Yanni
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The decision upset some activists, but with Joe Biden looking bulletproof, time was of the essence. “It was incumbent on us to endorse and endorse now,” said Working Families Party’s director.

Do leftists do anything above board?
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Ric Ocasek was the unlikeliest video star of the decade—and the first to land in the Museum of Modern Art.

He probably set the bar for husbands of supermodels, too.
Bill Burke
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NBC’s newly-named streaming service is betting big on old favorites.