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As a Tennessean this is embarrassing. The Tn General Assembly ( our State Legislature) never ceases to do the wrong thing. This wasn’t always the case
This is what they voted for. Good luck
Cutting health spending for everyone? That's a bold strategy...
In the "Land'o Cotton", old times there are not forgotten, unfortunately.
Good, get rid of the poor and kids. Who needs them We only need rich old people. Poor kids just use resources. Old rich people have their resources already.
We should be cutting Politicians salaries until they can do their jobs!
And here we go - a lesson in skimming off the top
Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario) has been doing exactly the same thing for over a year now.
Wonder what it’s like to have no soul?
So "moral majority" "christian" of them...
Boycott Nashville!
So - will they subsidize mortuaries next then?
Got to cull the heard some how....
This is so embarrassing
Red states=Trump states=idiots.
Trickle down economics that get you crumbs.
I'm sure they think themselves "good Christians", too.
Vote Bernie Sanders 2020
Well they cant let Mississippi and Alabama be last at EVERYTHING!
“Pro Life”
Mfers should have voted. I am disgusted
Glad I am no longer in TN. The current TennCare operation is terrible and is not customer friendly at all with little concern for children's health needs
They are greed filled trash and they will answer to God for this..Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.
More Christian behavior?.. ...but please keep cramming "Lets get back to family values........We need God in Government!!....
just shoot those kids why doncha heck they’ve already been born
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According to a new survey, 1 in 16 women had non-consensual sex as their first sexual encounter — but according to the study's author, that number could be much, much higher.

Based on the stories I heard from my teens 40 years ago. Sounds low
I'm sure it's higher. You just want it to go away. So there's no reports or investigations. Been there. Then you have the "it was your fault" for whatever reason kind of people. Lots of taboo still surrounding this topic. It's sad. Very sad this is where we are as a human race. So much ugliness. 😞
You may or may not recall that this was a major plot theme in the most popular Daytime T.V. Soap on the air back in the day. The characters that portrayed this theme were Luke & Laura. I wonder if they called the study The Luke AND Laura Phenomenon: Tales Of A Modern Day Soap Opera.
It’s amazing how accurate this is
I'm sure it's much higher than 1 in 16.
Aaand this was with the 18-24 age range surveyed, yes? Go younger and it gets worse.
i don’t believe this at all!
I was one of them. 💔
Does that include statutory? Cuz the number is probably higher in that case.
It's higher
Probably 1 out of 16 only admit it happened to them. If I were a betting man I’d say this happens to 1 out of 4 unfortunately.
I was.
Steven Wu Dhr Tresor 🤔thoughts ?
Ariana Nistor cum mi le da internetul fix cand trebuie... :))
Me 👋
I wonder how many of those Catholic priests are responsible for?
Seriously doubt it's only 1 in 16. Having early teen daughters I've said many times I'm far less concerned when or with who that happens as long as it's on their terms.
Load of rubbish
I wouldn't be surprised if it was relatives too..
by people like trump, kavanaugh, epstein, weinstien and trump supporters!
I feel bad for the mother fucker who hurts my daughter.
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Hank Williams was born 96 years ago today. We recall the country icon’s 5 most haunting performances.

Died when I was 4 yrs old, but we all know who he was! a heavenly Birth-day
Perfect timing for the PBS episode tonight. Love the Timber Snake.
Still the most wanted outlaw in the land.
The one where he drank way too much.....
Hillbilly Shakespeare!
Is that woody from toy story?
Nikki Watts
Julie Goldspink for dad
I read his biography, he was a right asshole.
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Eight immigrant families try to obtain legal status in the United States in the gripping trailer for the docuseries, ‘Living Undocumented,’ executive produced by Selena Gomez. Watch below.

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A new poll finds a majority of Texans in both parties are in favor of government action to tackle the climate crisis.

In a state of 28,000,000 or 29,000,000 people, a poll of 1660 people is hardly worth mentioning, misleading & embarrassing that you'd even publish this. I know you don't have to fill space w/this kind of garbage! You have been one of my most favorite publications since your inception. Please don't add to the BS that people will take to be fact without vetting your commentary. Have all the editors gone on vacation?
Thoughts & prayers are not working? Go figure!
Texans will trade in their Pick-ups and SUVs for EVs. Shut off their AC and purchase nothing made from fossil fuels.
I live in Texas and unfortunately I know too many texans that don't believe in global warming and or think it's a hoax. I know more people that don't deny it but there are enough people that I know that still ignore it unfortunately😢
That would be a miracle
This Texan proposes that we pass a law that climate immediately cease changing.
You mean the cycle the earth goes through, the answer throw more money at it , you will not stop it , , explain all the ancient civilizations, one day Mother Nature will do a big reset and start all over , for now go clean the beaches and take care of the fresh water without clean water we die
Polls and surveys today are not tools to gauge public opinion. They are tools to influence public opinion. I've lived in Texas all of my life (almost seven decades) and I can tell you that extreme weather is the norm here. Hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, extreme heat, extreme cold all are normal occurrences in Texas. In the summer of 1980 we had the hottest and driest summer on record followed by a Spring with record rainfall and flooding that washed out nearly every bridge in the county where I live. Those advancing "climate change" have ulterior motives that involve political and social agendas that are being pushed by the media and funded by Global elitists. Where do you think all this interest in socialism and gutting the Constitution originates from? Certainly not from the average American citizen.
Climate change is man made for politicians to profit off of the public ....
It`s always a matter of whose Ox is being gored!
Climate change is real, it's called spring, summer, autumn and winter
One thing we might want to consider is changing building codes so that buildings survive hurricanes and tornadoes. Steel reinforced concrete buildings with storm shudders should do the trick.
Doubt it.
Nooooooo!!It’s the final sign of the apocalypse!
That must be the same pole that said Hillary was going to win
Climate crisis 🤣
stop it
The oil and gas industry in Texas works with local chapters of the FBI to silence activists who support fighting climate change.
What a bunch of BS.....must be Robert OH'Rook propaganda...
PLEASE wake up: they have been SPRAYing the skies since 1995 - it's so easy to c. This SPRAY is blocking sun & trap g heat from dissipating. THIS is ur Climate (bs) Change. CO2 is a distraction - the earth & life all function on CO2 to produce O2. Tis is the biggest SCAM of our lifetime - & it's destroying ag, soil & health so only GMO & Pharma can grow.
I saw in Shreveport 30 mils from texas. Just clear cutting to asphalt over for more shopping more houses! More parking lots. Short sighted
You can tackle alot of things , pollution, recycling, alternative pow4r sources but Climate change lololol. There is no controlling mother nature the climate crisis as you put it is non existent. The planets climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years and will continue to do so regardless of humans are involved or not. NASA just released a study which claims that climate change is a direct result of Earth shifting on its axis and solar activity.
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'Ad Astra' sends Brad Pitt into outer space in search of his father—and filmmaker James Gray's cerebral sci-fi drama couldn't be more enthralling, says Peter Travers. Our review.

I enjoy Travers, but I’ll never forgive him for spoiling Dent’s motives for becoming Two Face in The Dark Knight 😸
Benjamin Sanford
Joshua Moshua
Jennifer Steele
Cannibal Bett i wanna see with you?
Sophie xx
Nicole Lindberg need a sitter so we can go
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The Cars played the biggest show of their career at Live Aid in July 1985. Check out their performance of "You Might Think" below.

always looked at them as a great studio band. While they sounded good live, it was rather bland to watch. Sure do love their albums tho
“Heartbeat City” had the best vibe that day for them
RIP Ric Ocasek...Thank you for giving me, "Just What I Needed."
I believe they played a 4 song set of You Might Think, Drive, Heartbeat City (odd choice) and Just What I Needed
Not their best song..
The best late 70s band ❤
Kristi Hayes
now benjamin and ric will do their magic in heaven
Aidan Reimer Dave Reimer Katie O'Loughlin Reimer
Glen Lockley remember when I went at Live Aid?
I saw the Cars at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City with 50,000 fans back in the 80s. Great show. So sad to hear of Rics innovator and inspiration. New Wave rules.
Jesus, you guys didn't cover Eddie Money's death with this many wall-to-wall clips. How about Cokie Roberts live at Bonnaroo?
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Inside the battle for the forest’s future — and ours — as Brazilian ranchers and farmers vow to protect their way of life at any cost.

Bezos should just purchase a few million acres, maybe more. Poetic, almost.
So this is how the native Americans were vanquished, capitalism
The voices of indigenous people are being killed to make rich people even more richer!!!!! Will wealthy land owners start killing what's left of the Amazon rainforest people. Very sad!!!! Where's the clergy to protect the vulnerable??? Silence once AGAIN!!! Vatican don't even shine a light on it. Show some pro life love on the Amazon people!!!!!
#BrazilianFools 🥜