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Tony Bennett paying it forward 👏

You forgot one major stat. The one where he paid the refs to completely screw Auburn out of the National Championship
The Virginia Cavaliers won the national championship on Monday April 8th earlier this year not April 9th but whatever ESPN...
Nicely done. Not a fan of the program but hell of a guy
Man, we need a whole hell of a lot more Tony Bennett’s.
Pay it forward. 👏🏽
♥️ What an example
A breath of fresh air in a world on selfishness and greed.
I’m not only a top fan of Espn, but a top fan of Tony Bennett as well Shane Scott
Tip my hat to you Sir👲🏽
Not too shabby....
Former UWGB Phoenix guard
One of the best to ever do it. #WAHOOWA
100% class act!
I’m a UNC fan, but this guy is a Class Act! Good for UVA!
Shoulda donated that money to the officials that gave him that title
That staff is ready to run through a wall for that guy
Really awesome move
Wisconsin Proud
That’s how you do it lol
This is legit stunning and brave
Class act
Good stuff
Wished he stayed a wsu
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 that’s dope
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Jalen Ramsey has one thing on his mind.

Welcome to real life buddy. Not everyone gets to have their cake and eat it too. Be grateful you have a career that will provide financial freedom for generations to come. That’s called “real life” winning.
I don’t even know what I did to deserve this badge, but as a Top Fan, I will wear it proudly!
Maybe it’s time that you act like a professional athlete, both on and off the field!
Come to Oakland. We need help bro.
Listen, fans have been after this guy all preseason, but the fact remains. If Barack Minshew doesn’t deliver the goods, the team will not be able to compete regardless of Ramsey’s performance.
At least he won't be a Patriot. Right everyone? Right...?
This is the Participation Award generations way.. stomp your feet and whine long enough till the Patriots come knocking. 😂
Go to Seattle and resurrect the "Legion of Boom"!!
To the Patriots for a 6th and 7th round pick, and a signed Antonio Brown helmet!
I wonder if these pampered athletes are willing to take a pay cut to stay where they live and bring more talent in with the money they clear up for the team?
See you in New Orleans my boy!
If that guy was as good as his mouth says he is, he would be in the HOF already.
Should’ve called out the coaches bro. Everybody knows the coaching staff is what’s limiting y’all lol
“Excuse my language but here’s another cuss word”
I feel him. Being a top 5 corner on a team that can’t produce any offense I don’t care what anyone says he is right to want to leave. Loyalty means nothing if a business doesn’t match your mindset
So help your team win. You don't get to just get traded to a super bowl team because you think you deserve it more than all your other teammates you entitled brat! Plus the fact, even if you do get your trade your new teammates knows what kind of guy they are now playing with. This is not the NBA!
His coach went for the win They were 1 quarter away from super bowl couple years ago I thjnk they are good They got foles to win just bad luck he got hurt
Then stop teams from hanging up 40 points on you!
Then help your team win!! Don’t run from adversity, embrace it. Tackle the challenge head up and make your team better. Oh wait, he won’t read this
This is what happens when everyone gets a participation trophy.
Seahawks acquire Jalen Ramsey and in return the Jacksonville Jaguars get Richard Sherman's old jockstrap.
"One thing on his mind..." Expletives?
Show me someone who doesn't prefer winning. This is the problem with NBA superteams. Athletes in other sports think they can demand their way on to a good team. Hell, look what Antonio Brown did to get onto the Patriots. It's ridiculous and it's not good for the health of the league.
One thing? The same guy that pulled up to camp in a Brinx truck? Same clown that said 'Ima askfor so much money they gonna have to put me on lay away. Yep... one thing. Just like Lev Bell... all his rookie year tweets BS about winning and legacy...til it come time to talk cash.
Houston...make something happen!
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With a new NBA decade beginning this fall, our panel of experts broke down the best games of the 2010s.


People at the time didn’t realize those spurs and heat series were some classics. Both years.
I know I am biased, but I don't see how Cavs/Warriors isn't number 1 and by a long shot. First of all it was a game 7, and second, it was an awesome game that capped off the greatest comeback the NBA has ever seen. The games on the list are all deserving, just not sure the order is 100% correct.
Ray Allen would’ve never had that 3 had the best PF of all time, Timmy, been on the floor for the rebound. Rank that #1 for Pops biggest mistake.
That entire Mavs/Heat series was a joy to watch. Will never forget seeing the “GOAT” get thoroughly outplayed by Jason Terry and shamed out of another finals despite having one of the best rosters in history.
As long as Kobe made it! 😂
Still can’t believe it’s almost 2020. Not ready for my favourite players to retire. Still recovering from D Wade leaving
Cavs beating warriors in game 7 was by far the best game. The run down block. Klove blocking curry from 3. And kyrie with the dagger
A meaningless game between 2 teams eliminated from the playoffs made the top 5? Really?
1/23/12 Bulls vs Nets. Brian Scalabrine scores a season high 5 points as the Bulls cruise to a 110-95 victory
I can't argue this list but I would love NBA Finals 2010 Game 7. Such a slugfest defensive series and that last game was the whole series in a nutshell.
Cavs - Warriors game 7. It was a game 7. It capped off a 3-1 comeback. It came down to the final play. Best ever.
The Kobe versus Utah game was so scripted I thought Vince McMahon was running it.
I don’t even know what I did to deserve this badge, but as a Top Fan, I will wear it proudly!
Mavs/Heat deserves to be #1 ... fresh off the Lebron taking his talents to south beach fiasco with a team in their prime (one of the first “super teams” that shaped how NBA teams are built today) facing an aging underdog. Such a sweet series watching the Mavs beat the Heat that year.
Good list. I'd just flip flop #1 and #2 solely for the fact that it was a game 7, no team had ever come back from being down 3-1 before in the finals, and the team to do it did it on the road
Kobe's farewell #1 it was epic!
Da Bulls beating Miami Heat and stopping their 27 game win streak in 2013 was an incredible game.
Mavs vs Heat is no.1 to me Dirk was a god in those playoffs
The Nuggets/Trailblazer quadruple OT game in last season's playoffs deserves to be up there
Kobe scoring 60 points in 50 shots or whatever it was isnt that impressive. So many ither games should have been there
Denis Margalik but can we talk about Raptors vs 76ers, Conference Semi-Finals, Game 7?
2010 NBA Championship G7 Lakers VS Celtics, Two Iconic NBA teams and The greatest NBA rivalry is left out pshh
Great games. Last season the Kawhi buzzer beater and the Lillard buzzer beater were both great games. They should have some consideration.
As a Mavs fan, it was nice to beat the Miami big 3 for dirk to get his title.
“Best” should switched with memorable or impactful. These are not close to some of the best NBA games played this decade. lol
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(via ESPN FC)

Soccer is the most overrated sport all time while hockey is the most underrated.
“Soccer is boring.” Says Chad from Minnesota who’s never played a sport in his entire life, drinks bud light, and takes time out of his boring life to make said idiotic comment on social media, much like this idiotic comment.
Just here for the ignorant comments claiming that "no one cares" about a thing that averages about 3 times the viewership of the Super Bowl for its Final.
If you dont like soccer, this post is not for you. Move along. If you do like soccer, and you arent singing "the chaaammmppiiooonnss" all day long, youre doing it wrong
Soccer would be better if they shrunk the field and goals, and played with 5 guys per side, and there was contact.. and they played on ice
Back to a champions league that 80% of the US (including myself) can never watch since it is during work hours 😒
While y'all all are watching that I will be watching the real champs in the Europa tournament hahaha come on Man United!!!
What’s champions league?
The Entirety of Europe:
Flopping destroyed an already boring sport that has great potential...
This song gives me goosebumps each time I hear it...
When will the NBA be back?
I can’t get the video to load, but I sure hope it’s something about LameBron talking about taco Tuesday™️.
What is the champions league?
Carsten tro du så ikke man kan se det via Disney tjeneste?
Ramon Stoll wann gibt's nen classic Tuesday evening?
Been waiting since June for this day. Come On You Blues
Julian Wi Capitano-Binde schon aufgebügelt und griffbereit?
Best tournament in all sports!!! FACTS
I actually have the Champions League Anthem downloaded on my Spotify
Glad to see ESPN embracing the CL
CHampions league have more views than the NFL and the NBA combine
I buy cars and exotic cars before it gets repo from 2014 and up u must be the owner I don’t buy stolen cars and cpn I don’t pay off the loan. 7864806118 in Florida New York texas.
Great movie. Bad analogy
Who watches field fairies. Not me. You wanna watch a real sport watch football.
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On his 34th birthday, we hope Alex Ovechkin is celebrating like he just won the Cup again 🏆

(via kgras13/Twitter)

definitely thought he was making out with that dude at first glance
i saw him on the latter end of this legendary bender at a chinese restaurant. he downed two beers before they ordered food.
Probably the greatest cup celebration after party ever.....dude definitely soaked it all in and didn’t waste a min after they had won
I still remember when the DC radio station threw him a party for his 21st.
Is that in Chicago?
Looks like a scene from Old School
To bad he’s not on the blues, would of been cool to see him and hull party 😂
His two month binge was the greatest celebration of a Championship ever. The GR8!!
when you stick around somewhere for long enough usually some kind of good comes out of it...Im happy he finally got a ring
Ovi celebrating his cup win was my favorite part of any sport ever
He’s living his best life! 🙏🏽
I’m so happy he got his ring
So glad he finally won his ring. Well deserved
What a party!...I’m jealous lol
Ecstacy is one helluva Drug
I can smell the vodka thru the screen
Not too shabby.....
How can you dislike this guy lol
I want to party with that guy.
Celebrities are cool.
2 tramp stamps hahaha
God bless this silly silly man
Enjoy it all
Enjoy life big fella
Greatest championship bender ever!!
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Odell Beckham Jr was shook 🤣 (via ESPN Deportes)

Why does this amazing athlete and very decent-seeming human get so much hate?
I really thought this was a voiceover at first.
Freaking hilarious! He pointed at him like... that’s it. 😂
He heard Jota and was like " woah, woah" 🤣🤣
His reaction up to the finger point needs to be turned into a GIF immediately 😂
The first part translated " Where that ramen on your head go bruh?
I swear I thought this was a voice over.
Why is he wearing an earring in just his right ear.. does he know what that means?
He looked so relieved after he started speaking English 😂😂😂
That’s one way to make him speechless.
OBJ was like my man now you speaking my language but look at the reporter's face.
He was looking for the Teleprompter for subtitles 😂😂😂
I don’t even know what I did to deserve this badge, but as a Top Fan, I will wear it proudly!
He looked for the subtitles 😂
The look on his face though! 😂
He is too pretty... cute .. handsome, or whatever. Those dangling earrings, though... 😳
Lonzo Ball speaks 4 languages and would of made this 10 times less awkward
He like who turned on SAP?
His mind went straight back to 9th grade in Spanish I.
For English press #1 Para Español oprima el #2
What if Soy milk is just milk introducing himself in Spanish???
The dude doing the interview, his eyes are all over the place when Odell is talking.
Probably the same look he had when he heard the Giants traded him to Cleveland
He out here looking like George Michael before the bathroom bust.
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What is this sorcery!? 🧢

This makes me love humans. When we all have fun together.
Folds in his awe inspiring sight
Training his entire life for this moment.
Possibly the most amazing thing ever done.
Yo this guy looks like he gives the best hugs 😂
That’s the most fun I’ve literally ever had watching something baseball related
Definitely didn’t just try to do and not have even close to similar success.
Haha awesome! The Yogi bear on his jersey makes it even more perfect
I can’t believe all the negative comments about his act 🤬. He is a baseball fan having fun, enjoying the moment. Be positive!!!
Only reason Cub fans should be excited about is this guy, Go Cardinals!
This is more meaningful than Kd’s rings.
Oh my gosh! How the... this man. Gold star for everything about this.
This'd be the best performance on America's Got Talent...
What in the name of Dumbledore!?!?
When they interviewed him on the broadcast it was the happiest thing ever.
He got more talent than the Miami Dolphins
So you mean no one saw the small thread suspended from the top.
When ma dukes finally say, “Food’s Ready” 😭
A likable Cubs fan? Now that’s breaking news.
Is that the guy from the boy band commercial?😆
Lids needs to sponsor this guy as asap
He probably has forehead folds i used to do that with the back of my neck🤣
I think that might be the most interesting thing to happen in Chicago for years
That’s a Latino right there he had the rhythm
Idk bout you guys...but the little dance put this over the top😁
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The ball has a mind of its own 😯

Angels in the outfield would be proud.
Luis Arraez...should definitely get some ROY votes! He can hit, field, and even put English on a ground ball to fool a defender! PS...the Twins caption of this was way better “Ope, just gonna sneak right past ya”
Looked like a pretty routine grounder right?!... NOPE.
This is the intro of space jam 2!
Target Field is a tough hole. A well placed draw off the tee. Looking good Roger.
Or it’s just spinning a lot.
The baseball term is "seeing eye single"
Looney Tunes “SpaceJam” trying to steal baseball players now
Bugs Bunny at it again with that magnet
Wow that ball hit the ground and made a left turn don’t believe I’ve ever seen that before
I wouldn’t say that ball had a mind of its own I would say that that player sucked at understanding where that ball was going to go
What sorcery is this?
Is that an error still?
Would have made more sense if it was the angels
Happens all the time in cricket against spin bowlers , must of put some serious spin on that pitch
My driver does that when the ball lands
Is Rodger bomman at the game ?
The ball hit the runners shadow.
It looked real goofy during live play last night.
and that's how you beat the shift
Funny how Barry Soetoro's favorite team loses when the ball goes right....
Looks like the batter has been conspiring with Paul DeJong. #Sorcery
Misery begins this season...hope the sox and all you Red Sox fans enjoyed winning the WS last season ...the Curse of the bambino returns and with it comes another 86 years of losing for the Sox....Lets Go Yankees!!!!
A little ⚾️ masse!
Batter hit a Zig Zag power up from Backyard Baseball 😂😂😂
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Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens are climbing fast in our latest Power Rankings 🚀

I think we’ll be seeing the Patriots remain at number 1 for the season... Thoughts and Prayers to the rest of the NFL
I’m not a Baltimore fan, but I hope L. Jackson stays healthy because he’s a beast.
Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes are two of the most amazing quarterbacks to watch and they’re making the game exciting. I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan, but I look forward to watching these two play for years to come.
San Fran travels West to East, starts the season 2-0 on the road, and handles bad teams the way a good team should, but yes, not top ten material.
With Brees our the next 6 weeks, there’s no way the Saints belong on here with Bridgewater. The Eagles just lost to the Falcons, and Wentz/run game looked atrocious in the process. Baltimore should definitely be ranked ahead of the Cowboys. LA looks low, and the 49ers should be on this list somewhere.
I love the Ravens, but they’ll need to play (and beat) a few quality teams before I get my hopes up.
The Ravens at 5? They have literally played the Dolphins and Cardinals. Probably two of the most confused teams in the NFL. They are both tanking for pick 1. Beat a good team then I’ll reconsider.
Daniel Jones is starting so we will be #1 soon. Also it’s my birthday 🎁
Baltimore and Dallas should be ahead of LA
Seattle is fortunate to be 2-0 and fortunate to be in the top 10 because of it!
Green Bay should be #1....... they have actually beaten talented teams unlike New England and Baltimore
I know the 49ers are better than the Saints and Packers.
SHould be a great game against the Chiefs Sunday, let's go KC!
I haven’t watched the Ravens yet, but if I was a betting man, I’d put money down that Lamar Jackson doesn’t keep up this pace all year.
1-5 great teams. 6-10 I think those will change often!
Chicago Bears should be 9th. Get out of here with Teddy and the Saints.
Love the Chargers, but no way in hell they’re 10
Last year at this time, the Jaguars were #2 on this list.
...and NE already has had 2 of 8 bye weeks.
Seattle ahead of SF after the 1st 2 weeks makes no sense. SF 72-34 scoring this year. Sea 49-46.
Chicago loses to GB who is at 6 now and drops out of the top 10, the Chargers lose to Detroit and are still in? 😂😂😂😂
What’d the rams do besides beat a half talent cam newton and the saints without brees
As much as I hate the Vikings.. how are they not on the back end of this list? But yet you have the saints on here.. go pack go
Rams are not as good (yet) this year...ravens, Kc, dallas, new england...tuuuuuuufffff
To the Vikings fans wondering why their team isn't in the top 10 here's the reason why
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The kids love UEFA Champions League 😍👶

(via dibowisam/Instagram)

We’ve always played classical and piano music for our children when they went to sleep to not only soothe them, but also because studies show that it makes them more intelligent. That’s debatable with my second son but the other two it seems to have worked that way. Lol 😂
She loves the music....being forced to watch soccer is probably what made her cry to start with...
This young man will hopefully play in the champions league when Manchester United finally are able to qualify
Wanting to make the child deaf? Phone has to be that close?
It's the same music she heard when she seen the light for the first time.
Hmmmm im gonna try that with the nfl theme song with my son
Stefan weißt was du beim nächsten Mal zu machen hast 🤣 Su Si kennt die Hymne aus Frankfurt net. 🤪
If you don’t believe me when I tell you that bubbles are spicy—then I challenge you to chug a seltzer
When I have a kid it’s gonna be fun to experiment with what music they like
They just love the violin thats all lol
This one will drink its first beer really early
Benjamin Buck unsere Söhne oder Töchter ❤️
In case you didn’t know, Callum Vernon, this is a league for teams that play at a higher level than the Europa League
He is looking at the phone the same way every football fan looks at screen when UCL game is about to start
Cassandra así calmaba a Ana Sofía. A Danielito no, ese con nada!
The kids love Handel.
Can’t be a city fan. They all wear themselves when this comes on
Play it some Dimmu Borgir and see what happens
Klaus Balser hast des auch schonmal probiert?😂😂
Olha aí Raphael Reis Silva coloca para o Vitor rsrsrsrsrsrs
Nils, hilft das bei Emma auch?
Who doesn’t love the Champions League anthem? It’s like angels singing
That’s a little to loud for that baby’s 👂🏽
baby Deserves a top fan badge... 😅
How do you cut it off right before THE CHAMPIONS