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Ground Zero

Robin Etheridge A job well done!!! Thanks to all who worked so hard to get this job done!! The tough got going on this one for sure!! God bless all that worked so diligently to get the water restored!!!!
Louisa Whitehead Awesome thank you from the whiteheads. We are so very grateful to all the hard working individuals that put in long hours.
Edna Taylor Great Job....VI C- K S B- U R G.....Vicsburg Vicksburg πŸ‘ Mayor and all
Diane Roach Thanks Vicksburg daily news for keeping us up to date great job
Dean Reese Thanks for all the updates!! Good job..
Doris Lyons Thanks
Pat Kellum Thank all who had a hand in this!!!!!!
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Maggie Hernandez Yikes I wouldn't drink that water if they paid me lol thanks for the update.. TK says he has my refrigerator stalked with water for when I get there..
Rachel Meece Those guys did an outstanding job!! We were prepared for a longer wait!!
Latonya Gaines No water yet hurry im.a patient person but no water unless u hit jackson. Clinton Edwards....
Christy McCraine Great job everyone on the great job!! Was expecting a longer time for repair job.
Linda Faubus A huge thank you to everyone!
Wanza Chunn Way to go Vburg!!
Heather Longmire Logue Yay
Vanessa Lopez Maggie Hernandez
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Water Main Press Conference

Kerry Howell I'm proud of Vicksburg. Out citizens have been helping each other.
Kerry Howell Stan Collins is watching
Steve Saunders When water is restored open your outside facets first to flush out silt and debris and to relieve air in the system, then go around and open (bleed) each facet. You may have to do this (open each inside facet) several times until full pressure is restored.
Kerry Howell Will the people who do not have access to water be provided water through next week?
Steve Saunders Mayor just said they would provide water all next week or until water is safe to drink.
Vickie Stevens Rollins Thanks for a job well done. Love Vicksburg and how this community always pulls together and help each other.
KeKe Harris Thank you all for your hard work and keeping us updated and informed!
Susan Wilson I knew when I voted for him the first time, he was going to do a great job. And He Has! WTG Mayor!
Dinah L. Bailey Embry Good job Thank you all so much. God bless you all. Lovie Bailey
Amanda Hurst Young It's very hard to hear them.
Kerry Howell Drinking water is what I mean?
Mary Ellen Tillis Brixey Good job!
Steve Saunders Great effort by the city!
Ann Duncan Vessell Great effort men! Thank you!
Nita Parson Great Job Guys
Sally Burr DeRossette Thank you all!!!
Catina N Henry Armstead Hope its good news
Robert Reeder You guys go get some rest. Thank y'all.
Robert Reeder Good job!
Kerry Howell *our
Shawanda Swayzer Ikr
Richard Williams Great leadership
Theresa Reed Teresa Reed is watching
Adrian Dillon Awesome Job Vicksburg!!
Pamela Fowler Wilson Amen
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Current pictures from the water main break.

Jerrell Strawn So we didn't have a waterline rupture after all. That's good news. Maybe we can come up with a better cap this time. :)
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Vicksburg Daily News was live.4 days ago

Mayor Flaggs at the Leak

Kimberly Walker Barnes This is definitely answered prayers! I know all the workers need a rest! Thank You to all that has helped make this possible and get us through a crisis!!!
Tonya Campbell Awesome! Great Job! Thank you to all that worked to get this problem fixed. Thank you to all that provided water to the people that needed it.
Darin Lambert Our city appears to have done an excellent job ! Way to go to all the people that fixed this huge problem , thank you all
Cassandra Denham Terry Wow awesome job. Ready in a couple of hours. These guys have been working.
Robin Buckley Thx everyone wking on this.You can do only what you can.God Bless becarefulπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Jinnea Parker Presley So proud of all our hard working people. Thank you thank you
Sharika Townsend My God!!!! Thank you Mayor Flaggs as well as everyone who has worked around the clock!!!
Glenda M. Luke Great job, hats off to y'all that are working to get this fixed
Melody Pickering Awesome news!! Thank you ESG and City of Vicksburg! Way to manage a crisis!!
Monalisa Mobley My daddy helped out with the dirt.Thanks Robert Mobley
Janice Bliss Well done guys. Thanks for all the long hours you gave to support our community!
Diane Roach Thank to all the people that worked so hard to help us good job Mayor Flaggs
Sue Crowe Seratt Mayor Flaggs and the City of Vicksburg has done a wonderful job through this water outage.
Joyce Elmore God bless all the works and mayor job well done thanks
Sarah Jane Brewer Awesome!! They really are putting in some work!! Hats off to Flaggs and everyone working on this.
Louise Howard Have the time fixed the leak? Do you have enough water for you and the family? !Be safe.
Fannie Dorsey Thank you Thanks to all the workers for all their hard work
Dana Lovell Awesome job to all working on this. Stay safe
Janice Polley Miller You guys ROCK! Thanks for your hard work!!!
Shanon Wyrosdick Shealy Oh that's wonderful! Thanks for the update.
Linda Shows Awesome!!! Thank you all!
Cassandra Denham Terry Thank u guys for working so hard
Debbie Smith Freeman Way to GO, VICKSBURG!!! Thanks be to God!!!
Amanda Inez Awesome!!!! Thank y'all so much!!!
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The Broken Main

Phillip Calhoun Time to make plans to put n a second main for emergencies
Mary Alexander Mud fight
Jerry Luckett Thank yall to all the work and long hours .God bless yall. And to all the people caring water every where to the eldly,s and poeple. We love yall
Carol Ann Oakman Good job!!!! Thanks to all that have worked so tirelessly.
Sandra Brown Thanks to all that are working so hard trying to get the water main break fixed. Be safe out there!!!
Wanda Austin Outstanding Job! Thanks to all that made this Happen!!!!
Debra Williams Thank everyone that has worked so hard to get water back on for Vicksburg.
Keith Pittman Thank you Billy and all the crews that made it happen!
Mary Ellen Tillis Brixey Good job guys!
Debora Stewart Davenport Thanks
Thomas Lowery I am glad that we got our water backbon but i have to say honestly we have a outtage in vicksburg ever 3 -4 months for multiple days. And yet i hear we have money tobourchase land for a sports complex but no money to go to upgrading and repairing our infrastructure. The outages effect our businesses, our safety, our daily lives, but that ok we have a sports complex oh wait you mean it will be closed.duento water outtage... come on we dont need another sports complex lets fix problems where they are first then we can worry about a sports complex and other endeavors after the stuff that matters is fixed. #priorities
Anne Voinche' Gent Thank you!!!
Ginger Walker Rebert Thank you for all your time and effort...please be safe
Jinnea Parker Presley We appreciate y'all working so hard. Thank you
Phil Barlow Thank y'all
Robin Buckley Great job guys!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Shelia Brown God bless you all for your excellent expertise...
Dana Lovell Awesome job to all those working on this
Gloria Wells Harris Exceptional job!
Joyce Prentiss Thanks to all of you and GOD BLESS YOU ALL
Jinnea Parker Presley Thank you thank you.
Denise Stockton Stevens thank you soo much David for this report
Denise McCullough Stanley Great job!!!!
Felecia Carter Thank you so much everyone God bless you!
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Vicksburg Daily News was live.4 days ago

Digging a Hole

Joyce Prentiss Thank GOD for the workers and such a great job they're doing
Mary Ellen Tillis Brixey Keep up the good work everyone! Thank you!
Cindy Masterson Busby Thanks for all of your diligent coverage!
Jerrell Strawn Thanks for the update -
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Latest photos from the water main break.

Vicksburg Daily News
Vicksburg Daily News was live.4 days ago

Victory On the Levee

Verna Patrick Thank You!!! Everyone working so hard too restore the water too Vicksburg!!! I APPRECIATE ONE AND ALL!!!
Dean Reese Thank you Vicksburg Dailey News for your updates. You are doing a fantastic job.
Dana Lovell Dane Lovell was that you I see
Courtney Lynn Fife Chris Luna