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The shootings and domestic violence needs to be cleaned up and keep guns out of the hands of those who should not process a gun
I’m on diet no Tater tots for me. I do love Sonic though. Ready for the foot long Coney to head on out of office.
If any Fordice endorses Waller I will definitely not vote for Waller. Crooked family.
Reeves all day.
It's not gonna help him. Go team Tate Reeves!!!
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Sample ballots for the Aug. 27 runoff elections.

Thanks for posting these
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Washington at Fairgrounds

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What going on
What happened
You have to listen to the video to secure the context of the posting
I guess everyone thinks they’re not drinking now? They’re slipping it in. USM is just making the money off of it. Have you ever been to a college game? There are drunks on every row.
Will lead to nothing but TROUBLE and I need TROUBLE!! 🤔
You can drink but not smoke. A double standard. Anything for money 💰
Road Trip.. More teams will want to play at the Burg'
Yep, more drunks in the stands should liven up the games.
Next to see how many s.e c teams get on the program js
Why? Can we as a society not go enjoy anything these days without a beer? I am not against alcohol, but it seems to be the driving force in American life these days. What good will this do?
Net I guess will be pot
Teaching them early. How to destroy your life
What’s next ? Cannabis bowl 2020?
Billy Kristen Jaime
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