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what about 60% Wednesday
Jamie pevey
Be careful.
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Former Vicksburg Police officer and North Ward Alderman candidate Troy Kimble was involved in an unusual incident in Clarksdale.

Very misinterpreting! Do a better job at gathering facts before posting and sharing.
I’m sure if Troy cuffed the man he needed it.. good job Troy
Debbie Smith Freeman did you see this? Hurts my eyes
Mario Grady Lionel P. Johnson Sr. Shannon Nichole Jinjer Smith-Taylor
Ashley Brooke Joseph
LaLa Lisa
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WLBT reports:

Well. He lit up his life 😂😂 would you say he was fkin lit? 😂
Please have respect for the family. The rude comments and smiley faces are uncalled for. No this was not a smart thing to do but you don’t know the reason he was doing this. He may have been desperate knowing it’s about to get cold. It’s a very sad day when people laugh when someone is killed no mater the circumstance.
It may have not been a wise decision but there is NO need to make rude comments. This is a human being who lost his life. People don’t be so quick to point don’t know his story & I’m sure someone is grieving right now due to his death. God bless
Really sad, but I detest a thief. Sorry this happened, but he could have asked for help. Not trying to judge and hate this for his family, but he should have asked. Or get a job.
These people making fun will reap what they sow
You people don't know what you would do if you don't have the money for electricity and your family needs it you just have no idea what you would do until you are placed in that predicament
It’s sad how people on this thread can mock and make fun of someone’s death no matter if he brung it on himself or not. We did not know his circumstances but some are quick to judge and laugh. Ridiculous! Lord help your Children.
This is so sad, I donate to the “power to care” every month because I know there are situations when you simply need help. None of you know this mans situation and are too quick to judge. May he Rest In Peace.
It is shocking that some people are so desperate for attention that they are hateful and cruel over the loss of a life. Pathetic.
Sending prayers up for the family, as well as for US ALL. Reading some of these comments reminds me of the old saying..... "We know where we've been, but we never know where we may end up at?!" Please, be careful where you place criticism and judgement. We All will have our day. Merry Christmas to You All! ❤
It’s sad Christmas 🎄 in couple of days his family was struggling you’ll have some respect ✊ people. If you were in his position you would do anything to keep your family from being cold and have a roof over there head. People don’t forget what Christmas is all about it’s about giving and being thankful to celebrate Christmas amen 🙏
Dang, people actually laughing over this?? Wow. Heartless creatures. Someone has lost a child, significant other and possibly parent at Christmas. God bless this family!!!! Sending prayers for peace this holiday season.
He was trying to keep his animals warm. He didn't want them to die. He has one son and a daughter in georgia. He was here by himself. So sad .
People go through such hard times, don't be so quick to judge. Imagine being in his shoes... bless this family.
This isn’t a laughing matter! I’m not saying what he did was right but, this is so sad. All he wanted was to probably provide electricity for his family. I know this is hard on his family, right here at Christmas time. Prayers for them all!
These comments are ridiculous. There are so many Devils out here.
Jethro of the Beverly Hillbillies did the same thing when Granny wanted a “party line”. He confused the electric lines with the phone lines.
It's really sad this man couldn't pay his electric bill and then probably wanting to make his family happy maybe for Christmas he made a very dishonest decision to commit a crime that literally cost him his life. Prayers for the family members of this man.
This is sad. No one knows what was going on in his life or what the circumstances were. Let’s have some compassion and love
As I watched ,this story on TV his neighbors spoke so kindly of him, I wished they would have all chipped in to get his power turned back on! We all need help sometimes and it really is better to give than receive. This is the season for giving and that was definitely a need. Prayers going up for this man, Family and his neighbors.please help the Needy, we will be bountifully Blessed🙏🏽❤️
I feel sorry for his family, and we don't know the reason he done this,but the power companies in Mississippi are not the best, they will cut you off if you fall a little behind.whatever the reasons, a human life was lost , just going to pray for the family
So sad, I know it’s illegal but he probably couldn’t afford it and had no idea just how dangerous this could be. Prayers for his family.
Some of y'all need some home training. Think about the family and how you would feel if a family member did something that was a less than great idea and died. Some of the jokes or comments might be more appropriate after a few months but not now.
Man there is some cruel people in this world, main reason I never comment on this stuff, but really how can people laugh and make jokes makes me sick! Sad world
It’s quite a sad and heartbreaking story..Our prayers should go out to his family during this difficult time..
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Any update yet.
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So its ok do anything worng and there is no conquents WOW. I guess I don"t have to go to jury duty they will forgive me if I dont't come.
I think you will still have bench warrant out .
No resultd for your negative actions. Another free ride.
Shelby Marie Bailey
Valerie James
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Hinds Community College graduated more than 1,000 students in three ceremonies Dec. 15 at the Muse Center on the Rankin Campus, beginning with the nursing and allied health students at 8 a.m.

Among several graduates from Vicksburg...

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Wlbt 3 I'm sickened by yall showing that family just learning their babies burned up..some things are private and don't need to be seen...think about if it were your kids.
Prayers up that the good Lord will bestow some measure of comfort upon the family. Such a horrendous tragedy.
Oh I can’t imagine the pain that family is suffering. Praying for them all
Prayers for the family, I just can’t imagine. May God comfort them.
So heart breaking. Praying for this family.
Heartbreaking. Praying for this father and his loved ones💔
Praying for peace and comfort that only God can give🙏
In the name of Jesus, prayers for this family.
My heart is breaking for this family 😢🙏🙏🙏🙏
Praying for my family 🙏🏾
God bless this family 🙏🙏🙏♥️
Praying for the family.....
Praying for them all
This breaks my heart!
Just too sad Jesus!!!!
Praying for the family
Prayers for this family
Praying for this family.
So sad. Praying for them all.
So sad
prayers sad
Prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sweet Jesus!
My Condolences
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Praying for all involved, my heart goes out to you all
Heartbreaking! Praying for the family.
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Water Outage in Downtown

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Not again! I still have water from this summer when we were out!! How long this time?
Prayers for the city..
Just another day in the old hill city !!!