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The Vicksburg Post reports:

I hope that when/if this is thrown out or it found not guilty this news source would report that as well.
Was there a specific reason why you put the note at the top ?
But why didn’t they ever arrest Paul Barret
This happened in the 1980s?
I hope & pray all of the students & faculty have a good & safe year.
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Corporal Kervin K. Stewart reports that:This morning at 7:00 am, MHP was advised of a wreck involving a motorcycle on MS 465 near the Eagle Lake Community in Warren County. For unknown reasons, it appears that the rider left the...

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Vicksburg Daily News3 weeks ago

WAFB reports on this gruesome story out of Livingston Parish.

Vicksburg Daily News Anyone know how close this is to Bon Temp?
I am sorry for the murdered guys friends and family.....but some of this group of folks look like methheads.
Look at all of these immigrants, must be from up north ??
Dang. My dad lives less then 15 miles from walker. What they heck are these ppl doing down there?
Sick ungodly people in the world
Stormi Schexnaydre y’all be careful, it’s getting crazy in the south!
Wow. I have family in all of those towns. 🤤
do you think drugs played a part
How many people does it take to take somebody apart??? Rip
Glynnis Sones Alford
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Awesome read. Very true and very well worded. So is he closing for good (that is the impression I got from reading Vicksburg Post article) or closing to move somewhere else?
Well said, David Day! I fully support Regan. Being a child that lost a parent at the age of 23 myself, I have to say, I admire Regan Nosser for ALL that he has stepped up to take on. I, for one, don't think I could have done and accomplished all that he has, especially while trying to grieve. Regan, I know without a doubt, you are making your Dad very proud!! Great job! We will be in line right there with David to be the first paying customers...
With change comes adversity. Always. Without change the world would be boring.
David, what a great article ❤️ so very well put! I,for one, do not like change but I am so excited for a taco casa by my stomping grounds 🙌🏼
Vicksburg does hate change. And love to have a say in the way others run their businesses. Bless you Regan and may God Bless whatever business decisions you make. Im sure your Daddy taught you well!
Taco Casa will do a great business at the Rowdy location!
yep. everyone in vicksburg hate change. be in downtown, new ball parks, new businesses. if it doesn't meet their demands, then it's no good. give this man a chance and see what happens. how bout this, those not liking, don't go eat there.
Great article. I hated seeing all of the negative comments on The Vicksburg Posts FB article
I’m pretty excited to get a taco casa closer to my side of town. I never ate at Rowdy’s but I love me some taco casa!
Well said, and continue to make your dad smile upon you! He was and will forever be proud of you Reagan!
I could hug your neck and I don’t even know you, David.
Geaux, Regan
I think he has done an absolutely wonderful job with Taco Casa. He has been smart to utilize social media as a marketing tool. I love the addition of specials and taco tuesday. I've had catfish from tons of places and there isnt much variation in taste truthfully. To me Taco Casa is unique in their options and flavor. I look forward to checking out the newest location.
Well said! Support our local businesses even when they don’t do things ‘your way’. It’s a business and it’s a business decision. Enough said! I can’t wait for it to be converted so I can get my Taco Casa fix closer to my home.
Well said, David!
Great article.
Well said!
Great article! Best of luck Regan Nosser!
Kelli C Campbell
James M Bond
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Wow! Hate to see Rowdy’s go! Not very excited about a taco casa no matter how “high tech” it might be. Wonder why his son didn’t want to continue the Rowdy’s legacy. Now it will just be another fast food place
I hate that! Not good news at all!!! That’s all we need is another place to by tacos
No, not more tacos. We need catfish....
Taco casa has really gone down since he passed away. I’m surprised he’s keeping them open at all.
There is nothing fast about Taco Casa. When was the last time you went there and had to wait so long you considered trying to jump the curb. I think this is a huge mistake. Some people eat at Taco Casa because it reminds them of the high school years. The food isn't the same as in the past, to many ingredient changes have given it a bland taste. All I can say is good luck and goodbye to one of the last family restaurants in Vicksburg.
This was my all time favorite restaurant when I lived and worked in Vicksburg.. I am sadden to hear about Mr Nosser, he was a fixture there.. always kind and friendly!! God blessed his family!
This is such a sad day. Rowdy’s is nationally recognized and was such a huge part of Vicksburg. Rowdy was such a good man and loved what he did. It will be greatly missed.
Sad day for catfish lovers.
Every time I come home to visit I try and go to Rowdys NOT Taco Casa. Taco Casa is not Mexican food.
High tech taco caso ?? 👎🏻👎🏻 I like it like it was.
Just sad we need restaurants like rowdy’s with variety not another fast food or Mexican nothing. Best catfish around...just sad. Smh
Lame. Less bad tacos and more sit down family restaurants are needed.
Another Taco Casa 🙄 Sad...
Sad about Rowdy and now the restaurant, but excited about Taco Casa being closer. Taco Casa does make the best Tacos .
Sad to see it go. A long time fan of Taco Casa though and excited to have one this close to our neighborhood! Love the queso and chips!!!!
Sad to hear this. It was always one of my favorite places to eat when I lived there. Sure will miss the catfish and Nosser Sauce.
Oh wow. I'd hope the rumors weren't true. Rowdy ' s was a family restaurant with a variety of favorite meals and specialty items.. This is really sad.
Omggggg. The best family restaurant .. No more catfish buckets
Terrible news
Oh wow....that’s sad.
Looking forward to seeing and eating there,Regan is just making more memories carry on his father's franchise's
So sad to hear this.
I sure hate that, enjoyed eating lunch there.
Why not keep it going?
Sure will miss the catfish
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Way to go Tracey
Great job
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***UPDATE 5:50 PM***

The suspect was observed by MHP on I-20 west near Big Black doing 110 mph in a Lexus GS350. When the officer attempted to stop the suspect the vehicle driven by 43-year-Shelia D. Thomas...

Ironic that she ended up where she did!!!😳
License renewal time...
Clara Thompson
Vicksburg Daily News
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Vicksburg Daily News
Who runs from the law and drives straight to the drivers license testing office where there is always law everywhere? 😂
Thanks for the reporting David
Glad everyone is safe!
Hey from Hohenwald Tn
She was in a hurry to get her driver's license, smh
What is the status on a new location for the Driver's License Extension Bureau office? Is the BOS still looking for a location in Vicksburg, or did they give up because of all the uproar over child care facilities being to close to any location they came up with?
Great job covering this fast. I hope we'll hear what the person did?
My husband was wondering what was happening. He works on Clay st. & heard all the sirens.
That many for what?lets make the news
Their license was expired and they rushed to get it renewed.
So glad she wasn’t hurt or anyone else 🙏🙏great job by all ❤️all working together to keep all safe
I can’t help but to laugh at this... really of all places to land
Well at least they are close to jail, walk them across the road
Why are all the things racing to get to the DMV? What's really going on?
Awesome job everyone! Thank you David Day !
So what the heck was it????
You do such an amazing job keep up the good work
They say a weapon was found someone could have really been hurt.
The board of Supervisors should see this!
Good job David.....but we all know you just went there for the donuts
Is this so called hostage situation?
We watched him driving on the shoulder passing probably 20 cars
He passed me on the shoulder in clinton
Now wrk 2gather n SOLVE sum MURDER CASE