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Great read, I had no idea
Vicksburg Daily News
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My art teacher for many years. Congratulations 🎉
Congratulations & Best Wishes, Randy.
Oh my goodness! Congratulations! So happy to know you.
I really enjoyed his class!
Congratulations, Randy!
I knew you were good!! Congratulations
This guy was my art teacher at guy
Way to go, Randy
Captain Kangaroo!!! The similarites are so close.
Rebecca Leigh Jolly this is awesome
Vicksburg Daily News
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My favorite store
This is sad. However, this is an opportunity for a local entrepreneur to fill this gap ! There is definitely a market !
Well Just Dang!!!
Soon, that will be just a vacant building of what used to be. I never thought the Vicksburg Mall would outlive the Outlets, but here we are.
I am so sorry to hear this. It's such a nice shop with very helpful personnel. I will miss this place
😢wow my favorite!!!
I used to love that store when I lived there!!!
This is terrible. I love this store. They carry things you can't get anywhere else in Vicksburg, I've looked. And prices are good too.
Oh so sad... we must do something to fill those stores!!! Wish local businesses could move there!!! Can’t the rent be adjusted? Some rent is better than no rent!!!
My favorite place
We love that store.
Really sad....Who ever is over the outlet mall needs to take a hard look at how many stores we've lost and get their crap together!!!!! We need new business really bad!!!!
I really like this store. They have fun and unique things. Outlet mall will be a ghost town
I am sick!!! Don’t understand why the owners aren’t bothered about the constant disappearing of stores. Just seems like they could lower rent or re-focus in new direction to keep it here. 🤦‍♀️. HELP!!!!
Well, that just sucks!!!! There will not be much left to go to then. And I really liked that store. :-(
So that will leave 2 stores, right?😌
Ridiculous!! There is no where to shop in this town! Everything is closing!! (Except dollar general and Mexican restaurants of course!!). 😡
Oh no. I just said today how I liked that store.
I thought they were just relocating in Vicksburg 😓
Kitchen Collection was the only reason to go to the outlet mall. :(
They might as well shut the whole place down. It’s not even worth going to the outlet mall.
The consumer saves so much money shopping online. You don't have to worry about driving, parking, waiting in lines or customer service. The prices in brick and mortar are higher and can't compete with the margins of these warehouse retailers. You can wait 1-3 days for the product delivered to your front door step for a fraction. If you drive around Vicksburg and actively look at the number of commerical spots up for lease/rent/buy you will be shocked how many open spaces available you notice. Incentives for business to develop and start occupying these ever increasing empty commerical spots is key but first there needs to be a market and population to support. Living wage jobs/careers for the population to rise out of poverty to flow into these establishments is also a factor (population). If these things don't happen people look at opportunities elsewhere and move. This in return hurts the bottom line of the town and the services it offers. Similar to what is happening in Jackson. Last I heard the state was looking at a 1 percent sales tax to fund the infrastructure of Jackson. Interesting the casinos we're suppose to be good for Vicksburg offering this and that and this is what is happening. No surplus and ever increasing property taxes. I wonder what this new lottery is going to do for the state and towns.
That's my store
Rock on!!!! You worked so hard and deserve it!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Love this!! This will help encourage other adults to go back to school if they want to or need to—awesome!
A great guy!
Good luck Gators!
How many inches did Vicksburg get?