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Hell definitely has frozen over😂😂 happy 60 old man!!!
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RIP George!!!!!
Kyle Miller
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Kori Screws
Hope they catch the low life that shot those babies!
Hope these babies are ok.
Does anyone actually pay to read the Democrat house organ Clarion Ledger?
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Jackson PD reports this is not an active shooter situation.

WLBT is reporting an active shooter at UMMC in Jackson.

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WLBT 3 On Your Side
BREAKING: Two children shot on State Street; police searching for suspects | This is NOT an active shooter situation. This is a developing story but here's what we know now>>
I pray for everyone involved but I swear the guns didn’t walk out of someone’s home and go there and shoot. The PERSON did. Having more GOOD guys with guns is always better than more BAD guys with guns.
Black, white ,Hispanic, Indian....evil doesn't have a color....this is outrageous! End of times are coming....prayers , prayers prayers!
I heard the shots fired. It was about 5 shots. I saw an officer running with a child who handed that child off to a doctor. I am hopeful the child is ok.
Why don’t all of you just watch and listen to the news instead of speculating and making up stories!
Find them that done this and bring them to me! I will be the judge, jury and excutioner. The people who are doing this needs to be dealt with an eye for an eye.
Lord Ham Mercy! Jesus please wrap your arms around the whole build right dear lord touch each and every human body right lord.
This is jackson ms - ummc hospital and the shooter has been apprehended. The mother was WITH the children when the person shot into her car
Not to take away from the situation or anything but can you just imagine the sound of shots being fired in a parking garage? They echo so easily anyway, and the compression! Geez.
I could not even imagine how that poor mama feels. My heart hurts for her. Both her babies. Prayers major prayers.
Look like set it off, when Cleo was running
Unfortunately this kind of stuff happens all the time. The only reason it made the news tonight is because it was initially reported to be an active shooter at the hospital.
My husband drove by this as it was happening! He said the gunshots were right beside his car!!! Terrifying!!!
Omgoosh , all my baby appointments be here !!! He just recently got out the hospital!! Praying for the entire hospital & victims!!
The devil is so busy now days and it’s so sad those poor babies! I will be praying for them and the mother as while
Some people have simply lost their minds! What’s next? I’m praying for the children’s care and recovery and the mom’s comfort and help to bring the villain(s) to justice. Thanks to JPD and WLBT News 3.
Two kids got shot cause the guy or guys whoever was shooting into their mom's car she carried the 2 babies to the garage... it's getting ridiculous with guns lately
Got news My former coworker/friend is holed up in a closet at UMC..said the child was shot on N. State Street
Kudos to the ms state department of health emergency planning for requiring hospitals to have emergency operations plans
Our prayers for healing and covenant health for the babies that were shot. We pray for a speedy recovery in the name of Jesus
I was in the cafeteria when it happened. When I was finally able to leave, police were allowing vehicles to leave. Pedestrians we're forced back in the hospital
🤦🤦🤦WAPT said the hospital spokesperson stated that it didn't occur on their campus..No children were shot
3 people have been shot. 2 of those were babies
Prayers for the families of these innocent children. Now and in the days, months, and years to come.
Prayers for everyoneincoulding the law enforcement agencies and these children.pat yazoo city Mississippi.
Praying, I pass there everyday bc my mom does treatments at medical mall , dam this world is getting worse by the day
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Kayla Brooks and her crew are last in line for the holiday train. The current wait is estimated to be over two hours.

The Christmas Train elves said they will be here until 8pm. Come on...

Jennifer Fulton Goss Nope. Not today! Lol
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Police Chief Milton Moore announces a proposed increase in starting pay for officers.

How much?
Still not enough
David-check your PM
. . . . . . . . . . Mississippi Queen
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Results Are Starting To Come In

Heavy voting in all precincts has been reported across Warren County. Many precincts are seeing higher voter number than the 2016 Presidential election. That is extremely rare and shows the...

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Voter Turnout is Extremely High Across the City, State and Nation

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Washington Street Reopens