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In the age of Trump, the fierce competition between the The New York Times and the Washington Post has inspired a journalistic resurgence, as each newspaper breaks story after story in an attempt to uncover the truth.

David Gonzales The last great newspapers, period. The other papers don't have much money anymore, and even the NY Times laid off about 100 copy editors (though they can re-apply for other limited positions), and they reduced the number of floors used in their building from 12 to 8. They're leasing out the 4 extra floors.
Marcus Ling Yup I think so. They are the only 2 left in the game. LA Times & Chicago Tribune are pretty worthless. Boston Globe is meh.
Jack Smith Which has given us great journalism in a time when it's never been more important. Good on both newspapers.
Mazi James Kanu Breaking news: NIGERIA has a ROBOT as President. the president carries a Solar system BATTERY dat charge him, but the Government keep it as a very official secret.
Maggie Bond #silverlinings
Maria Caldwell Naomi Ní Fhicheallaigh
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In Ian Schrager’s new book, Studio 54, the club owner pulls back the velvet
rope to capture the power, pleasure, and people at the greatest nightclub of all time.

Barbara Cahill All time greatest is a mighty big claim.
Francisco Lopez Zambrano Stefano Pablo
James Hudson Andy Cassidy
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Experience Burning Man up-close — without the dust.

Robert Wylie I love Burning Man time. It's the one time of the year, that I don't have to listen to people talking about Burning Man.....
Sara Bratberg Yang I so have to do this !
Ainslie Jennings Tracey Dore
Hannah Peterkin Somali Young
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This was a decade that changed music forever. (Via Pitchfork)

Barbara Fogarty Fantastic music🎼🎺🎵🎶🎷🎵🎼🎸🎶
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At a campaign rally in Arizona, Trump unloaded in what has become a hallmark of his presidency: a full-on public meltdown.

Simon Borg He was brilliant. And long may he continue to drum it into your dumb liberal brains
Trevor Jensen Time to invoke the 25th Amendment and have him removed before he destroys America even more than he already has...
Peter Marder What a sad excuse for a leader we have. Someone who constantly need his ego stroked and doesn't take responsibility for anything that doesn't benefit him and blames others for all his problems.
David Crais He was great. Awesome speech.
Katie Liz I cannot stand to even watch this. I am mortified to be an American at this point.
Debbie Eckert Trump actually is claiming he's the real victim of #Charlottesville. Not #HeatherHeyer! 😡😡😡 But wait. Trump used the word "fomenting?" He obviously didn't write that part himself. Bet it was Miller.
Laurie Rogers What a pathetic insecure whiner. Who gives a rally for himself only a few months into his first term? Total nightmare.
Patty Dellinger I was calling him a monster, but I realized he is much, much worse than that. I can't think of a word that really can describe what he is. I don't think a word exists that would properly categorize a creature like him.
Jimbaux's Journal This is your man-child President voted into office by your man-child adult US citizens. It's so incredibly sad.
Carmen Madonna Campos Lies, insults to John McCain and Jeff Flake, insults to all Republicans in Congress, who does he think is going to push through his agenda?
Alexander Pietrzak Hopefully Vanity Fair will post some pics off the thousands of Anti-TRUMP protesters (including myself) who were gathered around the Phoenix Convention Center. It is important to note that the good people showed up tonight.
John Scott-Pearse I took a motorcycle trip this spring. We went from State College, Pennsylvania to NYC, to the Hampton's, to Newport, RI to the Hudson River Valley. Not exactly a route through areas which would be considered Donald Trumps constituency. But what I did notice was very telling. In almost all public places FOX News was on the TV. In bars, restaurants, hotel lobby's....etc ? It seems that there is something going on in American that the New York media does not understand or pay attention to. My take is that the mainstream media is incredibly out of touch with the average American........ I'm wondering whether a bunch of social warriors used Charlotte to make a lot of noise by provoking the usual cast of right wing crazies. They dominated the mainstream media with the resulting spectacle..... But a lot of America doesn't care and isn't listening. Donald Trump understand this. In his world there is no right or wrong, just winning or losing. And, he is playing the game to win.
BJ Gallagher (sigh) There really is no getting through to this guy. He sees the world as "me vs them" – a perspective he developed early in life. He takes credit for stuff he didn't do and he blames others whenever things go wrong. He truly is pathological. No amount of advice from staffers, no amount of feedback from others, will ever change how victimized he feels when people don't go along with his nonsense. I don't know how this is all going to turn out but boy, what a troubled, emotionally stunted, damaged man we have in the White House.
Wyatt Smith I was their and you all aren't listening because of your melt down. And it your lack of reason that he was going after. But that was a small part. He gave us some very profound statement.
Domenic Galata What a sack of shit. Any adult who can say they support this slimy, dishonest shit heel is not a rational nor mentally sound individual.
Maria Geyer If ANY president would have done what this one just did, they would be diagnosed unfit and removed from office!
Larry Sheffer it is now the responsibility of congress and the supreme court to step up and place drump into check on abuses and misguided policy by enforcing the law of the land.
Jay Tee Well of course he did, would anyone expect anything different from him?? Completely infuckingsane and somehow he is STILL sitting in that office. Newest specs are that he's gonna quit before being forced out... Have we ever had a president just quit, much less quit so soon after being elected? And let's not talk about the hint of a pardon... for fucks sake.
Lucia Isiminger "Forgetting our history"? The Confederacy wanted to secede from the United States, they fought a war, that they lost, so they could keep their slaves, abuse, rape, sell them off to other "masters" and murder them. What's to be proud of? Were these KKK supporters proud when Dylan Roof went into a black church and killed 9 church goers who invited him to pray with them? That's their "history"... murder. And The Nazis who slaughtered millions of men, women children and American there any "pride" in that? The victim of Charlottesville was a young woman, Heather Heyer, who stood up to these scum. Trump is nothing but a pig in a suit, spewing hatred and bigotry where ever he goes. It's so depressing.
Marion LoRusso He is deranged and dangerous. He is our very own terrorist! Congress and our Justice department please remove him!
Susan Nelsen This man have got some mental issues big-time and shouldn't even be pothus..I can't stand to look at him or hear him. I just change the channel or hide posts on's crazy
Lisa Vandertoorn Spadavecchia He reminded me of the Exorcist, where Linda Blair's head spins around n she spews pea soup, only his pea soup consisted of lie after lie. Reporters are going to have a field day with their fact checks.
Ina Buck If he was the biggest victim from the Charlottesville violence, then why wasn't he the one under that vehicle instead of Heather? He really takes lying to the nth degree!
Heather Thomas He did not disappoint as expected. A dunce giving another vacuous speech to a bunch of zombies who will follow this imbecile to hell and back.
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Chewing Gum was smart, funny as hell, and unlike anything else on television—which is why its end is so terribly bittersweet.

Chris Holmes I love chewing gum, but the second season was trash. It just felt so rushed and was way too over the top sexually. I'm still excited to see what Michaela will do next she's so funny and talented.
Angela Jones I really loved Chewing Gum. It was a show for awkward people to look at someone more awkward than yourself. Then you could say I'm alright.
Cooper Blee Marli crying!!!
Teri Meadowcroft I love that show!
Dago Martinez Noooo! 😭
Adam Smith Reminder
Jena Mills Johnson I really liked this show!
Mauricio Pereira It is so funny
'Alani Vailahi Mal, Pope, Azlen & Vivian. 😨😨😨
Dora Daniela Roa Crying 😭
Celine Peters No more seasons 😩 Sibelle Jouni
Jihan Donawa Janae Donawa nooo
Mona Koussa Johanna Wheeler noooooooo
Lily Schafer-Gardiner Sherry Adansi noooo
Julia Fimiani Eleni Elle Angeletos :(
Melissa Algaze Rob Volpe 😢
Connor Reidy Seamus Byrne!!!
Reyna Alcántara Roberto Reyna 😭
Karen L. Lang-Sultan NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Nityal Benawra Dah Lah
Lisa Ottaway Jess Beaumont 😭😭😭😭😭
Case Gaines Johanna Calle
Brenda Del Angel Jerez Marissa H. Aguilar 😞
Josh Ng Emma Leah Chong
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We can only hope they are hatching a plan together to save us all.

Howie Janssen Maybe they are planning to join the military and fight isis on behalf of america. Just like trump did in vietnam. And speaking of that, where are republican swift boaters at? They had no problem attacking kerry who was actually in vietnam. What short memories these christian republicans are.
Courtney David I have no idea who they are as individuals why would I care if they're a pair
Josh Giese You can see how much talent she has if you watch the Wix website design infomercial that is repeatedly inserted into videos on youtube.
Janet Cross Who are they?
Genie Kelt no one cares
Betty Ann Henley Nugent Do they also have secret service😜
Gabrielle Fane They aren't
Carolina Durand Dávila When did they split?!
Sara Musliu Arbër Musliu Hehe
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The Squawk Box panel, like the country, is divided.

Robert Tompsett To the rest of the world, Don's, a complete bigot, With, all the moral compass of a spigot; Who, when he shoots off his mouth, And, things start going south, Simply presses, Reset, to rejig it. Because, common-sense and The Don, long ago parted, So his retractions are always halfhearted, Which, must be admitted, Goes with his being halfwitted, And, a nation far worse off than it bartered. "But, to call ME a racist simply shocks," Said The Don, "Don't put me in THAT box! Those fake claims I'm now quashing, It's just like doing the washing; Whites first, coloureds next, then, the socks."
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"People revere and remember Mrs. Parker's work to this day," wrote Christopher Hitchens of Dorothy Parker, born on this day in 1893, "for its epigrams and multiple entendres and for its terse, brittle approach to the long littleness of life."

Wayne Proctor "There was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very very good, and when she was bad she wore this divine nightdress of rose-colored mousseline de soie, trimmed with frothy Valenciennes lace." Dorothy Parker
Paul Flynn I rarely drink martinis One, or two at the most Three, and I'm under the table Four, and I'm under the host.
Betty Ann Henley Nugent My favorite ...
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American Apparel is finding out if shoppers will put their money where their mouth is. (Via Quartz)

Kelly Frech I have a small custom screen printing shop. But the lack of color options has been an obstacle in buying USA made. My customers want the colors they want. Port & Co is expanding in that area. Been hoping for a long time that color options would increase. I'm assuming more sales are tied to that. Puts us in a viscous circle. More colors - more sales. Need more sales for more colors ...
Candice Stanton Chapman So what does it prove if I choose by color? If I want a specific color, and it is globally made then, I my purchase is tallied as against American Made. A true test would offer the exact same choices.
Kate Davis That doesn't seem to me to be a huge price difference? Are they running the same margins on both items?
Laura Wise-Blau American Apparel? They are no longer in business. How old is this article?
Lori Darnall Nawn Well, this should be interesting. Hope that they report comparison sales quantities.
Bradford Schumer 🤔
Jack Smith Made in the USA.