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The first trailer for #LeaveNoTrace—from the writer/director of Winter's Bone—is here.

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Watch the trailer for #LeaveNoTrace, from the writer/director of Winter's Bone.
Love Winters Bone!!
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Keeping Up with Kanye has never been more exhausting.

No need to keep up with this narcissistic asshole. He’ll change his tiny mind soon enough.
Trump and West: Two complete and utter douchebags giving each other handjobs.
The mob can’t make you not love Trump, but it remains to be seen if you can still make the mob love you. Or will they miss “the old Kanye” and stop buying your records?Nobody walks away from Trump unstained. Hope you didn’t put all your $$ in Bitcoin.
Impressive stance by Mr West.. we need more independent thinkers and eradicate toxic liberalism across the globe.. take a look at the poor lot and you realise that they are lifelong failures, weak underachievers with no character, lack independent thought and an affinity for self learning besides playing the victimhood card and being reliant on free handouts.
“Today we learned that Kanye West is still a fan of giant asses.” -John Fugelsang
This is nothing but two dirtbags stroking each other’s egos.
Oh you’re not being entertained by Kanye anymore?
And we want to keep up with Kanye.....why????
Just ignore him like I do
Well, when one dick head signs it for another one, We definitely know for sure, that head fits that cap underneath it has balls for brain included
He proves the saying that one is known by the company one keeps. IDIOT!
Morons Are Governing America. But I got mine sez Kanye, me me me.
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Tune in to this week's episode of Vanity Fair's Hive on Cheddar for the latest twists and turns in Silicon Valley, Washington, Wall Street, and more.

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Cheddar Live
Vanity Fair's Hive: We're joined by the Vanity Fair Hive crew to talk Macron's visit and more. Between Bells talks Avengers: Infinity War, Facebook, and more. With Diply and The Wrap.
Roxi Scorcelli
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Janelle Monae, who has never publicly commented on her relationships, is ready to come out.

Her own business.
she is HOT, she stole the movie Hidden Figures.
America in 2030 be like LGBTQSJOPLYTCNF.
Pansexual? She’s attracted to cookware?
Go girl !
Good for her!
As long as she's happy.
Digging the new jams
Gabriel Silverstone 👑
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Where will the story go from here?

I hope it’s a prequel!!
A Quiet Place 2: The Library
couldn't tell from the ending...........................
Luke Ives this makes me excited
Forced sequels go anywhere
Matt Blake lol thought it said the good place
Catherine I can't wait 😆
Alexander Toulas 😑 You called it.
Dania Barghout 🤦‍♀️
Jason, John!
Moksha Jain Raveena R. Batham Tina Kedia Ajinkya Pehekar
Anna Harden Cathleen Montgomery
Chloe Eleanor
Bartłomiej Kobus
Cheryl Dennison
Doroteja December Čupković
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A #MeToo television series starring Charlie Rose is reportedly in the works—in which the former CBS anchor would interview other shunned men like Matt Lauer and Louis C.K.

No. Just no. How about a show interviewing their victims? That I'd watch.
Let’s not turn bad behavior into profit for the perpetrators.
Absolutely no way. And I had been a great fan of Mr. Rose. But NO!
What exactly is the round and round about AND what will be the result(s)? More of the same? Further victimizations? Truths? We shall see.
What could possibly go wrong?
How dare they. What happens if the show remorse or sorrow for their behavior? But hey we can't have any of that can we.
Applications for interns limited to Wellesley College undergrads.
I suppose they will all declare themselves to be "woke" now?
No no no. They just don’t get it.
Not who but why
Hell no
Not appropriate!
Again, this won't end well.
Oh look. Rich white guys upset that they don't get their way anymore?
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This may be a nightmare.

Two narcissistic douchebags whacking each other off. Pathetic.
A couple of jerks.
A lover's quarrel between the two would be something to behold.
Two complete madmen.
Anything to try and stay relevant. Desperate
Kanye not crazy, he is just stupid and pathetic
Pee Generation ❤️ Me Generation
And the genius, while wearing a "MAGA" cap, posed with two white guys--and one was flashing the 'White power" sign!
🤡+🤡... OMG!!!
Both need mental health care
Like minded nut cases!
Narcissists r us
A cocksucking extravaganza!
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There were more than just a few similarities between Kate and Diana’s wedding dresses.

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You may have a good guess who it is.

Russell Brand?
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“I never thought in a million years I’d be going from project to project. Nothing ever taught me this was possible.”

Very talented! Well deserved 👍🏼
Katie Davis