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Leaders and entrepreneurs from the worlds of business, tech, media, and the arts will convene at V.F.'s 2018 New Establishment Summit in October.

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From its dreamlike descriptions of luxury consumption to its sweetly ingenuous romance plot, the novel Crazy Rich Asians feels hydroponically grown to be a major Hollywood blockbuster.

How is it not demeaning to call their race crazy? How is it in any way funny?
The title of the show absolutely makes me cringe, I do not care what it's about nor do I have any desire to waste my time and watch this drivel to sort out what the title is all about.
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"I knew we were a part of something unique...we had to make sure we got the details right.”

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“Even local news is full of national-news packages. Even if we wanted to not talk about Trump, that’s not an option.”

This makes me wonder if Uncle Joe shouldn’t be out holding rallies. Why not, let’s go for it!
Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. The majority of us are sick and tired of this crap.
Yet Omarosa Manigault Newman is still in the news and Mueller is still on the trail.
Anybody who's a Democrat knows what they stand for, and it's the opposite of what Trump is doing. Republicans = Evil, Democrats = for the people.
msm is just white noise... constantly attacks him so why should he deal with the ‘press’ as he can speak to his supporters direct on Twitter... cut out the middle man!
Donald Trump: The White House Years Donald’s Staff Induction Speech The Don said, “Just in case there’s still any doubt, About what serving me is all about, From a clerk to the top brass, If you won’t kiss my arse, Then, don’t let the door hit yours on the way out.” "Because, when I back the wrong horse, we, Have to hedge our bets on an alternative course, see? And, to vacate any White House seat, I simply have to Tweet, I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee," “And, as I’m renowned to flip flop as it suits, When it comes to my White House recruits, My staff has had more changes, And more rearranges, Than Spiderman has had Hollywood reboots."
Michael Avenatti is right, now is not the time to be timid. Go Ocasio Cortez!
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“The situation of Luisa is the situation of thousands of people right now. . . . I thought the timing [for this story line] was perfect.”

Wow never thought of her having something to do with Allison’s death but wow now this article has me 🤔 thinking!!!!
Yet somehow Luisa is not a likeable character 😀
Christina ...a third person involved? oy...i can't take any more of this twist!!
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“I think it freed me up more. Hopefully. I think comedy informs your drama and drama informs your comedy.”

Start yammering about the President you'll be on Kimmel the same day 🤡
She really is funny
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If you're asking who has the most, well...

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Thomas Markle is not done trying to dominate headlines.

Fuck off... who cares?
He's showing this whole ridiculous royal family up for what it is, Kardashian with history and privacy and instead of branding deals it's paid for by british suckers .
Stop giving this poor guy headlines. It doesn't help him of her.
Why are you giving him the time of day???? 🙄
Poor guy has gone off the deep end.
A clothing line for assholes like him?
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In the U.K., a debate is raging over the question of anti-Semitism in the Labour party.

He's stated repeatedly any form of anti semitism will not be tolerated within the party. This is a smear campaign driven by the right wing tabloid press who are petrified of a man who's deep seated socialism goes against everything that makes them money. Nothing more.
Not surprised !!! He needs to go !
The more JC is hounded and it is relentless, appears obsessive and interfering. What some might call bullying
Supporting the Palestinians does not make him antisemitic
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Illustrator Cameron K. Lewis marks the passing of The Americans by highlighting eight of Philip’s and Elizabeth’s most notable looks—the good, the bad, and the goth.