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A closer reading of the Mueller report reveals a series of episodes that are, if not criminal, deeply corrupt.

The fact that Trump supporters equate "not criminal enough" with "complete vindication" pretty much summarizes the state we're in.
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“We cannot take Attorney General Barr’s word for it,“ Rep. Jerry Nadler says in a letter inviting Mueller to testify “no later” than May 23.

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From Leonardo DiCaprio and Jane Goodall to LeBron James and Warren Buffett.

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The former Texas governor is reportedly looking for more remunerative work.

It’s public service. It isn’t supposed to be lucrative.
Does he know anything about anything but the words to the Aggie fight song? If that.
He has NEVER been the smartest bulb and now is SO out of his depth.
Dumb Clark Kent jumps from a sinking ship.
An idiot being watched by a liar. So emblematic of this septic tank of a White House.
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There was a lot of reading to do on Thursday, both in terms of the Mueller report and Twitter.

National Holiday when Trump leaves office. Dancing in the streets.
Reclaimed his title as the most hated tweeter .. if only someone could work on a program that would teach the damage that hateful bullying tweets do. Mmmmmm. Who might be good at something like that. Aaaaa. Help , I am at a losss.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩
Trumper is an old man in his 70s who, sadly, is showing signs of Dementia
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Financial Services chairwoman Maxine Waters said that “the potential use of the U.S. financial system for illicit purposes is a very serious concern."

What great word use! Obviously a mature high-powered executive, highly educated. Impressive.
Bevis speaks!
When you narc on someone, does that not mean they are guilty of something? I mean you can't narc on an innocent person.
Not only will that be cool, PUNK, it'll be astounding!
Very uncool that your dads been robbing the poor for his own needs !
Well I think it’s pretty uncool for you to steal from poor children with cancer so...evensies?
Narc? What are we ? 12 years old?
If he has nothing to hide, why worry? Be Happy!...
Words of a genius...
Um ya think!?!!!
I can't remember him ever being Presidential !!!
Trump was compromised on Russian Loans
which one is he again - Beavis or Butthead ?
Fine, then retaliate by refusing to borrow any more money from them. Oh yeah....they’re the only bank who will deal with this shady mob-family.
A narc reports on illegal behavior. This Butthead’s statement is clearly an admission of guilt.
Of course he does!
They all should be in jail 😜
Now this is a headline.
OMG He cracks me up.
Run rabbit run!!
The kids that always got beat up in High School
Asinine Grifters
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A 1989 memo Barr wrote summarizing the “principal conclusions” of a D.O.J. ruling apparently left out several of those principal conclusions.

Mike Winikoff
The Fixer. Crooks And Fixers depend on YOU not paying attention. They love it when you don’t vote!
Yes he absolutely does
Got a report ya need Obscured? Call Bill Barr! Need advice on Obfuscating? Call Bill Barr! No Misdirection too small!
Farcical pantomime, what has America become?
Why didn't those who touted his stellar reputation remember? Why didn't you do better reporting, VF?
He’s a pig
Lock him up
Why else was he hand picked for this position?
Another demon
Not that looks should matter, but Trumps whole cabinet looks like characters from a B movie.
why do you think he was appointed
Ofcourse he does...
....Barr is a facilitator of corrupt conduct....
He’s just not my kind of guy Barr Ugh Bar Barr
Lock him up!
Donald's puppet!!!
and it continues today.....
This report was written by Mueller's Office and signed off by Rosenstein. How would they let Barr misrepresent their conclusion.
The subliminal meaning of “creative writing” that we take in school!
Barr is the ‘ Roy Cohn’ sleazy lawyer, Trump has been waiting for!
Is this a surprise? Come on should have seen this coming !
Iran Contra
Trump’s puppet. Just like Kavanaugh.
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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is adding a little Sterling shine to its third season.

Rena Van de Putte!!!
Christine Bostelman Kerr
Kenzi ManiffLizzy TierneyStevie Mack
Paige Mullins-Couch
Katie Vazquez Lightman
Benjamin Zapata
Alex Bourn
Cynthia Robyn!!! ❤️
Bearista Hü
Liz O'Flanagan Walder
Melinda Calabrese Breed 😍
Mary Staub !!!!!
Melody Zargari!!!!!! Can we even handle this?!?
Thomas Rapp oh shit
He is the cat’s pajamas! Meow😻
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#Arichella is a burst of 90s nostalgia.

In her dreams.
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The Pitch Perfect favorites have added their marriage to the weekend's celebrity breakup pile.

Jackie Charm qy
Panahon ba ng hiwalayan ngayon?!
Sarah Stephenson
Erin Douglas
Are you telling me that celebrity marriages AREN’T sacred? 😢
Is he related to Sean Astin?
He came out.
Vanity Fair is yuppie trash
nobody cares.
Aca-cuse? Jacob Schumacher
Samuel Woolf why
Omg Meghan Lisa
A trade publication? People magazine? Whatever.
You don’t say
I will be taking the rest of the week off to grieve at this sad news for the American people.
She's sleeping with Adele.