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Vanity Fair’s interactive Oscar ballot is the best place to put down your selections, share them with your friends, stream movies, and keep up with the Oscar race.

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Taken together, these images amount to a glamorous, glittering survey of the culture’s sartorial evolution.

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According to one ex-Deutsche Bank executive, the bank has been genuinely concerned about whether Trump would default on his loans, and what to do about it.

Trump defaults on everything; loans, marriages, walls, presidencies.........
Thanks for enabling him Deutsche Bank. Now you get what you deserve.
I wouldn't lend him bus fare.
Couldn't happen to a better do you think no bank here in the states will loan him money
Today would be a good day for Trump to release his tax returns....
My money is on him defaulting because that’s what he does.
Coruption Inc. Starring daffy Donald.
His money lender was the son of the retired supreme court judge Anthony Kennedy, Justin Kennedy. Let that sink in! There has never been so much corruption! Never!
And Deutsche Bank didn’t wonder why no other bank would lend to Trump?
Will Defaulty Donnie default? That's a hard YES.
McChicken for Trump
The con artist filed bankruptcy 4 times what does that tell you.... If you do work for him he does not want to pay for your hard work. This co artist is going to to use all the American people for his greediness. Trump does not care about no Americans people just his money 💴 . So all you Trump supporters wake up and use your common sense does not cost to think 🤔
Gee...........Ya THINK???
I,wouldn't give him milk money,that boy is a crook
Ah no problem Deutsche Bank, Putin and his buddies will cover his azz for ya, just like always.
They knew he was a risk, but that's where Putin launders his money and he asked that they loan Donnie money.
What do you expect, Trump is the King of bankruptcy! I hope Deutsche Bank goes bankrupt!
The question is, with this guy’s track record, how is anyone still lending him money?
Check further and you’ll see how he dispersed the casino profits from his Atlantic City hotels!
you deserve each other.
Great use of voice in this article.
Chump definitely won't pay them back
Good luck getting that money back 🤣
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Vanity Fair’s editor reflects on the meaning of style, and why it can change.

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“My beauty icons are the women in my life,” said Zendaya, who is Lancôme’s newest beauty ambassador.

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Everything you need to know about this year’s Oscar-nominated short films.

Patrick Blake Renda the line-up
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As Sunday’s Oscars ceremony approaches, let’s take a moment to reflect on the best-actor front-runner’s wild, bumpy ride.

2018 was weak for male acting if this guy is apparently the front runner lmao
I hope he takes it!
I jst watched him in Papillon... He's such an amazing actor <3
Sally Grissom
The best Rami Malek 👏😃🏆
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Gwyneth Paltrow was curious about Jordyn Woods and her role in this week’s gossip contretemps, so we put together an explainer.

Eve Gamet
Raechel Dawson
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In the midst of his multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Amazon, Woody Allen has picked up and started working on a new film.

We don't care.
Is Roman Polanski co-directing?
And it will suck ass.
Woody, Go. The. F*ck. Away.
If he’s not been found guilty of any crime then surely he has the right to continue working? And what has changed in his personal circumstances since 1992?
Can’t wait!
Mediapro will proudly finance and distribute his upcoming films. Good news for cinema.
Yaaaas !
The left's favorite child molester is back?
Yeah he's anticipating the money he may be getting
Artists should not be stopped by militants
Zach Callahan
Sick pedophile I have never seen his film. We need to stop allowing toxic men to be heard
Working title “El Pedo”. Lol
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On the right, the Jussie Smollett outrage cycle is still going strong.

This is an issue the right and left should be able to be united on, these fraudulent accusations hurt all future victims.
He not only did damage to himself, he did damage to us Democrats. We do not support nor will be ever support his kind of behavior. It's shameful.
Jussie Smollett makes a little under 1.2 million a year. He threw away his career because he wasn't being paid enough and wanted more! He took advantage of the political climate that Democrats and bias media manufactured to create this hoax. Chicago PD did not look happy recanting smollett's story. The judge should prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.
More pseudo political event for a story that has received far more coverage than the story deserves
God bless trump for speaking out. Smollett threw the gas on a fire liberals have been burning for a long time. Can't find much racism left in America to keep your little revolution going? Make it up.
He has done so much damage with his greedy stunt 🙁
Everyone’s ripping Jussy...President Trump deserves some input on this it’s publications like yours that perpetuates the hate😡
So we should’ve let it die yesterday? HEY VF, Go F*** Yourself.
so wrong, esp during Black History month....just for a salary bump?
Maybe Vanity Fair can focus on a real hate crime like this: Coast Guard Officer Plotted Terror Attacks at His Desk, Filings Say
What about the DOMESTIC TERRORIST arrested last week - tweet about that. So HYPOCRITICAL.
Such a stupid move. Stupid idea. He's not the first, but they get caught and that just makes the lives of real victims harder. I don't understand why this lesson isn't learned.
Seriously think he has a psychological problem...Jussie and Trump!
Remember when I said I don’t trust it the Smollett do voodoo. CALLED IT! So what you saying is you took money from Trump to pull off this stunt just so he could ask you to apologize publicly and try to raise his approval ratings since you was unsatisfied with the money you make bas d on YOUR ratings🧐 makes cents to me. I think it’s genius. You get paid Trump gets press we get something to talk about or ignore based on personal’s BLOODY GENUIS! Ahem. Alfred Hitchcock I SAIID WHAT I SAID IT IS TOTALLY THE PLOT OF A FUTURE MANUSCRIPT. I got at LEAST a great five pages out of it. Make your money Voodoo man.
Well, def bad for liberal extremists. Any sensible person knows better than to be that shocked.
Trump to say shit about it more crazy then this kid!
The left ain't too happy about it either .
Jussie brought all of this upon himself!!!
He's sure getting attention! Well, he did want attention. :/
He'll be back quicker than Paula Deen.
Confused young man... Prayers for him and his Family...
His life is now hell.
This dude threw the gas...
This is so unfortunate.
He has officially pissed me off