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Paris Hilton is doing her part to help the victims of the Puebla earthquake in Mexico, and she’s brought her own merch.

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Chris Pratt is reportedly dating Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Arnold.

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The White House is still not convinced M.B.S. had anything to do with Jamal Khashoggi’s killing.

Trump and Bolton wouldnt stake their well-earned credibility on a lie.
No, that's Trump and a few of his fawning sycophants.
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Michelle Obama says she will love Chelsea Clinton and Jenna and Barbara Bush "forever" for helping her daughters.

Great first lady Michelle Obama ❤ you are missed!
I think it kinda did. They have their problems too
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Is “Why Did You Do That?” a bad song? Lady Gaga herself finally weighs in.

I didn't really think any of the songs in the movie were good songs, so why pick this one out?
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Bryan Cranston feigned ignorance when asked if a Breaking Bad movie was happening, saying, “I don’t know, is there? That would be so exciting! Oh my gosh!”

Estelle Burger
Maggie Meuesen
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Game of Thrones releases a new teaser as the battle #ForTheThrone sets a premiere date.

Carson and Lily!!
Richard Filip
Aanisah Safat Cri tym
Michael 🙃
Eva Recek
Michael Aylward
Faye Thompson
Scott Lyle Blauvelt
Manish Tripathi
Shelley Wilkinson Bailey friday
We all will ❤️❤️ Danny Laing Nathan Britz
Sylvia Laing Jordan will be happy
Kristín Þórunn Tómasdóttir it’s April!
James Kinnell
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A Key & Peele reunion has emerged from an unlikely source.

Vincenzo ♥️♥️♥️
Jessy Gálvez
Tommaso nois!!
Sydney Loum
Ben Louis
Rob Quinn
Keith Collins Jack Nogueira
Kahleel Peters
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Michelle Obama's book lands on shelves today, already topping the Amazon best-sellers list.

Got mine on Audible, read by the Beautiful and eloquent author herself. I can't wait to hear the sound of intelligence, integrity, and decency speaking again
Brava Michelle Obama: An extraordinary, intelligent, beautiful lady.
Mine should arrive today!
Going to purchase this book.
That orange head is gonna explode when it outsells Art of the Deal. In an hour.
Love her. Miss her.
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“He created a whole universe that changed the lives of many people, mine included.”