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The March for Our Lives movement began with an eruption of anguish. But changing America’s gun laws will take long-term logistical prowess. That’s where Jaclyn Corin comes in.

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Amongst D.C.'s career civil servants, a sense of paranoia is encroaching: "That is the new normal. We meet in the back rooms of coffee shops, and only set up in-person conversations and talk in private."

Well if they would actually deal with the toxic problem and remove this incompetent character disordered man they would not have to do any of this nonsense . Their enabling is creating problems for them personally.
There is something extraordinarily contradictory about American nationalism. On one hand Americans profess a deep and abiding love for their nation and its symbols. On the other, they intensely distrust their government believing it - regardless of whether it is blue or red - has launched successive plots against its own people. How can these views co-exist? Is it a feature confined only to those who take extreme political positions or is it mainstream?
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Inside the Académie française, the cloak-and-dagger society that protects the purity of France’s mother tongue.

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Ernest Hemingway was ready to ship a priceless Miró to the MoMA from his home in Havana—and then the Cuban regime collapsed.

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The threat of losing the House and Senate has helped convince Trump not to go scorched-earth on Kavanaugh’s accuser. “Trump knows the Senate is not looking good,” an outside adviser said. “It’s all about the impeachment, he knows it’s coming.”

They need to let the FBI investigate or cut him lose. Kavanaugh needs to withdraw.
Trump brand will be torched by impeachment. No surprise here. #metoo
Man they have more leaks in the white house than the plumbing in Donnie's Hotels.
Impeach Trump and vote the GOP out
Outrageous crap! So when trump is still the president in January..what are the crying, whining dems going to say then? #walkaway
She's right.
Who was the source for this? I'm willing to bet it rhymes with Lavanka
Until there is incontrovertible proof of treason or another major crime, it would be a mistake for Democrats to pursue impeachment. Nobody thinks he deserves it more than I do. But conviction would take 2/3s of the Senate. What ~16 Republican senators would have the courage to vote for conviction? Better for Dems to pass bills to address problems affecting Americans: expense of and access to healthcare, quality and expense of education, growing income inequality, crumbling infrastructure. If Trump vetoes the bills, those are issues to use against him in 2020.
They will indict him long before they impeach him.
Cutting who loose, daddy or Kava? How about both?
Why is she even involved???
Impeachment ASAP
Impeachable ... So Impeachable ~
Need to cut lose this whole administration.
withdraw kavenaugh nomination NOW
Desperate full of shit VF. The dems are batshit crazy wack jobs and they won t take back ANYTHING in November There will be no impeachment because THERE MUST BE CRIME PROVEN AFTER A PRESIDENT IS IN OFFICE NOT BEFORE NOT DURING THE CAMPAIGN. The liberal commie criminals in DC are in for a big surprise in November
I've forgotten about Iwanka.
Oh ya think honey?
Trump never takes Ivanka's advice. She is the First Daughter not staff, remember? She is for appearances and groping.
Smart girl. Lol!
We all know the twit never wanted the job in the first place. He wants to get fired and is clearly doing everything to make that happen.
I'm shocked she actually has voiced a pro-woman opinion
She is right. But Trump may not recognize the wisdom.
Senate need 67% for impeachment, even if DNC wins all seats in Nov, they will not get to 60%.
I’m sure you meant Trump advisers. Not Trump, he is incapable of knowing.
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The former Goldman Sachs president offered some interesting takes in one of his first post–White House interviews.

I'm sorry. She don't love me. She hates my guts. They took my lisense for no reason
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Welcome to the era of Henry Golding.

Criss Gidas
Mailan Du
Alexis Sabbaghian
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It’s a big, lavish party, with bayside views, bounteous food and beverages, and gorgeous cars to admire.

I'm coming back rich.
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Will space tourism stave off Tesla's woes?

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In defense of the mushroom that did not ask for this news cycle.

Vanity Fair has really lowered their standards for what they consider newsworthy, joke of an organization
AS A PORN ACTOR, DANIELS IS COMPARABLE TO THE HOLLAND TUNNEL! It's already been stated she has zero credibility and Avenatti is just exploiting her.
I am going to have nightmares thanks to this news cycle. 😳
I pretty much doubt that she would have felt anything even if it was a tree
Adrienne Allen