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Tag your Marilyn Monroe-obsessed friend.

Julie Bentley Yvonne!!!!
Natalie Jaeger Erin Keating ??
Anna MN-Norge Ben Ebert :D
Meghan Carroll Alexandra Elizabeth
Michelle Stetser Clarissa Diane Toms <3
Shane Williams Kati Dyer
Meredith Leigh Michelle
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Trump supporters "seem to have the least sense of humor of any group."

Juliet Sitko The thing about Lewis Black is his personality, and comedy style isn't an act. He'd stand on a corner and say this stuff for free.
Rodney Nursoo Luv this guy brilliant comic tells like it is. #resist
Cheryl Severns The hollywood elites and the lying criminals in DC are the ones behaving like mental patients freaking out on the verge of nervous breakdowns for the past six months so please tell me again who can t cope with reality CLINTON LOST GET A GRIP
William Russell Burnsed Jr. Sorry man. I have to disagree with you there. Liberals are notoriously humorless.
Randy Welch That seems to be true....
Nana Nadareishvili
Glenn Dyer And not brains
Arthur Fickenstein I can believe that
Tammy Gingerella Paul Millen
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A new retrospective of the late photographer’s career includes his signature aesthetic touch on everything from ethnographic studies to nudes.

Rand Mitchell Jolie Greenstone
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In an age of overly reductive clickbait, the Los Angeles artist says his new show, “Make America Great Again,” is designed to ask audiences to look deeper.

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You will never be at a loss for words again. (Via Vulture)

Paula Miller If I remember correctly Lassie was played by a female dog, so there's that.
Michael Greene Edgard Gus Julia Blake in case you guys miss me tonight!
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Marina Reynoso Queen 👸🏼
Petra Laura Orešković Aline Damas Ana Maria Delmar
Eric Berchtold Jim Manges
Lotty Lamont Lehmann Smith
Lisa Marie Lauren Parsons
Elisa Gatz Emily Spangler
Lee Lou Neill Kovrig
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The job is not for the faint of heart. (via Refinery29)

Daniel Galarza This girl is such a fake model, she definitely bought all her Instagram followers. After we go to the bathroom, can we go smoke this cigarrette? I really need one. But first...LET ME TAKE A SELFIE *oontz oontz*
Isabel Salvosa Why did this remind me of you Pauline Ducay
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Simply stunning.

Dhekk Ulya #Fate_furious8fullm0viesz
Katie Orourke babies
Bud Douze Buzing
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ICYMI: One of the world’s biggest pesticide makers cashes in.

Mel Harrison that's why we desperately need publicly funded research; then they answer to us.....not the corporations who are looking for profits
Felipe de Pierola That would be about as typical of a corrupt politician as you can get. Really not serving the American people.
Maryl Hershelman and aren't they merging with a drug company working on drugs for M.S, Parkinsons and ALS...a total Win/Win. to our loss/loss. f*ckers.
Danielle Summer Pitmon When will the Senate ethics committee chime in on the illegal activities of the White House unfortunately probably never because they're part of the problem there Republican that's why
Christine Berwanger They don't even try to hide their corruption now. With Trump all crimes become "legal".
Carol Newberry Jewell I guess they want "something" in return for that million donation. It is just a little annoyance that the rest of humanity loses.
Carolyn Guidry He's trying to kill us softly while we are awake. Wake up America.
Maryl Hershelman hopefully this pesticide will be used exclusively on Trump Golf Resorts.
Brenda Enck What I don't understand is do Republicans breathe the same air and eat the same poisoned fruits and veggies?
Eddie Bryan When you say donates, does that mean gives to his campaign for re-election?
Tom Ryan It's crap like this that kill the shellfish industry on Long Island where lobsters were plentiful over 40 years ago.
Deborah Schwartz Pay to play: license to pollute
Judith Linick Kaufman Disgusting
Tomas Wilde Disgraceful Illegal
Merry Farrington when will this nightmare end
Judith Linick Kaufman Disgusting!!
Elizabeth Vreedenburgh SHAME🔔SHAME🔔SHAME🔔
Hae Sung Whang-Hsu Mtfkr
Sherry Mastick Isn't that special. Damn.
Jabber Mir Turning it into a 3rd world banana republic
Simon Sharda Fuck this. Revolt, rebel, fight back
Mark Diminico They are draining the swamp into the lake!
Erika Mohs Plsssss sharing fake news is beneath you .
Cheryl Jennings Trump is a shameful example of an American!
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From Melania’s ill-fated campaign appearances to her apparent reluctance to embrace the role of First Lady: how a very private woman is coping with the intense public scrutiny of her marriage.

Cynthia Russell Melania's burden? Seriously? She knew exactly what she was getting when she married Trump. #NoSympathy. For the record, she is a racist, bigoted birther, too.
Pamela Clerico Puh-leeze. I don't care how private she is (the photos notwithstanding). If VF thinks many are going to care about her plight and her "burden", you are not in touch with the majority of people.
Tea Cardarelli What burden?! Ask American taxpayer the "burden" they are having to support her choice not to live in the White House.
Yvonne Harris Farwell If she's so private maybe she should have rethought her choices in life. She chose to become a model and it all came from there. Maybe you should take a look at all the nasty photos she has posed for. More like she is s woman who likes to show her privates.
Kathy Caldwell Her burden? What about the American ppl? She could blow this Presidency up but instead wallows in the wealth. Weak women who allow men to continue to walk all over them don't deserve sympathy. Stand up
Lynda Michaluk Sorenson This woman considers herself too precious to fulfill one of the most important roles in the country? Fine, then let her be a private citizen, and pull all of her security.
Jennifer Fullerton No sympathy for her. She made a deal with the devil, the same way her husband made his with Putin. They both seem to care more about money and status than anything else, they're a good match.
Cindy Parker Please stop reporting this. If she is miserable, she has the means to leave. Women in dire circumstances do it every day. Her marriage is what it is. I am no fan of 45 but her feelings about her marriage are none of our business. If she is happy, fine. If she is miserable, fine. I, like most of the country, don't care. My only 'care' is that her life choices cost the tax payers. Make the Trumps pay for the extra security or move her into the White House. They can afford it. We cannot.
Ann Thomas Seitz Melania is a gold digging POS like all the Trumps. She fully participated in the Obama Birther defamation, may she rot in hell with her bs problems.
Michelle Belgard Lol her burden? Who the hell cares if that shallow, gold digging bitch is coping or not. Let her suffer with those billions she was so eager to get her hands on.
Renee Rusu I watched a documentary about the history of the Trump family Fact is he wanted a submissive, stay at home wife who does not involve herself in his business. She knew going in she was to be arm candy 🍭 Apparently Ivanka is America's First Lady
Laurel Ann Lewis Brockman Burden? Talk to the woman who has to put her children in daycare and pray she can pay her bills with a meager paycheck. Melanie had a price and trump paid it. Sorry not sorry.
Allison Warenik-Queenan Whatever. You marry for money, you earn every dime. That's no secret. If she could pretend that she liked Donald for the first 4 years, she can at the very least pretend she likes serving the American people.
Mindy Cox Burden? She knows what kind of an ass she's married to. I doubt she banked on having to ever end up spending one night in the WHITE House when she married him, but she will just have to suck it up. You're under the looking glass now. Buckle up, buttercup, you and your family enjoy the ride. Have to take the bitter with the sweet. Or whatever.
Candi Bowman "A very private woman" would never have married the world's biggest publicity whore. No sympathy.
Theresa Rahn Ummm... she works for us (USA) and doesn't show up for work ... and she is the burden to taxpayers that are paying for her security at Trump Tower ... let's get this straight.👎👎👎👎
Maarrs Lopez 'Very private'? Woman's puss is all over the internet. The fking world is this woman's gynecologist.
Ashiza Shah Enough with this woman's supposed plight. She is first lady of the United States. She agrees with her husband's evil brand of politics. He disrespects women, but she is the one suffering? Tell that to the women he assaulted and humiliated.
Joanne Bundy when you sell your soul for money, you get what you get. Suck it up melania and keep amusing yourself with those handsome secret service men at your golden tower 24/7. Donald's too busy being donald to notice.
Ess Germaine "...a very private woman..."? Are you joking? Her nude pics are all over the World Wide Web!!! 😑
Larry Thomas Is this what the media is calling this relationship now days? We have seen this disinterested man interactions with his wife and it has been none existent. This is a business deal period. She's living the American dream (nightmare) by getting paid for a job like most Americans hating the work and interfacing with an unqualified and clueless boss despising every minute of it trying very hard not to void her contractual obligations before the expiration date.
Lee Weal #NoSympathy She's protected in her ivory tower on our dime; she's married to a soulless, greedy, ignorant racist but she can leave any time she likes. Money is apparently more important to her than anything.
Elena Migaldi I have zero sympathy for her. Not only is she already costing American taxpayers millions of dollars in less than 100 days, she is an accomplice in the farce of this presidency.
Gaye Perera Sorry, shrug. She is an adult woman with the money she needs to choose her own path. If she decides the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, she has choices. She is not a child dependent on the grown ups.
Brenda Garrett HER BURDEN?!?!?!?!? Talk to the hand! Ask us about our burden of paying for her to be sheltered in NY away from him. She could at least move to Florida. She won't have to worry about seeing him on the weekends. He's on the golf course. Guuurl, please!
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Welcome back, Aziz Ansari; adios, Channing Tatum.