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Why not both?

Ooh I know I know...
Insult to a rock 😂
"i am!" "i am!"
Embarrassing. Two grown men...🙄
Don for sure is Dumber
Should this even be a headline?
Why insult the rock.
One man was CEO of one of the largest most profitable corporations in the WORLD... The other ran a little scam shop, that he inherited, and lost value as he did... Hmmmm who is smarter???
The restaurant we frequent have numbered rocks on each table which I suppose are more useful.
Two rocks don’t make a right.
Rex who??
Toss up!
TIED. Apologies to rocks everywhere...
"Dumber than a Rock" I'm 100% for sure they are talking about Biden
I say Trump wins, then trickle down
Sort of “The Rock Calling the Kettle Black” fight, isn’t it.
Tillerson is the rock and Trump is the dirt under the rock.
Let's call it a draw, and agree that Vladi stole both their political lunches. He hasn't paid a sanction yet of those approved by 97-2 in the Senate.
Trump’s campaign slogan- “Vote for me or I’m going to jail “.
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The author on the character that has captivated her over the course of her long and varied career.

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The Senate confirmed a Trump judge whose record “does not acknowledge LGBT people as having a right to exist.”

This doesn't mean Mr. President is also anti-LGBTQ, he's actually totally for LGBTQ+. Just because he doesn't go around dancing with rainbows on, or hopes and wishes the death of anyone who has unpopular opinions doesn't mean he's instantly against LGBTQ.
This is terrible news. Trump absolutely must not be re-elected!
Dear Republicans: What you seem to be missing is that by making these kind of decisions you are going to lose the Youth Vote.You are turning into the fat old fogey party with nearly every decision you make.
Sadly, too many people couldn’t look ahead to see just what the results of their votes...or abstaining from voting...would do. Now, these long-term appointments will impact so many who didn’t understand the agenda. It’s a long and difficult process trying to stuff the genie back into the lamp.
Your allies will slowly desert you.
as our society slowly crumbles
That is so sad to judge what does he know about judging shameful🦋
Amazing Neanderthals still walk the earth. Typically when these stories come out, there will soon be a story that this guy is actually a big screaming queen. Just sayin...
This is what voting Republican on any level will get you.
Mitch McConnell is a POS.
Are we great yet?🤮💩👿
#VoteThemOut. #TrumpsMuriKKKa
Remember the Stonewall Rebellion? Yeah, like that, but revolution. It’s coming.
All the more (although there are hundreds) reason to get him out! #votedem20/20
I5s just too confusing for people These poor Young children thinking theyre suppose to be with the same sex ..
Civil war needs to happen
It's project blitz, Google it, see americans united for separation of church and state its the far right evangelicals infested in the government to undermine the constitution with biblical law, domionion theology cult evangelicals, it should be equal protection under the law
Typical Republican homophobic pig. We were here long before him and we'll be here long after he's gone. 🏳️‍🌈
He's a terrorist
Believing that transgenderism is a mental disorder is technically accurate according to many pyschologists tho
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Though not one as compelling as the author's own.

Camila Borges
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"If I have 25 minutes of your time, I want it to mean something," Minhaj told V.F.

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Pour one out for the spelling bee's checkbook.

Nice to call them nerds vanity fair. These “nerds” will be more successful than whomever is writing these articles.
All I see are spelling bee contestants for Jimmy Kimmel
Syd !
Only one white girl. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣 Yes. There are more people of color with college degrees than white. So much more smarter than they're..
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Out of all of Trump's attacks on the environment, this one stands to do the most catastrophic damage.

Since when did journalism become the opinion of the writers instead of just sticking to reporting facts? 476 months?! 😂 True journalist do not exist any longer........... on both sides.
There is nothing this man, or his administration, has done that will be on the right side of History
Dear Trump supporters, one day your grandchildren will piss in your graves and burn your family photos, full of anger and shame!
When you douse the nation with flammable material, staff the positions of internal control with inexperience and play with matches every day with incendiary rhetoric.....well, there’s a more than excellent chance that electorate will throw you out on your a$$ the first chance that they get.
This is The devil in disguise! And Not a very good disguise !
And ont a single person in that administration will stop him. How can any one person be allowed to wield this kind of power?
“In the 476 months that he’s been in office, Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he would like the earth to die in a fire—literally.” Really, Vanity Fair? He’s been president for nearly 40 years? And in your lede, no less.
I hate him. I really do.
My heart is sick. He needs to go!!!!
How proud must the trumpets be of this most idiotic and destructive decision. HE IS DESTROYING THE PLANET!!! #WORSTPRESIDENTEVER! VOTE BLUE!
Good Luck to your Children and Grandchildren over Big Oil and Gas Lobbyst's and the Koch Brothers
Ok, I don’t care for this dorito guy, but, REALLY??? 476 months?!?!?!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ C’mon Vanity Fair!!!!
I hate him so much.
Money and power. That’s all he cares about
Who needs to breathe
I believe he really is the devil. 👺
He has to be the stupidest president we have ever had .. he doesn’t give a crap about the environment only about $
Fix the copy - 476 *months* = 40 years!
Dumbest president ever
Must we put up with this monster another minute?
Trying to buy those votes regardless of long term consequences! Disgusting!
He hates everyone- his children included. IMPEACH
How can someone be so stupid. But then there’s the republicans keeping him in power. They could impeach him themselves.
476 months in office? Who edited this?
Shameful Shameful President Shameful Administration Shameful Supporters
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Bernie Sanders's team rushed to clarify that they weren't subtweeting Elizabeth Warren—but his tweet touched a nerve for a reason.

Bernie's dismissal of women is the stuff of legends, as well as his finger-wagging Grumpy Grandpa demeanor.
THE TRAVESTY BY THE NAME OF BERNIE SANDERS BS has made yet another passionate yet feeble attempt to remain in public eye… What’s my problem with this guy? I call him “Cantankerous Che Guevara wannabe”... please Google his life description and infer for yourself: …never held a job until 40 when became mayor of Burlington, Vermont largest city (pop 43K today) by margin of 10 votes... until then mopped around in his beat up VW smooching his friends for coffee and boring them to death with stories about Trotsky, Soviet Union... Subsequently, run largely unopposed, for U.S. Senate and won… Somewhere along the way he ‘invented’ his new personae largely specializing in socialistic populism and, particularly, issues which resonate with the millennials and Gen Z voters… He’s skillfully tapped into millennials’ angst and realization that not only 99.9% of them will never become multimillionaires but also, even more “tragically”, they have to take personal responsibility for their lives… Instead, BS is regularly dolling out upon them his socialist “panacea” for all their current and/or future problems if they’d follow him in his quest to equalize everything and everybody… HA-HA-HA, it’s been tried and failed before by much more serious “bad hombres” such as Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel, etc. The travesty part is my contention that BS knows fully well that he does not stand a chance of being nominated by the Dems; no drama, as my Australian mates would say, for the past 10-12 years he’s got a nice, (not so) little political business racket running basically monetizing (some would say milking) his trusting millennial followers and with various degree of success ‘greenmailing’ corporate behemoths such as Walmart, JP Morgan, etc. The insidiousness of his actions is that not only his trusting and idealistic followers will be severely disappointed but because their angst will compound explosively and some of them will become radicalized while the others will cease any and all political involvement including refusing to vote for anyone… and that would be really bad for the country!
Sweet fuck, anything and everything you can do to support the "anyone but Bernie" campaign. The photo and the headline? Hey guys, Trump will win AGAIN if you dont support him, and if you support any other Democrat, which Bernie is not, you'll just get more of the same. Wake up.
Trump will win if we let Bernie run over everybody.
Lazy freeloader.
You know what’s going to beat Trump? Democrats continually attacking one another over stupid shit like this. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️
Looking to see who is a backstabber
In a nutshell, the real tension is Sanders' advocacy of Medicare for All and Warren's advocacy for the private insurance industry.
I forgot who.csresp
if Bernie's face looks weird, Vanity Fair is there. If Bernie farts in public, Vanity Fair is there. Look, over there, Bernie's shoe is untied. That's dangerous. Does Bernie want to kill people with his dark shoelace agenda?
They are fast to call him sexist because of it
sub·tweet [ˈsəbˌtwēt] NOUN informal (on the social media application Twitter) a post that refers to a particular user without directly mentioning them, typically as a form of furtive mockery or criticism. (I had to look it up.)
No more old white guys.
One of them might have a chance to succeed Trump in 2024 if in the meantime they accomplish good things in Congress.
Warren and Bernie will both lose to Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi will be the next president.
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Bitter Wheat, which just opened in London, wants to provoke—but it doesn’t really want to engage with the #MeToo movement.

Perhaps, Larry Kramer and Tony should both collaborate on a Trump Era play and call it Trump L'oeill.
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Fans’ support for the S.S. Ross and Rachel might have gone a little too far.

Ross and Rachel were both horrible and deserved each other. The tragedy of the story we got is that other characters were forced to put up with them.
Really? Who cares about Julie? Get a life.