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Blue! Lots of blue!

She is the only person in the history of the world who has ever worn patterned, double-breasted coats while pregnant and NOT looked like a sofa rolling down the street.
Miracle Brandi
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"What has happened in the last few weeks in both the stock and bond markets," writes William Cohan, "is fabulous for anyone who is long-term greedy."

It goes up until it comes crashing down. Remember what happened under Bush? I do.
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No, Mueller’s new indictments don’t vindicate Trump. Why legal experts think another bombshell is coming, and soon.

I wonder if the next shoe to drop will be Kushner?
Get real .. they've been dropping shoes for a year . No matter how you paint it this is not going to end the way democrats are expecting it too.
BTW : It's not just the Russian trolls ~ a few other things Mueller is investigating: - " the probe includes Russian purchases of apartments in Trump buildings, - Trump’s involvement in a controversial SoHo development in New York with Russian associates, - the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow - Trump’s sale of a Florida mansion to a Russian oligarch in 2008." - Bloomberg
Mueller seems to be taking this very slowly given the danger Trump represents if he is indeed a Russian agent.
Waiting for the big one - don the con engaged in money laundering, racketeering and doing business with criminal gangs / entities. That alone should lock him up just like it did John Gotti. That's what the orange turd is really afraid of.
follow the trump tweets -- he's running scared🤣
It's going to be fun watching Gates turn on Manafort.
Can’t be soon enough! Get this clown out of office.
I would say there going be about five shoes before he gets kicked in the nuts.
It's like you know you have a brain tumor, but you're glad the doctor only mentioned that mildly infected papercut.
The other shoe's will drop, will be watching the trumptard trolls humiliating themselves trying to deflect and defend, it's absolutely hilarious 😂
That's what you are hoping and praying for but you have got Trump for 7 more years!!! You're so pathetic feeding these poor weak minded self hating liberals.
Justice is the new sexy and it's Mueller time! #impeachmentparty
Following the money.....has to be.
Can’t wait ... champagne is chilling for judgement day 🤣
May his “shoe closet” look like Imelda Marcos’.
*eating popcorn gif*
Letters written by lawyers. You need to read them between the lines.
Please be smart if he is guilty say it !!!!!!!🤥🤑🤡
I can’t wait for the bombshell
Popping the corn...can’t wait!
Taxes taxes taxes.
Lynne Morris fingers crossed 🤞🏻
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What did Michelle Obama think of Black Panther?

So sad every other President & their families were so happy to go back to private life. These two just cannot let it go. Wonder if their daughters had any kind words for Trumps son??? Especially after how the Bush children went out of their way to be etiquette with their children.
I wonder if she wore her high heels to keep her knuckles from dragging on the ground
SO nice to see a story about a DECENT couple for a change. So SICK of hearing about the dumbest so called pres and his skanky wife.............💩🤮
Really? You really think people want to know this? You have obviously, again, misread your audience.
Imagine Trump and Cotton watching this movie together over popcorn in the White House.
Who cares.
He must have missed Blade or Spawn.
#WakandaIsMyHOME......and my Homie's home... Boogity-boogity
They need acting jobs.
Trump's white-trash fans gonna go bonkers over this!
not interested
Sure are a lot of triggered white folks in these comments so far.
yeah the racist bitch just has to promote the agenda! umm hey .. when u get a chance? walk in front of a bus.. oh .. a black bus so it won't be racist as it flattens your worthless ass
Yeah most people usually base their choices on whatever the hell Michelle Obama likes lol
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Meghan Markle's progressive influence on Prince Harry is already showing.

For the monarchy? Not much, Harry's never going to become king.
Hmmm... The fact that this is the hottest ticket in the West End right now and Lin Manual Miranda GAVE them tickets might have something to do with it! Everyone is trying to get in to see this show. Political, yes, but award-winning entertainment.
Not political. Hottest ticket in a the world.
Personally, if I were her, I’d find it hysterical that I was marrying a descendant of George III!
The royal family needs to get over itself. Puuulllease!
Wonderful. All of it!
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver's Season 5 premiere finds the perfect antidote for Donald J. Trump fatigue.

I just love that flaps up photo. I laugh every time.
🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂great shot of the rug 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Oliver nails it every time. Written the watch.
John Oliver is brilliant!
This was a great episode
John is BACK!!!
Angry because this is soo common in your country. XXX
Sad because it's truly
One thing I wish I could unsee.
So glad he’s back!
Dude was on fire
Right on point
Erik Matey can’t. Wait.
Camila Borges
Emily Bragg 😂
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Inside the GOP, strategists are starting to panic about 2018: “No matter what, the clock is ticking on how long we have the majority”

His approval rating has skyrocketted to 41.5%.
Um, the GOP committed political suicide by letting in the liars, Russian stooges, cheats, pervs, and wife beaters. Other than that? They have done exactly zero on things Americans want: common sense solutions to our problems. The environment, healthcare, fiscal responsibility demand attention. Instead they suck all the oxygen out of the room about kneeling football players, porn stars, and alternative facts.
The boogeyman is Trump. He's ruining the country and has decimated the GOP. Time for Trump, Pence and Ryan to resign before they are locked up.
They’re responsible for their own demise. Listening to lobbyists. Taking Koch and NRA money. They don’t work for us anymore. Time to fire them all.
President Obama's Democratic party lost 64 house seats in the 2010 midterm election. The GOOD GUYS need to gain only 34 seats in the 2018 election to put the brakes on the corrupt, racist, Russian-led, treasonous, hate-filled, environment-destroying, war-risking, self-serving Dumpster agenda. Now, Boehner's gang DID have racism on its side in 2010, which made it easier for the scum to take over, but hopefully just a simple regard for human life will make getting those 34 seats - and even many more - easy this year! (y)
It's ok, they've done a lot to discredit federal government. And they've given rich people billions. And racked up 1.5 trillion for the deficit that they can then blame on the social safety net and gut that some more. What else is the GOP for? What else can they accomplish? It's time to bring in a Democratic majority to clean up the mess and re-set the table for the next GOP disaster.
Don't worry...Russian bots are hard at work making sure repubs hold on...I for one am expecting alot of 1% wins.
Vote them out. We want to look to the future not the past as many GOPers want to go.
Gee - did they ever think that doing something sensible would swing sensible independents. Ie most of the country. As long as their structures allow the tail to wag the dog- or should I say elephant- they are doing the questionable thing and it is a losing strategy. Time to smarten up or go the way if the wooly mammoth
Donald Trump has doomed the entire freaking country but no worries. His BFF is hard at work making sure another election goes the way it "should" and that this country gets the leadership it NEEDS!
That would be great
One can only hope.
GOP = Guns, oppression, propaganda.
GOP = fascists and scumbags, holy rollers and warmongers yes.....but PLEASE don't empower NEOLIBERALS like Biden and that no integrity tapeworm Lady Hil Hil.
hopefully they will all go down at one time. No separations please.
They doom themselves
He had already doomed the GOP, he's busy destroying America now.
PLEASE GOD, let's HOPE so! THAT'S my own personal "thought and prayer". O:)
On November 6, 2018 vote to change the leadership in Congress and begin to end this national nightmare.
And we are gonna steamroll all your G.O.P. BS!!!
I hope so. The #GOP losing in a massive and embarrassing way is what they deserve.
The canaries are dying. Apt metaphor.
We can only hope!
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“What I’m most proud of, especially in this Time’s Up year, is it is a film about a woman who refuses to take any more shit.”

They had better give credit where credit is due.
They're both psychopaths, tho.
They both need a hair brush
It’s a fab movie!
Perhaps that in fact WILL inspire ALL ladies to get that message and act upon it!
A passably good movie with great performances.
Juan Pablo Moncaleano H mira!! Lo predijimos! excelente película 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Sharon Field Maria Lomax well deserved I think!
Megan Gonna need you go hurry up with this one.
Her character is also super racist. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Mia 🤔
Sahand Narriman
Marie-Laure Tapp
Chiara Capodieci !
Carlos Carvajal M
Tyler Harrington
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The married masterminds behind their Oscar-winning Frozen anthem “Let It Go” return to the awards fray with Coco’s “Remember Me.”

Freakin song makes me cry.