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Just try to guess the top 10 movies and shows that users apparently watched obsessively.

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The president of Turkey apparently wasn't very impressed by Trump's letter.

Of course he did, Erdogan has been waiting for this opportunity. No amount of tariffs or sanctions will stop him. This outcome was both foreseeable and preventable.
Where such dribble belonged. Alas how low our nation has fallen.
Of course he wasn't! It read like it was drafted by a 4th grader!
He probably also thought that someone wants to prank him. What an embarrasement for Americans to put such an analphabet as their leader.
Erdogan to his children: Write like this get F’s in school.
Isn’t that what you do with junk mail?
Neither are we 😤
Can you blame him?
Where it belongs
Right next to Pompeo’s Christian leadership course
Kevin read this one, it is insane 😄
such an embarrassment
Why would Erdogan be different from most world leaders in figuring Trump for a clown and America a joke?
Erdogan knows has no respect for Trump.
Erdogan knows that Trump is a clown, and that is how he treats him.
No one was impressed other than the moron in chief.
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In conversation with V.F., Ronan Farrow elaborates on what pushed him to share the story behind the story, how he sees the #MeToo movement unfolding, and, of course, Jackie.

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Further proof that the Oscar nominee is, undoubtedly, the perfect Jo.

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Damon Lindelof’s daring new series puts racism front and center.

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Camila Morrone's performance as the daughter of an opioid-addicted veteran in Mickey and the Bear earned a standing ovation at Cannes. Now Hollywood's newest heroine is taking the lead.

The mankind project post “Watch out for people who are always bragging about who they are. A lion will never have to tell you it’s a lion”
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Elijah Cummings, a towering figure on Capitol Hill who represented his home city of Baltimore in Congress for nearly a quarter century, has died.

God bless his family he was a fighter, this is a great loss for dems, the rule of law, and justice in America, sigh...cummings literally inspired people to do the right thing....I will miss him, true leader, rest in peace
Eternal respect and love. You will be missed
Tremendous loss. Too soon. Rest in peace. 🙏
May his memory always be a blessing
RIP and God bless
We lost another true American hero 😔
Julian W. Mandody, you're a piece of work.
Mr. Cummings, thank you for being the voice those who felt powerless or forgotten. Thank you for being unafraid to stand up to hate, bigotry, racism. Thank you for service to this nation. We just thank you. So Sir you have earned this rest. Go rest high on that mountain. Your work down here is done. You will be missed. Rest in peace, sir.
buh bye Ratking
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Kimmel wondered, “Is it even really a meltdown anymore? Trump didn’t have a meltdown; he had a Wednesday.”

Anyone remember when Trump was choosing a VP he first offered it to the then Governor of Ohio and Trump would basically let him run the country while he just handled ceremonies I think Trump wants to be impeached and then he can walk away with all the money and ill gotten gains.
So, I cannot read this article on a Facebook group unless I subscribe?? That’s awful. I guess no need to follow VF anymore??
Sad but true
It that letter alone didn't cry out the urgency to invoke the 25th Amendment, then I suppose, the Republicans are of the very same mettle to know any better! And Erdogan did with it what any man with half the brain of the bozo would do: throw it in the waste bin! What a way to MAGA! Laughable, but it's getting dangerously precarious!
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Olivia Kim turned some classic sneakers into design experiments for Nike.

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“She says in the diary, ‘I know how to please the ladies,’ and she did. She slept with a lot of women.”

Amanda Leiman
Yet another old post!