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Fans already knew T.J. Miller would make his exit at the end of this season—but the finale left plenty of room for his character to return any time he wants.

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"Even though [Silicon Valley] is a comedy, the writers are still keen to twist and prod the characters into very uncomfortable situations—which as an actor is very fun to play."

Adam Smith Season five better start right away. Why do these good shows are so short in duration and run? It took a whole friggin year for this season to come. WTF HBO?!
Kav J Nor Stink 😬😷😷😷😷
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Winter is going to be longer than ever.

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Rotten Tomatoes is more powerful than ever.

Eddie Bryan I haven't followed the Pirates very much and The Rock is not my hero but when I was a kid there was a mix of both the critics and word of mouth. Of course, word of mouth was about things like Easy Rider and Woodstock but we certainly knew the critical value of A Rebel Without A Cause. Although Billy Jack was a smash with us, critics panned it. These things happen.
Eddie Bryan I don't know what I would do with criticism, but I sometimes like a movie the critics don't. I do seldom go out an pay the $10 for a matinee anymore. Is it still $10? So, there's that, too.
Dawn Morse If I want to see a movie I go , I let my own opinion count more than critics . I personally avoid as much as I can about a movie I want to see before I go I like to be surprised & reviews & trailers tend to have to many spoilers
Arlene Pagan Pirates of the Caribbean is awesome! Saw it in 3D! Lots of fun! Let the public decide!! Great way to start the summer!
Jacob Davies I often don't care about rotten tomatoes review. I seem to pay more attention to imbd rating. :/ or my own opinion
Patty Jeffrey Filling the void left by Siskel & Ebert
Deborah L. Lewis *chuckle* Make a good movie indeed...
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The Trump administration is being forced to engage with America’s convoluted involvement with the Middle East.

Glenn Dyer Of, look it's an orange haired Cher - the one with no brains and a massive bum
Sven Ake Imbecile Moron Racist Low Intelligence !!!!!!!!!
Tamuna Zoidze
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Thanks to Beyoncé, late-night hosts finally got to talk about something other than Donald Trump.

John Namasté seriously who the fu@ck cares about Beyoncé twins !!
Ross Norwood How much did ABC pay for the photo ops?
AG Lara Gloria Magdalena
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“They are Trump supporters first and foremost, issues [are] secondary.”

Robert Bastarache They will definitely go over the cliff because they put party over country!! Unbelievable that so many congressional members have that much hatred, disregard, and disrespect for America and Americans that they wouldn't stand up to the pussygraber and tell him to stuff his bullshit when the sun don't shine!!! And by the size of his ass, the sun don't shine much.
Joan Cooper What Trump supporters don't understand is that everything he does is completely against their interests and the promises he made to them. The only Trumpy's who benefit are the super rich ones.
Lora Blankenship That would be fine with me if the rest of us could disembark.
Rebecca Reznick GOP is not worried because they know we don't bother to vote in high enough numbers to thwart their gerrymandering. We don't turn out --they keep their power
Maureen Falk The cult of personality, of tribalism of feeling that you belong, trumps everything. (sorry)
Wanda Howard Bishop Quit drinking the Kool aid and open your eyes. Lot of his supporters need to do that. He is not helping us. He is helping the rich. It's just that simple.
David Vorland The Trumper is worried now and getter crazier every day. Anything is possible.
Robin Young Sick to death of politicians who run not to serve, but for that orgasmic dopamine hit they get if they win. Losers. Sad.
Maryl Hershelman I'm beginning to believe that Ted Cruz's father DID shoot JFK. How can a "man" accept an insult like that and then toss his salad?
Judith Karline Republicans are whores to the wealthy and corporation. They'd sell their own kids or mother to ingratiate themselves to it. They're like a cancer on this nation.
Panagiotis Chatzistefanou This is exactly what the USA deserves.
Pepper Patton They are so racist and hell bent on destroying blacks, hispanics, lgbt community and Muslims that they are too stupid to realize they are sitting on the same damn sinking ship that we are on.
Patrick Dugan I keep hearing about this "cliff". Show me that fucking cliff.
Rachael Rolf
Patrice Marie The politics of fear
Liz Friend Lemmings all
Elizabeth Moxham there is always, the fellow scumbag: Pence.
Glenn Dyer All those dimwits
Bernard Miguel Total stud chicks just want to be him men want to lead them
Leslie Daniel Rainer Wonder what they're chuckling about in this photo?🤡😡
Patti Keeling-haines Choo, choo! Off you go!
Robert Diaz I know why! GOP is dumber than dirt.
Amanda Hutchins Gogatz They are taking the whole country with them.
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Go behind the scenes of the movie that started it all.

Bill Cook I recall Arnold at age 19 , flat broke and hardly any English , his career is one of total determination . Just do not get in his way .
Ross Norwood He has no moral compass and has a love child with the hired help. He is so rotten that he kept it a secret until he could pop his depravity on his spouse. He should be deported to his homeland across the pond.
Bill Cook He is many things , but never seen any connection with homosexuals but plenty with girls in Santa Monica .
Ross Norwood They should inspect his garbage for any Comet Pizza Boxes and trojan horses.
Ross Norwood He is part of the fabric of our lives or bathhouse in Congress.
Gary Eckstein oh, when he took drugs?
Vilma Thomas a migrant success story
Ross Norwood He won't be back.
Ross Norwood I am pretty sure he is a closeted homosexual. Pumping Iron.
Ross Norwood I wonder if he prefers blonds or boy scouts.
Ross Norwood Here comes the judge.
Danita Shultz Joshua
Amanda Hutchins Gogatz Adam Hutchins
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The next steps of the roiling drama are becoming clear.

Patty Fahey Molinari I just wish it was more action and less talk - all they seem to do is talk about how awful it is (we have known that from Nov. 8th) lets get this show on the raod and do something before we are all dead
David Vorland The Trumper is worried now and getter crazier every day. Anything is possible.
Ross Norwood No its not. You are confusing his innocence with that meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. They are both going to prison for a litany of felonies. Vanity Fair will be investigated for spreading these lies or more fake news on the internet.
Ross Norwood Obama, Hillary, Bill the DNC, and that money laundering operation will be the end of this fake democracy. A constitutional crisis is looming and I can't wait to convict our bathhouse and judiciary.
Edward Simko Lol...fake fact,Loretta Lynch for obstuction,Bernie Sanders and wife for fraud,and Obamas unmasking scheme are becoming main targets
Jeff Tilak Fraud, racketeering, money laundering, and corruption would be nice, but I'll take obstruction of justice.
Sue Bickford Please, please, please...someone or something stop this evil-POTUS.
Jack Collins The investigation needs to hire someone who thinks like Trump. I have no suggestions.
Patrick Dugan Super. Call me when it's here. This is really becoming BS.
David Rother Lynch has a better chance of being hit with Obstruction of Justice to be honest lol.
Ross Norwood It will take your breath away, the depth of their depravity.
Alex B Goodman Wow after almost a year it's getting momentum eh? Maybe by the end of his term they will finally provide some evidence?
Cheryl Severns Actually Derschowitz no fan of TRUMP says there is. No Obstruction and NO CASE
Christian Scott Thomas just rid this bastard / administration already geez
Reynaldo Geerken The money laundering stage
Adam Cote' Avalanche!!! lol
Evelyn Rodos Hurry the eff up.
Jay Rutherford Trump supporters will stop you.
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Next stop, Frozen.

Jennifer Johnson
Arual Mony KrisAird
Ashley D. Young Guess I'll have to see it a 3rd time.
Rachael Rolf Isnt highest grossing period? Regardless of gender
Jane Arthur Mandy Munro