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Adam Scott embarrassing himself in front of Reese Witherspoon is the relatable content you need today.

It's a booger. Get over it....
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The latest from Edwidge Danticat, some impressive debut novels, essay collections, and more books perfect for the last weeks of summer.

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The talent of Veronica Mars reminisce about the landmark UPN series, 15 years after its debut.

Loved the series and movie. I need one more!
Sylvia Leyva. SEE!
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“There was that kind of weird feeling of, ‘What the hell?’ We worked so hard."

Who the fuck cares. Stop emotionally blackmailing fans like this with how sad their faves were that they didn't like the writing.
Sadly, it hardly matters if you don’t stick the landing. You and your cast should have told HBO and whatever dipshit it was who rushed and flubbed the ending to fix it before you completed your project. This series was 90% on its way to being one of the greatest shows of all time. So sad.
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Thanks to the NRA, Trump's short-lived stint as a background check advocate is officially dead.

Not the first time he’s caved to the NRA. I don’t think they even offer him money to do it - they just stroke his ego and get the result they want.
He’s so self serving and without morals 😕
Did any of you think he would stand against the NRA? Seriously? He folded like cheap lawn chair to the gun nuts.
The NRA or Mitch?
Don't worry, people. We'll get it when we take the Senate in 2020. Stay strong
He will leave them. Under no circumstances so don't believe a word he says.
Republicans will do nothing . The NRA owns them.
we will vote him out.
Anyone who's surprised has not been paying attention...for years.
....once again, donnie shows just what a cowardly little piss pants he really is...
If we had done a good background check on trump, maybe we would have saved ourselves from this insanity...
Are y'all happy, those of you who voted for this? Maybe do some research next time. Maybe, just maybe, realize you were wrong. So incredibly wrong.
Hmmm, I wonder who one of his biggest campaign donors was?
Of course... the Republicans are funded by the NRA!!
Hmmm... Perhaps LaPierre made him an offer he couldn't refuse...
What's the matter? Did Putin yank your leash?
After every mass shooting he comes out with some weak hint of a policy. Then the NRA reads him the riot act, tells him how it’s going to be and sends him back to the Oval Office with his tail between his legs.
Thanks to the NRA? No. Thanks to the voters who elected this ignoramus of a president who thinks checking in with the NRA is the politic thing to do.
Whoever talks to him last is what he remembers.
And many of us wil go, told you so.
Photo ops are over (until the next shooting). We knew he was faking it.
This ladies and gentlemen is what's wrong with our "Democracy "
It’s wild that the only thing they’ll stop him from doing in three years is the one thing that might actually be helpful.
What, Trump has no integrity?? What a surprise!
He is so weak, but why aren't we hearing more about who those people are that go talk to him on behalf of the NRA, or any other big money influence. They should be publicly shamed every where they go.
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Get ready for a clash of queens.

I heard the love scenes with the horses are great!
Liam Rhymes
Deepti Singh
Giovanni Gutierrez❤️❤️❤️
Erica Nina
Jelly Pelaez
Sherry Ficklin
Merinda Garland Tracey Lee
Olooovorgooo Viridiana García
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Filmmaker Skye Borgman on the unbelievable twists and turns of the story that didn’t make it into her documentary, on Netflix.

Kaitlyn Carlon
Matthew Miller
Kim Capicotto
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Trump said Tuesday that any Jew who votes for a Democrat is either uneducated or disloyal.

Oh, all must be loyal to the Orange Chia Pet! We must fall on our swords to appease the stable genius who transcends all knowledge of mankind... Oh, to bask in the glow of the MAGA hat red glow. He is our lord and Savior. We must bask ourselves in the glory and power of the Almighty Trump. For he knows more than Military Generals, scientists etc....
The President is spot on. He’s got it right. Since when did Vanity Fair become so political in its posts and articles. I will not be subscribing to your magazine any further. It used to be so great. It has declined tremendously in content of recent. Horrible. Good luck trying to save it.
I keep saying it can't get any worse. But we are like 30 stories in the basement.
Please report instead that Trump added $4.1 trillion to the national debt and how he spent it!!! Vanity Fair , please inform us of the real news!!
Why quote Trump??? You know he says idiotic things! 😖 please report the real news instead ! You the policies that have been enacted that affect Americans! The medi Just has to stop this nonsense or they will be as highly in esteem as Trump!!!
Pandering to the 200 in the country that are Republican questioning. Pursue that target market.
Wow. He’s managing to politicize American support for Israel. This won’t end well.
I think his son in law needs to explain to him what being Jewish means.
He has surrounded himself with sycophants who can't talk any sense into him. Let him be the architect of his own demise.
He has said some horrible, dumb things but this tops it all! I am appalled, ashamed and sorry to think he said this! Gg!
Surefire way to endear yourself with an entire voting block! 🤣
Its still a free country Mr president
The GOP has been like this for a long time. They love the idea of Jews but they couldn't care less about the people. Now they openly support neo-Nazis. Who the hell do they think they are fooling?
How do you think Jared Kushner feels about this? His brother votes Democratic.
Trying to get my head around Donald Trump's presumed authority on literacy or loyalty. Or anything else, for that matter.
Is it really possible for an individual to be this obtuse? 🤬
Hey tape his mouth up 45 has nothing legitimate to say or add to his million lies! All hot con artist air! 😱😱😱
don’t they realize yet they are being used as a means to an end by the christian right? sigh.
Just way smarter than you will ever be!!
But, but, but he LOVES uneducated voters! He said so! NORMAN, COORDINATE!!
Yes, that'll work, telling people how to vote. 🙄 The only uneducated is you and the fools you conned!!!!
Hey Trump...Stupid...Im Independent....for over 20 years. Because I saw the way that the political process was going. And now over 49% of the People are Independent also...Do you know why?
Another attempt to divide🤮🤮🤮🤮
Does he realize who his voters used to be? Check out his rallies audience. Magats
You know Trump has reached new depths of despicability that even the trolls are not here defending him.
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Biden's former neurosurgeon says “with absolute certainty” that the candidate has “no damage whatsoever.”

I don't understand why these old guys still do this to themselves. You're 70+ so retire and kick back! Do they really think that they're such a gift to their country? Let someone young and dynamic take the stresses of office. Jeez. 🤯
Creepy Uncle Joe is quickly becoming the Democrats version of trumplecrapstain
Can he take a look at Trump’s?
If you have to ask.....
If you have to ask if the candidate has brain damage it really doesn't matter what the answer is.
why would he have brain damage??
Is early senility brain damage?.....
Who's the neurosurgeon? Ben Carson?
No brain waves detected in old sleepycreepy Joe!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
I want a second opinion
Biden's always been stupid, a gaffe machine, an idiot who survives only due to the banks and credit cards he works for. It ain't dementia. It's just him. A clown from Delaware.
Ya want start doing brain scans, check Trump's..I don't think there is anything there...just animal cunning lurking....
When are you citizen stupid fucks going to cut loose to ply against the rocks of history this bought off jamoke jerky Joe Biden?
Let's see, Biden thinks (1) there are three genders!; and (2) that carbon dioxide is a thermal molecule on planet Earth! Yep, brain damage is certainly the case! At my blog, read the articles… 'House of Cards: The Collapse of the 'Collapse' of the USSR' 'Playing Hide And Seek In Yugoslavia' Then read the article, 'The Marxist Co-Option Of History And The Use Of The Scissors Strategy To Manipulate History Towards The Goal Of Marxist Liberation' Solution The West will form new political parties where candidates are vetted for Marxist ideology/blackmail, the use of the polygraph to be an important tool for such vetting. Then the West can finally liberate the globe of vanguard Communism. My blog, for other discoveries... Google (only use the Google search engine): djdnotice blogspot com 2018 09