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Sophie Von Haselberg moved all the way to China in an effort to escape her true calling—but now she’s knocking on Hollywood’s door.

Jennifer Rapp 🤦‍♀️
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“I am looking at two-state, and one-state, and I like the one that both parties like.”

Cynthia A Clement Desperately sick of this idiot humiliating America all over the world.
Beth Hensperger more war. more terrorist extremism. yemen will be a black hole. what a deal maker. back home, no help for disabled children.
Larry Rasmussen Dumbest statement I have ever heard.
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In celebration of the Cannes Film Festival’s 70th anniversary, Vanity Fair’s Justin Bishop captures the cast of characters making up 2017’s Cannes tableau vivant. See the rest of the gallery:

Joyce K. Williams Do it ♠
Francois Desmeules This worthless idiot.
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Is it time for the Democrats to fight celebrity with celebrity?

Michal Diass I'm sorry...I completely adore The Rock and Tom Hanks but please no more celebs in the white house ...this is enough...leave it to the career politicians, lawyers and other people steeped in the practice of law and educated on the constitution. 😑😑😑😑
Alshawn Nero Rushing So basically were ceding the country to our lowest common denomination because Americans can't separate politics from entertainment....great. I'm moving to Canada!
Akiko Abe Don't get me wrong, I ❤️ me some George Clooney - but really, stop electing celebrities for the sake of their celebrity, or even political leanings. Look at Italy and Japan, where they actually acted on this idiocy for decades. I wouldn't dismiss celebrity candidates outright and completely, but they would first have to demonstrate that they're ready, competent, and qualified - just like any other candidates - and they should be evaluated for those qualities.
Sandi Sites I find this quote from the article completely insulting:"Clooney’s heartthrob status could also help him chip away at Trump’s 54 percent vote total among white women, a category where just a few points could tilt the whole race."
Ray Rodriguez WTF....Drumpf won't be in office. Impeachment coming. Dems need to get their shit together and rally behind a true Elizabeth Warren
Rudy Garcia The one person who could literally walk right over Trump's bloated defeated body into the Oval Office easier than anyone ever, would have been JFK Jr. Hands down no contest.
Joe M Stevens Yes, George Clooney would make a fine counterpoint to Trump. However, if we elect a celebrity two elections in a row our credibility is going to go down the toilet. It would be better to run someone serious against Trump whom can convince America that they are going to restore credibility to the Presidency.
Kyle Englert im guessing its tom hanks? hes one of the greatest americans in...history, below some of the greats (obv) ***JFK above all*** But dems dont need to stoop...especially when there are options. Lets face it, republican options are....disgusting, in all ways. I dont really care about politics, so from an outside perspective I would put my chips in for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. (psst...Warren....plz run).
Mary Marek Holman ummm NO. lovely guy, but not outspoken enough, too congenial. give me his WIFE; she can run the WORLD, the US would be an amuse bouche for her!
Gabriel Shear GOP looked beyond the regular suspects and look what we got. There are a lot of great people who truly care about America and Americans who are part of the "usual suspects".
Jenny Cornwall I've got two words: Joe Biden, who outpolls even Sanders at this point. But was conspicuously missing from the article. And when 2020 rolls around the race is likely to be against, yuk!, Mike Pence, not Trump!
Ashley Ector Get out of here Vanity Fair... You're drunk. I love me some Cloontang but just no
Felicia Gray "Clooney’s heartthrob status could also help him chip away at Trump’s 54 percent vote total among white women, a category where just a few points could tilt the whole race." Seriously, Vanity Fair?!? Women would vote for Clooney because he's a heartthrob?!?! Thanks for minimizing us to utter shallowness. How insulting. 😡
Bridget Langdon ISO a benefactor so I can move to a different country. Thanks in advance.
Anthony Esparza Cloon-Tang! Cloon-Tang! I thought Clooney before I even opened the article. Or Ben Affleck, despite his marital life, the guy is smart and astute.
Lauren DeGidio I said to myself, like George Clooney. And well, the article said... like George Clooney.
Elizabeth Gehrman Yes because why have anyone with any experience actually running a government in office ever again? Because this is going so fantastically well.....
Deborah Jarnagin Strickland Sounds like a plan. President Clooney! Like the sound of that!
Tracey White I hope Trump isn't the start of having only celebrities for president. 😟
Marissa Hugo Didn't read the article.....was it Oprah?? Gotta be Oprah!
Scott Hendrickson Stop this.
Paula Miller Bullshit. Get your act together for chrissakes!! Jeezus it's crap!
Peggy Traeger Tierney Vanity Fair pushing for George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban, Bob Iger and Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz to run against Trump in 2020.
Emily Markussen Sorsher Or maybe someone qualified?
Gwen Johnson-Brown The office has lost its importance.
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Melania’s no orb.

JA Boyd Just a note: Angela Merkel is NOT a "First Lady." She's the BOSS, and the current leader of the Free World.
Ixchel Rosemarin Having lived in the Middle East, I can say from experience that public displays of affection are frowned upon, she remembered this, he didn't, she reminded him, now, please, what's happening in Manchester?
Polly Moulton DIVORSE HIM!!! Just as we aren't grasping our power as a nation, she is not grasping hers as an unhappily married woman. This man needs to be abandoned!
Jennifer Jacobsen Interesting that the "great American" Toby Keith performed in Saudi Arabia, home of the 9/11 hijackers. Did he put a boot in someone's ass or just make his money?
Samantha Lewis-Torrance Maybe the Manchester terrorist attack is more news worthy I agree but although this was only posted one hour ago or so it seems - this news had occurred way before the terrorist attack in Manchester - but perhaps this should be taken down and more important news should replace it - just my opinion
Barbara Pedrick Blied She didn't just tap his hand away. She also moved away from him. If you can see the longer tape you'll see that. I think she's angry about something that happened in Saudi Arabia.
Malina Rodriguez Their marriage is just for show and people fell for it all threw his campaign. Now she's like " OK I played my part you're in the white house now can I go back to my tower with my signing bonus ??!! " When his own wife won't live in the same house as him and his daughter is trying to fill in as first lady doesn't that just scream BS factory and not White House ??
Jax Bell She never wanted to be first Lady. And the Daughter can not be first Lady (Wives not Daughter's ) so when they married he hadn't planned this. She should divorce the miserable Bastard.
Donna Lynn Pavina Maybe she thought he would get ripped apart for trying to be so 'inclusive' in a country that doesn't respect women. Maybe she thought, "You ass! Don't do that NOW!!" LOL, one can pretend she has a thought process going on, no? Hahahaha. They have reached the stage of FAILING with every step. This is what it looks like to vote from a profoundly hateful point of view; the hate lingers and the more you try, the more ridiculous it looks. Welcome to the city of Karma. I hope your seats are comfy while you fall to your death. Ain't like you can remove yourself from it. Lol, Toby, on stage, with the ones he wanted Americans to beat the shit out of....Ivanka getting an OUTRAGEOUS paycheck, uugggggghh, and the story ain't even close to being over. Smdh, the blame goes to those unbothered by politics. The ones that think it 'rude' to talk about, the ones that don't see anything wrong, the ones that still smile. War time is here. Know that the enemy walks with financial security. The majority not making that security themselves, noooo, it was handed to them. Them that don't really benefit from higher education, higher education-based places benefit from THEM. KNOW the enemy. Sorry for the so called hateful words, but, heeyy, mofo, I don't need to see anymore to KNOW that they'd get over our passing as easy as going from lunch to dinner. They don't care and, even more, they believe they are secure and can continue! See me?? I'm READY to give up the life I'm living to join a group that is READY to TRUELY resist. Lemme know where and when. This shit is batshit crazy and I, for one, am ready to tackle the job of overthrowing these crazy assed, delusional tyrants. After all, I AM AMERICAN!!! #POWERTOTHEPEACEFUL #BYANYMEANS #RESIST
Sia Angelakis Who even posted this right now? There are missing children out. I having a feeling the social media person is about to get fired 😧... & this is not even about Trump or political. I'm just disgusted. Also fashion Instagrammers that are posting fashion photos as usual. 😏😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Jack Mattingly well I am sure she has no intention of being his mother and I can't imagine she lets him touch her so she is the most interesting person in the whole circus.
Sia Angelakis I tweeted Vanity fair my feelings about their article at this time & they deleted my tweet IMMEDIAtely... so their social media is ON top of that shame. I LOVE VF. Tonight you dissapointed me
Sia Angelakis How does any one give a shit about trump and melania' relationship right now when children are missing & this is one of the worst terrorist attacks since Boston 😩😢😢😢
Maureen Berry The TRUMPs are doing a remarkable job on this tour....VF Stop causing trouble !!
Lori McCall People are dead in Manchester. Why in God's name are we still discussing this trivial bit of nothing! Who cares!
Irasema Mendoza She said "fu-- that shit, I don't want to hold tiny hands"
Jesús Gerardo Vidales Cano Stop bullying them. Let them make their work. They are doing great in Israel and elsewhere.
Tzo Nah Trump has to be a jerk of a husband. I'm sure she is missing out on her son's last days of school.
Madey Jacobson Sperber If only these articles were written without grammatical errors! (Not the comments, the articles!!)
Michelle A. Brown I'm gonna make a prediction right now...Melania's gonna come out of this whole mess ok. Not sure how or why yet. That's all.
Mihaela Passow This what you talk about , really ,not world peace wow
Sia Angelakis Why even post something so trivial after a terrible terrorist attack? Vanity Fair, I am a reader and a supporter and you are better than this.
Scherzando Lucus-Box That's his pussy grabbing hand though!?! Come on Trumpet....
Samantha Lewis-Torrance I feel a not so distant impeachment and divorce coming on
Sarah Elizabeth Mueller I don't respect either of them. She can walk out the door anytime but $$$.
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Julia Roberts knows what she's doing, O.K.?

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The Turkish government chastised U.S. law enforcement for their ”aggressive and unprofessional actions” in allowing anti-Erdogan protesters to continue demonstrating.

Cindy Abernethy In America, we allow peaceful protests. What we don't cotton to is a bunch of thugs from another nation beating up said protesters because they are so thin-skinned as to not be able to handle disagreement.
Fahd Halim Yeah, welcome to America. People have a right to express their beliefs. Its called Freedom of Speech. Not Freedom to be Erdogan's bitch.
Kelly Minito Maybe they should just eff off? Last time I checked we don't brutally murder the opposition as happens in Turkey. What the hell were they doing in this country anyway? Another dictator #45 is in love with
Jessica Nilsen Hey Turkey- not sure but you might have forgotten, but this country is a democracy- we may have an idiot who thinks in "fascist" ways but we are not there yet- and don't plan on it- keep your filth and backwards thinking in your own pit of a country- oh yea ❤️️Enes Kanteran
Sarah Augustine It's not Turkey/the Turkish people who are demanding anything from the US. The majority of the people in Turkey are against the acts of their dictator Erdogan. They call him Adolf Erdogan. I've seen the protests where peaceful people are beaten and taken to jail. I taught in Turkey. I know that journalist are jailed for over 12 years for simply expressing an opinion.
Lisë Sayer F* that dictator, and Trump and Flynn for cozying up to him. Who the hell does he think he is? Hey Erdogan, you can't order / let your goons bust up protesters in the U.S. when you don't even live here and are certainly not our leader!
Robert Brown Should not have been received by Trump in the first place. This is not a fascist country, yet!
Tom Just WTF!! Should we buy them dinner, maybe take them to a movie, in order to show how contrite we are for stopping them from attacking peaceful demonstrators?? Whose country is this??
Bonnie Carruth ALL of the security "guards" would be given 24 hours to leave the USA. Yes, Turkey will probably kick our ambassador out but that I'm s how diplomacy works.
Janet Fisher Excuse me? Your presidential bodyguards attack Americans performing their legal right to free speech on american soil and you are complaining? Despite what you may think #45 is about the rest of America supports the right to protest and freedom of speech, unlike what appears to be going on in your country. 😡
Yolanda Paladino We are Americans Fuck you. We voice our opinion here. You're on our turf asshole
Karen Bice It appears that both Erdogan and Putin need a reality check. I can only assume they attended the same school Trump did: Morons, Inc.
Ella Da Fucking dirty heathens! Go back to your hell hole and do not step foot on our soil. Who do you think you are coming over to our country and assaulting our citizens. Next time everyone around will carry a weapon so they can put a bullet in your miserable heads, we have the rights to bare arms to protect us against tyrants like you.
Barbara Pedrick Blied Hello Turkey- This is a democracy with a bill of rights that grants certain inalienable rights, one of which is freedom of speech, and protests are part of freedom of speech. Your arrogant leader could have just passed by instead of Gavin his thugs beat up protestors. Which is in fact against the law here.
Nick Martens Erdogan ! The new Dictator ! Loved and worshipped by most of the Turkish in Germany, Belgium , The Netherlands and half of Turkey ! As a European I find this frightening ! He'll be in Brussels this week , together with that incompetent narcissist from the White House ! When will this madness stop ? Who will stop them ?
Yan Van B I'm surprised this caused so little outrage... this is shameful from their part, and horrifying from the government... it should have stopped the entire visit until an apology was issued...
Steven Moore So Turkey dictates to us how our laws work and our tough guy president is silent?.. ok
Gisélle Moore LOL.. Dictator say what?? Just because we have Trump doesn't mean Americans love dictators!
Julie Stone In America we have free speech and can protest. You don't get to just beat on people you don't agree with. Your in America, not in your country, you don't get to act like that in our country.
Candace MacKenzie Rollins Screw Erdogan, in this country we can still protest.
Linda Jenson Maybe Donald could give Erdogan one of his little curtsies and make the other baby feel better.
Michael Daniel Birnberg Doesn't an attack on US soil upon US citizens by a foreign power constitute an act of war?
Alpay Kaya From the 'article': "Turkey has listed the group in question, the Kurdistan Workers' Party [PKK], as a terrorist organization." Excluded from the 'article': the US State Dept. has done the same since the 1980s. Omission of relevant information is an example of #fakeNews. Unedited video shows DC 'police' doing nothing when the PKK-supporters attacked the Turks present. When it comes to such prejudiced omissions, Vanity Fair is in the same league as The New York Times. Congratulations?
Mike Mennonno Because Erdogan would hate to let Putin have all the fun trolling the US.
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Twitter did something good for once.

Caitlin Miller Tara Tacey this is incredible
Gennie Dovic Gorgeous women!
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Donald Trump is trying to keep his finger on the pulse of real America—or at least on certain Manhattan zip codes.

C.L. Reed How would YOU like to have Grampa Fartlocker plantin' a big wet one- let alone anything else? Poor Natasha- she can only stay at Bergdorf's for so long....... Reminds of an old song... "Hush a bye I'll buy you this and that-you hear a daddy sayin'. And baby goes home to her flat to sleep all day".... Lullaby of Broadway by Harry Warren and Al Dubin.ðߤ�
Karen Krimmel The only person who could convince me this wretched semi-catatonic woman is not a hostage is the lord bebbe jezus.
Christina Sorensen Yeah living in her gold tower she has a real handle on the average American pleeeze
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From the First Lady to the Elusive Chanteuse, this is the cream of the carpool karaoke crop.

Gina Senecal Steph Curry and James Corden singing Disney. Danielle Walker Caitlin Marie
Tanja Fiedler Sing along 👍🏼.
Valeria Quintas Eliezer Júlia Quintas Eliezer