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What happened when Princess Margaret met Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and a sixties supermodel.

Tori Schwindt She sounds like a bitter, miserable person who wanted to make others bitter and miserable along with her. Any woman who disses other women out of hand, is not a woman worth her salt. "Love her more"? No, pity her.
Adi Maafuotuitonga 11. “While Princess Margaret was attending a high-society party in New York, the hostess asked her politely how the Queen was keeping,” reported The Telegraph. “‘Which one?’ she is said to have replied with her typically razor-sharp wit. ‘My sister, my mother, or my husband?’”
Lauren Vaughan If there's any accuracy in the way she's been portrayed in "The Crown", she was a bottomless pit of needy insecurity 😢
Caroline Crawford Labe she sounds like a bore
Antonella Provini love her?
Jorge Castillo #nosededondesoy
Nancy Vernon Nichols Elizabeth Nichols McCabe, Eric Hiatt
Lori Blackburn Ed Rittenhouse
Glenn Hunt Melanie
Amy Suerink Amy
Lolita Melo del Bosque Diana Nuñez Campuzano
Cameron Colbo Jessica Samantha
Mirna Dizdarević Lejla Graho
Kathy Waters Tisza Stephanie Tisza
Hannah Peterkin Hugh
Linda Ní Dubhchóin Brid Nancy Uí Dubhchóin
Tara Noren Jackson Malini Narang Wadhera
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Algorithms made him a Wall Street billionaire. His new research center helps scientists mine data for the common good. (Via The New Yorker)

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Black will apparently be the color to watch on the red carpet at next year’s Golden Globes.

Richard T. Pallardy Hire a copy editor. "Some of this year's nominees may have plan of sartorial protest" s/b "Some of this year's nominees may have planned a sartorial protest" or similar."
Bae Laya Naomi Keep an eye out....
Christopher Baros Kristy
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Did you catch the tiny hints Star Wars: The Last Jedi dropped about Luke showstopping scene?

Brian Snyder Hey can we chill out on the spoilers please?
Ghaliyati Lestari @ [ Florence Kaufman ➤➤➤ CLICK HERE for VISIT AND WATCH - "STAR WARS The Last Jedi" FULL MOVIE
Donna Tracey Liam Tracey
Joy Aleece Jagiello Al Jagiello
Harry Grewal
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Don't worry, Mr. President, Fox & Friends would never abandon you like that!

Elaine Richard Ugh. Manipulator Rupert Murdoch has much to answer for, since way back to his start in Australia. Made a fortune cashing in on peoples' fears and prejudices for decades.
Walter Myers Did Rupert Murdoch warn Fox & Friends that somebody may take Trump away?
Marlene Sheffield I'm sure Disney doesn't want anything to do with Fox & Friends. A lot of people feel the same way.
Traci Jennings Did he also tuck him in and give him some warm blood from Kelly Conway?
Bob Puckett You just need to stroke him under his chins.
Kelli Rappuhn Cook The man/boy is nothing but a joke......
Juan Fernando Montes they both cant get an erection oh but theyre narcissist. not much left
Madelyn Jones Fox & Friends = trump state TV
Anthony McQueen Mötzing Toad embraces goblin.
William Wolfe It's Fox and Friend. Singular.
Jeff Doll minister of propaganda
Michelle Coles Sweet Jesus...
Morales Brinda Ughhhhhhhh!!!!
Vanessa Holcomb Thomas Trump says he doesn’t watch tv
Brent Hudson
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s most emotional item, explained.

Norton Derby Why does Vanity Fair have to fucking spoil everything the moment it comes out? I know this is like a minor plot thing but there are better ways of posting these articles without giving anything away like “what [that thing] in The Last Jedi meant” I’m starting to get annoyed because this is the second time in like a week that you guys have pulled some spoilery bullshit.
Sean Shafer Tron Legacy rip
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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is reportedly preparing himself for retirement.

Moxie Dawn Bryan Paul Ryan is the same age as me. 47. I reckon if you can "retire" at that age, good for you. Just a shame he's retiring on policies that will destroy the retirement of my parents, his parents, my children and his children. What a selfish bastard he is.
Felipe De Jesus Roman Well when you screw over millions of people the best option is to leave before they noticed you took them from behind !!
Michelle Mercier Try not to trip over the corpses you're responsible for on your way out. It's considered to be in bad taste, since you don't seem to realize it.
Theresa Jo May he find himself in a situation where he must live by the laws he so ruthlessly pushed on everyone else
Charles Cornell So, 40 something year old Paul Ryan is preparing to retire as he seeks to destroy the retirements of millions. What a monster.
Dawn Reed-Slaten He is going to make enough money off passing this tax scam, he doesn't need to shill in Congress anymore. He can go retire.
Chard Ducharme Sure he is, those Krotch brother provided millions await him for being their congressional cabana boy.
Patricia Petro Good riddance. I hope when Democrats get back in control, they undo all the damage this man and his ilk have done.
Susan Sheldon Bullshit. He's contemplating a run for President in 2020.
Rosa Carvalho-edwards If we can take Moore down. Just watch what we do to Paulie.
Vicki Kinyon Hanna He should go today, never a better time.
Karen Bailey Good. Just in time for Christmas. I hope Santa brings him a lump of coal. He deserves it!
Cheryl Pesce So he screws Americans on his way out so he can get a corporate job at one of the Republican companies that paid him off. Such a jerk
Marvin Meyers Piece of shit who has NEVER been a leader.
Ross Norwood Who is outed first, Obama or the Speaker of the House?
Rachel Nazarian He’s preparing to run for president of the USA. As if
Sharon Foster Ryan won't leave until he's sure no one else will ever be able to retire.
Elizabeth Pengson his Russian connection catching up with him?/ he'\s taking their dirty money??
Elsa Martinez He hasn't seen the light, just felt the heat
Charlene Polakoff With a giant pension, and fabulous health care. Asshole
Nancy Pontius Good riddance. Could he be convinced to go into exile so we never have to see him again?
Susan Oppenheim Going to cash in those offshore investments
Beth Schnoll Pine he wants to separate himself from this administration and run in 2020 for the white house
Frances Harvey Running away from the disaster he's intentionally causing.
Edith Rivera Am so happy! He knew the outcome for not having a hard backbone!
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"He needed to stop and rethink the way he was approaching Katrina."

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is almost out—revisit Annie Leibovitz's exclusive shoot with the cast and crew of the movie.

Vanity Fair
Paul West Does anyone really want to see the next train car in this slow moving train wreck of prequels and sequels slam into the other horribly overproduced cinematic disasters that came before it. Stop killing Star Wars. Each one gets worse. Just stop already. You’ve made enough money. Write your own story.
Luiz Eduardo Casarin Antonello Luiggi Genaro De Brum Passini af annie leibovitz me fotografa pfvvvv nunca te pedi nada
Poison Berlin we cannot wait to see the film!
Audi Haas Looks awesome
Meischak Cirocco Antony
Juliana Anatnas Seugirdor Marina Santana Rodrigues
Candace Brickey Mosher Brad Mosher
Linda Dickens Natascha Rey-Barry
Quique Koelliker Daniel Feito
Mary-Ann Deavoll Fraser Deavoll
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The royal family knows how to have a good holiday party, too.