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"We do know what things will reduce violence. So why aren't we implementing them?"

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Is Kushner getting nervous? He’s added Charles Harder, the attorney who just dropped Harvey Weinstein, to his legal team.

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Former Saturday Night Live head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider are headed back to TV.

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A mysterious killer may not pay off until much further down the road.

Pat Storey J.T. Baker
Matt Mittelman Ayelet Bezalel Mittelman
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As the entertainment industry wrestles with its role in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, agents and talent alike are reassessing their relationship.

Michael Kish No, because despite knowing better, the women still did what was asked to get the job. And there will always be women willing to suck and fuck their way to the top. It'll just be more discrete now.
Eagles Fisher sure they won't sign women as clients they are a liability. Hollywood is run on dirty money so until that changes no one wins.
Robert Pental Nope, as long as youth and beauty are seen as accomplishments.
Johnathan Katt No.
Sara Giacalone 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Natasha Stipanov Yvette Caprioglio
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Great News is a fitting successor to the series that appears to have inspired it—fast and funny and appealingly strange.

David Jude Allen So it'll age badly into a quiet niche market of Caucasian housewives?
Ron Forest Geez, Another retread.
Liz Cameron Julian Von Catling ahhhhhhh
Prachi Singh Niharika Singh
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The relationship between Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim was deemed so controversial and scandalous by her family members that, upon her death, they scrubbed his existence from royal history.

Sheila Anne Allen Really an sad story those were not her wishes and they treated her BFF horribly upon her death! Disgraceful.
Miriam Metwaly Edith-check this out!
Shekinah HopkinsFaulkner Jesus
Joseph Sam Dominga Zamora Sanchez
Regina Nogueira Grant Gwyther
Stacey Allen Zachariah TD Mosby
Amy Montano Daphne Erikson
Eléonore Prtet Edouard Vivier
Kate Gutierrez Nancy Lagasca Sones Jennifer Go
Aiman Najam Rizam Umer
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Netflix's new series indulges, and tries to understand, our serial killer obsession.

Jack LaLonde Just binged it. I loved it, but it left me craving some kind of violent climax. Maybe that was it’s most cunning accomplishment, to make the viewer realize the monster is within, not without?
Darren Parkour It’s so so so bad. Groff is woeful. Although to be somewhat fair, the lines has to deliver don’t give him a lot to work with.
Ryan Thomas Swanek It’s a painful bore, don’t waste your time.
Cheryl Hargrave OMG So good. Stayed up all night watching. Seriously could not stop.
Roberta Toledo Fasolo I couldn't stop watching....very interesting
Alexis Kenning Just finished several episodes. It’s a bit wonky but I swear to god, Bill carries this damn show.
Meghan Patterson Just started this last night. So far I really like it!
Mary McCarty we are fascinated with serial killers because they are real life monsters in our midst
Eva Killeen Sarah O'Brien this is what i was talking about x
Angela Tabata LOVE IT
Donna Davis No thanks.
Pippa Merrett Trent - one to add to the list.
Sharon Sognalian Love it so far!
Alice Paillat Lorraine Follain j'ai tlmt envie que tu aimes
Roy Jun Naa ka ani Rjdewy Demandannte
Caitlin Miller Tara Tacey
Susan Finelli Raynor Dennis Raynor
Brienna Daly Sean McDonnell 😘
Juan Cabrera GertJan Van Dijk
Karen Cruz Hannah Faye nakooow
Amy H Deer Carly Mitchell
Johanne Hdd Jeremie Aiach
Leticia Negri Rebecca Lazzarini
Matt Mittelman Ayelet Bezalel Mittelman
Christel Vida Daniel Vida
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Winona Ryder reveals she's become something of a TV buff since Stranger Things. (via W magazine)

Laura Hughes She's a woman in her 40s. Show her as she is because she's more successful now than ever before, and that's because she's a terrific actor!
Michele Cetroni Winona is looking gorgeous!
Jaime Lovillo Is the interviewer a kid?
Emily Baker Too much photoshop! Doesnt even look like her
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From our friends at The New Yorker: Be there when it happens. #NextGen

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#NextGen: New Yorker