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Ariana Grande's concert at England's Manchester Arena ended in a mass emergency evacuation after reports of two explosions.

Tim Hutchcraft "Ariana is ok." Oh, great. Let's worry about her, not the people actually hurt.
Ginger Bell The best way to quickly gain a searing antipathy for your fellow humans is to linger too long in the comments section of any given Rolling Stone article. Most of you are truly, thoughtlessly awful.
Liz North Speakers exploded. Carry on ranting about liberals and Islam though...... Why let facts get in the way of knee-jerk bigotry?
Donna Sacher Hurd The announcer saying "everything is fine, take your time exiting the building, thank you for coming and having a good time tonight". For real?!?!
Russel Harold This is simply govt playing out their next "act" in the giant play they have going where they are trying to scare the population into giving up yet more of their freedoms. DO NOT fall for it people.
Robert Bartram The terrorists have done fucked up now! You don’t mess with our beloved Ariana! She’s a national treasure!
Paul McGrath Lord lead Your little ones into the stronghold of Your Fathers Kingdom. Restore their souls and fill the hearts and minds of their families and friends with fond memories of the love they share with one another as they process their pain and suffering. I ask of this through Christ our Lord Amen
Remi Houskansky This doesn't sound like terrorism. Sounds like something exploded... I read it was a large balloon but could be speakers or something. Sounds like the fatalities were people that got trampled to death in a mass exodus to flee the arena. SAD!
Michael Diaz Told her before the concert those 5 beans burritos was a very bad idea
Alexander McDonald Considering how often people strap bombs to themselves in the U.S., immediately assuming Islamic activity in the wake of an explosion isn't very far fetched.
Nathan Thompson even though Im not a fan at all but thats awful hope nobody was hurt
Bill Smith You'd think the America/american haters would leave one of their fellow haters alone? Maybe because she doesn't wear a bed sheet over her head?
Michael Smith You can't blame people for panicking considering the state of the world we live in.
Glenn Miller How does this spoiled little brat like America now...?...remember?...she hates America and Americans
Mark Buttich I thought the only bombing was going to be her performance
Krista Robles No one is gonna go to her concerts ever again. Hahahahahahahahaha. Karma is a bitch.
Audree Alana Sanchez People need to stop saying a speaker exploded as a fact. Nothing has been confirmed by the police yet stop spreading unconfirmed speculations or at least provide your sources.
Juraj Loci stale doplacaju len obycajny ludia preco nie vrchnost zeby to riadila ako vyvolat nepokoje
Karen Fithian This is so sad. Kids just trying to have fun and enjoy a show. Tragic :(
Shawn Connolly Prayers to the families of this horrific tragedy. Very sad to hear this, people just want to go and have fun and this happens
Michael Stephen Mager Watch Rolling Stone do a puff piece on the Bombers and put them on the cover.
Andrew King Aaaaand Rolling Stone blames the Trump administration for this act.
Marilyn Overholt Prayers to families of all who died and love to injured, cruel planned evil attack. Love to my relatives' country😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏
Gail A. Bergin Such a scary world these days. Sad and pathetic for all.
Ludo Vica a second controlled explosion has been made by police in the Cathedral gardens area..
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Dead Cross, the hardcore project featuring Faith No More's Mike Patton and Slayer's Dave Lombardo, have announced a summer tour in support of their debut LP.

Christian Olivas Eh, kind of liked Serbian's vocals better, but I'm stoked; been waiting for this album since before they dropped "We'll Sleep When They're Dead."
Marcial Cintron didnt know dave was still with slayer, hes been kicked out of that band for years. please get your facts straight. you could say suicidal tendendies or the misfits reunion drummer would be more recent than slayer
Stellar Kat Hall Love me some Slayer, love me some Faith No More! East Coast!
Sam J. Cataldo Boy term "Super Group " has really gone into the gutter for members
Kimberly Birchfield McGuire Don't put our rock legends and "dead" in the same headline. Though this one may have been impossible to avoid. 😬
Cassidy Robinson And Justin Pearson of The Locust/Retox/Swing Kids.
Lincoln Ciemny Faith No More...... SNORE....
David Russell Where can I get a shirt like Mike's? Noice.
Heath Munger See you in Portland!
Loren Toddy Albuquerque!!
Brooke Gerlach Matt Jackson Do you know about this collab?
Joe Maldonado Chris Nixon did you know about this?
Ricardo Alegría González Hankmina Hankmotherfuckingmina
Rafael Gatti Felipe Eboli segura essa marimba
Brian Pease This definitely won't suck.
Alice Pattillo Paul I didn't even know of this?!
Darrell Odom Sounds uplifting
Tobias McKinney This is gonna rule!!! Come out Sacramento!
Nathan Doster Im liking the sound of this
Raquel Esparza Jesus Serrano this sounds awesome
Carly Barkway Benjamin Harvey this maybe interesting
Edward Torres Mike always bring it ! Sucker punch!
Shawn Lee Begay this is gonna be so awesome
Reuben Paul Shipp That's another good idea from those two rascals
Lydso Ydeny x-sLay
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When Pennsylvania General Energy tried to use the earth under Grant Township, PA as a dumping ground for toxic fracking waste, the town gave nature legal rights and fought back against the destruction of their small town.

Don Ritchie The only rights are property rights. PGE owns the land. The government needs to mind it's own damn business. #FakeNews
Austen Massey Let me guess they voted for you know who
Ricarda Carter WTG!!!!!!!
Anthony Romeo Jr. 'FRACKING.'
Karen Joan McQuillen Nora Elliassen Zappia. Carteret.....
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The Cleveland Cavaliers played the theme to Space Jam before their loss to Boston Celtics. Now, fans are worried they are cursed.

Nick Carrabine Wat?
Pat Lyons Nick Legere
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Elton John and Bernie Taupin recently worked with YouTube for a global competition seeking music videos for three of their most iconic early Seventies hits. See the winning videos below.

Len Jennings I think all the old bands should do this. Maybe people would even endure Free Bird or Stairway to Heaven if done right. :D
Denise Jackson Johnson Cass Creason Watch Tiny Dancer. It's awesome! <3
Bianca Brown Bronson Rabishaw so cool!!
Kris Douglas Scott Cameron
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Amid all the presidential scandals of the past week, it was easy to miss that the Donald J. Trump administration vastly expanded the so-called "global gag rule" – an anti-abortion policy that does nothing but deprive the global poor of information and safe procedures.

Carolyn Anne Gritter Trump's "war on women" policies will weaken efforts to combat cervical cancer and HIV/AIDS because expansion of the gag rule cuts off funding abroad for organizations linked in some way to abortion, including merely counseling about it. Trump is also cutting off funds for the United Nations Population Fund, whose programs have successfully reduced deaths from cervical cancer in the developing world. Withholding funding for life-saving treatment is unconscionable.
Sudi Lani Donovan all this shock, outrage and splitting hairs to explain this guy are getting really old, fast...he's a gutless tyrant who lies and does everything legal or not to destroy democracy...quit giving him all this media attention and charge, arrest, impeach or force him to resign...enough already...
Wayne How I bet if he asked most women in 3rd world counties, where aid $$ go, they would tell him they can not afford more children, and they just keep dying young, in many cases horribly, anyway ... Contraception and abortion seem much more humane to me. *Creation* ;) of more god botherers ?? ho hum.
Daniel Abate I cannot believe ppl still try the "Cervical Cancer, Birth Control, Women's services" line. This is why no one takes you ppl seriously! 😂😂
Paul Burrows Stop funding other countries period. Let them take care of their own. I still support Trump administration 100%. Liberals are so damn weak. You want everything just handed to you. No more.
Annie DeLong Oh, but don't worry, Ivanka got $100 million from the Saudis to "help women" and I'm sure that money will all go to the right place and help those female entrepreneurs drowning in unwanted pregnancies and those surviving without HIV/AIDS meds. This kleptocracy/autocracy/dictatorship makes me nauseous on a daily basis.
Mike Griger "Depriving them of information?" Read the bible, there free! God gives you all the "information" you need on this subject! You shall not murder. Exodus 20 Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and you are not your own, for you were bought at a price! 1Cor. 7
Carl W Curtis Maybe if society didn't want to kill innocent babies as a form of birth control, people would be more willing to fund other things.
Jake Long Ummmmm no, it makes it so that our tax dollars don't pay for other people's citizens. It's hilarious that the liberals cry all day about money going to Israel for defense, yet when it comes to abortions in other countries their all about it. You don't want the US to police the world, then stop funding other countries for anything.
Carlos Rez Why does everyone keep referencing it as a women's right but leave out the babies right to life?🤔 Has science reversed the fact that life starts at conception?
Steve DiGaudio Who in the WH is pushing this? Trump doesn't have the sophistication. I'd like to have names and faces. Is it really the WH staff, or congressional aides?
Steve Heilig Planned Parenthood and other such providers prevent more abortions each year than all "pro-life" activity ever has.
Chad Paulsen The abortion war. Still raging on. This country is regressing, and fast!
Joe Intravartolo So basically he's cutting back on money going to other countries
Bill Brinker Isn't it funny how the liberals want to keep on murdering innocent unborn babies, and want to somehow keep it legal
Jim Waters Will making laws against abortion stop abortions from happening? It will make the procedure more dangerous.
Amy Quoshena Wow. .. you all are so deceived. I'll make sure I hide your magazines when ever I get the chance!
Stephen Escalona Good to know that my America coat hanger stock is going to make me some bigly gains
Patrick Vernaelde He is a criminal but one who has been given carte blanche by the real criminals: the House and the Senate.
Bob Adams I'm pro-murder too but I don't think we should be killing kids.
Don Ritchie Coercing some wanna-be murderess is better than infanticide. #FakeNews #JailFakeJournalists
Russell Carl Well now if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black! LMAOROTF!!!
Lanie Glaser everyday, it's another attack on womens rights, or states rights, or just plain decency.
John Wayne "Of all the Tyrannies that Affects Mankind, Tyranny in Religion is the Worst." Thomas Paine, Founding Father of America. "The Age of Reason."
Walker Mott "scandals". 99.999% of which are media made
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Beyoncé and JAY Z hosted a glamorous, African-themed baby shower over the weekend to celebrate the impending arrival of their twins. Check out photos from "The Carter Push Party" below.

Brian Irvine First of all, WTF do these 2 illiterate morons know about African history? Second, if they cared about their people(as they purport), the money spent on such bulls___ would have went to help people in need(e.g. unwed mothers in the U.S. or African relief fund).
Yasmine Montoya Look at all the unemployed, trailer park, welfare recipients commenting with their broke asses! Haters! Haha! Get a life crybabies!
Linda Levy I think I speak for all mothers of twins when I point out, she really isn't the first. Lucky for her she'll be able to handle the expenses.
Ame Melio Makhubalo It's called Push Party, it's not her fault y'all are broke. Get your asses up & maybe you'll be a better Bey wannabe.
Dennis McMurray Hey everyone, look at me. I am a queen. I can't wait to have the babies so I can go back to my talent, shaking my booty and showing my boobs
Lauren Vaughan I thought that baby showers were for first time mothers who need baby supplies and equipment 😬
Danielle Fallon Wtf does Beyoncé need a baby shower for?
Diane Barreras Well I don't give a Jumbo Hairy Rats Ass those people don't pay my bills lol
Sherri J Shipley James It's to celebrate the coming of their twins, a lot of women have showers for each new baby, doesn't mean the quest brought gifts.
Nick Davis Ok why are you guys mad Beyoncé is in the news? Its not her fault people use her name in so many news articles, why attack her for no reason?
Kimberly Aponte I don't like that picture to me it looks like there worshipping her bowing down like she's some kind of goddess which she ain't
Patti Argoff Unless I was at that baby shower, and I'm blocking the memory, I'd say that picture is from the Grammys, which I saw on TV.
Danella Munson West Thought BK was from Texas! And Jay Z from the hood, stupid.
Jenn M Aubichon Is she actually going to push? Doubt it, most celebs book a cesarean
Ann Holden Ok, I saw the prego pictures. No big deal. I looked like that twice myself.
Sheri Lee Tesoriero Lmt Good for them. There are more important things to report.
Jacqueline Dropcho Mehler This is being treated as the pregnancy of all pregnancies. The whole pageant is ridiculous and sickening.
Cyrus Valero Inappropriate. Idolatry! Blasphemy! Down with Hollywood false idols!
Ciara Theriault Who cares. Also in the news, Water and health care for LIFE!!! 🌎
Diamond Monroe Capers Y'all mad or nah? 😂😂😂😂
Kathryn Rippley Can't stand her and her ugly-ass husband.
Linda Giacalone Who cares!
Fabian Avalos Baby showers are for first born. Unless you're mexican
Marlina Gutierrez Trisha Escalera your belly is not this big
Chris McKee Good god. Self indulgent to the extreme.
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Chris Cornell's wife blamed Ativan for his suicide – but is there reason to worry? Here's what you need to know about the brand-name anxiety medication.

Eli Tackla Did I miss something? I don't remember Chris Cornell blaming Ativan. I recall hearing that his wife thought he took too much.
Gav Hughes F*ck benzos. As someone who went from relatively happy to suicidal (and made a completely impulsive, half-arsed attempt on my life) whilst on a short course of the very same drug this is, for me, both a clear explanation of what happened and also far too close to home. Edit - and why the hell was a former addict being prescribed benzos anyway? I can't help but feel that Chris took his life in an impulsive moment brought about, or at least magnified by this drug, and did not want to die (as I didn't, once lucid again). Which just makes this all the more heartbreaking :(
Heather Jeanine He hung himself, he had depression, you cannot blame Ativan. Don't make people who need these meds feel like they are doing something wrong. Anything in excess is bad, but taken correctly these drugs save people.
Cyndie Lind *Chris Cornell's wife; unless you have the Long Island Medium on retainer...
Nina Corelli He blamed ativan for suicide? That doesn't make sense. You mean his wife and family?
Sandra Beasley Burdell This is so ignorant! Rolling Stone you need to fix this!
Joel Barnes "Chris Cornell blamed Ativan for his suicide.." That's a bit of a reach, unless you interviewed him as he lay dying. He told his wife he thought he may have taken too much. For all we know, he had been contemplating ending his life for weeks, months, or years. I wouldn't expect this kind of fact twisting from RS.
Nicole Iles I blame Ativan for making me suicidal and bipolar. I'll take anxiety anyday over that. I stopped the medication but not before I lost the respect of a few family members. I hope this drug gets all the negative press it deserves, lorazapam also!
Cheryl Anne Meyer I think it is very disingenuous and misleading to say that Chris Cornell blamed Ativan for his suicide. Nowhere in the article does it even back up this grandiose headline. His family is blaming the Ativan, yes, but Chris, well, he ain't talkin'.
Maureen Elizabeth Chris Cornell being quoted from the afterlife on his use of prescribed anti-anxiety medications and their side effects... wow, way to step up your reporting, Rolling Stone. In other news, Ativan is a very helpful medication to a large amount of people who suffer from anxiety. Yes, there are side effects, but in most cases they are manageable or non-existent when monitored by doctors and taken correctly. Much like a whole giant list of other medications.
Gwen Harvey Let me start by saying I have been a fan of Chris Cornell for over 2 decades. But I seriously doubt that he was influenced to commit suicide by an anti-anxiety drug. Remember, he was an addict who had used heroin, marijuana and prescription drugs (on and off) since age 13. I have so much empathy for him and his family. I believe Chris Cornell died from a terrible disease - depression.
Marcos Napier "Chris Cornell blamed Ativan for his suicide"... this is the most stupidly written headline I've seen. How and when did he blame it, after dying? Ouija boards?
Sandra Lynn Used correctly, as the Doctor has ordered, Ativan (Lorazepam) is completely safe. You don't mix other meds with them, especially with other benzos or sleep meds and drinking alcohol enhances the effect as well. They are a safe benzo, as they don't stay long in the system like Valium. It's up to the user to have self control.
Joe Walton I now list Ativan as something I am allergic to on my medical information. Had a couple of terrible reactions with it, including flat out hallucinations while taking it as prescribed. I was given it during a heart operation, they tell me I jumped up and ran naked through the operating suite after surgery. Luckily, I don't remember a thing. I have never had any issues with any other medication.
Hans Rosenschwein Chris Cornell didn't blame Ativan for his suicide. He's dead. His wife is blaming Ativan. Not surprising. Family members always have a hard time accepting that a loved one wanted to die. He didn't have access to his medication. His bodyguard brought him his dosage of pills and watched him take them when it was time to take them. It seems unlikely that he could just 'take too many.'
Kayla Landherr I call bullshit. I've taken this medication in the past - very sparingly, and did so for a few years when my anxiety was at its worst. I no longer take it, don't feel the need to, and never had issues abusing it. People need to start accepting they have mental health issues and DEAL with it instead of over medicating in an attempt to hide it or manage the symptoms. Talk about it. Seek professional help. Read about it and UNDERSTAND IT. Anti anxiety meds are helpful, but can only do so much. You need to help yourself and not rely on the meds. All that leads to is more meds. ✌🏼
Christine Birney Wans Who is managing this page for you Rolling Stone? How on God's earth did he blame Ativan for his suicide.......did he come back to life? Do you even realize how incorrect and ridiculous this sentence sounds? But hey whatever, right? Who the hell needs ethics and morality?
Amie Osia I realize I am in the minority but for some of us benzos make you black out and do things you don't even realize you're doing. Like Ambien x100. And I have a monster tolerance to most things so it's not about that. It's about how your brain is wired. I don't remember 2 months of my life because of Ativan and Xanax. And the stories I am told about what I did in those 2 months are terrifying.
Ashley Redwine Benzo's are all nasty and evil. I was on Xanax and klonopin for almost 8 years. They completely controlled my life and I never once abused them. I took them as the Dr prescribed them. It got to a point that I started getting sick if I skipped a dose. Ask anyone who has been through benzo withdrawal. Yes they help with anxiety but at what cost. I was one of the lucky ones and was able to finally get off of them.
Debbie Washburn Sodl Wow, what a poorly written headline. His wife blames the meds and considering that the side effects include paranoid suicidal thoughts, I have no doubt she's on to something. This man would have never hurt his kids like this, not for anything. I hope this horrific loss will help shed light on how dangerous anti depressant and anti anxiety meds truly are.
Alex Uribe This headline shatters me. Chris didn't blame anyone or anything. His wife used ativan as a possible explanation, as anyone would look for an explanation when trying to deal with their grief.
Nancy Olson He didn't blame Ativan. But it was surprising to me that it was given to someone with a history of depression, that's one of the contraindications. I'm accustomed to certain benzo drugs, and just one Ativan made me feel dark and strange.
Amanda Rioux Unfortunately, many anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds can induce suicidal thoughts. It's tragically ironic. They have especially been linked to suicidal tendencies in adolescents, but adults are not immune. Anyone on meds like these (and I am including myself in this; I am not ashamed to admit I take such meds and need them to function daily) NEEDS to have regular visits with their doctors and attend therapy because med monitoring is tantamount to make sure you are taking them correctly, and taking the correct doses. It's all really sad. RIP Chris Cornell💔
Linus TinBox I just met a girl who has Anxiety since she was 7. She was not familiar with Chris Cornell and that he just died. She did say Ativan, she has taken it for her Anxiety, will make you Insane, Hallucinate or Make you Black out while still Active with No recollection what you were doing for about 30 to a hour after you take Ativan. After talking to her I am 100% positive the drug made Chris Insane! If he would of survived I really believe He would No recollection/memory of him tring to commit suicide.
Misael Alfredo Villeda As someone who has been diagnosed with Anxiety I was prescribed Ativan but never took it. Didn't want to and sought other ways to treat my mental illness. However there many people who benefit from taking medication. I'm not against them either so it's ignorant to say this was the cause of his suicide