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Marshmello’s Fortnite show could prove revolutionary for the music business. Read columnist Tim Ingham's latest.

so long to young people ever leaving the house, purchasing booze from a sketchy guy at a liquor store, barfing in the bathroom and getting in trouble for coming home after curfew ... sad.
The question is, did all the attendants raise their virtual phones in the air the entire show? As this is a necessary step in the Millennial starter package...
My daughter still talks about the marshmallow concert in fortnite!🙄
Luc-Antoine Weber
So dumb.
Michael Ratcliff
Joe Cremeno
Jason Britton
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Adam Lambert has released a new song, "Feel Something," from his upcoming album. Hear the yearning ballad below.

he sucks freddie mercury he aint.
I feel something like the person who wears such crap stage clothes and tattoos cannot impress anybody seriously...
He sucked on the Elvis show. Waay over acted and what's up with sticking his tongue out all the time? Ugh lol 🤦‍♀️
I love him, I love the song. ❤️❤️ Sad how some people have gotten so used to autotune being passed off as "talent" they can't appreciate an amazing voice from an amazing artist.
Haters will Hate keep rockin Adam thanks for touring with Queen and I can’t wait too see you guys perform at the Academy Awards !!!!
Lambert, Levine - 2 guys who can sing in today's pop world, but still doesn't compare to voices of years past. And hey, they both seem to have a penchant for disguising as much of their skin with ink as they possibly can.
that's the worst title I've ever heard. No wonder i haven't heard of him in forever.
Wow, look at those shitoos all over his arm.
Adam is so talented. He's an amazing singer. Love the song. Hope the album is good.
We all know what he's yearning 🤨
Quit trying to make fetch happen...
I'd rather not
Lisa Hardwick
Dakota Stafford
I love Feel something!
Great song!
Gail Katz
Ollie Irwin
lmao omg this song is terrible. it's the anthem of every gay man that uses apps to find sexual partners. it's like he's condensed the entire sphere of gay dating apps into 3 minutes. I'm impressed he was able to make a song that lasted that long about it.
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Lizzo stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge to deliver a pair of songs: Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus’ “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” and her own recently released “Juice.” Watch the performances below.

Love her voice, music, style, confidence, message, everything! Lizzo rocks!
Somebody's covering MILEY CYRUS?!? KILL ME NOW.
Covering M.Cyrus? Where have you been love?
Corey Leamon!!!! Also, happy belated my love!! 💕
Jeremy Zane
Ana Miller
April Boyce Brewington
Gretchen Arnold
Hannah Claydon check itttttt
Amiee Michele Sadler
Ryan Yucha
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Commissioner Kelly lays a trap for Captain Holt while the rest of the crew tidy up like Marie Kondo. Read Alan Sepinwall's Brooklyn Nine-Nine recap.

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Kendrick Lamar and SZA will not be performing their Oscar-nominated song “All the Stars” from 'Black Panther' during the Academy Awards broadcast this weekend.

Thank God
Collective "meh!" said around the world simultaneously
Sza can’t perform it live anyway tbh
🤦🏽‍♀️ Somebody please help these dumbasses. Logistics and timing huh? No host? They are going to mess around and become something you can only see pre-recorded on Netflix. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Just think of all those musicians in their 6 piece band that will be losing a check and exposure. Oh wait.. 🤷🏼‍♂️
How disappointing.
I’m all for inclusion and everything, but even they know Shallow is going to win...
I'll always remember where I was when I heard this devastating news.
Really?? Oscar's extend their terrible start
Who cares? No one will be watching.
Now is this because of the me too movement or black lives matter movement?
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We break down the unexpectedly soaring highs and the painful lows on our latest Rolling Stone Music Now podcast. Listen below.

Its hardly a decent Motown tribute when JLo shakes her ass while lip syncing (again) to a backing track. Diana Ross was there.
Diana Ross herself..the Queen of Motown..was there so why wasn’t she part of the Motown tribute instead of J-lo? Would have made far more sense than the odd birthday tribute to herself
Alecia Keys' duel piano part was 🔥
I was surprised how much I enjoyed Dolly Parton the most. Very cool the way others she inspired forever stepped forward and sang her stuff to her. Years ago when I was a rackjobber i sold stacks of her vinyl but only favored a release or two Quality lives on.😊
It wasn't horrible. JLoMotown made zero sense. 'The Joke' was an amazing moment. Maybe a little more representation from the rock side of the house. It's an awards show, not life and death...
J lo doing Motown then tribute to Elvis trying to prove she’s versatile.. no you’re not you suck your voice is terrible
I find myself less and less interested in the Grammys. It used to be my favourite. This year's show had a few great moments - especially Brandi Carlile. But there's way too much of what should be categorized "Best Use of Autotune".
Brandi Carlisle was great. I love me some Gaga, but that was a weird interpretation of Shallow
Heartbreakingly sad that this is where we’re at musically, as if politically wasn’t bad enough.
First of all the host is so full of herself its barfy. Jennifer Lopez whom I love should concentrate on making real songs again and never mind all the techno. They could have chose a more appropriate artist to cover Motown music. The best of the night was St Vincent.
Who the hell is looking such boring Award Shows nowadays?
Nope...Alicia keys was great though
People pay attention to Hollywood? Seems boring.
They were terrible.
the only good thing there is BTS jamming to Jolene
what happen to real Rock
O could do without alisia Keys :s
JLo sang Motown songs. Nuff said.
The " me trophy" events are never good!!!
No one cares
No did not like!!
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Peter Tork would regularly perform "Your Auntie Grizelda" at Monkees shows. Look back at his 2015 performance of the whimsical song below.

When a famous icon leaves us, they take a little piece of us with them. And the older we get, the more we miss those pieces that were part of our youth. 🎸
I always liked Shades of Grey.
Maybe I'm just a Daydream Believer, but I remember when we all could have Good Clean Fun and everyday seemed like a Pleasant Valley Sunday. Everybody said, I Want To Be Free and Listen To The Band. All I can say now is, Oh, My, My Peter Tork has taken the Last Train To Clarksville and we are left in Tear Drop City. Will things ever be good again? As for me, I'm A Believer and Peter, I'll meet you at the station.
My favourite Monkee. And my very first concert. Jimi Hendrix opened...
Kevin Scullion Kathleen Scullion
I was a member of the Monkees Fan Club and once went and stood in front of Peter’s house.
Ann Misanthrope 😘
One of the songs I don’t like.
One of my faves!
Bill Burke, Cam Hutchins — Auntie Griselda is very popular today. ...Sadly, of course.
Micky posted this on Twitter: There are no words right now...heart broken over the loss of my Monkee brother, Peter Tork.
Meg Wiant your song!
That song has such a great vocal solo by Mr. Tork.
Stacey Whitson
Boomer Lazenby your favorite song! 😂😂
Damn that was brutal to watch....
As fun as GANGNAM STYLE!!!!
ty Pete and RIP...think everybody had an Aunt or two like this...
I saw him in 2016 with Micky Dolenz and he performed this song with a little dance. Loved it. ❤️
A sad day to hear this Rest in peace Tork Man
Thx for sharing about Peter 😔
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Michael Jackson’s estate is suing HBO for more than $100 million over its controversial 'Leaving Neverland' documentary.

Truth hurts. This was a man that did everything a child predator does. Has little boys sleeping in his bed? Secret rooms, carnival in the backyard, candy room, video game room. The only thing he didn't do was drive around trying to offer candy to kids. He paid off many families. Shows up in court in pjs. The wealthy always pay their way out of jail. If a neighbor on your block house was like this, and had boys sleeping in his bed. The entire neighborhood would be calling the police. But it's Michael Jackson..and he's given a pass by people.
There's a series of investigative reports on Vanity Fair. I'm halfway through the first one (they're long), and it's full of details from the actual lawsuits. They go back to the beginning of the accusations (late 90s?), and there are five or six articles. I highly recommend reading them, based on what I've read, so far.
The Jackson family still going after the money.
Its not disparaging if it's true.
Which Version? Let's not mention perjury twice. In the first perjury there was nothing to gain..the second perjury the tune change to accusation of abuse for a tab of 1.4 billion dollars..So, double perjury ...What to believe? Both owe money and are in a financial crisis.. It seems HBO is ready to foot the bill to increase subscriptions with no fact checking... just to shock and sell. Unbelievable. Is not hard to see what is happening..and there is so much the public is NOT aware of yet...
Good luck with that! MJ ended up this way because his entire family used him for fame and fortune. Clearly, they still wanna cash in. Just look at the posts - die hard fans will never believe this no matter what and will continue to buy whatever you are selling. And you really, really don't want the truth coming out in discovery.
Switch and bait! With Rolling Stones heavily biased political views leaning far left they decide to cover this witch is probably faker then Smollett, Instead of covering the lawsuit against The Washington Post.
Michael Jackson's corpse still smells like little boys booty holes.
That lawsuit will go as far as Rush Limbaugh runs.
MJ Estate getting tight for pennies again?
Been covering this stuff up for decades with money
When I heard HBO would air this, my initial thought was - he’s obviously guilty, and this documentary is going to prove as much....from what I’m hearing now, I am backing off of this stance....makes me wonder how many others have drawn premature conclusions in advance of this film
Damn, just let the guy rest in peace.
If they need a witness I was driving limos back then, and I did a job from Neverland to LAX that was very interesting.
They make Jackson even more guilty by doing this...
Sounds like a pretty lame lawsuit to me.
$100M lawsuit ... Have not read yet where anyone has said the information in the documentary is false ...
Wow, has his family run out of his money already?
They'll find a way to keep on making money from their dead brother no matter what!
Excellent. That bullshit documentary should never have been picked up by HBO in the first place. It's shameful they would even consider it. What are they? The National Enquirer? Hopefully, they'll be a little smarter next time some idiots want to exploit a legend.
I mean, the MAGA kid's parents sued for $250 million. The executor of MJ's Estate needs to get hip to 2019 prices.
of course Michael isn't there to fund everyone anymore!!
HBO failed to fact-check and decided to air a “documentary” about PROVEN liars making allegations AGAIN. SHAMELESS.
The lawsuit doesn't mean the doco was wrong... just that HBO violated a 'we promise not to say bad things' clause.
Discovery in this case should be amazing to watch.