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Wiz Khalifa saluted his fans on 4/20 by releasing a new music video for his song “Taylor” along with a surprise mixtape. Watch below.

I definitely believe helps with menstruation. Since I started smoking pot, my girlfriend’s period has become painless for me 👉
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"It’s so bad for the country."

He literally spent years building a case for congress to impeach Clinton over a blow Job. This is hilarious!
There will be no “stability” as long as the “Stable Genius” is allowed to continue to dismantle our government and the institutions that are necessary for stability, like the rule of law, independent and coequal judicial and legislative branches, a free press, free and fair elections, and basic norms of decency and civility. Trump supporters don’t want stability. Chaos is much more entertaining, especially when it upsets the libtards.
The damage Trump has done to our country is largely permanent. It won’t be eclipsed for many decades, not until our national situation degrades so far that Trump’s damage becomes inconsequential. In allowing Trump to steal the 2016 election, America opened Pandora’s box which cannot now be undone. The consequences are far worse than most people realize; any ‘self-correcting mechanism’ Americans have faith in doesn’t exist. Look to the citizens of any failed country for their faith in magic salvation. Americans are wrong to believe that the rules of the world somehow don’t apply to us. Historians will argue whether Bush Jr or Trump marked the beginning of the end of the United States as we think of it still today.
It is bad. Electing a criminal to the highest office is also bad.
And the hypocrite award goes to...
The founders empowered Congress with an extraordinary remedy to address extraordinary executive misconduct on the firm belief that no person should be above the law. Clearly, they thought it would be detrimental to the country not to demand accountability when circumstances clearly demanded it. The founders created a system of laws and not men, based on the idea that a public office is a public trust, not a private self-interest opportunity. That Starr does not get that Trump's actions might not meet the legal standard of obstruction of justice, they do meet most folks common-sense standard of interference with justice, is alarming.
Ken Starr is a Republican and just as nasty as the rest.
The hypocrisy is astounding. Not to mention the hypocrisy of Gingrich, Hyde, and Hastert.
Bill Clinton had a surplus.. zero deficit...... how’s impeaching Trump bad?
Only when there is an R next to their name! I am sure he would have been 100% behind impeachment if we were talking about Barack Obama of Hillary Clinton!
When will the people of this country admit they made a huge mistake and end this?
Treason is fine but a blowjob is unthinkable. Oh America how I miss thee
GOP is bad for the country.
Fraud. What’s in the Mueller report is so much worse than Clinton lying about a BJ
Ken Starr is a nasty hypocritical Republican.....
Based on what was made crystal clear in the Mueller report, not impeaching this president will set a low bar for and send the worst possible message to every presidential prospect going forward.
He says, "the American people want stability." And more of trump is "stability"?
To call a republican a hypocrite these days is like saying the sun rises in the morning. Sad...
Who takes anything said by Republicans seriously? They have been hypocritical, self-entitled, idiots for as long as I care to recall.
And the GOP is good for the country??? GTFOH!
No the president. Is bad for this country
He wins the hypocrite award. How convenient, when the President is a Republican. Proving he has no integrity or core beliefs.
He must be stripped of all authority somehow before he continues his path of destruction. There has to be some way to protect this country and people. Next election can’t come soon enough.
We may need all the government to go back to the states! Federal government is so corrupt!
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"There you go. That’s how easy it is to cross the border in Yuma, Arizona.” - Hunter said in the video, pointing to a waist-high barrier he could easily step over.

Except no, that wasn’t the border, nor did he climb an actual border wall or set foot in Mexico.

I'm just glad we have the best and brightest representing us, what would we do without such a great man. I'm embarrassed yet again to be a US citizen, $5 to the first deep thinker that tells me to leave if I am embarrassed.
Republican 101: Lie about everything then PraiseLordRepublicanJesus
If he had crossed an actual border, he would have been violating his court order - he's under indictment.
Maybe Duncan Hunter should make a video showing how easy it is to steal $250K.
The best part of the story is that he’s on bail and can’t leave the country. 🤣
What? A lying Republican? I am shocked, just shocked! (Said no one over the age of 3).
Why is this Christofascist not in jail?
The man that took money from veterans...and then blamed his wife. That’s who we trust now?
Let me venture a guess before reading the article...he's a Republican.
This is the same guy who was convicted of misuse of campaign funds, then threw his own wife under the bus, and was re-elected to Congress. . . . SMDH
This is how they promote a manufactured crisis.
How’s he going to blame this one on his wife?
Did it in the dark so you can't actually see the border or where he really is. But that's his party for you ... doing everything in the dark or with smoke and mirrors.
This guy is so friggin stupid. Someone who is out on bail should just keep his big trap shut, and stay off of social media. I really can't believe the people in his District reelected him, but then, they are the same folks that voted for Trump.
This is my rep, so many of us are embarrassed by this and him. 🤦🏼‍♀️
My district Cali 51, re-elected him even though he is under indictment. Remember when the GOP took the moral high ground?
Soaring high when it comes to sinking to the highest new lows.
more LIES. they can't get anything otherwise.
He fakes a lot of things................few well. But seeing that if he actually did cross, his bail would be revoked, I say we move the border 100 feet north. Or let him explain to a judge how he INTENDED to cross the border, but was too stupid to find it.
What is important here is that the 'followers' will say that this report is fake and that Hunter did in fact cross the border. Their willful ignorance overrules facts and common sense.
Wait? How in the hell is he even still in office?
The sad thing is there are people who will believe this stunt is true.
Enjoy prison. Soon to be changing his name to Ben Dover.
All this BS is getting so old. We are being held hostage by rich ppl with an agenda. Anyone supporting this deserves them .
Fake POTUS, Fake lawmakers, Fake Party. GOP is dragging down America.
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Clare Bronfman, the 40-year-old billionaire heiress to the Seagram Company fortune, pleaded guilty to creating sex slaves for Keith Raniere, the self-anointed leader of NXIVM, a cult-like group based in upstate New York.

all the money for 100 lifetimes and she choses to be evil....what a pathetic useless nothing she is.
The rich truly are NOT like us at all
Rich people think they're smart 😂
She was drinking a little bit too much of grandpa's elixir!
What a waste of money, talent,when so many need her help,sad when she has to follow a cult to get her kicks!
What bored billionaires do to have fun when theres nothing else to sell they sell young girls.
So she pays 6 million of her 200 million and just two years in jail? Justice is truly a joke.
For the right amount of money I'll be a slave 😂😂
More good reasons for a strengthened estate tax
This is why we need to tax billionaires MORE so that they don’t give money to cult leaders cause they are bored...
What I love about this is how much crazier it is than anything a conspiracy nut can dream up.
All that money she could be helping others not hurting people.
A life of wealth , wow.
Don’t forget her relationship with none other than avenetti. Also how NXIVM was peddling influence in Hillary’s 2016 campaign
Another Cabinet post recruit for HHS
This is what you do with your life of wealth!
Entitled white woman time
The rich they are not like the rest of us!
Fascinating podcast; Escaping NXIVM.
having money does not make you a good person
This case gets more & more bizarre
See, this is another reason why we need to eat the rich
Has nothing better to do with her money?
She faces two years? That's it?!WTF?!
She looks like a 50 year old woman...not 40
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Elizabeth Warren made it abundantly clear what she thinks should happen now that the redacted version of the Mueller report has been released—”impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States” should begin.

As much as I would love to see this happening, the Senate still belong to the Republicans. They will vote against the impeachment because they put party over country and Trump is going to claim that he is innocent because his enablers defended him.
Every prez who has been impeached thus far has been so for less - he won't be found guilty by the GOP, but he should still go down in history with a mark by his name - that he must pay for his crimes like everyone else.
Written by Mark Allenbaugh, and while I really, really don’t want a President Pence, impeachment and removal from office is the only remedy for a president who ordered obstruction of justice. IMPEACHMENT IS COMPELLED The argument that because the Senate might not vote to remove Trump, and therefore articles of impeachment should not be brought, is invalid and cowardly. It is to put form over substance. It would set a dangerous precedent that speaking truth to power takes a back seat to political expediency. It would be for the House to shirk its duty. The House must impeach. Full stop. The House must speak truth to power. Doing so will flood daylight into the dark web of corruption that infects the entirety of this administration. Collusion and Obstruction were but tips of enormous icebergs that could sink our ship of state. Rampant and deep-seated corruption--as well as national security issues--still exist and must be understood and addressed. If the GOP refuses to remove Trump, that is on them and reveals them to be a party of sycophants devoted to a cult of personality not unlike those political parties that prop of dictators. Surely the party of Reagan has some patriots left? Impeachment proceedings, therefore, will necessarily test the loyalty and mettle of the GOP, and determine whether it is a party of patriots or apologists (or worse). But more importantly, impeachment proceedings will bring clarity to the mess of our democracy that will greatly assist our next president, whomever she may be, to steer the ship of state back on course quickly, decisively, and in a manner more free from the dark taint of Trump and his ilk. Impeachment is compelled regardless of removal.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sen.Warren!!!
I think that society can only accept so much change at once, and then it needs some time to normalize before it can change any more. Only so much deviance from normal behavior can possibly be accepted in one go. Try to change too much at once, people reject it. But then once that change becomes familiar, it resets so new change comes from a starting point of that “new” normal. We have to landmark our society based on our old perception of what is impeachable behavior. Make that mark now, that says this is unacceptable, because if we don’t, we have tacitly accepted this as the “new” position and starting point for the next round of moral deviance, and then we are fully lost at sea, without land in sight at all. We need to impeach based on the moral compass we had before Trump ever came along.
I have been reading the Mueller report. I feel it is every American's duty to do so. Anyone still supporting and defending Trump clearly has no concept of right and wrong, or simply doesn't care about it when it comes to Trump. There is so much hypocrisy among his defenders it is truly sickening. I have challenged some of them to replace "Trump" with "Hillary" in the report, and still tell me the actions are acceptable. Guess what, crickets! I realize that impeachment will be nearly impossible because of Trump's sycophants in the Senate. BUT Elizabeth Warren is correct, no matter what, it is the right thing to do. It would force Trump's senate defenders to make a decision that will be part of their legacy. History will not be kind to them. This is an extraordinary time we are living in right now. We are about to witness acts of true patriotism and acts of pure cowardness. Every American should read the report and ask themselves what side they want to be on...
Try something different.....WORRY ABOUT THE COUNTRY.......CLOWN
Bill Clinton got a blowjob Richard Nixon bugged an office You people need to wake up Left wing, Right wing; same bird Not my President
Go Trump 2020!!!.I love my president!!!!
It will never happen. It will be dead in the water when it hits the Senate, and just be a waste of taxpayers money.
Yes. Impeach Trump and Barr NOW!
“The report is absolutely clear that a foreign government attacked our electoral system to help Donald Trump. He welcomed that help. And then when it was investigated by our own federal authorities Donald Trump took multiple steps to try to obstruct justice.” Let's go.
Democrats have tried to impeach every republican president for the last 4 decades.
Even the death penalty is too good for the traitor in chief. Need be rid him any way possible. Do what you can Ms. Warren.
I call for the whole democratic party to be disassembled. It's tainted beyond repair. How can you obstruct what never happened. Is this the so-called insurance policy they refer yo. If plan A does not work then plan B -- we are not stupid.
Defeat Trump in the election in the court of public opinion. Then charge him with crimes when he is out of office. Impeachment will have America disemboweling itself once again on the world stage and Trump whining about how unfair it is. Too divisive and definitely not worth it. Nancy Pelosi is right.
Not a trump supporter but for christ sake let it go already
Long past time to initiate impeachment proceedings.
Oh, great (not!) Another impulsive reaction to waste time & money. Didn't Nancy Pelosi explain, in depth, why impeachment is not her choice; probably said before the release. Squabbling Dems will only contribute to losing again, in my 'liberal' perspective.
It seems like she is working her ass off and is consistently on the right side of issues and policies, as well as presenting them quickly and succinctly as a candidate should. I hope more people come to realize that Warren is a quality candidate of major proportions.
Hell yeah he should. His legacy should most definitely be that of being impeached. He is most deserving of that and much worse. Should be locked up for treason since we all know he's committed that, as well. But I'll take impeachment anyday.
Rolling Stone was wrong with their review of many bands and albums so now they are experts in politics. What a joke
I'm not sure an impeachable offense was committed.
When will you Democrats stop whinging!
impeach Elizabeth warren instead
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Fame compensated for Paul Stanley's insecurities. “I had what’s called a microtia, which is basically not having an ear," he says. As a result, he wasn't socially adept: "When you have something physical that sets you apart from people, it makes you the target of unrelenting scrutiny and sometimes ridicule."

I am not a fan but the negative remarks... Come on people we are better than this
Good on you Paul for making something positive out of something negative 🤘 Also all the negative comments are just boring now and seeking for attention
Reveals? This was all in his book. I’m not even a KISS fan and I read it.
What a Great Career. Music of my Youth. Paul was always the Dignified one in Kiss. Goodluck to him on the Ending of Kiss. ☮️❤️🎶😎
I met these guys when they played in Cardiff, Wales. I was so awestruck that I could barely speak! Never happened before or since. Amazing band, right up there with the best live acts.
The negative comments reflect people whose own irrelevance is made clear through their sniveling.
Gene Simmons also sought fame because of a deformity. He was born without a soul.
Paul has come a long way, from having no ear to having enough plastic surgery to be mistaken for Michael Jackson
What’s Gene Simmons’ excuse?
Paul and Gene are some of the lamest diaper shite' in the history of music.
He rocks, he looks great, and good for him for being genuine and honest.
He always seemed so well grounded to me.
Who came for a pic of the freaky ear? 😂😂😂
No ear. That explains a lot.
he is starting to look like michael Jackson. too much work
Good lord, that’s an attractive 60 yr old woman.
That was before his transition to a woman?
When did Paul Stanley become Michael Jackson? Or Bette Davis?
Missing an ear or not he's always been kinda vain and looks like a woman with all that surgery could pass for a Kardashian.. Lol
And now he’s a Cher impersonator?
I feel bad for you because of your deformity - BUT DUDE, YOUR BAND STILL SUCKS !!!!
Could not having an ear explain why he can’t sing or write or play?
First glance - straight up thought that was Diane Feinstein...
The thing about KISS? They SUCK.
Starting to look like Michael Jackson
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The hip-hop musician also paid tribute to Nipsey Hustle and Mac Miller.

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68 percent said they were more likely to believe that the president or one of his cronies broke the law.

America, let's just be honest...............He is not a leader. He is not honest. He is not trustworthy. He is not humble. He is not a humanitarian, He is not christian by his actions or verbal attacks, He is not emotional stable. He is not a cooperative team player. He is not intelligent. He is not one to listen to advisers. He is not patriotic to America's institutions and laws. He is not a hero. He is not a kind and generous to the poor, He is not articulate. He is not a faithful husband. He is not a good person.
I’m old enough to remember when congress wanted to impeach a president over a lie over a blow job
For 50+ years Donald Trump has done nothing but exaggerate his net worth, stiff small businesses and workers, avoid paying taxes, default on bank loans, file bankruptcy, borrow money from Daddy, file frivolous lawsuits, collect huge government handouts, discriminate against African-Americans, ship jobs to China and Mexico, import foreign workers, insult POWS, immigrants and the handicapped, brag about his sexual exploits, grope women, make sleazy comments about his daughter, cheat on his three wives and lie. He keeps doing exactly what he has always done — screwing gullible people that believe in him.
The poll says that the reliability of this panel has been shown in the past to be plus or minus 3.5 points. That means their estimate is that Trump's true approval rating lies some where between 33.5 percent and 40.5 percent. Last week they estimated his true approval at between 36.5 percent and 43.5 percent. That's tells us there is about a 50/50 chance that it hasn't changed significantly, a moderate chance that it has actually risen, and a larger chance that it fell. When people say polls are meaningless, they are really saying they don't understand polls and they read articals about polls written by pseudo-journalists who don't understand polls.
The Big Lie vs. The Law of Diminishing Returns. Who will win?
Unsubscribe 😤He is the best President ever❗️🇺🇸❤️
Not true! His approval rating is higher than ever 😂😂😂👍🏼. Trump stopped a coup
Good. Lets vote that money laundering, bank defrauding, business bankrupting conman out of office in 2020. He should've never been there in the first place. He didn't "Drain the Swamp"...he filled it with (now convicted) liars, cheats and thieves. Trump Crime Family losing. The SDNY will nail his ass to the wall for financial crimes once he's no longer in office.
Well 37% of this country are made up white supremacists and idiots
His approval rating should be zero. What are the 32% smoking?
He is, was, and has always been, a Con-Man. That he lies, cheats and compromises ethics are tools of the Grifter Trade.
How can he possibly have as high an approval rating as 37%?
I am always amazed he has any approval rating
Trump broke the law when he lied to his draft board. Lawbreaking is a way of life for this grifter.
He has approval? Who are the jokers?
This guy has been thumbing his nose at the law for years and practically boasted about it but now that he is president and can practically do it unfettered they think he is somehow changed.
“Polls”❣️ Those Liberal Polls are the Best !!!!! Just ask Hillary 😂
How in the HELL is this mafioso still President of The United States of America!???
The Washington Post , and the gallop poll have a sharp increase in his approval rating and higher than Obama's in his third year in the month of April..
How does 32% of those polled not know trump and his cronies broke laws? That’s some shameful or deliberate ignorance.
He will win 2020 against Biden
I could NEVER vote for him !!! VOTE HIM OUT !!!
What puzzles me is some still support him. I have never been tolerant of lies, bull💩, name calling, bullying and deception to get what you want. I guess some are willing to give him a pass on all that as long as he harbors their narrow prejudices.
EVERY politician breaks the law everyday by not exposing all the underhanded stuff the government does behind taxpayers backs
Wait, wait, wait. Total exoneration and no obstruction and no collusion! No collusion! 🤥🍊💩🤡