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Future's thoroughly modern voice reflects the sound of post-millennial rap. But as a member of Dungeon Family, his lineage dates back to the early Nineties, when the Atlanta hip-hop scene had just begun to assert itself. Here's a look at his influences.

Jesus Villalobos Without reading it, OutKast is probably near the top. They got some production from the dungeon and a lot of southern rappers credit them as a major influence, from Ludacris and T.I., to new age rappers from the region.
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Jeff Buckley released 'Grace' 23 years ago today. Here's why it's one of the greatest one-album wonders:

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Sarah Jacobs There's the moon asking to stay Long enough for the clouds to fly me away Oh, it's my time coming, I'm not afraid, afraid to die My fading voice sings of love… If you don't love Grace, you have no soul.
Sarah Grant Melinda I heard this album at your place in Balmain I'm sure
Al Gilmore I often think how much better the music scene would have been had he lived. There was no one really carried on his legacy. Or maybe the music industry would have swallowed him up and spat him out. He was already struggling with the follow up album...although Sketches for My Sweetheart The Drunk showed he was getting there. Sky is a Landfill is immense
Lucas Santos One of the greatest albums of all time. He was one of the greats. ''And though the meaning fits, there's no relief in this. I miss my beautiful friend.'' Not Grace, but still great.
Anjeline de Dios "I was captured by music at a really early age. I was really captured by it. Everything about it. It was my... mother. It was my father." Rest in power, sweet great soul. <3
Dolores Gutierrez Francesca Brandy have you heard of Jeff Buckley, his music? If you haven't, you should check out some of his songs. He's beautiful and amazing ❤️
Dana Mackey Although Buckley's rendition on "Hallelujah" was good, nothing beat the original Leonard Cohen.
Ariana Martins It was such a horrible thing what happened... he was amazing! He is still amazing!
Christina Romel I remember seeing him perform live and weeping throughout most of the show. Such a great loss... still.
Nerida Smith Was brilliant, still love it as much as I did when I first heard it.
Ben Dumbreck Not sure you can call it a one album wonder when it was only because of his passing. It wasn't a fluke
Penny Dorsett He was insane havent seen a talent that good since then... he as truly out of this world. Loved him. RIP Mr Buckley
Anja Freese Lover, you should have come over
Kristin K Lee "You and I... ah, the calm below that poisoned river wild..." Jeff was a master at life, not just music. He lived deeply.
Alyssa Eisner Jason Eisner u know what this done does to me. Every. Single. Time.
Jenny Batchelor wow, Chloe Wajwoda, 23 years ago. Is that even possible?
Jason Halliwell Remember seeing the Festival Hall gig Adam Solomon?
Belle Marx Miller Amy Rose - always makes me think of you! 🌸
Giovana Borges Por isso temos que cantar a grace no karaokê ☺️ Isadora Rocha
Jordan Markezic Julian De Laffitte Old mate in the background of the BBC interview
Charlie Delaney Matthew Wickham I will tag you in Jeff Buckley posts until the end of time
Carolina Paz One of the greatest albums of all times!
Harry Bowden-Ford Ollie Crayford
Gavin Cunningham Frances Nordon
Andy Robinson One of my all time fave albums 😎
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UFC champ Jon "Bones" Jones failed an in-competition drug test administered the night he won back the Light Heavyweight belt from rival Daniel Cormier.

Lissette Rios Is this the guy that we were watching the vids the other night? Ruben Rios
Selena Scanlan what happens when u bet on a fight and ur guy loses on the day but this happens?
Troy Christopher Should be kicked out of the UFC indefently, so disappointing.
Christopher Fisher So sad, I wonder can he ever salvage his reputation or career at this point :o
Steven Shults Maybe I can't get some stories about rock n roll from Sports Illustrated.
Brian Springman
Jade Eisley Trevor Eisley
Brandi Royer-Pinnow AGAIN???SMH
Cristian Viñamarino Again??? Game Over asshole
Steve Yoe
Ryouta Hanada OMG not again!
Charles Gerety Dumbass
Michael Ingiosi Praying that this turns out to be a mistake.
Michael C Palau Martian Manhunter?
Mick Favel Eat right and train hard is old school.
Steve Kovanen Better know what someone gives you dumbass
Edwin Ortiz LOSER!!!
Cindy Slanoc C'mon Bones!
Jon Gaerte Not surprised.
Marlon Palor Deterala Fook bones
Joe Nochman 😵
Dan Gillespie Fight milk
Francisco Rocha Ssdd
Holly Murray Carl Fleming
Emily Porter Hengel Matthew Hicks Brent Hicks
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Sesame Street's Ernie, Bert and Rosita turned Luis Fonsi's summer smash "Despacito" into an ode about rubber duckies titled, "El Patito."

Dianna Ab Rosa Yolanda Cecilia Rosa Annie Van Adriana Carmen new song for the little ones 🙂
Cynthia Baker Shannon Egdirtta Kevin says that James Earl can crank this tune the next time he is out on the lake... :P
Galletita De Jengibre Fiona De Encantador I LOVE THIIIS❤️❤️
Vanessa Goldfarb Nothing quite like Ernie and Bert to brighten the day: better than the original.
Siraj Patel Narayan Okuma the wholesomeness you need in your life rn
Jennifer Ogle Dori Okvatovity El Patito Despacito! 😂😂
Brandi Lynn Madsen Brenda Madsen rubber ducky was our jam!
Tegan Ridgeway David Gordon Hildreth, Melinda Curwood & Taygen Dray
Fati Mouzaffar Luis Fonsi's Despacito is a cultural fenomenum
Kerry Bradford Darren Bradford
Leah Sheola Disappointing
Samir Jarufe
Robyn Spodek Schindler Alan obv I thought of my niece 🤓
Diane Ebner Jam? Or not a jam.....
Carmen Chicky Prieto El patito
Corinne Hrabia Everything is better with muppets Heather Gwen
Silvana Martinez Estoy demasiado confundida Andrea Cesar
Alana Mažuran Wierzbicki Tessa Svoronos 😂😂😂😂 oh god... they did it!!!!
Kaitlyn Bigelow Ali Latus I'm going to confuse the two now
Alexandra Valentina Mikhailovna Silkiewycz Ben Sanderson not sure where to begin
Mercy Robles This is so cute!!!
Sarah Kociubinski No... please ...
Nick RW Wow Peter Linz!
Michael Gillespie Katie Gillespie here's version I can believe in!
Grace Church Salomon Luisana omg show your mama! 😂😂😂 Xo
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DC Comics is prepping a new film about the origins of Batman's infamous foe the Joker. Todd Phillips will direct while Martin Scorsese is reportedly attached as a producer.

Matt Terry Just stop. I love Scorsese, but no one could ever come close to topping Ledger in the role.
Justin Walsh Such a bad idea, the less we know of him the better he is as a character
Jerry Smith I can't see too many filling that role...Michael Shannon maybe?
Justin Macke They need to just quit trying to put the joker in movies, at least for a long time. Nobody that saw The Dark Knight will think it's done well. Legendary performance by Ledger
Zachary Wright This isn't a "new joker" this would have to be in part of the cinematic universe, so sorry, but it would have to be Jared Leto. Unless they cancel his contract or this is some weird other studio (which it can't be) than it will only be Leto. And why is this a bad thing? This could completely reshape Jared's Joker and could cause them to do the character over. I'm very interested to see where they go with it!
Rob Hotz Wow! Todd Phillips is a total hack w/ one good movie despite him. Who thinks the guy who made Road Trip, and 3 Hangover flicks, made the single worst rock documentary ever despite an interesting band to cover, is a total rehash old crap that was barely good the first time slut, who thinks having him handle a nuanced, artful character as the Joker is a good idea? Even the Joker is nonplussed.
Małgorzata Prusaczyk I can't imagine Martin Scorsesse and DC Comics colaboration..Maybe because I know him mostly as director of gangster and epic movies..Maybe he want to make something more commercial...Please don't make movies with Joker anymore. I think "The Dark Knight" was the greatest ending of Joker's history..What for ?
Aaron Afc Velardi Good to see Heath Ledger is still remembered as an Australian I was very proud of him no one will ever come close to him doing the Joker but that's what they said it back Jack Nicholson there will be another Joker there will be another movie we can't take away that Ledger won an Academy Award for his role to me he always be the Joker
Sébastien Provise I don't feel like it's a good idea :/ The combo Ledger + Nolan has created one of the worst (or the best) vilain. It's just like they have created something that everybody want to reproduce, like vultures attracted by money, instead of creating their own legend. Be creative people !! Create your own thing !
Alex Fisher The Killing Joke is good enough plus Batman with Jack Nicholson had a good variation of the Jokers origin minus the red hood gang and him being a struggling comic with a pregnant wife
Stephen Pritchard Nope. Two great filmmakers but still, nope. Origin stories of great villains shouldn't be told unless absolutely necessary. Vader and Hannibal Lecter are perfect examples; the richness of their character is cheapened by the cash grab of an origin story
Glenn Forsyth Why don't they just make a movie where we see a maniacal Joker in full make up doing what the Joker does best, not some pasty faced version. An origin story? Why?
Andy Flint Uh, its the origin, as in it'll be a child actor. None of your favorite legacies will be harmed in the filming of this movie. But also, as much as i wanna see what made him, theres a lot to be said about the mystery of it all!
Aaron Wrigley Why do people act as if a new movie with the Joker in it will erase Ledger's performance from history? They're gonna make it anyway. Life sucks, get a helmet.
Hall Niemer I prefer his origin a mystery. Adds to the character
Zak Weeks Caesar Romero is gone, Jack Nicholson is too old, Heath Ledger has passed and Jared Leto is too crazy. Who will be the new joker?
Esteban Lieberman Just greed seriously a movie about the Joker-Smh be creative and artistic Stop rehashing things Typical greedy America for you
Bill Royal The problem with any reboot is, how many times will we retell the same story? How many times will he fall into the vat, Peter Parker get bit by the spider, or the elder Waynes get gunned down?
Jeff Cassell If Leto is playing the part.... the film is already over.
Amber Elizabeth W Thats not good.
Abdul Musaveer No one can justify the role of Joker. There is only one Heath Ledger.
Neil Canfield No one can even come close to Ledger's performance. Joker in movies is over.
Reuben Antonimuttu Jeween Tissarachchi Aidian Perinparajah Nick Xue
Anthony von Haeflinger Nico Haeflinger!
Samantha Henderson Unless Christopher Nolan is attached, I won't be watching, even if Martin Scorsese is good.
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Linkin Park are planning a special public event to honor late singer Chester Bennington.

Brandi Ray Betty Rohlfing I say we go to this. I'm still sad that I couldn't see them at the Hollywood bowl. What do you say?
Adrienne Gawlikowski Nicholas Beck
Jozé Morod Linda Moreno Linkin Park va a seguir te lo firmo en este momento.
Cynthia Jo Venga a esto. Ya sabe que se puede quedar conosotros :) Nector Solorzano
Brice Andrew They could get that guy from Stone Temple Pilots to sing, wait....what? He's dead, too? Phuck!
Carlos Arroyo The show must go on however it'll be a difficult replacement for Chester. I'm sure somebody could fill in his shoes.
Irma Harper YouTube live please
Adriene Caiazzo Wills Kyle Weltman!!!
Katherine Hastings Would love to be there for this!!!
Claudio Betti For a few dollars more...
Jen Kepley This weekend at the MTV Music Video Awards maybe??
Patrizia Bedani Bravi!!! Ma per Chris???( and for Chris?)
Ayemyat Khine Irreplaceable 😪😪😪
Cecilia Zuniga Antonio Zuniga, you can take Jonathan
Emanuela Marrone :(
Susan DeGuzman 💐💐💐
Carlos Rafael Gil Ian Alejandro Medina Gutiérrez
Camille Splittgerber Nicolas Elsen
Taylor Harrison Kaitlyn Mendez
Fabi Ralli Valentina Chiappini
Travis Burns Austin Crow Nicolas Kaatz
Natarsha Hall Shari-Lei McLean
Jim Stark Raainy Hahs look where! 👀
Veronica Cote Kimberly Cantwell I want to go
Tereza Chmelařová Anita Panovcová Jdem ne?😭❤️
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Lindstrom unveiled a new space disco gem, "Shinin," featuring Grace Hall of the Los Angeles duo Skin Town. Listen below.

Pillosu David
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John Carpenter - The Master of Horror is releasing an album on which he has reconstructed some of his greatest hits.

Paul Anderson What? No new wrestling story?
Chet Daniels Joseph Whitney