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Animal Collective members Geographer and Avey Tare have released a new 24-minute song. Listen below.

Colin Horsey
Harley Alexandra
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Y2K and bbno$ star in a fictional television show called 'Big Fun Fun Show' in the video for their viral hit song "Lalala." Watch it below

Thank you for your badge👍
Just wanted to comment as a Top Fan for Rolling Stone. ALL OTHERS BOW BEFORE ME!!
I’m for more music too.When they gonna start?
Good post more Music stuff
How the hell do you say the word "Bbno$"???
is this headline in english
Who and who??
Get that medical healing get medicated
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Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver narrate "his and her" separate trailers for Noah Baumbach's 'Marriage Story.' Watch below.

Dorian Fournier
Tyler Ostler
Tony Ventola
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Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff tells us about the making of the classic film 'The Harder They Come,' and breaks down his 5 favorite reggae albums to celebrate the film's long-awaited re-release.

My favorite the hardar thy come Hi sharon
Not very good ranking of Reggae albums. Some envy going on here
One of my very favorite albums.... maybe my very favorite.
Can't wait to see what the soundtrack album will have in it
Will the soundtrack also be released?
Hey Andy ...
In light of Trump's current obsession, I give you this classic, classic song, which, coupled with THTC,THTF soundtrack are fantastic introductions to reggae.
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Spider-Man’s future as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in serious jeopardy after negotiations between Disney and Sony broke down.

We finally had a good Spiderman. I used to love Tobey Maguire, didn't bother with the last one.. Tom Holland is perfect
My life will somehow go on. God speed.
Their collaboration has been very lucrative and revived a franchise that was successful, but in relative decline before the original deal. It would be silly for the two parties to walk away over what appears to be an ego pissing match.
Thank God...wish they’d ban anyone over 18 from watching Marvel movies as it is...
MCU sucked with Spider-Man anyway! All they did was present him as Iron Man’s understudy, which is the furthest thing from the book Spidey! Sony blows too but there’s really no difference! F em both! At this point I’m happier NOT seeing Spider-Man on the silver screen.
One could only hope.
And we all thought Thanos was tough when it came to erasing heroes.
They (Disney) wanted to split the profits 50/50. Sony did the right thing.
Do not blame Sony! Their writers have kept the series in good hands...Disney should be the ones caving on this one to make sure their marvel acquisition goes smoothly
Nic Thorne Ashley Woodske - your topic of conversation!
Afraid to say it, but siding with Disney on this one.
Well, at least now we get to see Sony ruin another live-action Spider-Man. Back to business as usual.
Disney has too much power. it's time someone puts them in their place. They can't have everything.
Sony is a like a turtle on a fence post that’s forgotten how He got there.
Sony better back off! Spider-Man will die off if it’s not a part of the MCU!!!
Sony just announced that negotiations are still ongoing .. it’s not done yet.
As a top fan I say this is bullshit
Just pay them 1 billion for the rights back and be done with it.
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The president’s tariff war with China is a tax hike on families of $1,000 a yea.

Well, let's see: We have the Best Economy in History, the Best Employment Numbers in History, Most People Working in History, Highest Stock Market in History, Biggest Tax and Regulation Cuts in History, Best and Newest Military (almost totally rebuilt from the depleted military Your President Donald J Trump took over) in History, Best V.A. in History (Choice), and MUCH, MUCH MORE. Trump's doing a fabulous job thus far!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #Trump2020
My great grand children are the ones who will pay for 45 and the GOP. Mark my words the truth has been spoken, dammit!
I heard we won't be able to afford "r"s!
C'mon, guys. Missing a letter there on "year" in the headline. If you need a new social media editor to prevent such mishaps, hit me up. I'm available for the right price and benefits package.
TIMES THREE, it's costing me that much in gas alone. Meds have gone through the roof, groceries about 20% higher than a year ago....on and on
I'm not planning on buying a new phone, or a new TV, computer or anything else until this POS is out of office. So there...
I already have an iPhone, why should I pay for another, and not even get the phone?
It will only cost you if you don’t shop smart, thrift stores, farmers markets and used goods online.
It's the cost of jobs for Americans. Quite cheap really.
We’re going to beat ourselves until the Chinese surrender!
I guess since he said we are all rich since his tax cuts an extra 1,000 hit on our pocket book shouldn’t hurt
Well, we used complain about not having tariffs because foreign auto and electronic makers came in tariff free and put American businesses out of work. It creates revenue for the government. I am not necessarily taking Trump's side, just warning of caution. Higher prices on imports means more purchase for domestic made. That's what we want right?
Well, since we all got $4,000 tax cuts last year, it means we are still loaded with money.
We were sold out years ago, our industrial base destroyed. It is no mystery to me why people cry about Trump. Cry about this: Probably too little too late.
Why the hell would anyone pay 1000.00 for a i phone. Shitty comparision. So we are supposed to fell sorry for someone who cant afford a 1000.00 phone. Why not bring companies back to America??
He’s man enough to do the job that the last several Presidents have passed on ... dealing with the Chinese and the trade imbalance
Making America Great by lowering the taxes for his Billionaire Club and having the poor people eat up the losses in his selfish China Tariff War.
And how many jobs have been lost to China over the years because of stolen intellectual property, patent infringement, Chinese currency manipulation, Chinese protective tariffs, ignored/violated trade agreements, and environmental abuse? I support President Trump in holding China accountable. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
My daughter just bought an O'Neill back pack. You know the company from Santa Cruz Ca, he started the surf board company. Guess where it's made? Not USA but China. America companies did this to us.
In addition, it will also affect the producer goods and depress the economic benefits of competition, inhibiting economic growth. What else?
His tariffs on China are needed to get us a fair trade deal with them. We have been raped and robbed too long by China . Funny thing is, most of the Democrats in Congress agree with President Trump
Let’s be completely honest here shall we? Trump is only really good at one thing and that is pissing off liberals. That’s it. I know that’s super important to you guys on the right but we have a country to run. Total disaster is on the horizon.
The dollar tree just went to the 5 dollar tree
But wait China is gonna pay it...we heard this before with the wall ...Mexico is going to pay...but the stupidest thing happens everytime...we the taxpayers pay for all of Trump's hair brain ideas...never fails...
None of Trump's supporters are gonna blame Trump if we go into a recession. I fully expect them to say that God is punishing America because liberals don't support their president.
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Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lana Wachowski are all set for a fourth ‘Matrix’ film, which will begin production next year.

I love this. With all the reboots and sequels, this is one I would actually want to see. The narrative is rich enough to add a new story.
Sweet! Technically speaking though, this will be the 5th film. There was a anthology of related stories in a movie called the Animatrix.
Oddly i'm excited about this. The first movie was great. #2 and #3 .... So they have a chance to make a great #4 .. a chance... and somehow that'd close the loop and redeem the franchise.
2 & 3 not too good. Actually I couldn't get through 3. HOWEVER: Maybe they'll surprise us.
I remember Watching "Matrix 4 Kaydara", it was an unofficial sequel. The first two movies were awesome, and the third one wasn't bad either.
Yes.. Love Carrie-Ann Moss.
Seeing how the last 2 weren't that great, I'm not sure this is a good thing.
So happy Keanu has taken time out of his action movies to make Bill and Ted 3. I bet it's a fun change for him.
While this is great news, I'm more excited by Keanu doing another Bill and Ted movie. 🎸
Can't wait to see what the Wachowski broth..Oops, sisters have in their bag of Innovation 🙂🔥
With all the current technology I’m curious to see where they go with this one.
Rutene Rickard I hope to god this is as beautifully terrible as the second and third ones a fourth terrible matrix movie will make my entire life
Guns, hot girls, scantilly clad in latex,having fight scenes... Whats not to love?
Did you see the 3rd one? Yikes. I’m dubious.
the first one would have been great if there was a decent actor in the lead role.
in a retirement community, they awake from a dream...
Wait- there was a third?
The David Mitchell that is mentioned in the article is not the Peep Show actor/comedian but is the author of Cloud Atlas (among other works) which was also made into a Wachowskis’ film.
I’m ready to see how far down the rabbit hole really goes.
I think this article has the wrong David Mitchell... this will probably be the author of Cloud Atlas, not the English comedian
I’m haven’t watched any of the matrix trilogy since they came out. I’m going to have to do that before number 4 appears.
Will this one be the good one?
Won't be the same without Morpheus, what about Lawrence Fishburne ?
Remembering that long black coat.
Soooo...Neo didn’t die?
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“I was in agony beyond anything I ever experienced before in my life. The progress is VERY slow" - Ozzy Osbourne opens up for the first time about his January fall that requires a year-long recovery.

Hard to believe that someone who took such good care of himself with proper nutrition, exercise and abstinence had such a difficult time recovering from a physical trauma later in life. Gotta pay the man Ozzy.
Prayers 🙏 🙏 keep going good luck. Rock n Roll 🎸 🎶
Sounds dreadful. Hope he's feeling better soon. Enjoyed his humor in the article.
Ozzy..please take care of yourself. You've been in my life almost all my life.
I love you Ozzy, no matter what happens!
Keep on rocking ozzie.
I'm really sorry to hear about Ozzy's surgery and what it takes to get through this long arduous recovery that few can do. His angry and frustrated that's a good sign, however one can't push the river, you must go with the flow with an attitude of gratitude. Hang in there Ozzy thank goodness your Brave.
If there was a way I could write you a letter I would. I can relate.
Props on that hair, Johnny. It looks exactly the same as it did on the '72 Sabbath tour. Did you sell your soul for Triple A follicles or what?
If anyone can do it Ozzy, it's you , If it was easy everyone would do it, but you were put here for a reason !!!
He’s going to be back it’s ozzy and I can’t wait to see him first summer in a long time I haven’t been to a show
If you never tour again, that's cool. Dues paid continually for decades now.
Ozzy's been dead for like thirty years that's just someone who plays Ozzy Sharon Osbourne hired him 😂😂😂
You Can't Kill Rock & Roll... Ozzy, you're the greatest!
He is still "BRAIN DEAD!"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
I still think Bill Ward should have been on the fine final sabbath tour...smh
It seems to me that Ozzy has joined the ranks of Keef and the cockroaches...
Jasmin Croonenbrock
Sorry about that, what happened? I didn’t hear about you falling.
Arlen Hall
Now you know how that bat felt......
see what drugs can do
Strong MF
Who cares...