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Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Robert Plant are among the all-star cast of 75 artists whose signatures grace a rare guitar that is currently up for a charity auction. The lot benefits UCLA Health and Teen Cancer America.

The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you "A spoon cannot taste of the food it carries. Likewise, a foolish man cannot understand the wise man's wisdom even if he associates with a sage".- Dalai Lama
That ought to be something, and for a good cause! Some seriously famous people are signing it.
If they want do charity pls they take it from their pocket and may be I will appreciate them more. Pls stop to buy or search things of so called b famous persons...they are like us..theyhad birth ..they will die like us..may be they were lukier than us and what they did gaveto us jiynand to them fame and money...don't give them more money for 'charity'. Let them do it themsekves..and you do charity as you can. My very own personal opinionin. Best tomall.
glad the rich folk get to buy a real cool guitar! so happy for them.
Mélanie Olmi 😭❤
Chris Brewer
Sierra White
Aron Elvis Honick 😳
I love the way they played and made me feel hapy...but let other spend money for nothing. Endless thanks to them for their performances.
Wow fantastic
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Cardi B will open the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. Her VMA appearance marks her first performance since giving birth to her first child with husband and Migos rapper Offset in July.

MTV VMAs? Why is that still even a thing?
I'm no rap aficionado but I heard Cardi B on the radio today and right after her they played Nicki Minaj. There really isn't any comparison.
Yet she bailed on Bruno
Opening a music award show with someone who doesn't know the 1st thing about music. Wow! Congrats
Seriously, why is she a thing? She has no talent whatsoever.
I seen her in SNL and wanted to smash my friggin TV and put it out of it's misery
And the world yawned. .... about the MTV video awards.
And they wonder why their ratings keep slipping.
That's why I dont watch anymore
Never heard of him.
No talant
But y’all think Nicki has talent and is entertaining yeah ok go get your eyes Checked out..
No talent
All three people watching should enjoy that 🙄
MTV sucks these days And so does most of the new music coming out .....
Crappy rap (RAP =Retards Attempting Poetry) and stupid weird sound effects
The music biz is ran by premadonnas and fools. And value by our little air heads. There you have it
Is this actual news?
Sorry to say I don’t know who she is. Gotta YouTube her.
Okuuurrr She's good
And she likes it
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A wave of ace writers, including benny blanco, Andrew Watt and BloodPop, are being credited as lead artists. Here's why they're stepping into the spotlight.

Benny Blanco from the Bronx? Like the guy in the Al Pacino movie Carlito's Way? THAT Benny Blanco???
Andre Neilson Brendon Potter dis was a gud read
Unfortunately, the great pop tradition of crafting immaculate, articulate Top Forty and widely performed mainstream songs by writers such as Bacharach/David, Holland/Dozier/Holland, Jimmy Webb, Carole King, Lennon/McCartney, Laura Nyro, Chinn/Chapman, Stock/Aiken/Waterman et al has now gone by the wayside. RIP, I guess.
Do they actually write words and sentences? That make a change from today's incoherent dribble and noise
Andrew Watt is a killer guitarist! Check out his work in California Breed
Most people don’t care about music content anymore, especially young kids.
If they are writing that crap I hear at my gym, before I put on my headphones, they are not ace writers!
Everybody is a rock star. I mean pop star. 🙄🙄🙄
Benny's work with Spank Rock is legendary. Everything since is mediocrity made manifest
That looks like the Pacific Rim guy.
Rob Townsend
Most of today's "songwriters" seem like Justin Trudeau's speech writer. Here's an example of a typical Trudeau speech: "Umm... uh... diversity is our... uh... strength. Umm... uh... uh... uh... ya... more Muslims for Canada... uh... uh... umm. Islam is... umm... uh... uh... uh... awesome."
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Nicki Minaj added the single "Fefe" to some versions of her 'Queen' album this week.

She's trash. Been trash. Album is basically decent beats with trash vocals. I mean, nothing about this woman is talented. Nothing. Even her sexiness was paid for.... Hip hop is in need of a female with better morals. The culture is starving for it. IMO
I have no idea what any of this means, but it can’t be good.
Speak English
I think I just got an STD from listening to this...
In English please
Wow we Rolling Stone readers really love to see this content. 😂
Is that a shortened version of covfefe?
I'm soooooo sick of this already
Music is suffering from major self absorbed artists. Who calls their album "queen", fair dinkum.
she got a few good songs but talks too much about dating dudes who sell coke...turns me off...yes, i realize i'm not her intended audience. *ahem*
Took a listen...coulda kept that one.
Say again? “Fefe?” Geezus am I just old?
I love this song It’s so catchy
Like we needed MORE of her. . .
Passing the queen xD
Worst song ever
She’s just nasty.....
Not my cup of tea...
How did this talentless snob whore became relevant? Btw there are millions like her in show biz
Emily Edwards I wish I could add other people’s bops to my shitty albums too
Lee Stevens
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Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has taken to blaming the historic and very much still-raging forest fires in California on just about everything other than the historic temperatures plaguing the state.

Please don't give trump any more attention. Don't waste your time preaching to the choir. Instead give your attention and dollars to the scientists and researchers who we, all of us, should have listened to decades ago. Educate yourselves on the Koch brothers. My daughter just graduated with her Masters from Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. She is now doing her Phd work in the same field. She spent months hiking through the forests of the West Coast collecting samples of pine needles and then using UC Berkeley's electron microscope to observe their moisture content. Her findings were terrifying. She and thousands like her are working very hard to inform the public, to find ways to reverse this dire situation and to save our planet from itself. I am very proud of my daughter, ask me questions about her work - don't talk about the person sitting in the oval office any more.
This whole administration has GOT TO GO!
And yet the Democrats have again started accepting legalized bribes... I mean "donations" from the fossil fuel industry. If that's the "resistance," no wonder we're in so much trouble.
Well if you don't thin out the brush your going to have more and more severe fires.
Yes, it's the trees fault. If they were not made of wood, the fires would not spread so fast. Trees must now be made of asbestos. Trump, order trees to be made of asbestos now...problem solved .
Of course, the trees! Why couldn’t the most intelligent scientists figure that out! Thank goodness we all have the stable genius and his Mensa cabinet members to explain all things in the most logical ways!
Didn't one of these geniuses say that rising water levels was because there were too many rocks in the ocean?
The historic heat and extreme drought. If Zinke wants credibility he needs to educate himself instead of thinking up ways to profit from disaster. Thats all the people in this administration seem to care about. He has daughters. You'd think he'd care what kind of world he'll be leaving his grandchildren.
I’m surprised trump hasn’t hired an arsonist to put in charge of the interior.
Blame the trees. Not Global Warming - typical of this administration focus pointing finger at everything and everyone else rather than take a good hard look at their own ethics and awareness (if any) which they don’t have and just say everything thing is the “Best” or “Biggest” or “Better than Obama” or Blah - “Fake News” “No Such Thing As Global Warming” “Coal Industry- yea bring back let us burn it up” “fracking - who cares” and “Oceans - Red tides - blind eye”. He’s got golf to play, bike rides to go on he has no mind and no time to think about the earth 🌏 and what is left behind for our children or the future generations. You think he cares about the glacier ice melt. Well, it is real and it is happening. One only had to read the New York Times Magazine Section to learn all about that cover to cover in the past weeks. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Good journalism is covering it all and making it available for us all to be informed. Silence is the voice of complacency. Vote. #🌊🌊🌊 #Bluewave
The administration of complete incompetence.
What an ass
The trees were asking for it...they should have used more sunscreen
Let’s locate the Lorax, he speaks for the trees...
All you liberal tree huggers ever been in the mountain latle it's all dead
The "swamp" needs to burn with all its hot air!
Todays word is INTRANSIGENCE : "Don`t confuse me with your facts, my head`s made up!
He’s right, the trees should be planted further apart to avoid “fire spreading” according to our Chief Scientist and Dear Leader
There's money to be made in blaming the trees.
Rolling Stone with the awesome headlines!!!
The man is a diabolical fuckwit, simples
Where do these folks get their education?
And the brainwashing continues...
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The American Kratom Association, a nonprofit that has worked since 2014 to educate the public about the natural drug, is fighting back against a recent FDA report with a scathing breakdown of everything the government agency got wrong.

This stuff is garbage, it killed my son, live your life clean people
Sugar packets are next. Addictive and abused.
Only in America could something whose only purpose is to push a product get "non-profit" status :-/
Looks like the pharmaceutical lobby got to them..............
Duh, you have to bribe the fda if you want them to say good things and put your product on shelves.
Thank you for the article and holding them to the fire!! Kratom has saved so many lives and is harmless. Thanks to kratom, my children never have to be motherless or grow up with a mother on deadly pills or street drugs. Think about how many famous musicians might still be alive today if they would have found kratom let's see Tom Petty Prince RTO I can think of just off the top of my head
"In a statement last February, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the natural drug, which is derived from a Southeast Asian plant of the same name, has “potential for abuse, addiction and serious health consequences, including death,” and should consequently be put in the same category as other drugs that have no medically accepted use and a high risk of abuse." Like tobacco and alcohol?
I don't use it for pain management or addiction. But I was able to cure the severe damage nexium caused my body. I was to a point I couldn't eat solid food, I was vomiting large amounts of blood every other day, hiccups with come and last for 6-7 days without stopping, I was sick all the time because the nexium prevented my body fro. Absorbing vitamins and nutrients. It was awful. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. My health started dramatically deteroiating at age 14 and got worse and worse. I was diagnosed with severe Gerd ( acid reflux, stomach ulcers, and gastritis ) I would be in so much pain it would bring me to my knees in years. The suffering was unimaginable. I would rather break both of my arms and legs all at once than ever go through that pure hell again. Every since I started raking kratom several years ago, i have no had one single health issue, and now I am the healthiest at 30 years old, than I have ever been in my entire life. But it helps severe pain too. And people with addiction issues. Its related to the coffee tree and is grown in southeast Asia. There's many groups here on Facebook where you can learn more. But they sell it in smoke shops. Do not purchase from them. They have been known to mix drugs in their products, and even if its not mixed, they charge like $40 for an ounce. You should never pay more than $8 for an ounce of ground herbal leaf and there are many sellers you can network with here in groups on Facebook, who use clean business and packing methods, and have their products tested to be sure it is free from chemicals and contaminents, and high quality. You can click on this hash tag to learn everything you need to know regarding this amazing natural medicine. #KratomSavesLives I have met some of the most remarkable amazing people within the Kratom community. People who live hundreds or even thousands of miles away have become some of the best friends I could ever ask for. More of friends than my own friends who live here.
I wish everyone knew about kratom! It helped me come off of a 20 year narcotic addiction!
Oh and another thing I forgot to point out in my other comment. If Kratom were so addicting, I think I would ahbe experienced some form of withdrawal symptom in the years I have been taking it almost daily. I know withdrawal because I used to be an opiod addict. I got clean September 3, 2011. I started Kratom in 2014 for medical purposes only. I have had not a single issue regarding addiction. I only take it now for my chro if fatigue from ADD, some days I wake up with sufficient energy levels and I just don't take it. I've even just took several days off in a row. Nope no addiction issues for me, or I would have dipped on the kilo bag that was a mere feet away obviously. Try doing that being an addict to opioids. And having a whole bottle at your disposal. See if you dont dip into it. Kratom does not work that way.
Paul here’s a good article. Old joe joe needs to read.
They did not pay off the FDA..... then and only then shall it be approved.... You have to give the FDA money for your product to be permitted in the USA... no matter how good or bad it is.
Also, the FDA is absolutely untrustable. It don't get much lower, than when you take a toxicology report from a murder victim, who happened to have Kratom in his system, and make it look like Kratom is what killed him, while redacting all the actual information regarding his death. Now that is just sick, and absolutely disrespectful to the deceased. When the full toxicology report is uncovered, you get to see exactly what killed him. A lethal gunshot wound to the chest. The other deaths that FDA has associated with Kratom. Had plenty of drug combinations in their system that could have definitely killed them. But its always Kratom that is the blame.
Ray Ruehle
Pseudoscientific garbage. Some people are stupid.
Evan Anselmi-Turner
Mari Vamp
Adam Tinkler
Max Kasun
Brent Kb
Chelsea Clay
Shayne Lenneman
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"10 Second Songs" Anthony Vincent reinterprets Drake's "In My Feelings" in metal, indie-rock and other styles. Watch below.

hard pass
Not his best but the dude is seriously talented. Check out his other stuff.
I give him a rating of PG. Pure Garbage
He's really talented
Was the original not bad enough?
I'm good
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The Kinks meditate on lazy days and mortality in “Time Song,” an unreleased track on the band’s upcoming anniversary edition of 'The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society.' Listen below.

they have to be the most underrated band of the era....
God save the Kinks!
How beautiful, gentle and genuine!
Nothing better than music you have never heard before
please reunite soon!
Great stuff . Looking forward to their re-union !
One of my top 3 bands, Ray is a genius.
Really good tune. So apropos.
Jeff Heislerer
Peter Francis Kavanaugh Fun little ditty