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Eminem, the best-selling rapper of all time, returns with 'Revival,' his first album in four years. Here's a complete track-by-track guide to all the superstar cameos, Trump tirades, personal drama and blistering rhymes in the Rick Rubin-produced LP.

Brian Ethridge 'Cause nobody likes me, everybody hates me They want me to go eat some worms And drag my name through the mud, through the dirt But I'ma make you eat your words You can try to hold me down, but you better let me up 'Cause you're only gonna make things worse 'Cause I swear when I get up I'm never gonna let up 'Til everybody eats my turds
Travis Franzen This album is going to be dryer than a lesbian in a schlong bar. I mean his premiere single sort of speaks for itself.
Le Rob Hey grandad you're a millionaire what have you got to rap about? How you fired your pool guy for calling you slim? Or why won't people play GTA with you?
John Pollard I really wanted to like it, but I don't. Will stick to his older stuff.
Jon Mercado Eminem loves ass crack and ball sac!
Bret Mcquaker Talk about asking Alexandria’s new album!!
Vanessa Du Bose Why is he trying to look like Tim McIlrath though?
Vincent Machard Sure it’ll sound the same as the rest of his albums.
Carlos DeLeon Best seller doesn't mean best ever. McDonald's sells the most burgers. But not the best.
Ryley Snaith this guys 46 years old rapping about eating turds
Dumi Sean Nkiwane Listening to it now & so far so good. I listen to the words, the poetry & the truth which I can relate to.
Maranda Nelson Awesome! I love Machine Gun Kelly & lil whyte a lil more tho
Jamal Mason Yawn
Josh Vogel I'll pass.
Noel Vieira
Brett Rhyno what a legend
Taylor Rork Meh
Johnny Chingas Pass
Chloe Shepard 🐐
Matt Keisoglu Absolute trash. So disappointed.
John Paradise 🚮
Wes Johnson Smile bro. It aint that bad
Dave Oleksiuk Trailer Park Trash !
Simpsonetti Kidd UTTER SHITE
Martin Barney Barnes Is he homeless now?
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Eminem performed several hits from his catalog for a recent session with BBC Radio 1. See the performances below, which included Skylar Grey, Denaun and The Alchemist.

Maynard Martin That's gonna be a "no" for me.
Antony Copland Only a little longer til the new album comes out!!
Jessica Urquhart Shady killing it live Scott A. Robertson
Juls Salgado Love ya Em!
Cliff Brock Hg
Cliff Brock Hg
Brett Rhyno I’m in!
Rick Roth Washed up old
Micheal Paul Leyland Daina Tuckwood
Brianne Kelly Laura Rehrig super fan
JD Contreras Jepoy De La Cueva
Sheryl Stewart-Heffernan Georgia Heffernan Ky Heffernan
Hayley Galvin Phillie Bear
Fi Oates Jarrad Oates
Dustin Dilley So are you okay with the word Faggot ? Considering how much this monster used it.
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Three more women have accused Dustin Hoffman of sexual misconduct, following recent reports of four other women who have alleged the actor had sexually harassed and/or assaulted them.

Sarah A. Cumbee One woman speaks out and they all speak out?? This is going from Trump to Lauer to this guy.. Hoffman.. Really y'all.. I am a woman and I believe that a lot of these allegations are for attention and boy y'all got it going.. on but I just don't believe it. Why not sooner? 5-10-15-20 plus years later (there are probably more people being accused for nothing) seriously?? Come on y'all you need that much attention in your life????
Beth White As much as I hate to say it I’ll say it... this has been America’s culture for decades... most men have engaged in these practices, most women have been either ashamed of their actions and wouldn’t speak up or were shamed into not talking... its a culture problem! They don’t just disappear!
Salamandar On Tour I'm tellin ya, They're going after Stephen Hawking next, saying his mechanical voice said, 'touch my peeee peeeeee'. They felt like the whole universe was on them, so sad. So brave though.
Ken Cross How come no women have come forward accusing rocks stars of assault. I guarantee you there are a lot more of them
Debra Spence This is not to condone inappropriate sexual advances and assault but I was just out of school and entering the work force in the late 70's and I was shocked by the culture of rude and crude. Almost everyone I worked with was on board with behavior the would be considered sexual harassment in today's world. It was a very stressful environment and I have to say we had a lot of fun and laughs! But we were on equal footing and it was not coming from someone in power and through coercion, oh no! And it was also the time of sexual freedom and anything goes and it did!
Sudi Lani Donovan i agree there needs to be some accountability, witnesses, or something else besides individual testimony...the franken thing was ridiculous..power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely...that's a teaching from these, in order for this pattern to stop, maybe this purge needs to happen, even if some innocent ones get shattered....look at all the women who were shattered for centuries and continue to be raped, harassed an assaulted on a daily basis, everywhere....however, if we really want to go as far back as the sixties and seventies, as some of these cases do, i know a lot of us crossed a zillion especially but women, too...all these years later, anyone can say they felt harassed, used or abused on LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, speed. etc.etc. and nobody would remember a damn thing... rock stars must be sweating in their dreams...a million groupies checking their bank accounts...i fear a puritan backlash is coming...hold on to your underwear!
Ruth Knight This kinda makes me think that whenever something becomes a trend in Hollywood what does everyone do??? I understand that many allegations are real but at some point others will be jumping on the bandwagon just for attention. Before any of you decide to hate on me. .I've seen situations similar to this in my piddly ass or two claim violated then more then it comes out some of them lied and guess what. .it destroys the entire investigation..I'm sorry to those who it's happened to..I'm on that list but we need to be careful about such a delicate issue
RoBert J Miller Now, he is not one I would've suspected. Most all of the others were well known predators. Still a lot more known ones that have yet to be accused,
Kathie Gluck WTF- WHO'S NEXT!!!!! I'm not saying this and all the other stories aren't true-but WHY haven't any of these women EVER said anything!!! Are ALL of them afraid?????
Debby Salemi How many years ago were these? He touched me 40 years ago but now I'm going to get him when he's old Jesus Christ Ridiculous
Eric Allen Schermerhorn I’m not surprised? He’s always seamed a bit odd to me? People! It’s not called Hollyweird for nothing! Stop putting these kids on a pedestal!
Larry Bragg What I find funny is if a woman claims that on someone not famous thy will be told that the statue of limitations renders it no good wake up people
Richard A Root I believe these women. And, I am disgusted, angry and saddened with a man that I have long considered to be one of our greatest actors.
Elissa Valle Wow I just read the details on another site. Not good. Nonetheless this is getting crazy. If you didn't say anything then...
Brian Springman Who cares about any of this when Luke, Snoke, Phasma and Akbar die, Leia lives and Rey turns out to be a nobody? These are the things we should be worrying about, man.
Kristine Duble-Schiefelbein This has become insane. I as a teenager had a couple situations and delt with them by myself. Coming out years later is strange. Especially the adult women. Makes me think they have no brains. The other day a woman said a man told her to unbutton her blouse so she did. It went on from there. Really get a brain. Enough of this BS its almost like listening to the ❄️s for the last year.
Martin Barney Barnes I exposed myself to a teenager once too, I mean, I was a teenager at the time and so was she and it was all consensual but hey who cares about that......lock me up!
Charlie Gill Lusty Dusty had a great fall, and all the good movies like the presidents men couldn't put lusty Dusty back on his throne again
David Wale Why is everyone else except trump and moore not paying the price.????.?
Patrick Neal If you say hi to the wrong woman you gonna get accused of some bullshit
John Kellner Mrs Robinson turned him on at a young age & turned him on What did you expect?
Austin Thomas Leave Dustin Hoffman alone you vampire mutherfuckers
Susan Farrell Who said it’s true? Allegations do not mean truth.
Kyle Sullivan Get your pitchforks ready folks, the witch hunt has only just begun!!!
Lolita Cookie Wright SAD; You Gentlemen Didn't See This HUSTLE Coming Your Way. #Hollywood's Hostile Subtle TAKEOVER. Their running low on Actors, Who's Next #FILMCREW Blue Collar Workers; Watch Your Back.
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Future Islands capture their enthralling live performances in the new video for "Beauty of the Road." Watch below.

Scott Sparks I can’t watch this band.
Paul Schumacher Becky Korth
Kelsey Lannie Shane Beyiard
Pablo Le' Cass
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A heartbroken Khalid longs after an old flame in the melancholy new video for "Saved." Watch below.

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Jeezy and Tory Lanez debuted a slick new love song titled "Like Them" last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Watch below.

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In our latest "Fan Theory Exploder," Star Wars legend Mark Hamill opens up about Rey's training, General Leia's force sensitivity and more.

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Christian Dopson I see now why mark hated the script, , so do I
Carlos Quiñones Mark didn't like the direction the movie was taking and now we can see why :-\ #PleaseFireTheDirector
Bruce Green Won't be going to see any more star wars,
Daniel Webster @2:33 Actually makes more sense than the film Ashley Michael
Ernesto Corredoira I am very dissapointed.. Very.. It is worse than the previous..
Renee Melanson Adam Ford what he says about leia’s powers though
Sylvain Lafrenière Too bad can't get more than2 minutes
Jennifer Frazier Very interesting!!! I can't wait to see it!!! I'm super excited!!
Ruby Amelia Mateos
Ronnie Pahlevi Spoilers alert !! Nursafa Ghazalah Pashaluna Sadiya Adiyat Nugraha
Joanna Kelly Keira Catherine Gerard Erin Cox Aaron Rizk
Angie Kay G Nolan Bullethead Kneale Bullethead Mills haha
Joanne Burns Rob Williams
Dennis Diehl Ryan Simcox
Pete Patterson Noah Martin
Ryan McGarrity Eamon Donnelly
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Addie Zinone, a broadcast journalist and former Today Show intern, detailed her secret relationship with disgraced former host Matt Lauer, in a new interview.

Elaine Santana-Silfa I'm sorry, guy is a sick bastard but in this case the girl had a choice. This 'story' is ridiculous. On behalf of real victims, take this down, Rolling Stone.
Karrin W. Willey Oh please...why would a grown woman sensationalize a extra marital affair to a newspaper??? Has she no pride? Would she have done the same thing if she had had an affair with the produce man @ her grocery store??
Tara Ondell She willing had an affair with a married man. She knew exactly what she was doing. Women like this is why its so hard for others who've truly been assaulted/harassed to come forward. I have a name for women who carry on affairs knowing the men are married....
Dre Esp Multiple encounters, all consensual. Looks like a simple case of a guy cheating.
Kristi Beitter To bad girl, you had an affair and you’re shocked it was fucked up? There are true victims and there are hurt feelings and regrets. Let’s not confuse the two. Not even a little bit.
Brent Raschke Yeah, ol girl knew exactly what she was doing. Blaming others for her dumb decision, probably been doing it a lifetime.
Doug Walsdorf This guy is a jerk, but I have zero sympathy for women like her who use their looks to advance their careers, then cry about it afterwards.
Áine Foley Coincidentally another journalist called Tina Dupuy claims that Al Franken groped her waist. Looks like these ladies are using the #metoo movement to further their own careers.
Larkin Hill Not cool and he definitely took advantage of the situation, but she DID have the option to say no. He didn’t physically force her. Not saying what he did was right, but it sounds consensual, and she even said so herself. I feel bad even saying this honestly on the chance someone tells me I’m victim blaming, but I stand by my statement.
Jonathan Roy Shores Wonders about the trauma poor Addie visited upon her Husband and upon her children. What had they ever done to deserve the pain that they now must endure? She deserves a dishonorable discharge from the ranks of her shattered marriage and betrayed family.
Sarina Beyer-Wasson Umm, I'm sorry but where did anyone claim Lauer assaulted anyone? This woman is confessing to his misconduct at work. The point of the article and interview is to validate public questions about Matt Lauer's lack of morality and abuse of a power position. She is brave to come forward. All of you people shaming her are the reason why women stay quiet about these things. Good Job Rolling Stone. So sad people want to still take the man's side. Our society needs a shift and stories like this help.
George Milne Well done Trolling Stone. Lauer may well be a sleaze merchant but the woman being interviewed was categorically not a victim of anyone other than herself.
Krissy Byington This seems like a stretch. I’m all for this movement and true victims finding peace but sounds like she’s just regretting some dumb mistakes
Thamasin Titus If this is what allegations about Matt Lauer are comprised of, then shame on you girls. If you chose to sleep your way into your career, you certainly can't use those that you used to do just that responsible. If you chose to sleep with dogs, you can hardly blame them if you get fleas. There are many women who have been assaulted. Had their bodies touched when they clearly wanted no hands upon them. If the story was publicized to dilute the issue, and render women's voices as frivolous....way to go Rolling Stone.
Kristen Scherer Yeah, I'm no fan of Matt Lauer's, but a consensual extramarital affair has nothing to do with the allegations of sexual harassment against him. This isn't an article on assault or harassment, this is bad tabloid news.
Lauren Rose Linett this seems a bit ridiculous--they had a consensual fling and she was already planning to leave the show when it started. where is the harassment?
Bobby O'Schneider This article is hard to unpack. Lauer is a sleaze: no doubt; woman strong enough to enter college, NBC, set own career, & join army—still manipulated over time and distance. Just a lot here.
Karli La Tournous Cohn This is all out of control!!! There is a difference between flirting which everyone does. Some people may not know when to stop. Put your big girls pants on and say No!! If in some way saying no has an effect on your job then by all means speak up. This is out of control if you ask for it or are flirting back and then 10, 15, 20 years later decide you didn't like it to bad!!
Lisa Petzold Davis So she got laid and it’s all his fault? Please girl, you’re embarrassing yourself. This was an extramarital relationship. An affair. You fucked around with a married man. Call it what you want, but it was YOUR choice. Don’t blame him for your wrongdoing.
Mark Schreiner It was consensual. I think Lauer has lots of other things he is guilty of, like cheating on his wife, but this lady willingly entered into this relationship.
Brenda Zabalza Bitch new he was a married man and still did what she did and then acts like a victim 👎 a real grown woman would of made a better choice.... like for example dont fool around with a married man , there are true victims out there so SHUT UR A HOLE
Noelle Wille She was a young girl starting out and the network superstar singled her out for "special" attention. Who wouldn't feel overwhelmed/excited? If you don't get that you are not human. So young that she may have even felt that he was interested in the long-haul, educated and accomplished though she was, it's big stuff. I applaud her for her story, admitting that the sexual relationship was consensual must have been very hard. But she is a victim of nefarious manipulation and yes, I say victim.
Shannon Budesa Considering there r REAL victims of sexual assault I’m baffled that Rolling Stone would even print this. She had a consensual affair with a married man. Wtf?! Don’t twist this to make yourself feel better about what u did. In every way she actually had a choice. Let’s not forget this n that fact that she kept This going til she left is appalling. She needed career advice. Ahahahahahahahah! Gimme a break. This Story isn’t about sexual assault this Story is about a consensual affair and trying to get rid of her guilt.
Jennifer Lormand Willingly sleeping with a married man is not sexual harassment, know the difference, stop trying to make a story where there isn’t one. I can’t stand Matt Lauer but really, what is the purpose of this story?
Heather Cardarelli This womem is goimg to make it bad for tthe real women that have been attacked. So let me say this u were jus someone that wamted to be wit him and now thinks she can say becus he was powerful he took advantage of her bullshit u should be kick out the army. No u r no victim addie new flash u were jus a whore