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Saturday Night Live Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost came out swinging against embattled President Donald Trump, starting an onslaught of spot-on jokes with: “This last week was a pretty bad year for Donald Trump.”

SNL isn’t funny anymore worst cast in years have no choice but to make Trump jokes
I watched SNL faithfully for years, back when they did comedy and did it well. Never watch them now because if I want to watch political commentary I'll watch CNN, FOX or MSNBC. Will the dumba$$ SNL writers ever write comedy again?
Thank you #Trump2020 #MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Only conservative snowflakes would need a safe space from Saturday Night Live.
SNL has been breaking politicians balls since the beginning.
The Supreme Court has ruled that satire (such as Saturday Night Live) is a legal, protected form of speech.
he spends more time tweeting and watching SNL than he does running (into the ground) a country - he is such a loser - the temper tantrums are fun to watch though - i wonder how many diapers he goes through in a day
He wants to take free speech to court and wonders why we make fun of him lol
I love that it gets under his skin.
Not sure which made me laugh harder the skit or his response.
He gives them ammo daily! Does he not see that?!
"Make them stop being mean to meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" and "one sided coverage"???? This coming from the King of Fox News... That's rich. (I have to keep adding to this....) Did he really type "Collusion?" at the end of that tweet???? WTF?
I don't think he realizes that Weekend Update is satire 😅😅😅😅 even if its true!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Is he seriously trying to say that everything said on television has to be true, or it should be prosecuted in the courts? He IS a joke!
Don't dish it out if you can't take it.
Where there's smoke, there's fire. What does it take to get people to wake up to what a drifter he is
Trump, the biggest pusher of the birther movement, cheater of contractors, defrauder of university students for which he was forced by the courts to pay 25 million in retribution, adulterer of multiple wives, wants to be treated fairly??
Last I checked. Saturday Night Live has made fun of EVERY president in office brutally.
Brilliant writing last night, SNL!
Wow, sensitive much? 45 is a yuge and bigly snowflake ❄ It is satire and SNL has made fun of every president.
They have done it to every president u pantywaste
SNL was hilarious last night. The whole show was entertaining!
Missed it last night but just watched the clip. That is some funny sh**. And it's funny because it's TRUE!! 😂😂 You don't even need writers lol, this stuff is writing itself at this point.
Who are the snowflakes now? Big babies.
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The teenaged MC Lyte was a radical force slaying machismo in the late Eighties, a braggadocious rhymer breaking up the male-dominated Yo! MTV Raps playlist and providing some of the era’s coolest blasts of venom. Her early masterpiece was “Paper Thin,” a hook-free takedown of philanderer, a celebration of having boundaries and ­one of 1988’s funkiest songs.

She's like one of the guys but they all had a crush on her 🙄 lmao smh I had a crush on her n I'm a chick but not that kind of crush. She's raw tho
Always the greatest. Nicki Minaj, Cardi B? Rubbish compared to her.
Acquire More Marjane xmas trees. Medicated yourself with
Courtney Henderson
Gretchen Arnold
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Cardi B’s headlining set at Rolling Loud Festival on Saturday didn’t go quite as planned as her estranged husband Offset attempted to win her back in front of the audience.

This is so cringeworthy. Not to mention he literally called her ‘bruh’ during his plea to get her back.
men were a mistake.
There was a mic checked and waiting for him. This was staged and sound checked. Good job stooping to WWF production ethics. What a joke.
Staged and ridiculous
I don’t know what any of those words mean. Are these people?
I feel for her. Like I said about Ari and Pete, breakups are hard, no matter who you are. I can only imagine going through it so publicly.
I’m saying “who?” about both of them.
This was a fully orchestrated publicity stunt. Nothing more, nothing less.
Probably will not be able to pay the over the top child support she will be asking for and awarded.
My mom was gonna name me offset, but she didn't.
This is stalking -
Come on i thought this was a Music Magazine
When “music” became the WWE. That one day...
Go back to the Greta Van Fleet posts please, I changed my mind
Looked staged. How could anyone get all those props on stage without Cardi's knowledge and permission?
Still can't believe the Beatles broke up.
"...So good it turns into sunshine" Della Reese - Harlem Nights :)
"Offset"? Have they run out of rap names?
Pleading for reconciliation will never get you reconciliation
I'm sure it was planned. Don't be surprised if they were filming for their upcoming reality show
Offset .. is that a type of diabetes?
Putting someone on the spot usually does not go well.
She will have to make a variable offset decision.
You all should get off Facebook and get back to your vinyls 😂😂 I love cardi b and offset well I’m a bit angry at him at the moment 😂😂 but cardi b is an amazing artist if you appreciate the genre.
She likes textes from her exe’s when they want a 2nd chance!!
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See the Saturday Night Live cast impersonate celebrities like Kanye West, Chris Hemsworth and Tiffany Haddish in Oscars host audition sketch.

They need to get a better actor to portray Kanye
The Sarah Silverman impression was golden and people gotta start putting some respect on Melissa Villaseñor's name
When they have to tell you who they are impersonating, its lame.
Great impressions... Go Pete Davidson!!
Aidy Bryant as Hannah Gadsby was perfect!!
Spot on.
Aidy Bryant is so underrated. “Too much ten-sion!”
Wiley Gaby Clay Christopher Kati Schardl Mark Hinson Pamela Gordon Vaught
Ina Ej
Hannah Gadsby
Love it!
SNL is a shithole
Tim Andrews
Fk snl stupid fks
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For the Matt Damon-hosted Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live, Miley Cyrus returned to Studio 8H on December 15th for her fourth appearance as musical guest on the show, performing a dramatic rendition of “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” with Mark Ronson.

It was hysterically funny! Love everything about Matt Damon....Miley Cyrus has an incredible voice....Thank you SNL!
She is so underrated. I thought it was incredible.
I found it boring, and kept wondering about her unfortunate wardrobe choice.
Nothing closes up a shirt like a button...
Nothing breaks like a heart, an achy breaky heart.
She was outstanding, as always, and thank you for bringing John Lennon’s music to a younger audience. Not enough of it gets played anymore for them to hear it.
Fantastic show. Matt Damon was wonderful as host and very funny. Miley Cyrus was Outstanding. Loved that she sang John Lennon Christmas song along with his son Sean. Great Show!
The audio mix was terrible. You can barely hear the guitars and the lead vocal is up to 11 with other microphones being barely on! Nice songs, though. 🙂
I love her voice, she always shines. No matter what the song is, her unique pitch and execution is always flawless
Well, I guess we should buy stock in 3 M ... Good Lord. If a guy wore that I would think he was trying too hard. But a woman? What was that about. I kept trying to figure out the tape placement. Desperation.
Sorry, I was too distracted...
This old lady actually liked her performances. I didn't even consider muting them.
Incredible voice (although the echo was unnecessary) but she minimized the performance with her choice in wardrobe. Totally distracts from her talent.
I thought it was Stevie Nicks singing this, before I looked at the screen. Shockingly good performance by Ms. Cyrus.
Who else was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction?
It was horrible, she has a nice voice and could have done a much better job. What was with all the grunting and gurgling ? The mix was off as well her vocals were too loud, you couldn’t hear Sean Ono Lennon either. I found her barely mentioning him until the very end quite rude.
Somebody should employ Doc Brown to go back in time and tell Billy Ray to pull out.
Every artist who's not on top anymore or needs a massive hit calls out Mark Ronson's help?
I’m not clear of mark ronson’s role in this besides producer hamming for camera time.
That jacket is obviously a technological miracle. Also, nice performance by her as well. ;)
Wow. Her outfits never fail to push the limits and the song was great.
This was surprisingly not terrible. Probably because of Mark Ronson.
That was Miley, whoops!!!.... I thought it was Justin Bieber🤭😆😂
I think one of her buttons came undone.
botox and hiding boobs? Oh yeah, so attractive--whatever
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Here’s a scorchingly hot take: Matt Damon is really good at hosting Saturday Night Live. The 16-year gap between hosting appearances seems fairly nuts when watching how easily he slips into the ensemble of the show.

Cecily Strong cracks me up! I think her talent is overlooked sometimes because everyone is focused on Kate McKinnon...
Probably the funniest SNL I’ve seen in two seasons! Different writers maybe? Matt Damon was fantastic!
This was one of the best episodes they’ve had in a LONG time. But what was up with all the technical glitches???
He needs to get an Emmy nomination for his Kavanaugh hearing skit . Funniest thing in a long while 😂
This was the best episode of the year. Matt was terrific!
Matt Damon is impressive. Great comedic timing and hilarious impressions.
Best episode of the year, hands down! I hope he reprises his Brett Kavanaugh...funny stuff
Loved his touching monologue .I lost my mom days before Christmas too.😢
Great show! Loved the ugly ornaments on the back of the tree!
Matt Damon was fantastic. His Matthew McConaughey impression was shockingly good. Great Show!
Why doesn't Matt Damon host the Oscars?
This and his love affair with Jimmy Kimmel are everything! SNL is on a roll! Great job Matt!
Great Show! Miley Cyrus was also fantastic. Love that she sang John Lennon Christmas song along with his son Sean.
Westminster Daddy’s was hilarious
I really enjoyed this episode of SNL. Matt Damon was very funny and the skits were amusing.
Cecily has been pure fire this season! Last night was also the funniest update in a long time....but just when they read eachothers jokes....that says something
This was a great episode of SNL. Very funny throughout.
The other two sketches with Cecily Strong had me hurt laughing. Thats Emmy stuff.
I don’t even know anything about Weezer and I Lmao at the sketch!
Ever played that game, which famous person would you like to sit next to at dinner? Einstein, Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe. Matt Damon would be one of my choices. Seems naturally witty. Bonus, he’s alive. 🤷🏻‍♀️
He does comedy really well, fits right in, one of the strongest shows of the season ,Best christmas ever video hilarious, watched it twice ,still laughing 😂😂😂
The Weezer Sketch was awesome
“ 16 yrs , ? that was 5 Jason Bourne’s ago” ! LOL Perfect !
He’s actually a really good talented actor!
He does very well as host, the show is truly funny and works.
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An argument about Weezer derails a Christmas dinner in a Saturday Night Live sketch that found Leslie Jones and Matt Damon debating the merits of the long-running alternative rock band.

Last nights episode of SNL was the funniest in years. Wonder what changed? New writers maybe?
Matt Damon deserves a Emmy for this 😂
I liked the sketch even though I have never knowingly heard anything by Weezer.
This was the best sketch of the night, followed by Che and Jost reading each other's jokes
And 'Pinkerton' is the best Weezer album, hands down...
This would have been even funnier if they found common ground by hating Nickleback.
No offence Tammy but drink my blood. Best line of the skit
I regrettably parted ways with them after the red album. It's been downhill since maladroit
Maladroit is the most underrated Weezer record of all time. It’s as good as Pinkerton.
Damon spelled backwards is nomad
Sounds like some of the Fleetwood Mac pages since April!
Actually, Everything will be alright in the end, is a very solid álbum, It's almost as good as Pinkerton
But yet not even a mention of Island In the Sun. Heeheehee. Love Leslie Jones!
Actually a funny skit from SNL. Suprising
-you know what band I always liked yellow card -no offense Tammy drink my blood 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Weezer Christmas EP is gold.
“Is this a thing people care about?” Yes. Yes it is...
Am I the only that doesn’t think the sketch was about weezer?
YOU 👏🏽 A👏🏽GROWN👏🏽ASS👏🏽MAN! Lol I’m with Leslie.
In Matt Damon's defense Raditude is an excellent album.
“Grow the hell up and listen to Raditude and Pacific Daydream.” 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Ex CBS president of late night programming east coast and Stern Show regular Vinnie Favale (who?) once said Weezer were “the Beatles of our generation...” Yikes
Make Believe is the best Weezer album.
I could never figure out the difference between Weezer and Ween myself.
I am glad to hear someone questioning wheezed, I never really “got it”
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Saturday Night Live took an It's a Wonderful Life approach to the Trump White House, imagining an alternate reality where Donald Trump didn’t become president.

I thought it was stupid. Baldwins impersonation was funny at first but now it's WAY over exaggerated. Boring. Make fun of the president and politics but the bashing has gone too far. I'll never watch SNL again. Overall boring and stale.
I'm really looking forward to the day they don't have such an entertaining administration to make fools of.
I often picture an alternate reality where Trump didn’t become President and The World respected the USA!
I thought it was fabulous! So funny. So true. America was always great until Trump.
The Impeachment Hearings in February will make great TV viewing.
....and Opportunity Zones never existed. The blight of inner city life continued as crumbling buildings housed the poor in jobless dank darkness. The Progressive model of keeping large segments of people down and dependent continued. Progressive Elites still stopped by, from a distance, as they didn’t want to get to close to dirty poverty lives and offered a hotdog and a coke for a 🗳 vote. Assured them they would still get a measly government check. Then the Progressive Elites will scurry away to their cocktail parties and pat themselves on the back and say “we showed them”. Then they schemed to import more poor and schemed to keep them down and dependent. Then bought more hotdogs and cokes and asked for votes, every couple years. The revitalization of blighted inner cities never happened. The Progressive Elites had bigger cocktail parties and all the blighted cities got bigger and doubled in size. The Progressive Elites lived happy lives. Looking down their noses at blighted lives.
A bunch of full grown adults so bored with their lives that they have to make fun of another? Sounds about right
"this is your new wife Hernia, she was a suitcase girl in the Serbian version of " Deal or no Deal"..😂😂😂
A really funny skit. I hope he was watching it
"Everytime a bell rings, someone in your cabinet quits or goes to jail" 😂 I'm weak lol
SNL best season ever😂😂😂😂
Fantastic episode last night, great job!
comedians have always made fun or a mockery from politicians..It gives more ideas of such a comical world
SNL Making America Great Again. Thanks to yours truly Agolf Twittler 45. 🤡😂🍄
This will be added to the best of SNL Christmas shows for decades to come.
Hilarious. Another great episode. Baldwin rules.
Thank you, SNL, for several minutes of a blissful fantasy.
I thought the funniest part was when everyone at the party left the room when Mueller came in . Criminals? Really funny! Matt Damon as Brett K-priceless
trump gives comedians too much information on tweeter pie and jump all over it
If only this could really happen where he wasn't president thank you Saturday Night Live for making me laugh
Why not just one where he doesn't exist at all?
If someone doesn’t like Rolling Stone, that’s their choice - but then why read these posts from RS? If someone doesn’t like SNL, fine, but then why watch it? BUT if someone doesn’t like Trump (or any President), they don’t have the choice to ignore “it.” That’s the difference.
I can’t imagine the fun these people have working. Way to go!
I bet it was trump Moscow as the #1 ultimate salt in his self inflicted wound or Melania becoming her own woman. A Great skit !