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Bob Dylan never toured in support of ‘Blood on the Tracks’, and three of the songs have only been played live a single time. Below, watch his live performance of "Buckets of Rain," which took place in Detroit in 1990.

I don’t even know if it’s considered a good Bob Dylan song, I’m not a Bob Dylan expert just been going through his songs but all I have been listening to recently is Tangled Up In Blue. I love that song.
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Jeff Tweedy appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and talked about his new memoir, how Wilco decided on 'Star Wars' for the title of their 2015 LP and recalled a Bruce Springsteen fib he told his friends in third grade. Watch below.

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The U.S. economy is growing, but for workers, it’s longer hours, lower pay and almost no security. What happened to the American dream?

Republicans happened.
Two words. Corporate greed.
Bc people like this vote republican , that’s why!!
One question: why is it that the cost of living has gone up,while corporate profits have also been at all time highs,yet wages in many industries have remained stagnant?
The CEO absorbed your pay into their multimillion compensation.
The working class is turning into a slave class, the stock market reflects the wealthy and wages have not kept up with inflation and the rental market is not affordable in every single major city in America . The uprising will surely be coming soon.
Work hard, join the Military, go to college, get a better job. If you want it that bad it can be done.
The American dream is dead.
They keep electing republicans... Actually it was the rise of financial services..analysts looked at the money and started labeling people into numbers, people turned into headcount, executives turned their loyalty to shareholders and that is not most of us...
We didn't learn from Reaganomics--Trickle Down means getting pissed on by the 1%.
I believe that American Dream vanished years ago, it's a damn shame when people spend more time at work than rasing their children and family time, I do understand in most cases there isn't a choice been there done that.
They gave it away to immigrants.
It's been ravaged by Republican policies and tax cuts for big businesses.
So lets steal more from the successful and give it to the unsuccessful.
It was stolen by the billionaire class!
Unless you're in the top 1% it will always be just a dream...🤷🏻‍♀️
This is why no one takes you serious. Stick to music bone heads.
Clinton gave away their welfare
There is no way that a person on a single normal income in the working world can actually afford to really live, salary has to be pretty high to live anywhere near where you work in order to avoid expensive transportation to work cost, and to afford a small 1 bedrm apt, and food and clothes, etc.
Was having a child really a good idea? I'm thinking "no".
A few years ago I tried to get help from the state to pay for some of the cost of day care because my husband was laid off. I was told that they would only pay if I opted for part time because my husband should be able to watch her. Even though, for one, it is not easy to get an open spot in daycare so switching back and forth from part time to full time would be a game of chance. Second, unemployment wants you to spend time looking for a job, so you can get off unemployment. Daycare is outrageous, but, it's understandable, I don't want the person taking care of my kid bitter becuase they are underpaid! So what has to happen? I could work full time but if half my paycheck goes to daycare then I am right back where I started anyway. I totally get why stay at home moms are on the rise. For a lot of women it is a necessity, not a choice. I now work part time and my husband works 2nd shift in order to avoid the daycare cost.
I work two jobs and still can't get ahead.
It failed. “Greed does not believe in karma. “Money before mercy, that’s the mantra.”
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It’s been seven years since Damien Echols walked out of an Arkansas prison after spending 18 years on death row for a crime he did not commit. Now, the West Memphis Three figure speaks as an advocate for criminal justice reform. He recently sat down for a Q&A with Sturgill Simpson. Here's what we learned.

Great guy. Live long and prosper.
& how many countless others who dont have a Kartrashian 2 represent them
I thought he pleaded guilty. Alfreds plea actually.
His ass is guilty
Martina Nic Giollabháin
Genevee Strickland
Melissa Holmes Robert Andrew
Dustin Spellman
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New leaked documents suggest Columbus police lied about reasoning behind Stormy Daniels' July arrest — and now her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, tells us she is considering legal action.

The only ones desperate are the officers involved. Are you saying that if you were falsely arrested by some yahoos you, yourself wouldn't want reparations?
Hope she does and wins
She and her lawyer have to make a living. No one will buy it anymore.
Ohio is corrupt and RED. They would do anything for Donnie the perv.
Why? Because her cash cow just stole her pocket book?
Did her lawyer get to hit it yet? Just asking for a friend (who wants to hit it too).
Still seeking the attention.
just here to read the salt from those who voted for the guy who screwed her when his wife was pregnant.
She BLOW through that $135k already....😂
She sounds like cnn!!!!!
Stormy why don't you go do Dallas
Give up gold digger
surprising no one
Wow this chick must be hard up for money.
Hahahahahahaha these two lol
just get it over with, and sue Columbus the Sailor #wench
Should've ask trump for more money than $135k.
Imagine if every POC sued departments for false arrests.
She better, she’s at 14 minutes and 59 seconds
Is she running out of money to pay her wanna be wise guy attorney?
Go away you two trolls!!!!
So she still a prostitute right?
she's got a leave of absence from Pornhub….
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Donald Trump claimed he “retired” Jeff Flake. He — and the GOP — will regret it now that Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is poised to take office.

I’m an Arizona voter. He helped but she ran s smart campaign.
She can do what Jeff Flake has been saying but not doing. Well done Arizona!
Karma is coming like a fresh ground of #Covfefe. 😂🤡🤯
CONGRATS Sinema!!!!
Gotta love those fraudulent ballots. Steal the vote!
Republicans have a hard time finding candidates who don’t have a criminal record. Sad!
All of 45’s half-baked plans will eventually come back to cook him. I, for one, eagerly await the “fall” chapters in the Rise and Fall of Donald J. Trump.
Except shes voted yes on more than 60% of trumps proposals..shes more centered then left..its still a win for us
The GOP might regret, but not Trump.
trump also "retired" Martha McSally! 😂🤣
Good job, AZ. Gonna stay blue as well
Hard to believe this whacko was voted in. We live in interesting times
AGOLF TWITTLER, Throw me some more tweets and tantrums. 🤡🤡🤡
Hey, he said he was on the ballot
The Republicans Purity Standard did in Flake. Of course the Purity Standard did in Hillary to some extent. Can we try not to do that again?
Thanks for Doug Jones too.
Thank you Arizona!
“Sewing division” - ironically your typo is what America needs
In this case tRump did do the Country a "Great Service".😁
the Spanky bump
Let's go Devils!
Thanks Donnie!
...One Senate seat won, several lost. Hmmmmm.
So much winning, HE can't even take it!
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Bob Dylan's unrecorded 1961 song "On, Wisconsin" finally gets a Dylan-approved recording by Wisconsin singer Trapper Schoepp. Here's how it happened.

Trapper Schoepp
Jacob Meister
Sean Govlick
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Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich listed out the other ways the finale’s tragedy was handled in earlier scripts of A Star is Born.

The ending tied in with what was previously alluded to in the film.
Lynne beinahe doch die Harley...
Isabel Duffy would we have cared though? 😂😂
They doing over kill on this movie, am already tired of the promotions, kinda spoils things.
Kathy M Shearer!
Chloe Dawn
Tracy Freeze
Max Ficarro
Rajesh Bikkanoori
Rachel Devries...
Arthur Vernacci Isabela Brianti
Jose Perez
Hope Ruhenkamp Brooke Ruhenkamp
Emilia Berglind 😱
Nikki Cohen Nicole Alexandra Emily Shapiro Cori Finglass
Jo Barker
Angelo Napolillo
Damari Casiano Torres