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Drake broke his own streaming record as 'More Life' sauntered to Number One on the strength of 505,000 total albums sold. 'More Life' also marked the seventh straight time a Drake LP has topped the Billboard 200.

Scott Wildman What you don't realize is they use a computer system to push his streaming through a marketing agency. It's equivalent of buying likes and shares on soundcloud. These are the tricks the business uses today to display popularity of an artist they have invested in such as Drake.
Luke Gorham I remember when drake was something i traded in school at lunch for a yodel. ALL music these days sounds much worse than yodeling. Its pathetic
Randy Petree Just because it sells well doesn't always mean it's good.
Travis Wootten Show me more ways the world is dumbing down as a whole. Thanks.
Jamie Lou Webb There's a lot of people with really bad taste in this world.
Charlene Sol Drake sucks. Rich boy from Thornhill. Did not start at the bottom.
Neil Canfield Every time I see him I think of that lame Canadian TV show DeGrassi and can not take him seriously.
Jeffrey Daniels In my day we had music I tells ya!!!!Real artists like Bon Jovi and Mister Mister and Loverboy.Shakes cane.
Ken Vail Jr. Breaking a streaming record is a dubious achievement at best lol..
Melissa L. Abbatiello God bless you and congratulations! Cincinnati loves you and we need your prayers...
Shane Estevez More Life = Gahbage. no typo
John Raynar Drake can't even play an instrument
Ted Tsesmelis Lemmings
Daniel Medina No one cares.
Michael Patrick Rogers Drake so Fake
John Jessome barf
David Welsh who
Lahiru Kas Listen to led zeppelin
Kevin Martinez Gio Paulo Jimenez Miguel Eisen Gan Allain Christian
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Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder teamed to sing the latter's "Happy Birthday" to Elton John at the rock legend's 70th birthday party in Los Angeles Saturday.

Deborah Ace Happy birthday, Sir Elton! Hope you're feeling as fab as you look!
Dwight Bratcher He helped write the soundtrack to my early years, "Burn Down the Mission", baby. Happy birthday Elton!
Paul Leavy Much hate on these posts. Some people need to get a life. Happy Birthday, Elton!
Beth Davis Wren No Yondr pouches here Lauren Thibault 📱or we have a violation 🙈
Ivan McCabe I can't believe Elton John is 70. He never ages. Happy birthday, Sir Elton John!!
Dwight Bratcher Lady Gaga's got more backbone and guts than you pod people will ever dream of having.
Denise Kooper HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to Elton John! His music always takes me back to the 70s, my teenage years (your song, will always be a favorite!)😊.
Ram De Leon Sir Elton John...two thumbs Up for you ! Happy 70th birthday sir !
Lee Lactaoen Ocaya Happy Birthday Sir Elton John! You so ROCK!!!
Max LaZebnik Wow, happy birthday Elton!
Bianca Brown This is the greatest headline I've ever seen Bronson Rabishaw Meredith Foley
Niel Marais Gays and trans gendered all together, makes sense hey.... World is sick!
Mary Hall Happy Birthdayv🍰 Sir Elton and many more Great entertainer 🌷🌸🌹
Öner Özaylak Rock legend? Come on....
Owen G. Crutcher Happy Birthday Sir Elton John...
Carrie Oakey great lyrics! ;) HBD!
Lorde Joseph lady gaga looks like my mom
Sher Idan Elton DID NOT perform at the event!
Jim Williamson I thought he was older
Antonie Keesling Happy Birthday!
محمود علي العراقي To invest the information revolution to stop the intellectual domination of the leaders of terrorism We must invest the information revolution, the Internet and other communication methods that have opened communication between people, to stop and raise the arrogance, dictatorship, domination and intellectual phonology of the imams and leaders of terrorism and atonement who do not allow people to see only what they see. alsayyed alhassany alsarki
Steve Bates Is that a pic above of a tranny and a drag queen?
Mike Vee I can't stand that heartless fur hag.
Bob Mcmanus She looks like a damn marshon
Forrest McFarland
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Snoop Dogg will induct his late friend 2-Pac/Tupac Shakur sh into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at the April 7th ceremony in Brooklyn, Rolling Stone has confirmed.

Dorian Chappa Here comes all the racist "Metalheads" and douche bags that listened to 80's hair metal saying he shouldn't be in because it's "not Rock n Roll". Shut up and cut your mullet off your balding heads. It's not cool now and it definitely wasn't 30 years ago.
Nicole VanZandt Apparently none of you know anything about history in music. Rock and Roll birthed hip hop. If you look at early acts like the Sugar Hill Gang you see a similarity in the beats and rythym. Rock and roll birthed the funk era as well which likely had more of an influence on Hip Hop. To pretend like 2 Pac doesn't deserve it is appalling. Smh.
Meghan Cowan There are so many artists in the Rock & Roll Hall of fame that aren't "rock" they should probably just change it to Music Hall of fame. I predominantly listen to rock BUT Tupac made huge contributions to music....should he be in the "Rock" hall of fame? No. But music Hall of fame absolutely. Let's just change the name, problem solved
Aaron Dowell It always amazes me how people get so upset by things that don't affect them in anyway. None of your lives will change, and if you visit, just walk by. There are real issues you can spend your valuable Facebook time on. You can even do it on the same device you're typing whiny comments into.
John G Anno Apparently Tupac is more "rock and roll" than Alice In Chains?
Christopher Chance I don't get it ?? Why doesn't rap and hip hip have their very own hall of fame? You don't see players from college getting inducted into pro hall of fames and they are playing the same sport. This isn't even the same music. Rap is joke now and can barely be considered music really. I get older hip hop like DMC being allowed in but, Tupac was a gangster rapper there was nothing artistic about talking a bunch of crap.
Bryon Stephens Tupacs music is dope. But shouldn't someone organize a hip hop hall of fame? It's definitely not in the Rock n roll music genre. Just saying.
Aaron Davis I play death metal. The extreme hair whipping death metal BUT pac is one of my biggest musical influences. He made amazing music and spoke the truth. Regardless of what the hall of fame's called he's earned it. He took primitive rap to the next level.
Jud Graham So, before people complain about rap not being "rock," maybe they should look at the list of previous inductees. There are literally dozens of artists who don't fit a rigid definition of what rock and roll is/was, but who had an influence on the music and rock culture. A few examples: Woody Guthrie - Folk Bill Monroe - Bluegrass/Country Bob Marley - Reggae Brenda Lee - Country Chet Atkins - Country Hank Williams - Country Jimmie Rogers - Country Jimmy Cliff - Reggae Johnny Cash -Country There are many more examples if you look.
Amanda Phelps Rock and Roll was started by people like Chuck Berry, Elvis, and Alan Freed who chose to play it! They all played rock music! There was no such thing back then as grunge, pop, or rap music! It was just rock and roll! I don't see how Tupac fits into this genre but I'll agree neither did Johnny Cash! But if the rock and roll hall of fame inducts everyone than Tupac is no diff!
Scott Nicholson Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard...all belong there. Snoop tupac and madonna.....NO. And call me a racist to my face and this metalhead will show you the true meaning of You've got another thing coming. Now stfu and pull your pants up
Sean Kelly Sooner or later Brittany Spears will be inducted too. We all know it's coming.
Brandon Mumford I kinda teared up when RHCP was inducted... I'm going to be a blubbery bastard for this one lol. I for real got goossbumps.
Derek English The Rock n Roll HoF is for legends and 2-PAC deserves to be there. I am a Metalhead but music holds no borders and he deserves the recognition.
Mike Knapp To everyone saying "that isn't rock n roll", please explain what rock n roll is? To me, rock n roll is ignoring all the rules, and making the music you want. Otherwise, you need to lay down a set of rules that would disqualify 90% of the current inductees. Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard would be real lonely.
John Gazzola Such roll models. I can't wait for the 2030 Time Life Series. "Who can forget this love song when you and your honey were drinking a forty. Face down ass up..."
Darragh McEvoy It's such a joke... and all these people trying to think up excuses as to why a RAPPER who sung... sorry spoke... RAP MUSIC should be in the Rock'n'Roll hall of fame, is it any wonder Lemmy didn't want to be in it. Pathetic. I'm not saying he mightn't be a good artist but he's about as Rock'n'Roll as a damp cloth.
Logan McKinley I had 1 initial reaction to this, bout fuckin time, but as I read more comments it made more sense to not induct rap into rock n roll Hall of fame for obvious reasons. If we do we would have to make sure any deserving rock band has been inducted first and now we have absolutely no other rock bands to induct then maybe maybe start adding rap, actually no, change rock n roll hall of fames name to music Hall of fame. I love alot of rap. I would say I am a rap enthusiast but this generation is losing its categorizing abilities. If you walked into a grocery store and saw strip steak now sorted inbetween the Carrots and asparagus you wouldnt be like, ahh what the hell, it's all great food isn't it? No, you would be like, this sign says produce.
Jenny Jones Rock and roll connects to all genres of music. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is about appreciating and acknowledging all the different types of influential artists in the world and that is a part of music history. Tupac is one of them and deserves a spot.
Mitch Wakka-wakka Welburn Wow Tupac was one of the most influential musicians in recent history. Hes like the rap beatles. Have aome respect (im not even a fan but i recognize talent and influance when i see it)
Natalie Lattimer Its called "Rock and Roll Hall of fame" not "Hip Hop hall of fame" no hip hop artist belongs in there not even Eminem so gtfo with "we're racist" bullshit and wtf did tupac really accomplish in his few years in the industry. If they are goin to start inducting rap artists i can think of a way better list. Yes im a metal head, but i am also very very fond of the 90's rap era including tupac
Alex Campbell Lol, you racist pricks. I would much rather have a "thug" who tried to better the situation and life for himself and others through his poetry inducted to the hall of fame, than I would another drug addled burnout who can pluck a few strings and barely put a few sentences together to make a song that sounds like all of their other songs. And yes, congrats on realizing two different things are different, but its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, not Hall of Rock and Roll Fame. Get over yourselves.
Rob Connell Wow, a lot of controversy here. I'm of the opinion that people can differ over what amounts to "rock and roll" without being racists. But here come those that know better, and turn it into another cultural debacle. Lighten up for god's sake.
Lawrence D. Land You ever notice how the Whypipo(?) have staked their claim on "Rock and Roll" like they invented it or something? Rock and Roll was originally called Rhythm N' Blues before it was Columbused by the Whypipo(?). Hip-hop/Rap is an offshoot of spoken word, Jazz, blues, and what you all call "Rock and Roll."
Patrick Kenwabikise Anyone here gonna make a comment on how we all believe he's still alive and that hes probably gonna be in like the back row in a disguise? No? Alright, then I insert that comment here
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When Glenn Kotche first got to Brazil in 2005, he felt a little out of place. Wilco's drumming dynamo and a composer in his own right, Kotche was in Salvador, on the country's eastern coast, with bassist Darin Gray – his partner in the duo On Fillmore – playing at Perc Pan Festival.

Daney Metzger Rolling Stone like to romanticize murdering terrorists and now you say the hate mongering cunt Samantha Bee is the best thing that ever happened to late night TV. You are some sick mother fuckers!!
Emily Gregory Would you please send this to #MarkZuckerberg? Everyone has a goal. Some build it on rock foundations, and others on tinted glass. People create themselves into the versions that they want to reflect. How they came to glimpse that mirror in the first place is made in the mindset of their past actions. Every moment of our lives added up to this precise time in existence. Who we are is a product of those thoughts compounding and multiplying. It is as perfect and flawless as the Fibonacci Sequence. With every passing moment, thoughts behind actions lead to the next. With every epiphany-rising there are deja vu surprises, and our thoughts get tied together. Facebook already changed this reality by creating countless windows for the world to stare into. This virtual reality mirrors the minds of those reflections. It is ever recording humanity. From a child's first day of school to the most profound of human accomplishments, it is all here. Our goal should be to change the world from chaos to peace. There is a way to spread wealth easily to those most in need. It takes a crane to make a crane. I propose a system built on simple design and right action using the rock foundation we call capitalism. The idea is a global network of food trucks, to make giving as easy as buying lunch. If you buy a meal, it gives a meal to a child in need. The system is "theflyingplate" over land and sea. If you are interested in this, there is a complimentary farm concept. By making a list on your wall, people would sign up to donate food trucks. Celebrities, politicians, organizations, cities, and anyone else who would like to donate could use it as both a tax right off and as a mobile advertisement. It would take a tremendous amount of dollars and sense to see this succeed. It is everyone's responsibility. Let us feed the children and cultivate peace by ending World Hunger one plate at a time. Please get in touch with me to discuss this project. God Bless!
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Last Thursday, President Trump released his proposed federal budget, and the arts and humanities, among other social needs programs, appear to be at severe risk.

Amy McIntyre I don't understand how this administration can talk about "fiscal responsibility" and "the proper role of the federal government" while spending more than the annual NEA budget on Trump Tower and Mar-A-Lago security and expenses.
Virginia Weston This is actually funny. And this is why. The rich and the super rich collect art, it's their big status symbol thing. No more artists, no more art. No more Beethovens, no more Chopins, no more ballets, no more symphony orchestras, no more Tennessee Williams, not to mention the obvious, no more Picassos, no more Van Goghs. While it's true that you have to be dead to get true recognition, it doesn't take away from the fact that you needed to be alive, and able to do your stuff in the first place.
Jeffrey Daniels Every great civilisation has had public funding of the arts.Remember when conservatives were intellectuals?When did it become a badge of pride for the right to be uneducated louts?
Mason Frost The government has a role that was designated to them, and, unfortunately to some, that doesn't include arts. Whether it is $10 annually or $1 billion, it is unwarranted spending.
Lynne Dee Christensen Let your politicians know you support PBS (Btw it only costs each of us $1.35 a yr in taxes so we're only paying like 10¢ a month each.) Trump's proposed budget cuts funding for the Corporation For Public Broadcasting. PBS & NPR Stations nationwide depend on these funds to remain on air. Help preserve trustworthy news, children's educational programming, local programming & so many other award winning shows. As per my local PBS station WHYY let your politicians know you want them to preserve federal funding for public tv. To help save PBS find your politician's name & contact info @ -->>
Diane Stevens Ottesen Its more important for him to spend millions playing golf...smh...idiots
Robert Watefurett Hefferman Pay no attention to the Dems cutting funding to the arts and ROP programs in California for the last 10 years.
Michael Smith Another in a long line of things that must not stand!!!
Sharon Jean Yes, lets get rid of culture, since things are not going my way. And cuz I'm A prick, too.
Sharon Jean Is this Bastard gonna cut ALL HE CAN??? WHY? So he can have it? FCKN LOSER BASTARD FAKE-ASS President.
Sonny Taylor Sorry excuse for a govt we have
Ken Collins The arts are more important than national security?
Danny Boatman Gotta pay for Obamacare someway.
Kola Juncaj Cut teachers pay so greedy teachers work 9 months
Angustias Maria Ocaña 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Jamika Bish The arts are more important than national security?
William Wagner Here's all I have to say about Trumpworld:
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Following Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds' private joint funeral in January, fans will pay tribute to the actresses Saturday afternoon as part of a family-sponsored public memorial in Los Angeles. That memorial will be live-streamed starting at 1 p.m. PST.

Lolly Wilk Schwartz Imagining both gone so close in unison makes me physically ill. Really, it's like I lost a part of me. Just so sad. to the bone.
Lana Cole I still cannot believe Carrie is gone. I've worshipped Leia since I was little💔
Paul Morrison Loved them both!
Sean Jeffery Beautiful!
LuAnn Hoffman Hultgren What network is broadcasting this?
Diane Stevens Ottesen Beautiful picture of peace...
Joe Homsy This is a precious image!
Rebecca White Shifflet Wish I could be there...💔
Deb Dial :(
Dev Chastain I just want them back.
Shannon Reilly Nice
Bill Miller Great photo of them.
Adam Firooz God bless🌞🌷
Tina Kuiper Jessica Kuiper
Jose Fifthy
Natalia Barraclough George Yeoman
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Don Hunstein, the photographer who captured the iconic image of Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo that adorns the singer's 'Freewheelin' Bob Dylan,' has died at the age of 88.

Joe Homsy I bought this album new. I used to torture my Mom by playing it. I got her to admit that she kinda liked him. Still have the album but it got wet from being under the house during a move...damn!
Vlad Costea In the past year, most of the Rolling Stone articles that came up in my newsfeed have been about celebrity deaths. These are hard times for classic rock fans.
Justin Grell People are talking about your son online, they even shared your post. If you had small fliers I could hand out at my hot dog stand it would be helpful!
Kaygen Dache Nick Holcombe RIP to this bloke but i thought it said Bob Dylan died
Eric Bogdan Dylan fans from all over the world still go to that NYC location and take photos. Once when I was standing there a Japanese tourist asked me to take his photo.
Brannon Parker Alessandra Marie this is how I picture us every time we walk together.
David Korona I love this album cover...every bit iconic as Meet The Beatles, London Calling...
Miguel Quinones I just finished watching Vanilla Sky today too. What a coincidence
Anthony Champion Great album. Got it way back when it was first released.
Ammer Tufail Always loved this album cover...
Jane Firestone Great photo! It was the first time I laid eyes on the man.
Hannah Priscilla This immediately makes me think of Vanilla Sky! Number one favorite movie.
Sue Kenny Oh no just found about Bob, how very sad another great artist, hope he is happy and blowing in the wind ,I send this x to blow with him, God bless Bob
Francis Moses May God rest his soul in peace. Ur memories are blowing in the wind. Gonna miss you Bob.
John Davies One of my first albums and still one of my favourites well over fifty years later, iconic cover too!
Goliath E Hatecraft this is stretching the whole death fade, is this just making news and shameless buzz off of death
Judy McCue She died about a month ago too.
Michael Holland One of the greatest debut albums of all time
Steve Cottrell Oh sorry to hear iconic photo
Jean Luc Daubisse It is jhonn baes close to him ?
Chris Loftin One of my all time favorite album covers
Agnes Armstrong God bless
Antonella Dell'Aquila best cover of all time
Abraham Power Grant One best album covers of all time rip bob
Dee Dee Farrar Check out Guy Webster's book
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The Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Life After Death' was released 20 years ago today. Here's why it is one of the greatest albums of the 1990s.

Daniel Ferguson-Maltzman These kinds of lists are, of course, subjective, but my vote goes to Soundgarden's Superunknown as the best album of the 1990's. It's a masterpiece that doesn't get the prestige or recognition that it deserves.
Mariano Rubio López Estas listas me hacen cagar de la risa... puros yankees y britanicos... ellos son el mundo entero.. ajjaj lo peor es q el 80% son yankees y el 60% son grupos q ni las mamas los conocen... consejo para rolling stone: dejen elegir a la gente de 30 años en adelante q somos los q realmente sabemos de musica de los 90.. y escuchen algun dia a soda stereo, virus, charly garcia, pappo o los redonditos de ricota y van a saber lo q es buena musica
Doug Layton What a joke!! Dr. Dre at #2? Did the 90's really suck that bad? To be honest, I may have listen to 5-10 of the albums on the list. The rest never made it to my portfolio.
C Andrew Morrow All i can is. If you have a problem with these list your taste in music stinks. Some of my personal favs might be lower then what i would of liked to seen. Now with no STP or Alice in chains a little iffy. Still most of these i listen to then and still do.
Matt Kraybill Where's stp and Alice n chains? No DAVE Matthews band either...weren't they the one of the highest grossing bands of the 90s as well as bringing back the acoustic guitar?
Hubert Sauvageau This list is lame... you used to give a really good list in the 90s-00 ... now you just change the charts trying to be relevant with hipsters ... you know so many on this list shouldnt be there...
Nicholas Antone Luke How the hell can you not have Eiffel 65's Europop or Matchbox Twenty's Yourself or Someone Like You? Some of those albums seemed like reaches, where as those 2 are solid albums
Ronald Alegria Lame list. Alice In Chains should be in the top 20
Brenda Hensley-Davis Rolling stone is so biased. This list is so wrong. The Chronic album by Dr. Dre should be in the top 5. What about Ice cubes debut album. Sound garden superunkown should be the the top 10. I never even listened to Neil young and he has 2 albums!!bullshit what about STP, Alice In Chains, no doubt. You even snubbed Michael Jackson
Joe James I like the lists in general but this one is lacking. No STP or Alice In Chains but Pavement and Moby are on there? Get real RS. Pavement and Moby were jokes and IMO Pearl Jam's Ten is the best album of the 90's. Also , where is Vs and Vitology? Way to drop the ball, big time.
Martin Harvey-Olson Foo fighter colour and the shape should be on here
Jacob Smith Some glaring mistakes. How is Angel Dust by Faith No More, Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos, or the Foo Fighters self titled album not on here??!! Or any of Ice Cubes solo records like wtf?!?!
Ian Elfers Ready to Die Illmatic Reasonable Doubt The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill..? Does that count as "Hip-hop" idk but that album is fire too
Dylan Bissett How is the prodigy not featured in this?? The fat of the land?? No tool either..
Carlo Vì Da Moby ai Nirvana, bastano due nomi per fare capire che razza di decennio insignificante e fastidioso
Kagen McKinney The fact that they listed 40 albums better than Use Your Illusion 1&2 astounds me
Danny Cole Not including a Tori Amos album in this list is rather embarrassing.
Mark Branstetter No STP or Alice in Chains? Nirvana Unplugged #95? Wow!
Nicholas Antone Luke Best album from the 90s is, hands down, Euro pop from Eiffel65.
Lacy Moore So many mistakes in this top that should have been in the top 20 and y'all have them in the 80s and 90s. Blech!
Cristian Gorrino No elliott smith? Tool Aenema? Alice in chains? There is a lot missing
Barron Vaughan Towler Where's that 1998 Queens of the Stone Age debut? Infinitely better than Nevermind.
Rossen Pentchev Really? No Bowie, no FNM, no Alice in chains, no NIN's Fragile? You're kidding :)))
William Ellis Perdue Unless I missed it Tuesday night music club should be on there by Sheryl Crow or Even her second album both very good 90s albums.
Helio Ruiz Loaiza C'mon alice in Chains!