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The Postal Service released ‘Give Up’ 15 years ago today. See why it’s one of the greatest one-album wonders.

Last week I had the strangest dream..
Not really fair to put Jeff buckley on this list. He'd have had many more albums had he not died.
Denise Law 15 years!?!
Megan Puthoff Rachel Glass 15 years!!
Phi Lip yesss
Such a great album!
Jon Lacy this album always reminds me of you!
Caroline Morchat still remember such great heights because of u 😌
How is Them Crooked Vultures not on this list.
GREAT ALBUM! Kinda glad there was no follow up cuz I don't think it could live up to GIVE UP. BTW 15 years ago. . .I'm old.
I heard a few songs during the summer in Park Sloap NYC. I had to ask the bartender and some guys sitting next to me who they were. I played this album for the next couple of years all the time :)
Shakespears Sister's Hormonally Yours or Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell should make that list.
Heard this playing in a coffee shop on Okracoke Island. A couple obviously knew the tunes and were grooving to them. After we exited I asked them who it was and he told me that it was The Postal service and they were groovy. Ordered the CD as soon as I got home a loved it. My son,7 at the time, really liked some of the songs as well! Saw them on that last tour. Great album.
Still one of my favorites
Whoa this brings me back! Amazing album
Best Album of the 2000's!!!
Jeremy Rinehart this album is only #9!?
One of my favorites!!❤️
Erin Lane always makes me think of the Coop Crew!
Shane Michael ha we were just talking about them
God, I feel old.
Emily Milda Kel 💜
Such great heights
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In the aftermath of another school shooting, John Oliver applauded the courageous students of Parkland, Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for stepping into the forefront of the gun control debate on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Yes, so agree with Cheryl Chaytor ! We in Australia are heartened to see these amazing young people speakup. It will be a long road, they may have to wait for the bigoted NRA mentality to die out but keep the momentum. Australia appludes you !!!
They’re too young and too indoctrinated to remember that Columbine happened right smack in the middle of the previous “assault weapons” ban whose only effect was to spike civilian interest in semiautomatic firearms, much less previous campus shootings with regular old fashioned bolt action hunting rifles like in ‘66. Because of the ban there are now exponentially more “scary” guns out there than ever before, making an already counter-productive initiative even less effective. And it ignores entirely that, other other than occasional spectacular news events, those scary guns are used in very few murders, especially compared to any other weapons including other types of firearms. A misleading attempt to brand these neutered firearms “weapons of war” may help stir up emotional responses among those who don’t know any better, but it does us no good to eschew the pragmatic reason and sober thought around realities of our current circumstance and human nature, just because they’re uncomfortable.
So tired of the gun control debates, that are school shooting incited, when in truth very little is allocated for school defense, when our greatest future resources and treasures of our lives spend so many hours there... I posted this in a what to do thread earlier. We for the most part have zero mass shooting in prisons. If government would have the same regard for keeping the children safe as they do for keeping criminals secure perhaps these senceless acts would not happen. Student Id that has to be scanned at an initial entry point would help deter unauthorized people on campus. Metal detection should be implemented. The school should be completly enclosed, with check points at entry locations. Fencing would suffice, with survelliance. Schools should be our safest place. They are our public funded day cares so the parents can work. Those parents school tax dollars should have greater allocations for security. These shooting are a failure, not of gun laws or control, but of people control. Regulations only control those willing to be regulated. Our goverment officials, and school system administration throughout the country are directly responsible for allowing these tragic incidents to occur. It can be stopped simply through much improved school protection policy... And since the lives at stake are our children the tax payers should have no issues with cost or freedom restrictions where security measures are implemented to keep them "safe".
Young people rise up and have your voices heard!!!! Out with the old regime, in with the new. We are routing for you in Canada!
F that guy
The most dangerous enemy of the USA is the NRA. They kill thousands every year!
Missed You John. So good to have you back on the air.
Hey Republicans - American teenagers are coming for you. These kids have great social media skills and know how to use them. If you thought women in pink hats was a problem, wait until you have to deal with angry teenagers with cell phones. You will lose.
So proud of these young people for standing up and calling out BS when they see it. Also, interesting was the Mayberry film clip.
They are not too young, not are they indoctrinated. They will be voting very soon, so watch out! They are the future, and this is their world. Time for the old white men to retire and let the new generation take over and make the world they see fit. They deserve a say more than those that will be dead soon! We need to listen to them.
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Bill Nye The Science Guy is back – and, like the millennials who grew up watching him on TV, his interests have matured. Netflix's Bill Nye Saves the World tackles the science behind complex subjects like climate change, the sexual spectrum, and, yes, marijuana.

He's not a scientist. Fake news.
See, a couple of hours ago I read this article about Facebook's annus horribilis. In sum, we're accusing fb of "feeding us crap", and other social networks of being addictive and destroying the fabric of Society. Now I see this headline about this man known as The SCIENCE Guy, and how he intents to go beyond, and the first thing in line is: the Science of pot. He means to talk about how we are damaging the only planet we can live in so far, but whomever wrote the headline went for the weed clickbait. Yet Zuckerberg is Evil Incarnate. FA. Scinating... 🙄
What a joke he is.
this guy just sucks
Science guy , not a Scientist
Star Kneitz bout time
Please have the same intro theme 😂
Never did care for him.
F that guy
Ma man
He’s not even a scientist. Mental illness has increased in America 30% over the last 20 years In Colorado where pot has been legalized, this psychoactive chemical has increased admissions to psychiatric wards have increased 3 fold. As if we need another tragedy to push our kids over the edge. Medicinal is one thing. Recreational is a disaster for the disease of addiction.
Brian we should add this to our list to watch.
Stefano Carlos Quaradeghini
Oren David Lumawig Gemely
Ryan Griggs
Scottie Fame
Rob Campbell
Anthony Chiaravalloti
Dylan Serra
Justin Sousa
Only two genders
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With NBA All-Star festivities going down this past weekend in Los Angeles, all the greatest basketball stars in the world gathered in one place. Rolling Stone asked a dozen players like Draymond Green and Andre Drummond to provide insight on what they're currently enjoying in music, from past to present.

I like when they say they listen to "everything" which is limited to two genres of music.
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John Oliver and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returned from its winter break Sunday to deliver a scathing look at Donald Trump's foreign policy (or lack thereof) and how the world views it, from vacant ambassadorships in crucial nations to an "America First" mandate that alienates allies.

This is whoopie goldbergs bitch
He's the Jon Stewart replacement we need and deserve.
Small minds suffer the inability to comprehend the big picture...
So glad that John Oliver's back makes this nightmare we're living in at least we can have moments of laughter even if it's laughing at the horrible living and due to The Man Child in the White House
Our State department has been gutted by the ignorance and criminal negligence of this so-called president who thinks that he is "the only one that matters". His words.
I have missed this guy!!!! Welcome back!
Watched it. Jon’s got it going on!!
haha..I like Trump N his family Just getting tired of you all bitching about him.. Said the same things about Obama n now Trump.. Ya all will never be satisfied..smh
and the world is still laughing. make america truly great. have them understand they have about 350 mil. world 7.6 bil.. who are you people to think you should go first in line? with this idiot you put yourselves on par with a dictatorship. one world one people . time to join the rest of humanity.
Love this manic guy !
Finally!!! He was gone way too long!!
Wow,this is really scathing,he read that telempromter scathingly for the n-th time since the election,but real scathingly this time
So missed him. Welcome back, John Oliver!
I think ICE should pay John Oliver a visit.
Brilliant episode!
chocolate gulag...we’ll have you John O! 🤨😂
Welcome back!!!
Worth watching all of this!
Trump is the World
What foreign policy???
just another dumbass!!!
and why does his opinion matter not from here STFU
Recharged / affirmed the common decency sentiment lots of Americans feel and have .
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It's been almost six years since Scissor Sisters released their fourth album, and now lead singer Jake Shears has gone solo. He is also about to release his memoir, 'Boys Keep Swinging.' In this excerpt, he details the height of Scissor Sisters' success at the 2010 Glastonbury Festival and his encounters with Bono and David Bowie in New York City.

Sheldon Olding, Ryan Ghosto.... He's back!
Oh boy. We need this.
I miss Scissor Sisters. 💔😔
Can't see tits on the radio. Chris Devers
Colby Reed!!!!
Stephanie Clark Miller
Jack Torrance
Kent Wiese
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Happy birthday Millie Bobby Brown! Here’s how Stranger Things turned into a top-notch TV teen drama.

Any single episode of Dark was way better than the whole second season of ST.
Nicely written article, sums up how I feel about this show. Eleven is a great character and the actress is great too. Even if the directors aren’t always sure where they are going, they ended up in a good place. I liked watching the process. I don’t understand why people find the second season boring. There must be a lot of ADD out there. Pay attention people, this is great stage craft you’re getting to witness. Character development is off the charts.
It wasn't an accident, nostalgia sells.
Wish they'd kept more of a focus on the thriller/horror aspect but on the flip side they changed the format for season two and it didn't fall flat on it's face so what do I know. Hard to see where they're going to take it for a third season though without it all becoming either ridiculous or tediously obvious. Waiting with baited breath.
Anyone else suddenly hearing her agent on the phone as portrayed on the The Howard Stern Show?
Season One was Great to watch with my kids. Season 2 was a bore to be honest !
The discovery of orgasm😁
Loved both seasons!
We share a birthday. Neat finally a cool celebrity haha
Awesome serie!
Riley Baxter
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Fergie's rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the NBA All-Star Game was met with criticism and derision Sunday night after the Black Eyed Peas singer opted to turn the National Anthem into a bluesy torch song.

why can't people handle anything that is unique or different. open your minds. you don't have to like it....just appreciate someone's interpretation. everything doesn't have to be Wonder Bread.
I'm still trying to figure out why we play the national anthem at domestic sporting events. I get playing it at the Olympics and during international competition.. makes perfect sense. But it isn't like before IBM and Intel have a meeting (two big american corporations just like 2 football or basketball teams) they play the anthem. And I love the anthem!
They complained about Jimmie Hendrix’s rendition of the star spangled banner. I believe it’s one of the greatest. I haven’t heard this version of the national anthem.
When you can’t actually sing without auto tune, that’s the end result.
Excuse me if I ruffle some feathers, but it was awful. It's akin to putting a mini-skirt on your 99 yr.old grandma. It's not something you can 'jazz' up and make it sound good. Fergie went over-kill on the jazzy stuff... didn't sound good... PERIOD. Oh,one more thing... I LOVE JAZZ!!
Fergie is so up her own ass, she thought she killed it.
I love that Fergie's National Anthem has been on my timeline more than the Florida school shooting. Either I have shitty friends on my timeline, or it is a tell tale sign of America's current state. I am hoping it's the former.
dont know why people get all twisted ... she didnt sound bad, just the arrangement is too different to what people are expecting or used to hearing ...
Is it okay to laugh at her performance without being disrespectful to the Americans???
Oh come on people! She did fine and YES...she can sing. So it was different...she didn't change the song...just sang it in her own way. I swear people just love to tear others down..thats what is disgusting and awful. It wasn't perfect but it certainly wasn't what so many are saying here. Perhaps she should have sang it straight but she didn't and it didn't make me squirm.
Why do you Americans mess around with your National Anthem at every public event. It ruins it, play it as it should be played 🇬🇧🇺🇸
Oh dear! What a disaster. Never works when someone tries to make a national anthem ‘their own’! Sing it straight. Sing it well. Works far better and is much more impressive. Especially the US anthem as it’s not an easy sing.
Get in line, march in lockstep... No room for individuality in THIS country's anthem, right? That third verse sure is a humdinger, huh?
I loved it! But again why oh why do we need the national anthem played at games where 2 US teams are playing each other? I mean I can see at an international event like the Olympics but other than that............time for this nationalistic, militaristic propaganda to end. Another thing that needs to stop is at MLB games on Sunday's they play "God Bless America" ever since 9-11. Hymns are for church, let's leave them there.
Surely they practice in front of other people before they come out and peform that Live??? Where were her advisors?!?! That was embarrassing!!
She put herself out there. I think she did a good job at converting the song. It didn't sound right but she had good delivery. I would have preferred a patriotic song.
I mean, I've heard better renditions, but I've heard a lot worse ones too. She wasn't TRYING to make it sound kinda crap, she's just not a great singer. We have more important things to worry about.
Wow! Wasn’t exactly like Ray Charles’ fantastic rendition of America the Beautiful, was it? She wouldn’t have made it through on The Gong Show.
That was SUPER awkward! Some of the players & Jimmy Kimmel were laughing. Why would you even think to turn that into a burlesque torch song?
After that “rendition”, I had to listen to Marvin Gaye’s version to cleanse my mind. If you are going to take “artistic license”, make sure you have the soul to make your audience feel it.
Normally I love to hear a creative artist put their own spin on the National Anthem. Best example I have is the version done by Jose Feliciano in Detroit during the 1968 World Series. So many hated it then. But it really stood up to the test of time and is considered an iconic NA moment by millions of people today who heard it back then. That's not going to happen to Fergie's version though. #trainwreck
For me?... I liked it! Artists are meant to reinvent. If she would’ve stayed with the standard riff nobody would’ve cared. At least she took a risk by putting her own musical spin on it. Worthy.
Some songs don't need all the "extras"...and this song is an example. The words to The Star Spangled Banner, are strong need for the riff-raff....just sing it.
Remember, when Trump fan Rosanne Barr really butchered the Anthem, while mocking it? She's getting a new TV show. Ease up on those willing to risk improv. Others are actually trying to be bad when they do it.
She sounded like Fergie. She's got a unique singing style, not necessarily bad, but the national anthem is a classic song, and she doesn't have a classic singing style.