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Xscape made a triumphant return to music at the BET Awards with a powerful medley. Watch below.

Brent Bare I've always liked Xscape. In my eyes they we're like the Female version of Jodeci.
RoRo Nelly I'm sorry I like them in the 90's! But I did not like them tonight. Just sounded terrible
Shauna Marie Nice to see them all looking well.
Melissa Tucker Brings back many memories.
Elizabeth Wilson Way to go!
Mandy Graham Bringing back high school memories
Adriana Martinez Samantha Pimentel
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Lorde scored her first Number One album as her second LP 'Melodrama' topped the Billboard 200 in its debut week, leading the way on a shook-up Top 10 that featured six new releases, including albums by 2 Chainz, Fleet Foxes, Jason Isbell and Nickelback.

Nickolas Butterfield Having a number one record now is not the same as having a number one ten years ago. If you have even a publicist, your can crack the billboard top ten. Not trying to hate on Lorde, but album sales to Adele, and there is no comparison
Paul Compton The songs she sang on SNL were melodramatically awful. None of the fun catchiness of "Royals."
Kenny Dugan Congrats Randy Marsh!!!
Steve Hamilton I am Lorde! Lorde Lorde Lorde yah yah yah Lorde
Tommy Smith Nickleback lol Seriously, who buys that s**t???
Jimmy Beringer Who is Nickelback?
Anita Diick She deserves it. <3
Kyle McElgunn 👎👎👎
Jimmy Stallings Randy Marsh is going to make Bank for sure now.
Jim Cooper Randy Marsh is amazing!!!
Nick Falletta "I am Lorde, yah yah yah!"
Seth Przygoda Who
Danielle Goodall Kelsey 😍
Bert Massey Mads Massey
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From Leslie Jones hosting the show to big-name performances, here's everything you need to know about tonight's BET Awards.

Mel Bell Half way through watching it. Man I love Bruno Mars and Leslie is doing a great job!
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In October of 2005, Bono was down in Cancun, Mexico relaxing before U2 kicked off the second leg of their Vertigo Tour when he sat down with Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner for a cover story interview. The discussion lasted for over ten hours across two days.

Nathan Flach I used to like U2 until Bono sold out to a bunch of experimental eugenics United Nations vaccine and food programs with death and side effects in Africa, and realized Bono was a corporate pharma shill, not a rebel punk anymore, lol
Shawn Gailey I've listened to the entirety of U talking U2 to me and uh yeah Bono has too many connections to too many shady ass people for me to support him
Lee Ann Hurn Campbell It was a great interview. He's a deep thinker and unexpectedly self-deprecating.
Pinpín Corredor Once upon a time in Larry's kitchen...
Jake Iverson You poppin' my stones, bro?
Iain McGregor Wealth hoarding tax dodgers
Nicole Moen Dude has no chill! 😂
Ed Fitzpatrick
Maura Patricia Brad Hess your boy bono
Katrin Schanz 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍
Tania Bessone Viu isso, Célia Tavares?
Brett Michael Wright Julianne, Tom!
Eoghan Lenihan Eamonn Lenihan John Andrews
Mateo Larrea Ferro Ramon Larrea
Zulaikha Tokhi Caitriona O'Brien my ❤️🤓👅
Lulu Lopez Liana
Chris Hudson David Wyatt Poindexter
Trish Cee Cindy
Tim Sayles Melissa Beth
Shari Lynn Callahan Laura Westfall
Mark Johnson Grant Morris
Alex Nicholson Adam Hadley
Rebecca Brooks Ken Vail
Auna Earls Julie Sumpter Earls
Christian Schell Tish Agee Biester Rob Edwards
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In 2004, Prince and Beyoncé opened the Grammys to perform a medley of hits including "Purple Rain" and "Crazy in Love." Watch below.

Paul Brents Just an opinion feel I'm going to get slack for this but Beyonce mess that up.
Shauna Marie This was a great performance. Hard to believe it was 13 years ago.
Kevin Sean Legend of a man Only behind Jackson when it came to performance
Gail Baker How did I miss this? Haven't ever seen Prince quite that excited before!!! What a duo that would be in concert 😯
Ernest Schultz One of them is a legend the other not so much.
Todd Cly Prince!!! Beyoncé is ok.
Laura Gabriel Herrell Prince was amazing, Beyoncé was completely overrated per usual.
Bob Tritt Unbelievable performance. Bravo....
Mel Bell I don't know how I missed this!
Mary VandenBerg Richmond Forever💜💔💜💔💜💔💜💔
Keith Kamel Legend!!!!💜
Nicholas Walton Elizabeth when worlds collide
Tabitha S Little This performance was amazing. Followed by a Great Tour . Yasss
Carolyn Moffett Shownuff!
Chris Becker How did I not know this existed!?
Suzanne Sirianni Best performance !
Stephanie Angeli Prince ❤️
Dylan Smith Harry Potter
Lola Mary Smith That day was wonderful, really miss the likes of prince
Eduardo Enciso Mira amigo Alex Moreno
Tina Harrison Talitha Hernandez
Mary Ann Boland Noelle Lefebvre 💜❤️
Sukwinder Manhas Julia Maureen!
Marie Danielsson Rasmus!!
Eugene Jose Reagan Stephanie Graves
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Nile Rodgers revealed that he pulled a Prince-inspired song from Chic's upcoming new song because "it felt wrong."

Luke Wehner I'll never forgive him for what he did to Heroes at the Grammys. He should have his guitar license permanently revoked.
Craig Stenseth Isn't he playing in a Tony Thompson and Bernard Edwards "inspired" band on the rest of the LP?
Doug Gaertner Hey, Rolling Stone... nice headline.... I'm willing to do this job for half of what this guy make. PM me.
Jim Dickhaus Would it be a huge stretch to expect a post from Rolling Stone to at least resemble an article that had been proofread?
Kevin Sean Why is there so many prince posts on the anniversary of Michael jacksons death 😮
Mitchell Sternbach Pulled a song from a song?...
Lisa Diane Who cares, really?
Selena Scanlan Is that supposed to be pulled from new album?
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Q-Tip paid tribute to Mobb Deep's Prodigy on his Beats 1 radio show with a two-hour play list dedicated to the rapper's classic tracks. Prodigy died Tuesday at the age of 42.

Karl Grant is there really someone named Q Tip?
Eric Styranka Gonna miss that cat
Seth Przygoda Who
Jason Farley RIP
Christian Tefcke Olsen Jackie Hertz Nuñez
Sheila Griggs Ira
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Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack was released 33 years ago today. Check out our recent feature on the iconic movie and album.

John Lingwood Prince was never going to win any Oscars for his acting. The movie was merely a soap opera writ large for the big screen, and the fashion of the time has dated horribly. But the music is, and always will be, timeless! The man's genius has always been in his music.
Jim Smith welp lets be real here. the movie sucked. the acting was horrid. the only saving grace was the club scenes. what ruined him was wearing heels. lets face this squarely here, gender bending just plain ruined this guys health . no heels, no surgeries or back or foot pain. severe dancing onheels is ludicrous. I'm pissed. he left way too soon
Adam Toroni-Byrne That Deluxe Edition totally makes an amazing bookend to the masterpiece original soundtrack. The booklet, the vault songs and b sides and alternates all work to make an amazing story about an amazing soundtrack and even if the movie wasn't high art it's still a pure 80's joy to revel in forever. Eternal classic.
Johnny Pride I think we all know why it's a masterpiece. Maybe it's because we played it all day, every day for like, forever.
Chris Gehl It was dated by 1990. And it's misogyny is through the roof. Hardly a masterpiece. Album is, for sure. But the movie suuuuuuucks!
Derek Hawkins The new Deluxe Edition is absolutely stellar - the unreleased tracks and B sides show his genius!
Kevin Sean Prince could never quite swallow jacksons popularity And when you hear how bitter he was toward Jackson , I personally think it's funny
Clint Corey The movie didn't suck. It was amazing and remains amazing to this day.
Tiffany Sewell I'm waiting on my physical copy of the Purple Rain remaster right now!
Ashley Winters . . saw this concert in SF & Oakland, CA. Definitely a Top 10 live music experience.!! Also went to a show at First Ave. in St. Paul, Minnesota with my Dad. ♡♡ 🌌🎶
Brice Andrew He has better albums in his discography. Sign of the Times, Black Album, Parade, and Crystal Ball all come to mind.
Karen Maughan Still my fav sound track now and i ws only 14 when released, amazing music never dies ❤
Marilyn Overholt His first Purple Rain concert was phenomenal in Los Angeles, so I bought deluxe new songs.
Marco Dipasquale Probably one of the greatest albums ever... top to bottom... flawless
Penny Cast This album will never be forgotten. I can't believe he's gone.
Svenn E Rønning
Kathrin Kraatz 'The beautiful ones' is one of my all time favorite songs 💜
Bono Vox Ed Purple Rain XDD
Cathy Eschenbrenner Steinbeigle He was one of a kind & missed greatly💜💜💜💜!
Michael Zachary Recent? This article is a year old!
Alexis Costa Nick if only it was a few days earlier...
Alexa De Paris
Ursula Koenig Prince, himself, was a masterpiece.
Tonia Gibson-Kelley Karen! A happy Birthday read for you!🎉❤️
Manon Aimee Am I really that old?