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Armed with a master's degree in architecture, decades of rap fandom and rapper teachers, here's how Mike Ford is diversifying architecture through hip-hop.

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Is Cardi B's "I Like It" the song of the summer? Here's why it just may be.

Congrats Rolling Stone. I am officially unfriending you. Night.
What is a Cardi B?
She's got a nice rack
FOMO is literally the only thing keeping me from unfollowing this site. But I'm sooo close.
MY HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!! what is wrong with you, RS??
Ugh...I even tried to listen to it, but no it’s garbage.
Humility by Gorillaz is the song of the summer.
it's a good song, how about "powerglide" tho? x-D
Who woulda knew an ex-strip club prostitute could make music 🤔🤔🤔
Stop ruining Salsa with this trap bullshit.
Nah! She's just a flash in the pan Nicki Minaj wannabe. Nicki Minaj isn't that great either just all big fake ass and titties.
Hahahahahaha...... when Rolling Stone published rock'n roll, they were famous, now, they are infamous - not only for their CRAP music but also political propaganda.
Today is the first day of summer. Little early to be making a call don’t ya think, RS?
False, this song is...
Brittany Bell
Horacio Mendez
Yea i can’t figure out if I’m gonna like or hate her but i do love this song lol.
What a tool.
How lovely & unattractive 😝
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Led Zeppelin will reissue the soundtrack to 'The Song Remains the Same' as a lavish box set.

This was recently redone. It still was a mediocre concert by them, based on their own standards. How The West Was Won blows it away.
Hmmm. It's a poor record in comparison to How The West Was Won. By far.
I remember attending midnight showings of this film in the mid-70s. Brilliant!
Let’s gift wrap it again...and again ... and again.. wait how many copies does the world have... sorry,keep it, we’re good..👍🏼
Wondering what mix of the three available will they use, the movie soundtrack, the 1976 mix or Stan Ricker's 2007 cut? All three are different. Or let Steve Wilson have a Crack at?
Oh come on Jimmy! How many more reissues do you need? Where is your new album?
I don't remember "Dazed and Confused" ever being split. Every vinyl version I've ever seen had the song all on one side.
What they need to do is simple - get Steven Wilson to remix the catalog in hi-res 5.1 surround.
Cash grab
All 4 of those songs were on the 2007 reissue.
Tanta roba
Mike Jackson geez again.
Kris Woods Marilyn Bostian Gonzales
Bonnie Lindell
Ken Gelman Dave Masino Matt Levy Chris Levy
Mike Teixeira
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Reboots of 'Daria,' 'Real World,' Aeon Flux and more are headed to MTV.

How about reboot music again? Duhhhhhhhhhh MTV
I wish the beavis and butthead reboot would have lasted
Its painfully apparent that Mtv has no one in their development department that knows the term “new shows”...
It’s a sick sad world
Cuando te quieres suicidar, pero tienes que esperar que salga el reboot de daria y la última temporada de GoT :@ haha Nayeli Itzel Vázquez
Daria! My spirit animal!!
love to see Daria come back ♥️
Daria! My spirit animal!!
Who cares? Where’s Celebrity Death Match?
Still love Daria and Jane xx can't wait to see more
About time love them all
Ana Fernanda "This is the story...of seven strangers..." 🤯
Reboot JJ Jackson.
Ren and Stimpy or Beavis and Butt-Head?
Caroline Vader Ritter.... Bring On Daria !!!!
beavis & butthead
Yes!!! I miss Daria so much!!
I hope so
I love Daria.
Lisa Colglazier Drangsholt la la la la la...
Alex Mays speak of the devil
Emily 😱
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With the season finale of Brockmire, show creator Joel Church-Cooper tells us about where the show has been and where the lead character is heading.

Great show
Sarah Friedman Ally Lazerus Perry Lazerus
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President Trump signed an executive order yesterday that allows for families to be detained together at the border while the parents await prosecution. Here are three pivotal questions that have been left unanswered.

Come on! We cannot afford them! They are bringing problems illegally coming here. Kids have no education, lice, they come with bed bugs. Cuomo made it clear of the way the kids look and are.
You left out question four. "When will the administration adopt a policy of catch & release and abandon all prosecutions for misdemeanor entry at the border and by extension decriminalizing illegal immigration." Because that is explicitly what you want. And you should probably make your advocacy for such a policy known instead of dancing around it. If you want open borders, say so.
what about the children who were sent across the boarder by them selves?
The real question is will they be able to vote in mid terms?
C'mon where are the liberals! No congrats no nothing?
Home of the brave have run out of brave, now just a turd world country...
Let the ones who want them here to pay for it. Just state on your tax that you want your money allocated to these poor souls. Be the change you want to see in the world. Or just be a hypocrite. Your choice.
The executive order is a temporary patch to a permanent problem. It's up to Congress to come together and pass comprehensive immigration reform. There's a better chance of another Eagles Reunion tour than those jokers to work this out. It would be easier to bus all of the immigrants to California.
Rolling Stone is a propaganda machine founded and run by ultra-liberal and Russian paid communist named Jan Wenner.
In before the "But Obama!" Russia Bots.
But all we can do is be sad & mad about it,
OMG! ✊
The answer to all the questions is reunite the families and send them back home.
I wonder if illegal immigrants tended to support republicans if you’d have the same slant
So Trump is changing Obama's concentration camps??? well done!!!
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Is it appropriate for a straight person to attend Pride?

Yeah, let straight people attend and support their lgbtqia friends. But also, it’s really sad that we have to appease straight people by having this conversation all the time. So sorry some things aren’t explicitly made for you. Pride was and always will be a protest.
Why not that’s the last community that turns their backs on anybody. They are wonderful, fun and very social people. They don’t judge 😊
As a musician I've spent a lot of money on Rolling Stone Magazine over the years. Even though Blues is my main thing; I've always enjoyed the devil may care, anarchic,counterculture Rock 'n Roll vibe that pervaded the spirit of our spirited rag. Sort of Hunter S Thompson meets Freddy Mercury, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia and Prince and they all get stoned together....and have a great time. Music; real, live music is our thing and politics was something the suits did; we've got better things to do with our mojo. We criticize their silliness with our lyrics and polarize the youth; OUR youth with the realness of our message. Now I'm seeing Rolling Stone going as PoMo as Foucault and I don't know whether I should scream or cry. Are you, have you sold out to the neo-marxists? We have a right to know.
If you support the community and the people then why the hell not? Let's stop trying to put people in silos of what makes us different and instead focus on what brings us together
If you’re not Irish, should you attend the St Patty’s Day parade?
That depends. If they’re there to show support, then yeah, I will welcome them with open arms. However, if they’re the protestors who like to hold up offensive signs and belittle us, them I could do without.
It never crossed my mind that it would be in poor taste to attend. Isn't the whole reason to have these celebrations to support each other?
This seems to be creating controversy where there shouldn't be. As long as one isn't there to judge or taunt then they are welcome, no?
It's more than appropriate. It's showing support for our loved ones. I marched in the Boston Pride Parade at 16 with my 2 moms and my sister. Why shouldn't straight people support those that aren't. Isn't that what it's all about?
If you actually read the article, it's about a guy who his mother asked him if she should attend, and I think it's hits on some good points. Maybe read more than the title before commenting lol
I’m bisexual, and in a heterosexual relationship, so I even wonder if it’s appropriate for me to attend. Ultimately, I’ve been welcomed with open arms, and my straight ally friends have never been told they can’t come and support the community. So yeah, Pride is for everyone who wants to support LGBT+ rights!
I’m straight and have marched as a parade Marshall in NYC pride several times when I was younger and more mobile I even drove my car one year all decked out by my friends so that those with mobility issues could take part Sincere honest allies do exist and support the cause all the time
We usually attend with our kids. We live so close to the Village here in Montreal. If we want our kids to be decent humans, we need to teach them that everyone deserves respect and acceptance.
Yes because we are trying to come together. We are stronger together than we are apart. Furthering the divide will not help, it means having to build bigger bridges to connect with each other. Unfortunately I can't afford to travel to these parades or functions, but my heart is with you and know that you will always have an ally in me. Because in the end, we are all part of one group - we're humans looking for love in life. Celebrate it, don't segregate it.
I don't see why people get so hot and make a big deal out of this type of thing...I'm not....but I don't care...any parade as a photographer opens up photographic opportunity also.
When lgbtq parades first started happening, weren’t they glad people showed up to support them? To see your friends and family be able march proudly was a great thing. Now it’s a question of should we just stay home.
No one checks to see if you are straight or LGBTQ. If you support the community, and can attend events respectfully then by all means. Just know that you are a cultural witness, and to be respectful of the culture that you are supporting.
I'm straight and I attend Pride. I have gay friends and family and I'm a huge supporter of all people's rights. I love my friends and family and I enjoy spending this time with them, never had a bad time at a pride event.
Because pride is striving for separation instead of togetherness? Because pride is about excluding not including? Because pride is striving for discrimination instead of acceptance? Yeah, just what the world needs these days more emphasis on the differences than the similarities🤦🏽‍♀️Hopefully one day pride can be one big party where everyone celebrates together as the most normal thing in the world instead of a sadly enough still much needed demonstration for tolerance and equal rights.
Seriously anyone can attend it is a celebration of having the freedom to live life as you please. When I went around 20 years ago everyone was there, we straight people even marched with everyone to show our support for family and friends, get the politics out of it tools.
They're held on public streets and public areas my taxes have paid for, I'd have no qualms telling someone to piss right off asking me to leave..
It's kind of a non-issue. I don't think anybody there is going to tell you, "You're coopting my community, man; get lost!"
Feeling comfortable is what it is all about, and then standing up, and being together, because, of course, we are all human.
Only in support and acceptance of the event. There's no legitimate reason for protest. If you're against an "alternative" lifestyle that's fine. But since in that case, you're obviously not sleeping with anyone involved, you don't have a dog in that fight. WHY. DO. THEY. CARE? Live and let live.
You don't have to be LGBTQ to be supportive of them, in my opinion. If anything, I believe it's a good thing straight people go to Pride, it shows we are all the same and it brings us together.
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On the scene at last night's Trump rally in Minnesota, which was unusual, even for the president.

Rhode Island just passed a bill that will bar him from getting on their 2020 ballot unless he coughs up 5 years of tax returns first. Bravo!
Among the many things that infuriates me about this uniquely unqualified bombastic “B” list celebrity we’re hosting as the POTUS is that he does not do press conferences for the entire constituency. Instead,he’ll “rally” his fan base who at best can be aptly described as base.
A ‘moron party’
Bused in supporters. In a small arena. No "real" instate Republicans were there except for Emmert and Stauner who don't represent how even mainstream MN conservatives feel. Rally was a joke. Don should show up there again in October after the tariffs kick in. He'll be stoned and crucified.
Lol I would rather go to an Ebola breakout
I can’t recall any other president speaking at “rallies” to fire up the fan base. Kind of reminds me of.....
BLOTUS. GRIFTUS. Orange Ignoramus.
I guess running for reelection is a full-time job now. No wonder there's not any time to get anything accomplished.
The neverending campaign
So glad to hear he has re-opened NASA. LOL
A sulking man child, rebuked by the nation, comforts himself by having a cheerleading session.
A room full of ignorance. A bunch of apathetic, rhetoric sponges. Soaking up the tyranny with open arms. They should be ashamed. But that would require a soul.
Well another rally. Fascism and narcissism go hand in hand.
When things aren't going good, let's waste some taxpayer money and have another rah rah, look at me rally.
Only the swastikas are missing.
I love when billionaires cry about the “elites”. Do they not irony at Wharton?
This article is all wrong,The Wall was Pink Floyd’s best album.
I'm pretty sick of our tax dollars being used to stroke this miscreant's ego. He'll be in my city, Fargo, ND, on the 27th. Unfortunately he has plenty of hypochristians here to fill an arena. (Puke)
Narcissist who's not happy unless he has his masses lick his wounds..
Again, wasting tax payer money to boost his ego, smh
Looks like Minnesota will be RED!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Blind piggies to the slaughter.
Why does he continue with these self-absorbed rallies that are government funded. Can’t this B.S. be stopped ?
There was no need to disparage Sweet Caroline with the rest of this mess