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Black Sabbath perform the classic song "Paranoid" at their last concert ever in this clip from 'The End of the End,' the concert film that documents their February 2017 concerts in Birmingham, England. Watch below.

Jason A Hurt Of all the old school musicians who have passed away, who would have thought that Ozzy and Keef would be the ones who made it the longest.
Sean Macdonald Greatest band of all time, in my humble opinion.
Lene Lundstrøm Oh i love Ozzy Rock n roll for ever Big love from Denmark
Debra Nyberg Haza Did they do war pigs?
Lene Lundstrøm
Lene Lundstrøm
Rebecca Genie 💚
Lene Lundstrøm
Steven Campbell Eve Christie Best song ever.
Lee Petry Demaris
Boudewijn van Werven Robert Lodewegen
Louise Houtman Pieter Vrossem crying
Pierre Lesaffre Laurent Lesaffre Noury Kamel :,(
Mathijs Visser Spyke Briggs
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Fifth Harmony lit up yesterday's Jimmy Kimmel Live with a soulful version of their hit "He Like That." Watch below.

David Gracia Jr He Like That? Is that to be read as He, Like That? Or “He Like That” as in “He Like’S That”? Who in the world writes this crap lol
Michele Autenrieth Brown Noah Brown
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Gord Downie was a poet who made a country proud, patriotic and fiercely grateful for the music. As a tribute to the group, we look back at 10 songs that define The Tragically Hip.

Chris Glazer That is Gord Downie, not Berry Gordy. Please check your name's before you make an official post. Highly disrespectful to our Canadian Poet.
Karen Lise Andersen And this is why the world paints the US with the ignorant brush. Presumably someone employed by RS should have enough minimal music knowledge to differentiate between Gord Downie and Berry Gordy. Pathetic.
JJ Elliott GORD Downie. If you’re going to pay tribute to the deceased at least get his damn name right. C’mon.
Chuck Powell Berry Gordy was the founder of Motown...come on, Rolling Stone...let someone read the post before you post it
Jon Mcdonald I have a special fondness for this band. We have the Grateful Dead - on the other hand, Canada have The Tragically Hip as the Both American counterparts. I need to devote more time listening to them.
Aaron Posner Please fix this, who proof reads this stuff? "Gord Downie, the lead singer for the beloved Canadian alt-rock band The Tragically Hip, died yesterday. He was 53." - this is also from Rolling Stone. How does this mistake happen?
Kathie Crain What the hell!! I totally understand The Hip is not as well known outside Canada but have enough respect to check your work before publishing it. Pretty sad for a magazine that is based on music!!
Bob Cochrane That's the Rolling Stone for you. If it's not political or about the U.S. ...dont worry about proof reading the story.
Matt Drake Berry Gordy is American and founded Motown Records. Gord Downie was a Canadian singer/songwriter and frontman. There is a little bit of a difference. Please double check your facts before you post articles.
Sid Krupkin For Rolling Stone to make a stupid and insensitive mistake like this, screwing up the name of this man, tells me that they have now lost their credibility as a source for music.
Adam Hill WAY more than 10 essential songs...start with the double disc “Yer Favourites” and go from there...17 albums of pure Canadian Rock and two (or three?) solo albums was Gord’s gift to us well, you’ve earned it!
Susan Farrell I'm confused. Did Berry Gordy have something to do with this group? Poet? Thought he was a famous Motown producer?!
Trevor Baril Come on Rolling Stone. It's bad enough we're mourning today in Canada such an epic loss of talent and poetic beauty. You didn't need to piss off our whole country with stupid mistakes too. You're supposed to be better than that.
Del Sheehan Berry Downie must be Gord's lesser known relative of course. Weird that they both passed away the same day though isn't it? Great job Trolling Stone:)
John Michael Whynot Thanks Rolling Stone you have just disrespected my entire country of Canada in two words... I see you have changed the name now.. thanks..
Jake David MacLennan If you don't know. This is such a great group. I only envy because you can experience for the first time.
Kyle Allen This is one of those “ we need to break the story first, regardless of proper names and stories” very respectable rolling stone.
Robert Nolan The only thing more ridiculous than this stupid typo are the comments from Canadians who don't know who Berry Gordy is.
April Patterson Way to go Rolling Stone! You tagged the wrong person!! Berry Gordy is still very much alive. Shame on you! SMDH :/ RIP to Gord Downie
Peter Légère The author of this article tragically Freudian Slipped into Motown. Gord, he'd spit his Canadian Bacon.
Rod Vallier Who the hell is Berry Gordy?? Gord Downie from Kingston Ontario. Come on show some respect
Keddy Fruger Um not berry Gordy rolling Stone gord downie check your article jesus
Brian Shanlin C’mon Rolling Stone! OUR Gordie deserves so much better.
Tara Clancy Seriously???? GORD DOWNIE.... Berry Gordy???? Really??? a little respect
Stacy Barkley Omg you bunch of fkin tools. It’s Gord Downie!!!
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Two years after retiring from 'The Late Show,' David Letterman returned to late night television yesterday when he visited Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch the full interview below.

Einar Severinson Dave stopped giving a s&*t years ago. CBS kept paying him, so he kept showing up at the studio. You could tell his heart wasn't in it the last 10+ years though. He was dreaming about never shaving again.
Stephen Walsh I would watch it but Jimmy Kimmel is God awful.
Jay Galatro Thanks for showing me what I missed....sleep was entirely better.
Dale McFann He's aged 30 years since he retired. Still not funny.
Sharma Myerchin I miss him 💜
Chris Cance Ass plugs
Doug McGinn No thanks.
John McGlynn Birds of a feather.....
Hafiz Adruce Did know dave was amish.
Andy Ross Santa?
Denis Svob Hipster Dave
Yoko Masayo Nakasone 💖💖💖💖👍💖💖💖💖💖
Linda Villegas David May we need to watch this
Annaïg Morazé Mehdi :)
Lars Grelck Morten Grothe-Kræmmergaard
Brianna Skye Rocco Russo
Xristos Katsimpras Giannis Papanikolaou ;)
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Gord Downie, the lead singer for the beloved Canadian alt-rock band The Tragically Hip, died yesterday. He was 53.

Jake Small Canada is closed for the day. We will all miss this beautiful man
Tommy Higgins “Music is the ultimate medium for expressions of love, and those expressions find a beautiful backdrop in the environment. Music is also a popular rallying point — at its central core, it’s a way for people to get in touch with the best parts of themselves and to voice the love in their hearts. And the environment is one of the great loves of our lives — when we think of the best parts of ourselves, the environment is always there, informing us, as a backdrop.” — Gord Downie
Mark Neese Gord was one of the most dynamic performers I have ever seen; and also a great songwriter, musician, social activist, and human being. Though I knew this day was inevitable, it is still incredibly sad. Rest in peace, Gord.
Jamie Morrison For the Americans who don't get it: Imagine the day Bruce Springsteen passes. Gord Downie was all of us. He was our everyman poet. I am seeing tributes from every one of my Canadian friends; his journey with cancer touched us all, and we are mourning today not just as people, but as A people.
Rob Byers No dress rehearsal, this is our life.
Kim Clayton “Those who mourn are blessed Those who mourn can love And make music of their language Just to hear the sound again.” – Gord Downie, “Pinned,” 2010
Mike McFarland A very sad day here in Canada, with the passing of Gord Downie. For those Americans who don't know his music, (especially with the Tragically Hip), his words and music meant as much to our country as Bob Dylan does to yours. Music makes our lives all that much richer and perhaps tolerable, when life deals us a bad hand. Thanks for a very well written tribute and insightful article. Rest in peace, Gord Downie.
Bill Boehm Late breaking story on the CBC, a nation whispers, "We always knew that he'd go free". #RIP
James Kay RIP Gord. From many attended shows in my youth, including playing at Western University my first year there to saying Goodbye at his final show ever in Toronto. Watching back then with good friends, a lot of beer, to the final show in TO with those same guys...and a lot of beer, the end of a living Canadian legend has come to pass. Even though he knew it was coming, he thrust himself out there to LIVING his final days and enjoying it the same, if not more than ever. That is for sure the way I wanna go out. From a die hard hip hop fan, this man and his band had me singing (on key) Wheat Kings at campfires, having some of the best times of my life. Glad you were part of it Gord. RIP
Tyler William Keenan Sad day this Guy will always be forever a National Treasure to Canada another Good Person dead too young RIP Gord Downie
Jucie Boucher Never met you personally. Heard of you when you were diagnosed with (that evil disease) I love from a distance. I saw how human you were. You had a voice for people who seems to be forgotten the indigenous family. PEACE be still. Rest in peace
Teri Sullivan His songs have been an important part of my life. They really helped me thru some rough times. Rest in peace, you beautiful man.
Tracy Heimer I saw Gord and the Hip many times and he is one of the greatest performers I have ever seen. RIP Gord.
Damon Havlicek David DiIanni , sad news. Never would've learned about this amazing group without you and all your Canuck friends.
Kirk Carr thanks for recognizing The Hip and this true Canadian statesman 🇨🇦
Vicky Gee I'm crying on the train into work. People think I'm crazy.
Derry Moloney First lahey and now this!!! A sad few days for Canada... and therefore, the world!
Michael Green
Chris Ingram Legend... the Hip will be playing all week in my car. I will miss him as will all of Canada.
Jenny Schultz To die at 53 of brain cancer is so tragic.
Michael Stetz Long Live The Tragically Hip.
Sarah Kohl "Courage, my word. It didn't come it doesn't matter"
Laura Leech In Canada, today shall forever be known as Gord Downie day. RIP Sir. :'(
Joanne Pagano Oh rest in peace sweet soul...such a great performer
Ron Cousineau Great voice and a good band...he will be missed
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Tom Petty was a genius craftsman with a dark side – and he never stopped believing in the power of rock & roll. In our new issue, the Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks and more remember the singer-guitarist in David Fricke's in-depth tribute.

Jim Oxandale It wasn't until I watched his biography on Netflix that I realized what an enormous part of my life this man was. His music was there all along. His death, it hurt.
Suraj Jaganathan One of the greatest singer-songwriter-guitarist of all time. He was a true rock n roll guy. You will be missed Mr Petty. Rest In Peace.
Connie DeRoboam His music has been such big part of my life- I’m so glad that I was able too see him and his band play so many times. He will be forever missed.
Drew Clarke He was a big hero of mine. The music he's made over the years, I'm not familiar with it, but the fact that he's made it for so long, I can respect that.
Tony Wolf Thanks so much for the music. You were the happiest man I ever saw in concert. Your music was a part of the soundtrack for my life. Peace to you legend.
Sheila Dass Omg i was hoping yous would do a tribute issue...This pleases me very much ! Still fkin shattered tho 😓 :'( :(
Melissa Dairy Stiltner So glad he is getting a tribute issue, still disappointed Chris Cornell didn't though
Frank Saucedo Legend, brother, poet, father, great human being, best off all band leader of the heartbreaker, wow.😁🙂😁
Jessica Zomer I feel like i still cant believe this. It will take a while to get over :(
Stewart Bell You should have shown him (and his family) more respect at the time of his death. Ditto for Cornell
Sonny Young “You can’t go wrong with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.” - Dave LaPointe
Sheila Mcsurley I just still can't believe he's gone. 💔
Angie Larragoitiy The real deal. Man I am so grateful he was here and the music. You live on Tom Petty! ❤
Stacey Wiggins Rest in Peace Tom Petty I'm proud to have Petty in my family Tom Petty will be in my heart forever
Sherri Kellerman Very deserving of the tribute issue ,
Reda K Ford His music gave a voice to many of the moments I experienced as a teenager. Love the man.
Jack Taggart if this is the cover, it may be the only issue I buy.... ever again from Rolling Stone
Diana Lindloff Im going to have to get this!
Lori Toro Finger Tears come at every Facebook post. Rest In Peace n forever missed
Tim Goeb A music story??? A writer must’ve woke up over there. Wonder if they put something about Trump in the story
Eric Morgan When does this issue come out?
Francisco Provenzano Ratas de la rolling stones.. lo trataron de ladronazo. Porque playbackeo.
Christy Busarelos Foster Can’t wait to get this one.
Jan Sestak Great pic on the cover, but unfortunately, there will be no new ones anymore...
Masaharu Iwata Never forget the concert at Nagoya, Japan with Bob Dylan.
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Sonic Youth released 'Daydream Nation' 29 years ago today. See why it is one of the best albums of the 1980s.

Floyd Brookman I know it was released on the last day of November in '79 so doesn't qualify as an '80's' album, but it's hard to keep 'The Wall' off this list. It went platinum in 1980 and sold 19 million copies worldwide in the 80's.
Leo Rodriguez Bought it a decade ago and remember how confused I felt when listening to it. Can't wait to pop it back in again today!
Keith Kravet Asia's Debut Record. Still in Print today. One of the Biggest Selling Debut Records of All Time. Not even in the Top 100?
Bob Stroud "Nearly Human" Todd Rundgren lead review 4 stars doesn't make the list?
John Kahre Operation: Mindcrime, The Cult- Electric & Love. (sigh)
Brice Andrew What about the 100 greatest albums of the 1920's?
Nancy Louise How does INXS KICK not make the top 50? lame
Tracy Parmley Kate Bush...Hounds of Love ❤
Lydso Ydeny '88 - leprosy (death)
Emily Morris Yes it is.
Holli Bradberry David Bradberry 29 years ago.
Tom Dickeson Matt Schubert too good.
Renaat Senechal Freek Lejaeghere
Matheus Massias Yasmin
Ian Fab Aziaf Melsem
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In the first episode of our six-episode documentary series connecting music and fashion, we look at how rock & roll, fluid female sexuality, psychedelics and progressive social ideals shaped 1960s style:

Rolling Stone
Nathan Synge Seriously these are the best people they could find to interview on this subject....?? Really dull and uninformed..... hopefully the full dvd interviews will have a bit more standing for such an interesting subject....
Natasha A Shelby Fuson Johnny Chadwell Steve Huddleston I know you guys lived in this amazing era but thought you may enjoy this documentary 🎶🎶
Johnny Chadwell Thanks Natasha!
Mitch Opperman is this on DVD?
Tania Jenson L❤️VE 60s!
Keith Taft the deadline for the last remaining jfk assassination files to be released is oct 26
Jonny Major Robyn Clif
Cameron Major Sharyn
Jonny Major Steve Fantana
Lacy Celia McCartney Andy Taillole Marlow
Sue Kniech Jon Kohl
Arran Holly Natasha Irich