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Erin Moran, the actress best known for playing Joanie Cunningham on beloved sitcom 'Happy Days' and its spinoff 'Joanie Loves Chachi,' has died at age 56.

Erik Stonebraker Damnit! It should have been Chachi...
Stephen Roll God our Father, Your power brings us to birth, Your providence guides our lives, and by Your command we return to dust. Lord, those who die still live in Your presence, their lives change but do not end. I pray in hope for this family, these relatives and friends, and for all the dead known to You alone. In company with Christ, Who died and now lives, may Erin rejoice in Your kingdom, where all our tears are wiped away. Unite us together again in one family, to sing Your praise forever and ever. Amen. Eternal rest grant unto Erin O' Lord, and let your perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul, and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
Suzanne Wolf If I had to put up with Scott Baio for that long, it would have taken a toll on me as well.
Drew Hart If there is a god, he/she/it is an asshole because they took Joanie and not Chachi.
Priscilla Flanagan She was married to our friend, Carol (Stewart) Ferguson's son, Rocky. Rocky also died young. They had a place in Canaan at one time, I think.
Jeff May So sad. As Henry Winkler summed up on Twitter this evening, Ms. Moran has the peace now she wanted badly on Earth.
Janis Cynthia Ridgway How sad. I was thinking about her recently (after watching the Friends episode where Rachel says, "Joanie loved Chachi") actually wishing things were going better for her :'(
James McNulty I wonder if Chachi will go to the funeral to say good-Baio?
Tom Street And Chaci still lives? How unfair.
Maggie A. Morris-Calderon Wonder what happened? Peace be with her family & friends. I hope everyone is considerate to her family through this.
Kevin Palombi Why is everyone dying in their fifties? Has medical science been going backwards in LA?
Theresa Davis So sorry to hear she passed so young. Loved that show and her acting. Wishing the best for her family!
Ronald J Tremblay I read that she had it rought after her days in acting... Not easy being forgotten after such a successful run... :(
Vickie Hurst Happy Days was a big part of my tv childhood. So sad.
RoBert J Miller I didn't know she was even that old; like everyone's younger sister,who watched the show. Sad.
Forrest McFarland I remember the Happy Days spinoff show Joanie Loves Chachi. R.I.P. Shortcake. 😢
Kristen Davis This is so sad. The last I heard of her she was broke and homeless.
Monica Lopez Krist RIP, sweet girl.
Sarah Carroll that's way too young, how sad! :(
S.A. Messina Weiss Sunday, Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days... Sad farewell to Joanie Cunningham: #ErinMoran 1960-2017 #Joanie #HappyDays
Ellen Darling too young. thanks for the memories. 💜
Tiffany Jordan How sad. I thought she would be kicken it on a beach in Malibu.
Scott Dery R.I.P., Erin "Joanie Cunningham" Moran.
Maureen Renee Such a sad loss. 💔
Jim Howard Wow this is a shock RIP Joanie
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Happy birthday Glen Campbell (Official)! Check out these 20 essential songs by the Rhinestone Cowboy.

Brad Rincker Happy Birthday, Glen. Alzheimer's is a despicable disease.
Robert Anthony Walsh "Cold December" will always get my vote. The earlier Glen was phenomenal.
Romanita Jackson Happy B'day Rhinestone Cowboy!
Kip Broussard Happy Birthday Glen Travis!
Anthony Romeo Jr. Happy Birthday.
Rob Carter played guitar on Tequila!
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Diane Champion Brocker how old is he?
Ernesto Murrieta Acosta Happy birthday Glenn hope you are doing just fine
Luke Lawson Bigus Nikus there's only 1 essential song lol
Johnny Domingo Southern Nights
Thomas Joseph Watts The late 60's stuff.
David Anthony Wright A great talent
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Aniruth Tanyaharn H.B.D.!
Bud Douze Buzing Melodie as a triple expresso diziness illimited
Melody Wilson 💗💗💗💗
Joey Lucas Steve Mitchell
Jeffery Sewell Grant Hebbard
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'Deadpool 2,' the sequel to the 2016 blockbuster Deadpool Movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the foul-mouthed Marvel antihero, has announced its release date.

Michelle Redcay Ryan Reynolds must know your undying love for him, because this is coming out on your birthday next year! OMG, I can't freaking wait! 😍 Ally Redcay
Rebecca Kacsala I saw the blu-ray of deadpool last memorial day weekend and I can't wait for the sequel now
Dawn-Crimsonvamp Mizanin Brej B Smoov!!! I think they were ease dropping on our convo!!!
Lisa Beard Great, now I can listen to my 10 year old beg me to see this for another year. Not happening.
Amie Steinbach Excellent!!!! Lauren, thanks!! I can't wait!
Colin Murphy Deadpool movies are not part of the MCU
Felicity Williden Rita Maxwell 1st June 2018, plus 2 new X-men movies next year!!
Libby Platt Matthew you & Nick eill surely wabt to see this next year
Андрій Сур Dumb Dumber & Deadpool ))
Kal-El Romero Yeaaaaaa
Annemijn van Vliet Jitske Prast kom met mij naar de biossss dan
이시현 박인서 (랍스타) 김은석 우리 2018이면 성인인데 기기씽하자
Adeline BeeGoo Farrugia On ira le voir jus de pisse ? Mdrr Loïc Farrugia
Earl D. Layhue So
Joshua Castillo obviously it's part 2
Christine Gill 😂I'm so Happpppppppppppppy
Bud Douze Buzzing news
Yumiko Chu 2018 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Chiara Massa Kevin Adriaens 1 juni!!!
Kelly Hickey Phill Borg Happy?
Carrie Congleton Tommy Phelps Eric Hodgdon Alan Hodgdon Steve O Kong
Kari Lysfjord John A. Murdoch. Wait for it...
Lauren Flowers Amie Steinbach
Kayla Richelle David Gregory Matt Manning
Kate Caszatt Alisha :)
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Happy birthday Jack Nicholson! Look back at our 1986 interview where he spoke about the ever-changing movie industry, coming into his own, his family, and more.

Neil Dickinson Happy Birthday Jack Nicholson He was born in New Jersey this date Where Chris Christie became overweight By consuming too much Bacon burgers and such Which occasioned his gut to inflate After high school Jack moved to L.A. That's where movies are shot every day He auditioned for parts In the cinema arts And was soon making serious hay 'Easy Rider' cast Jack in the role Of a man with the singular goal Of imbibing on booze He got glowing reviews For the scenes he ingeniously stole In 'Five Easy Pieces' he starred As a man psychologically scarred 'Carnal Knowledge' ensued Jack appeared as a dude With a manhood consistently hard Mr. Roman Polanski induced Jack to act in a film he produced Later Roman got nude With a minor he screwed But when charges were filed he vamoosed In 'The Shining' Jack scared us to bits As a man losing touch with his wits Coming under the spell Of a haunted hotel Where a family had cashed in their chips 'The Departed' was three hours long But the plot and the cast were so strong That it seemed to go by In the blink of an eye Jack was great in his role as a don So let's wish Happy Birthday to Jack Who gets frequently wasted on smack But as movie stars go He’s a consummate pro So we’re happy to cut him some slack
Elizabeth Mary Rhodes Lol. The least they could do is try to get a current interview with him.....considering he's 80 and has done much in his career and life since this interview. Oh well, happy bday!
Danny Bones Diaz 50???. Don't think so. But no matter the age. Great actor. D. D. At times I like to jump the gun. This is one of those times.
Anthony Romeo Jr. Happy Birthday, Jack. Try to stay alive if you don't mind.
Paul Morrison Heard there is a third Chinatown film, hope jack does it!
Donna Lorenz Love you Jack. Your a cool dude. Happy Birthday.
Bruce Fleming Happy birthday Jack
Paul Morrison Happy birthday jack, chinatown is my
Colin Murphy Happy 80th Jack! Welcome to a new decade!!
Rachel Boyle Happy birthday Jack love all your movies
Ernesto Murrieta Acosta Happy birthday Jack hope you are doing just fine
Don Malbuco Now THAT'S a movie star .
Terry G Neitman Nobody will EVER be a better JOKER.
Katherine Pennington Jack ..been cool for a long time.
Rolando Royster Sad he doesn't act anymore. Alzheimer's is a bitch...
Paul Jacobs For the second time
Jamie Mallinson Legend
Marie Calk #HAPPYBIRTHDAY TO MY JACK!! 💋💋🎉🎊🎈🎊🎉
Andreas Nosferatuz Sjöberg The greatest living actor. So good.
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Paul Morrison Favorite movie! Hope u and roman can do the 3rd film.
Laura Louise happy birthday, jack, best.
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After years of postponed release dates and production delays, James Cameron's Avatar franchise has finally locked down the arrival time for the 2009 blockbuster's four planned sequels, with plans to dole out the films over a six-year period.

Kristie Turner I'll be that person: I loved Avatar and am looking forward to the next ones! Now, all ya'll can stop saying 'no one cares', because I do!
Sean Kelly People who liked this are going to be dead by the time they all come out. It's been long enough already. The original was good, but after 8 years no one cares anymore. Life moves on.
Nick Barringer 3D is almost dead and imho that was the only thing that differentiated the first one from a crappy smurf film I watched with my kids. I can only assume the reason to make four more is to leave some sort of Star Wars/godfather/matrix style legacy. The lesson history gives us is that in almost all cases the first was the best and the latter films are detrimental to the legacy.
John H Ware IV This is bugged me for years: in the first avatar movie, they have a boot camp where there all these other avatars running around. what happened to them? why are they not in the rest of the movie? Wouldn't the army have use them to fight the avatars gone rouge. it bugs me
Brecon Charles Walsh No not more of this CGI theme park dumbed down 'morality fable'.Like what Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart said as a general critique of modernity, "overwhelming technique" and on his 1972 Clear Spot album he intoned quite mysteriously, "webcore, webcore".
John F. German *Yawn* a shame he couldn't fix Terminator or Aliens as franchises. Instead liberally taking from them to support this wild west in space fantasy.
Jeff Sinclair There will be one more because after all the talk he can't really back out now. A third will take another eight years. Don't be fooled.
Brecon Charles Walsh I was impressed with the technical innovation in the movie but the look of the alien creatures was just too Disney-esque and the story much too bombastic to even remotely suspend my disbelief.Arrival and Interstellar are much more the kind of intelligent science fiction cinema that really impressed me.
Ryan Cek 4?! WTf? Is each sequel going to be ripoffs of other classic movies like the first one was Dances With Wolves?
Jeff Walsh They're going to make four sequels to that unwatchable movie? Hahaha!
Malcolm Daniel If there's anyone in Hollywood who knows what he's doing, it's James Cameron. I look forward to these.
Luke LaRock I don't know anyone who enjoys watching Avatar.
Erika Stewart I don't think anyone will be holding their breath for this.
Paul Robert Tonks 4?? Kill me now.
Sarah Borowiec Ariana Cassidy UGH we gotta wait a whole 3 and a half years 😭😭
Alexandre Bettencourt Oh goodness... Well, enjoy it if you liked the first one. I'm opting out.
Oscar Olvera Didn't think that much of first one. Don't care about any sequel, let alone 4 at this point.
Walter Dickens All 4 films are being made at once , like lord or rings . Every time J C puts out a movie he gets the worst press from everywhere then the movie becomes the most successful film of all time . Never count him out
Oliver Scott Juan Martín Sánchez Zaray is going to be over the moon!!!!
Joseph Fredric Mishica I'm just waiting for Cameron to push back the date and announce 3 more sequels...
Jeremy Zapata Does this mean no Titanic sequel?
Chris Fisher And not a dime to Roger Dean. Criminal...pony up, James Cameron!
Janine Addison Um. The story it's based on fern gully didn't get four more movies 😁
EL Fig Oh lord, why?
Michael Fenske Please God no!
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Bruce Springsteen was a surprise guest at a jam session at the Asbury Park Music And Film Festival Friday night, with the singer joining fellow E Street Band members, Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes and other New Jersey rockers for a covers-filled set at Asbury Park's Paramount Theatre.

Tony Williams Today's the day! You can hear the album at: or It will be on spotify, apple music, etc next week. You can see full credits and lyrics at my website: I hope you like it! It's the best thing I've done by far. Big thanks to everyone who helped me on it, including but not limited to: Solomon Dorsey, JP Gilbert, Alex Weiss Hills, Timothy Monaghan, Nick Gonzales, Lily Maase, Evan Koehne, Alissa Nordmoe Let me know what you think!
Lynne Dee Christensen i came, i saw, i jammed :D 🎼Robert🎸Randolph & The Family Band🎶 ~ Epic night @ The Stone🐎Pony! Bonus Jama-Rama with ------->>> ★Danny📷Clinch Can i get a witness?👼♥ ★ 🎼🎶 🎼★ 🎼🎶 ★ Jake Clemons @ The Wonder Bar 6/23 ;-)
Jody Kennedy Valade We'll stop by on our way home from Baltimore...... Mom's Kitchen
Stephen Bykowsky guys a loser, go back on the yacht you were on with Barack an stop forceing ur politics on us.....
Joe Rhodes Can't believe this story doesn't mention Cheryl Levenbrown
Jack Axcelson Holding a Les Paul? Hmmm....
John D'Angelo Bruce looks awesome playing a Les Paul Standard,right John Pietrunti
Virginia Karovic-Amejka No way! I thought about going, stuff came up. Bummer for me!
Tom King Cool as long as the boss kept his political agenda to himself.
Chip Marshall Dale Todd - You probably knew this. Or, we're in the front row.
Damon Minnes Wow springsteen wearing a les paul, thats someting new
Rhiannon Smith Tyson god damn!
Kenny Young Asbury Park road trip Euan Shirlaw...
Allen Johnsen Screw Bruce.
Rowdy Rose More Moss than Boss... Get out of the Swamp Brucie...🦂
Debra Clementino I'll be there in NJ next Friday! One week late! Lol
Fabrizio Rotondi always the coolest
Mike Wayhart With "Big Joe" Henry!
Debbie Rodriguez I ❤️the Boss!
Kevin M McGrath Sr. BRUCE! YO!
Ron Capobianco Love the Les Paul look.
Chris Whitmer Pure garbage
Jeff Truchot Your invitation obviously got lost in the mail, Jon Bon Jovi ...
Markus Wiegel Martin Wiegel Guck mal! Keine LP Junior.
Donna Dellavalle Dan Waszay did you go ?
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Stephen Colbert continued to mock "conspiracy radio host and furious hard-boiled egg" Alex Jones Friday as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert host offered more updates from Jones' legal battle with is ex-wife, who argues that the InfoWars yeller is "too unstable" to have custody of their children.

Rafael Ramos When you can make people laugh thru such sad times in our country and make the bigots rethink their existence and motivate them to even read you know that Colbert is a comedic genius !!
Tamara L Bartolo He is unstable he insights people to commit crime's. He should be in jail!!! And his station should be shut down....
Andrew Wilkins Colbert is still mad he's been proven to be John Podestas bullhorn. Https://
Gilbert Renee This is not right. The Left has so many diffrent forms of media to get a laugh at this crazy political climate. The only time the Right gets to laugh is during elections. All of them. Lol.
Mark Crooks Total Zionist Puppet/Muppet Colbert criticizes controlled Zionist opposition Alex Jones Distracting us from the one true enemy Enjoy your day
Matt Timbrook Too bad that Alex Jones has more viewers in 5 minutes that Colbert has in a week... But go on, keep making jokes.
Mary Jo Swift Belanger No sane person wants him around either but Trump did.
Lucjana Berg Its time to cal out the phonies that try to influence the gullible and fearful .
Robert Sanchez Jones has children? Who was the woman dumb enough to do that?
Vanessa Smith
Vanessa Smith That's hilarious! Love it, Stephen Colbert!
Bo Baker I don't think alex should loose his kids ):
Ron Earwood He is owned by Viacom so ...
Marlana White OMG! I died!
Alma Jimenez He is destroying this guy. It's awesome.
Chris Cance Who the hell cares
John Lozano Comedy gold
Michael Praytor Pure genius
Mari Kay Scoggins Hannah
Dennis Gil Gimenez Just love this :-)
Jeff Hovan It is easy for rich and famous to hide the truth
Bob DesVeaux Gross
Craig Moskowitz Colbert's show is really quite good!
Essich Ian #FuckColbert
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David Crosby and Ted Nugent have engaged in a war of words following the ultra-conservative rocker's White House visit.

Margaret Ooyen Lemke Nugent and Trump AND Palin in one room? Did they all wear "I'm With Stupid" t-shirts?
Brandon Akes Whenever Ted Nugent has to defend himself against the words of fellow musicians, he points out their past drug use. That's all he's got. Let's see... Crosby created decades of brilliant, influential, award-winning music while high on drugs, and Ted Nugent created Cat Scratch Fever... so what's his excuse?
Lance McDaniel I'll bet David Crosby had to use tiny little words for what's his name to understand
Bob Roddy He marvels at Trump's stamina...those 4 day work weeks followed by long weekends at his own private country club must be a real grind.
Todd Mays Teddy and Donny=Major predators/hunters looking for their brains or other primitive like-minded clan members that have same views.
Paul Andre Taylor All of these good people dying in the entertainment world and this has-been washed-up douchebag Son of a bitch is still walking around...
Ann Duffy Talk about the cat calling the kettle black. Nugent lost me along time ago. No matter how much I like his music I now turn it off. Any man that has to set up an unfair hunt should be the hunted.
George Gordy White trash on parade at the White House how fitting. Sarah Palin and Kid Rock rounded out the rest of that parade. Classy, so classy... love the pic though where else can you get two sexual predators that prey on women for the price of one
Mike Whitt Worst concert I've ever been to was Ted Nugent! All concert long, sing a song, rant about hunting, sing a song, rant about politics. Just nauseating! Left after 3 songs! Just shutup Ted! Nobody cares about your views!
Paul Kuryla Not to mention Ted adopted an underaged girl to take on tour with him in the 70s. Look it up. Pedophile, proud draft dodger (at least until the draft ended) . Trump was deferred due to Plantar fasciitis (sore feet). Pussies.
Julie Young Nugent cannot win a battle of words with Crosby. It would be like a 1st grader challenging a college grad. My sincere apologies to 1st graders everywhere, who probably are brighter than Ted anyway.
David Jones Tragic news from the world of rock and roll: Ted Nugent was found alive and well today.
Chris Horvath Crosby has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice. Nugent fathered two children, but has no idea who they are.
Todd Leger Ted Nugent and Kid Rock white redneck trash in the white house and have the same level of intelligence as don the con
Lazaro Leon Disgraceful and childish behavior by Sarah, Ted and Trump. But what else can we expect from this group of people? Shall we start with Palin and her very pregnant teenage daughter at 16? In fact all races need to stop reproducing senselessly, we are creating a world of unwanted people like Ted Nugent.
Richard Pancoast A mutual admiration society between those two isn't surprising at all. Each of them latched onto a one-time cash cow and have spent the remainder of their lives talking about how great they are.
Dustin Didonato Ted nugent is a clown! Stupid American with guns.
Kathy Nicholson DelValle Hahaha this cracks me up...puts down David Crosby for smoking weed but he hangs with Kid Rock who is known for smoking weed...hypocrisy!!!
Bruce Berman Apparently, if a "musician" (and I use the term extremely lightly for fucknut Ted) calls for the death of a current president, he gets to visit the Whitehouse of the next one.
Sherry Morris Ted Nugent who was trying to coax 15 year old girls to stay with him on his tour bus! I know it was the late 80's but still should have been put in jail! So fitting that he & Trump are buds! Those conservative values I can't keep up with!
Ray Culver Sr. Here is my original post - 9/25/15 “I ain't got me no edumacation on accounta I be too lazy and ain't quite got the smarts fer it - so Imma get my knowhow - my opinions - my self-worth - from a real 'merican patriot (draft-dodger) hillbilly who thinks just like I would - iffen I could. Yeehaw!” Thanks Jethro! A lot of you see Ted Nugent as a low IQ, no education, no talent, right-wing semi-literate, fearmongering, paranoid little boy. To you folks I say, “Now hold on just a dadgum minute, partner!” You can say what you want about the rest of it, but don’t you dare say my little Teddy Bear ain’t got no writing talent. Why, he makes Taylor Swift look like Taylor Not-So-Swift. A true artist national treasure Cole Porter, Paul Simon, Kanye West wordsmith genius! His lyrics are inspiring. You’ll see. And the melodies? Hold me back! Here comes some Teddy now. You’ll find these lines so beautiful - especially if you have a young daughter. They show the true heart of the man. Fire up the old iPod with this little ditty to ease your daughter into slumber each night. She’ll admire you for it when she’s older - and out of therapy... Jailbait (lyric excerpt) Ted Nugent "Well I don't care if you're just thirteen You look too good to be true I just know that you're probably clean There's one lil' thing I got do to you Wait a minute officer Don't put those handcuffs on me Put them on her and I'll share her with you Jailbait, jailbait” What a gem. What a guy! I just read that this guy's heyday was the mid 1970's - and that he's worth twenty million dollars - even after years of child support to at least eight kids - half of whom were "undisclosed" or "undiscovered" for decades. In my circle - which included mostly film students, jazz, classical, and rock musicians - I don't remember his name coming up even once. At Temple we were incorporating popular song into our films - but I don’t remember ever hearing of him. (Although I was aware, peripherally, of the early ’70’s Amboy Dukes.) I never heard any of his songs - except this piece of (trailer?) trash - yesterday. His appeal must be - or must have been - to a baser denominator than the informed who take themselves seriously - perhaps those who'd support a Mike Huckabee - who hears God’s voice telling him that “the darkies must be controlled” at his plantation somewhere in the old South of his fantasies. I read that Nugent’s act quickly became a novelty - a joke - and that in the music world - it still is. No one takes him seriously anymore; all that screaming, “look at my pee-pee” juvenile bullshit that little boys outgrow - if for no other reason than so their women don't kill them in their sleep. The Republicans who sought his endorsement before they realized just how kooky town ignorant he is, are staying away in droves from this deranged narcissist, like he’s spewing kryptonite. Well, not all Republicans… The less knowledge a person has, the louder they pretend. This ignoramus hillbilly, with all of his money, never gravitated toward - never financed for himself - a real education - as so many others who succeeded young have done. No, he be makin’ it real wit booze, broads and guns. A lazy uninformed, race baiting, waste, Ted Nugent continues to wallow in the mud, slinging mud for the amusement of like-minded uninformed, uneducated mud dwellers. People with knowledge and self-worth avoid and dismiss people like Ted Nugent - who will continue to fade, even as a novelty. And Trump with him…
Elen Snyder I'm down with DC on this one. Nugent hasn't had any moral values or any hit songs in like...forever? What was the name of that ONE song you did Ted?
Jean Marie Coen I would assume that honest conservatives would admit their distain for Ted Nugent. He lacks moral character. He has admitted to pretending to fake mental illness to avoid service to his country. He brags about awful mistreatment of others. Nauseatingly practice a life style that flies in the face of religious belief. #Asshole
Henry Kole Word is Nugent pooped his pants when he wasn't allowed on Trump's golf course because he didn't meet the dress code. He hadn't done that since his heroic draft dodger days...
EG Collins David Crosby: Inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ted Nugent: Guitarist for Damn Yankees. I'm going with Crosby.