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Little Mix have a brand new single called "Bounce Back." Watch the group perform the song on "The Late Late Show" below.

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Hollywood Vampires appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" ahead of the release of their second album. Watch the performances below.

I love the riff with the I Want My Now song, but something just doesn't fit. It's all style, but no substance. Although I worship the ground that Joe and Alice walk on, I'd have a hard time going to see this live even if the tickets were free.
Absolute garbage. One of the number one things wrong with popular music right now is that this even exists. Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, and Johnny Depp would make a great band said no one ever. Could they have come up with a more creepy name than Hollywood Vampires?
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Phillippe Zdar, a member of French electronic duo Cassius and a prominent producer, has died. He was 50.

About 2 mins later...hahaha No guys should have posted this with a Music Video... I could have been like, Oh that guy died...while enjoying the music while Stoned
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If you’re looking to pick up a new portable gaming console, here are four of the best handheld devices to get, based on consumer reviews, graphics and variety of games to choose from. the best
Id get a nintendo switch if it had MLB The Show Madden NHL? But till then, nope
Who ever gets the nomination. Male needs a female VP, Female needs a male VP, and there are several great looking pairs on both counts.
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Playwright Tony Kushner spoke to us about how this adaptation came to be, as well as the progress LGBTQ people have made since the Stonewall uprising 50 years ago and why he’s rewriting his first play, 'A Bright Room Called Day.'
Why is Rolling Stones profile pic glazed with LGBTQ bs?
Trump 2024
Stfu Hollywood!
Maybe Rolling Stone should write an article about their own stupidity.
It's not enough to battle trump's have to contend with the stupidity of his entire hive.
Six More Years Snowflakes !!!!!!
I remember in the 1970’s RS HATED GAYS, LESBIANS ETC, But now RS acts like They are Champions of The LBGTQ Community!
Larry Kramer and Tony should collaborate on a Trump Era play and call it Trump L'oeill.
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For Biden, the remarks seemed intended to build on the narrative he’s framed for himself as an old-school politician, versed in bipartisanship, who knows how to make Washington work.

we're voting for Biden in the primaries so we get four more years of Trump, the best President ever! and the smartest by far
Another day in the Biden s#|tshow. If he’s the nominee this is how it’s going to be EVERY DAY until he loses. Too. Much. Baggage.
He didnt praise him. He was merely stating that even though they were different they were able to work together on certain issues. Unlike todays politicians. What is more disturbing is the utter lack of reading comprehension in display here.
If he's so good at it, where was he when Republicans obstructed Obama for eight years?
Biden is out of touch.
Joe biden looks like dollar tree ric Flair
Can I get a hug !! This man is a trouble, big time
I would hardly call this praise. When I ran for legislature, the candidate for governor was a conservative geek I didn't much care for. But as the head of the state ticket, he had to be dealt with. Same here. The Senate was a LOT different 50 years ago.
Oh, Joe... please, no. What makes you think any of the progressive modern day citizens want to make peace with the modern day KKK “Proud Boys”? Not happening!
Biden has NO CHANCE of being President of this country.
Want to beat trump? Obama as your running mate......
I don't see a problem with what he said about having to work with segregationists that were still in the Democratic Party. He didn't say say he liked or supported them. What he doesn't seem to understand is that the the problem is not just Trump, but the Republican Party. Not only has it moved to the extreme right, but it has embraced and promoted anti-democratic tactics with it's extreme gerrymandering and voter suppression.
Gaffmaster strikes again. He can’t get Obama endorsement so he’s reaching. Epic fail.
Hang on, he said Democrats and "Dixiecrats" as they were known didn't agree on anything, but they still managed to move legislation along. When did we forget this country has always had opposing sides, we just agreed to disagree and ultimately after making concessions get the best deal we can for Americans? It's not rocket science, but Trump would have you believe it's his way or the highway, which means no deals, nothing gets done, lame president and congress, etc..
He didnt. He pointed out. That you have to work with others regardless of who they are
Isn’t Joe also a Chickenhawk that claimed a made up medical condition to avoid Vietnam? You’d think a tough guy like Joe would have been a hard charging Platoon Commander or Force Recon but I never hear him brag about any of that. I know Obama never served. Guess that’s why so many “male” Democrats think of Hillary as their role model.
He didn't. But you just keep crying wolf, maybe the next fake Biden scandal will take. More likely, you'll just help Trump win.
I don't care for Biden, but this is crap! There are 2 or more sides to everyone! Sometimes breaking bread is better than breaking skulls! It was a different time in our history......
So , selected remarks come out soon after Biden is shown to be beating Trump at polls. This is where the division and infighting begin. Prepare for 4 more years of Trump if you’re going to knock down his main contender 🙄
He said that they didn’t agree on much of anything, but they got things done!
One issue does not define a person. Was Obama disdained because he was a narcissist?
Biden was talking about civility & bi-partisanship, which is virtually non-existent these days.
Another senile old guy longing for the good ol days.
Orval Faubus, George Wallace, Bull connors all democrats bet a Dollar Joe knows all about the old days as he said was so easy to get along and get things done
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From brushes and sleeves to sprays and crates, these are our favorite products for cleaning and caring for your records, as well as how to use them.

Dry cleaning fluid was the best way of cleaning my vinyl collection Or, warm soapy water and a good rinse under the tap, dried with a soft cloth.
No cleaning in the world can improve the sound of a poor and modern repressing. So many reissues out there with questionable 'masters', no name cutters and under par pressing plants. Stay away from most of Universals reissues, many of them being manufactured by under par Czech pressing plant GZ Media. They even failed with 'Appetite For Destruction' despite a proper remaster.
Gordon Cossar
Magnus Sjöberg
Diego Mondaca
Courtney Feinstein Manuel
Tommy Tran
Brandon Petry
An antistatic inner sleeve would be a far better recommendation than paper ones.
The beauty of tape is you can record your vinyl records, store them away while you play the tapes, and extended the life of your records by decades.
Love 94 Music & Entertainment Not for nothing we threw out all of our records that we used on our station from when we first when on the air in 1976 until we went digital in the late 90s. Collectors for some, garbage for us especially when we had the file all of them away. It's like lovers of ice cream; until you work in an ice cream parlor everyday
Enrique Cruz
Kevin McLaughlin
Timothy Swiercz
Sharon Mcilroy . You need to read this !
Todd you probably already knew all this.
Finally a post that's not political.
Le do you see this?
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The same week that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was sanctioned in his defamation suit, the father of a Sandy Hook victim won his suit against publishers of a book that falsely claimed the massacre was a "false flag" attack.

I hope there exists a special circle of Hell for all of the people who tortured the grieving Sandy Hook parents and families, and especially for Alex Jones. I hope at the end of these trials he is penniless and imprisoned.
Thoughts and prayers
Just as criminal are the ones who give platform for this kind of a lunatic. Where is the responsibility of networks? - painful to even try and imagine what these families have had to endure.
I try to remember at least one victim from each shooting, and Im going to remember Anne Marie Murphy, 52, was a para professional at the school who worked with a boy with special needs named Dylan Hockley. Her body was found covering a group of children, and she died with Dylan in her arms.
That man should be more than just sanctions he should have monetary judgements against him for causing such anguish heart less allegations to a parent who lost child in such a tragic manner.
Ok. What? Someone help me out here. I do not understand at all how these people can even exist. Can anyone please explain to me what is it about the USA and its society and culture that produces an individual who can even think inside their own head that a major event such as a mass shooting where 27 innocent people were murdered did not ever happen, let alone say it out loud and then publicly to another individual? Why is it that only in the USA does this kind of person exist, and they are so stupid/evil as to publish a false book about it after it is public record and the families have been destroyed forever? I mean, who does that? What kind of mind and life causes this to occur? Nowhere else in the world do we hear about such ridiculous things occurring at such extreme edges of conceivable possibility. What is going on in the USA that causes this extreme dysfunction? I do not understand. Please, someone suggest a reasonable explanation besides the usual obvious ones that seem to fit such as profiteering, insanity, delusional distrust of government, NRA false information operatives... Even with those, it still takes ethical and moral bankruptcy to actually do something like this given the extreme tragedy of the event. What is going on in that country! 😄 It’s starting to become plausible that there is something in the environment in the USA, a contaminant yet to be identified, that is affecting people’s brains. But without sufficient supporting evidence, that would certainly only amount to a conspiracy theory. 😄
The complete dismantling and destruction of this guy's life has been one of the more pleasant occurrences in the last few years
Blessings on this dad... and his little soul lost. Justice is served. 🙏
I hope there is a special place in hell for Alex Jones!
It blows my mind that this guy is an institution, rather than in an institution!
Words and actions should always have consequences
I heard him Apologize and say he was wrong and felt awful in a pod cast. I felt he was sincere. Who knows... Takes a bigger person to accept.
Jones missed a conspiracy that’s right under his nose. We have a communist born and raised woman who lied about her biography living in the White House! Trump gave citizenship to her sleeper cell parents. C’mon Alex, get on it!😎
Remember when 45 was running and gave him a long interview. Deplorable.
People like that should be made to go to the funerals of these children and look at them look at those children's bodies when they're in the hospital also.
Aw, poor Alex Jones. If only I have an ounce of f**k to give. Kudos to the Father. Now if only all victims’ families can sue this pig.
It’s not enough to win a suit, I hope the damages award breaks the defendants forever.
Why is it that whenever I read a story like this I always assume the offending party is also a Trump supporter? Oh yeah, it’s because those people will believe any lie told!
It’s like they are having a contest to see how gullible people are. Unfortunately they haven’t found the limit yet.
Lock him up!!
Alex Jones is a nut 🥜 job he thinks 10-15 people shot at Kennedy in Dallas .
I hope he's broke after the judgement!!
What type of people believed this horrible story? Why would the country create a fake school shooting?
I know people who think the Las Vegas shooting was staged & all actors. Where does this conspiracy thing come from?!
To think Trump actually went on this clowns show