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On July 3, 2008, Casey Anthony walked to an Orlando tattoo shop to get a tattoo on her left shoulder, an Italian phrase meaning, “Beautiful Life.”

The only way I would even slightly care about her tattoo is if the article talked about someone ripping it off of her on the street because she murdered her baby.
Why is she STILL getting media attention? Did the Kardashian’s not do anything to write about? Geez...there are plenty of other things and news worthy people to write about...LET IT GO!
Idk why this bitch isn't rotting in a prisoncell. We all knoe she is as guilty ad OJ.
Sick murdering bitch is in a “prison” because of the public!!! Good!! She deserves nothing short of the way she treated her daughter!!!
Why do you keep posting anything about this woman she is Satan himself with human form
I was hoping someone would of got ahold of her by now.....evil bitch.
Maybe she should stay hidden because she will NEVER be accepted in a community once they figure out who she is. She is a baby killer. All she cares about is herself. I don't care,if you Joe Public think I'm being brutal and mean, she killed that beautiful little girl who did,nothing but ask for unconditional love.
Someone needs to tattoo a bullethole on her forehead.
Stop talking about her! She doesn’t deserve our time.
Why do we have to keep giving publicity to this horrible mother!!. That baby girl needs to RIP.
I'm surprised someone hasn't capped her yet honestly
If I was the tattoo artist I’d tat “I murdered my own baby!”
Beautiful life 😳😳😳.. could it be more ironic?!
Why are we still talking about her?
She should have been stuck with that “constant reminder of a difficult time in her life” for the rest of her life!
Kevin Sissons
American judicial system failure.
POS 💩💩
She sucks. She killed her daughter and has no remorse. She is disgusting.
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"I can take many things, but watching a maggot crawl out of a puppy’s eye is more than even I can manage."

We all need to advocate for tougher penalties in our respective states relating to animal abuse.
This is why I like animals more than people. People can be so very cruel. Dogs just want love and are more than willing to love you in return, unconditionally.
I know what evil looks like. Evil looks like those that abuse children and animals....the most innocent among us.
I want that sweet puppy💚💚💛🧡💞❤❤❤
I hate people. I really do. This poor baby.
I am so sick and tired of all this bullshit! There is so many disgusting stories involving children and animals! What the hell!!!! I'm so done!
This is all about MONEY 💰 & GREED . They don't give a damn about this innocent Angel 🐶. They should be SHUT DOWN FOREVER. Rescue don't buy .. 💔🐶😥
Tennessee is one of the very worst in regulating breeders, prosecuting abusers and enforcing animal welfare laws. I know bc I’ve been in rescue for many years here and it’s heartbreaking, and never ending.
Thank you for rescuing these sweet babies.
Bless you all for the work you do.
Prayers poor baby
Poor little guy. I hope he is OK now.
Jennifer Flores ugh people suck. 😭 poor pups
Samantha Ashley 😢
Damn these assholes!!!! Makes me sick when people abuse children and animals!!!
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An Oregon woman is opening up about her harrowing journey of survival after she fell 200 feet off of a California cliff while driving her Jeep.

Glad your safe. Don't text while driving again!
God was watching over you for sure....I hope you are better now🙏🙏
God bless you. Girl. It was truly a miracle prayers for speedy Recovery.and may god Continue to bless you.😎
Antonisha, I swear I thought this was you when I was scrolling through my newsfeed. After I looked, I realized it wasn’t.
Give thanks for LIFE.
Tori Marty Peña
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He may have scored the victorious final goal in the World Cup closer, but French player Kylian Mbappé is making headlines for another reason.

He isn’t alone in this. Other teams just don’t make a big deal about it. Since 2007, all the England players donate all their international pay to charity (the England players foundation).
Truly a winner. Such generosity for a worthy cause. Many blessings
What a gr8 guy!
Yesenia Zavalaa
Magnanimous Mbappe, destine unleashed, more accolades to come
Sonia he’s such a humble kid.
Nathalia Torres look amiga!
James Roberts
Lauren Peck
Ryan Melancon
Kelsey Lucas
Philip Regalado aww, maybe I’ll consider watching soccer now
Sebastien Cotte
Mark Pastrnak
Mac Orie
Lesley Pollitt Voorhees
Zakary Zuck
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What to know about sun poisoning, and how to stop it from happening as you head outside this summer.

It's called sunscreen
My skin is the color of milk. I get sun poisoning at least once a year WITH sunscreen. 😐 Guess I better start wearing SPF 9000.
Wear sunscreen
I had it 2xs in my earlier years, so much pain, neasous, body aches etc. Vowed never again. Kept my promise, good one believes how old I am!! No wrinkles!
Timothy C Barnes & Miranda Gilbert. Us 3 right here...
Some medications can make you very sensitive to the sun. I have experienced this rash with blisters without being sunburnt, and while using SPF 50. It's very itchy and miserable.
Frankee Resler this you today?
Yes I experienced two months ago after I went to Abbotsford Tulip Festival all day without tents or hat or water then next day I got so sick. Wow. I learned to have bottle of water with me and wear hat. They need to have tents to keep shade.
Huh. Who knew. I almost always get headaches after I’ve been out in the sun for too long. I just always thought it was from not drinking enough water.
I’ve built immunity. I live near the equator. I’m pale, so as a kid this happened to me. At 45, no burn, just tan (I stop using sunblock). I’ve been reading about the harmful effects of the chemicals found in sunblock. I guess now I absorb vitamin D better.
Melanie Rinehart we need to use a shot glass sized amount of sunscreen on our bodies
Diana Linares Sometimes you’re not exactly red but it’s bumps and hives. 😲 SPF 30 will do nothing to protect in FL heat.
Kassandra Russ Brady Russ sun poisoning is a real thing!!!
Ashley Chaney Berryhill do you remember the shania Twain trip To the beach when I got this!?
Des Stamatis this is what I had week 1 😱
Sun poisoning ? Shift work disorder?? 🤔🤔
Dusty this was you!
Sara hahaha
Raegan Bishop don’t you wish you would’ve known
Angela ... you will have to watch when you guys are in Italy
Joe Hulen
Christopher like every time I’m in the sun
Ana mira
Dolly L Henderson this is totally what I had last week!! 😱
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Help arrived on two wheels for Columbo the dog.

Thank you both for saving this beautiful baby! Its people like you who give me back my faith in humanity.
God bless people who help animals in need ❤️❤️❤️
Jordan Wineland look at his name
This is a very bittersweet story. They now share a deep & special bond/connection. That dog may not be able to say it, but animals show their love and appreciation in many other ways, I’m sure he is very thankful. And then for this woman to it upon herself to not only help this dog, but this man.. Talk about paying it forward. Bless them all and good luck to Columbo on bus journey/road to recovery and his future. It’s rare these days. But it is always great to see that there is still some humanity in this world. It’s the little things like these that you really have to appreciate when you can get it.
I actually been doing this since I was 14 years old with my Mom. Rest In Peace Mom 🌹
Autumn Fischer Lucas - look! Nick Lucas could take Sophie for a ride! 😂
Brian Boswell this would be you
Emma Panzer not all hero’s where capes
Thank you so much for caring 🐾♥️🐾
Thanks for saving this cutie!
Thank you for helping. Loving helpless animals.
This would totally be me!
Absolutely Love This Guy!🐾🐾🐾❤️
Charlotte Rose All the feels
Wow! Thank you
This is amazing!! 💙
Presious baby and hero
Thank you !
Beautiful story
Beautiful story
Thank you
Amy Nordhaug That’s you.
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Cardi B‘s daughter Kulture Kiari will be sleeping like a princess.

Was the crib enough to cover baby daddy’s bail?
That'll look great with spit up all over it.
Such a waste of money.
Let's see what it looks like after it has been pooped, peed, and puked on.
Aww bet the baby is delighted waking up in that every morning. Be telling all her mates about it cos babies know all about style 🙄 ffs
That poor baby is going to change her name as soon as she turns 18 lol
That is a very beautiful crib! Fit for a princess 👑 ❤️
Tacky but look at who owns it.
She seems so grateful for everything... it's refreshing... beautiful crib.
She posted this DAYS AGO
Lol. The baby won’t even be sleeping in it. Lmbo.
Tosha Wright I need this
And her dad in jail.
Sorry Brittany Marie that cribs got you beat! I want it as a headboard! 😂😂
Ashley Hayes her first name. 🤣
Whitney Sopakk
Sydnii Robinson
Wow 🙂
Marissa Feldbaum
Alexis Matehuala
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When you really need a night out but all of your friends are busy.

This is exactly what is wrong with parents these days! They promote drinking! And we wonder why teens drink and drive! Its because of this right here! Horrible parenting!!! ---said some Karen or Susan lol Hahaha Love this cute and innocent! (and pathetic...get some friends kid!😂)
Miranda Knouse Dana Jakelich Erika Gibbs This is me ...cheersing myself sugar free red bull in front of the mirror when you broads have to work
Kathryn Cara Kerri Kaci Brittany Allyson this will be me tonight if anyone wants to join me 🤣🤣
Debbie Sorrells McBride Veronica Reyna If yall hadnt gone out last night, this would've been me!
I hope thats apple juice
Ryan I am not going to confirm or deny that this is me tonight... draw your own conclusion 😜
Why go out when you can do this lol Andrea
Or your friends are in different states Jennifer Zimmerman
Sarah.. this is me without you🤷🏻‍♀️😘
Vanessa Stock. No shame. I would do this if I had a mirrored closet
Briane Brodersen “and you have no gas to go see them” 😂 this was me last night 😂💁🏽
You would be doing that with chunky, pebbles and Lucy 😂 Jane Neis
Tish! Thank God you weren’t too busy or this would have been me! 🥂😂
*when your best friend lives closer to Canada Cady Welch
lol me because I had a baby and y’all are hard working ladies Carly Gadberry Cassidy Madrigal
Sad children mimic everything they see mommy and daddy doing so who's the loner mom or dad
Rizelle Faith Baluyut cue Carole King in the background lol
Ashlea Keys becuase I can't drink anymore 😂😂
Alex Romero Franny Joseph me cause you guys don’t wanna drink with me at Chuck E. Cheese lmao
Merissa Lantz we will have to start doing this when the ladies bail on us lol
Jenna Booth me living so far from you, also... Text me back
Katy- how many more days until I see your face?!
Mindi Rawlins except we have kids that make us exhausted 🙄
Any one who gives there kids booze or drugs does not deserve their kids they need looked up
Stephanie is this you when you’re drinking your wine on a nightly basis...? 😉 lol
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Country star Lauren Alaina and her boyfriend Alex Hopkins are engaged!

Aww congrats but I think her and Kane are cute together!
I have no idea who she is.
They are heterosexual. Good!
Over in 5 years
Congratulations to both and a long and happy life together.
Beautiful couple. Congratulations and best wishes.
Charissa Seeley...... I think Kane Brown is out of the running! 😉😂😂
Sydney Traub Pamela Keenan she’s so adorbs
nice one. Congrats to you both.
Jacqueline Pruni ❤️
Marcella Scaglione
Ally Feldman
Adorable couple💜💜
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John Schneider is asking the court to restore his jail sentence following his early release.

The court awarded the ex almost 19,000 a month??? I know she is used to a certain style of living but 19,000 a month??
I don't agree with alimony. Get a job!
Gold digging ex should get a job and stop spending.... as far as I read they have no children... so wtf you need that kinda money for? Most 2 income houses don't have half of the that.
I can see if there are kids involved but if there are no kids then get a job
Long term marriage. Life style established. We don’t know the ins and outs of what she did for him to establish career and household. Some guys mysteriously “lose”money when it’s time to pay up. Surely it’s no secret the laws in California and community property. Let’s quit judging her when we don’t know the story.
18,911 dollars a month is a bit ridiculous
In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. Vows are meant to be taken seriously. You don't want to possibly pay support one day, don't get married. That simple!!
Is Tyler Perry not paying him enough on The Haves and Have Nots...
Coo coo cooo....I love it, I love.
Ridiculous alimony. Get a job! Get the botox less often!
If there are no kids involved he should not have to pay a dime!!!
She's the one who decided on divorce. How about she get a job and live for herself?
Awww I feel bad for him. I met him a few years ago. He was such a nice guy and absolutely lovely to all his fans. Smiled and laughed and was happy to take pictures and sign autographs. I hope this gets cleared up soon. On another note maybe his ex wife should get a job to help keep up with this supposed lifestyle she lives.
Jim Cried says send me to jail! HAHN must not pay to good huh?
He's a big Trump supporter, so maybe he's hoping he'll get pardoned.
She was seeking 31K a month back in 2014. I say get a damn job. I don’t believe in alimony. She’s the one who wanted out now support herself instead of expecting the one person she wants to divorce and get away from to support her. Quit her whining that she’s been out of acting, credited for only one movie that I can see before her marriage, so long no one will hire her. There’s always McDonald’s or Walmart.
You know times are hard when you prefer three hots and a cot over your freedom.
Courts don't generally award such a high amount, unless he shows income which PROVES he can pay that out. If it's such an issue, take it back to court. I do see he has, but I don't know if they will go back now.
I'm surprise by the amount of female comments on here saying that she doesn't deserve alimony. If it was determined between them two (or any couple really) when they got married that one will work at home (cook, clean, maintain social life) and one will work outside the home, then they both are entitled to the lifestyle that they earned. I mean I know of wifes that gave up their schooling/career to support their husband's endeavors. So what? 10-15 years down the road their marriage falls apart and she is not entitled to anything she help to achieve? What happened to the saying, "behind every successful man, is a great woman"? Now obviously, if she has not work in the outside world for 10-15 years, while he has gain experience during that time- I think it's unfair that he would be the only one financially comfortable at the end of their marriage.
The judge must have figured he could afford that alimony. They were married quite awhile. He is probably hiding money. Pay up John.
Get a job loser. That is a ridiculous amount of money you don't need that and you know it.
That is a ridiculous amount of alimony 🙄 Get a job
19 grand a month???? Bitch needs to get a job!
She can’t get a job and support herself?
Did the courts split his debt with her too?
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To celebrate the future king’s birthday on Sunday, his proud parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, released a new photo!

Is that the only shirt that boy has?
Why is she still called Kate Middleton? Didn't she change her last name when married?
So cute😊 He looks just like his dad at that age in my opinion..
We share the same birthday, 60 years apart! Happy Birthday Prince George!
How adorable!!! He looks taller and more grown up. Happy 5th Birthday Prince George
He’s losing his baby cheeks and looking more grown up! Adorable!
Happy 5th Birthday, Prince George!! May you have a wonderful birthday and year ahead. May God always bless you, sweet boy.🎁🎈🎂🎉😘❤️💕😊🙏🏻
My rug rats bday is the 22nd also
I can't help smiling back....adorable....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I love him!!!! So cute!! Di would have been head over heals!!
His whittle teefies ❤️❤️ Happy Birthday Prince George 😻
So cute ,what a wonderful smile he has
He is too darn cute snd always puts a smile on my face!!! 💕
Look at that smile 😊Happy child. Happy Birthday Prince George 🎉🎂
George resembles Kate's Daddy and Diana's brother...
He reminds me of his grandmother Diana. That smile!
I really think he looks like the Queen's father George VI. He's got his eyes.
I remember waiting for him to arrive. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy.
He going to be one handsome dude when he gets older. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the future King
He's such a handsome young man, that smile is so sweet. 5yrs old already though, wow! Time is flying.
He's quite handsome. He looks just like William.
Happy Birthday Prince George, growing up too fast, enjoy your day !!
Happy Birthday Prince George, we also share the same birthday
Cutest little future King of England ,
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Jaequan Faulkner has city officials to thank for helping him score new school clothes.

The person that called to complain about him selling hot dogs without a permit is a piece of crap human being. Karma has a way of taking care of those type of people.
This is why I think school uniforms are such a good idea!
Hats off to everyone for helping him and not shutting him down very positive for your community, ad for this young man and family!! He'll look great going back to school!! God bless you all. ( from New Hampshire)
This young man was raised, he seems to have a very bright future ahead of him. What an inspirational story., working hard towards what he needs and to reach his goal. His fight & determination to not give up is absolutely amazing, such a heartwarming story. The pics really show & makes you appreciate the humanity that is left in this world. Good luck. <3
What a great community. I love seeing them help and teach him instead of saying no and shutting him down. This kid is going places.
I can’t believe someone would report him anyway! This precious young man is actually working and EARNING what he needs! He’s not standing around begging for money or expecting anything to be handed over to him for free! So many adults these days could learn something from him. I’m very proud of you Jaequan!
Hey if he is working to make money, good for him. I totally support him. Great job Mr Faulkner. Hats off to you😘
This is a story that makes me smile!
Absolutely wonderful!! Love how his community helped him out. A smart enterprising young man.
Way to go kid I already see you as entrepreneur in your future!!
Way to go young man! I hope you make all the money you need and have fun while doing it!
Why would anybody report a child? Ugh.
Good job, young man!
Bless your ❤️ young man!!!
So proud of how the community help him be more successful! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
He's adorable I wish him all the best
Good for you Jaequan
Way to pay it forward 💗
God bless!