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This is too good!

Robin Grant we were just talking about him!
I thought that lady was naked at first
That’s awesome!!!
Madison Teta. We could have ran into Dave Chappell!!
Mitchell Northam 😂😂😂
Ernesto III Alvarez
Ray Persetic III
Michael Naylor
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Because there's no such thing as too much ranch.

Yuck bottled ranch is gross! Homemade is the way to go!
Kayla Woodham Gaines found your birthday gift! Lol 😂
Forget that i want the keg and a ranch fountain. Im a ranchaholic yes! And proud of it too! Lol
Jenny Gustin, you’ll have to show this to your hubby and hint at a Christmas gift 😂
Jennifer Fitze Vissage.... I think I need to draw your name for the present this year!
Sara Elizabeth- I need to meet the people that love ranch as much I do!!
Sean Huddleston Logan needs this so when he accidentally pours a bowl full he’s got enough to last😂😂😂
Paul I think I’ve figured out what you can get me for Christmas 🤣🤣🤣
Jensenn you need this for your house🤣😋🤣😋
Every year I want to get something like this for Ains, Amanda
Kayla what do you think?! Might last Justin for one week! 🤣🤣
Kris Rachelle I'm going to have to get this for Emma at your house 🤣
Justin theres no such thing as too much ranch. I feel like I know a certain dude at Chilis that would disagree 😆
Vanessa Fuller I know some people that may enjoy this under your tree 🌲😂
Ranch dressing is good but theirs suck. Lite house homestyle ranch is the best.
Nope I only make my homemade ranch it’s way better
Found your Christmas present DanO!
Justin... we need to get for Lainey and Isaiah 😝
Tray Gosnay this will be your Christmas present from me!
We like kens
Heather Gilley Bowen 😂😂😂😂 saw this and thought of you cuz of the convo at Mikados the other night!!!! Lol!
My kids love this ranch but the taste has changed for me over the years. I can’t stand it now.
Sarah Loraine I think you found Adeline's number 1 present on her Christmas list!
i’m sorry I love ranch but hidden valley is so nasty.
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“He was normal, he didn’t have a temper, he was just easygoing like his dad. He’s not a monster.”

He had an affair with a co-worker, murdered his pregnant wife and those sweet innocent girls and only finally admitted to it because the coward didn't want the death penalty--but he is not a monster. . .well, enjoy spending the rest of your lives visiting him once a week behind a glass and telling him what a good boy he is. 😡
This is such BS. No one thought my ex husband was a monster either...until the day he killed both of my children and himself. Some evil monsters are not so easily seen.
Well if nothing else this explains where his narcissism came from. Ridiculous victim-blaming behavior from both the husband and his parents.
Son or not, how can you say he’s NOT a monster after killing his family.... 🤔
My ex husband, who beat the crap out of me on the regular, had parents who said he never did it either.
I was in a 10 year long abusive relationship and his family never knew. He was always a perfect boyfriend in front of them. That's exactly what abusers do. Its text book.
If the wife was abusive, then why kill the kids, too? I get it. They don't want to admit that they spawned a murderer, but that's exactly what they did.
"Normal" people don't kill their wife and children.
Yea, blame the victim who can't speak for herself
These people should just shut up and should have never done an interview. Their son is the biggest monster out there. He killed his pregnant wife and two daughters and then went on TV to "plead" for their safe return. Knowing full well they were never coming back. So please explain all of this away by saying he never lost his temper, he's a good boy, and he played sports. Seriously?!
He was in an abusive relationship, and he was the abuser!! 🤬
So what? Even if this is remotely true- did that make him dump his kids into an oil vat?
He’s not a monster? He just killed his whole family.
His parents seem like great people. False accusations against a dead woman at the hands of your own son and she can’t even defend herself. He killed your grandchildren too. He’s not a monster at all. Crazy ass people. Now we know who he got it from.
Nothing like blaming the ones that were killed.
Please stop using family pictures he doesn't deserve it!!! Show the mugshot!!!!
He's not normal. He killed his family!!!
Obviously his parents didn’t know him and are oblivious to what he did
That didn't give him an excuse to kill his precious little girls. Leave the marriage, don't kill.
Was he in an abusive relationship w/his children as well....GTFOH....B.S.
I don’t give a damn how “difficult” the relationship is! You get a freaking divorce..ya don’t murder your family!😡 as a parent i get wanting to defend your child...but to be able to murder your own have to be a monster!!!
So they’re just making excuse of him killing their grandchildren class acts 👍🏼👍🏼😳🙄
He’s parents saying sh*t like this says more about him than the mom, makes you think what kind of inviroment he grew up in for his parents taking his side ......
Abused or not it’s no excuse to kill them, and why the innocent kids? It’s bullshit.
Yes please let’s blame the person who isn’t here to defend herself. 🙄
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"This is what’s left of my house. Love."

She lost her home and still donated 500k to doesn’t matter if she can afford it...she lost just as much as others.. Classy
And even with their losses they donated half a million dollars for relief efforts. No words.
People please proof read your articles before posting. Your a celebrity new source, you know Liam is not Thor, Chris is!
Did People really just confuse Chris Hemsworth with Liam Hemsworth?!
I so get it , losing everything is so indescribable, this is what was left , our house number 3 years ago , after the Fort McMurray Alberta wildfires . Celebrity or not , it all effects us the same , sentimental memories can never be replaced ..
He needs to save those letters as is and put in the new house as a symbol of recovery.
Jeez, who cares which brother it is??? These people are losing their homes, and I’m sick and tired of comments about how they are rich-so no big deal. Rich or not, they’ve lost personal momentos. Why no sympathy for them, because they are wealthy??? FYI-most average people who own homes and have a mortgage carry insurance to replace it in the event of a disaster. Devastation is still devastation regardless of your net worth.
Pray for all those that are in the path of the wildfires
Liam wasn’t in Thor tho
Celebrity or not still devastating. Especially sentimental things you cannot get back
I think they got it! how many of you keep saying Thor wasn't Liam. Read comments!
No matter if you are rich or poor, losing your home and possessions is an awful loss.
And love is what will rebuild it!
The one thing that remained was LOVE. I find that to be priceless. God Bless them all.
Um people you have the wrong brother here.. Liam isnt Thor.. does no one edit articles before posting anymore? Either way these fires have been Devastating too so many people. 😔
Man, that fire sure came in like a wrecking ball 😔
Ummm he’s not the Thor star, that’s his big brother Chris. You may know Liam from his role in Hunger Games, expendables 3, and the last song But not in Thor
Chris is Thor.. Liam is in Hunger Games.
This horrible for anyone. Also he's not Thor his brother is
People... Chris is Thor, not Liam.
I am so sad that any of this had to happen to anyone. However, you ding-dongs, Chris was Thor, not Liam. Get your story straight please.
I know that confusing the brothers isn't what is important about this passage, but it still bothered me a little.... Regardless, I hope everyone is safe, and my family is praying for the lives both lost and affected by this tragic wildfire.
Liam isn’t Thor 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ his brother Chris is
Very sad to lose everything, especially personal belongings you can't replace.
I think that is a significant message ... that is all you need .. you will survive 🙏♥️‼️
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It's happening!

Rob Dutton.... I cant even remember what happened last... it’s been like 5 years since the last episode 😂
My Birthday is in April ☺
Angelika Nicole James Cody Eamon Carty YES! Thank god. I wouldn’t be able to wait until the summer.
Good. It'll take 5 months to rewatch it all so I know what's happening.
Finally!!!! Although I’m not ready for it to be over 😢😢
Jacob Kelin Leta Kramer Jeff Sarah Cassandra Gary atleast we have something to look forward to for the next 5 months!
Jimmy Grillo happy anniversary ❤
Best birthday present ❤️Dalia Afrasiab
Jorge A Carlos , it’s official. I hope Santa brings me a sound bar this Xmas.
Ronnie Young you better get the house done and HBO ready by April 🤣🙌🏻
Joe Martenson April not July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeekkkkkkkkkkkk we need to rewatch all seasons now! 😊
Jessica Swanson!! I’m finally catching up again lol I’m at end of season 4
Thank the lord!
Tyler Frye happy birthday to us
Yessss!! If only it weren’t the series finale. One of the most amazing shows I’ve had the pleasure of watching. 😍♥️
Thank you to the old Gods and the new. Its about friggin time
Add HBO in April 2019 lol Steven Hartman
It shouldn’t take so long to film a winter series. Global warming isn’t real( Just ask COTUS)Snow is everywhere.
Yessssssssssss... Then i remember it's ending.... 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
If HBO and Dish TV don't get their negotiations hammered out way before then we will be finding a new cable company ! Yanked channels without even so much as a notice....
Chest pains. Legit excitement chest pains.
I’ll have to sign up for HBO again. Can’t miss game of thrones
I’m going to be pissed if hbo and dish don’t come to an agreement by then!
Destinee Lance... I’m just going to put dinner on the calendar for this night. :)
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Watch Felicity Jones as Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the new trailer for On the Basis of Sex — in theaters this Christmas.

I like Emma Watson better.
This looks amazing.
Can't wait!
Hello, Everyone who still care about his/her ex, I never ever believed in spell until i met a man called Prophet Alafia, who helped me cast a spell that brought back my ex-lover who left 💔 me for another woman, His spells works beyond my imaginations and today, I am happily married with two kids and me and my [ex-lover] now husband are very happy more than ever before, what more can i say rather than to say thank you Prophet Alafia for been there for me, contact him today and your life will never ever remain the same, his email is: Prophetalafia@gmail .com
Kelli Flynn ❤️❤️❤️
Reena Evenchik נלך?
Kate Cucco
Melissa Uribe Garcia
Matthew Samuel I know you’ll want to pre order for this one 😉
Becky Dale Girthoffer
Nicole Degginger this movie looks good
Teeth goals Anna Faye
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Pixar has released another look at the sequel that introduces two new — and very funny! — characters.

James Kehler look who voices them.
It's the final Toy story its gonna be so hard and sad all at the same time
Omg I hope so
Chaz Dally Jennings' first movie! Mark your non-existent calendar!
Anthony Billman
Brad Myers Felicia Virgen Lucia Abel
Kailey Parliament
Tracy Then-Hanshaw
Miranda Elena 😆
Melissa Valenzuela
Matt Brown
Zander Howe
Ben Weyland
Ema VanDyke
Tammy Forcier
Abby Kane
Alma Falls
Chaz Chamberlain
Llami Gonzalez
Alex Hapgood
Ashley Lauren
Matt Llanes
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“There used to be a countertop here with the sink. She said that she had left it here … and it was there. It’s just a miracle.”

My parents lost their house in the Witch Creek fire in 2007 in San Diego. When they were searching through the debris, they found the ruby from my grandpa's ring. 😮 It was amazing! They now have it framed and hanging in their home.
I found a few old pics, by the grace of God I found the $2.000 In the draw, the numbers didn't get burnt I was able to have the money replaced along with a Michele watch my late bf gave me, best feeling ever
Why would anyone want to live in Ca at all?! With all the natural disasters, and expensive living, just whyyyy??? I feel awful for this family and the 6 related families! That's just awful! To have your entire family and have nowhere to go because all your relatives house burnt to! Prayers for Cali!
Awe... that's wonderful and so sweet he searched for it!
Wow talk about finding a needle in a haystack.
Truly a special “miracle “🙏♥️‼️
These words, " used to be" are so haunting and gutwrenching. At least they're all together, safe and sound. Glad they found the ring that will remind them of their unconditional love for each other.
Just a thought...shouldn’t it be a family who lost their house instead of “his” house???
Golden lining 💍💍
Wonderful to have the ring......sympathies on the loss of your home.
Christian 😭
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He also claims that his volatile relationship with Chyna and the domestic violence restraining order she filed last year has damaged his career and is keeping him from earning money.

No fucking child needs 20k a month to be taken care of. These child support cases are fucking horseshit
She had that baby for PROFIT. Pure and simple. There’s her meal ticket for the next 16 years! Hope she saves up cause no kid costs 20,000 a month to support.
They have 50/50 custody. Why is she getting child support?
What judge approved these child support payments?! They need to be slapped!
No child "needs" $20k a month.
Be Kim’s hired selfie taker? Her wrist hurts, dammit!
$240,000 a year...most people dont see that money in their life times! These payments are ridiculous
She damaged his sock making career!?
If they have 50/50 custody there should be no child support period!
I live on a little more than that a year.. and I have 2 kids to support 🤨
She doesn’t need $20k a month to support a child I get about 500 a month and that covers everything he needs clothes/diapers/daycare/ and food.
And my ex says $180 is a lavish amount 😂
Wtf gold digger
Let’s look at the bigger picture shall we? If you don’t want to go broke, then don’t put it in her without a rain coat!!! It’s that simple people.
20k a month. What the hell she need that much for??? She knew what she was doing when she got knocked up with his kid! $$$
The baby has a rich dad. Do you expect the baby to go to the hood after visiting with dad in Calabasas? 😂 it’s his fault for going with his sisters boyfriends ex girlfriend.
20k oh hell blac chyna, get over yourself!
Who in the hell need 20,000$ a month to raise one child, that’s Bull Sh.. she just wanted the money in the first place. He need to take her back to court because, she used him.
I can't never understand these celebrities, $20.000 for child support a month, this is beyond crazy
$20,000 is extreme for child support
Jesus some of you ladies are banking off child support, I am grateful I get anything at all,$30 a week for the last 10 years smh
She should get like 1,000. A month He cares for that baby , does everything for baby and supplies nannies when the rare times she’s with the mother ! He loves that baby to death!
These two fight. Dream picks up the tab. 🙁💙
Oops i did not know he had a career but also blck chyna needs to get her pathetic self a job
I know kids can be expensive but not that much! No way does she need that much!!
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Your latest celebrity news and top headlines for November 13th on #PeopleNow

Love you all.. presently away but coming home to CA soon. God Bless you all.. stay safe.,😪😪💔💔❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✝️
Hi everyone can't wait to see CMA
Prayers for all those affected by the fires! I had a vision of this catastrophe!🙏
Thinking about you from Alfred, Ontario Canada
Why do we not mediums like they are liars?
Dodnt judge others unless your perfect!
Chandra Todd will be going to the CMAs. Which star will be wearing our latest dress? Stay tune!!
For me it has to be Iron Man 👨
Stan Lee...My Superhero ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Call Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!
Concentrate on her jovial soul. She’s lovely!
What the hell Rose Eshman??
She look like my sister Donna.
Thinking in all of you!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Celebrity gossip aka trash
Iron man
Stan Lee #RIP 🙏
Hello from Buffalo
RIP Stan. Now you’re REALLY a star above!
Take care
Iron man!
Stay safe
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The final season of Game of Thrones is almost here.

I have so many mixed feelings and emotions. Anxiously and impatiently, excitedly waiting.. But don't want it to be over.
Thank god. I'm sick of hearing about it.
Tyler Haines Trent Hancock — we need to get moving. Trent needs to be caught up by April!
Elizabeth Lynn you have time to catch up
Hello, Everyone who still care about his/her ex, I never ever believed in spell until i met a man called Prophet Alafia, who helped me cast a spell that brought back my ex-lover who left 💔 me for another woman, His spells works beyond my imaginations and today, I am happily married with two kids and me and my [ex-lover] now husband are very happy more than ever before, what more can i say rather than to say thank you Prophet Alafia for been there for me, contact him today and your life will never ever remain the same, his email is: Prophetalafia@gmail .com
Sayed Alaa قابل يامعلم
Aly Perreault ca sen vient!!!!!😁😁😉😉😉😉
JamieRae Templemire, Lori Smith, Julie Sanders-Ross- I can't wait!!!!
Brittany Lawson ahhhhhhhh
Jerry Grisham Jason Grisham
Justin Wireman 😍😍😍
Misty David!!!!!!
Joe Martenson!!!
Chris Combo 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Stephanie Bennett Elliot Ann Patterson Angel Hogner Robert Chambers
Tony Bautista
Alexis Avila Diana McKinnon
Raheem Lakhani Daniel Andreou
Katharina NichtdieEiskunstläuferin
Bo Kinia
Charles Rivera
Josh Pierson
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The lawsuit alleges that Acosta and CNN’s First and Fifth Amendment rights were violated by the ban, and seeks to restore Acosta’s press pass.

I stand with Jim Acosta, CNN and the free press.
He is rude and very disrespectful to our president.
Jim Acosta just proved CNN sucks lol
I wasn't aware a White House press pass was a constitutional right. Where do I get mine?
CNN and Acosta have become giant jokes!! They need to get over themselves already!! Bunch of crybabies!! 😭😭
Kudos for Jim Acosta and CNN. I am so sick of Trump's behavior when he doesn't want to answer a question. And the woman attempting to take the mic grabbed Acosta's hand so she assaulted him. Anyone who is a journalist knows that you keep asking questions until you get the answer.
Acosta is a bully and did a horrible job!!....disrespectful!
Gutsy move by CNN. I hope they win.
The President told him to sit down the woman doing her job was trying to grab the mic. The rude newsman held tight which then got the woman who was doing her job to try to break the mic from that awful newsman. He needs to grow up
Stupid and frivolous lawsuit. CNN can send in a different reporter. CNN’s credentials weren’t revoked, Acosta’s were. Send in someone who will actually ask a question rather than editorializing and being an ass
How come it was okay when Obama threw a reporter out?
With Jim Acosta ,it's never about the news ,it's about him outshouting everyone else .HE'S SICKENING !!!! Keep him away and let the real news people deliver .
The President can ban anyone he wants !
Thank goodness! He can’t start removing credentials because tough questions are asked. He forgets that the public deserves answers. He fancies himself accountable to no one. The intern did the assaulting.
Whomever sees it differently than what really happened are as sad as Trump is. He didn’t touch her plain and simple!!!
I hope they win.
The girl he karate chopped in the arm to keep his mic should sue him for assault.
Since when did America turn into a kindergarten class
Well i mean he didn't touch that woman plain and simple she got aggressive with him there is proff all around
I Hope they win.
Let’s go! I hope they win. This is not Russia where you can’t say anything. This is USA! 🙌🙌🙌
Meanwhile CNN has to do their reporting from ACOSTA street....
Let him back in.....just don’t pic him for a question 😂