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The 82-year-old woman was found covered in blood with nearly two dozen cuts to her face.

Jacqueline Merie He just sit at the end of my bed looking at me! I think he hates me or something!😭 He gives me that "Ima kill this bitch" look!😳
Nicole Roy I wanna laugh so bad but I'm having a personal delimma over wether or not it is appropriate
Tiffany Oxley My cat Chuck would absolutely kill me if he thought he could get away with it. I have to watch my back with him.
George Delgadillo Cats are evil, and they make sure you are aware of that. I’ve been sleeping on the floor for the last couple of days bc I refuse to wake up my cat or he will literally give me the death stare.
Bonita Sanchez They will plot, ...and kill!
Julia Garin Look at that cats face too. He’s like ya I fucked her up, you’re next bitch....
Erin Almas Maybe she had died and it was trying to wake her up. I don't know but cats don't do this. There must have been a reason.
Debby Davison My cat use to bite my toes to make me get out of the chair he wanted because he knew biting my toes made me jump up. Once he was in the chair he would wrap his tail around his face and stare at me over his tail.
Shanna Marie Holy crap...i knew i was a dog person for a reason.
Kristina Marie Ummm sounds like she held the cat to her face and it felt threatened. Natural reaction.
Elizabeth Wilhite Maybe she hit him or abused him. We'll probably never know. They paw-printed cats. Was there a kitty line up too.
June Davidson Goza I’ve heard that if you die, a dog will wait a couple of weeks before trying to eat you. A cat only waits a day. 😬
Sharon D. Lewis This is why I strongly do not like cats 🐈; beautiful to look at but nothing worthy of me ever owning one.. right up their with snakes 🐍..eew!
Carissa Ahlers I'm sorry I've always had bad feelings about cstd since I was little and they attacked me. I love my dogs! They love me unconditionally and wouldn't hurt me!
Carolyn Neser it seems almost certain that one way or another the woman cornered the cat .. stray cats ordinarily go to extraordinary lengths to avoid humans
Paul N Elizabeth Murillo My Grandma told me cats are evil and sneaky. Guess it's true.
Karen McDowell A neighbor had a “psycho” cat that would hide in places up high, like tree branches, trucks, roof etc.. and jump down and pounce on unsuspecting victim’s shoulders, back and head, vicious cat. Totally unprovoked attacks..
Shannon Hope Wright So many comments saying "This is why I'm a dog person," or something against cats, yet how many more people die from dog attacks?? To be clear, I love dogs, but I also love cats and I am not going to say one species is better when the opposite attacks someone. I don't usually see folks talking crap about dogs when someone gets bit by one, unless of course it is breed specific, then loads of people will trash that particular breed. I'd also like to add that the difference between a feral cat and a house cat (or even your basic stray) is huge. Don't judge cats based on actions of one feral cat...
Sara Adelmeyer Claw caps. Lol. They come in pretty colors. Could have saved this situation.
Meredith Wood Carroll This wasn't a cat. Maybe a cat was used to assault her but my guess is that the daughter is tired of caring for her. The stray will be put down and Ms. Matsumoto will die an equally astounding death.
Greg Brock Anyone consider maybe this woman was abusing the cat? Animal abusers can be ANY age. I say this cat was defending itself for some reason.
Natalie Toure Only yt ppl would be more concerned with the cat than the elderly woman 😒
Kevan Pierson Stray cats are known to be violent at times (especially the males).
Amanda North No, she died or was dying and the animal acted like an animal...a lot like "humans" do now a days anyway...
Tarnetta Williams "ILLNESS/DEATH" is the SUSPECT of the WOMAN. The "CAT" (knew) it, because of "SENSITIVE" EMOTIONAL/INSTINCT'S. Yep, Yepie, and GLORY!!!
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Because you've always wondered what Mindy Lahiri personality you're most similar to.

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Police found the body of a homeless man with the message “4 Stop Wait Time” scrawled in blood.

Emily Edwards Shealyn Healy
Walter Moreland He looks crazy
Catalina West Fern Parker
Jaimie Bercey Serena Rose Edith MacMaster was just talking about this!
Nicole Williams Frankie
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Serena Williams was glowing after saying 'I do!' 💍

Enrike Garcia White men marrying Black men, we have come a long way. Good for them.
Kovács Jikazumashi Gábor Ez a férje??? Hogyan tudott elvenni feleségül egy ennyire csúnya nőt < -- > mint Serena Williams???
Sonia J. Dryden Congratulations on your wedding many more years to come
Maria Alejandro Congrats to them🥂💐❤️
Gail Amundson Nancy
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Unhappy with Truman Capote’s book and the legacy it left behind, the Clutter family for decades remained silent about the killings — until now

Melissa Scott Danville Seen the movie once. It really bothered me.
Jacci Bibeau That is when small town Kansans started locking their doors....I took dance lessons and had my braces adjusted in Olathe at the time the criminals were planning the crime...I could have seen them and never known. It changed our way of life
Sharon Johnson Yes
Brooke Lynn Cassin Emily, since you were reading this for school you may find this interesting 🤔
Mackenzie Ottman Willa Bachman Nicole Muskett Maggie Harris Ashley Taylor YOU GUYS
Bryanna Hauser Matthew Hauser
Hannah Buchholz Lewis Conover
Karleen Garcia Kimberly another show we can watch? 🤔
Julee Christy Cecelia Christy
Shannon Pinkston Pace Elizabeth Getz
Anjeanette Robledo Maryt Lugo
Jama Jacks King Angie Thompson Jacks
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Ryan Seacrest says the claims that he “behaved inappropriately toward” a female stylist, who he previously worked with, are “reckless.”

Alicia Mullins Oh what did he say something sexual to her? Oh no! This is getting ridiculous...I can't even believe this anymore.
Heather Sauls 😂😂 I always thought he was gay..
Allison Zaborski I don't believe this at all. If I had a dollar for every guy who made a sexual comment towards me over the past 20 yrs I'd be rich! Some people are just so damn sensitive and sue happy ugh.
Linda Paine It's gotten so ridiculous, that my husband came home tonight and said, "who was accused today?"
Sydney Cassily Schmitter I'm sorry, but I would bet half of these allegations are coming from people looking to make a buck or get their name/face out there. I'm not buying it.
Jennifer Nun Yaz I thought he liked men? Why would he be behaving inappropriately towards a woman?
James Dutzar I'm surprised Richard Dawson of Family Feud fame is not accused. Look how many woman he kissed on the show. Granted he's dead. But if he was alive I'm sure he'd be a target also
Vicky Velez-Ruiz Uh-oh! Hollywood is shaking at its knees now! Although I am sick of hearing about all these accusations.
Jordan Garrett 9 our of 10 accusations are true from all these recent celeb pervert drama. I actually think secrest is innocent in this case
Veronica Kuznitsky I will never victim shame, but I do really, REALLY hope this is not true. Can't we keep any decent ones? I sure hope so.
Anne Murray Oh God, who's next? This is getting crazy now.
Theresa Young I'm sure it is. Women are accusing anyone who looks at them with sexual misconduct/assault/whatever. Sick of it
Laura Klaus Carman Hopefully this trend doesn't last much longer. Apparently everyone is guilty and being shamed. Pretty soon all men should be suitably afraid to joke or ask for a date.
Leona-Lee Lewis I don't believe it not for a minute, no way. Some of these women are looking for pay off plain & simple
Andrea Maria Foster I'm so sick of seeing a different celebrity every day being accused of sexually inappropriate behavior...why now???
Rosa Picazo So why not say something when it actually occurred? Gave up your dignity for possible fame or afraid of losing rich clients? Uuugghhhhhh
Kelle Bergman Wetherald It’s getting out of control! If someone says or does something out of line or inappropriate and you don’t report it because you’re trying to further your career, your no better than they are! Waiting 10+ years to say something???smh
Alicen Brodhagen-Bundick Ok, now it’s looking like anyone, especially a famous person with a lot of money, who had any conversation or time with another person will have to defend themselves because it’s more of a trend now than actual validity that they have been apart of a sexual assault. So sad.
Christy Massey Wittenbarger These women can't even be taken seriously anymore. Real victims are the ones who will suffer from all these ridiculous claims.
Debbie Stewart It seems like it's the new "in" thing to do in Hollywood is accuse a make star of sexual harrasing you. It seems like the way to thrust yourself into the spotlight. Not saying there are not legitimate claims out there.
Kirsten Benjamin Brannan Let us not forget Danny Masterson. Why is he rarely mentioned when they are rattling off names of those accused?
Jossie Valdez I know that at this point in time with every allegation coming out we shouldn’t blame the victim... however it seems like more allegations are coming out against famous people, why now? why not then it happen... this allegations are making it harder for people that are actually going through some sort of harassment or sexual misconduct... I’m sorry if my words offend anybody but that’s my opinion
Jeanne Burger Its at a point now that it's ridiculous every make and female has had at least 1 encounter in there life that was oh that should not happen. But most of the ones making claims really know what's happening Now they want money
Ricki Ann Vegasgal Its that you can't even smile at anyone nowadays without them thinking your harrassing them..
Elizabeth Wilhite This is the new band wagon everyone's on. Granted there are some that are probably true, but a lot probably just want their 15 mins.
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Tag those chocolate lovers! 😋

Recipe via Well Done:

Saloni Bhatia Sanah Kapoor
Kelsey Sarah Jill Hébert can we make
Amelia Mirella Marin Ivan Espinoza OMG 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Kelsey Townsend Caitlin Nero
Majdi Pjević Sven Moonen
Crystal Alvizo Juanita Avila
Vina Kumar Yummy
Alana Rae Fredrickson Amy Elekonich
Vicky Meares It looks delicious but I’m confused about the Mexican part of the name🤔
Christina Gamez Ivette Coleman. Basically salad. 👍🏻
Patricia Meeks Jessica Magaña
Nicole Ruiz Juan Ruiz
Michelle Knacke Rischmiller Do not dare put cinnamon with my chocolate 🙃
Lucy Rosario Tarcy Rosario your dream come true!! 🍰 let's make it for thanksgiving
Lucy A Delagnes Gabi Delagnes
Yulma Vergara Yesss!! 🤤
Randi Kirshner Katz Debbie Therrien John Virgadaula
Patchouli Rose Kelsey Ramsey Sydney Wisman
Briana Jackson Jeffreys Melonie Jackson Smith
Lindsey Ames Adrian Greig
Jessica Olmos Tony Olmos
Jyn Gaven Neri Kherl Barneja
Erin Christine Kowanda Amy Kathryn Smith Kowanda
Kristy Amanda Sowden Chrissy Paula Naranjo
Megan Bland Katy
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Simone Biles is *not* happy with her teammate.

Victoria Rose Honestly Gabby spoke the truth. No , dressing a certain way does not mean someone deserves to be assaulted etc but when you are dressing that way be aware what kind of crowd you are attracting. It's basic knowledge . Women have a responsibility as well. Dressing provocatively and then saying "No one look at me" etc is a bit ridiculous. It is not victim shaming to say take some responsibility and be aware. We don't live in a perfect world. We have a responsibility as well. Would these women walk by themselves in a bad neighborhood at night ? No. And why ? Because they are aware of the dangers and are taking steps to keep themselves out of danger and protect themselves . Same concept. Women's bodies are sexualized 24/7 in this society; in magazines , on tv and everywhere else. so when you dress like that what kind of signal do you think men are getting ? Again , not excusing these men's behavior.
Shannon Garrison Gabby is a Christian girl with a strong faith. She’s speaking her mind and encouraging others to be modest is congruent with her faith... I don’t see the big deal here.
Rebecca Louise Herbunot Omg overreaction much. As a mother of boys I do agree some girls need a lesson in getting dressed
Elizabeth Jewell Cawley Gabby Douglas was the epitome of poor sportsmanship when they beat her out for the all-around. Glad to see she's still holding a grudge.
Rachel Oliver Drumheller What's wrong with modesty?
Laura Michelle Sunshine Moore I have a daughter and i will teach her it is her responsibility to respect her body and cover it..cover it to look respectable and be classy and confident. Y’all are telling Mother’s with sons they have to teach their sons to respect woman...well we need to do the same with our daughters.
Tania Pieplenbosch-Higgins Maybe Gaby is jealous because no one wanted to sexuality harass her.
Mary Louise Gabby Douglas made it look like she had no interest in being a part of this epic team from the moment she was selected for it. Constant sour grapes, never showing up at events with the rest of her teammates, etc. The fact that she wouldn’t even show support to Aly (who is SO strong, courageous, and eloquent) doesn’t surprise me at all. And it says a lot to me that Simone isn’t surprised, either.
Terri Webb Please don’t try to turn these young ladies against each other with gossip. Still in awe of Simone Biles 🇺🇸
Catheryn Gardner I agree with Gabby on this one... Girl's can dress fashionably and modestly is the right way to teach your daughters to dress. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Margaret Casey Gabby seems to be a bitter girl, a poor teammate, and an attention seeker. How much she has to learn!!
Sara Marie i have very hateful remarks i am trying to hold back as a victim but NO HONEY "it does not go both ways" who raised this monster
Lois Mann Gabby was, is and always will be jealous of the other two!
Jenn Stirnkorb I'm sorry. But Gabby Douglas isn't the most classy person herself. She shouldn't be talking. I don't care if a women is naked, that doesn't give a man the right to touch her if he doesn't have the permission to do so.
Jennifer Lloyd Douglas didn’t deserve to be on the team last year. She was sent to defend her title. She doesn’t like the fact that she wasn’t the star she once was. She’s just showing her nasty attitude is still intact. Thanks Aly & Simone for standing up for what’s right!!!
Courtney MacDonald I agree with Gabby, people just can't see the real picture
Rosey Iurilli Aly did her photo shoot when she was in her twenties. She was molested when she was fifteen! They are not related!!
Tracy Hill Never okay to abuse a women. However I agree women can dress cute and sexy without showing too much.
Renee Isenhower Omg how can she even say that with a straight face?!?! She realizes their uniforms are next to nothing! If she has no problem wearing that then she has no right to say women need to be modest. Ridiculous!! I certainly would not feel comfortable in that leotard or a skimpy outfit but don't think it's a women's fault if they do choose to wear them.
Denise Ankenbauer Honestly I feel they're both a little right on that
Lorna D Nicol in a perfect world, she would be right. But we don't live in a perfect world and how we act and how we dress matters.
Christina Hawley Gabby jealous cause she wasn't in the spotlight again. Hating on her teammates. Pathetic. Grow TF up.
Tamika Davis Gabby has zero right to speak on Aly END OF STORY💯
Maria Berisso-Santos Good for Simone! Stop blaming victims for their abuser’s actions!
Steve Connolly Women should dress in whatever ways make them feel should men for that mater.......within reason, as to not break the law...LOL
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Serena Williams‘ bridal style was a total Grand Slam. 💕

Kimberly Butler Anderson Baby before the wedding? Hmmmm...should I say what word comes to mind?
Debbie Aguirre Beautiful Wedding, I don't love the dresses, Congratulations and May God continue to bless you both now, tomorrow and forever.
ShaRan Lyons-Harvey Congrats and more babies
Lily Vi 😍😍
Lauren Tracy That cape is a show stopper 😍
Karine Donofrio Simple, classy n stunning
Talisha Clinton Damn I don’t even know her personally and I had tears in my eyes seeing how happy she looked in her gorgeous dress ! May the goddess bless their union
Wassana Teeratantikanon Love your daughter she is so cute
Gretta Michellé She looks beautiful and I especially LOVE the gown she chose for her reception. Congratulations and Best Wishes!
Kathleen Brangi-Gavigan I stopped liking all the positive comments, but they are ALL spot on. If you see these comments, Serena, your family is stunning. Wishing you much happiness.
Nan Leppard Love her look,but these press on brows....not so much.
Melanie Maier Beautiful and classy. And these may be the best bridesmaid dresses I have ever seen
Lara Balke Newman Absolutely stunning, perfect for the Queen 👑 of the Court. Beautiful family!
Sarah Cavanaugh Holy crap! She is breathtaking in that dress! 😍😱 What a beautiful family!
Rosa Pittman Serena looks ethereal and I'm so thrilled that she's found wedded bliss with Alexis Ohanian and they're happily raising their beautiful child together!
Jessica Barry She looks beautiful and the family photo?! Oh my goodness....they all look so happy! 💓
Katie Charuk She was stunning! Congratulations Serena, you deserve all the happiness in the world!
Chris Sanders Pics are beautiful! Love her dress and all the bridesmaid dresses. Sweet little baby is adorable.
Stefanie Thaler Zgleszewski Beautiful ❤️ on another note let me just ain’t an “intimate ceremony” when you have the likes of Beyoncé and Jay-Z in attendance 😂😂 What a sweet little family!
Marco Perez Congratulations too both of you. Beautiful baby God bless you forever and ever.
Cynthia Gwenne Stewart What a beautiful picture and moment , I pray for Serena and her new family they stand the test of being married God Bless!
Myra McCowan Congratulations Serena and family!
Martha C Tucker Love them,love weddings, love love!
Carole Goings Such a beautiful family~congratulations!!!
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“He was not as sad as people think he was. It’s frustrating as someone who remembers a happy brother.”

Karen Mitchell Stop glorifying drug addicts as “depressed” talented people. My kids will have one less “Lil” loser to look up to. Survival of the fittest.
Kerri Peden Long Yep! I have no clue who this is but have been reading about him and watching his videos. This dude was messed up. Definitely his brother is in denial.
Latasha White GHFOH to the people empathizing with this junkie. Yup, I said junkie. This is what happens when u mix drugs. You OD. No sympathy from me. Control urself. Stop making excuses.
Brenda Wright Isn't it a "choice" to take drugs. I have just never heard of anyone that "accidentally" constantly takes/does drugs!?!?!
Ron Breaux Was his brother high and in denial when he made that statement, the autopsy said he died of a drug overdose.
Alicia Sherman He needed help. I wish those that surrounded him and loved him would have helped him. Maybe put him in rehab and get help with his depression and get off the pills. He was someones son... I just feel so sad he was so young and I wish someone would have did something instead of watching him spiral downward in his addiction. Maybe this story will shed more light on addiction and others will take the step to get clean and reach out for help.
Stephen Michael William Haut
David Timothy Harris The poor brother wants the insurance money and they don't pay for suicide..
Becky LeViseur Who is this piece of trash?
Tashiana Bynum His brother is a pos real talk.
Heather Thomas Isn't a over dose always a accident?
Bonita Sanchez From videos on Instagram, his story is different than what his brother is saying.... Denial is real!
Linda Dannis Who cares?
Karyn Denise I think the poor brothers in denial
Paul McNamara Who?
Bridgette Corcoran Amaya
Shaundra Bogert I had never heard of him until he died, but I feel his brother may not have been as in on his life as he thinks/wishes he was 😥
Brittany Kay Smith It's no accident.. you mess with drugs , illegal or prescription you are playing Russian roulette ...
Sarah Elizabeth Joe Kollmorgen I know you're mourning
Ashlynn Sloan I’m sorry but you could tell by his social media posts he was depressed
Terri Molsness Couldn't he get an actual xanax script? Had to buy off the streets.
Jan Schray you pay
Angelina Vanessa Berreau Big time denial. Sad.
Jaimie Bercey Don't think he was happy
Robert Gonzales bad drugs in el paso
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The Teen Mom star has a new someone special in her life.

Marissa Terry At least she won't have another baby daddy
Louise Woyce Jaffe From an older woman's point of view......forget about a partner right now. Please give your time to your three children. I say that as much for you as for them . Stop bringing people into their lives and emotional circle that they do not know and understand that before you know it, you will have missed their precious childhood years while pursuing these people who don't care that much about you or about whom you do not care. You chose to have three children, now be a Mother.
Latrell L Norman She'll be dating herself in 6 months.
Michelle Thibodeaux
Heather Crider 3 children with 3 different men and now she likes girls, lmao! #trash
Patti Hittman end this show! MTV has ruined these girls. cut off the money so they can work and/or use the degrees that they earned. their 15 mins. of fame is done.
Ta-Ray Heathmon Lord she needs to sit down.
Tiffani Fletcher Hulvey Where is the “eye roll” reaction? This bitch is a train wreck that is desperate for attention. 🙄🙄🙄 And I’m not the kind of person that judges.....but.....really, tho.
Kimberly Saad I used to think she was the most responsible and level headed of the teen moms.... what the hell happened?
Kim Malone That bitch needs to focus on all of her kids and stop worrying about dating one person after the next!
Shell Bryant This girl is so confused. She’s confusing her children with this man and that woman. It’s ridiculous and pathetic! Focus on raising your children!
Barbara Ciraolo Lmao oh please. She's so confused. Sleeping with dudes left and right and now and all of a sudden she's a lesbo. Ain't buying it. She's just lonely and no guy will go near her at this point.
Molly Law Wright At least she won't end up pregnant again
Crystal Zee I bet you her and her girlfriend will get a sperm donor get pregnant and three or four months before the baby is born they'll break up. Or she'll cheat on her.
Angel Monique Chester I guess when all else fails, and you can’t keep a man, why not try chicks 🤷🏻‍♀️
Maria Rahimian She has been longing for something for a long time. I have compassion for her; she had to grow up and raise herself at such a young age. Surely her past has had an effect on her life. She's not a bad mom though.
Shaina Kay Riker Focus on bettering yourself, get therapy to figure out what your life needs. Focus on your babies. You have to learn to be happy by yourself, no partner will do that for you.
Danielle Keels Busy working mother? Does she have an actual job? She brags about being the only Teen Mom with a 4 year degree but is she actually doing anything with it? And clearly being educated doesn’t mean you’re smart.
Daisy Guzman The thirst is real when you’re trying to stay relevant
Holly Jennifer Can't she just focus on being a mama?? Jeez the little guy is only a couple months old and this has to be so confusing for the other boys.
Courtney MacDonald Why do girls make this lesbian thing a "trend" 😒 its ridiculous, u either like girls or guys or u just wanna be a hoe n fck everything lol guess that's her
Elisabeth Lockhart Bird Lord her poor kids probably can't keep up with all the people she brings in and out of their lives. Each kid has a different baby daddy...the poor third kid probably hasn't even met his, "dad" cuz he's a loser...and now she's dating a women? Perk to this scenario...she definitely won't wind up pregnant this time! 😂🤦‍♀️
NeSs C. Vega Three months after having a baby and she's already in another relationship. Why can't Kailyn just focus on her baby instead of worrying about being in a relationship? Her romantic life should be on hold while she bonds with her new child, heals her heartbreak, and finds herself. This new relationship is not going to do any of that. Her situation is so messy. And this behavior is embarrassing. Hee priorities are messed up.
Tina Morris I think she's all screwed up right now! She needs to focus on her children rather than being in a relationship. She's in and out of one relationship after another obviously she needs time to find the right person and stop jumping into a relationship so quickly!
Danni Jaffe And we all thought jenelle was the train wreck 😂
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Meet tiny, terrific Tony: Your new baby hippo obsession. 😍

Lynn Hildebrand Harrington Fiona is still the cutest hippo in the whole world! 🌎
Justin Mason Damn hippo is Sexier than Blake Shelton
Katherine Crocker He is very cute but Fiona is still in the lead in cuteness.
Brandi Remotigue He’s cute, but not our Cincinnati Fiona cute 😉
Kelsey Riggs Amy Brassfield. Uhm no. No one will replace Fiona. Get this imposter outta here.
Dara Narsiff Him and Fiona would make an adorable couple!!!
Judy Jordan He and Fiona need to meet. He's adorable.
Michelle Grilliot-Ray They should have named him Shrek 😂 our girl Fiona is still my favorite
Emily Rose Kotowski Claire Geertsen!!! More baby hippos!!! They should set up tony and Fiona 😂😂😂
Joanna Snowden Gage We have a Prince for our Princess Fiona!
Amanda Louise Hernandez Elsa, Lorenzo, Gaby, Charlie- he finally got a name.!!! 😍
Myia Freeman Not cuter than my Fiona!!!! Gotta go see her again!!!!
Jamie Rave Tony should come to Cincinnati and meet Fiona 😍
Lacey Trigg They should breed him with Fiona!!!
Aimee Cannon Alli so a piggy, armadillo and a hippo k
Alanah Curless Playdate with him and Fiona?!?!
Fernanda Niederheitmann Luiza Meireles vai conhecer o Tony!!!! Traz ele pra mim na mala, por favor?
Kelley Renner Jackelen Kelly Fischer send to Tom if you're friends with him or he is even on Facebook
Grace J Dahlke I mean I know you re bulking... but they really didn’t get your good side in these clips. Tony Schuster
Ashley Bell-Rose Stefanie don't get me wrong, Tony is cute....but he's no Fiona....
Lindsay Gallagher It's not a manatee, but it's cute! Mya
Nikki Ratti Emily Marinak. He’s trying to steal our girl Fiona’s thunder! I guess he’s pretty cute too 😐
Mashell Bleything Cj Bleything take me here for my bday and tell then to let me see the baby hippos! Lexa Kinneman Maria Thalacker look how cute tony is omg I'm cring!!!!
Arlene Orozco Stephanie Nicole omg!!! I wanna go see him stephy!!! Cuteness overload
Joy Laga Nienhaus Steen Marie, now we have another baby to love ❤️❤️