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Wouldn't it be nice to be driven around like this all day? 😂

Steve Swanson are you RTR??
Craig Lonergan that will be you with our little
Deanna, why didn’t we think of this last summer for Charlotte?!
Anala Siewrattan baran nd his bongo chair
Shawn!!!! Janie 😂😂😂
Marissa Mirenda Jesse Mirenda
Trevor Weiss feel like this is something you would do lol
Matt here you go honey. Got your summer all planned out lol
Darren, we need to test this out with Jacqueline's next baby😂😂
Trisha Francis 😂
Nikki Gallagher you need one for king kayson An his little car 😂
Et si la tête de l’enfant percutait le sol ! Stephanie Daigle : pas fort hein !
Amber Paris
Jordan Nelson
Jerry Casey 😂
Luis Flores why didnt we think of this
Joey Petkunas you made the people 🙂
Kristi Perez
I thought that was a doll
Michael Poling Marie Poling can we please do this for David 🤭😂💙
Haha can you imagine sawyer like this🤣 one way to give this mama anxiety! Nick
Ty Bruskland
Kala Humphrey Ray Murillo
Colin Dudunake🤣🤣
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With the help of a trainer, Wyatt Burggraff was able to have a blast! ❤️

#THG Be nine months close on genepool well gifted shine makes offered Momy proudest boy happily family familiar affair. @Thankful nine months offering
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It's National Margarita Day! We rounded up the best deals so you can celebrate without worrying about your wallet. 🍹

Jolene P Knox ummmmmm
Alana Abbey glad A-Team celebrated early while we were together!
Ambar Jenesis Denisse Laura Antoinette Molly ahhhhh
Ashlynn Nichole Anderson Erika Gray
Vanessa Bays Thought I’d share this with you in case you want to check out some places for National Margarita Day!
Ashleigh Bossi ....
Sarah Foden 🤷🏻‍♀️
Annie Campbell Fogleman and Sarah Boyer cheers to national margarita day!!!
I can't celebrate National Margarita Day when there is snow in my yard. I celebrate the beginning of Margarita season on Cinco De Mayo
Lucie Brin McGowan Amy Kaim-Lopez Otolski 🙌 Salt or no salt! No wallet needed!
Melody Wallace your time to shine with tequila
Audrey Acuna Andy Acuna
How are we not together on this day Lisa Snyder Fisher guess we celebrated early Tammy Janecek McDowell Amanda Vaughan Kelly Angela Bailey-Stephens Maria Napolitano Buckenberger Jaime King Fuquay :) :) :) :) :) :)
Carrie Lynn Andonia Zervoudis Aber... it’s our day! 🍹🍹🍹
Rachel Deal Hansel, where are we going tonight?
MY TESTMONY IS THIS, HOW BLESS IN MY LIFE TODAY, My name is James I am leaving on top of the world in cus of the help of Mr Sam who help me to be connected with a sugar mummy and now am so rich and fresh if you may be interested call mr Sam on this phone number 07037813824 to get sugar mummy
Deborah Plummer Twomey. Margaritas over FaceTime tonight? ❤️
Honey N Conway, you bring the margaritas and I’ll bring the coffee
Good holiday!!
And my birthday!
Ruby Mendoza so now we have to make up for national drink wine day AND indulge in national margarita day
Madeline Flynn Haley Crnarich Alyssa Wonski we must celebrate
Clans surprised by e wallet to trade water a drink came best deals.
Rita Hall-McNamara 🙌
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The Empire star could face up to three years in prison for allegedly staging a hate crime because he was unhappy with his pay.

Good. While he’s in there, have him take African American history courses. Apparently, he has forgotten how long and hard our people had to fight in this country for equal rights. We still face challenges. We’ve come a long way, but still have a long way to go. Aww, you’re not getting paid enough on one of the most popular shows on television right now? Cry me a freakin’ river. 🙄
"Could"?? Roseanne Barr was fired for spouting racial slurs, then trying to cover her tracks. This guy broke multiple laws and wasted police officer's valuable time...where's his termination? 🤔
This guy wanted to make Trump look bad and it backfired. Karma
Where's all the rioters and protestors at now!?!?
He'll get a slap on the wrist for his actions because he's black and gay, just wait for it you'll see
Oh god 😂 What a day to be lefty. Do we feel sorry for them yet guys? I think we are having too much fun winning.
He has a face and voice of an Angel! Evil and disbelief comes in many forms.
We are living in troublesome times. Our examples of 'greatness and honorable' are terrible. It's apparent that this guy has issues....this is not the time to knock him when he's down. This is not a laughing matter.
First thing should happen is FOX fire him and then he should pass go right on to prison......
He will get away with it. He’s already back to filming Empire, that’s what I read yesterday but who knows.
Bet he doesn't do jail, I hope so but we have a double standard for these kind of people. We all know this just don't talk about it.
He will get probation and a fine. The charge will be changed from a felony to a misdemeanor. He will write a book. There will be a Lifetime movie made in a couple of years. He will be paid royalties, therefore this whole thing will not cost him anything. He will actually make money off of it. Sound about right?
Omg enough already! Who cares he is a loser that no will have nothing. Stop putting him in the news
How about no pay check anymore, are you happy now? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Didn't like his pay? How's he gonna like his pay when he get out of prison and nobody will hire him?
He makes me sick. He even made me sick in the show.
There will be a federal charge also for mailing threatening material through the post office
His motive had nothing to do with his pay..IMO.
He’s mire like Trump than he even realizes
The left is getting desperate- Cant find enough real hate in America and now they need to start making it up to fit their narrative. This is becoming regular event FAKE HATE. One thing Trump has done is bring the real leftists out.
Why would he do something like this? How did his plot unravel? I’ll be surprised if his acting career is still in tact after this
HE feels “betrayed”? What about every single victim of a hate crime, every single person of color or LGBTQ who has had violence perpetrated against them? I am appalled. I hope he gets the obvious mental health help he needs as he gets the attention he so deeply craved. - Jamie Lee Curtis
he might of wanted prison time 4 back door reasons?...
I thought it was innocent until proven guilty in America...judging by these comments, you guys have already made up your mind with a guilty verdict.
Wow that's it ?? So why is he still working ??
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Flo the search dog is a hero in the making. 😍

We don’t deserve dogs❤️
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Paris officials are looking to put an exciting twist on the 2024 Olympics!

PENTAGON ILLUMINATI...!!! Are you interested in joining the great illuminati, here is a life transforming opportunity into the world of the riches, power and fame... contact us via email; ( you can also reach us via whatsApp; +1 (870) 729-1487 and say yes to your dream...
Lisa Rivera Chrostek......all you! 😘😘
Paul Michael Marquez Orlando Espinoza get y’alls team together!
Sections first reassuring two aloud trips an eclipse play to Olympics whereas moon nor asteroid plated awards.
Mandy Fila 😂😂😂
Turbo and Ozone will be thrilled
Miguel Martinez
Rachel Tilsen
Andrew Orrico
Vincent Guerrero
Josh Meierhofer
Susan Barnes-Goar this will be so amazing!!
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When her body was found, it was so badly disfigured that the coroner said he had to use a tattoo to identify her.

30 years?? Doesn’t seem that long for killing and dismembering someone!
The killing of women by their husbands/boyfriends/exes is epidemic.
Um. WTF. Just nooooo. Poor girl RIP. As for that fukn monster, 30 years? He should NEVER see the light of day again!!! He's 27, what, let him out so he can kill again??
30 years? For a 27 year old... Just needs a bullet between the eyes and call it good 😤
This thought that human lives are disposable is freaking scary. Every day, a baby, a mom, not to mention the ones not published!!!! I'm frightened for my child to live in this world!
Young ladies be careful please, this is awful; don't be a victim.
Murder is death! You take a life, you lose yours!! RIP poor young lady
30 years after what he did?? Where is the justice in that ????
Why on Earth would you title the article this?? She has loved ones who will see this! Stop the clickbait and start the compassion.
Sick! Just break up people. What gives anyone the right to take someone's life?
30 years he should serve the rest of his life. He took her life! So frustrating!!!
It is getting to be so upsetting to keep seeing about all this evil going on . So many taken . So many sick evil people out there 👿👿👺
Only 30 years really should give him a life sentence
What a shame, I can’t believe this goes on in this world!
What sort animal does that to another human?
I just about had a heart attack...that's my nephews name....wrong age n state...oh thank god
Wooow, 30 years?! He should get life!
Wtf is wrong with some people I just don’t understand how some one could rape hurt kill torcher etc to some one it’s sick and wrong 🤦‍♀️ 😔
She was basically a child herself. Just horrific
I hate when they share details like this, think of the family!! Praying for them!!😢
God Rest her Soul🙏🏼 Her poor family 😔
Rest in peace beautiful young lady, taken to soon and way too young,in such a horrific way. My thoughts and prayers for your family and friends. He should off got the death penalty. God bless from Winchester UK
Omfg. 😔😔😔😔 I have no words. Rest peacefully, angel. :'(
She looks like a child herself! So sad:(
Too many stories of women being killed and children so sad.
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These feuds prove that when it comes to the Kardashians, you should never go against the family.

Here's a picture of my dog, who is way cuter then all of this drama! His name is Kingsley. He's not messing with his best friends girl...not cheating...I think he deserves some love!
At least this family sticks together no matter what many families don't even care about each other
Lets go back to Miranda Lambert is she still married?
Use your promo code!🤣🤣😂😂 BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 💅🐸☕️😤😤
The Kardashian-Jenner clan made Jordyn a heck of a lot of money, not to mention Kylie gave Jordyn cars and jewellery for her birthdays and a free place to live in and this is how she repays them🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Are you seriously still going on about this??? I didn't read this article or the last thousand that you have posted. ENOUGH!! Move on! It's ridiculous!
My sisters always said whores end up up laid out on floors???
People, this is your 12th post about this in the last 24 hours. GIVE IT A REST.
When it comes right down to it her guy is the one who made promises to her and yet they are just attacking her. Not saying you shouldn't be mad at her but why is it the girl bears the brunt of the hate?
I thought only tmz was on the Kardashian pay roll.. guess people is,too..
Yeah yeah, yeah,💁‍♀️ make poor Kylie choose between family and friend !? what does Kylie have to with her friend cheating~? it's not like ky knew... not her fault............. Kristen cheated with her friend........Just show's he's a cheater with anybody.. But , It was best that Jordyn moved out for sure.....I say keep Kylie out of this!!! let her make her own decision not social media......🤔
This is pure rubbish. How about never get involved with the family...pure mess and what was Jordyn living in the house for, is she a maid? Doesn't she have her own home to live?
She’s still young, she needs to learn more lessons!!
Very amusing ! So much drama sex and money ! Baby's left and right chaos !
Like, are y'all on the Kartrashians payroll?? About to "snooze" PEOPLE for 30 days.. 💯
Side chick = No money from the millionaire bbf... Duh! 🙄
They use black people for fame anyways
Kylie looked out for her and this is what she do to her friend by sneakily make out with him.
Even if it was staged why would you sign up for any amount of money to ruin your reputation?????
Only trash families have multiple feuds .
Yet they go against each other lmao gtfo
..... They mentioned Taylor swift haha..... Was Taylor ever really friends with any of them?
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Dani Giannandrea adorably celebrated her son's milestones with an ode to his name and his Italian heritage. 💕

Vanessa Ward please do this😂
Hunter Warren you’d definitely do this
Rick Thomas can we do the monthly pics over again?
Lisa Anne you can use cupcakes 🧁?
Cari Ann Calia you’ve probably seen this photo a million times, but please do this with your future child 💗🍕
Nikki Nelson Kowalchuk you dropped the ball on this one haha
Haha that’s a cute idea!
Steven Bateh I could see this happening with your future children 😂😂
Justin Jeannie - iiiii think we should do this for Ky’s monthly photos 😂😂😂 🍕🍕🍕
Mark Saetta should we do something like this?? 😂 Julie Zabriskie will you help me?
Jovanna you should have done this!!! Lol
This is excellent. Jillian Elizabeth Nemeth, it is not to late to convert your picture approach!!!!
Lisa Landino if only we could go back and do this with Matthew Haha 😂
Chris Wheatley maybe you guys should do this with the new one. Lol
Laura Merauti ❤❤❤😂
Kayla Babbish Merideth Gokey Amber Knauf 😂🤤
Jonathan William
Ashley Strong
Brooke Smith remind me of this pls ty
Anna Kendrick If I ever have a baby. 🍕❤️
Andrea Ward lol
Amanda Khatib🤣
Korey Klein if you guys ever have children... I fully expect this!
Rachael Samantha
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Major changes are afoot at Walt Disney World!

My sister went there this summer. She said it was just horrible. They left and went back to the Magic Kingdom. She said the Animal Kingdom wasn't that great either. Made me sad. I've only been to the Magic Kingdom a few times.
What are they going to do with the giant stones with thousands of people’s pictures on them? I have 2 pictures of me as a baby on them, that I can only see if I visit Orlando? Are they just going to throw out a bunch of peoples history and connection with Disney?
Elizabeth Roach Rivera we will have to go before they get Rid of both Mike Ferreira and Meghan Ferreira’s photo and the awesome fireworks show. Am I right ?
You have to admit Epcot was feeling a little tired so this is good.
Aiden will love the Beauty & the beast sing a long!
Adam NogaRachel Williamson-Noga...check out the news for France!
Jeff Andrews looks like you’ll have to say goodbye to your picture 😂
Natasha Owen Tim Owen Cheryl Larosa Guarneri We’ll have to go back once it’s done!
Jeane Berends, Epcot , ohhhh!
Dena, Millie and Justin we will have to go back when it’s done!
Matthew Riegel!
Beverly Grotsky Christine Silvers
Wynnetta Glass John Glass this will be exciting when we take Gauge in a few years
Nina Safi next trip to see this
Gabi Schreier
Leanna Uemura 😬
Kris Swanson Shelly Harrington
Carolina Sofia
Megan Baird Lauren Tabak Marino
Amber Hoffman
Tori Underwood
Jonathan William
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Holden the Golden is so glad to see his mama! 💕

My Golden! I love how she loves.
He's smiling.❤
Aww dogs are my favorite
Candy Madrid Decker this is exactly what Sir Jason does when I get home!
Javier Alexander Castro Holden is me when you come over on Saturday
Lukas du und dein Buddy. 🙈
He looks like he is smiling Brandon Schumacher Casey Rae Bentley
Jason Bonner this is us
Jordan R Hansen gussy and I
Pamela Rizk 😭😭😭
Hal Green 🥰😍
Miros Arias😍😍
Kevin 💕😄
Payton Caleb
Donna 😍
Jenny K Maresh 💜
Brooke Flowers!
Alex Perez
Megan Savage
Carol Minervini!
Jennifer Ross
Tarnie Stevenson Janine Wuyts
Adriana Marisol
Jayden Swann
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Even after text messages exposed how the attack was to be allegedly orchestrated, Jussie Smollett is “fiercely” maintaining his innocence.

Who cares if he lied. Trump lies everyday but he's still president. 🤣
Idk why but I believe this guy. The motive for him to ruin his career just isn’t there and Nigerians can be VERY shady and crooked people. 🤷🏿‍♂️
Impeccable character and integrity? Hmm... When this 1st came out I didn't pay much attention to it because i didn't know who he was. I've never watched the show. Its been all over the TV and internet though. Past criminal history for lying to police. Paid for false attack with a check. 50+ phone calls to those brothers and numerous texts from his personal phone. Impeccable character and integrity????? Having a hard time believing
Subway is coming out with their Smollett Sub. Its just straight up all bologna, nothing else 😂🥪🤪💁‍♀️
The fact that he is trying to still be the victim with all the info they've uncovered leads me to believe he is a narcissist
He’s getting due process. He was treated as a victim for a significant period of time despite holes in his story, had his moment on national TV when he could hardly meet Robin Roberts’ eyes, and was dumb enough to leave a trail which then made him a suspect. He did this to himself-literally.
The most dangerous liars are the ones that believe their lies.
Everyone makes mistakes but watch out for those people who get caught red handed and still lie. Thats a special kind of deceitful.
Skip due process?? Did I miss something, he was arrested and is out awaiting trial, how is that skipping due process?,
That's what narcissists do. He don't have no conscious he's not going to man up and own up to it.
First off did y'all see his face in the interview ?? Like the weakest fake cry EVER.
$3,500 for a 45 second ass whoopin’ ? Jussie, you got rob!
Boycot Empire! They are allowing him back on set to film!
This whole thing is like a crazy Law and Order SVU episode lol.I really don't know what to think.
These site keep repeating the same things over and over again. People has made over 8 reports about Jussie..Give it a rest already.
What choice does he have? Deny deny deny
I’m so sick of this story. 🙄 disgusted with him
This entire story is NOT funny at all. But I did laugh when he purposely did the bad acting in front of street camera. Then tells the cop about the camera. The camera was facing the opposite way. Lol. I'm sorry. Omg
That's because he's completely detached from reality
Funny he wants due process but when he claimed to be the victim he didn’t care about due process for the supposed attackers.
He needs to just stop. This is absurd. He should be ashamed of himself. I can't believe he has the nerve and a job to show up to still. They're going to can his lying ass; they're just covering theirs first.
It’s called being a pathological liar!
I'll be so glad when his mug isn't flooding my newsfeed anymore.
This is why we cant have nice things
Investigation, collecting evidence, sending to grand jury, indictment...these are all steps in due process 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Sounds to me like what he wants is complete exoneration without letting due process play out.