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I glued my lash line first then put the fake lash over glued lash line. Painful experience. That was my first and last attemp to use fake lash.
So relate. That is why I invest in great mascara instead. 😂
Toni Humeau hahahaha SO ich! Ich kann das einfach null!
Michelle Subia my phone heard us lol
Sandra ich morgen 🤦🏻‍♀️🔥💯
Ray Gonzalez tu amiga aquí presente 🙋🏻‍♀️😂😂😂
Reham El Zebdah 😂😂😂I have an idea
Gee An 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nikki Gonzalez Danielle Pags hahahaha Danielle
Lol thats me Klárka Veselková 😂😂😂😂
Lendo Majum Remember? 😂😂😂
Alex May 😂
Znar Abdulmajeed Sara Kawa Bana Kawa 🤪
Jaclyn Rae 😂😂
Cassandra Booke 😂😂😂
Charissa te Marvelde 🤣
Kristen Paul 😂
Shelly Dieterer
Krista Spooner-Warner 😂
Mary Allyn Joyce
Jeanene Schopp
Laura Osborne
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The future Duchess of Sussex became smitten with Guy shortly after she arrived at the shelter's adoption event in 2015.

I thought I heard she had to give up her dog. Glad to know she was able to keep him!
This little beagle goes from a kill shelter in Kentucky two then riding around with the Queen of England :-) priceless
Omg! Those ears. So sweet/adorable. She’s just a very generous person in general.
Cara this royal wedding story everyone needs to read
Joelle Chivers Kim Gunter Angelle Daley Blaske
Robert Clinch
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Investigators allege the little girl’s brother had been left alone in the presence of illicit narcotics.

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Just keep moving!

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Me at work yesterday. It was wild and wacky. With no phones to boot. 😧
Hahahahahahah this is you and me Mikko Valdez
Laura-Jayne further to our convo
Rachel Luong: “finally, someone got my drink order right”
Deandrea Fuentes omg yeees!! 🤣🤣actual footage!! 🤣🤣🤦‍♀️
Julia Elis ich als neue Bierkönigin 😂😂😂
Kathrin Gennen geht leider nie gut 😂
Don't you dare slip! 🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺
Ada Giamalaki σου θυμίζει κάτι? ??
Sierra I double dog dare ya
How true!
Afton Street 😂 us this week!
Christopher Barr you wouldt understand
Jenny Wojcicki us for sure hahah
Romesa life 🙃
The oracle has it all under control like always due to meditation 5 times a day
Natalie Costanzo Kyrie Michaud look guys, there we are! 😂
Kelly John Pylinski this is you 🙂
Margaux Bernheim and goodbye
Kaja Kłodawska Natalia Misztela Elcia Ci Mateusz Olszewski Michał Mertens Michalina Kałużyńska
Dragoslav Pelc 😂😂😂😂😂
Anna Chamberlain 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bianca 🤣
Derek Smith your not alone
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Moms are amazing! 👏

Geraldine Marina
and shes a muslim, breast feed in public and you earn the millennial trifecta
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One Florida woman’s Mother’s Day gift was truly once-in-a-lifetime.

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*cue the fake smile*

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Eva Rodriguez Marti Valle that time when you were in a meditation session and the instructor shows you have to stretch your facial muscles 😆😂
Oh! Is that what it looks like?? Never has happened in my house so I had no idea it looked like that...hehe🤔
That’s my smile when I have to admit to anyone lol 😆 🤣
My hubby is almost always right so I do this a lot. LOL.
Yup only few times but most of the time I'm right 😝😜
Caroline Michelle when Chris and I were discussing when your baby graduates 😂😂
Doesn’t apply just to husbands... it’s any man
Stephani Hunter this would be us if we ever admitted either of our husbands were ever right about something!!
Wouldn’t know, has never happened before.
Ignore the caption but this is you practicing your smile Cooper Kearns
Amber Lausch. Lol why do I think about you!!
He must have went to my doctor the proctologist!
Sharna Naidoo 😁😂😂😂 we always right dough lmklaaa
Händer inte ofta Joakim Jeppsson men måste ju erkänna att du hade rätt om staketet. 😁
This would never happen. I've learned don't feed the ego 😂
Nige Wells even though we both know I'm always right 🤣🤣
Abhilasha Daspattnaik Please tell me at least this expression doesn't remind you of me🙄
lol Tony Jr Luna this was me Sunday with the paint color
Julie Sears Tatum feel like you’ve looked at Dad a few times like this 😂
Kris Williamson, is this what it looks like?😂🤣😂
Upon further investigation ... Skye Beddington 😅
Clay Beck Kathy Beck living room incident of 2018
Katrina Cullen shayne cullen haha never
Joseph Freeland 😂😂😂 whatever “bath salt” 🙄🙄🤬
Liza Peñaloza 🤣 never, amirite? 🤪
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Cyntoia has long maintained she was forced to prostitute by a boyfriend who essentially became the underage girl’s pimp, taking the money that she would make.

Would they be like this if she were not black?
Far as I'm concerned if he was sex trafficking her and she didn't want it...self defense.
LET HER GO ALREADY!!!!!! Hasn’t she suffered enough for a whole lifetime?!!! 😡
I'm sorry but having a Kardashian speaking for you doesn't help your cause!
She Was 16, The Man Was 43. Let Her Go Home. She Saved Herself And Other Children. FREE HER.
That girl never should have spent a day in jail. Give her a medal and whatever counseling she may need. She deserves her freedom !!!
Our judicial System is so Ass Backwards.SMDH!!!!
Let her go. She saved herself and other girls.
Self defense! She paid the price well before the crime!
She’s been in there long enough she had plenty of time to think and grow from Her mistakes being from 15 to 30 is a lot of time !
This is absolute crap! This poor young lady was a VICTIM. The pimp should be the one in jail not her. I thought there were things in place to protect victims from stuff like this. She was a CHILD who was abused and shes paying the price. Our justice system is a mess. Who in their right mind votes to keep a victim in prison.
If that is what happened then release her already
You need to release that poor girl. She defended herself from a devil of a man.
This young woman deserves a second chance at life!
I could see if she actually killed someone that mattered to society, but we are talking about a child predator who enslaved her!= that is justifiable homicide in my book! It looks like she's wearing a waste management outfit anyway, might as well give her an embroidered hat & let it go!!! All in my opinion as it seems that all she succeeded in doing was taking out the trash in self-defense out of what was left of her. She should get a temporary insanity plea as it goes for sleep deprivation! Let Her Go!!! Real Attorney & she'd be free. are you sure she's not related to the Kennedys and can't be hidden somewhere?! ;)
Yes free her
Just release her. Makes me wonder who the other 2 were that denied her. SMH. This young lady has suffered enough. I bet if she white she would have got out
She need to be free !! Self defense, the criminal was the man that he was trafficking kids for sex , she was a girl , is not fare, this story will be different if she was white ?? God mercy 🙌🏼🙏let her go free
Free her!!!
She needs to be freed!!! What message are we sending to all the underage girls that are being take advantage off, to not fight?
For God’s Sake she should have been released a long time ago! FREE HER!
She needs to be released immediately!
I can't wait to see this girl free.
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The mom said she has even received messages "saying they were going to kill my children."

So, in other words it’s okay for her to be a troll and a bully, but she can’t take the responses! She sounds like a nasty person seeking attention! 🙄
She is annoying 😂
Marisa Carullo Santana Meredith Gordon Naftalis haha this is who I blocked couple wks ago
when I block someone I cant see their comments on anything. just saying.
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Here's what it was like getting ready with the royal bride. 👰

Over this wedding Please give us a break Are thy the new Kardasians
Have had enough of this. Back to your regularly scheduled posts about the Kardashian’s
She loves all of the good music & bands
Ella Fitzgerald is an excellent choice for wedding prepping! "I've Got A Crush On You" is one of my Ella favorites!
All her preparations paid off in the end. <3
She is a class act
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Who says pet parents can't do their own gender reveal photo shoots?

People are insane.
So cute!!
Nuvia Perez
Melissa Mendez
Meghan Woodrum 😂
Chloe Martin
Celia Haveman you lmao.
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"For God’s sake, be honest with me."

Show of hands.... Anyone else tired of hearing about these 2???
They will never work as a married couple both have huge egos. Marriage is doomed before they even get married.
Such a publicity stunt
This is Carrie Underwood’s face stitches all over again 🙄 how many weeks will we be milking this story? What’s next? Nikki Bella upset that John Cena farted in bed and stole the blankets, will the marriage still happen?! 😱👎🏻
For love of god leave them alone we all got it who cares if they stay together or get back together let them have privacy it's there life not ours stop drilling it into our heads with all these stories they is alot more going on in the world then to worry about this
This story line is getting old
I've always loved Jon Cena..but bro you starting to become a circus act...💯 #bothofyouneedtostop
Can't they deal with this in private?
I’m tired of this story!
Already tired of them!
If this is not a publicity stunt....then please go your separate ways. You are both too childish to get married and have kids especially.
So tired about these 2
And we care about this because..........
So what you made Nikki sign a 75 page agreement to live with you . Sorry John but that does not compare .
The whole breakup is just a PR stunt
ALL FOR RATINGS! They’re trying to get everyone to watch Total Bella’s 🤷🏻‍♀️
Give it up, you two. This is clearly a relationship that'll never work.
i hope they work things out and yes let him choose his best man and groomsmen and her choose her maid of honor and bridesmaids
Who cares - get back together and make some babies already! 😆
John can pick your maid of honor 50 50 you should start now
Been over them ...
Go away ... enough