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If Jennifer Lopez can eat a slice of pizza a day, can't we all?

Karen Oldham-Kidd Idk about that. She was phat and thick on "In Living Color." She was gorgeously voluptuous.
Lisa Mark I knew She loved Her some Pizza (Maybe with a Lil Hot Sauce too), #Selena gave it Away lol.
Carla Pugliese stop the press breaking news.......she lived in the hood with her ma i thought.....but ok
Mary Ann Shaver She was very young then, when you are young, you can eat a whole moose and not gain weight
Peña Dany Yeahhhh right please her dad was a scientologist its called connections
Jose Lomas Her big break was when she was selected to play the part of the late great Selena Quintanilla. : )
Natasha Thomas And this is a story because....?
Sheriea Latrice She was broke and a slice was $1.
Sherwin Medrano Anything for Selenas!!!.. 😂😂
Cynthia Abbott Oh how exciting.
Dana Siepert Catherine you're almost there!
Edna Valle Mejor tortilla con queso!!😘😘😂😂
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Here's how to get Shay Mitchell’s textured faux bob!

Pam Richardson Now I want to see her do this by herself, since we can't have a professional stylist do our hair every time.
Jiahnni Jay Why did I think he was going to give her a hair cut😒
Erin O'Brien Ploof Looks like her hair is wicked dirty. Thumbs down
Sue M Gibney Sorry,but it looks horrible...
Peña Dany Step 1: place the wig Step 2: walk out
Kimberly Wrobel-Borias It's messy 😣 very unappealing
Carla Castillo Ugly, sorry but I do not like at all
Jamie Rhea Why wouldn't he just use her natural hair??
Koce Marica Kocevski Ugly
Michael Quinn Me N Teddy love our hair thank you very
Michael Quinn Thank God not a dog
Alison Nelson Since when is a bob below the shoulders?
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How cute are Reese Witherspoon and her husband?

Shari Renee Kiesling Hope they both didn't drink to much. Don't you no who she is??
Donna Lynn Bovin Happy 6th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Toth, many, many more to come!! Congratulations!!! Blessings :) :)
Karen Surdel Major No cuter than any other couple celebrating an anniversary (especially just seeing the back of them).
Rachael Carson Don't know...can't see em..but she's adorable. I've grown up with her: we're the same age.
Wendy Parkins Martinez Awww!! Happy Anniversary!! And many more! ❤🍾🎉👍
Na Hat As cute as...Barbie and Ken????
Gisselle Rijo Congrats❤😍
Linda McPherson Happy Anniversary! It's my husband's and I 24th today :)
Deborah Wunsh Our sunset photo.
Mindy Johnson Gibson Happy anniversary
Paula Jackson Hurley I thought her husband had blonde hair
Jose Lomas Why would you show a picture of their back?
Raewyn Nicholls Congratulations to you both.
Eliza Beth As cute as anybody looking at the beach.
Gloria Livingston Happy anniversary
Amr Mohaameed متفاعل ابعت اضافه 🎵People 😘♪ ♪😘
Kari Lowell Michelle Lena Butler
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Blac Chyna has almost reached her goal weight just four months after giving birth.

Annabel Herrera Sooooo.... whats everyone having for dinner??? I have a pork roast in the oven along with a baked potato and corn on the cob 😊😊
Erin Cooper McLane IS SHE REALLY ONLY 11 POUNDS AWAY FROM HER GOAL? Wtf are you going to do when she gets there? Swag bags for all your readers? Ugh, People. C'mon.
Juan Martinez Yessss! I've been dying to find out how much baby weight blac chyna has got to lose before she is back in shape!.......... said no one ever....
Yvonne Cordero Half of that weight is probably in her make up ..ugh
Julie Garrett Waack Well thank goodness I have this valuable information. My weekend is now complete.
Brandy Massey And we care, why? Even if she's famous (uh, more like notorious. wtf is she famous for anyway), it's her business. I find it absurd you would even announce it, like having extra weight is something to be ashamed of. No, shame on you.
Kathy Burns Donatis So I made bbq pulled pork over rice and creamed spinach. Unfortunately I have to work and take care of a family so I don't have endless hours to work out while nannies care for my kids. A chef and maid would be nice too. So if I had about 20 extra hands to help me get through the day that only I am responsible for it all, I may hit my goal weight too
Russell Holley And I want the couple of seconds it took me to read this asinine headline back. Please stop talking about these insignificant people and focus on the real issues.
Matilde Roman Seriously this is the best article you could come up with?! sad day in America when this young lady is written about due to her lbs. loss....😒😱
Marilyn Mo Austin Have you seen her without her make up?? How do people make so much money to have people on staff to paint their entire body??? Rob is not worth a lot of money.........
Shell Gibbs Wipe all the crap off her face take out the fake 11lbs gone!
Roxana Pimentel I don't care 🤷‍♀️ Real heroes they are not famous at all, give credit to the hard working moms out there 👀❤! not them yuck 🤢
Gwenn Abrams Weintraub Who cares don't we have more important things to think about
Jennie Brown Lane Oh good I was worried about that....NOT! Who the hell gives a crap. It wasn't news when I lost my baby weight. Real news PLEASE!
Dee Garza 11lbs pounds away. Omg, I can sleep now. I was so worried about her weight😂😂😂😂😂
Kim Linder Buckoski People that read the magazine obviously care, hello?!?
Amy McClellan And then what? She starts back to doing club appearances because her "Dream" of becoming a Kardashian has fallen through.
Aubrey Reese
Lisa Bullet Who cares?????????????
Corrina McEnaney Why People mag is it so important to report on weight loss, gain, etc such a boring topic!!
Natarri Duff Bailey Start investing NOW in companies you love like Google, Disney, & Coca-Cola with Stash App and generate passive income with monthly dividend payments! They'll even start you off with $5.
Lainy Marie Goldstein Yeah? I'm a week PP and I'm at my prepregnancy weight. 😂😂😂 take that, celebrities!
Jamie Leigh Big whoop I was 10 lbs lighter than my goal and it all came back dang nabbit
Jonathan McManus Billy Joel sang Red China , Johnnie Ray .... don't think Blac Chyna , Sugar Ray would have the same effect :D
Ele Glandon And I'm 5 lbs from mine. And I had my son 4 months ago. Shall I get to be a topic people magazine talks about lmao
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Chrissy Teigen, Sarah Silverman and more stars are weighing in on United's controversial decision to keep a group of girls from boarding a plane because they were wearing leggings.

Tiffany Wells They were flying on passes, there is a strict dress code, don't know why this is suddenly a story. Follow the rules if you want to fly for free.
Kelly Amerlan McMahon They had a free flight because they were flying with family members who are employees of United and there are guidelines on how they are to dress. They knew this before boarding the flight. Maybe people should know they story before flipping out.
Alison Miller I thought it was common knowledge that if you were flying with passes or comped then there is a different dress code to follow. Has been for years. Stop trying to make everything look like women are being discriminated against. As a woman, I am sick of stories like this and celebrities that play into them.
Caitlin Melcher The original article stated that the passengers in question were pass travelers, meaning they have received a free or extremely reduced ticket because they are representing the airline when they fly. United is within their full right to dictate what their employees, as well as any others who fly as a representative of the airline, may wear. Probably these girls are related to an employee of United. Their policy is that pass travelers must abide by a certain dress code and in this case the passengers did not. Educate yourselves before you dump on United, as this is not a policy for regular passengers who have paid full price for their ticket.
Marisa Bengtson-Loerzel Wow!! I can't believe what a story this has become! I grew up non-reving on UA! Following the dress code is a small price to pay for FREE airfare!
Kristin Anne Carr I flew on a pass with delta, there is a dress code. I get that their young girls but they are strict about the policy because you are representing a company flying on those passes.
Janelle LaShae I wish everyone would understand the rules and the situation before chiming in. When you're flying on a pass or non rev (meaning a free ticket or reduced because you know an employee) there is a strict dress code you have to adhere to. I used to work in the industry and your attire had to be business casual and you had to carry yourself in a professional manner because you were representing the airline and that employee.
Kim Regan Headline grab...... only thing to weigh in on here is: don't like United's policies, don't fly United. Hollywood should just keep their mouth shut sometimes 😳
Karen D Oswald These famous folks speaking out probably has no idea of the dress codes for employee friends/family riding for free! Maybe buy those girls airline tickets so don't have to fly using a employee pass, then they can dress in leggings.
Stephanie Lynn Ugh. Rolling my eyes because 1: Chrissy Teigan. And 2: Why doesn't she learn the real scoop before going off rather than just go by some headline she read.
Bonnie Scroggins No one asked Hollywood for their opinion and like most times Hollywood doesn't know what they're talking about. These passengers were flying on non-rev passes. There ARE dress codes to follow.
Lynette Marie Again, the Hollywood elitists show they have no clue of what's going on in the real world. Had they taken the time to read the story of get more facts instead of believing drama creating headlines, they would know that the girls in question were flying on free passes which require them to dress up as they are flying as an extension of the people who represent the airline. Geesh, these Hollywood idiots!!!
Heather Proctor Celebrities need to stay out this. These people were flying on "passes" meaning they have a family member who works for the airline or were given a ticket by an employee. That means they are representing the airline. Get over it. If you wanna wear leggings and graphic t-shirts, buy a ticket.
Michelle Casey I am going to make a pretty good guess here that these celebrities chiming in and slamming the airline did not look into all of the facts...when you are travelling on a pass there is a dress have this pass from family who work for United...and there are specific rules for anyone using these special tickets adhere to the rules because you are representing the it really that hard to dress decently for a flight? 😒😒
Taira Scott The sad part about this. No one took the time to understand the complete story. I don't like flying United b/c they are horrible with connection. However, this issue is something different. I really feel sorry for the person who allowed their friend or family to use their passes. Follow the rules or pay full price for your ticket and wear your leggings or anything you want. Just that simple.
Jamie Dunlevy Frowein The mother is making this a story! They were flying on either a free ticket or pass! There are rules that you must fallow when using these tickets! So what , fallow the rules if you want something Free!!! Stop making this a no nothing story! The mother is in the wrong
Candy Ellman Johannes Hey People, why not prominently put in your article that these girls were on a pass and it specifically states when you are you have only certain items of clothing you can wear? I haven't seen it stated anywhere except thru a tweet from United. Maybe there wouldn't be all this fuss if that was stated right up front? It's very misleading not to say these things.
Anella Aker Harmeyer Why? It's clearly stated in the airline policy that if you're flying for free you abide by the rules. Apparently all airlines have this rule. This is a non story that social media loves to pounce on. Tomorrow we'll all be offended by something else. Calm down. Read an entire article. Research the facts and stop perpetuating this phenomenon.
Liz Paolone Just because its a kid doesnt mean the dont need to follow rules. When I was a kid and went to work with my parents I knew I had to dress a certain way because those were the rules. My kids go golfing with dad guess what they have to follow the golf course rules and wear a collared shirt and slacks. They hate slacks they live in gym short but they at 8 and 12 know its the dress code.
Susan Johnson Blessing Seems a lot of people think the rules don't apply to them. The parents of these children knew there was a dress code to fly on these free passes, and they chose not to follow the rules. There is no story. The airline was well within their rights. These people want to fly for free, and then complain to the whole world when they chose to break the rules.
Melissa Jones As silly as it is, it says in the rules what they can and can't wear when they are employees or those said employees family members, when using free or discounted tickets. There is always the option of paying full price and wearing what you want. I would dress like a nun if it meant getting free airline tickets. Lol
Ginny Ross This is not an issue ...this should have not been's an internal problem with United Staff privileges and dress who pay the for tickets do not have a dress code....which I feel sometimes there was one
Tammy Reimer Wisch Why do stars always think they know everything? Do they work for the airline? Non revs...or people flying for FREE have a strict dress code. ALWAYS have. If they don't follow the rules like everyone else....they don't go. United did nothing wrong but follow their policies. Leggings aren't business attire for Christ sake.
Stacey McCoy This being a news story and escalating to this degree is ridiculous. Who ever gave them their passes is at fault for not conveying that there is a dress code when using a pass!!! Anyone that works for an airline knows this.
Susan Crouse Chrissy Tiegen read the article. Know the facts. Who cares about your opinion. Maybe you can pay for their ticket next time!!!
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This Tuna Quinoa Toss is the perfect make-ahead weekday meal!

Recipe: (via Cooking Light)

Meg Broderick Janet Storler Willis.Oh sorry on this one.Thumbs down on any kind of Tuna casserole. Remember? Mom used to threaten bodily harm if I refused to take a bite.
Nikki Gauer Deborah Stern So yummy! Maybe I can substitute something for the tuna so I can eat it more than 1x a week.
Brittany Torbett Lauren Edwards maybe you can make this for yourself with the tuna in the pantry?
Lauren Porell Christopher Leow this is like everything you eat minus the feta
Carissa Roddin Daniel W. Roddin good lunch idea for the week/ then could serve it over spinach too. Chy Par thought you'd like this too
Christina Bolling Jesse Stapler - this would be perfect for you; especially during summer.
Ashley Gerhardt Dawn maybe you could have this, then tell me if it's any good :)
Kayla Brazeau Sammie Thurston this kind of looks good without a few things lol
Kristen Peck Pate Amy Nicole Miller have you ever had quinoa??? This may be good!
Shantelle Scott Sarah Pryce Emily Rachel why do I feel like this is one of your concoctions.
Deborah Pedersen Peel the friggin' cucumbers, throw the chickpeas in the garbage, and lose the pepper.
Faye Grossblatt This is a recipe? As a college student I do this all the time out of exhaustion 😂
Odile Marie Laura Cole, this would be good for your lunches minus the chick peas 😄😄
Erin Daughtry Janice Snyder Daughtry this looks sooo good and healthy!
Stacy Szczepanski-Tomczak Addyson Tomczak what do you think about this??
Juliana Pierotti Christine Payne reminds me of your salads! 🥗 ❤️
Shanoen L VanWoerden Substitute w/ brown rice and chicken and I'm in !!
Mandy Myers Sandy, I don't know if you can have quinoa tho
Jennifer Dodson Deborah Anne this looks good. Can you have quinoa?
Robyn Carney-Tellez Lexi Carney
Tammie Zimny Looks good
Jessica Velazquez Dayanara Gist ok I know you like quinoa
Tiggy Woop Aishwarya.. holy mother of YUMMMM!
Sabina Walter Mike Ace Walter something you could make for work!
Meg Clements Lindsey Ganley this? Or the one I sent you before?!
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This is the stuff nightmares are made of!

William McMillen And I always thought they went in ONE DIRECTION!!! Story of My Life.... Drag Me Down!!
Crystal Lux Could it have been the amount of people on it??? It looked like it was overloaded with people 😲
Lori Desmond The belt came off the track...most likely because too many people on it at one time
Alli Lewis Haley Thomson this is what all those stair stepper miles are preparing you for.
Mercy Cichocki Maybe if these people didn't pile on there like that. Calm tf down it's a mall. Why do you need to have 5 people on one step?
John Logsdon That escalator seemed to be going awfully fast. Our escalators in the US also don't look that long.
Joanna Bodie Raquel Ato and THIS is why I trust no escalators! This is worse than my shoelace getting stuck
Dabrielle Lopez Whitney Parry- remember that escalator story I told you about? Here is another one.
Lisa Margaret Cummings David Messias, how does something like this happen?
Sarah Cochran Burkett My mother had reason to fear these things. Now I have to get in shape because I can't use the elevator or escalator, Angela Laws 😕
Susan Lanczak Khalid Salam when you think you're doing well, and then a slew of 14 day's show up.
Kathy Tate The escalator shut down and the brake failed wit a full load. ed
Darcey Lafo Olson Emily Lafo Harris this is that ridiculously high/long escalator at the mall we went to!
Dean Correll How long did they have to wait on it before it was fixed?
Dawn Lundell Looked like there was too many people on it, and the mechanism failed to pull them all up and just fell with the weight.
Mica Marie Laney Amber Summerscales Blakslee now I know why you're scared of them lol
Ashley Ellerson Brooke Heroux Adam Buchholtz and now I will never get on an escalator😩
Elizabeth Macco Petunia Golding Copernicus Macco Ashley Stephens this was my biggest fear as a kid. Still is. Hate escalators
Callie Hibbs Hunter Maybe they could squeeze one more body on it
SLynn Vang I wonder if someone controlled it...
Cathy Goulart Someone hit the switch?
Chris Rain Chan I see lawsuits in the future.
Scott Simpson Lmfao!!
Jacob Kirsch Lisa Kirsch-Kurrus omg we were just talking about this
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Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Zara Tindall has a seriously cute cheering section.

Michael Angelo I. Cruz Phantom of Opera To force a mocking bird out of the nest you can .Show how You Force A Man on the Throne ? TOPTEN !
Elizabeth Dominica Purich She's pregnant and should not be riding.
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But the Dancing with the Stars pair doesn't exactly rule out a romance blooming in the future...

Amanda Trezza Tara Finelli "I knew it was her that bumped into me and I put my arm around her and I was turned to watch the TV screen and I felt her push my hand away and honestly had no idea" Hmmm idk about that
Felix C. Colosimo Oh so that explains why he tried grabbing her twat on National television and she pushed it away. Google it. Yes it happened. Right after Nick and Peta danced and they were up in the sky box for the interview with Erin.
Jaime Lyn Everyone though Antonio Brown and her were dating too! How about it's just dancing? Geez!
Danielle Kris They are dancing partners, of course they are going to spend a lot of time together.! And they are both good looking, if it happens it happens or else leave it be!
Arlene Burch Chemistry is good even in the competitive world! It'll keep us guessing😉
Gale Kauffmann Well I don't know about him and Sharna, but Bruno sure was smitten.
Paula A McNabb Haha... thought he was Michael Bolton's kid! I was way off... oops, I'm bad!
Donna J Smith Czerniecki Michelle R. Czerniecki Jenkins we were just talking about this!! Didn't think I was the only one who caught that! 👀 👀 👀!
Jenn Lee They are so cute together
Sable Senegal I think sharna should find romance but it's up to her with whom .
Andy Simmons That red hair makes her look old enough to be his mom.
Clifford Elisary Check out the video on Mondays telecast he had his hand on her crotch and she removed it got to close to the gooies
Dawn Affrunti I wish they would date each other
Angel O'Conor I'll take him! 😊
Erin Elizabeth Schultz He's so gorgeous 😍
Katilyn Monnier I thought Sharna was married?
Lisa Kibby-Mancia I love sharna.
Brian Rosendahl She is beautiful
April Medsker Omg how about people leave them alone..
Becky Miller They're my favorite...I hope they take the Mirror Ball!
Barbara Foley Not a great dancer, but he is definitely a hot guy.
Darsey S Hughes They will be a couple before they leave the show
Letty Ramirez Galindo Was she pregnant two season ago? Or am I thinking of someone else
Millie Ervin Don't do it!
Jaime Zaruba Isn't she engaged to Sasha?
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This is too cute for words!

Sandra Zambo Cute!
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Kurt Cochran was killed while celebrating his 25th anniversary with wife Melissa in London last week.

Patricia Medford Blessings to the families and us all... What a time we live in..
Angela Tucker Prayers for Kurt's wife and family. ❤
Carole Issa Cartade So very sad !!so many evil lunatics and haters around ! My prayers for his family !!
Michelle Rodriguez Prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Lisa Kibby-Mancia Heartbreaking 💔
Debbie Beall Perryman Praying for this family.
Anna Sustache So so sad and not right
Linda Wilford 🙏🏼
Jerry Schmitt Thoughts and prayers are with you!!
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Is that you, Christina El Moussa?

Mickey Parker Did this woman get a new publicist? It seems that all of a sudden she's the newest sensation! She was known for being on a reality show, then in the midst of a divorce, now they seem to be pushing her as a model! whats up?
Tina Konya Book Enough about her. I'd rather you report on people actually doing something worthwhile like doctors curing diseases or soldiers helping people.
Chelsea Mee If she was a size 16 in this photo everyone would be praising her saying she's an inspiration to the world . Instead all of the jealous insecure people who use being a mom as an excuse to not look pretty or be in shape have to rag on her for no reason .
Brandie Burggraf I'd actually like to see her looking normal again like when flip or flop first began. All the pink lipstick and fake eyelashes need to go away
Angela Harrington People Mag is trying sooooo hard to make her happen! They must no longer be making money from Duggar and Kardashian clicks so they're trying to find someone new.
Erica Skubovius Wow...jealousy is never a good look (to all you haters on this post)!!!👎🏽
Lisa Konkel Lunde These women are all starting to look the same..... fake this, fake that....Bring back the Olivia De Havilland's and Sophia Loren's please!
Mary Ricks McClure I could have picked her out of a line up, hardly recognize her my foot. People mag, get over the El Moussas. Their show is canceled, they need to move along.
Nancy Loccisano Defendini People!! If you haven't watch the show they were never lovey dovey but the show was Great!! They worked together so well with their ideas to remake a house. @Louis Gilbert she was pregnant & he was sick.. stress on both of them & raising their family. Give them a break & stop your fantasies! They are trying to go on with life .... like you all should! AND SHE LOOKS GREAT! I'M GLAD SHE CAN ENJOY HER LIFE!
Misty Bradford To all the trolls and haters take a look in the mirror at yourselves and your own lives before you post comments... You idiots only know what you read and probably don't even watch Flip or Flop.... Y'all don't even know half of what Tarek and Christina have been through... So before you judge and post disrespectful and and negative comments about her take a look in the mirror at yourselves...
Fabiola Valencia Everyone will look good with fake lashes, hair extensions, professional make up and a whole lot of photo shop. Her personally makes her mighty ugly there is not coverage for that.
Nicole Cataldo She looks beautiful. And like herself. I don't get it - I wouldn't question who that was.
Claire Baylor Cannot. Stand. Her. People, quit trying to cram her down our throats.
Louis Gilbert I've always liked her, I like her even more now that I know she's a naughty lil' adulteress who's cool with whorin' it up a bit.
Amie Griffith Chiu I love you most of the time @People but this needs to get off my news feed. This person is so not news worthy People!!!!!!!!!!!
Brianna Hinchman She looks like Audrina from the hills ....jealous!
Joyce Laconte-Croteau Omg this story has shown up 100 times in the last two days. Who cares!!!
Aaron Stewart Uh looks exactly like she did on every episode of the show. Haha
Joanne Guzzi Barder She's a gorgeous woman! I only hope they can somehow work thru their problems.
Stephanie Sydnor She looks great! She's just a little more dolled up than usual, nothing wrong with that!
Debbie Thompson-Ward I need to find a stress reliever! Maybe excersise is it!
Sue Ferdinandsen Schweisthal I'm on Christina overload. Wow its mind boggling how social media can make stars out of anybody.
Laur Mel Why is she all over the place all of the sudden??
Crystal Minarik I have never heard about this chick until she divorced her husband, and now there are stories about her everyday.
Marti Morgan Sunday's post of the day .... she's pretty but I don't get the fascination