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"It was beyond anything I could have hoped for.” ❤️

She looks gorgeous.
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Actual footage of me having a breakdown... 😂

Rebecca Kauffman day before tour and that LDV you out 12 hours into gets leased and moved into same day. After sitting for 112 days 😂
Sounds to me like a kid screaming for his Mom 🤣
Mat Hew Pearn this is the exact noise I made after spraining my ankle on Monday.
Marija kad svi skupa ustanovimo da je stigla kriva boja. 📦 #jedvacekanje
Samantha. Literally me today. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Me at work today Tash Stevens 😂
Melanie Jay me every morning 😂
Stephanie 'Bartlett' Ryon- how did someone record our convo and us not know it???
Lonnie Adkins this will be me if the water isn't fixed soon :(
Michèle... The Beast! 😹
Me texting you about Hawaii Emily Moritz
Muslim Laslie lepas tukar sportrim moto be like.... 🤣
Marin Marin tak i ti kad si ljut
Silvia Bonilla hahaha no puedo con esto 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Peta Rickard this is me tho 😂
Sounds familiar. Abby Manansala
Amy Baxter, Deri Jade, That’s me today 😂
Craig Upton this is you
Farah Elias George Elias جورج وقت بيقول يا حماااععععر😆😆
Emily Thorpe exam season 😂
Harley McKinney Sarah Adkins. This might be us some nights 😂
Sarah Petty this is me.
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"It was a really traumatic, great moment for Cersei, and it never made it in.”

Rene Cisneros
Alexis Marie Salinas
Molly LaPosa Christine Garitta
Who’s the father?
Tadhg Lonergan Daire T O'Sullivan
Kate Martinez
Brittany Collins did you know about this?
Great actress!
Linn Hielm
Jessica Popoca
Carol Fleming-Gates
Meri Moilanen-Craddock
Tamara Zoder they ruined everything
How could she when they died she said I want this baby to live. So they planned on her miscarriage first. Uh they just messed this whole season up
Jaime, yet again, died for no reason
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It's no surprise that Nashville is one of Carrie Underwood's favorite cities!

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One day after delivering her second child, Reid said she had gained a total of 50 lbs., was wearing “Depends diapers,” and noticed her “cellulite and stretch marks have tripled.”

happy for her
I wish I looked like that post partum. good for her. Keep it real
Motherhood is beautiful.
Love how she keeps it real 💖 and the BEST shower you'll ever take is the one after you give soon as you can though lol! 🙏✨😂
Why is this all a surprise? Lol🤦‍♀️
That swelling ugh don't miss it!
Attention seeker.
Who ?
No one cares
Who ?
She looks amazing!!! I honestly think she looks fantastic for just having a baby the day before!!! I personally was a hot mess for a few days after!!!
Glad to see the reality of how most women are post partum. It's not always instant shrink back.
I see nothing. And who tf is she? 😂😂
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When someone tries to make me eat healthy. 😂

That baby is full. Stop trying to force food on her. Its not the peas. She is FULL.
People magazine. Thank you for adding cute stories and inspiration stories of real PEOPLE. I am so tired of fake people publications by celebrity stars that promote vulgarity and superficiality.
Awe she looks like my youngest daughter when she was a baby. The big head and chubby face!!❤️❤️❤️😍😍
I think it's time to not give her mushy peas... sweet thing.
Same reaction from you at 35 yrs old when I try to get you to eat a vegetable.
They need to stop! Know they been feeding that baby nuggets and not the green stuff! Lol 😝
I wouldn't feed my worst enemy mushy peas. That's just nasty!
I wouldn’t feed my kids that cause I don’t like them. Their grandmothers had that part
Caitlin Buick I'm so glad I never had a problem with u eating healthy stuff. You were awesome !
The baby is sooo cute 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️
Eva even the face expressions match
Evelin Deleon this gonna be Arabella when she don’t like the food we give her 🤣
Delayne Nez she looks so sad!! Lol! 😆
Leidy Hernandez Corredor mis papás queriendo que yo me coma las verduras 😂
This is me ! When you Mayank Joshi and mom Sandhya Mahajan Chaudhari try to feed me healthy food ! :p
This is too cute!!
Kaitlin Lame grandpa lol
Jay Cooley you with anything that isn’t meat or cheese
When mom guys asked to eat Filipino food when we were young. Rachel
Kenza Sadki do u know this guy?
Mo To and don’t ask me for snacks😂😂😂gezzeee!!! No fun
Payton Sullivan me trying to promote my baby a healthy lifestyle but she can’t get the fatty buns out her mind
Isha Rohilla this is so us man🤣 v wan our French fries😝
Jamie Cox it’s baby Ash. 🤣
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“Barbara’s being cared for and loved. She’s not in a box. Not struggling or dying, I take care of Barbara. I’ll always take care of her.”

My father died from Alzheimer's disease, and nothing or no one in the world could have caused my mother to move on to someone else. I helped support both of them, and although we did not consult anyone or any support group, she found the courage and devotion to care for him as long as she was able. He was in a nursing home for only 3 months, since Mom wanted to be with him until the end. We visited him regularly and talked with him, held his hand, told him stories--he had moments of clarity. This devotion to a family member, be it wife, husband, mother, or father is called LOVE!
From what I’ve heard this disease takes as much, if not more from the family than the person suffering from it, he needs to feel love & have support. I know in moments of clarity seeing them together brings her hurt but as fast as it comes it goes. As long as him and his new wife/girlfriend are good to her and take good care of her let them be
I saw my grandfather stand by my grandmother when she got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and as it got worse and worse I saw how much he truly loved her by the way he took care of her. The two people my grandma ALWAYS mentioned was her mom and her husband (my grandpa) and he was the only living person she recognized the last year she was alive. After my grandmother passed my grandad was devastated he wanted to crawl in the coffin with her. Even though they say Alzheimer’s is harder on the family I can assure you it hurt my grandfather more seeing her go than having to care for her. Now he’s reunited with her as of a few months. Reading this story was really sad for me because I can’t even begin to imagine me seeing my grandfather do something like this to my grandma and I can’t even imagine ever doing this to my husband.
So much judgement. This man is caring for his wife the best he can. This disease takes everything from everyone involved, the patient and their caregivers. Life goes by in the daily struggle... seems he is doing his very best...given the heartbreaking situation they all face. Walk a mile in another’s shoes before you judge.
Good for him, he deserves to be happy too. I would want my husband to be happy and move on. We don't know thier circumstances, maybe it's some thing they talked about before her illness became worse.
As someone who has never experienced this first hand I can't say what is right or wrong. I can only speak for myself. If I was ever in this position I can't ever imagine doing this to my husband. I guess if either one got diagnosed we would have a discussion about this. Maybe they did. Even if my husband agreed to have me find a new love I feel I couldn't, but say it did happen like that , I know with 100% certainty I would never move in my boyfriend. He would have to love me and respect my situation enough to understand that can't happen. This is a sad situation and I feel for everyone involved.
If you don't have a parent or spouse that suffers, or died due Alzheimer, please don't give your opinion. You don't know. You can't possibly understand what we have to go through. Alzheimer patients are little kids. They have no idea what is going on and are the ones who least suffer in any situation. Stop judging, even if you can understand what that man is going through. Is he being selfish? Maybe, who knows? But she is not suffering, she is not the woman he met anymore, but his love for her might be the same. We don't know.
I wish him all the best and those of you that choose to judge.....stop not your life, not your problem. I totally understand why he is doing this. Start showing compassion people, this world is already going to hell in a hand basket and people like you are just making it progress faster...thanks smh ✌🏻
I just wonder if it will have beneficial for him to continue to take care of her it money was not involved. Just sadness me that he has moved on with someone who is also her caregiver 😒
Unless you've walked a mile in this man's shoes, don't judge him. He is still honoring his vow of "in sickness and health". His romantic relationship with her may be over but he's taking care of her every day when he could have just left.
If she was aware that he had a girlfriend,then I would say he was doing wrong,But I'm sure he needs all the help he can get.It would be like taking care of a child who needed supervision 24 hrs a day.I'm sure she's getting better care than if she was in a home which the cost alone would be phenomenal.He's doing his best!
I see no problem with this. Her mind has gone to another place and her body stays here on earth, she would want this for her husband and family.
And if it works for their family, then it works for me
Yes, so if I have a condition please f your gf and call it love?
In sickness and in health. Till death do us part. People are selfish and fake af
I would haunt my m-fing husband forever if he had his side piece taking care of me in my last days. That is not a pretty sight and a very private, personal thing.
Better or worst. Sickness and health. Til death do you part.. I couldn't, I wouldn't. But maybe that wasn't their vows. May God restore her mind.💛
The problem is he talked about his personnel business to the world then got mad when he got push back. B. Smith is a beloved figure. He should have just kept this to himself instead of making it a public spectacle.
We can not judge. I personally would not do it. But we do not have to answer to his sins. Quit being so judgemental an live your best life.
Of course she is the money to finance this mess. She could have aides, not your girlfriend. I think that is a better , respectful approach.
Zach Hardy I dare you to pull this on me😂 I'd catch my 5 minutes of clarity like the lady on "The Notebook", and I'd be busting you both in the head with a lamp😂😂😂
Ummmmm.... isn't it till death do us part?
I wonder if she would have started doing someone else in the next room too while he was still alive and living in their house. Disrespectful... and as is usual full of excuses on why he's not a dog. Lol 👎
If the situation were reversed everyone supporting him would be calling her all kinds of names.
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Kim Kardashian West says she's been using body makeup for more than 10 years.

I love the Kardashians
What average person has that kind of time?!
She is so beautiful
Love MJ!!
She goes through so much, lol
If you have a makeup on her hands, how do you suppose to do stuff around the house. Oh wait, they have a cleaners. Who got time for that?
Of course she wears body makeup... is there anything about her that isn’t fake or an illusion?!
So vain 😂😂😂
Nobody cares
Say it ain't so
Not suprised, she's like 80% fake
She has ugly hands and arms.
How the hell...nevermind, I don't want to know...smdh
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"I'd read about other people's miracles, and now I've got mine." ❤️

God bless her!! Never give up on what you want in life ❤❤❤❤❤
I do have miscarriage then I had my son during miscarriage issue then other one and I was very sick and it was painfully than before. also I had abortion and stay bedrest lot because illness very badly and took lot medicines it hard . then now i have daughter, I didn't have miscarriage during I have my daughter. It odd but I couldn't have other baby after my daughter til one year because doctor said I d have miscarriage and my body not strong enough to control it. I don't have answers but I m glad i have my children here with me
$10 that kid will have developmental issues or learning dissablilities
Beautiful baby, God's blessings!! God is awesome & thank you for sharing!!❤️
Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful 💕 Here is my rainbow baby <3
Congratulations!!! I felt so defeated after 3 miscarriages, then I finally got my miracle rainbow baby. (And another one after 🙂) So glad you didn’t give up!
What a wonderful blessing. I know how she feels. I had 11 miscarriages from 1991-1998 (not including the miscarriage my sister had when she was implanted with our embryos). However, after 7 years of infertility treatments we were blessed with these two rainbow babies only 13 months apart without the help of doctors. #AllInGodsTiming
Beautiful rainbow baby girl. Congratulations on that precious miracle and that you needed give up how after so much heartache
She is adorable and beautiful. God bless her and congratulations to her mommy and daddy.
How amazing! Thankful for modern medicine and God’s intervention.
God bless you & your sweet baby. Prayers things go well for both of you from now on.😀❤️️🙏❤️
I would not have the strength to keep trying! God bless this family 💜
Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful miracle 💖 God bless this wonderful family!
Beautiful name for a beautiful little girl✨🌈✨🌈✨Congratulations
So wonderful! Love this story. I had with triplets. Have two amazing children now!
Congrats on your Beautiful Daughter, God Bless🎀🌸👑
God Bless you and your beautiful baby.
What a sweet beautiful girl. Congrats to her.
Omg 13 miscarriages? I wonder what cause them to occur so much. God bless you and your daughter
Yay! Congratulations to you. She's so beautiful!
What a beautiful little lady. One day long long long time from now she will have such a big family. Sweet baby girl.
Thanks for the inspirational story! Never give up on your dreams!
So happy they are blessed with a beautiful bundle of joy.
Jesus Christ!!! 13 miscarriages I can't even phantom that immense amount of loss and sadness. Good for her, that's the best thing I have read online all year. Awesome.
So happy for this couple! Daughter is adorable!
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On Sept. 23, 1986, Kathleen disappeared while walking home from middle school.

Ashley Leopold 😓
RIP sweet one. Very sad
May her family find some peace in this. So very sad.
Victoria Jessie
Prayers for her loved ones
Esmeralda Preciado your birthday
Thank you for showing her face and not his.
Unfortunately there are still so many unsolved murders of young girls/women everywhere. In a small area in northern CT and central Mass, we have at least 6 such cases dating back to the 1970s.
thank god he was finally caught
Justice. But why so long. Sad. This poor baby and her family. 💔😞
Jaylon Turcotte
Adrian Hemphill
Izzy Santiago Navas
Esther Yamile
Poor girl deserves justice
Better late than never!
If you commit a crime, they will find you.
That is so sad and disgusting!
Maria this is the girl Bobbi used to talk about
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Leonard Pozner’s son, Noah, was 6-years-old when he was killed in the horrific mass shooting.

Sandy Hook, the victims just break my heart. Those poor little souls. 😭
Sandy Hook, the victims just break my heart. Those poor little souls. 😭
Omg poor baby this was so sad as all are 😭 rest in heaven love ❤️
My heart just breaks thinking about it 😭😭
we're with you along with our prayers...
Sad that he had to do this, but happy the were punished.
I can not imagine for one second the horror these children and their teachers went through 😞 to have anyone discredit it is simply crazy! Tonight my son is soooooo annoying not going to sleep. But one look at that photo reminds me how lucky I am to have him to hold. I still can’t work out how Sandy Hook didn’t bring change to the gun laws of America
I am so happy Mr. Pozner won in this defamation lawsuit. When I heard that yesterday in the news, I was smiling but sad that Mr. Pozner will never get to see his son ever again. Hoaxers are just plain heartless peace of garbage.
Thank God. People that try this are THE WORST. RIP angel.
The family had gone through so much already to have that book published with such accusations is uncalled for. It's like they making the victim (s) reliving the pain and anguish all over again because now this poor man had to fight against it.
My heart dropped before I read that full headline. I thought he might have killed himself. What a world we’re living in that that’s where my mind went seeing his name pop up...💔
Jesse Troyer
I’m glad he won! Alex Jones and the other conspiracy theorists are pieces of garbage! May Noah’s (and the other victims) memories be a blessing. 🙏🏻
There have been many conspiracists claiming Sandy Hook was a lie. This is a bittersweet victory, but I’m happy all those POS nut jobs have been proved wrong.
These conspiracy theorists are so lucky these parents didn’t take street justice out on them. If I lost either of my sons and someone said they never existed I would lose my mind and hunt them down.
Cannot believe this book was even punished. Seems cruel.
So glad he fought those bastards and won! Best part is they had to remove all of their books off the market. To claim that his son's death certificate was falsified and he was faking the loss of his precious child is despicable.
As if it wasn’t enough these parents had suffered so much with the loss of their children & the constant reminder of that day.. Then to have something like that happen? How the hell are you gonna tell a grieving parent they didn’t lose child? That is disgusting and disturbing.
That's great that he won! No one after going though such a tragedy should have to hear people say it was fake.
I would be seeking more....for damages and pain and suffering. This poor man having to prove that his son first died and second, died in a way that no child should die. He should be seeking ALOT more.
I’m so glad Mr. Poznar won his suit. What Alex Jones and his lunatic followers did to,these families is disgusting.
These poor families... imagine losing your young child to unnecessary violence and then being stalked and ridiculed for it. People are sick
1 million is not enough for making this Dad relive something so heinous.
It was a set up by the government. I wont say the lives lost weren't tragic. But i will say the government set it up.
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Things didn’t go quite as planned when Tori Spelling first showed her children old episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Too much surgery 😂😂👌🏻
She looked beautiful then... Until plastic surgery came in.
Well she does look like an entirely different person now. I will never understand why people have so much surgery, 9 times out 10, they looked much better as their natural self.
Because she had all the surgery that makes her look weird and disproportionate
Honestly, I think she looks a lot like she used to. She has a look that no one else has...very distinctive, before and after all the surgery.
That's what happens when you go heavy on the plastic surgery
Looked better before now looks like a man
Too much plastic surgery
She was beautiful back in the day! She is still pretty, but needs to quit messing with the botox or fillers. Why distort beauty??
That's what plastic surgery does to you, she was beautiful before. I guess she was just insecure about herself
Has she looked in the mirror lately?! 🤦‍♀️
She looks the same but older
That’s what happens when you mess with your face.
Seriously, she is one of the few who I recognize, she looks almost the same.
She was pretty but she messed up her looks
Can't imagine why.
It’s really unfortunate that these lovely girls get Botox and work done which makes them look like the “Joker” in Batman.
How could they after all that plastic surgery?🤣
Wow must be a very slow day to post a story like this!
Plastic surgery does that
Well she has a whole new face so...🤷‍♀️
She looks the same, just older and heavier..
She didnt look like plastic back then 😂
She looked good back then. Not so much now. Why do people who have money think they always need to change something?