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Everyone knows that going to Target means checking out with items you probably didn’t intend on buying in the first place!

Dropped, ughhh..
Megan Opolski now I can seriously shop for Tennessee
Kate LaRosa uh-oh!
Chantal Ragucci❤️
Jessica Kapp
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It was a case that made international headlines — and it's not over.

I didn't read any new information.
Still cannot believe that their mother thinks she did nothing wrong. Poor kids will never get over this. I pray that they get to enjoy life as free as they want to be 💗
Raise Up Your Spirit Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You're wrong, stop denying it. I care, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. You're not alone, we may be miles away but we're all going through the same things. Please keep holding on. follow us for more motivation
Petter Loren Grytness. The 'mother' has only asked about her husband, not the children. On Crime Watch Daily, her sister went to visit this crazy woman, and she asked them to go visit the husband! Never asked about the kids. I guess he was crying, remorseful. But, would he be had they not been caught, I wonder!? And the guardian of the kids who were just released won't let the hospital staff visit the children, even though when the children left the hospital they kept jumping out of the car and tried to run back in and hug the staff!
Priscilla Underwoodd
Ilze Paranuka
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If you're lucky enough to visit Birmingham, you must go to Chez Fonfon and you must save room for dessert:

(via Southern Living)

Bless her
Diana Cutsforth
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While focusing on her family, her career and her marriage to Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson is also taking time for herself and her dearest friends.

Isn't this what a husband is suppose to do.... 🚫 🏀
Suraha now.....CS
Of course he does.. That gives him some dick sucking time..
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New parents’ night out! 💕

Congrats on your bundle but I’m pretty sure 99.9% of the world doesn’t give two sh^ts. Do they care about your precious baby? Yes. You two and your date night, not so much. You’re not celebrities. The majority of real celebrities are freakazoids. Do yourselves a favor and adapt to the real world for the sake of your child. This country doesn’t need anymore silver spoons.
Glad they are staying together raising the baby 👶
I'm glad he's being good to her. She's so young...
Use a new picture already. 🙄
With a woman that is photographed so much all the time why do you continue to use a photograph that's from about summer of 2017?
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This family's emotional reaction after finding their missing dog will bring you to tears.

The way he ran to the car. Tears were rolling down my eyes. True love for his dog!!
Soo sweet, I hope he called the dog "stupid" not his wife. Lol
I’m not’re crying!
Omg seeing the father reaction just put me in tears...that's love!!!
Watching a grown man dash to the car for their pup 😭
I love this but it's like a year old 🙂
I wish that love for all animals!!
Its more emotional whenever you see a man express his emotions. Especially when they cry, that's nothing to be ashamed of 😘
I wish that for all animals, a loving home. Have to stop now for all the crying.
Love these outcomes. Will you guys quit crying so I can please?
Worst 45 minutes of my life was when my great Dane got off his tie out when we put him out to potty... I left work 25 miles away broke a few traffic laws to get home and he was chilling next to the ice machine at the town gas station ...was like Hi Mom...ready to go home... Dumbest dog I have ever him to death...but he is the only Dane that we have never been able to train...
Oh my gosh that made me cry but made my heart happy they found their dog and happy they were. 😍 😍😍 The father reaction was priceless. I would have did the same thing he did if it was my dog lost then found. ❤❤❤
So happy for the family! Love Dad's emotional reunion in that it was pure happiness <3
I wish all dogs have a home to go too😢
Some people will never understand the love we have for our dogs..
Adorable I'm glad you found him... this is true love ..
Lucky dog to have such a loving family
Joanie wow, hella teared up. Lol.
Maria Beatty 😓😓😓 crying! Buddy boy better think twice before running away!
Alexis Roloff there’s a dog that has the same name as your living fish Butter 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I happy they found their dog
Amor que não se mede Junior Marta! Gratidão por ter nossos bebês todos os dias ao nosso lado! ❤
What do you mean “what are you doing” haha he’s living and welcoming his dog home! Awe
I've watched this Soo many times & each time I Burst into tears!! I can feel the joy of finding ur furbaby 💞🐶🙏
Alex Van Den Top is whenever we leave for 2 minutes
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"I just can’t believe it! I know how disappointing this is, and I’m so sorry.”

Stop fakin Celine!
I'm sorry for her and her fans. But people get old. People have health problems. Her fans can listen to her music anywhere and she is a multi-millionaire...has tons of money and time to recover.
I've had an hearing condition for several years due to having listened to her music and diva whinings. Wonder if I should ask her to pay for my procedure
We were to see you next week, Hate you are not well. Hope you fell better soon.
Wish you a smooth recovery. Always be one of many favorites, even though I cannot go to concerts. 💛
I was suppose to see you on April 18th for my we are going to miss you...hope you have a speedy recovery
It would be horrible trying to sing with an ear condition. I wish her a full recovery!
Get well and strong!
Feel better soon Celine
Feel better soon and take care of yourself and your family God bless you see you in May!
Prayers for a speedy recovery ❤
Get well soon
Praying for a speedy recovery!! 🙏
Suraha now.....CS
Get well soon
Get well soon
Pam Diaz...😳😳😳
Joanne Ducharme
Karen Dotson Iwakoshi
Ashley Brooke Cruces
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The 2-year-old who was reported missing for two days and died hours after being found.

This is NOT the post where people should be using memes as a comment. Play with the angels baby and happy with Jesus.
Bad parenting
Fly high little guy. 😞
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Fifteen-year-old Logan Blythe has long “faced exclusion and isolation” due to his Down syndrome.

Read the article. According to the boy scouts he has earned his badges & still has them & is still registered as a Boy Scout. His Eagle Scout project was rejected (as many able bodied kids are as well), so his parents are crying discrimination & blowing this out of proportion. He is still recognized as a Boy Scout. The rank of Eagle Scout is extremely difficult to achieve. Unfortunately not all Boy Scouts can meet the rigorous requirements.
The Boys Scout is so cruel for not giving it to him anyway! He has a condition that was not his fault therefore he shouldn't be punished because of it.
He was able to be a Boy Scout he wasn’t able to be a Eagle Scout a lot of boys try but don’t make it why is this any different?
I'm beyond appauled and disgusted. My sister also has down syndrome and her experience with girl scouts was short-lived due to an unfortunate experience, as well.
I looked into boy scouts for my son who also has down syndrome. Unfortunately the man I spoke with said they didn't offer anything for him but he could come to a one day event they had. I'm a girl scout leader and everyone is more then welcome. I could start my own boy scout troop but I honestly want no parts of the organization. It's truly sad.
Help me understand because I don’t know how the Boy Scouts work, what are the requirements that the official says he must complete? And it’s unclear with he badges were actually revoked. Reads to me like his eagle project was just rejected. Is that unusual?
This is f**ked up on every level imaginable. What in the ENTIRE f**k is wrong with people these days? Wtf are these so-called adults really teaching kids these days? No wonder they don't know how to treat others with respect/as equals. Smdh
OMG, that is sad. He has the same rights to be a boy scout as anybody else. I went to a Girl Guide camp with a Down Syndrome girl, we treated her the same as everyone else. I hope another Boy Scout troop can pick him up, and welcome him into their troop.
He earned those badges...some boys that are normal couldn’t do it
Poor kid, shame on them He earned all the badges, i hope his dad wins and he gets to keep his badges, what kind of example is that boy scouts? Disappointing
Of course they want to make a way, when things go public and a lawsuit is involved. Why can’t people just do the right thing to begin with?!
USA TODAY: Boy Scout with disability wasn't stripped of badges, group says
This happens to alot of kids for different reasons/illnesses/disabilities, so it's not rare. I'm surprised by how "shocked" people are.
Read the article. He was NOT stripped of his badges, he was told to stop working on the Eagle project because it didn't meet the requirements, which could happen to anyone trying for it. His father is the one stating all this and making it more than it is. I commend the boy for trying for it.
Sad that organization needs to get sued
This is a rotten shame for this boy after all the work he did to earn the badges.........
They wont allow him to move up to an egal scout and that is just a shame on so many levels. I think it was last October that the Boy Scouts will be allowing girls into their programs. Are they going to only allow the girls to go so far before they stop them? That would not happen and it def should not happed to this young man.
There are so many inaccuracies with this story..don’t believe it...
This kind of stuff just makes my blood boil. As a future special education teacher, I cannot fathom why people can’t let them try and have goals. Give them a chance to exceed your expectations, because more often than not, they will!
Unbelievable! Absolutely WRONG! The boy scouts of america have lost a great member in you!
How awful for that poor boy. I hope he can find something else to be involved in that won't treat him this way.
OMG that is just so wrong this is adults that are killing our world what is wrong with people 😡😡😡😡
That's ridiculous! Let him be part of the group!
What the hell,power trip much?
Get rid of this anti LGBT organization that is prejudice against the disabled.
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Selena Gomez is focusing on "spending quality time with her friends," and being happy!

It blows my mind that these sites continuously posts about her😡 She's beautiful even after going through hell so why be a part of the BODY SHAMING?
She looks great. But sun for those with Lupus is BAD
I wish I was as "fat" as this poor girl is. I wish people would get lives. She isn't fat, she has health problems. Fyi I am fat, it's because of health problems and medication. So mind your own business. Lol
And what's wrong with her body??? She's gorgeous! I don't get it. I guess people are bored and have nothing better to do. I find her amazing as a fellow Lupus survivor! Go girl! 😘❤
What is wrong with people!
So beautiful Selina Gomez! Haters will hate bc they don’t have what you have - beauty
Okay, WTF? Who looks at that and tries to shame someone? It’s gotta be other women, because I’m assuming dudes just reached for the baby oil and an old sock.
As a fellow kidney transplant recipient she looks great after going through a life changing experience
The poor girl almost dies now she's being body shamed and for what cause she don't look anorexic leave ghe girl alone
Anyone body shaming an individual battling Lupus,therefore constant battles going on inside their body, has no idea what Hell an Auto-immune disease does to the body. Glass houses people!
what's wrong with her body are they talking about that scar on her body HELLO IT'S A CALLED A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT She has LUPUS>
Why'd she even get back with Bieber in the first place? Lol. She was doing so much better/so well without him. She looks gorgeous btw.
Some people feel entitled to be assholes, & would seriously criticize anyone or anything. Confidence has never come from numbers on a scale, or the size of your clothes. Besides, she’s not sixteen anymore, she looks great!
This young lady is beautiful and the only ones that would dare criticizing her body must be jealous females cause she’s literally a goddess.
Beautiful body, and big fluffy tits
NO ONE should shame your body. YOU are beautiful and hot.
She is absolutely gorgeous and an inspiration for me!!!
Sorry, but I’m over her drama...
She’s gorgeous! These trolls just need to get a life!
She is beautiful all the time.
Her body is 💯
People are cruel. Selena is perfect!
I wish i was this small
I would LOVE to see the women bashing her in a bikini!
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Cuteness overload! ❤️

Wiah fb had an awwww button.
OMG no negative comments so far? Has to be a record. It's definitely an "awe" picture.
OMG!!! I never get tired of seeing these vids. Each one is special and perfect in its own way. They're both sleeping so peacefully, idk who's more adorable. <3
I can’t believe how much he looks like JJ. At first I was like who stole my baby and changed his hair. His lips and cheeks are so perfect just like bubbys are.. Daniel Mares Tracy Plant
Jill Thorlakson White pop quiz time! Which is real? 😂
Jim Hammontree Molly will definitely do this with our future babies! She even cuddled with Whitney
Chelsea I’m pretty sure you’re going to wake up to find this!!!!
Melts my heart
This brings me peace ✌️
Now That Did It !
Wow, beautiful Lab & Baby.. Great post! 👍💪💜💞
Tara Rager, this is all to real!
So Precious 💕
#NapGoals 💙💙
How adorable
Daniel McIver Daniel needs a big loving friend
Eddie Mendoza lucky sleeps like that between the boys
So beautiful love it
So so cute!!
Adorable ❤️
So sweet!
Branden Dahl this is so cute ❤❤
Joey Tyler Valure how Mila sleeps with her paw around us
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"She wanted to make it work ... but it can't be easy being a member of that family"

She looks miserable!
People Magazine sure can read minds. Maybe you should stick with the Kardashian’s.
News flash...even if she divorces him, she’s still going to have secret service detail, along with her kids.
Girl, you don't have to have your friends leak the reasons you left that creep. We get it.
People have so much hatred for others it's horrible. They have innocent kids who have seen all the nasty comments and hate by strangers. I have no doubt the hatred people have shown towards them added to the stress of their marriage. People should just give them privacy for once.
But the IMPORTANT part is.....
don't blame her
What?! They both look so happy in the picture 🤔
She has had soooo much plastic surgery since meeting him. She looks so natural and beautiful in the early photos of them together. This doesn't even look like the same woman. 😮
Free Vanessa and Free Melania!! Seize the corrupt assets but they should be just fine...
Cant imagine her staying this long 😩 She looks grossed out in this pix. I wish her well 😊
HES A damn pig just like his pig father. Cash out before his assets get frozen write a tell all and make a million
Go away!
That is a terrible picture of her, she is a pretty woman. And she is lucky, GET OUT..Poor girl, hey, she has her kids.
Nobody cares
That face is priceless 😂
She can do so much better ...
Suraha now.....CS
she looks trans