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Joe Manganiello knows exactly how to shut down haters.

I’m willing to pay People Magazine if they can go one day without posting the words “claps back” and “breaks his/her silence”. 🙄🙄
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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin previously dated before a messy 2016 breakup.

Hey Selena...know you've moved on, but at least you can say you had the version of Justin that at least took pride in his appearance😐
They both look kind of like they smell
Out of the honeymoon bed look😉#one wild Bieber#
What a hairball! Comb it or cut it off and what’s with the blouse 👚
That hair is a mess
Justin is looking more & more like Macaulay Culkin! Wth?!
What's that show where the girl is held captive and forced to marry the celebrity for promotion??
He still looks messy
People magazine don’t you have any other stories to post besides the Kardashian’s and these two?
Is that the dude from Dumb and Dumber?
He looks dumb and lazy with the hair cut, bring back the cool justin
Hello viewers please help me thank Dr Mohammed who saved my life from hepatitis B virus with his Herb cure, I will forever remain Grateful for what God use him to do in my life. You can also call or whatsapp him for similar diseases like HBV, STD and many other +2348133069352 ,for similar diseases. Please share this information to your friends and loved ones and save people from death
He need a haircut or something smfh just cuz u in love doesnt mean turn into a bum
You mean how brother and sister got back together sorry lol jk they just look to much alike
Selena is low key SICK somewhere 💯🤣🤣🤣
He looks like a mess
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When your life is in shambles but you're too tired to do anything about it.

Christina why is this me?
AJay Estrada dealing with Leah
Kathy Baffone is this finn or what???
Nicole Rose me studying the gre
Literally me!! Lilybeth Lorena Sandra Valerie MrsRegina
Scott Gormal apt
Anne Takeuchi Hall lol
Hannah Meek
Günther Kotal
Mohan Gowda
Kate Rup
Su Nondeju
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Bethenny Frankel is pouring herself into Hurricane Florence relief efforts — all while mourning the loss of her on-off boyfriend.

She does that all on her own with her broken self! 😂
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It just never gets old.

Let's be honest...who's looking at the scarf 🤔
Is the scarf I got u this big on u lmao Yanely Gonzalez
This man is soooo handsome., yet so cool
This is what I look like everyday at work in my freezing cold office ❄❄❄
Amay Saephan Mey Ta Marshall almost that time again 😛🙂
Look great for me.
Kylie Mowery YOU!!😍😍
Nobody can rock a scarf like he does. He is just that gorgeous!!!!!lol💋
Jullisa Ruiz Vargas Andrea Castañeda
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They do everything together!

I have been a SF Giants fan my whole life, loved watching Crawford when he became a giant. I recently found his wife’s IG account and she is adorable and of course So is her sister. I only have brothers but always wanted a sister, so I can only imagine how special This is for them. Another special bond they share.
And their babies look IDENTICAL I mean they could pass for twins this story is amazing!!!!
I love this story. I think it’s so cute and very special. 💙💙 Congratulations to both families.
Brandon Crawford’s wife from the San Francisco Giants. This is not new news!
Cute little story congratulations❤❤
Brandon Crawford’s wife. Aurora Navarro
God hda Goshda Lozano Fatima Magana same day 😘😘😘😀
Weirdos probably planned it. It wasnt natural and people are making a deal about it. They got induced.
...but they were induced on the same day. They told their doctors about wanting to have their babies together on the same day months before the due date. 🧐 I was hoping it all was fate regarding delivering together.
scaecely possible - with difficulty
This could be us, but you stubborn. :((( Rachel Goddard
Sean and wait for it
Jenna Skover Kristin Marie
Lorri Warnick Meriam
Nayeli K. Mendoza
Erica Friend
Alex Egbert
Stephanie Martens 🤓🤓
So they both came together in the same night, is that what you mean? 🤔
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Oops! 😂

Jessy Moya Me trying to act tough to minguin but always fails 🙄😂
Something to make you laugh Tan Nguyen you got this!!!
Nayan Shah your life right now 😂
Yogesh Pal ur childhood😂😂
Michelle Brown his gorilla is broken 😂
Isabel Carrington 😂 I bet he can swing a purse!!
Little monkey <3 @...
Ryan Holcomb he tried very hard. 😂
Joe Inama so cute!!
Kailey Holloway how cute is this
Omgggg Jorge Leos
Ashley Green Ryan Altick omg!💚
Ravi Soni you
Robyn Parker lol
Chloe Goodbrake too cute
Adrianne Elisabeth LoL
Scott Wrightson omg 😍😂
Chris Wolf😆😆😆😆
Delanie Urrutia 🤗🦍
Taschia R Garretti 😂😂
Dominique Alvarado🤣😅😂
Daniel CrossDaniel
Heather Izzi-Decker 😂
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The prominent Orange County surgeon allegedly recorded the attacks

PSA: Appearing on one episode of a random reality show does not a star make.
Disgusting! Also I find it bizarre that the police department refer to the perpetrator as “ a beautiful woman”. WTF?
How did Patty Stanger miss this guy on Millionaire Matchmaker?
You never know who you meet and drink in Range County bars.
Hope they enjoy jail
Can't trust any one this days .
All the money, tv show, and being a Doctor apparently wasn’t enough! This is sick, sick, sick...
This isn’t a Bravo star though...horrible people
He was in one episode of some show I've never heard of. That doesn't make him a "Bravo star".
And's being given so freely?😕
Mary Bezanilla
Really horrible ppl
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Johnny Galecki has a new lady in his life!

When I was 21 I considered 40yo men like eldery ppl. What the hell is wrong with girls today??
Gross!! Why can’t 21 years date her age? Heck she suppose to be in college. Why can’t he date his age? maybe few years younger.
My ex husband is 43 and has a new girlfriend, who is also 43. I thank God every day that if he has to be with someone else, it's not a 21 year old. For my kids sake. Some men cannot admit they are getting older. I don't know why this makes me feel somewhat better about it, but it does.
Catherine Zeta Jones is 25 yrs younger than Michael Douglas....they've been together for a very long time. She was 30 and he was 55. Whos to say these 2 wont make it long term?
No nope she’s my age she probably watched him on The Big Bang Theory when she was 11 like I did, absolutely not. Canceling.
He was 22 when she was born. Let that sink in.
Is he adopting her? SMH What the hell is wrong with him
Does it really matter..both and let live💕
Good for him! Just be happy.
I got married when I was 20. He was 41. It was a wonderful marriage that lasted 22yrs, and only ended upon his death from a terminal illness 2yrs ago. He gave me an amazing life, and a beautiful little girl who is now my whole world. He was a great man and husband. Don't be so quick to judge love based on age difference. As long as both are consenting adults, it's no one's business.
New caption: Johnny Galecki has a new love!
Who does he think he is? Dane Cook? Woody Allen? Donald Trump? Stop me when I’m close..
Who cares! She is of age... Wow! Can't believe all of you asswipers!
I bet he gave her a big bang
Love is love, no matter the age gap. They love each other. People do it all the time.
It’s not unusual in Hollywood for older men (or women) to date someone considerably younger. Money and status buy a lot of things. If you’re a younger woman and a celebrity pays attention to you, who really is turning it down. It’s the stars in their eyes
Damn didn’t realize he was in his 40’s also 21 year old girlfriend, robbing the cradle much?
Wasn’t it said somewhere that men matured less than women so I guess he is finally on the level of a 20 something??
I used to think big age differences were weird but I've now come to the conclusion that as long as everyone is over 18 and no one is using their age as a power play to control/abuse or things like that, it's not weird anymore. If they're happy then that's really great they've found someone.
I couldn’t imagine dating a 21 year old guy
So 21yr olds are the new thing apparently, yall really think shes with u? Lmfao
I’m 42 and have a 21 year old son. I know people date younger, but no thanks! That’s too much for me.
Imagine being a junior in college just tryna get a decent grade in ur comp lit seminar & the dude from the big bang theory shows up to ask u out
No surprise going for the young chick!
Young enough to be his daughter! Oh well, I guess if they are happy that is all that matters.
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The men were trying to save their friend who was pulled out by a fast-moving current.

They died true heroes. Condolences to their families and friends in their time of grief. RIP.
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Elizabeth Smart says the woman who kidnapped her is sick, twisted, and 'encouraged' her husband to rape her.

Elizabeth Smart is the epitome of resilience.
Elizabeth Smart was a minor. They BROKE INTO HER HOUSE and kidnapped her and were able to evade authorities for MONTHS while they assaulted and terrorized a CHILD! She's safe now, but other children should be worried if that evil troll is released.
That woman should never see the light of day. It's a disservice to Elizabeth and all she's been through, and it's a risk to anyone she encounters in the outside world. It's just incredible that's she's being released.
Hopefully street justice will find a way.
That woman should never get out of prison.
And she still gets to see the light of day??? Sick!!
Hopefully karma gets this evil b*t*h the minute shes out😡
This is unbelievable! The Justice system needs an overhaul. I'd gladly "fix" this broken system!
Ugh!!! So sick!!
Bernardo and Homolka again. Truly disturbing. Homolka was released, had kids and helped at the kids school. It is truly disturbing Barzee is being released. She got off far too lightly in the first place.
I agree she shouldn’t be released... but consider how her life will be like on the outside. Who would hire her? Give her a place to live?
So sorry to hear this but I am happy to hear that you are speaking up! Just wrong!
My heart hurts for her
It's terrible that their letting that evil woman out!!!
Victims have Zero rights ...'justice' at its finest ☹️
Love this brave young lady ....
Oh I believe you n pray for you,! But Hiliary Clinton yells, what difference does it make?!
Hopefully this horrible woman will never get out of prison!!
Just WOW!! Maybe I read this wrong but think the article said this crazy woman only started her sentence in 2016 and is already set to be released!?!
That's awful!!!
What if it happened to their love ones would they want to see her walking the streets free as a bird I don't think so 😠
I just can't believe this. I am sadden for Elizabeth, she was kidnapped on my birthday.
The face of bravery right here. Fighting to keep that monster behind bars. She should never be released!
I wish pres trump will get in the middle of all of this
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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes hit the gym!

Shariah Smith Very odd couple!
I’m just happy she’s found happiness with someone who isn’t a crazy, cult-indoctrinated, control freak.
Looks like a r t
What an odd looking couple!!!
Interesting how the writer had to point out every article of Nike clothing they were wearing 😂
None of our business
Man she is looking old lately but still love her
Good for them.
Che schiffo.
This is disgusting. I’m sure there were plenty of black woman he could have found—I’m also sure she could have found a pale male devil herself. Disgusting ass interracial couples. Ilk!
this actually is great and they actually can be themselves now and until the future.
Chose to blame it on the drinking ooooooo