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Some moms totally embrace their changing bodies during pregnancy, but Whitney Eve Port is not one of them.

Paula A McNabb Yeah don't know who she is. But by the title alone. Yeah you think? Whoever she is? Famous to whoever? Duh.... EVEN average folk feel that way sweetheart!
Michelle Thibodeaux I'm sure her husband enjoys the whole world knowing he's not getting any... something's shouldn't be shared
Tee L Eye Not alone My sweet! Miss seeing u regularly in the city love
Shae McQuoid And yet she has pictures of her naked belly.
Charla Bates Cool story. 😑
Erin Miller 🙄
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Major cute alert!

Sandra Anderson He looks just like his dad! Cute kid!
Shalanda Smith Beautiful Baby
Imelda Lopez
Abigail Lemonparty So cute
Carla Barbisan were they all in the police section ?
Nina Powell Hasan Robinson Jessica Jones-Robinson who is this man lmao 😂
Erika Powers Rayven Leigh
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John Travolta's come a long way since his Grease days!

Teresa Vivero This article is over a year old. Why is this appearing on my feed now?!
Kelly Rainey Exactly. Nothing about ONJ's latest battle with breast cancer.
Blanca Gomez Love John Travolta Love his movies😘👏
April J. Dietsche What? Where? Why? ...vinnie barbereno
Medy Hilado-Miraflor He looks like he is being injected with botox
Doreen Freer Too much plastic surgery i think
Hilleary Rudolph He looks like crap, to much plastic and Botox
Marianne Maney A lot of plastic surgery, obviously!
Kathie Gomez A long, creepy way :/
Daniel Leite Xavier Hi John!
Ashley Marie Cain I was thinking bout this movie
Sarah Singley Liz Marie I feel OLD
Kelly Jo Adriana Gonzalez
Alaina Cover Ally McLean
Lisi McNeily Kadijat Oladiran
Thiago Granja .
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Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley gets married to Domino Kirke — again!

Caitlyn Kovash Kennedy Pearson it seems lonely boy isn't so lonely anymore
Fallon Hansen
Katelyn Marie Smith
Salma Abbadi Yousefi Sejal lonely boy got married 😰
Alicia O'Neal Kaylee Jo Wolff another one bites the dust 😩
Tabatha Stone But why???
Sara Kowalczyk Meghan Miller
Meagan Carey Lilly Carey :(
Astrid Dueñas Thornhill Karen Salazar
Stephanie Schummer Zoe McAskin
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Another day, another Facebook friend you haven’t spoken to since high school trying to sell you a beauty product.

Keri Mase Lipsense, Younique, It Works, Scentsy, 21 Day Fix, Lularoe, Essential seems just about my entire friends list is selling something lol.
Sarah Bruhn Hogeback Sheesh, if you build it, they will come. Cheers to people making a dollar and cheers to those buying! If it isn't for you, ignore it.
Brianne Durham Kish So so sick of this. Stop sending me private messages solely based on your product, stop texting me ONLY your invites to your product parties, stop putting things in my mailbox, tagging me on social media, just all of it. That isn't friendship.
Stephanie MacVane I find a lot of these things annoying too when the people are too pushy, but no need to rag on people who are keeping to themselves and just selling something they are passionate about. Also, as an avid lipsense user (I'm NOT a seller, just love the product) this article is actually pretty misleading and gives some bad info/advice on the product.
Michelle Seymour I am so tired of being sucked into these groups just because I wear makeup. And yeah everyone who tries to sell it to me hasn't seen me in 15 years. It's a fad, just like Lula Roe til the next hot thing comes along. Also, may I add, most of the people trying to sell me makeup have no idea of proper application. I have a rule about not buying makeup from people who can't apply it correctly, or know what looks good and what does not.
Amanda Greer It seems that half of my friends list is selling something. I finally had to post about it letting them know that I'd appreciate it if they'd stop inboxing me to buy their product or join their team. I'm all for people hustling and making money, but its more appropriate to advertise your product and let people contact you.
Jessica Arenivar Molina It's because it works and looks great! And I don't sell it!
Jessica Emery I don't sell any products, but certainly don't mind friends that do. Maybe they're selling to try to help support their family, and/or they truly love the products they're selling and want to share them with people they know and care about. If not interested, a polite, "No, thank you" is sufficient. There's no need to be snarky or rude to them.
Macrina Waterbury I have a friend from hs who started selling this, I pretty much ignored all of her posts, until my sister let me try her lipsense on. I loved it and immediately bought myself some. I don't wear it often, but I won't ever buy another brand of lipstick again.
Melissa Turcot Browning Pure crap. I hate mlm. I have no desire to make money ripping my friends off.
Kristin Venendaal I agree that everyone these days is selling something, but this stuff is awesome!! It really does last all day and the colors are gorgeous!! So yea I don't mind being suckered into this stuff!
Melissa Morganelli Trebiani How about buy the same type of products, if not better products, from those you know who are creating an income for their family instead of helping the rich get richer.
Allison Harless All I know is I am an Independent Consultant for the wonderful home fragrance company Pink Zebra... and am making a nice extra income working from home and my kids are always with me. Like Scentsy-type products? You'll LOVE Pink Zebra... check out my website! We specialize in tiny little soy-blend wax melts called "Sprinkles" you can mix and match to create personalized scents! :)
Leslie Del Cimmuto Bouldin I don't mind scentsy, perfectly posh, or other consumerables, but stuff like Thrive, Plexus, It works!, Etc is just modern day snake oil.
Samantha Michael These comments... lol Little do most people know, Young Living isn't any where NEAR the same category as all these other companies. Not even close. Carla Allison Laura Eichler
Shonna McNeil O'Quinn I personally love it. I tried it in April, became a distributor in May. I haven't used any of my other high end lipsticks since because they don't stay put like Lipsense colors do. I combine lots of the colors and glosses to customize my own colors. Some things aren't for everyone, but I'm a fan.
Samantha Lynn Soltysiak This article is incredibly misleading about the product. The alcohol tingles as it evaporates off your lip, the formula is NOT loaded with oils and wax, as it's stated all over the place. It doesn't contain lead or gluten either unlike most of your lipsticks. And if your lips feel dry, do NOT use balm unless its wax free, your lips are shedding the old skin that's been treated with wax from your chapstick. It's the exfoliation process, same if your color flakes after a couple hours. It's normal as your lips re-texture themselves. Yes I'm a Distributor. If any of you want to know anything else, PM me!
Jacqueline D'Eon Galvan I don't mind it to much! Especially if I use the product! I hate going to pampered chef parties, but I still need items from them! I love Arbonne protein and the 30 day cleanse works, but I am not going to become a consultant. So I buy whenever one of my friends posts they are doing an order.
Jodie Spilak This stuff really works tho!! I got some a couple weeks ago and it's my Go too lip stuff amongst the sea of UD, Dior, Tarte, and Too Faced lip stuff.
Linda Tolentino I actually seeked this brand out months ago. I seen a mom wearing it and was holding a baby and when the baby was putting her hands over moms mouth there was no color transfer. I have a new baby and I was instantly sold.
Christina Gundlach Why can't you do an article on Plexus! Most natural products climbing the products ranks as become one of the best health and wellness companies! 😘😘😘😘
Tifani Thibodeau I WASTED so much money on It Works and Marykay. You have to spend so much of your own money for a measly 10% commission after a minimum sales 🙄🙄👋✌️
Pamela Januchowski It does last all day but I just don't really like how it feels. If the gloss comes off the color part feels gross. And if you are eating and licking your taste horrible. Not a huge fan. I'll stick with my stains.
Amanda Dos Santos I'm a Lularoe fanatic! Not really anything misleading about it. It's comfortable, soft, with cute patterns and I have been buying it since February. I may be a little addicted. I continuously host parties to try and support my
Jackie Rusch Another day, another article slamming sales. Yawn. Find a different bandwagon People.
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Back to reality.

Jessica Morse This was the moment he found out Toby was back from Costa Rica lol
Holly Cureton I bet you $ 1235859253747 dollars that you didn't read that number You just skipped right over it You didn't even realize I put a letter in it No I didn't but you went back and looked 😂😂
Alaina Washington Sorry we didn't hang out today, Danielle, but this is me haha
Nikole Miller Erin Bevan this is when you realize Monday is a school holiday!!! Lol
Bridget Cates Russ Cates, after a week off and now that you are sick makes it worse. 😬😷
Darlene Koshman Logan Exactly... lol remember it's your garbage day tomorrow Tara
Britnie Posalski When we realize we lost all our money at the casino.... Jonna
Leah Bley Olivia Tyson & Alexa Dolan at least it means one day closer to being reunited 🤗
Mara Clark Here you go honey ... Emily Joy this made me think of you! I just cracked up 😂!
Megan Neal Hayden- this reminds me of you for some reason! Lol!
Pamela Roberson I look forward to work because I'm finally doing what I love to do. We should all do that before you get old.
Lauren Elizabeth Olschewske Anya Marie noooooo!!! We so shoulda took a half day! 😢😴
Sarah Cooper Lauré Herzog Julie Dopheide when you remember you have to get back to adulting tomorrow 😅
Jennifer Vinita LOL this was me about an hour ago realizing today is Sunday
Lauren Madry Dobson Monday AND my homie is on vacation all week. 😩😩😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Chasidy Cain-Goodwin Jonathan Goodwin
Julia Gonzales-Manton Is this how you are feeling elyse and Tracey? lol
Ally Johnson Hellen Cohn Gerstl. When I have to work and you don't have classes! 😑
Kathryn Sain Dillon Gustafson how I feel about going back to work tomorrow
Ramon Yesenia Lissette Calderon especially distribution Mondays !!!! 🤦‍♀️
Ashley Nichols I really don't mind mondays anymore but only when I am sick thanks to the plague Tavorris Garrett gave me
Tiffany Songy Or rather that's is Monday and school is still on break 🤤
Stacia Beall CoDenna O'neil Not your reality this week but mine!😩
Tabitha Kelly
מגניב חסד The reality hurts you america that you gain wealth in screwing, people to rob & to kill😈
Alissa Eckart Melissa Fradenburg Melissa Starr-Johnson Jenny Tolle Wynkoop Lindsay Somics The good thing is we have each other :-)
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When the teen went missing her parents said they found a diary where she wrote about wanting to run away with a man she met online.

Alya María Castellanos How about showing a picture of the perpetrator instead of the victim? 🤔
Wanda Howard Bishop If that was my daughter, I would thank God for bringing her home, I would hug and kiss her, tell her I missed her and loved her, and then I would give her a good old fashioned whipping. And ground her.
LaQuisa Davis Good thing she was found. Sad thing is how when certain ppl are considered "runaways" the police dont bother looking
Tamika Pl Please take her picture down and show one of the criminal mastermind who abused this child and forced suffering on a family that we can't begin to comprehend! Especially since you have made known that she is a victim of rape! #dobetter
Courtney Naftzger Maybe if there had been more media attention like there was when the exact same thing happened with that teacher recently then this girl could have been home sooner
Melissa Bosco- Miller People should really take her picture down. Especially with the charges, she is a minor.
Kandie Wolfe Glad she is safe. She should be punished and the nasty ol perp needs to go to prison
Harper Sherie im glad shes safe
Victoria Glasgow Schleben She made the choice to leave and at 16 she new right from wrong and choose to leave she is not the victim here.
מגניב חסד That is the technique of america in killing the people who tell the truth to the world, they will write as same as your handwritten to show that you commit suicide, people of the world beware😇
Linda Gould Praise God; so glad she will be going home. 🙏👍😎🇺🇸🔎
Kelly Jarvis Take her picture down and post his- he is evil
Patricia Stahler I'm glad that they found her
Annie Moore O'Banner Sad
Crystal Vouse She need her ass beat
Irma Villarreal GOD AWE
Joanne Gilmore Leaper Glad she was found
Aaron Hood Wow
Debra Erlandson Hernandez Thank - God she is home. She needs therapy.
Megan Diminich Bunch Stephanie Diminich Lockhart
Andi Aguilar Nicole Avants
Amanda Lenore Uskiewicz Holly Marie
Audrey MacArthur Maureen MacArthur
Olivia Misenheimer Kaitlin 😳😩
Benny Martinez Cheyenne Hunnam
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Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom's relationship fell apart in front of our eyes.

Janelle Holmes Jessica & Nick really broke me down , as a young girl ii didn't miss a single episode of their reality show "Newlyweds" they were perfect in my little eyes 😂😂😂
Sara Adelmeyer In memorium... Jessica and Nick... "Is this chicken or is this fish?"... The look of "this dumb bitch right here" on Nicks face... and the jokes and lame ass Pizza Hut commercial that followed. Uh... Simpler times. Lol
Kelly King I loved nick and Jessica! Prolly one of my all time fav shows! Like kendra and hank too!
Letizia Duran-Ramirez Marina Quiseng Nick and jess! Lol fingers crossed for them to get back together
DeeDee Dhoe enough with the .kardashians..there are other "people" in this world...they are ridiculous..anything for attention
Stephanie Sellers We were just talking about this yesterday! Michael Cutrer 😂😂😂
Daphne Lopez If they make a reality show, it's a given they will break up. Tv is a curse
Jenny Gavin Webber What about Donnie Loves Jenny?
Paula Lindesmith Kozlowski
Paula Lindesmith Kozlowski
Robin Bailey Jessica didn't know was Chicken of the Sea was. Lol.
Aaron Hood Wow
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ASAP Rocky's girlfriend Kendall Jenner did not appear to be at the party.

Chauncey Ware These fools trying to get misguided glory by attacking rappers. Too many incidents lately. You ain't nothing but a fool for running up on someone while performing
Kalimah Bolden What does this have to do with Kendall? Are they really dating? Or does People just find ways to add these girls into every story they post?
Stephanie Arteaga Run. B4 you end up like the rest of them. Sad, sad day :(
Pamela Roberson Wow I wouldn't have made it through the day without this information thank you so much!! 😡
Bee Eppinger Am I supposed to know who the heck this guy is??!?
Nina Songs Money can not buy class. They're just over expensively dressed fools
Marty Lane Who hasn't Kendall Jenner been with?
Kimberly Linton Lockett
Harper Sherie omg where was the asap mob
Sallyann Holder
Paula Bennett Good do better ASAP
Robert Gonzales kendel k
Laurie Escamilla Jessica Danielle
Michelle Seymour Malorrie
Kaylee Esther Gray Makenzy Kelch
Melissa Matus Lorena Matus
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Here's the real reason Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been spending time together recently.

Amber Morin Seriously no body cares!!! Can we please talk about something other then kardashians. Damn people magazine are they paying u guys to keep putting their name and face out there?Find a new subject
Dorothy Campbell If he stops listening to his family he will be alright. No matter what it is good to know they are trying to raise this baby with no drama. Good luck Rob
Claudia Garcia All I have to say he was so stupid to get involved with her she just use him.
Elle Bryant Henry People cut the Kardashian updates out, we don't care! Talk about Beyoncé or something damn!
Judy Rangel My question is...when is he going to get butt implants or his lips enlarged?! 🤔
Peggy Lucerini Rob just doesn't wear a baseball cap well, sits funny on him.. what can we all suggest that would work well for him?
Juno Alejandro So she won't make him feel like she used him! #Bamboozled to be #Bedazzled 🙅
Cris Adams At least she is wearing clothes. Can't see her ass, boobs or vag
Kathie Jackson
Denise Kimmy That's great because who else would want either one of them
Alphonse Mcintosh Why would she get back with a man who looks like a tranny khloe
Nancy Lee Who cares about any of these publicity hungry Kardashian spawns anyway?
Maria Monique I happen to like BLAC CHYNA ! Her natural hair is so thick and lush !!!!!! 😏
Angela Rossi Augustitus Gross
Evelyn Ejoh D'Haene More drama. Love chyna and rob together
Betty Woodard Causey Who cares!
Robert Cardenas My cat is missing
Nancy Winstead-Watson She's just a gold digger
Kelly Jarvis Robs looking healthier
Theresa Clark
Marty Lane Same reason why people get hemorrhoids?
Summer Joy they're just both really immature
Jim O'brien And who should care about these idiots !! And there BS ??
Stephanie Haines And Humpty Dumpty can say the same thing.
Kimberly Linton Lockett
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Prince Harry reveals he almost gave up his title — and royal privileges.

Cheryl Harris Killarney Ostrowsey-smith How lucky England is to have 2 royals who care. Your mother is proud of the men that the both of you have become. Even though she is no longer with us, she is a large part of you and William. She lives on . Be proud and humble as she would want you to be.
Curtis Brent Wallace He only has a few more years to enjoy that hair. Hope he makes the best of it
Doris Salango Prince Harry need to be around Prince William love and help each other as a team Lady Diana will be proud of you...,
Tammy Stoddard Prince Harry is fantastic ❤️ his mother would be proud.
Sue Johnson Wow, just plain wow! I am happy that he didn't change his mind. He's following in his mother's foot steps.
Inara Alksnis He can do and help more with his royal title. I'm sure Diana would be proud of both her boys.
Jan Jones Good tning you did not. That money hungry girl friend would be gone in a flash.
Laura Phipps March His mother would be so proud of all his good work!
Rui Manuel Araujo Family,good or bad,are the very richness of a man.
Stefania Panzieri Almost...
Claudia Miles Wachtel I really feel his pain.
Michael Higginbotham Uh..................yeah sure
Kaye Marsh Glad you stayed Harry! ❤️
Sandra Gagne Melanie Allard harrrryyy
Polly Klapthor CHASE BANK, PENFED CU, BANK OF AMERICA, MOUNTAIN AMERICA and WANNA MAKE $3500 TO $10,000 IN 24hrs or less? HMU ((Inbox ME)) NO MONEY NEEDED other banks also📲🔌
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Feelin' fresh.

Wilbon Wilmore This is exactly how I feel after a haircut!
Laura Pillay Care Frandina this will be me on Friday 😂
Amanda Sierant Ewa Rusenovich every time you cut my hair💇🏻😂🤣🙌🏼
Alyson Frame Brittany MacNeil
Erin Kennedy Erickson Margot Plumadore Wyan
Bess Helton Micaela Myers
Kia Terrazas Cristal Garcia
Lindsay Cohen Erica Miller Sara Miller
Kayla Chelton Lindsay Swanson Gregory
Megan Nicole Shane Mcconnell
Kristie Campbell