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Activists carrying signs declaring "No Justice No Pride" and "Black Lives Matter" appeared in New York, Minneapolis and Seattle, among other major cities.

Bryan Baccari That's fine, they are welcomed to march there too. We are all for Justice. What happened to Philando was not right.
Andy Humphreys Lol, that's cute. A victim group protesting against another victim group in order to determine who gets to be the biggest victim. You can't make this stuff up. :-D
Fabian Tepezano Trump supporters hate the black lives matter and the no pride no justice protesters but will stay quiet when the Klu Klux klowns or the neo nazis have rallies on the streets threatening people of color.
Nitra La Flare Good to see! Black lives matter is a movement everyone can be involved with. The only way we'll see change in the future is by sticking together and that's the first step in seeking justice.
Chris Michael Hepler This pisses me off. Their are gay cops and gay friendly cops and they serve and protect u every day. This group makes me sick. I will always back the badge and cops should be allowed to march in uniform. gay prides have been taken over by this group I have no respect for them hope they come to Vegas pride so I can stand in front of this group with a sign that says this gay boy loves and support the police officers. My dad always marches with me in uniform he is proud of his gay son and I of him
Noel Zeigler Oppression is intersectional. If the LGBT community does not also address race issues, that means that white gay people are the only ones who are completely liberated while gay people of color still struggle for other reasons. Is that truly progress for the gay community, or just progress for some? None of us are free until all of us are free.
Harold McDuffie Jr The first few comments I've noticed are from people disgusted with either the LGBT movement, BLM, or both--But felt compelled to make their opinion known on the "FakeNews" network....
Pat Stump All he had to do was follow the instructions of the LEO who told him x 3 to leave the gun. What is it with these people who have no concept of the word " comply??? " Do they gave a death wish??
Gustavo Gutierrez 1st Amendment means exactly this. It also means dumb alt-right people get a say. It means dumb cop apologists get theirs. It means all of it. It also means I get say white supremacy is real and white supremacy needs to die. #1stAmendment
Gloria Johnson You got Chartered Schools, right? You now need Chartered-Jurors.. Because those in Phil Castille's case should have NOT been there. They were PRO-GUNS and PRO-Filming Cops.
Mike Duvall Cnn is loosing as many ratings/viewers as dems are votes/elections better get with the realworld while they still have anyone watching the garbage they call news
Keith John Sampson President Trump, General Flynn and Attorney General Sessions stagger into a Gay bar and order a round of Covfefe for all the Gay Republicans in the bar. The Gays flip Trump “the bird” and walkout in protest. So Sessions and Flynn drink up all the Covfefe, and pass out on the floor, holding hands. Trump pees on them, and then pays for the Covfefe with a stolen Russian Credit Card.
Jemima Thompson I respect all races, but the Pride week is not the time to hijack the gay agenda. LGBTQ folks are a minority too.
Scott Ricketts It just shows everyone the turmoil on the left right now.
Christopher Hines Where is the justice for 131 police officers murdered last year......??
Loi Brown That's why Guarantee President Trump will get my vote next term 'coz the way these snowflakes behaves!
Eric Lagacy At least they were able to block a road that wasn't a freeway, so it's a step.
Dan Hollowell Sr. That's everything I ever hoped for the teaming up of these type's of group's because CIVIL RIGHT'S BENEFITS EVERYONE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK UNTIL YOU GET A SEAT AT THE TABLE OF DECISION LIKE MLK DID AND IF HE WERE ALIVE HE'D BE RIGHT BESIDE YOU.
Keith Gourley If Castile would of listened to the cop when the cop said three times not to pull it out he wouldn't of gotten shot.
Paul Tucker LOL...because 'activist parades' are meaningful?... give America a giant break...please...
Tony Lieva So much for a parade about ones pride? More like just another unhinged, left wing, socialists gathering!
Vinnie Chenzo Domino This was bound to happen eventually. It's become a competition over who thinks they're more oppressed.
Mark Rubello also, it's a shame that people are hijacking these parades just to push their own agendas. selfish!
Chris Seguin So extremists hijacked the pride parade to promote their own agenda? Sad
Mark Primavera I think a gay man or a black man ahould be able to call a gay cop or black cop..
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Nigeria will overtake the United States to become the third most populous country in the world by 2050, according to a United Nations report.

Craig Goodsir Will the number of email and phone scams increase proportionately with their population ?
Israel Peralta so does the world need twice or triple the population of africa or the middle east or parts of asia ? They are still reproducing like rabbits unlike the rest of the world where we already understood the need to stop.
Jemima Thompson Africans and Europeans will end up mating. In the end, we'll all have beige color as our skin tone. End of all racism.
Pary Skoutariotis Gee thats great keep over populating we got plenty of food,fertile ground and rubbish tips and congested roads to accommodate, like a filling cup there will be a time when it spills.
Paul Tucker then the U.S. should be contributing less than Nigeria to aid foreign countries and to forward climate change funding... See ya in Paris next year... :-)
Yusuf Ali Funny enough China has been slowly dumping the U.S. dollar for quite sometime and has been heavily investing in Africa and other countries which are considered to be emerging markets. Then of course there's also the brain drain of highly skills workers such as doctors, engineers and scientists who are leaving for much greener pastures.
Kevin LeVar Bryant And this is the greatest fear of bigots and the "Make America White Again" "keep the foreigners out" clan in America today. Mix anything with white and white is gone forever. This is not a racist post, this is factual. Sad but true
Louis Swanepoel Good for them! I'd like to see them reach that goal without food assistance and aid that they are getting from other countries. I fear they will not be able to sustain a population and the rest of the world won't have any extra resources to spare with their own populations depleting the strained food supplies we already have.
Ben Padilla This is covert liberal racism, the eugenist Margret Sanger and her murdering abortion climate excuse disciples cringe at the notion of so many Africans being born, their only use of blacks is to vote for Demos in U.S. otherwise their true internal racism rears its ugly head.
Utee Atakpa Kese This is why I see Nigerians everywhere I go. Sometimes I think I'm the only black person somewhere, but often wrong. Example is Benton. 😂
Kamendra N. Mishra The report does not include declining trend in population in JapN, Europe, USA and some developing countries. Yes Africa is likely to increase. But rest of the world, including China and India will stabilize or show declining trend.
Ganesh K. Nathan It doesn't matter where it occurs,there are already enough people in the world without even basic needs & very little prospect of gainful employment.This situation will only get worse & it's highly irresponsible to add even more people no matter which part of the world it is,rich or poor
Aaron Wilkinson Clown News Network is crashing and burning and I love it! According to Nielsen ratings data compiled by TV Newser, Fox News’ overall viewership indeed grew in the month following the election, while both MSNBC and CNN saw their ratings dip. In the key 25-54-year-old demographic for the primetime hours, however, all three networks saw their audience shrink, although the losses for CNN (-47%) and MSNBC (-42%) were proportionally much larger than that of Fox News (-2%). This is what happens when your fake news and try to make up stories about the greatest president ever . #MAGA. #LiberalTears
Tracy Lee No, the earth simply cannot afford the explosion of population, especially in poor developing countries. We need to promote planned parenthood worldwide, telling people having fewer children is far more ideal for their well-being and the well-being of the planet. We need to provide and educate contraceptions for as many people as possible. Religion needs to get out of the way.
Russel Rockzz Fakenews CNN. That was how you guys predicted Nigeria would be divided and would cease to exist by 2015 during the elections. Here we are still pulling through.
Henry Ayo It must be disappointing in some quarters that half of world population growth is likely to occur in Africa because in the 1980s it was projected that AIDS would ravage Africa and its people to the extent that for the first time in modern history there was a likelihood of seeing an entire continent wiped out!
Dennis K Wafula Every white supremacist I mean "white nationalists" biggest nightmare, these people are complaning about white genocide and this just pisses them off more 😂 soon they'll be a minority even in america
Monty Simmons Oh yeah, Nigeria, which still practices slavery, is a wonderful place ... LOL Nigeria's human rights record remains poor; according to the US Department of State, the most significant human rights problems are: use of excessive force by security forces; impunity for abuses by security forces; arbitrary arrests; prolonged pretrial detention; judicial corruption and executive influence on the judiciary; rape, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners, detainees and suspects; harsh and life‑threatening prison and detention centre conditions; human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution and forced labour; societal violence and vigilante killings; child labour, child abuse and child sexual exploitation; domestic violence; discrimination based on ethnicity, region and religion. Under the Shari'a penal code that applies to Muslims in twelve northern states, offenses such as alcohol consumption, homosexuality, infidelity, and theft carry harsh sentences, including amputation, lashing, stoning and long prison terms. Under a law signed in early 2014, same-sex couples who marry face up to 14 years each in prison. Witnesses or anyone who helps gay couples marry will be sentenced to 10 years behind bars. The bill also punishes the "public show of same-sex amorous relationships directly or indirectly" with ten years in prison. Another portion of the bill mandates 10 years in prison for those found guilty of organising, operating or supporting gay clubs, organisations and meetings. In the Nigerian state of Akwa Ibom about 15,000 children were branded as witches and most of them end up abandoned and abused on the streets.[
Davis Mworia Yes they will overtake meaning someone is on the lead and has been on the lead for decades. But some of us cannot see that they only see Negeria Africas biggest economy becoming reckless breeders.
James Roule Why do I keep seeing commercials to donate just a nickel a day to feed them then?
El Garci Galvani Africa is the next platform for the advances in technology and specifically space exploration. I believe in the second half of the 21 century Africa will explode economically.
Abdullah Khattak I m not getting why world is not thinking on it , that how such a population will be compensated with such a limited resources ?? Its deteriorating the nature , Nature does not made a hands up yet coz it's its style that it absorbs some wear and tear , but can't bear catastrophes . We have to make limit on it . Its making pressure on every thing .
Sylvia Sine Whittaker This planet has natural disasters to control the human population, earth will eventually end the devouring humans and live on.
Stan Johnston That means more emails from Nigerians claiming to have tens of millions of dollars being held in your name, all you have to do is give them money through Western Union.
Promise Joseph It's wrong because Nigeria might not be one country by 2050 because Biafrans are secceding asap.
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"You can't call yourself pro-life if you're not willing to be part of a system that protects the most vulnerable." As lawmakers push to get a health care bill through the Senate, this New Jersey mom is speaking out about...

Joe Stefanovich Boy, these conservatives are really something, aren't they? They're all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for the unborn. But once you're born, you're on your own. Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that, they don't want to know about you. They don't want to hear from you. No nothing. No neonatal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you're preborn, you're fine; if you're preschool, you're fuc*ed! George Carlin
Shane Nelson Donald trump effectively got poor white people to aid in the destruction of their economic class with the promise of acceptable hatred and racism.I'm not sure if that shows how slick trump is or how gullible people are.
Maggie Downey They are not pro-life, they are pro-fetus. The Republicans want to kill off the sick, the weak and the elderly so they can run ramrod through the social security funds. It isn't only about health insurance, they want the bank. #WallStreetintheWhiteHouse
Jeremy Davis Let's not forget, being pro life means supporting the lives living under the bridges we drive across every day to work. Pro life means pro life, not just pro baby being born.
Brian Donaldson I really don't understand you Americans. How can you run health care for profit? Pre-existing conditions etc. In New Zealand we have single payer system and if you want you can also buy additional non-profit health insurance.
Tmra Young I'm pro-having affordable healthcare so babies and other people can seek and obtain the medical attention they need. I'm also pro-understanding that a woman should be the only person with the authority to decide what happens with her body.
Stanley Sonny Adamczyk And when the current system collapses, as it was designed to do.what is CNNs solution to save it, or the Democrats? Fear mongering for political gain is easier than finding or even helping find; a solution.
Marie Ann Pro life, want to ban all abortion, and yes am aganist abortion, but hey how about free health care for all pregnant woman, theses MF don't care about no one but themselves, only the rich.
Terry Watson Brave mom and baby. These pro-life Republicans need to understand that if they are going to be so pro life towards unborn fetuses then this is a lifetime commitment to the child we see, hold and live in front of us.
Sara Young Agree. Those lifetime caps are a death sentence to some Americans. Studies have shown they don't lower premiums significantly at all, because so few people go over the caps, but for those who need protection from lifetime caps, it is a life saver.
Heath Osborn "Pro-life" movement finally being exposed for the frauds they are. "Pro birth" is the only term that fits,because they could care less when the child is born, as they are cutting benefits and programs left and right. Like George Carlin said "Pre born you're fine,Pre School you're f***ed"
Akshay Natu I'm pro-choice and also pro-death penalty. I cherry pick the best things from both parties and form my own ideology. Unfortunately, that also means I'm completely screwed come voting time.
Jenny Melenciano The current system isn't collapsing.... it's being sabotaged by the current administration... smh.. the current bill isn't a "healthcare" bill, it's a giant tax cut for the richest in the nation.... and don't keep believing we are broke... impossible..... look at our Army!!! We have plenty of money, it's just being funneled in another direction..... #wakeup #theyareplayingusagainsteachother #healthcareisaright
Sharon Clydesdale This is the Democratic party's talking point the Democratic party screwed our Healthcare up they are not helping to correct the problem they caused this bill is not a final bill yet get your facts straight pay attention to what is going on and stop listening to the Democratic talking points it's time people woke up the Republican party did not screw the healthcare up the Democratic party did and that's who you should be upset with cuz they're sitting back laughing at the problem they caused and blaming the Republicans
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for saving America and doing exactly what you were elected to do.
Jeremy Lawhern So you want it both ways? You want to be able to kill babies but also save them?
Yesenia Salguero Now we really know that pro- life for Republicans means if you are born with abnormalities that exceed over a 1-2 Mil cost than in this case is ok for baby to die, ummm, so this is better than pro-choice. This is such hypocritical standard. This is not pro-life. Is hardly pro-birth and after that if you're very sick than you are not worth to keep alive. Insane!
Yoosuf Rasheed Trump is a business man he looks for profit he don't understand public health care or people's need, he never needed the public health care or education system so he can't understand the needs of a nation but can understand making profits, he thinks USA is a new company that He got under his emperor of businesses so he is making it profitable business by reducing or cutting off common people entitlement, probably he have done same with all his business when things were not going great and it worked out well. USA have a CEO now to run the country not a president, remember a CEO always keeps rich connections and favors them but never deals with everyday line staff issues for that they have got excuses no time, it's not profitable enough yet bla bla blah
Nerissa Llanto Those who have plenty should share and sacrifice a bit. This health care bill cuts rich Americans payments. I believe in equality in some ways but when you have plenty, you are actually expected to give more and sacrifice more. After all when one dies, he cant bring the riches and so as their children..Stop greediness in America!
Lanny Mullins Yes i can be anti killing babies and pro not paying for you to go out not work and have a good time. Im pro people actually taki g responsibility for their iwn lifes And it not costing me a fortune in taxes.....
Ayan Wilson You claim you're so God fearing!! Aren't you afraid of what you'll say when you meet your maker? How you treated others, your lies, your deceiving ways, speaking from both sides of your mouth!! Have you no shame?
Karen L Carnahan The debate continues on and on on the same 2 parts; who gets coveraged for how much. We have yet to talk about the run away Pharma cost and hospital costs.The insurance companies are the middle. They have make agreements to pay these costs with little bargaining chips. Doctoring costs is the most rational part. If sime od thia lawmakets woymd be less elittiota about the medicaiid rescepienrs ir would halp.
Shana Segat They aren't pro-life. They are pro-forced birth. They don't even care about the health of that embryo, fetus nor baby. Just gotta make sure it's born and that women know their place as chattel.
Helen Victoria Hands Whomever thinks republicans are pro life are MORONS...they are USING the pro life movement and other similar movements to keep CERTAIN GROUPS fighting THEIR FIGHTS
Ruth McDonald Bedeian GOP had sevens years to come up with a great alternative plan or fix the Obama plan. They did nothing but constantly try to destroy the Obama plan. Because they do not believe that poor folks should get any help from the government and really sick people should just die and stop costing insurance companies so much. They don't care about families having to make hard choices. And they don't care because they will never be in that position. They have the best insurance and its free to them.
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Passage of the Republican plan would be "a moral outrage that this nation will never live down," says Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Daniel Glover So Bernie Sanders who discriminates against christians and is currently under FBI investigation thinks that he has a right to Lecture others?
Alisa Wood Early on I donated to Sanders campaign but, now things aren't adding up with him and there is something very fishy about him. For example, why on earth would he vote NO on putting stiffer sanctions against Russia? The vote for stiffer sanctions on Russia would have changed nothing with the nuclear deal with Iran. It appears now Bernie Sanders and his wife are being investigated for Bank fraud. And I find it very interesting that of all the places in the world to go on a honeymoon he and his wife go to Russia/ Soviet Union?
Richard Heilman In defense of Donald Trump : Try to keep this in mind, Donald Trump did not steal your money. Donald Trump did not raise your taxes. Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food. Trump is not stirring a race war. Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims. Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda. Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East. Trump did not betray Israel. Trump did not provide financing and technology to Iran's nuclear weapons program. Trump did not give our military secrets to China. Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia. Trump did not shrivel our military, and betray our veterans. Trump did not cripple our economy. Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars. Trump did not ruin our credit, twice. Trump did not double African American unemployment. Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight years. Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute, and imprison Americans. Trump did not set free all of terrorists in Guantanamo bay. Trump did not steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason, hundreds of times. Yet Trump is being ripped apart in the news, non stop. Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and the criminals occupying our government, are not. The media is the Democratic Party. Save our culture. Stop listening to them..!! Please copy and Paste
Timothy Larsen Hey CNN, why don't you spend the next three weeks covering nothing but this idiots possible involvement with fraud? C'mon boys! I've seen you do it with "other" politicians, really dig in there with your investigative reporting team!
Will Billy Oh no fnn, sounds like the "Jig is up", sounds like the house is starting cave in on you! Have you thought of a response yet to Breibart News request for comment? Have you thought yet about how you will respond to federal investigators? Have you decided which country you will flee to? Sounds like the Jig is Up FNN. ,,,!,,
Julio Nunez The same medicine one takes in USA that cost hundred dollars , cost few dollars in South America and those medicines are made in USA or Puerto Rico USA. Then some medicines made in Puerto Rico and send from Puerto Rico to the Mainland are send back to Puerto Rico at a higher cost that in the Mainland. Something is fishing in the insurance and pharma industry.
Alisa Wood All I know is progressives and Democrats have to come together whoever the best supported Democrat/Progressive candidates are against these corrupt Republicans!!
Misty King Jane Sanders is under FBI investigation and Bernie possibly used his influence as a senator to get an approval for a loan for the big banks he hates so much. They lied....the college no longer exists.
Lisa St-Georges You Americans will be screwed if this bill is passed and then you'll be screwed again when the tax reform is passed.The orange one is only looking for a tax cut for his businesses and his personal taxes.
Daniel Barza Let the people take their medicine, so to speak. They voted for Trump amd that comes with serious consequences. Let it hurt so badly that the next time there is an election, people start lining up a week in advance to vote this man out of office and out of everyone's lives.
Brian Whittle But in all reality. How many people do you think, holding up the health care signs, behind Bernie there are actually on Obama Care ???
Jim Mohr Democrats passed Obamacare with lies and forced people to buy it with the threat of IRS fines......and then bragged about it's popularity! When do Democrats begin burning history books?
Rayna Rogerson The ACA is dying. It's unsustainable. I'm not sure what we'll do when our COBRA runs out, but we're using it because comparable coverage under the ACA would cost us almost double. I remember a time when COBRA was the most expensive option.
Frederick Horton Definition of Wealth care: reparations and tax breaks for the wealthy, rich and insurers through healthcare. Wealth•care noun 1. the making of false amends, notions or premise for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have not been wronged. Make financial reparation to attackers. 2. synonyms: 3. greed, thievery, subsistence, trickery illegal repayment, "the wealthy and rich are seeking false amends for reparations and tax breaks from the middle class and the poor through healthcare." 4. of, relating to, or involved in greed 5. : efforts made to maintain or restore greed, unfavorable financial practices or conspired financial well-being especially through politics.�� Definition of health care Health·care Noun * : efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals —usually hyphenated when used attributively health-care providers * 1. the field concerned with the maintenance or restoration of the health of the body or mind.� 2. any of the procedures or methods employed in this field.� adjective Also health-care. 1. of, relating to, or involved in healthcare:� �� ����
Scott Bolinger he never presented a way to fix the health care, and he has no idea of how to fix it, so why would he even say anything about it. He needs to go back to his coloring books.
Greg Wyndham We have succumb to discouragement, disheartenment, knowing all too well the incompetence of our leadership. It is not as though we could have anticipated their selfish antics. We thought they understood democracy, as if this were credential enough to matter. But they understood only power as coercing the narrative: of utilizing popular rhetoric and applying it subsequently in their oratory. We must break the acceptability of this political etiquette. We must rethink our particular participation in power.
Steve Smith So keep Obamacare. When Insurer leaves your State ALL YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR IS THE CARD, NO INSURANCE*****Hey this country can't afford everybody on Medicaid.
Jacqui Graf Smith Yes Bernie, saying he's going to introduce single payer, as if that will get passed by the GOP, once again, Bernie all talk and NO he and Jane are under FBI bank fraud investigation..he is a fraud
Ryan J. Farrick CNN's policy towards Bernie Sanders: Is something negative tangentially related to Bernie Sanders? If yes, proceed to blast Sanders' name across article and title. Is something related to both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton? If yes, downplay Sanders' role while gently stroking the former presidential candidate's ego. Is Bernie Sanders speaking out against a Republican policy? If yes, portray him as a champion for liberal values until one of the two former scenarios arises. Do not mention Sanders' continued efforts to reform American politics unless they coincide with convenient CNN talking point.
Nouai Ralph Shut up Bernie. Your wife is being investigated by the FBI for fraud. You don't actually believe what you preach. Please sit down Mr hypocrite!
Jennifer Brader Rairigh No Bernie-- that already happened when this President was elected. But the health care bill is a metastasis of that moral outrage.
Virginia Dios What a profound statement..out of the mouth of the one of largest freeloaders in the history of American politics. This clown never held a job until age 40 until morons elected him...year after year. These morons continued to vote for this man who has done absolutely nothing to improve their quality of life. They voted for Bernie & Jane's quality of life....decade after decade. How ironic that now...these very same voters... claim to be victims.
Daniel Henderson Bernie who? That guy who was bashing the banks while using them to fraudulently receive a $10m loan? The guy who sold out to hillary and the DNC cronies? The senator who spent 30 years in DC and never did anything? Yeah no thanks. Go home (to one of your 3 homes) old man. You are the definition of hypocrite.
Greg Gisi Maybe if he wouldn't have gotten screwed over by Clinton and the DNC, he'd be President, and could actually be relevant yet. Glad he didn't, cause I like Trump, but he would have had a better shot at winning than Clinton.
Don Austin To do nothing would be a moral outrage. Although it would suit me if the government got completely out of the insurance business.
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Brooke Guinan joined the FDNY in 2008 and three years into her firefighting career, she came out as a transgender woman.

Brandon Smith This is the gayest thing ive seen all day. What a freakshow
Jeffrey Bleeker She is a firefighter saving peoples lives and trying to save peoples livelihood of what they worked hard for and should be looked at as such. You people are disgusting and need to grow up.
Marcus Joseph So basically, those who insist everybody sing the praises of first responders and their deserved respect are having a crisis of conscience right now? That or selective ignorance based hypocrisy Probably best then not to mention the thousands of estimated transgender people in active service as a cop, fire fighter or in the military
Kate Perry This story belongs on Ripleys believe it or not!
Mary Nameth So many negative comments for someone that saves lives everyday. I'm not going to particularly call her couregous - she's living the life she wants to live...but to demolish her when she's doing a huge public service...come on! This isn't a freaking beauty pageant. It's disgusting of commenters to treat her like she has to be "attractive" to be female. She's a heroine. Nothing but.
Yvette Enriquez Stuuuuupid haters. Wouldn't be a freak Show if she saved your child's life would it? What about all the transgender doctors and nurses out there? Freakshow for saving your family and friends lives? What about yours? Idiots. Show your pride!!!
Alfredo Reyna But science says he is a man. So what's the confusion all about?
Kane Sutton Why do we care what she is stop preaching liberal culture and idealisms... No one cares except liberals... Who still thinks everyone is out to get transgender people in their hate and fear idealisms and culture
Denise Zeiler Good For Brooke Guinan❤️ She is a First Responder--- a very difficult career and is now living the life that she wanted. Positive Thoughts to Her!
Sarah G Snell It makes me sick people praise people like this and call them "heros" for changing his pole into a hole but get so mad when they see a bible a cross someone praying or even a Confederate flag and never praise a fallen Soldier who just gave his life for all the people playing dress up to continue to play dress up!
Michael Norwood Homosexually is a lust of the devil is evil and it is wrong and it is clearly displayed in the remarks and the comments made by those who condone the sin. Homosexuality is nothing more than an evil lust and has nothing at all to do with love or equal rights and yet wicked societies like the United States and France have endorsed the evil act. Homosexuals live in their delusional world where they think it is normal for a man to lust after another man or a woman to lust after another woman. And they are blind to the fact that they are just misguided children of the devil who cannot even see how ridiculous Satan has made them look and act. So go and laugh and insult me for speaking God's truth but in the end the only laughing that will be heard will be that of Jesus. “The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭37:12-13‬ ‭NIV‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Harvey Tan The pride parade USED to stand for something. It used to stand for various causes that affect the LGBTQ community. Now it is just another propaganda machine, misinforming its constituents. With all the money pouring in, it has now become an arm of the Democratic party, a political hack group.
Vincent Cinquina Let people do what they want to do as long as no one is getting hurt! Grow up CNN and stop trying to divide this nation. People just want to live their own lives.
Cara Richard A lot of ignorant comments on here. If you don't like the article move on. Take your hatred another place.
Tanya McWhorter Well at end of the day. They don't heterosexual women. firefighters. So I guess they use transgenders. At the end of the day they have strength of a man. No disrespect to anybody
Matthew Greer I'm all for it however is this person male or female? When your born your given a identity whether you like it or not you can never change that (no offense) if you were born a women but want to be a man I respect that BUT please don't tell me your a man
Valentina Tanasescu Koga She should be appreciated for the job well done, not for what ever she does in her home. Seeing her size I wander if she can run for 30 feet with all gear on. But you need diversity in the work place so here you have it
Renee Zenzia When will traditionalists have their pride day? You know like traditional marriage,boys,girls,women, men? Celebrating 2 genders and all their wonderful stories and struggles being so?
David Halperen The pathetic homophobes are trolling in force. Most of them fear their own sexuality, and feel compelled to denounce people who are not.
William Bunch My problem with the word Trans - Trans or Transitional, Transitioned, Transitioning. If you are in the processes of then use Trans. If you were Trans, but have completed your Transition then you are Male or Female. Why do people who have already Transitioned still use the label Trans. I thought the entire idea of equality and acceptance was so you didn't have to stand out and be treated as special. i get labeled all the time, but that doesn't mean THAT is who I am. Trans is jsut another gay label just like "Straight Acting" (eyeroll). I have been called more names by gay people than I have by Straight Rednecks. So really only use Trans if you are currently in some form of transition and then let it go.
Mary Sullivan woohoo....congrats. we're so diverse I can hardly stand it. rolling my eyes...don't you realize no one what you how you's great...but be a good person and embrace all. that's all that really matters. you're beautiful, live full.
Linda Blackston Marsh Please call The Walt Disney Company at 818-560-1000 and demand that they cut all ties with Depp and remove his honorary award of being a "Disney Legend". Is this really the type of person that today's youth need to be shown in television and movie screens? Also please call fashion accessory company Dior at 877-903-4671 and demand that the cut their advertising ties with Depp immediately. It's time to do without Disney movies! #stopthescalpings
Jeff Wright So it is weaker then it would be because it has been taking estrogen to become feminine which will NEVER happen and shaving an Adam's apple is not even the tip of the ice Berg here..but you keep praising the emperor new cloths Satan would be proud.
Gary Howard CNN and Schumer have to be seen with babies and gays. It's the only are they feel they have the moral high ground on. Not realizing the facts of course.
Steven Kroll I love how articles like this bring out the negative comments from the ignorant and insecure.
CNN3 hours ago

Here's how to tackle that sore throat, without getting slammed with surprise charges

Jessica Skow Naber The problem isn't providers trying to convince patients of a necessary test, the problem is patients who "know their bodies" and won't leave without a prescription for an antibiotic. With so many standards in place now, in order to prescribe an antibiotic the testing has to be done. And of course it's usually negative and they still throw a fit and DEMAND an antibiotic for their virus. If anything the providers repeatedly try to convince patients testing is unnecessary.
Dylan Lee The problem is that the healthcare industry is filled with people who are only looking for the money. I'm sure there are many health care professionals who will contend that. But they can't deny that their industry (in the US) is bleeding people dry. It's cutthroat, evil, and only looks out for number one. I'll happily change my opinion when health care is treated as a service instead of an industry. Until then, they are immoral, regardless of individual intent. If you participate in an unfair system, you are wrong
Tara Robicheaux What's most upsetting about this article is CNN saying "don't get ripped off at the doctor's office". The one big truth about this article is telling people that they are their own best advocate. It is up to the patient to get familiar with their insurance plan and how it works and who accepts it........and yes, asking questions prior to any service is smart. Doctor's offices are not familiar with EVERY insurance plan out there and what your particular benefits are. It's important to not assume that all doctors in this country are seeking to rip you off.
Casey Gargac This article is so inaccurate. Be an informed insurer! It's not the doctors office responsibility to know how your plan/contract covers and who....know your plan! It costs a lot of money every month to have so why don't people know their plans inside and out😑
Karen Sword I don't understand how this article even needs to be written. How America, the once shining beacon of hope in the world, has even one person that has no access to healthcare. How any American has to make calls and investigate before heading to the doctor or worry about a big bill showing up or deductibles and co-pays. Seriously? Let this sink in. Every other developed country can at least get up and go to the doctor without worry. Please don't tell me it's not "free" and that I have to hand over my hard earned pay in taxes - I am well aware how single payer works and I don't care. When I'm sick I go to the doctor. It's stress free and I can be pro-active about my health. How is America not the leader in taking care of its people?!
Abiola Dada If you dont know anything about your illness, go to your doctor and dont listen to CNN advice on how to tackle sore throat that could turn to bronchitis and maybe death..😡
Mike Biagioni Glad I'm in Canada... we don't worry about this kind of crap.. lol.
Robert Burrola I spent two to three hours or more waiting to see the dr and once I see him and it's over in 5 mins I get a huge drs bill plus so call surgery just to look into my nose . I get a bill later forcing me to pay $265.00 and insurance did very little to pay . I'm still struggling paying my bills and medical bills plus from the hospital bill from 6 years ago and still paying ... its nerve wrecking labs are very expensive too . I have insurance but they don't always cover everything . I once was told I met my deductibles and I call the insurance co that I have not met my deductibles I was very upset . As far my medication livinmer for my insulin the pharmacy told me it will cost me to pay $247.00 I told the clerk I refuse to pay and it's costly . I don't have the money to pay for it.
Rosanna Frazier A lot of doctors and hospitals will let you pay on a sliding scale if you do not have insurance as well. Due to a billing error( that was later fixed) that our vsit was not covered. We were told the charge would be $60.00 if they billed us as no insurance. It was nice to know since we pay 150.00 a month per family member( no matter if we use it or not) plus a copay when we see a doctor. We could have saved $110.00 on that one visit if we didn't have insurance.
Nancy Nolan There are good doctors and there are bad Doctor Who rip you off. The point is that you do need to pay attention to what they are charging for. It is easy for them when insurance covers it., but when it is coming out of your pocket you think twice if it is necessary. You have a say in your own health, and some doctors just don't take the time to listen. If they don't, it's time to move on.
Joyce Murray You'll stay healthier by staying away from the Dr and trying some good old fashioned least give it a try before rushing off to the Dr for every ache and pain.
Christopher Bowler I feel bad for anyone that has to worry about this. Oh you foolish Americans...
Will Billy Oh no fnn, sounds like the "Jig is up", sounds like the house is starting cave in on you! Have you thought of a response yet to Breibart News request for comment? Have you thought yet about how you will respond to federal investigators? Have you decided which country you will flee to? Sounds like the Jig is Up FNN. ,,,!,,
Joanna Morales Don't call the doctors office to find out if we have a contract with them. We take hundreds of plans and I don't know them all. Call your insurance plan to see if we are in your network.
Jennifer McGlashan Larson Knowing and understanding the difference between a bacterial infection and a virus is helpful too. Antibiotics will not treat a virus.
Billy Brown Only in America do people have to worry about getting ripped off by their doctor. Thankfully I don't have to worry about that or worry about getting a bill for anything medical related. I live in a civilized country.
Clint Bell Finding a good doctor is like finding a good mechanic for your car or a good maintenance company for your lawn. Doctors these days over prescribe. It's their default response to patient complaints--just write a prescription and send the patient on their way. One reason they're so eager to do this is liability. They have to address the patient's concerns or anything they might find wrong with the patient during an exam. So for example, your blood pressure is reading a little high today, and your doctor puts you on a blood pressure med. But you've never taken a prescription med before... but it's okay. You trust your doctor. But then you start experiencing side effects, so your doctor prescribes medicine to treat those issues. And so on. It's a snowball effect. I work with the elderly and I see it all the time. Either an elderly person is on no meds or they're on twenty, and once they're prescribed the one, they're rolling downhill accumulating more. Sorry for the ramble and I know it's somewhat off topic, but it's a troublesome aspect of our health care system in the United States.
Stew Road If you get the free odummycare go to the doctor right away. If you are a hard working tax payer with 4,500 deductible you will try to suck it up and have suffer. That's the way the democraps healthcare works
Daniel Craig We need to keep up the pressure. Several key Republican Senators have balked at McConnell's bill to repeal and “replace” the Affordable Care Act. Senator Dean Heller of Nevada -- who will likely face a tough reelection next year -- said he couldn't support the bill. Deep cuts to Medicaid could jeopardized health care for 600,000 Nevadans. Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski are also on the fence. They're rightfully concerned about a provision to defund Planned Parenthood. Two others -- Rob Portman of Ohio and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia -- could go either way. Meanwhile, four conservative senators led by Rand Paul oppose the bill because it's still not extreme enough for them. McConnell can only afford to lose only 2 Republican senators. We can still stop this travesty. Call your senators, organize, resist. Lives are literally on the line. The Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121.
Thomas Bryan Here's a tip: when getting your "free" annual physical (which is more for your insurer than you), if the doctor asks about other concerns, issues, problems, etc, don't answer. Assert that you are only there for the physical. As soon as you mention anything else, you will be billed seperately for that consultation and your free physical now costs 50 bucks.
Anastasia Beaverhausen Or just die. It's what the GOP wants you to do anyway
Rebecca S Davidge Well we'll all be soon ripped off anyways upon the arrival of the almighty trumpcare plan.
Benjamin Smith Why would the doctor rip you off?? Insurance covers it right?
Andre Acevedo So while you are sick or in extreme pain make sure you do all this painstaking research first. :-D
Cara Richard Well that problem will be solved when most Americans lose their insurance thanks to Trumpcare.😾
CNN3 hours ago

"There's no way we should be voting on this next week," one Republican senator said

Cristian Garcerant I think we can all understand this isn't about getting better healthcare it's about one man wanting to destroy another mans legacy. Thankfully some republicans have found their spines and put this country over their party.
Fabian Tepezano Trump supporters hate the affordable care act because they pay a little more from their paychecks to help out sick people who can't afford their healthcare yet they have nothing against big corporations like Walmart taking tax money right into their pockets? Come on most of you claim you're Christians. God punishes you not only for the things you do but for the things you don't do.
Karen Loveless I hope every Senator who votes for this horrible "Health Care" bill is voted out of office the next time they are up for reelection. Call it what it is a Tax Cut for the Rich not a healthcare for the rest of us.
Jeanne Barron Knudsen Republicans had time, seven years to be exact, to draft their own healthcare bill. I guess governing is a lot harder than obstructing. The Senate should take all the time they need to review this legislation; especially those up for reelection in November 2018.
Lorraine Hodgson They complained about Obamacare but there were over 100 debates and Town Hall meetings plus one on one interviews where Obama explained to the electorate. Also, over 100 Republican recommendations were inserted into the final bill. Trumpcare had 13 men sitting in a room secretly writing a bill, no time for debates or Town Hall meetings and the President isn't on TV explaining his bill. He spent months telling voters 'everyone would be covered (not access to but covered), pre-existing conditions would remain, would be better and cheaper and no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Services. Wonder why he's not bragging about his bill?
Randy D Adler Just vote on they can kill it and then perhaps have a bipartisan bill that will be done transparently and with input from the American public. Sorry you old troll Mitch McConnell...and Paul Ryan.....Even your own Health Secretary realizes how toxic this is....
Nathaniel Patriarca Sad our leaders in this country no longer represent the people that put them in office but represent those that make the biggest donations or those that have financial backing to sway their votes. I wish they would remember why they are elected and who they truly serve which is the people.
Tish Sayler It is very clear. Multi millionaires get a tax cut. Everyone else gets nothing. People on Medicare lose benefits they have been paying g for for years oh and the poor don't get health care or have to pay the penalty for not having it. Regulations have been lifted on insurance companies. What's the problem?
Nicholas Tokulah Here was a question asked a Fox News Brit Hume that no one seems to have an answer for. And the question was "If there are no mandate or fines to get people into buying health insurance and there are mandates for pre existing conditions to be covered?? Then what's plan for stopping healthy people from buying health insurance only when sick" 🤔🤔 That question there illustrates the future failure of your current health care proposed plan.
Jeremy Silverman Why can't they just give everyone in the country the same health insurance the Senators have?
Candy White Still cannot begin to understand why Republicans won't take the Democrats on their offer to work with them to upgrade the affordable care act, if Republicans drop the need to repeal? Why must Republicans mandate repeal and replace? Because of sheer hatred of Obama, a black president? Both parties represent Americans, all Americans. Compromise people!! Do your $&+#=+% job. None of you would make it in Corporate America where working on teams is mandatory and you get fired if you can't work within the team. I will never believe only 5 Republicans actually believe this secret health care is wrong for America. Just afraid they won't get reelected. Well they shouldn't if this bill passes. The rich can afford the tiny bit of tax they were paying, they never even notice.
David Fetterer How much of the wealth in our country is going to decide this, we all should know our politicians aren't going to make health care work. Follow the money. Why isn't the news media working this angle
Adrienne Alexander Show us the real cost of a plan!!!! How much for a family of four making $50,000? How much for a couple under 65 with preexisting conditions ? Show us the real numbers!!! What guarantee do we have insurance companies will provide plans that are reasonable???
Diane Green I hope the GOP Senators can put what's best for the people's health and welfare over blind support of the party. This should be a bipartisan effort to have affordable healthcare for all --- especially to include the elderly, the sickly and the poor--- populations that need it the most. Please do the morally/ethically right thing for your constituents---- NOT just for the wealthy and those in government offices!
Maureen E Simmons Trump ran for president to prove he could win (he doesn't know he really did win because he's still campaigning) and to erase Obama because he hated him. He also has to pay back the rich folk who put him in office such as his ego-stroking cabinet members. That's it.
Angie Schladoer I thought it was wrong when the Republicans weren't allowed sufficient time to read the bill. I still think everyone needs time to read it.
Dianna Kim Scott The reps have done so many things that they condemned the Dems for! Take a look in the mirror guys! There are reps who say they are against the bill but only till they get what they want even if it kills thousands of Americans. Integrity, morals , ethics my a.s!
Joe Flynn The best part is, there's a huge number of poor Trump supporters who use the ACA and don't realize that their glorious master is trying to take it away from them. Total dumbasses
Greg Wyndham Everywhere observation is cheated by ungrounded presuppositions. Discounted is reason from reality; and for this, we are doomed to a an unpopular though equally plausible truth: that we are somewhat incapable of overcoming ourselves, our predilection for embracing only what corresponds to our presumptions.
Steven Munn What are the Republican Party so afraid of. When the ACA came out the democrats let them debate it for 17 months. They didn't even rise a stink when the Republicans added 150+ amendments. It even when voted on was bi-partisan. I can only guess that Donald Chump and the rest of the top 1% want their money quicker.
Will Billy Oh no fnn, sounds like the "Jig is up", sounds like the house is starting cave in on you! Have you thought of a response yet to Breibart News request for comment? Have you thought yet about how you will respond to federal investigators? Have you decided which country you will flee to? Sounds like the Jig is Up FNN. ,,,!,,
Mendell Patton Trump is in a rush destroy the ACA simply because the Obama administration came up with it. The damage it would cause if gutted is of no consequence.
Jacqueline Healey many years have they had and they are asking for MORE time!? If you didn't like it to begin with that's when you start working to make changes!!
Dennis G. McAuliffe DO IT, RAM IT THROUGH! Obamacare is now more popular than the Republican Party, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnel and President Trump himself. And People who currently rely on subsidies to help them pay for plans purchased on Obamacare’s federal marketplaces are more highly concentrated in red states, according to the latest report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which provides the most accurate snapshot so far of Obamacare enrollment. A new study showed that aside for a Massive Tax break for the rich and from 22 million people losing health care, under this Republican bill by 2026, 924,000 jobs would be lost, gross state products would be $93 billion lower, and business output would be $148 billion less. About three-quarters of jobs lost (725,000) would be in the health care sector. States which expanded Medicaid would experience faster and deeper economic losses. "Our healthcare plan will lower premiums & deductibles - and be great healthcare!" he tweeted last month. A few days earlier he tweeted that Republicans would provide "much lower premiums & deductibles." In March, he complained that "deductibles are so high you don't even get to use [insurance]" under Obamacare. But the Senate bill released last week and the House bill passed last month take the opposite approach: They include policies that encourage higher deductibles and dramatically raise out-of-pocket costs, in some cases by thousands of dollars per person. The president has embraced both efforts even though they violate his repeated promises. And if large employer plans continue to be allowed to select any state’s definition of essential health benefits for the purposes of the out-of-pocket maximum requirement and the ban on annual and lifetime limits, then the effects could reach large employer plans anywhere in the country. To be concrete, suppose that even one state secured a waiver that allowed it to drop prescription drugs from the definition of essential health benefits—a plausible scenario since these services were commonly not covered in individual market plans prior to the ACA. In this case, a large employer plan that wanted to impose an annual or lifetime on limit on prescription drugs could simply adopt that state’s definition of essential health benefits. A large employer plan that did not want to limit enrollees’ out-of-pocket spending with respect to these services could do the same. In a more extreme, but still plausible, scenario in which even one state elected to completely eliminate essential health benefit standards, the requirement to provide these protections could disappear entirely for large employer plans nationwide. So under the Senate bill, it would be perfectly fine for a state to let insurers offer cheap policies that exclude coverage for potentially costly risks and preexisting conditions (for example, by omitting maternity care and cancer drugs) as well as extremely expensive comprehensive policies that any resident can access — but not necessarily afford. Or a state could offer the comprehensive policies itself through a high-risk pool, an approach that’s been tried and failed repeatedly because of its high costs. Either way, average premiums would drop, which the state could argue would be expected to boost enrollment. Mississippi, Florida, and North Carolina are home to the highest percentage of enrollees whose insurance hangs in the balance. In each of those red states, at least 65 percent of the people covered under plans on the marketplace. So start the trumpcarel immediately with those red states that voted for repeal and see how it goes!
Michael Thompson The worst part is that the whole GOP strategy is that if they get this passed then the town halls during their break won't be as difficult. Really? You think so, huh? 😂😂😂
CNN3 hours ago

At least 9 people have died, and more than 30 are missing, authorities say.

Nathan Smith Jr. CNN is always so late in reporting happenings these days. So busy worrying about Trump's latest trip to the toilet that they forget they're an international news organisation. Will be sticking to BBC and the Guardian from now on.
Derek Hershey CNN is Very Fake Fake that they deleted an article on Friday about conspiracies about Trump and Russia because it was too obvious. The owner of the company also is doing an investigation lololol. CNN = FAKE NEWS
Jeff Shoemaker CNN colluded with the DNC and Hillary to cheat Bernie out of a democratic process! And she LOST! Two losses: 2008 & 2016...
Ronnie Scott McIntire Fox reported this like 30 minutes to an hour ago, and I only know that from flipping between the networks to see who's losing their minds today. ;)
Martin Boyd Why is it CNN refuses to report that Loretta Lynch is under investigation or the legal woes of Bernie and his wife????
David Seif I cant believe a story about a bunch of tourists dieing in another country has this bunch talking about politics very sad !
Amy Schlip Life jackets..they do save lives.
Valley Val I know 😭I was on that lake in 2015 and I climbed that rock in the background. Guatape is so pretty and it's a holiday weekend. Prayers🙏🏽
Jeffrey Edick ok scratch that fishing trip off the list, thanks for the non-fake news
Monty Melford At least they had some festive music to accompany their death.
Brad Turner Whoa groin sho,t nathan thinks the bbc is better than cnn...rawr
Althea Bentley Reminiscent of a river monsters episode Life jacket cannot help in these waters. So sorry for them.
Jorge Rivera Wow not cool I love Colombia God Bless!!
Jason Foster Trump did it?
Tracy Chessar Woods 167 comments 90% are trolls.....
Bill Ennis CNN sucks
Mollie Thurston CNN claims Trump did this.
Cutty Cut Michelle did you see this?
Albert Flores When your numbers up your numbers up
Wes Schmatz Incoming melting snowflakes
Lorena Cheerios Jacob Andresen please tell me you looked at more caves today 😩
Malika Drag Praying for ya'll. 🙏🙏
Dan Roth #CNNLovesaBodyCount
Barone Roberto CNN : You are all Treasonous Serpents ...!!!!
Maria M. Perez 😢
CNN4 hours ago

For the first time in nearly two decades, the White House did not host an iftar dinner to commemorate Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Christian James Gregory You know... I'm an atheist, but even I celebrate Christmas and wished my mulsim coworkers a happy Ramadan today. Want muslims to hate you less? Maybe you should respect them and treat them like actual people. Just like how I didn't stop drinking orange juice just because we elected a rotten one as president.
Eric Barrera I don't see what the big deal is. I'm not religious at all. Nor do I bash it. But I thought seperation from church and state was a thing? Or does that only apply towards christians?
Joe Ciesielski Good. Our country was founded on Christian principle... Not islamic.
Jeanne-Marie Rosenthal Neuroth That's because cheeto is an idiot and probably has no idea WHAT Ramadan is all about.
Jeff Nekuza Has any muslim country celebrated Christmas in their government seat ?
Michelle Hunter All you haters tell me why he can go to prayer breakfasts and talk Christianity but can't carry on a tradition of celebrating Ramadan. This country was founded by people who felt persecuted in their own country bc of their religious beliefs. Yes, they were Christians but it was about religious freedom. And here we are now an intolerant and hateful nation.
Kristine Hogan Watry Who picks what religion this "country" is. We have freedom of religion that doesn't mean we are all Christian! Ignorance & hate! BTW I'm Christian and i feel disgusted & embarrassed that trump has done this. He is a racist idiot
Anthony Riggio Trump has problems with reality, so what else is new.
Stan Piznarski There is no doubt President Donald Trump will be in the White House for the next eight years. America is way better under his presidency, The economy is improving constantly ,illegal Crossing down 75%. M.A.G.A.. WINNING 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Sam J Marquez So what seriously cmon now I'm sure the Arab world is just fine with it.. CNN you are petty in every sense report the lawsuit against you by your employees current and past about unequal pay for minorities do that
Michael Rogers They will sell $110 billion in arms to the Wahabbist rulers of Saudi Arabia, but hosting a Ramadan meal is unacceptable to them. Wrap your brain around that one, people.
Cetenay Kaghado What does that say about Trump and his administration? Islamophobic to the core! No tolerance whatsoever to people who are not: Christian, wealthy, white, conservative men who deal in business. #ImpeachTrumpNow
Chandra Lima Honestly people are a joke its something that every president has done. If he really wants peace and everyone treated right act like a president. Follow tradition and be a president for everyone
Yaghoub Sharifi Good for Trump White House! Enough celebrating f**king Ramadan, the bloodiest month of the year. And also, Muslims are not even 1% of the US population, why should the government give a f**k about Ramadan or any Islamic occasion?
Chuck Deboe Last couple of times I was in Saudi Arabia they "forgot" to invite me to a Christmas celebration. So, why anyone, not Muslim, would host a Ramadan dinner is beyond me.
Cathy Smith It is an honor and also the responsibility of the president of the United States to serve and represent all of the people who live here. Celebrating our diversity is part of that privilege. Presidents of both parties have gladly participated in these types of events for many, many years. Choosing not to is ignorant, mean spirited and small minded.
Diane Collum Just another way Trump can divide the people. I thought a president would try to unite everyone but not this guy. He's only out for himself and his pockets.
Bronson Naab He golfs every weekend and is still holding campaign rallies....while still having time to tweet all day. Yeah...working so hard.
Ronnie Allen How many countries you know celebrate holidays of ideologies that hate how they do things? When you go to their countries, they don't go out of their way for you. They know what we are. Celebrating Ramadan in America???-- Like inviting a reggae band to a klan rally!!!!
Todd Joseph Last time I checked this country had 1 president representing all citizens: black, white, brown, christian, jewish, muslim, atheist, gay, straight, men, women. Not just the white christian straight ones who voted for him. And that is all who voted for him.
Mike Claypool What a ridiculous article. CNN, it looks as though your organization is in complete meltdown: CNNMoney Executive Editor Rich Barbieri has sent an internal memo to all staff instructing them that all Russia-related stories must be cleared by him or another high-ranking executive, following a Breitbart News investigation which forced the retraction of a fake news story. CNN...the most BUSTED name in news!!!!
Veronica Neisser Our country was founded on the principles of freedom of religion. And, if we celebrate Christmas, should we not celebrate other religious holidays as well, to include all?
Crystal Kucera For those screaming that the White House celebrating Ramadan is some kind of liberal conspiracy, you know that the tradition was started when George W Bush was in office and Republicans had the majority? G. W., for all his faults, actually had respect for others, even those who did things differently than him. He did a lot of wrong, but he was not a Xenophobe or Islamaphobe.
Chelsea Pray Why is this such a thing? Separation of religion from state. Or not anymore so everyone can get offended? I'm really just overwhelmed by people these days.😱
Clark Dougherty I have the answer. 45 was told of iftar and immediately said, "I'm not throwing a big dinner for "Ishtar." It was a horrible film."
CNN4 hours ago

A 14-year-old girl was injured when she dropped 25 feet from a ride at a Six Flags amusement park in New York

Ray Atkins She was injured but transported to the hospital and had no serious injuries?! Who the hell did this article?! Were they drunk?
Rich Petrillo The Ride was cleared right after she fell. It was the Guest's fault, and no one else's. The ones she fell on should Sue the Family since he hurt his Back trying to catch her.
Dustin Adams Glad she wasn't seriously hurt. However, being there were no defects/problems with the ride and the fact that those rides go slower than molasses. At 14, I'm assuming it was some type of negligence on her part, so the park shouldn't be responsible. Would like to know the whole story though.. How SHE says it happened.
Sharon A. Knieper I admire the people who gathered underneath. I'd like to think I would but the idea of someone falling on me from 20+ feet up...
Holly Schulz Wouldn't have fell out if she wasn't trying to kick the tree branch.
Alesha Amber Bartsch Well if she hadn't been messing around. Which she obviously was, she wouldn't have fallen from the ride. Pure ignorance on her part.
Katie Marie Riley I've been on this ride numerous times since I was a child. Unless you are messing around there's no way that could have happened. The bar is clearly still clicked and locked in. I've seen multiple people say she was trying to touch the trees with her foot. This ride is safe if you follow the rules. Been on it at least 25 times in my life
Angel Murray Cotton I'm sure none of you have done something seemingly innocent at 10, 14, 24 years old that accidentally ended in hurting yourself or nearly hurting yourself. Ever. Because you make no mistakes. Good grief the comments from some of you. It was probably an accident on her part, not thinking completely logically like the 30 yr old person that she is not, and thankfully nice people gathered to help her. Can we just be happy she's ok? I just can't believe the name calling and people saying people should sue her.
Gina Miccio-Rogers Thanks to all who helped catch her and reduce what could have been deadly injuries. Thank God she is now safe and will be okay. I hope she recovers mentally from the trauma.
Steve Bancroft I rode the Batman in Illinois once, (Six Flag Great America) and my harness came unhooked mid loop.. lucky it was still buckled .. but scared the piss out of me.. (not literally)
Susannah Eitleman It was the guests fault.... nothing was wrong with the ride and today I sent my 6 year old there with his friend to have a great day! He's now a happy camper and on his way home... 😊
Chad Grieser Why was she screwing around on the ride to start with? The tell you how to sit in those before you get in it. She either didnt listen, or decided it didnt pertain to her so she did what she wanted.
LuAnn Bauman Lopez APPARENTLY YOU HAVEN'T READ THE REAL STORY... She was deliberately trying to touch the trees with her foot. She caused her own injuries and the park should be suing her and her inattentive parents.
Keith Landry I have ridden this sky ride with my daughters from when they were five years old to the present (they're in their teens). The only way to fall out of this ride is to try to fall out of this ride. While I commend those on the ground for preventing her injury, they were likely put in such a position by poor teenage judgment at best and reckless stupidity at worst.
Katharine Evans Story Town USA on route 9 in Lake George! This ride has been in existence in many forms since the 60's. Original owner Charles Wood had rules, adult accompanied and signage of not dangling feet in tree tops. I worked there 2 summers and I'm happy Glens Falls Hospital took care and she got very lucky with no injury.
Noemi Martinez-Cora Just knowing that people united to get her to safety is a blessing. She got the scare of her life. Teenagers are open to things with no thought of the end results. I am sure everyone has done what shouldn't be done. Just happy she is okay thanks to the good people that saved her. Lesson learned for her I am sure
Kimberly White Ok.. this ride was not moving fast. It looks like she made herself slip out of that seat and I'm sure there were seat belts that she was supposed to be wearing.
John Glah Beth Hayes Glah, this happened at Story Town USA in LG, although the story states it happened at a Six Flags Amusement Park, which would be Great Escape...
Barbara Robin Looks like the kid was doing something she wasn't supposed to do---but I'm sure her parents will cash in on it, even if it was her fault.
Kelli Shafer I've been to this Park tons of times and have been on this ride. Unless she had a health problem, she was messing around You don't just fall out of that ride.
Shaine Andrew They have them at cedar point as well, and they travel farther and much higher, like 70 feet high. No seat belts or anything keeping you in but your own will. Never thought they were safe especially with children that can get on without any supervision. They could climb right out of the side if they wish.
Jessica Seymore Im.sure those people knew exactly what they were doing when they gathered to catch her. Her fault or not, I'm greatful they were there and greatful ahe is ok! I'm sure she has learned her lesson. People need to stop being so nasty...what if it was ur child?
Dan Lester I live a little over an hour from here and I've been there quite a few times and that place gets new rides all the time but the place itself has gone down hill as you can see!
Imani Joyner If the ride was in "working" condition.. How'd this even happen?🤔 And this is NOT like a fast, lots or loops rollercoaster sooooooooooo yea😐.. I'm glad she was NOT hurt through it all tho
Eni Eni You would think all the money six flags makes they would have a safer way to help that person not have them struggling and then jumping down. 🤔🤔😒