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Disney's "The Lion King" blew past industry expectations with an estimated $185 million box office opening in North America this weekend

It was awesome to see this movie again I enjoy much still disney is the best interms of animation!
It was awesome!! Enjoyed it very much!
The best film of all time
It was wonderful, and just as good as the animated version.
I went to see it on 4d x .It was awesome 👏.
No thanks, the cartoon was sad enough!
Favorite all time movie. We have music tapes for car.. great music...
I definitely want to see this film!
I'll stick to the animated one thanks.
Plus it was the only thing playing on every screen in ours and several surrounding areas.
It was beautiful ❤
Can't wait to see it at the drive inn next weekend ❤😉
Read alot of reviews of it that it was disappointing..
The Animated film was better.
I’m shocked this wasn’t expected
So even they didn’t expect it to do well? Good to know.
I really want to go see this movie but I don't know if I can survive Mufasa's death all over again. 😭😭
What a waste. Nothing original any more. Just stay home
Had zero expectations and I loved it. My one complaint it's Beyoncé's song. Other than that, I think it's really good.
All the voices are shite they just ruin the film especially zazu
Loin king was awesome. I saw it yesterday
It's the best wild life animated kiddies movie ever and I love it
Quit remaking movies. Come up with original ideas.
They need to stop remaking these movies. Smh the voices sucked. Hopefully mulan is going to be good.
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CNN’s Brian Stelter argues that Trump’s attacks against the Democratic congresswomen — in which he says they aren’t capable of loving their country — is part of a pattern that goes back decades.

“The pattern is the...

The premise of his whole presidency is that America sucks and needs to be improved or made great again. Why is it OK for him and his supporters to make this claim. I find it fascinating that he can't run on his policies. He has to run on divisiveness
We have never been a “Love It or Leave It “ country. Our origin from the Boston Tea Party in 1773 was in protesting our government. Our proudest freedom is the right to free speech and assembly - we are EXPECTED to hold our legislators accountable, it is PATRIOTIC to hold them accountable which means criticizing them when they are wrong. Stifling criticism is fascism, not patriotic.
Yes, the pattern of those people who come into our country and demand that we change who we are is a very serious issue that needs to expressed. 🇺🇸
I would make a humble suggestion to producers of cable shows. If the content of each hour is 90% about trump, examine your agenda. I turn on Morning Joe and they talk about trump for 2 1/2 of their three hours. Next show, same thing. Trump doesn't care if he gets approval, what he needs is attention. Constant attention.
This is about the disinformation from the democratic party and CNN and the sheep that follow
Typical Commie Network News. And they wonder why their ratings suck and have to lay everyone off. Keep up the great work CNN.
Well, the legendary writer Philip Roth put it best: "I found much that was alarming about being a citizen during the tenures of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. But, whatever i may have seen as their limitations of character or intellect, neither was anything like as humanly impoverished as Trump is, Ignorant of government, of history, of science, of philosophy, of art, incapable of expressing or recognizing subtlety or nuance, destitute of all decency and wielding a vocabulary of seventy-seven words that is better called Jerkish and English."
It’s a distraction! He wants us to focus on this. Instead of focusing on his involvement with Epstein and the whole sex trafficking. And the news media is falling for it again.
This is not about Democrats & Republicans ‼️ Our great & almighty God is still in control🙏. This IS a WAR between Good & Evil ‼️ Light & Darkness ‼️ God is giving use as a NATION a choice. ‼️ For the sake of our future as Country we had better make the right choice 🙏. It’s just that simple 👍🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇱🇺🇸🇺🇸
If Trump started farting out gold bricks and giving them away to EVERYONE CNN would still find fault. I’m Canadian and have no dog in the fight but we can see the bias from CNN.
It is true... it is a pattern. The behavior should be described as such. It’s the only way people will see the truth. Keep up the good work Brian Stelter!
Lol I love the desperation of the liberals and their water-carriers like CNN!
He is the one who hates America and he will do the best to continue planting hate and division, because he so unhappy with himself that he doesn't like to see anyone happy.
Um...those women ARE extremely rude, obnoxious, and I even think one is a terrorist....certainly she is a terrorist sympathizer. Going against Israel is a choice...but to be in public office making those kind of statements is wrong. I have many Jewish people I love ...with roots back in I consider that woman filled with hate and all of them are highly divisive.
These women anti American despicable twits. Why does CNN praise them?
With a News source like CNN, I can see why people lose sight.
Because he has never read the Constitution, President Shitpile has no understanding of peaceful protest or civil disobedience. When others were protesting the Vietnam war, he was hiding under his bed to avoid the draft.
Trump confuses nothing here-He's following Steven Miller's agenda -because he is terrified of being labelled a criminal and pedophile -
Today’s lying, non-stop race baiting, leftist democrat party is pure EVIL. CNN is part of the propaganda machine of that democrat party. WAKE UP sheep!!!
So impressive CNN. Yet another racism story. It’s just overwhelming.
Tweets and rally chants .. this election is over if that's the extent of the democrat argument which for the last few weeks, sure seems to be. Meanwhile, lots of real news and positive steps being taken for the future of our country by this President. But wait, you won't find news about that at CNN .. they are stuck in this cycle of bash & trash the president and pretending that's news. It isn't .. it's spin, which is not news .. it's fake news.
CNN will single handily get Our President re-elected! Carry On!
Trump has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to offer to America, he is only in the White House thanks to, and for, WHITE NATIONALISM.
Just vote the pathetic POS out. Vote blue no matter who.
I love how Republicans don't think trump wasn't anti American by saying America wasn't great. (Make America great agan) But they think these woman are. 🤷‍♀️
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Every day, thousands of people crowd into a stark, beige room at Paris's Louvre Museum to view Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece. But why?

I really don’t like the Mona Lisa. I’ve seen Patrick Nagel paintings that are far more intriguing and beautiful.
I went & as deeply disappointed w/the painting! It’s small as hell, roped off & people were so crowded around & trying to take pics you could barely glimpse it. After making my way to the front I was like 🤦🏾‍♀️ all of this wait & effort for this 😒. Def over rated!
Subtly & mystery is part of what makes the Mona Lisa so special.
Just painting. Believe me there’s nothing special about it.
Could say that same thing about probobly 99% of any art ever made.
When i was lucky enough to see her whe visiting my brother , i was taken aback just how small she is !
I like potatoes! Mashed or fried! And my statement makes as much sense as seeing those two in front of the work of a visionary, inventor, scientist and renaissance genius.
It is special because it captures the uniquely feminine indescribable expression of every single woman on the earth.
To see what the fuss is about? I went, and that picture is pretty small, and good luck seeing it. It’s behind a rope five feet away from it with a huge crowd.
It is overcrowded to be there and at any rate the Louvre has thousands of masterpieces that you can marvel at a relative peace of mind.
The Mona Lisa is a work of art- Beyonce and Jay Z are not. It is opinion. But also talent and skill. Let the bashing begin.
Nothing special. Would rather look at a Frazetta on a book-rack at Barnes and Noble.
The breast... I mean the best painting I will never see because of the distraction!😄
Exactly. It’s not like that picture of Mona Lisa. Came down from heaven took on the form of human being. And was beaten, battered, mocked spat on, scourged and crucified for the sins of all humanity. And that’s the more you know with me LONEWOLF ALWAYS GOTTA PUT CHRIST IN EVERYTHING HOWL 😊😊😊😊
1000’s of better works of art to look at there. And most are just down that hall with zero crowd.
And of all photos of Mona Lisa you chose the one with Beyonce and her husband 😕
Perhaps it's the modesty of the woman in the picture as opposed to the one standing in front of it.
It’s special because people just say it is. This happens with everything from cars to clothes. A 1994 Honda Civic still sells for about $2500 regardless of the fact that its over 20 years old and holds zero classic value. There wasn’t a finite amount of them made nor was there anything special about them. People just like them therefore it’s value goes way up without any other explanation. Someone put “supreme” on a shirt and sold it for $200. It’s absolutely ridiculous but because people like it they literally control its market value.
I hate this picture. Its just so ghetto and tacky. I dislike the whole look. Like you don't look like you fit in but your there nonetheless. Guess that's the point of the picture AND the article. Now...I'm like... AHA! That's WHY they used this picture for the article...see how my interpretation of this picture was so on point...thats why I've always disliked it.
I was utterly underwhelmed when I finally saw it in person.
Did someone really think it was necessary to write an article on WHY people go see the Mona Lisa? Are there people that are that far removed that they never knew the answer to that unnecessary question?
CNN posts this article for the second time. And we are reading many times.
Woman on the left forgot to wear a blouse. 🙍
I’m more interested in reading about Craig Akers...... He was the stepfather of Shawn Hornbeck who was found alive in January 2007 along with Ben Ornby..... Craig died of stage Iv Bladder Cancer...... I’m just so glad Craig never gave up on his stepson and got to have 12 years with him........
If you want to see a DiVinci, Madonna on the rocks is better and less crowded
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Hong Kong police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters, after thousands of people took to the city's streets for the seventh consecutive weekend amid an ongoing political crisis.

CNN's Matt Rivers says today's march was peaceful...

Signs of end times... Disasters allover,,,and mass killings.. Accept JESUS CHRIST to be ur personal saviour and be redeemed. Anytime cd be the trumpet time, 🎷 final whistle. More prayers for our brethren in H.G 🙏🙏🙏 may peace prevail.
Dear CNN, pro-government gangsters in Yuen Long,Hong Kong have just been assaulting residents indiscriminately on the streets, train station and inside the train. The police ignored this on purpose , they arrived 45 minutes after the attack, ignoring all the emergency calls. Please kindly follow up and spread the news, thank you.
Hong Kong and Taiwan need the support of all free people to preserve their liberty. 🇭🇰 🇲🇴 🇹🇼 🇺🇸
"When the people fear the government, we have tyranny; when the government fears the people, we have democracy." ~Thomas Jefferson
From Puerto Rico our support to the people of Hong Kong, the people have the power to defeat the tyranny of the government. We also have a dictatorship governor even in a democracy. #RickyRenunciaMamabicho
Republicans should take note. The People will rise up if their rights are being taken away!
Yes socialist with control over guns and their people this is what the new Democratic party wants to do to the United States
We have never been a “Love It or Leave It “ country. Our origin from the Boston Tea Party in 1773 was in protesting our government. Our proudest freedom is the right to free speech and assembly - we are EXPECTED to hold our legislators accountable, it is PATRIOTIC to hold them accountable which means criticizing them when they are wrong. Stifling criticism is fascism, not patriotic.
These people have guts and fighting for every shred of Democracy they can keep!!!
Thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time, utterly heartbreaking 💔
I get the importance of the Hong Kong protests, it's huge and of enormous importance not only to China, but you could give more coverage to what's going down in Puerto Rico. More added shame to the current political, economic, and social fabric in America.
The poor people can’t defend themselves. No guns allowed. This could be mass murders by the government. We need to learn from this.
What an utter dystopia the world has crafted for itself. Sad to see so many under the subjugation of a gov’t they do not want.
CNN please help to report the case in Yuen Long, New Territories! Not just focusing on Central!
Hi CNN please do also report and tell the world the triad zombies hurt citizens in Yuen Long while the HK police does nothing despite many 999 called. Thank you !
Pls send reporters to New Territories areas like Yuen Long MTR station , gangsters are beating up innocent people right beneath the eyes of police
This is a communist chinese government, there are no open elections or desent tolerated, these people cannot win. The government will do whatever is necessary to remain in power and have control over the people.
We are heading this way as trump will try to silence protests against him
One of the coolest places I’ve ever been. Keep the protests coming.
Can you follow up with the gangster? They are in yuen long and taipo Beating up citizens
Meanwhile the police didn’t bat an eye on mobs hitting random passengers in Yuen Long until right after the mob dispersed
I support you citizens of China! We also protesting in PR! #GenracionDeYoNoMeDejo
If these protesters are not happy, they can leave the country.
They ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until we all storm Area 51 👽👀🤔🤷‍♂️
Perhaps it’s time for regime change in China. President Xi is an egotistical whack job that does not have the best interests of his people at heart.
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General Mills is leaning into nostalgic, sugary cereals and exploring new food trends

I love cereal. It’s good sometimes and I was born in 1982. Not all of us like avocado toast and high protein breakfasts.
I'm an old person who grew up eating Cheerios and Rice Krispies, but when we purged processed food from our diet (losing weight and saving on the grocery bill), cereal was the first to go. And it isn't missed at all. Between smoothies, eggs, whole grain breads, steel cut oats prepared overnight in the multi-cooker, cheese and rolls and fresh fruit, there's no room for cereal.
Just to be clear, I am a millennial who *never* abandoned cereal. I am still here for you, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Fruity Pebbles, just as you have always been there for me.
Avocado toast and fruit is so much healthier 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I do love an occasional bowl of peanut butter crunch ❤️
Put awesome prizes in the box, then maybe I’ll buy some.
As a millennial, I prefer protein breakfast like an egg and slice of deli meat or so. When I worked in an office, had shakes. Both fast, efficient, and light. :) I sometimes have a box of cereal that I use to snack on but not the sugary cereals.. more like raisin bran or shredded wheat. I wouldn't feed kids sugary cereals either, too much sugar is a hard habit to break.
Man I still love me some fruit loops or reeses pieces. Never abandon cereal, it's among the best snack food.
Given that proper dental care in this country is prohibitively expensive for most people, I predict we'll reach a point where most of the population doesn't even have enough teeth to chew their cereals. Coincidentally, the high sugar contents will contribute to this.
Wonderful! Create another generation of unhealthy obese individuals for the sake of profit in a country that has inadequate Healthcare. Bravo! 👏🙂
Cheerios are the most expensive per ounce in the cereal section. So good for the heart supposedly, I guess they are hanging their hat upon that boast.
I love cereal. It’s my go to dinner when I am too tired to cook!
I don't like the highly sweet cereals but I do like the "healthier" Quaker Oats or Special K cereals. But when I was a kid, Frosted Flakes was the go-to!
I don't give a flying eff about GMOs, but I do about sugar, as I kid I loved Cap'n Crunch, Trix, Choco and Fruity pebbles, just as any other kid would, but as an adult we began to realize that most cereal is diabetes in a bowl, so I usually stick to Quaker Bran Flakes and even that, its rare, maybe once or twice a fortnight, maybe if I sleep over with a friend or somewhere else I'll have a bowl of sugary cereal with them, just to not be an a-hole.
I eat Cheerios because all the rest of it has waaaaay to much sugar to be intaking every day
I think there's so many more brands of cereal. And variety, tht tend to be healthier like golean and others. Not to mention tht cereals. Ll golden Graham's and fruity pebbles, were quite sugary. And the sm marketing with flint stones on box. Is t as popular w/millineals either. It's kind of like telling ppl your fav cereal is back get it today b4 it's too late. Reality it never went anywhere.
I don't eat Cereal, I'm an Adult. Plus, It's Way too expensive for what it is. AND it's loaded with Glyphosate (Roundup), a known cancer causing ingredient. And it basically is an empty filler with very little nutritional value. I would never feed most of those to my Child and never did when my Child was young. I fed her oatmeal. And even now all popular Oatmeal's are sprayed with Glyphosate before harvesting to dry out the kernels so they yield more for production. We are being systematically poisoned on a grand scale. Try to go Organic and pesticide free.
We didn't kill it, name brand is too expensive while also not a filling or healthy breakfast. We also have a hectic schedule, so portability is also key
Probably because of all the processed crap the FDA gives big manufacturers permission to put in our foods.
This is one of the worst takes from the cereal industry: Millennials are too smart to put our unhealthy crap in their bodies. Not enough babies are being made & people are getting old, so let's add hella sugar to the cereal, emoji's to cereal boxes & have a rapper as our spoxperson!
Well for starters, the cereal boxes have shrunk in size and either still cost the same or cost more. Also, people are just more into living a healthy lifestyle these days and it's not just millennials.
As an old guy growing up with this cereal, you know what made it bearable? Lots of SUGAR!!!
Love cereal, but it's just too much sugar. 🙁
I love cereal, but it’s diabetes in a bowl. Can’t have it.
I know it’s basically junk but I love cereal.
Yes because super high sugar and carbs food is why so many Americans are obese and diabetic but the money has been really good it must continue right General Mills? I mean it’s only human life right?
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"This is a guy who is worse than a racist," said Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker on #CNNSOTU. "We have a demagogue, fear-mongering person who is using race to divide. This is a referendum, not on him, it's...

We all love America, the idea of freedom and equality for everybody. Unfortunately, the system has been perverted in many ways, and many of our leaders have sold out our best interests for their thirty pieces of silver.
I would rather live in a peaceful country where people engaged in thoughtful and intelligent dialogue, with socialist programs like public libraries, national parks, public schools, social security, safety nets for the underpriviledged, local police and fire departments etc. ; than a fascist country with private prisons for profit, dirty air and water, a justice system that favors the wealthy, rhetoric of fear and hate to those in disagreement, where corporations are considered people, where Christians ignore every basic teaching from Jesus, and money is king.
No one in their right mind would take good old “Spartacus” seriously to begin with 😂 yet CNN relies so heavily on his valued opinion.
Please speak some Spanish 😂😂
This is America so please speak English,thank you.
Booker justed proved the value of his Rhodes Scholar acedemic accomplishments... he's a very intelligent candidate💙🇺🇸
He needs to apologize for the whole of his existence
There are approximately 350 languages spoken in the US. Our diversity is one of the things that makes this country great. People have come to this country for hundreds of years from other countries in search of a better life for themselves and their families. We should all take pride in where our forefathers came from and the sacrifice they made to come to this country and that includes embracing their cultures and languages.
Booker is a race baiter. Truth be told, if the Democrats weren't constantly throwing around the race card & using identity politics, our country would be much more united. America is wise to the race baiters & Trump will easily defeat the masqueraded stupidity of the Democratic Party.
This guy is talking about himself!!! Wow!!!
Hey 45 their respect and love of our country is defined by their willingness to uphold their oath of elected office to the US CONSTITUTION and to be consistent with their message and flip flop to make a specific group of supporters to hate and lose reasoning abilities as you do daily It is NOT ABOUT RATINGS sir it is about GOVERNING AND LEADERSHIP qualities which you sorely lack as president and as a business man
I love how no other network besides CNN continues to have people on to speak of Trumps alleged racist marks. CNN the gig is up, we get it! Your network needs to be called; “We hate Trump”. It’s getting old!! Trump will win no matter what you do. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Cory one that stood upon his campaign, promising to give out a thousand dollars a year to be put into a savings bond for kids to have an start...that in itself is buying votes...bribery for a vote..
The racist card is getting really old. Pretty sure CNN is just using it as a distraction away from the ever decreasing unemployment rate under Trump 🤷🏻‍♂️
Tweets and rally chants .. this election is over if that's the extent of the democrat argument which for the last few weeks, sure seems to be. Meanwhile, lots of real news and positive steps being taken for the future of our country by this President. But wait, you won't find news about that at CNN .. they are stuck in this cycle of bash & trash the president and pretending that's news. It isn't .. it's spin, which is not news .. it's fake news.
Race card, use it when you have nothing to offer.
Wait, he says Trump is using racism to divide the nation? Seriously? Trying to be objective I see the Democrats and liberal media headlining race above even mass murders trying to divide this nation.
Before my studies of Einstein, Schrodinger, Young, and Bohr at The Beloved College, I was at Rosey for three years and got to meet many Princes and Kings, and Dukes, and Viscounts and so I see things maybe a little differently, and here is what I see today. Trump is the hand we've been dealt. He presents himself as a person to whom the rules do not apply. This makes him a little odd, from a certain perspective. But it's actually quite normal for Kings and Princes, like Prince Bonesaw, and like Kim in North Korea, and like Putin. You play the hand you are dealt. You wanted to be dealt a hand that contained some sort of Obama of Gentle Justice and Pan-Humanitarian Admirability. The hand you wanted to be dealt has no meaning whatsoever. The good of the nation requires that we play the hand we have been dealt and win as much as we can from THAT HAND --- not some other hand, which we would rather have gotten. When Amarillo Slim picked up his cards, he would never start in mewling and whining about the hand he wanted to be dealt. No, instead he quietly examined the cards, read the other players at the table, and figured out a way to play the other players so he could get the most out of the CARDS THAT HE HAD. He played poker, not moral metaphysics. So, what we've got here is a very spoiled, Kingly acting tyrant of outside the rules persuasion, who actually does fits right in with many world leaders on this planet at this time. How can we win with a hand like that? Trump has created the Global Big Boys No Rules Club. And he fits right in, like one of the kids in "Our Gang". OK, well those people, including our guy, could do good things for the world and its people if they decided to make deals which had those sorts of effects. The Big Boys No Rules Club includes very few people with a four year ticket to ride. Most members are in that club for 25 or 35 years, or more. So, deals are the way we win. Keeping our guy in the club for eight years is how we get the deals, and then putting Ivanka in for another eight years are how we keep our seat in the club, and make more deals, and help the world make progress. Furious you would like to tear me to pieces, I know, I know. I'm giving you a shark's eye, poker player's perspective, and what you want is the wesson oil wallow in morality, and goodness, and justice, and social justice, and purity, and rights, and civilized conduct. You want to roll like a dog in carrion in all that Carter, Hillary, Obama stuff. Yes, you do. I bring you light. From a place you have never been and will never go. I want you to entertain my idea. So bring Champers, caviar, dancing bears, young girls, and a quartet from the Julliard. Feed and amuse my idea well. Not with closed eyes, closed mind, closed heart. Let there be a Coney Island of pleasure and exploration in your mind. Have fun with what I have brought you --- The Orb doing his job (Make Them Think).
Truth: This is a referendum on the heart and soul of our country. Progressivism and off of its tropes must be confronted and destroyed.
RACIST!!!!!!! That’s all they scream anymore, why, because their policies can’t hold up under debate. Their constituents eat it up. Sad state we are in
Booker, the joke of the Democratic Party! Doh Dee Doh! HICCUP!
Wrong it is you and the Democrats that have been using race to divide the country since 2008.
So they shall line up and denounce someone we all know who is not a very good person yet they have ZERO PLAN of their own to reunite and reconcile this whole Nation not just those they deem worthy. Not a brain among any side yet they line up to parrot the last person thinking this is wisdom. Fire the whole lot of them and start fresh.
Shameful how these Dems will say anything, and in fact sell their Souls to the Devil, for a chance at the nomination... #21Jokesters
Where was Booker when Racist Maxine Waters told Republicans “you’re not welcome”. Told people to mob around them, “Push Back”! There’s a reason there is no credibility.
CNN2 hours ago

"Your child has been sent to school every day without money and without a breakfast and/or lunch...If you are taken to Dependency court, the result may be your child being removed from your home and placed in foster care," the...

If you have kids in need of breakfast and lunch this summer, simply text "FOOD" or “COMIDA” to 877877 and you'll receive a message with the closest location where they can get free summer meals. ***Theres no paperwork to fill out, no income requirement to meet. They just feed the kids. It’s really that simple. They serve kids 18 and under. As long as they can eat table food, they can eat with this program. No Kid Hungry has access to information about tens of thousands of groups serving free meals nationwide as part of the the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Summer Food Service Program. Copy and paste this bc it could help someone in need that doesn't want to speak up and ask for help. We all need a little help sometimes. 💗 #NoKidHungry
"Of the school districts with unpaid student meal debt, 40.2% said the number of students without adequate funds increased last school year, according to the School Nutrition Association." But I thought the economy was booming for everyone. People with money stacked and waiting to be deposited. Everyone should have plenty to pay for their children's lunch, right?? Or could it be the economy is only booming for a certain few and the majority still live paycheck to paycheck and it still doesn't stretch far enough
Thankful to work in a district (Roanoke City Public Schools) that provides free breakfast and lunch to EVERY. SINGLE. STUDENT. They also open a few area schools in the summer to provide meals.
My grandson’s school provides breakfast and lunch at no cost to everyone regardless of income. I believe it’s funded by a government grant.
Yes. Let's inflict vast trauma on children because their families are poor. Great idea. 😠
I think it’s time every single public school student be offered a free healthy lunch and breakfast. But also every child and parent be required to help care for the school or help teachers cut things out etc. It’s time we make education for everyone a priority and value the gift. In so many countries only the rich get educated. Our education should be the best in the world bar none and kids should be taught to eat nutritious food early and required to do physical fitness for fun as well as competition.maybe making food would be a good idea as well
So instead of spending a few thousand dollars to feed children, the state is willing to pay hundreds of thousands to place kids in foster homes? Over crappy food??
Research confirms feeding the children breakfast increases learning by 17%. Put that in your education budget and crunch the numbers (if you've eaten and can now calculate).
Thank you to Pueblo, Co district 60 that provides free breakfast and lunch to every child during the school year regardless of income and free lunches all summer too despite being one of the poorest areas of the state. Can we say "Yay!" For legal pot and all the added benefits?!
I'm glad where I live kids get to have free breakfast & lunch maybe a snack the entire school year. Even to summer school
I was lucky because my boss when I worked at a daycare covered my kids lunch when they ran out. They ran out because my stepdaughter was eating both breakfast at home AND school, unbeknownst to me. So she ran out early for the breakfast charges. They gave that child bologna and it made her stand out. I hate public school for many reasons, but this is just one of many reasons we homeschool. Yuck.
So the government gives foster parents over $700 a month per child to take care of them, wouldn't it be much cheaper to just help fund the school lunch for the child?
This isn’t about children not getting free lunch, but about parents taking responsibility for their children’s welfare. - the school system is well aware of who really can’t afford. If a parent leaves the welfare of a child in another’s hands, it is suspect. Schools are not responsible for the children overall, but to keep them educated and safe when they are at school.
Breakfast & lunch should be free for all in school! We pay school taxes or those of us who own homes do & that should be used to provide both for all kids!!! These school districts have a lot of nerve!!!
Prisoners get free lunch, so should our kids!
If the family is struggling financially all they have to do is fill out an application for free or reduced lunch. The National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs are administered in most school districts in the US. Very simple to apply and applications are provided to all parents at the start of each school year.
My kids ate breakfast every morning BEFORE they went to school and brought a lunch and the school still tried to send me ONE bill (400) at the end of the year for "seconds" and "extras" that were served after lunch had been served to all the students. My elementary school kids had no idea they had to pay for the food offered to them and I was never sent a bill so that I could tell the school AGAIN that my kids should not get any school food. I had already told the school not to open a lunch account for my kids but was told they had to for every student regardless of if they ate school lunch or not. I told them then that my kids were not to get school food. I didn't pay a penny of that bill.
How sad that kids cant get free lunches. But yet, we have prisoners getting 3 meals a day. Why not take away 1 meal from the prisoners each day and make sure kids get to eat.
If parents can't feed their kids they shouldn't have them. What happened to personal responsibility?
WHY are parents being charged for kids’ lunches - they should be FREE as part of the school day! This is insanity! No child should be shamed at school over their lunch!
I cant imagine ever sending my kids to school hungry and then not even sending a sandwich for lunch.
Prisoners are given 3 meals per day. Why not take away a meal from them and give it to the children????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
How about we give Congress a pay cut and spend that money on the year round free lunch program? No child should ever go hungry
The usual demonizing the poor AND CPS. No CPS social worker (I am one) would place a child in protective custody (the correct term) because a parent failed to pay for school lunch. EDIT: parenting is a Constitutional right. Removal of children is analogous to arresting someone. There has to be exigency (immediate, grave danger/risk to child) and probable cause. A holes.
I think the point here is (what is going on) Respond to something, fill out paperwork for help with food, send lunch/money, pay the bill, do something that demonstrates you are a responsible person for this child or we will. I get it.
CNN2 hours ago

How did Antoine Fuqua give Training Day it’s gritty feeling back in 2001? He cast actual gang members as extras. What’s your favorite scene? #CNNTheMovies explores the 2000s, tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Remember when news channels only made the news
The birds in the jungle. Crenshaw area realness.
California just banned Man-Which for not being gender neutral...
Great film, lost count of how many times I have watched it!!
Its!!!!! Are you kidding me that people who work at CNN don't know the difference between its and it's?!!!
TV shares many perceptions and interpretations of reality. The TV can instruct and lead your life in a way where death can be your result from viewing lost knowledge. Reason being is cause you take entertainment as reality. This lost sense of reality happens when you believe these man made scripts or should I say false scriptures. Jeremiah 23:16 16 This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says to his people: “Do not listen to these prophets when they prophesy to you, filling you with futile hopes. They are making up everything they say. They do not speak for the Lord!
He hired Denzel. That's all he needed.
Such a great flick.
remind me of my old gang days
This is a very racist movie
When Jack drowned after Titanic hit the iceberg
great movie. eva mendes, tho. my goodness, she's so hot.
Fav scene ( Car- Smoking- Wanna go home? Or you wanna go to jail)
A Din Du Nuffin movie. Yay!!!!!!
its not it’s. come on CNN!
My favorite all time
Well that's Racist, I didn't see any White people playing any of the gang members...
Best. Movie. Ever
Gwennie Fuqua
CNN stop supporting anti America hate Democrats hate group ! All I have seen is that the democratics causing problems not solving problems from the beginning ! Democrats have refuses to work in our issues !
So he paid gangbangers to play hangbangers?
CNN2 hours ago

This white Republican congressman says he isn't offended by President Donald J. Trump's racist attacks on four Democratic congresswomen of color because he's "a person of color"

God is our creator. He is a rainbow of colors. How beautiful he is . We are beautiful in his sight
if he is a man of "color" then i would ask him to walk a mile in the shoes of a true person of "color"
Absolutely. We're ALL people of color, including white.
This guy is trying to act educated on this subject but he is clearly not. He should read some books, take some classes, and have some discussions. He is very confused and I wish he didn’t have a platform to spread this nonsense.
Does any State expect advancement with this quality of leadership specially someone who’s payed by everyone’s tax payers money
It really doesnt matter if it was a racist tweet or not. There is right and wrong and those remarks were just so wrong coming from a PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! America deserves better than having the most divisive and polorizing President of my lifetime! Trump is incapable of being a leader.
Of course he's not offended by racism. He's an old white guy who thinks he's entitled. It's called "white privilege". Not to mention he wants to keep his job. And I'm white, as well as the wife and daughter of two retired military veterans.
Any one saying he doesnt know what it's like to be a person of color has no idea the history of the Irish. The Irish were enslaved for many years. Sad people are so uninformed and hateful.
Why would he be offended it wasn't intended for a person of his color or financial status
What is missing here? It’s not just name calling and racist remarks. It’s an orchestrated effort to diminish the rights of certain groups of people based on their race and culture. Shouldn’t these guys be familiar with the Constitution of the United States of America?
Well, intelligence isn't one of the Republicans' strengths.. We all know that.
Yup, I agree with him. I’m white and I’m not going to be shamed for it.
If that's the case then I want him to live his life as an actual person of color...then get back to me after 12 hours when he is nothing but a crying mess.
Keep dividing CNN, what a garbage network, where is the coverage of Trump getting A$AP Rocky out of jail on his name?
We are all people of color!! WTH Really CNN! He’s right! Those Congress women must of only learned one color in school!! What a joke they are to our country!! 👎👎👎
The privileged spoke 😂 how could he possibly be offended? He never lived oppression...
Just wow! He managed to say about the stupidest thing ever, he also managed - in the Republican form - to trivialize an important issue. Actually he has no color at all - he is transparent.
I'm pretty sure he is taking a page from warren. Hes got to have some native american in his blood. Bahahahaha
,,.. It starts with playing on the prejudices of a Nation. It starts with a message of Us versus Them. It starts with intolerance and hate speech. It starts with denying basic rights. It starts with ordinary citizens turning a blind eye. Only then will Trump start the Final Solution ... extermination.
We are all human no matter what color but so many dont think that way.
It would appear that the intention of the GOP is to eliminate racism by elimination the entire concept of racism
We are all people of color exclude caucasian beige people is discriminTing against white ...people...We are all part of the many color people of the world...
To be fair, Trump is also a person of color. I don't know too many people with that ugly orange tan 😂😂
The Irish were called the "N" word during the last WHITE immigration crisis HOWEVER - what then united the Irish, the Scottish, the Italians etc, is that they had BLACK people to marginalize. They all found a group who made all their petty little challenges in their tenements go away. What Americanized them was discrimination of black people. So miss me with your short sighted Ellis Island stories Kelly.
Me either. Because they were not directed at race at all. Manufactured outrage. Bahaaaa. Remember the high school kids. Everything in the media and liberal talking is racist. Therefore nothing is. Hurts people .
CNN3 hours ago

Four teenagers escaped a juvenile justice facility in Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday night after staging a fight in their room and overpowering the staff members who responded.

The boys stole a staff member's car keys, cell phone...

Honestly.. I'm pretty impressed. Lol that takes a lot of planning and forethought to do that type of thing.
This sounds the an opening to a great movie
I know that when I was a CO in a juvenile detention center there was usually more opportunities to overpower staff than not. Sadly, the amount of salary starting as a CO turns many people away from applying, leaving many facilities understaffed. There were MANY times it was just myself with quite a few inmates. Now getting to the control room, unlocking that door AND managing to get out of the control room, get car keys, and actually make it out the door was in fact a much harder task.
Great job there staff. They should be treated as adults at this point. Can’t wait to hear how they was doin good and on da way to college
There’s a few job openings here this morning....
And these are the people Ds wish to entrust with ALL of our security? I’ll just keep my firearms. Ineptitude from the government is only the norm. I’m fine protecting myself. You can rely on overweight, underpaid persons to withhold your security if you do please....
Security staff needs to be Gym training requirements.
and that also leads me to believe these kids are not being heard nor listened to by the court system
All 4 were put in the juvenile detention for a reason. They all will be found and incarcerate d again Hopefully while out. No one get hurt or dies
What were they doing with all of that personal stuff in facility in the first place? And those 4 staff were the only people working that day? No gates? No personnel between facility and the parking lot?
While I do support the police and think they should be in jail. No one is going to lie down and take it, and If you can find a way to escape that's your personal liberty to not be detained. Every one cheered for Andy Dufrane 😂
The inmates are Tajah Bing, 16, who was committed on a charge of lewd and lascivious behavior with a victim less than 12 years old; Davionne Baldwin, 17, committed on charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle and violation of probation; Tyjuan Monroe, 16, committed for robbery with a firearm and grand theft of a motor vehicle; and Marcus Ledbetter, committed for burglary.
Street smart teens. I bet going forward no phones or personal belongings allowed in the Pods !
Not impressed...they could be a danger to society and that word society means me and you.Treat them properly give love but expect the unexpected from them as they are always thinking ahead of you and being book smart doesn't means you are Street smart
Okay, They just Graduated out of the Juvenile System and they should go Straight to the Penitentiary! Full Time , No Time Served BS !
If they are like this as children, imagine for a moment what they will be like as adults. The answer is military intervention. They are obviously super smart so steer them in a good direction.
Classification and inmate management needs to be implemented. Society wants Juveniles treated with kid gloves. But the truth is there are hardcore criminals who are juveniles. If a juvenile needs to be incarcerated then let them be put in an age appropriate jail.
I guess it wasnt a secure facility where a control room operates any sally ports to the outside.
If they did all that & still managed to escape. They deserve to be free🤷🏾‍♂️
Isn't that awesome.? Boys don't look back just keep running and your find the safe place
They committed a crime of lewd & lascivious behavior with a victim of less than 12 yrs old & now they're on the loose. Oh nice. Real comforting for those of us with small children. -sigh-
Imagine if that brilliant idea was directed to school
The kids on the loose The Grand Escape. I can see the title now.
Those staff members must be retrained. This should have never happened. But then again, i understand because if they would have used excessive force, they would have been criticized.
So, when they are caught their time will be even worse than the original punishment. Yea, real smart! 🙄