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"When you have to service debt, the choices about what you can go do in the world are constrained... (Smith's gift) gives them the liberty to follow their dreams, their passions."

Liberals just a friendly reminder! With the exception of hermaphrodities, you can identify yourselves as whatever you want but you can’t change whether you’re born male or female! You can’t make that choice, biology does!!!!!
I am wondering why there are hate comments about his act. There will always be haters no. Matter what you do. mr Billionaire ur act can be understood best by those students. May God bless you.
Still some great humanity in this world... But some won't like it.
That’s a true billionaire. Unlike crooked trump, Robert Smith doesn’t runs his mouth telling people how rich he is. Just by his action, you’re being left to do your homework about his assets.
Daenarys imprisons Tyrion Jon kills Daenaeys Bran becomes king Arya travels west Sansa become queen on Winterfell Tyrion becomes hand of the king Jon exiled as commander of nightwatch
Wasnt the left suppose to take his money to do this!!!!
Bernie must be on suicidal watch
I wonder if enrollment will increase next year? 🤔
Thats how you get the ball rolling,goodness has to start somewhere,now let's keep it going
Vow to pay off mine... Like I want a sugar daddy, but don’t wanna give no sugar. Okurrr 👌🏼😂
It’s good of him but he shouldn’t have to do it. Government should pay for it.
When you have enough... you build a legacy by helping others.. not hating
I went and read the comments. Those folks throwing shade, eff them AND the horse they rode in on too! The very idea that kids today graduate with tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt is effing ludicrous. Now they have to pay that money back while being offered less pay than their less educated privileged counterparts! The idea of an of us or any subjugated people working together just freaks those f*ckheads out cuz they know and have conspired to prevent what would amount to their being overthrown! And you and I know that if push comes to shove, (Tulsa Riots, Move Bombings, etc), they will resort to violence. This gentleman just helped those kids in their escape efforts from a cruel and heinous system. I applaud him and would love to see much more of this! As for the haters......time will balance the scales as will the ability to defend ourselves! P.S. Other countries manage to educate for free and well as provide health care but the allegedly richest country can't or won't do that!
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Why would ANYONE contribute $ or vote Dems who PROMISES to KILL MORE AMERICAN BABIES!?! Vote all dems out
This is American capitalism at work. A billionaire decides to pay for other people’s college voluntarily and not involuntarily as what would happen under the democrats plan
Great act of kindness but rewarded the wrong people. What about those that saved, worked and cash flowed their way through without debt? Who’s parents did without and scarified so their children wouldn’t be saddled with debt for years? Sends the wrong message. Imagine standing there proud for doing the right thing in one moment. Then in the next feeling like a sucker.
Black privilege
Imagine this being done for every student across America - as opposed to wasting hundreds of billions of dollar on war, corporate tax breaks, and tax breaks for the richest 1% of Americans.
I still can't understand how anyone can be mad at how someone else spends their own money!! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ He did a great thing and the haters are out in full force to find something butt hurt to cry about. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Mnuchin spent his money for a worthy cause too, a $91M tin rabbit!
That gesture means that government student loans need to be completely abolished and that private charity works better than state programs.
If all millionaires and billionaires can do this!!!😂😂😂😂
Republican Billionaire doing Socialist work
Come to Western Michigan University 🙌🏽
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Now our watch has ended -- but did the finale of Game Of Thrones live up to the show's epic promise? (Spoiler alert)

It's only entertainment folks, only entertainment...
Quick question, what was the point of making Jon Snow's parentage such a big plot point if at the end of the day, the writers were just going to send him back to the Nights Watch? Like that whole plot about him being a Targaryen didn't lead to anything
Imagine getting killed in the shittiest job of your life, only to be resurrected from death, and then being sent back to the shittiest job of your life.
Jon wasn’t allowed weapon when he visited Tyrion in case of an escape attempt, but he was when meeting Daenerys?
Between Drogon making me cry, Ghost & Jon reuniting, and the brothel conversation, I loved it 🤷‍♀️. Every Stark ended up where they wanted to be.
The show has been dumbed down to the most idiotic level possible, wherein everything happens by convenience, such as Sam, a member of the Night's Watch and not a great lord by any means, having a say on who's to be the next king, and then becoming archmaester without having forged not even ONE of his maester's chain links. It's amazing. Every complexity, drama and thoughtfulness has been thoroughly defenestrated throughout the last three or four seasons and the last episode was just the culmination of all of that.
Dumbest ending ever hahhahahahha, jon snow was the prince that was promised for nothing hahahah it doesnt even make sense hahah u can tell they rushed thru it hahah the Mother of Dragon fought her life off for 8 straight seasons just to die by a dagger n jon snow was not killed for it. Foh.
Sounds like I'm glad I didn't waste eight seasons of a TV show just to be thoroughly disappointed by the ending. Suck on it, Dungeons and Dragons nerds.
Hell no. Everyone was waiting for John Snow to be king and nothing. I like Bran but king ? Ummm no. The best episode was when they fought the white walkers. Every other episode this season has been a snoozer. Very disappointed.
It was an amazing ending for the sheer fact that it’s just over!! I don’t have to watch it being talked on TV or any of my podcasts, I won’t see it popping up in my social media feeds, at work or withing my group of friends. Its just a silly TV show, dont take it so serious. Now I’ll sit back and let all the hateful comments start flying in. I welcome all trolls 😊
Everyone has been working and suffering for decades to get to this moment, and Bran just rolls in like Beto O'Rourke yelling "yo I'm just born to be in it, baby!"
I think "Arya the pirate ninja" is coming as some sort of episodic adventure show coming from that ending.
It is the worst episode and the worst ending to a series, ever. In the immortal words of Donald Trump..... "Sad!"
I have to wonder if they flunked the same writing class as the guys that wrote the ending to "Lost"... I'm just going to pretend the series ended at season 8, episode 2, maybe 3 but no further... disappointing doesn't begin to cover it... Thank you George R.R. Martin for dragging your feet, being 2 books behind, and leaving the ending up to a bunch of TV hacks.
Just an amazing ending. So happy with how it ended. Quite glad Dany got hers in the end. Kudos to every single cast and crew member from season 1 to this wonderful ending. 👍🏼
Some loved it, others did not. That makes it perfect.
It was rushed, incomplete and a waste of character development! it was a better ending than lost but close to being bad like the Sopranos. Just didn’t like how they wrapped it up! Fearful for Star Wars future with writers like that at the helm🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😒
This was a fantastic series that had me on the edge of my seat every week and left me looking forward to the next episode. That emotional roller coaster brought me to the finale that was underwhelming. What a disappointment! I mostly hated what the writers did to poor Jon. Throughout the series Jon consistently gave far more than he received as a lover, sibling, son, friend, and warrior. Although Games of Thrones is known for its surprises, I thought for sure Jon would for once come out on top and be given his proper throne. Instead he’s tossed back to being with the Night Watch. Jon being surrounded by miles and miles of freezing cold desolate scenery prophetically spoke to his bleak future that would be without his own land, a wife or children. Why!!!!!!!
I just stared at my TV for another 3 minutes thinking I missed something
This season was awesome, y’all are just a bunch of babies.
First 6 season were perfect. 7th one was okay, 8th is a dissapointment.
Is anyone ever really satisfied with the ending of shows they’ve watched for years? So many complaints of the endings of The Sopranos, Seinfeld, Dexter, etc.
So anyways I have a question . Do you cut your pizza before or after you put it the oven ?
Like “True Blood,” HBO nearly ruined GOT with a lackluster final season.
Horrible season, but decent finale. Should have been 10 episodes.
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President Trump appeared to confirm that the United States conducted a cyberattack against a Russian entity during last year's midterm elections, in an interview aired Sunday on Fox News.

You don't think Trump gave Putin heads up on this .not his first time..Both are playing games..Trump uses and plays his supporters..Not's to make it look like Trump did something..To easy...Everything Trump said he did to Russia .he never announce was one of his people..Trump took his time to give sanctions to Russia he made sure to let Putin know it wasn't him it was congress..WOW.i can't believe Trump would treat every American like we're fools..Not surprise..those that care about our country know who Trump is and how he loves to play games..His supporters are His puppets they believe all his lies..Wake up people..
I’m sure Trump doesn’t understand what a cyberattack is. Just look at his face.
Trump won't be impeached with a conviction without Republicans in the Senate, and they won't do it, nor we will achieve the 2/3 majority do to the far-right gerrymandering and their voting suppression tactics. Win or lose in any presidential election, regardless, Trump won't concede the presidency in 2020 and beyond to anyone who's last name isn't Trump. Trump is a megalomaniac sociopath who has the backing of a 3rd of the people (his supporters), who are easily manipulated because they are weak-minded and fearful that causes a delusional state of consciousness and needs villains to blame and to cope with their shallow existence (a hole that can never be filled) thus making them perfect sheep for their masters that has all the qualities of a tyrant; aka sociopaths or psychopaths. And he has the support of others like him: the world's dictators in other countries; like Russia. The Nazis (Republicans), has taken over many courts, including the supreme court, and nearly all branches of government while in violation of our constitution, the law and committing treason. And there is zero accountability for white supremacist with a badge that murder civilians with impunity. They are all in in for keeps, as it's literally a do or die scenario for them now. We as true Americans are going to have to accept what has been written a million times over: all you have to do is refer to history of past and present dictators, and wars to see what's on the horizon. We are witnessing the destruction of democracy, and we are literally in the final few steps away from the inevitable conclusion of war that is bestowed upon us by our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence if the rule of law isn't somehow enforced. A significant portion of our military will splinter and and fight along side true Americans and allies to address this global threat of the far-right 'Republicans' who have embraced nationalism, fascism, NAZISM once again, just as was done in WW2. The fate of our planet, our country, our lives rests in ALL of our hands to take a stand and fight against oppression and extinction brought to us by people like the far-right.
Our president works hard to keep our elections safe, and for that, all Americans should be grateful
The trump trolls need to put the crack pipe down.
Donkey in chief
drop dead already
So..... Selling out your country again, Donald? Lovely.
He's lying trying to look like he's actually doing something against Putin. He's not
The "Cadet Bone Spurs" lies, exaggerates, misleads, and lies.
Conducted by whom again?...His Russian buddies😂😂
Oh ffs when will this end, that’s a massive facepalm for the intelligence community that the Orange bonespurs is now confirming secret cyber attacks!?!?, so now when other countries do it, it’s legitimised.
fake news from trump
I don't believe it and even iif he did it does not in anyway change the fact he and his election campaign and several members of his administration are in cahoots with those people.
so,why didn't u conduct cyberattack against russia during your election in 2016?
Does he even talk to his own government? Just saying.
Listen to all the whining from the Trump haters, LOL! Waaaaaaah, Russia! Bone spurs! Putin! So funny! Glad Hillary’s not President Lololololol
This man is loosing it, I think he's ready to give up this presidency it's getting to tough for him to handle
More BS from DT has he reach his 11000 lie yet.
Don't you see? He is trying to justify all of them saying that now the USA have done it too. Just so he cannot be judged or sentenced for what he and his people are guilty. Something like a child does, when he/she has made a mistake, yes I did it but my brother did it too. His childish behavior is now too much, we are dealing with a despicable human being. 😔
No sir, dont talk intelligence....please no.
“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” ― Theodore Roosevelt
A total smokescreen. He did not talk about it because it never happened. And since when does he comply with intelligence requests?. Too late to try and be credible 45.
Trump's lying again..
How can anyone believe anything this clown claims? Let people who know what they are talking about tell us. Not loudmouth liars like Trump.
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The 1780 letter from Alexander Hamilton to Maj. Gen. Marquis De la Fayette says that "enemy" forces were coming to Rhode Island, putting the French forces in danger.

Unborn babies are impatient with Democrats killing them. How long will it take my liberal friends to digest the fact that an unborn baby is still a human being and Abortion is just a cute name for barbaric murder?. Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby (fetus) is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together. 👶🏿❤️👶🏻🔪😓 Babies are not bots, they are 100% human beings. 💔 God bless you ❤️ God is good. Love our women. Stop them from going to hell.
That’s nothing my luggage is still missing since I came over on the Mayflower.
This guy was portrayed in the movie "The Patriot". He's who they were waiting for to arrive to help them beat the English.
Very interesting history of this letter being a stolen item from so long ago. It should be returned to Massachusetts archives. JMO
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Who's going to come out smoke this weed with me?
Now enemy forces came in the name of Ilhan,Rashida and Aoc
Blake Castro
...Thank God he invented the electoral college
Mackenzie Sprecher
Vote Trump 2020/2024 president for life
Enemy forces are coming to America thanks to Trump.
hamilton! humph humph!
that handwriting though.. 👍
Hello CNN. Nydailynews.
Mr.President DONALD TRAMP! Любовники- Масимов Карим и Мелания Трамп-модель любовники. Любовники -бывшими не бывают. Президент Д.Трамп и Масимов Карим, соперники сейчас стычкует. 72 летнего старика-Дональд Трамп наглеет Масимов К., из за ревности. Земля круглая. Вот почему, г-н Дональд Трамп заинтересовался Казахстаном. У Кулибаева Т., любовница в Лондоне, а у миллиардера Масимова К., любовница-в США. Масимов К., знает на какую женьщину-вложить деньги. Нынешняя Мелания Трамп, бывшая модель Мелания-темпераментная, страстная, мечта любой мужчины, любовница Масимова Карим. В то время, Мелания и не гадала, что станет Первой леди США. Когда смотришь на Меланию, заметно что Масимов К., знает толк в женщине. Тайны становяться явью. По этой же причине, Дональд Трамп стал интересоваться политикой Казахстана. = /?=&
French actually helped a lot in defeating the British
well... so much for white supremacy mysteries.
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Three British divers -- who helped rescue a trapped soccer team in Thailand in 2018 -- have discovered that the world's largest cave is even bigger than previously thought

I hope they find the gate to a parallel world an some dinosaur 🦕🦖🐊🦎 there
It's Batmans house what did ya expect 🤦🏼‍♂️🇺🇸
I wish I could go there some day
Breaking news. Google, Intel, Qualcomm the first tech comp ies to stop providing services to Huawei.
I am thinking 🤔 in opening my own TAMALES stand in Hollywood blvd but I don’t know how much to charge 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
how much they paid you guys?
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Don’t wake up the 🐉
Welcome to Việt Nam 🙌
It’s in Vietnam ^^
Ummm.. no thank you. So you swim in tunnels that might end !!! You have zero idea if you will have enough oxygen to make it out? Nope.
Now, that’s travel!
Faker than the moon
Real work clothes...
1:05 ... I read .. " the tunnel connects Some Dong to an enormous cave called Hung Thang .. " 🤔😃😃😃
Karen Hedstrom
Sekhar Jakka
Justin Mcmillan Sandra Graciela Graham
Gabriela Ho
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Deutsche Bank employees once recommended that transactions involving entities controlled by President Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, be reported to a US agency that investigates financial crimes, the New York Times reports.

Everyone needs to come to terms with the fact that Trump is nothing but a FAKE and a FRAUD and a two bit tin horn degenerate lying con-artist and Russian Stooge and Traitor to his country. Nothing but lies come out of his mouth come to terms with that and lets move on forward towards getting him impeached and removed from the WH. NOW!!
Now we know why Trump sued that bank last month, trying to prevent them from turning over financial records to Congress. LOL!
I have said to my son from the beginning of this Chump fiasco --- all they need to do is follow the money ---- and they have been --- it's difficult --- but they are getting there. Just stick with the money trail.....Cohen has alluded to as much.....and I'm not buying it that it is "fake news" when every news outlet is reporting same. Folks just need to watch.
Hmmmmm let’s add tax fraud to the list of crimes trump has committed. Although I am sure it was on the list way before he became president. It’s just coming to light because of the presidency. How embarrassing for America. Our current president is a mob boss and not a very good one Hahahaha.
Reported by New York Times which has repeatedly report fake news and now reports to CNN. Do I believe this, Hell No.
I truly do not understand people that support him. COME’ON You have to know deep down inside that he is not a honest and decent person .... just goes to show you that some people lack common sense or the ability to act upon it
DB was the facilitator for many money laundering transactions for dirty money or Russian mafia. This is why the Russians wanted a way to bring their money into the US. They found their source and that was Trump. Trump needed money and DB was the only one lending him money. This is why he didn’t cared whether he lost because he was getting access to capital. The Russians own this stooge or this fake President.
Trump is broke and has been since his dad died! The Russians own the Trump name and that's embarrassing for his whole family! Conned his way through life cheating Americans out of their money yet his followers dont care what he does to people even themselves! Sickning
Deutsche Bank is well known for its shady dealings. From laundering money for Russian oligarchs, to extending loans to a multiple bankrupt American businessman. Now they're trying to cover their butts!
I'm glad that everything about Trump is getting exposed for this country & the rest of the world to see. Next up, his taxes. Also, you can tell that all of those Trump cultists are so butthurt, that they seem to call all evidence against Trump fake. And all because they can't handle the truth that their president's a con-artist & a Russia/Putin loving criminal. Pathetic.
All the more reason why Congress must get Trump's financial documents to properly do their Constitutionally mandated oversight. Trump is currently attempting to block Deutsche Bank from turning over documents in compliance with a Congressional subpoena. Trump pretended he was going to "drain the swamp" and end corruption. But he's acting exactly as an aggressively corrupt president would act.
And....the Republicans will do nothing. Again.
I dont understand how this lying, cheat, crook was idolized in the 80s and 90s. His whole life has been a fruad. His father was the same way.
The irs received my return 1 day late several years ago. They billed me 15$. 5 interest and 10 penalty. These guys are getting away with millions in criminal activity. Where is the justice?
Yes, because The New York Times have such a fine track record of accurate reporting, with their leaks from unnamed sources and their subsequent retractions 😴 oh and let's not forget how they peddled criminal conspiracy with Russia
This makes me mad. He deserves to be put out if office. I just don’t believe in our government anymore. Laws mean whatever people with money say they mean ... what’s the point anymore
Trump is a billionaire n does business all over the world. What part of this story is a story. Wow
What an embarrassment as a president this man is
Just a matter of time before he ends up in an orange jumpsuit
Christie told us that Drumpf and pirate clan have more to worry about from the Southern District Court than from Mueller. He should know. He WAS a prosecutor. Cue the nervous Drumpfers and paid trolls. It’s mid-day Monday in Russia. They’re all at their desks typing a mile a minute.
These people continue to break the law constantly and nothing ever happens I guess money does buy freedom
The Trump Crime family washing money. Smh
Deutsche Bank shares private info to the press? Interesting!
If they saw suspicious activities why didn't they report it, it's part of their job.
CNN4 hours ago

More than 400 years on, the story of the first African samurai still resonates in Japan and around the world.

Why every person that’s dark skin have to be African? 🙄
Can't wait to see the movie
Wow. This is the first I’m hearing of this. I knew William Adams (the inspiration for the book Shogun) was the European samurai in the Tokugawa court but I’ve never heard of Yasuke until now. This should be fascinating.
Come on really, he had to be a foot taller then anyone else in the country....
This was all Donald Trump's fault!!!
No wonder it it call ninjas too 😂😂😂
Don't share this with trumptards, their heads will explode.
*Plays Nujabes & dives into article*
I was told the story while in Korea by a Japanese professor back in the 70s, I was too young and too ignorant to believe him, but I listened with respect. I thought it was a great story. Also the Korean told me some great stories about the 24th and or 25th segregated infantry, made me feel proud.
Cool story. Long but worth the read. I never heard this story before and I have always been interested in Japanese history. I was there for a year during Vietnam. It is an amazing country and the people were incredibly polite and welcoming.
Fascinating! I don't think I ever heard of the African samurai...We never stop learning. (Until the past couple of years, I hadn't realized that there was a large Jewish group in China for hundreds and hundreds of years. So cool)
I remember reading about this long ago, Oda Nobunaga can’t believe how dark his skin is and ordered servant wash his skin to prove he wasn’t just a foreigner with some paint on
Just like something happens in Sekiro
Odd timing to observe this when I'm trying to solve the samurai's lost bad role in world war 2.
Something something cultural appropriation
Great great great great grand father of Wesley Snipes.
Be a cool movie
More proofs that Japanese women love black , not surprising to see a japanese female writer.
Cool story CNN, thanks for sharing.
Should make a awesome movie.
He came from Mozambique 👌🏽
Hala from the African South 🇿🇦.
still thaught the american last samurai was better lol but thats cool
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President Trump ratcheted up his rhetoric toward Iran on Sunday, tweeting that a fight with the United States would "be the official end of Iran."

Trump had a plan to beat ISIS. It didn't work. Trump had a plan to stop North Korea. It didn't work. Now trump wants to fight Iran? Trump is the worst President in United States history.
God bless America and President Trump 😊😊 Much respects from Papua New Guinea, cheers 😊😊😊
He needs to be replaced urgently. This insane dictator is the major threat to world peace. If the US won't move to replace him then the rest of the world will have to step in.
It’s so nice finally having a president who has a back bone. Thank God we have the Tom Brady of presidents guiding our country. God truly was on our side back in 2016. #Trump2020 #GoatPresident #ThankYouForEverything
If we go to war with Iran and Americans lose their life as a result, the blood is on Trump’s and Bolton’s hands. If they had stfu and left the Iran Deal alone, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Trump just wants to score a political victory against Obama by telling everyone the Iran Deal was a disaster that didn’t work (which many of Trump’s own cabinet officials said otherwise), then poke and bait Iran into a response that would warrant further American action (sort of like how NFL quarterbacks try to get the defense to jump offsides).
Why does this man want to go to war so bad. Especially when he never served in the military because he got a doctor to sign off because he had bone spurs. My dad served in the Korean War and he was blind in one eye.
let's all think about this....the president of the United States officially threatening a sovereign nation. on twitter Let that sink in people. It's time to get this man out of office.
Good God... THE DRAMA. Of course his Cult will assume he knows things the rest of us don’t . He doesn’t .
He tells Iran this but Russia has attacked our elections and he is too coward to tell them to even stop.
Well, Trump might very well be the end of America, so...
He talked tough on North Korea when he foolishly believed he could strike some peace accord. When that didnt work because nk didnt cower he basically walked away with his tail between his legs. Now the maniac has turned his attention to Iran, another nation with another leader that's not afraid of trump. The sanctions trump devised have proven useless and his attempts to intimidate Iran will fail as well. This is the same president who garnered support by making his deplorables believe Clinton wanted to get America in to a war, every chance he gets trump tries to start something and loses. Give it up dt, nobody cares anymore.
Oh no, yet another Tantrum, another threat by this dimwit... Hillary was absolutely right! It's very dangerous to give the nuclear codes to a deranged unstable madman like Trump! 2020 can't come soon enough...hopefully we survive!
He needs a war, both as a distraction and as a boost to his re-election campaign. Don’t worry folks, for each of your kids who die in this pointless conflict you’ll get a brand new folded flag.
It's more than just a little juvenile to threaten a country on TWITTER. Like, really? Trying to cyberbully a country like a 9th grader.
OMG! Here we go again but not with N Korea, but with Iran. This man will kill us all one way or another.
Nobody is threatening the US. Trump wants to start a war. Iran is still in the Iran Nuclear deal. Trump withdrew because he hates peace. The only one acting bad is Trump.
Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die. - Herbert Hoover -
tRump and Bolton are just trying to get something started with Iran. Dumpy is willing to sacrifice our military men and women to show his power! He is insane!! He has no idea what they are capable of! Iran has not stopped developing nuclear arms.
Trump is the biggest keyboard warrior out there. Sure, threaten Iran with war but do nothing with Russia, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia.
Wouldn't be a true Republican presidency without starting a war in the Middle East 🙄
Trump is a threat to our country .Opens his big mouth..he forgot he can't do a thing unless with the permission from congress .So Trump should know that .Why is he bullying them..That's under minding and threatening them to start it first.. Trump needs to go Now. Trump is unfit and unstable to run our country..
/Dick...Another perpetual war for oil...its his only chance for re-election. His desperation is humiliating.😨
He keeps saying he doesn't want a war, but then does everything to back Iran into a corner to force their hand and make them the aggressor.
I always knew the next war would start from a Twitter fued. What a joke!
When is the official end of Don the Con's presidency?
CNN4 hours ago

Sybrina Fulton's campaign manager says she will focus on issues such as economic development, attaining more workforce housing and affordable housing, and curbing gun violence.

George Zimmerman for Florida Senator!!!
I bet all you morons who clicked the laughing face voted for a d-list reality TV "star" with ZERO political experience, who lost billions of dollars, is taking away all your rights and destroying the country. But keep laughing...
Why is she looked up to? The son she raised tried to kill a man by slamming his head into the concrete repeatedly before he was shot in self defense.
She is prejudice and for the guilty. Her son was guilty...
This woman is a pillar of strength. I’m in awe of her.❤️
Curbing gun violence? Her son got himself killed by attacking Zimmerman with his bare hands...
She couldn’t even raise her own child correctly.
Go for it!! I admire strong empowered women.
Oh boy. I’m definitely not going to vote for her.
Good for her, I hope she does very well
The only way to change the system is to become part of it .. Good for her
Wow, the comments on here are depressing.
Didn’t y’all post this earlier? I really think y’all post stuff on this CNN page to watch people tear each other to shreds in the comments. Smh.
All these negative comments. Lol look what you got now running your country now wow, please
Well, since AOC lowered the bar to half-cretin, why not?
Good for her..
Your son is your cause. Ms. Fulton, I totally support you.
I have submitted this news for the Joke of the week award!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yea right, she is getting very far in politics!!! 🤣🤣🤣
I so hope she lose
Doing business with her son's death. No. I don't support her.
What is she gonna run on how do I intimidate and rub Diamme stores like her kid
Economic development 🤔I remember her telling everyone to burn the city down. Is that really who you want your leader to be?
Reading some comments here got me Smh. This thread depicts the inhumanity, cruelty, heartlessness, persistent wickedness and racism in high places in America. It's actually unhealthy to sharing country with these beasts without souls, monsters and evil personified individuals. Geez, United States is terrifying.
That’s awesome. I support her and wish her much success. It’s good to see people try to change things from the inside. Many people sit around and complain so when someone actually puts their words into action I think that’s great.
CNN5 hours ago

The new photos show Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and their three children playing in a new garden co-designed by the Duchess.

Nobody cares, where’s baby Archie at he’s the real prince.
JohnDoling Catherine is beautiful, is reminiscent of. Princess Diana and totally exemplifies what a Member of the Royal family should be unlike others that have married into the Royals.
Why, because Meagan & Archie are in the spotlight 🤦🏾‍♀️
Uh-oh!!!! Harry, Meghan and Archie must be getting too much press.
What’s with the negative comments? I love this. She’s encouraging playing outside with your kids. My husband and I had our first daughter when we were young and we lived in an apartment, so I made the trek daily to the public park/playground and we loved it. When we could finally buy a home, having a yard was a must. We found a home with a yard, a tree swing and a small tree house...and it was perfect. There is nothing I love more than being outside with my kids. Im glad she’s putting so much focus on this. It’s important to kids. My oldest is 18 and away at university and still says “mom, remember when we had tea parties in the tree house” Playing outside with your kids makes so many great, happy memories.
Please Kate you can't distract me ☹️ you simply can't 🤷‍♀️ I wish princess Megan and Harry a happy anniversary 😊😍 so far so good it keeps getting better 😊 💪 my buddies 😍😍
Why release them today? It’s Meghan and Harry wedding anniversary.
It's refreshing to get a news break from the Sussex's for a change.
I love what she has done with the children's garden!
Beautiful pictures on Harry and Meghan's Anniversary. Sounds very fishy. Sounds like the rumors are true Harry & Meghan are getting far more attention than the future King and Queen and its not sitting well with William and Kate at all.
I don’t care. What? She feels threatened by Meghan? You’re going to be Queen. Find something else to do. Fake as can be.
Sad how this two brothers compete.
Beautiful and classy family !!
Seems to be an intense push on pictures of Wm., Kate and children since the pregnancy and birth of Archi, the Duke of Sussex. Wonder why?
Isn't it time the royals return all their stolen wealth?
Looking at these pictures you never would have guessed William fell into his friend’s rose bush last month 🤨😂
I think this precious family is Diana’s dream come true!💕
Doesn’t Britain have a cap on the number of children regular people can have and something to do with taxes/claimed benefits, at two children? 🧐
Now...isn't it Archie's time... Stupes. All that wealth n still petty
If you would see this article on Fox all the comments would be positive, but on CNN the comments are ugly. Says a lot about the type of people that follow CNN.
Cute pics. Lovely family.
Republicans want Government out of their lives but in a Woman’s Uterus.
Congrats 😎 Nice image , lifelong Dream Marry A Royal as Common People in England Do! Wow! With Help Parents made sure she went to all schools he attended/Pursued called bluff Yep when he tried to soar his oats😄 Congrats hope all Ur hopes Prayers for your entire to be QUEEN 😎 🤗
So is Kate now Catherine? I’ve been watching GOT so I’ve missed a few things.