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She was eight months pregnant with her baby, who was narrowly missed by the crossbow and was delivered safely in hospital

For those who won't read the article. SHE WAS MURDERED BY HER EX-HUSBAND. If you are not outraged you should be.
Please don't respond to the troll accounts that post the same nonsense over and over again.
How sad. I am happy they saved the baby.
CROSSBOW?! Is that like a normal thing over there?
Three cheers for Londonistan.
Horrific!!! Such a beautiful lady been killed by a crossbow
I'm beginning to think all this stories are not real. Could that be true?
Geez like Jason Borhees..
What mean CROSSBOW?
*bolt... Its not called an arrow.
It was probably Daryl
My God how incredibly sad: (
Aniket Mishra Raja Bhattarai Mukhemut Din Khan typical Simran ended like this....! Sad though !
Truly sad!
Absolutely horrific the stuff of nightmares
Conceal and carry crossbows
"the alleged killer had been hiding in the family's garden shed, before attacking her in front of her five other children." WTF?????
What's up with all the Fox News trolls?
When will CNN cover this? American tourist (Taylor Kristopher Meyer), University of Colorado graduate killed while vacationing in Mexico.
Crossbows should be banned!
Here comes the flood of "See? Guns aren't the problem! We need crossbow control blah blah blah." A mother is dead and all these jokers care about is their guns.
6678 say no to Acosta getting his pass into White House but 66 say yes and the left our of 10,000 do not know who Acosta is. I would say he never sees the inside of the White Press breifings again.
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Long Island City — one of the winners of Amazon HQ2 — is a fast-growing enclave of New York City, home to shiny high-rise buildings, spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline, parks, contemporary art museum MoMA PS1 and trendy restaurants

Amazon needs to change the way it treats it employees. Its great NY'ers will have job opportunities but it can't be at the expense of their welfare.
You wont be able to afford to live there much longer.
Welcome to the renewing of gentrification in New York! Long Island real estate prices are about to go through the roof as are the taxes to pay for all the updates/upgrades/repairs to the infrastructure. Amazon's assault on the poor. Good luck to my family in friends out in Queens. It's bad enough you have to deal with the the rampant Socialist agenda, but now this.... nail in coffin I'm afraid. Just my thoughts.
Dallas is smiling
will be flooded out in a few years
Possum Ant
The Left is already crying about the tax cuts for Amazon. I hope Amazon sends them a life time supply of Kleenex and takes their investment somewhere else. Why not ask CNN about their tax cuts. Hypocrites.
" ላም እሳት ወለደች እንዳትልሰው እሳቱ ፈጃት እንዳተወው ልጆ ሆነባት። 44=8 ተረፈ ኦቲዝም &ሀይለማርያም ONE EYENA "
CNN sucks!
Minority liberals continue to vote for democrats who are taxing them out of their homes apartments and the outrageous cost of living in these tax ridden liberal run cities,
I see a lawsuit in your future. America vs CNN. You lose.
All locals are required to carry a hipster d-bag ID card.
Who is the best player right now 1- Like for #Ronaldo 👍🇵🇹 2- Love for #Salah ❤🇪🇬 3- Wow for #Hazard 😮🇧🇪 4- Haha for #Messi 😄🇦🇷 5- Sad for #Neymar 😢🇧🇷 6- Angry for #Mbappe 😡🇫🇷
I wish CNN would go out of business get bankrupt f*** CNN you say it again f*** CNN
6678 say no to Acosta getting his pass into White House but 66 say yes and the left our of 10,000 do not know who Acosta is. I would say he never sees the inside of the White Press breifings again.
Blood type, FB already has the rest!
CNN posted an episode of Anderson Cooper Full Circle.49 ago

"Let's start on a path" out of political divisiveness, Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw explained to Anderson Cooper. Crenshaw accepted an apology from comedian Pete Davidson. "We could have lashed out, right? We could have given in to the outrage culture as...

We need to come together to admit that the right has been infected with people who believe in hate, division, and anger. Luckily, it is not yet all of the right. I do not hate these people, I feel sorry for them. Being filled with *that* much hate must feel exhausting: hate for liberals, democrats, women, LGBTQ people, minorities, CNN, or whoever they're bashing this week. Peace and love can heal this world, but until we take a real stand to these people, and **deny** their ideologies a stage, we will live in trying times.
CNN could never act like grownups, they created the outrage culture.😀
He should campaign for. President. We need someone like him
The entire Democrat party ran on hating Trump and his voters. The Democrat party IS the division.
Now that is how a real Texan accepts an apology.
Or, he could have been respectful in the first place. Political humor that is derogatory is not appreciated by many.
Hats off for Dan Cranshaw. A real hero. Good luck for you
Run fools run the fire a comin. Hollywood idiots lost thier mansions hahahaha
Prime example of a conservative going high while a liberal was going low.
Ya except at the beginning you didn’t seem very happy... but good turnaround now teach your baby President to do that lol
Why doesn't Acosta just say sorry
Trump caused this!
6678 say no to Acosta getting his pass into White House but 66 say yes and the left our of 10,000 do not know who Acosta is. I would say he never sees the inside of the White Press breifings again.
One out of over a thousand Republican Politicians actually has some morals. ;)
need better forest management
Political humor is meant to insult criticize, call attention too the pettiness, idiocy, intolerance and lack of intelligence of those in power.. if you can’t take criticism of leaders and equate it to treason, then I truly question what kind of freedoms you believe in..
Nothing but class...
Hgyl girl from lol
Jim Acosta had no respect for the Potus
Whatever.. I just need a chick
A lot of people did lash out. I wonder what they thought of the segment.
Too bad Crenshaw isn't actually a good guy. He and a few other GOPers were admins of a Facebook page that shared conspiracy theories and racist memes
more leftist propaganda from CNN
Democrats should drop the marxism and embrace individual freedom through limited government. That would help America heal. We are not a country where marxism like democrats want is sustainable.
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We're at the White House, where President Trump is participating in ceremony marking Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

so he skipped honoring our veterans at Arlington yesterday to rest up for this occasion? They must have some sort of business affiliation with him.
May God bless him with wisdom. I’m against him on a lot of things but this isn’t the time to be “evil”. It’s the Festival of Lights and love ❤️...
I'm sure that he's never met a South Asian before and as for honouring Diwali......too funny
Two things: 1) Why am I thinking there's something that's going to go wrong here? 2) Of course he is. It's not outside raining. It's inside.
Who knew that every major religion has a festival of lights. Say thank you to the father / mother of all monotheistic religions: Judaism 😊
Let’s all not ignore that fact that he ignored questions about his actions in the past few days while whistling and walking out the door... it happens in a split second but watch his exit
"So do you Indians know Pocahontas?"
Why would any group honor him in this way? I can’t imagine wanting him to be a part of anything I hold dear! 😢
How ironic. Diwali is about the light CONQUERING the DARKNESS, almost like how justice will conquer this corrupt man 🤣
Forget these cable company shows, these ❄️ comments are funny as can be ..... I’m not trolling I’m sheep herding 🤣
Chandler Alday respect is earned. He has done nothing to earn my respect. I respect the office, but not the man in the office.
Marking Diwali, the festival of lights... but cannot commemorate soldiers who died fighting for our freedoms. No Words 😶 ((Actually, too many words, and most of them are what my Dad (WWII Veteran ... ❤️ you Dad and Thank You!) would refer to as “cussing a Blue Streak”.))
But couldnt celebrate veterans day on veterans day. Good job America
Do you think he knows the difference between Muslims, Hindus and Sihks?
This is gonna go horribly wrong at any second.
Does his cult know about this? He couldn't be bothered with the Veterans in France or the U.S. So how does he justify this one? I'm a cynic because I think it's for votes.
yet you couldn’t make it to Arlington
He looks like he's being tortured. #onecouldwish
But not Veterans Day ceremonies!
Diwali was last week. Tf is he doing now?
did he ask them to see their papers?
In his mind he's thinking about having McDonald's after this 😂😂
He probably thinks they’re Muslims🤡
“Very... very.... veryyyy.” He has such an amazing vocabulary. “Great”. “Tremendous”
CNN was live — at The White House.1 hour ago

We're at the White House, where President Trump is participating in ceremony marking Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

This no sound video works for me. Now if you could just lose the picture too, then we could pretend he never existed!
LOL, too funny. The way he pretends to care about other races and religions.
I wish the same happened on Veterans Day! To all the veterans and to those still in service we are proud of you and thank you for your service 💪
Hanging with the Hindus but couldn't hang to commemorate the fallen troops? Ohh hell no!
I thought it was just me, but there was no sound. Nothing to hear here anyway. (y)
It's better with no sound Lol
Did he even know what Diwali is until he read it from his prepared notes?
Wait, wait noticed he is inside, 😆 LOL!! But he couldn’t even show RESPECT FOR OUR SOLDIERS IN ARLINGTON!! So, 😞 sad!
Yes, no sound. Can we put him on “pause” for the rest of his “presidency”?
Most intelligent thing I ever heard him say (nothing)! :-)
Good, now we don't have to listen to his BS and lies. It's much better this way lol.
Silence is so much better when noise is all that comes out of this man’s mouth...blah blah blah!
No rain today?
PLEASE don't adlib... you always go bigoted when you do. STICK TO THE SCRIPT.
Thank goodness, he has lost his voice
Muted.....this may be a blessing. I’m changing channels anyway. I am more interested in what is happening in California with human people.
I'm sure he had never heard of Diwali before this, and could CARE LESS. He doesn't even care to put in an appearance for our vets on Armistice Day,
ZERO days without being a national embarrassment!
This is the best way to view his press conferences. No sound.
Lucky it was drizzling in the White House...
What is going on with the sound? No sound at all
this man will try anything...gezzz knowing very well he could care less
Do y’all see dude right behind him?😂😂😂 I would love to know what’s on his mind as this fool speaks🤗
David Ernst....really? He took food away from poor hungry students! He didn’t go to Arlington Cemetery to respect our vets. He is an embarrassment !
Wow he looks bored and unimpressed.
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When Democrats take control of the House in early 2019, one of the first things they are likely to go after is President Donald J. Trump's tax returns, Chris Cillizza writes

He works for us. Not the other way around. He can quit if he doesn’t like it.
It is not a legal requirement for a president to show his/her tax returns so good luck. How about the house worry about balancing a budget and doing things that actually matter
They're going to have to translate because it's going to be in Russian lol
I predict we’ll find out he’s nowhere near as successful as he claims to be. This guy started out with $400 million and went bankrupt multiple times. He was born on third base and stole second.
CNN = brainwashed hate promoting communists!!!
Should be a requirement for any/all presidential candidates in the first place. Definitely looking forward to January! :)
He hasn't paid tax in years and gets a LOT of money from Russian owned businesses. I cannot wait for it all to come out.
Good job CNN ,keep up the great reporting.
Any PUBLIC SERVANT should be humble enough to be transparent about their finances. Especially with the ability to overhaul the entire tax code. Trunp changed the entire tax structure and implemented laws to benefit his family without ever having to show his taxes. That's unacceptable especially when HE said he would release his taxes. You should NOT be able to run for president without showing your taxes.
CNN you need to change your name, either DNC news or Trump Hate News . 😀
He isn't special!! Every other president has been transparent. What is he hiding!!!???
It will be curious how much of his money comes from Russia!!!
They must start with Mrs Clinton
And he will be exposed for the criminal he is? Good!
Awesome!!! Can’t wait to see his taxes.. lol
Finally! I wouldn’t care so much but he has it coming the way he went after Obama’s birth certificate! I guess he’s too dumb to know Hawaii is part of USA🤣
You can't force him to release his tax returns
It’s about time..
Keep the tax return, just have him quietly leave
Here is the deal there is no law that says he has to. If they force them to then all senators and representatives should have to as well ... because making 150 k a year does not give you a net worth of a 100 million just saying
Awesome News Get them Taxes and let's see what he's been Hiding Con man Trump Hateful Cult
Trying to figure why we care about his tax returns ?? Lol
Not gonna happen. They have no legal standing to see them. Too bad. But hey I get it. Whatever it takes to keep the herd riled up.
Let’s see them. Should have happened during the election.
So, ya all want to see his tax returns when he was a private citizen? Yeah. Good luck with that.
CNN was live.1 hour ago

We're above the Woolsey Fire in Ventura County, California

Praying from Sonoma County California. We know your sorrow & pain. God bless 1st responders. God bless all of you. So sad for all concerned. Xoxo
Prayers to all in California, especially all my friends in Ventura County!🙏🙏🙏 God bless the firefighters, 1st responders and all the families!🙏💕🙏
Heartbreaking for those of us watching. Far beyond heartbreaking for those living it.
OMG the terrain, I had no idea. This is such a heartbreaking situation. Prayers for everyone, and the animals. And thanks to all who're praying for our country too.
So sad. So many lost their lives in this inferno. And the brave FireFighters out trying to put these fires out. Buildings can be rebuilt but lives cannot.
Goodness me. London is praying for you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Lord Jesus in heaven you most merciful please help these people n bless them with rain despite all there sins
So close to home. Lord watch over all of those affected.
#45 need to bring in military help. Those first responders must be getting tired.
great job to all the first responders.. your work is appreciated
Humanity deserves this wrath of fire, 2 much hate and cruelty in this world
Praying that the winds will calm, and the rains will come...
Burning towards the homes
Fly lower cnn... like reeeealll low over it.. like fly into it.
Absolutely heart breaking. Prayers to all.
Why did you leave the Paris Climate Agreement?
I’m so broken hearted. So many friends and relatives affected, so many beautiful places lost. It’s hell on earth.
It's all up in the city
Says where it is right there on the screen on the bottom left.
Oh my. Prayers for rain and success in stopping this fire. Amen.
Oh California, this breaks my heart for you!
So devastating to watch!
Sad - thank you all first responders.
Any word on the Lake Sherwood area? Is it safe? On fire? Evacuated? Any news?
Stevie MAC Very insensitive comment, given the tragedy of the fires affecting so many. Generally that’s not the issue with snow in Connecticut. I live there. Very tacky comment
CNN2 hours ago

Police are searching for two suspects after a war memorial featuring a Sikh soldier was vandalized in a racially aggravated attack, just days after the monument was unveiled in England

All these people blaming Trump, when this happened in England. LMAO
Sikhs were know as some of the best fighters in the military during ww2.
Seems nobody knows how to read. This happened in England. Not the US.
72 years ago ONE condom would of stopped this dick to be president of the US
England is being held hostage by Muslims. They have about ceased to exist as we know them. They surrendered without firing a shot.
What happened to the Muslims why posted on social media them kicking down military headstones?
I see racism is doing just as well in the UK as it is in the states. Absolutely horrible
Let the CNN Sheep whimper like 2016 Election Night 😭😭😭😭🐑🐑🐑
Give them a medal
Repent and believe the GospeI
Probably visiting registered Democrats.
What in the world would make someone do this? What kind of person are you ?
This no leadership from redneck trump he disrespect the veteran with that reef he ain't patriots he a dictator like putin
People have got to know who the one is with that coat and hat
Disgusting behaviour. I want to know who did this.
Two suspects who will be burning in hell in due time
Why are cnn reporting on this untrustworthy chanel like sky news in england
cowards disgracing heroes - not surprising at all!
Britain is filled with racist shites.
The Democrats again gathered this Just like all the other hate and hate groups
Ignorant Brexit Tories, thinking all brown people look alike as usual.
I bet democrats asy"but Trump is now exporting his racism"they will inject Pres Trump into everything.
Donald Trumps Titanic 2 is going down the Swamp...
CNN2 hours ago

The block of metal upon which the measurement is based is no longer reliable because it is effectively losing weight

Why is Acosta still working at CNN after assaulting a young woman on camera?
I'll inform my weed dealer immediately!
Donald Trump can fix it Make kilograms Great Again
i can personally eye ball a Kilogram...just saying...
Scientist are now weighing the printout of an hour of CNN scripted news and calling it a kilogram of b***s***. scientist are further baffled by not finding an ounce of integrity within the walls of CNN
Impatiently waiting for my weight to shift from 80kg to 58kg!!
El Chapo is excited.
Can the US finally switch to the metric system now? Im tired of converting mm to fractions of one 12th of a foot
. Nice try at news CNN
I think CNN is feeling the Big Chill.
Good for drugdealers
What's wrong with the one we already have?
Even this can lose weight and I cant ! 🤣🤣
So that means there truly is no truth. #CNN #FOX #MSNBC the
do umericans know what a kilo is
I gain weight looking at cake and a chunk of metal is losing weight, the world is so un fair.
They will measure it in lbs.
We’ve officially run out of things to do 🙄
Either way my sister is gonna weight the same😂😂😂90
LOL, let's use 1kg of stone instead of 1kg of metal. Wow, i'm impressed!
i hope that soon mond will swap with Saturday Saturday will the new monda
I guess its atomic half life is finally catching up with it.
If it weren't for science, we'd probably all be ignorant Republicans.
This is HUGE News, since CNN has been blocked by the White House, It's all they have 😂
Ask a Mexican cartel!! Representative at border! CNN SUCKS!!
CNN3 hours ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won't take office until January, but the progressive firebrand is already casting herself as the voice of the people

... I LOVE her and I love how hard she triggers paranoid Conservatives!
She is the voice of basement dwellers
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the voice of the American people!
It’s gonna be fun and tragic watching this one implode
She def is NOT the voice of the people....
Um, like, ummm, like, Ya know. I totally, like, dont know why they would build a huge river like the Amazon, here.
Politics aside, she is an example that anything is achievable. Why hate on a person making it? jealousy.
If nothing else, she’ll at least be entertaining
Did I read this article right? 25,000 new jobs to be created, each with an average annual salary of $150K? And this woman is pushing BACK on this??? Did she miss that part? 🤔😳🤯
Does she even have enough money for bus fare to washington? Lmao.
Well seeing as she isnt very bright hahaha
Good. We need more people in office not afraid to voice an opinion different from their fellow party members.
“Amazon is a billion-dollar company. The idea that it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks at a time when our subway is crumbling is a big concern”
Does she know where Washington D.C. is?
This whole political thing is not going to work out well for her.. Nice young woman.. But if your response when being asked how you're going to pay for something is "OMG you just pay for it" then your days are numbered..
She really should pose for Playboy. As long as she doesn’t smile, or show her teeth.
She will probably be a millionaire before the end of her first term.
She is right. More jobs for the people is bad......
People commenting bs here without reading the article. Lol..
While Amazon, the corporation, might be getting tax breaks, city and state taxes on 25,000 employees earning an average of $150.000 per can't be sneezed at.
I’m one of her constituents. I agree with her. If you lived here and had to deal with the mess of a transportation system we have, you’d be asking questions, too. What did we give away to get these jobs? Will it be worth it to us? Information, please!
$150,000 salaries? Let’s see how that goes. Let’s see the real breakdown of positions and their pay scales. Also NY and VA, why both locations on the east coast?
I did some waitering back in the day, can I also be a member of Congress? I also can't afford an apartment in Washington DC (bonus points?)
Pittsburgh is grateful Amazon is not going to relocate here. We don't have enough bike lanes, yet.
My response would simply be to pick another city and let New York suffer the consequences.