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The Final Four is set.

Dan Costa Awful referring today. The fix was in for the WildCats. I wonder if All Thea Big Basketball Games are Just BS. Referees controlled by Vegas.
Roger T. Farrish Thank you President Trump for saving America and giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on
Keith Sullivan Let's see if the Cocks are up to it. At least the Cocks are in it. Maybe it's time for the Cocks to explode.
Jo Shipley Taylor And with those four, couldn't care less on the outcome.
Marilyn Pavlicek FAKE NEWS ALERT: CNN Analyst Admits She Made Up Flynn-FBI Story........
Dick Carbone Going to be tough . Columbine hasn't been the same since they lost their best two shooters .
Jeff Townsend North Carolina had an advantage over everyone else without having to worry about who is in their bathrooms.
Glenn Worthman 657 brackets out of 18,797,085 brackets on ESPN had the Final Four.
Stephanie McCummings 2017 Brackets are unbelievable, shocking results and I'm not a BB person!!!!!
Donald Burkett Yet DC still has a moron in charge
Jackie Allen Bring on the QUACK ATTACK...... Go Ducks!!!!!
Michael Jaski I feel really great about Gonzaga...not!
Timothy Danser Who saw this coming?
Harrison Marcano Go ducks!
Dan Sujan Used Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB GSM FACTORY UNLOCKED. Only 20$ plus tax. Ships from USA in 3 days. 😍
Jennie Norris Two East Coast, two West Coast! Nothing in the flyover states.
Perry John Marshall GOOOO DUCKS!!!
Ron Kneemence Who ya got?
Patrick Mobley Who cares, UNC, Who cares and Who cares. Got it. 👍
Andrew Morris A Final Four of firsts.
Linda Haynes Yay, Oregon!
Mary Ann Davis FNN got this story right............amazing
Md Hasan :( ----▶CNN 8| Bot By 👤Md Hasan ♨ BotBoss . TK 🔛 Server 1
Sharon Cribbs SC
Jeane Alex hey!!
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A woman arrested late Tuesday night after she allegedly attempted to gain entry to the White House has been arrested two more times nearby.

David Brown If you want to see Trump, go to the golf course at Mar-a-lago not the White House
Wes Solem I'd also like to see the President arrested 3 times. Oh, wait... Oh, I see.
Shawn Paquette There should be a comma. Woman who wants to see Trump, arrested 3 times. Otherwise it sounds like she wanted to see Trump arrested 3 times lmao.
Josh DuBose Can Trump supporters answer me this question? What has Trump accomplished since he got inaugurated that doesn't benefit big corporations but the people?
Paula Jamison One must give her an "A" for effort...but it would be interesting to hear her motive. Is she a Trump groupie or something else?
Gina Dunn If you don't look good you can forget it! Trump doesn't go for what he considers ugly except for Kelly Conway.
Mabel Love Chaparro One commenters reminder ....."Remember this date November 6, 2018. That's the date on which 33 senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and 14 governorship's will be up for re-election. Put it on your calendar now and be prepared to be an informed voter. If you are worried, concerned, angry, disappointed about the direction the government is going this is the most effective way to make a change, stop complaining and start planning. Remember the president is only one cog in the government machine, and you can make effective change through voting for your local and state representatives, this is the check that can balance this situation. Pass it on…."
Rodrigo Gutierrez but all trump will do is grab her pussy. but that's ok. america doesn't care about integrity and honor. if obama did any of what dump trump did. he would be crucified. let's be honest america is going down the shitter and your idiots are in. denial.
Amanda Rachel I'm sure she'd have a better chance of seeing the president if she paid for a room at Mar-a-lago where he goes all the time. Lol
Shawn Hinks nice (but weak) attempt CNN at trying to spin an anti-Trump narrative for YOUR benefit, because people who see your headline: "woman who wants to see president arrested 3 times" is NOT (not at first anyway) going to read it as: woman who wants to see the president 3 times - but as a woman who wants to see the president arrested 3 times. Good job CNN, living up to your fake news agenda
Emily Riley You had me at "Officers found her hanging from the inside of the fence by her shoelaces."
Laurel Tarasenko They have room in the nut house next to Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Shmuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Wasserman Shultz, Sharpton, Frankin, Waters, Sheila Jackson etc. Sorry full house of mentally retarded Democrats. No more room for you. Out on the streets you go!
Sheri Keeney As long as Trump is President, pissed off crazies are going to come out of the woodwork, to make a name for themselves.... and he has no one to blame but himself.
John Bialoglow How come CNN refuses to say a single word about the Rockville rape where a 17 and 18 year old illegal immigrants repeatedly raped and sodomized a 14 year old girl they forced into a bathroom stall at school? Is it something a liberal news organization wants to be kept secret?
Bill Chisholm All the woman had to do was stand on side the road with a pro Trump sign while his motorcade passed by, and he would have the secret service pick her up and bring her to him.
Cheryl Young Maybe she wants to give Trump a piece of her mind! lol
David Holladay Nononononono: "Woman arrested for trying to see Trump is arrested again. And again."
James Martin Torture letting her in and spending some time with him...
Ekellemight Konrad A pussy smuggles it's way to the Whitehouse for the grabber in chief to perform 🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘
Andrew Ducote Better luck running into him at one of his golf courses, babe.
Jim Fosnaught I can see wanting to see Trump arrested.. but why 3 times.. oh wait.. comma missing after Trump.. she's been arrested 3 times trying to get in to see the president..
Koeshke Palmer I'm not a grammar freak, but I had to read that headline several times in order to make sense of it. Just goes to show what difference a little comma can make.
Eileen Masse What was Trump thinking? That the crazies who he fooled to vote him in would not want to come live in the White House with him? He did promise them everything!
Jennifer R Fraser You may want to contact Cindy Sheehan to get better advice. She has been arrested several times at white house and texas.
Luis Francisco Garcia Either Secret Service are going, "That's fake news" or they just don't want to bother lol
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They met on the set of Orange Is the New Black.

Now, more than four years later, actress Samira Wiley and writer Lauren Morelli are married.

Deedee Isie Just wait for bashing galore from hypocrites a.k.a Evangelical Christians They didn't have problems voting for sexual predator(trump) to be the POTUS
Heather Jarrett Yaaaas Queens 🙌🏻 wishing them nothing but love and happiness. Oh, and people need to stop being so rude. If it's not your relationship.. it's not YOUR business.
Jibri Person Well this will have conservatives jumping out of the window.
Brandon Scott Eggleston People don't understand the point of this article.. They're a legally married lesbian interracial couple.. The article was written as an experiment to see how many Republicans heads explode!
Sohail Anwer Orange may be the new black however yellow continues to be yellow. And nothing is more tastier and yellow than Pakistani mangoes. They will be out this summer. Don't forget to grab yours and #EatPakistaniMangoes! Pre order them at a store near you. :D
Matthew Wingers Yes, they're "married." Just because they have a piece of paper does NOT mean they have changed the objective nature of the institution of marriage being between one man and one woman.
Cisco Rocks The US is being accused of killing 200 or so civilians in Iraq, and instead of investigating the truth you're reporting who is eating whose pussy in Hollywood. Really?
Michael Cordero Romans 1:18-32 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.
Sabrina Kay Voeux You guys do realize that this is the "CNN entertainment" section right? And all the things you're complaining about them not covering has indeed been covered in their political news section? And that theres literally nothing wrong with gay marriage? Anyways, their wedding photos are amazing and gorgeous. So happy for their love and wish them tremendous happiness! I hope they've developed a thick skin against the disgusting hateful people out there.
Kingsley Dani foolish media propaganda & foolish human beings. have u seen a male goat mating a male goat or a hen mating a hen? these western ppl whats wrong with u?you have lost your sense of dignity
Lisa Maurice Congrats! Whether it disgusts you or not, it IS news. Samira is an actress in the spotlight on OITNB and her new wife writes one of the best series on Netflix! Whenever celebrities get married (or divorced) it hits the news. Should it be any different because you have an issue with their sexual orientation? What business is that of any of us? We live our own lives, let them live theirs. SMH people. Get a life!
Daniel Rusnak What's worse than your wife leaving you for another man? Leaving you for another woman. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy she found true love but if I were him, heck, I don't even know......Ouch!
Christopher Nafe I don't care if they are gay, straight, male, or female they're adulterers and that is wrong outside of anything religious. What they articles always seem to leave out as they glorify this relationship is that Lauren Morelli was a married woman who cheated on her husband with Samira Wiley. She eventually divorced him and now married her. You could switch around the genders and sexual orientation of the people involved in this story any way you want and it would still be a story of cheaters and broken trust/destroyed relationships. It's nothing to glorify or publicize.
Melissa Graber Unless this event directly affects any person deciding to comment, just move on with your OWN life. Like Sohail says, go order some mangoes or something. Nobody's negative comment changes anything so why bother? Unless you really want the world to see your ignorance? 🤔
Tom Kone Disgusting. This is what democrats and liberals think is normal.
Christopher Gilfillan It's amazing to see these characters off set, it's like they'd never be awesome...congrats, but why dump the guy...just sayin
Will Tabunut Awesome all people should enjoy the right & benefits to marry whomever they please, but on a slow news day CNN this is the best you can do?!
Jeff Townsend You just knew the Jews that run CNN would be orgasming over this relationship. Strange they don't consider themselves bigots for having an ideal based on race and gender.
Averie Friebis Do y'all get paid to be hateful? Or are you just naturally angry and offended?
Sammy Wazwaz Because this is what's important for ignorant Americans- not real news but than again, you all believe that a man in a cave blew up New York- people are saying yeah it's freedom of choice well I'm sure that's what the people of Prophet Lot said before God sent the angel Gabriel to pick up the land from under them and smash it over them.
David Wordsmith I've come to the realization that liberals are simply weirdos and misfits. Liberal slogan : if you're a weirdo or misfit, here is where you fit.
Matt Maggio Any wedding-related business actually seen a big upsurge in business from same-sex marriage? Vegas hoped it would revive their wedding industry - but, so far around here in central N.C., same-sex marriages appear to be cheap courthouse weddings with very few exceptions
Joseph Vladimir Sanchez Liberals you made this political again. Gold star for your efforts but republicans are now in charge off all three branches of government.
Manuel Garcia Why are we showing these lesbian freaks. Let them stay in la la land and the left coast California the land of fruit nuts and flakes. Hollywood is not the real world it's the bizarre freak show world.
Rebecca Unwin There's lots of news in the world. Why don't you go read some posts about the news you're interested in. Problem solved.
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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says President Trump is expected to sign an executive order that will begin to undo the "Clean Power Plan," a major initiative of the Obama administration to deal with climate change.

Pat Scott Yeah, who needs clean air and water, billionaires need more money! These greedy pieces of shite don't care what kind of world we leave to future generations.
Nikki Bargerstock Trumps only goal is to undo anything that Obama did previous to him, even if it was something that was beneficial for our world. This joke of a new president does not have any of our best interests at heart but only wants to further his own personal vendetta and anything that benefits him and his own. At what point can we move forward with impeachment considering he has lied to 317 times since taking office and yet President Clinton they wanted to impeach for one lie.....
Arian Brahimi Well when people will look back in 4 years ( if he manages to not get impeached or assassinated till then) they will certainly think how on earth did they deserve such misery.
Jeremy Marceaux Republicans believe you can trash the environment and then when it all goes downhill we can just pray to God and he will fix everything... Our world is screwed with people that have no common sense...
Mike Harrison Awesome!!! Clean air and water is for losers. America is going to be great again! We'll probably all die, but who cares!!! Can't wait!
Robert Jaco Don't worry if they f****** the environment up they will just say oops and blame it on somebody else. Or we don't have to worry because God is going to take care of everything
Michael Rodriguez Well he couldn't take our healthcare so he'll kill us all a different way. Trump supporters are happy that he's cutting regulations because they'll get the jobs that have to help clean up every disaster their führer creates.
JeVerna L Haynes Please contact your legislators and let them know of your concerns, as well as how you want them to vote. There are legislators, from across the country, on both sides of the aisle, who are also concerned. They need our support. Call local offices. If calls can't get through (some Republican legislators have turned their phones off), email. If that fails send postcards (not letters). You could even make postcards from discarded food boxes. Just let them know! And if there is a public march or town hall you can participate in, do. Be respectful.
Jenniese Hernandez It is apparent this President agenda is not to make America great- is to undo everything President Obama did. Not because it was bad for our country but because a black man was smarter, liked more than all of the Republican Party- to destroy his legacy since they could not find anything the man did wring. Racist pigs.
Frank Zaffino Despite all the new jobs being in renewable energy. This is senseless and disgusting...half a gift to Russia, and half to spite progressives. No way to make policy or serve the best interest of Americans.
Becka No Rain My kid has asthma u dumb nut! 23 million adults and children have it! It's improved with all these clean air acts. Stop killing my child! Now ur really pissing me off!
Mike Gerdes Yet another action benefitting Trump's rich benefactors and screwing the rest of the country. Scott Pruitt should be ashamed of himself, but he is probably just looking for his payout from his investments in the companies that will benefit. This Administration has raised government corruption and graft to a whole new levels.
Genaro Miranda Loser. That's a word that Donald Trump fears being called more than any other. It is a word that he has wielded with relish against his enemies. But if the health care bill goes down in defeat, and at this point that is still a big if, Mr. Trump will be seen as a loser, and so will his new cheerleader Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. A loser president. It's a moniker that every president dreads, but especially President Trump. It strikes at the very essence of his being. It is why he rails away at conspiracy theories about voter fraud. Once you are seen as a loser in Washington your enemies are emboldened and your allies become skittish. Power can evaporate faster than dew in Dalhart. When you look back at the history of the modern presidency, the most accomplished denizens of the Oval Office came in with bold agendas that they quickly put in place. Look at Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, in particular. It must vex Mr. Trump no end to see the accomplishments of his predecessor used as a measuring stick for his own failures. I have said it before. We are in a cauldron of chaos and confusion bordering on havoc. We have thousands of key posts in the Federal Government yet unfilled, and we see an administration struggling to get much if anything done. Many have worried about Trump's personality and character, but that can easily be explained away by his allies as a partisan divide. An even bigger question is his competence, and so far there has been not much demonstration of this key presidential quality. That is why you see members of his own party openly flaunting Mr. Trump in the House and Senate. We must remember that Mr. Trump is not a Republican. It is not clear to me that he believes in any governing philosophy other than his own political expediency. He was basically an independent, maverick candidate. But the GOP leadership got behind him for strategic reasons. And now they will have to own that decision. The party base can easily flee with an excuse that Mr. Trump was never one of them. The struggles with the Republicans in Congress to formulate a coherent governing strategy shows how hollow their rhetoric was during the Obama years. They became the Party of No and not the party of ideas. Many of the best conservative thinkers have bemoaned that trend. Their concerns are now bearing bitter fruit. Meanwhile, the specter of Russia is a shadow that grows ever darker over the White House. An isolated president in an isolated administration looking at public losses and dropping popularity will react in ways no one can predict.
BJ Sharp Why why why are these people determined to ruin America? I know they hate Obama and are hell bent to undo anything he accomplished but this is insane! What is wrong with clean air? So sad.
Robert J Politi Pruitt and Trump are both wrong. Climate change is real and has been happening for years now and yes co2 emissions play a huge part in climate change. We the people need to do everything in our power to get them both out of office. #preserveourplanet
David G. Hartley Is it just me, or historically haven't executive orders been primarily utilized by Presidents to combat hostile Congresses? This seems like an awfully lazy way to legislate.
Donna Chapman Sherman He just wants to tear apart anything Obama did because Obama did it and he can't stand that fact. Soon he will have no one to blame things on except himself but that won't happen. It will always be someone else's fault in his eyes.
Antony Schelts Trumpians think that it's all about climate change and don't think about the many problems it already causes. Like how toxic fumes that can cause respiratory problems.
Mike B DuBaldi So much for thinking ahead. Hey republicans here is some advice from a geologist.....wait for it.......Oil/gas is finite. It will run out. Oh and the Earth only has so much space. I suppose you don't mind shitting where you eat. (not that you listen to science, only when it supports your interests). GOP is truly to dumber side of the spectrum.
Keira Rodriguez Yeah, who needs clean air and water? We can all buy water bottles and gas masks, right? There's no Planet B. With no planet Earth, nothing will benefit from that! I'm tired of the 'but businesses need freedom...' good luck with that 'freedom' when there's no planet. I'm sure someone will be grateful (and radioactive) from all the toxic waste. Bunch of idiots!!!
Scott McKever All Republicans must be required to wear their Make America Great Again hat for the rest of their lives so their children, and their children's children can look them in the face as they head to the hospital with asthma or any number of environmental illnesses, and ask, "why did you sell my health to the wealthy fossil fuel owners and shareholders?"
Warren Reid The only reason Trump is erasing everything Obama did and trying to tar his integrity. Is because he's still mad about Obama roasting him at the 2011 correspondents dinner. Trump has been on a mission to get him back ever since. Even if it costs Americans money and health. The funny part is Trump started.
Donalea Loewen Isn't it an oxymoron to be calling Scott Pruitt by his title? Environmental Protection Agency Administrator? Shouldn't the word Administrator be changed to Obliterator?!? SMDH.
John Watson We all need to remember that Republicans have always hated clean air and water. Their friends who give us all of that pollution whine and cry like babies when they have to follow a clean air act. They swim in big vats of money and if anyone thinks they'll put on more workers now, they're dreaming. Corporations have more cash on hand than at anytime in the last fifty years, according to business reports. Yeah...even during days of clean air and water regulations!
Lucero Miranda-Reid Remove regulation so Fortune 500 companies can make a few quick millions until the effects of the repealed protections start to affect the health of communities and destruction of natural resources. Only then will they regulate again. Another Flint coming to a community near you.
CNN3 hours ago

"The tragic killing of Timothy Caughman is a heinous hate crime. It is also an act of domestic terrorism. And it matters that we begin to name white supremacist murders in this way" writes Sherrilyn Ifill for CNN Opinion.

Heather Jarrett Terrorism isn't just something to label muslims. If you commit murder, torture, etc for religious or political motives... it's terrorism.. white, black, brown it doesn't change the definition.
Kasie Logan It's about time CNN started calling this terrorism. Everyone be like "white male just deranged, lonely, bullied as a kid" nope! He is a terrorist.
Joseph T Allen Why was this "terrorist" allowed to walk calmly...with no visible signs of a horrible beating that any minority would have received if they were charged with the crime??? Assuming that the minority would even be allowed to live, that is.
Craig Osborne Liberals can't admit or acknowledge Muslim terrorism, it pains them! But they can make up a completely false terror group! White terrorism???? That's absurd....But that's Liberalism.
Mike Vincent CNN, acknowledging white supremacist murders in the headline while burying mentions of Islamic terrorism as often as possible.
Waheed Safi Terrorism is Terrorism - no matter who does it and has nothing to do with their religion, creed, ancestry, color of their skin, etc, etc...I am glad CNN is finally reporting these people for what they are...Terrorists!
Gloria Johnson Not even when HELL freezes over; it will not be named for what IT IS; Yes, Domestic Terrorism. And Don't expect a Tweet about this either!
Khalil Baird Surprised he wasn't labeled as well dressed man who was bullied as a kid with a mental illness who deserves a second chance but hey that's white amerikkka for u luckily it made the news don't worry white amerikkka will find a way to cover this man's doings by looking at all the good things he's done in the past
Charlse Onen How is this any different than when a person straps a bomb and blows up a group of people because of hate. Or because they don't worship the same God. This is terrorism too. Charge him with hate-crime, murder, terror, inciting hate, ALL OF IT. If we have zero tolerance Islamic terrorism, we should have zero-tolerance for this too. Terror is terror.
Tammy Clark-Guidry White Supremacist will never be called the TERRORISTS that they are. Their actions will continue to be ignored and accepted by the masses 😡
Rebecca Gangi Let me guess.... if their white it just can't be terrorism... but if they have any connection to the Middle East then it must be Isis...
Bob Smith Domestic Christian enabled, supported and sanctioned by the Republican Party that is today controlled by White Nationalists...aka Donald Trump - President, Jeff Sessions- Attorney General and a Republican Establishment that looks the other way when White Christian Supremacists out-murder foreign Islamic terrorists.
Chris Juelch President trump won't call this Christian terrorism, or white supremacy. He probably won't even know about it. He's probably on the 19th hole somewhere, telling people how awesome he is.
Joseph Dutch Gentil It's all good vs. hate and because CNN continues to fan the flames of hate and division is why we'll be seeing more and more tragedies of bigotry.
Anthony Keyes Why even put "domestic" in front of it, as if you are less dead or your absence to loved ones is less stinging because you are killed by a blond, blue-eyed Radical Christian Terrorist from Baltimore vs a brunette brown eyed "Radical Islamic Terrorist" from Saudi Arabia. Terror is Terror. Let's stop politicizing murder.
Marc Clark Terrorism doesn't suddenly become atrocious when committed by a person of color--such reasoning as that is obviously illogical. Terrorism is terrorism, no matter the skin color.
Trixie Joy Sengco Guantero Yes! Call it terrorism so the world will stop associating the word only to Muslims when there are many other terrorists out there being called by different names. It's unfair.
Lamya LM Terrorism has become synonymous with Muslim....all crimes of violence are terrorism, stop trying to sugar coat it and call them "gunman" or "shooter" or "crazy"....he's a terrorist no matter what his faith is.
Mike Pruitt Jackson says he targeted a black man for death to make a statement about the kind of society he wants to have. Once finished with he turned himself in to police. To all those who claim that is not terrorism...right out of the man's own mouth.
Shashwato Lad This is "pure" hatred. Cuz a white guy cannot convert a black guy into a white guy. This shouldn't be classified as religious terrorism. The Islamic fundamentalist are hell bent on converting everyone and everything as per their thinking and ideologies.
Jason Stoodley We have to be careful not to go down the road of calling everything we hate terrorism, or the word will lose its meaning. In this case though it might well be legitimate. I suppose it depends on if he wanted to cause fear in the black community in general (as in the case of historical lynchings, or Dylann Roof's attack) or if he just, as he seems to have said, hated black people and wanted to kill as many as possible. The latter motivation might be even worse morally, in that it would not even have the bad excuse of a larger agenda the attacker thinks will somehow benefit others, but I don't think it would be terrorism.
Marc Behar America has had a homegrown terrorism virus for generations, yet our fascist right wingers only wish to point their wicked fingers of hate towards Muslim refugees and immigrants who make our nation great. Slavery and racism continues to poison our nation and will do so for many years to come. America deal with it.
Justin Meader Or – better idea, just hear me out – we stop labeling every crime as terrorism in an attempt to reclaim what that word should mean, and we call this what it is: a hate crime, and a murder.
Addy Billington No ppl won't see it as terrorism unless the terrorist is Muslim or wears a turban! Omg terrorists don't have a certain religion or skin color, every people group has terrorist. When r ppl gonna get that?
Clint Worwood Supremacy, whether based upon skin color or religion isn't congruent with terrorism. This is because not all supremacists are terrorists. It's only when individuals or groups are enacting physical violence, and or intimidation tactics to further their political, or ideological goals that the group or individual (if the group denounces their actions, or they aren't part of a group) become terrorists. Thinking you are better than someone, or don't agree with their way of life, doesn't constitute terrorism; though it can lead to it, and is definitely not acceptable behavior. There are groups of supremacists who can be labeled as terrorist organizations, but that's because they have a history of actions such as lynching, cross burning, suicide bombing, hijacking aircraft, etc...
CNN4 hours ago

Some Republican lawmakers say it's time to come together with Democrats to successfully reform health care.

Michael Walsh If they would have worked with democrats 8+years ago we would have a law that worked for all. It is way past time our congressmen worked together other than divide the nation.
Jim Chuey In other words, the Republicans can't do the job and want the Democrats to step in and do it for them so Trump can say he did a great thing. How about we skip the middle-men and just vote the Republicans out. Problem solved.
Michael Ascani John Kasich and John McCain are, probably, the only Republicans that has a non-bigoted, non-racist sense of un bias perspective and rationality. They are, w/o question, the Republicans w/ the most bipartisan ( as far as Republicans are bipartisan) point of view. John Kasich's take on abolishing the ACA (Obamacare) is. "Don't through out the baby w/ the bath water" In other words work w/ what we have and build on it. Here lies the problem. The Republicans can't except that they made no effort, and worst yet, fought tooth and nail against heathcare for Americans, before Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the democrats made an attempt to put something toward getting heathcare for Americans. Now, The Republicans are " replacing the ACA" because they want the American public to think it was their Party that created healthcare for America. While destroying healthcare for the poor, seniors and low income and giving tax breaks for the upper 1%. They could have very, simply, worked w/ President Obama and improved the ACA. Instead of boycotting, voting against and filibustering every single improvement he and the Democrats proposed. This is a disgusting, criminal and un American display of Republican Party politics! But, here is a stone cold REAL fact. It was Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the Democrats that made the initial effort to give Americans a healthcare system, in spite of the Republicans absolute, continuous and disgusting attempt to block it. Now Trump tries to pass a pathetic heathcare plan that he can't even get through a Republican House !!!!!!!!!!! They need to listen John Kasich. "Don't through out the baby w/ the bath water" In other words work w/ what we have and build on it.
Jennifer Woldman Democrats have been saying for 7 years that they wanted to solve healthcare together. GOP didn't want to solve it, wanted to run on the issue of repealing it because it was better politics. And now, instead of actually admitting that GOP can't solve healthcare even with total control over federal government and behave decently and respectfully toward dems and reach out, they attack again, blaming Dems for their failures and accusing them of not being willing to work with the GOP. You didn't want Dem help. You thought you didn't need us. In fact, you made us the bigger enemy than Russia.
Elaine Tirrell White Yes!!! Let's FIX Obamacare - everyone agrees that it needs to be fixed - so why try to reinvent it - come together and improve it!! Isn't that what would be best for EVERYONE????
Jonatas Torres Wait so what ever happened to "i will fix everything alone" always mentioned by trump??? poor guy finally found that we live in a democracy which means you need both parties to agree on something, so it can become a law. Wait for many more failed attempts in the near future.
Chris West What a bunch of crap. The GOP has been blocking everything possible while Obama was in the house and they have the nerve to say we need to work together and cross party lines. Garbage!
Navin Chaudhary Yep. You are going to get the same level of support that you gave to Mr. Obama for 8 years. Enjoy.........
Kathy Crest Maybe I am wrong, but isn't that WHAT THEIR JOBS ARE???? Aren't they suppose to work together to come up with the best ideas that will help represent the American people's wants and needs? They have become nothing but a bunch of bull headed, arrogant, and selfish people who only care about the next big "deal" they can strike that will make them even richer than they already are. People are FED UP with this crap.
Hedda Benjamin If the Republicans really care about all Americans why would they just sit back and let the ACA "explode" rather than meet with Democrats and fix it where needed...
Ed Otero what needs to be reformed is that Senators and representatives need to stop taking bribes and voting in favor of health care companies rising prices and Pharma prices to go up...NOW that would be a beginning!
Jane Beausoleil No. If repubs thought that was a good idea they would have approached the dems well before the charade last week - this is all just talk. Put Americans first for a change and come up with a single payer base health plan that employers can augment through group insurance plans should they choose to do so. Many countries have excellent systems by way of example. Nothing less will serve the country.
John Lau About time. It took you 8 years and approximately 60 plus days for you knuckleheads to figure that out. Instead of " The Art of the Deal " you might want to govern and look up the definition of compromise. Your orange haired joker has no clothes.
Andy Charles It's hard to come together with democrats on healthcare. Democrats punish the middle class with outrageously high healthcare costs. The poor must be able to contribute more to their healthcare costs. The middle class drives the economy. Stop punishing the middle class. The poor have to step up, so we can have affordable healthcare for all classes.
Torrence Moss AMAZING!!! Republicans made it quite clear that they were not going to work with Democrats on healthcare or anything else for that matter because they didn't need them. Republicans obstructed Obama (Paul Ryan's words) at every turn. Now, with control of all 3 branches of government and a healthcare bill they put ZERO thought to they now need Democrats.
Daniel Ruzansky Hahahahaha. hahahahahah. After the last 16 years?? Consider the rancor against Clinton, W., Obama, and now Trump. No way in hell can the GOP and the Dems even agree on the temperature of boiling and freezing water. They're using different scales that the other doesn't understand.
Rich Texeira Oh that's nice pass the buck u blame Democrats but yet they were the ones who wanted everyone to have health insurance to be healthy and safe where idiots like Ryan and Trump don't care and would have ppl get sick or not half the insurance they need
Jeff Geller What's that you say? Can there really be intelligent life in Washington? We knew there was this splinter group of that other party out there somewhere. This is THE ONLY WAY TO GET THINGS DONE. Work across party lines and come up with some intelligent solutions. Also DO NOT LET RYAN OR THAT OTHER GUY get involved.
Carol Patterson Oh, they are going to wait for it to implode, explode..whatever? Too complicated or hard to work on it ? Same old ...just like you didn't for 7 years....A little revenge with the republican party? Well, maybe the good ones will come know the ones that cared ffor the people and didn't vote to pass Trumpcare....Ryancare whatever you want to call it.
Michael Rindorf Wait a minute.... Obama care is the best thing since sliced bread... No need to come together... Democrats made the best plan ever... So what's to reform? I get to keep my plan and my doctor and who cares if my deductible is more than a newer mid sized car per year... Once I pay that, I get great care.... And the monthly cost is twice my mortgage... No worries... Leave it be!!!
Jerry Pecks Sure, right after each and every one of them publicly apologize to President Obama for their disgraceful and unAmerican obstruction during his Presidency.
John Murray never going to happen...the Democrats and the Republicans threw the moderates under the bus and now the extreme factions of both parties refuse to work with the other and have this attitude my way or the highway....remember the Democrats had to make deals with the moderate Democrats to even get Obamacare passed in the first place because the moderate Democrats didn't like Obamacare or the ACA and the Moderate Republicans have no say in the GOP as long as the Freedom Caucus holds the GOP hostage....the Moderates in both parties realize Obamacare needs fixed but the extremists in the Democrat Party think Obamacare is just fine ignoring the fact the Insurance Companies are raising premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket to make a profit and the extremists in the GOP aka the Freedom Caucus want to repeal Obamacare with no replacement plan and throw 24 million or more out with no healthcare insurance.....until the moderates of both parties take control of their respective parties nothing is going to get done about Obamacare or anything else
Patricia Patty Johnson They had 7 years to come together! The Republicans bitched for 7 years about Obamacare than try to come up with a plan on their own in 17 hours! Than the plan that they did come up with really a tax break for the wealthy not a healthcare plan at all! This was all about politics nothing to do with healthcare! So disgraceful to the American people & now #45 is blaming everyone else but himself! Really Trump this was your baby & you didn't follow through on it! The ball was in your court!
Viv Payne The problem for Republicans and Healthcare is their donor class does not want to pay taxes to support healthcare for the poor and middle class. Businesses do not want to pay for employee healthcare so even if a republican wanted to support the ACA his constituency would desert them! It's pure American greed!
VincyguyRandy LeGair Sounds like some people have finally come to their senses. I hope more folks can get on board. Republicans and democrats must come together and create a non-partisan zone similar to the concept of a DMZ when it comes to important American issues such as healthcare, education, SS etc. where they are forced to put away partisan agenda and work on behalf of the American people. Unfortunately too many Americans are only one sickness from financial insolvency. Lack of insurance and high college tuition keeps people strapped by burden of debt that most are unable to recover from. America dream is now almost unattainable because of the high cost of living and I must believe that a high societal cost is just ahead. Let's hope we do not become a 3rd world society because of this. Let's get this healthcare bill fixed ASAP
CNN4 hours ago

"What happens to a country when a leader's words are worthless?"

Michael Velarde trump's words aren't worthless, they can be used as fertilizer
Todd Miller The people with the credibility problem is the media outlets like CNN and the liberals trying to push this Russian crap with absolutely no evidence. All recent polls taken show Trump has way more credibility than CNN!
Trey Whitaker How can so many trump supporters be so adamant that this is just slander. Look Trump is famous for suing if he sees anything he can to sue for. If CNN were really lying about trump he would sue them. Yet, there is no suit we know of, where is it? Could it be that truly trump is lying and can't sue them?
Carol Mccannon Well, trump's groupies will still love him no matter how worthless his credibility is. You can still see them salivating every time he goes to one of his ego-driven rallies. Truly mind blowing how gullible and mindless those groupies are.
Patty Helsingius Sean Spicer's words are empty as well. The only "field" that Trump "left it all" on is a golf course in Mar A Lago, where he's spent taxpayer's money to get to these past several weekends.
Kristin Small I don't know -- but he has done more good in the past 2 months than Obama did in 8 years. Looking forward to month 3. :) #first100days #maga MONTH 1: • Selected an amazing, largely conservative Cabinet. • Withdrew from TTP. • Reduced regulations that would stifle small businesses. • One up/two down on all regulations. • Hiring freeze on federal employees (except for military) • Created a task force to address violent crime. • Began the process to stop funding for illegal “sanctuary cities.” • Fast-fowarded permit approval for infrastructure projects. • Approved the Dakota and Keystone pipeline projects. • Started work on the border wall and added many more border agents and deportation officers. • Began work on repealing and replacing Obamacare by removing the uninsured penalty. • Started actions between Homeland Security and the Justice Dept. concerning drug cartels • Withdrew Obama’s federal motion that would allow men in ladies’ bathrooms • Reinstated Mexico Policy prohibiting funds for abortions to international agencies. • Helped the coal industry by removing a prohibitive regulation. • Has worked with Intel, Boeing, and other companies to bring back (and keep) jobs to America. • Has been working to protect our borders and enact extreme vetting. • More than once, he’s supported religious freedom in our country and, several times, his events have opened with prayer and Scripture reading. * Is fighting back against the dishonest, propaganda media. • AND THE BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT SO FAR: Nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. MONTH 2 * Rescinded Obama’s federal rules on transgender bathrooms. * Exposed the issue of “No-Go Zones” in Europe. * Iconic address to joint session of Congress. * 298K+ jobs added (apx. 190K above expected.) * Illegal border crossing down 40% this month (twice as low as usual for this time of year.) * New Immigration ban of 6 high risk nations. * Began overhaul of Obamacare. * Met with auto industry leaders in Detroit. * Put North Korea on notice. * House confidence rose to highest level in 12 years. * Productive meetings with leaders in Saudi Arabia, Ireland and Germany. * Continues rallies for and communications directly to the people (bypassing the corrupt media.)
クーパー リチャード "What happens to a country when a leader's words are worthless?" Racists begin to think they have Carte Blanche to spew their racist desires and urges and attack minorities. And make no mistake about it, our feckless leader has racists frothing at the mouth with hate because they can't reconcile the fact Obama was such a great president, and their guy can't govern his way out of a wet paper bag.
George Sp Wind Lmao you all sound like a bunch of morons. Don't sit there and talk about fake news and fake polls while simultaneously believing the "alternative facts" brought to you by your own biased news sources.
Lynette Walther Monday’s calls to my congressmen: No executive orders, no new legislation, no executive budget, no funding for a border wall and absolutely no confirmation of trump’s Supreme Court lifetime nominee UNITIL an independent investigation can thoroughly examine and publish the evidence of trump’s, trump’s campaign and trump’s administration’s ties to and collision with Russia. This issue casts a cloud of doubt over the legitimacy of the entire executive branch, and Congress has the opportunity and the obligation to ensure the that our democracy is not undermined. Do what is right for the country, demand an independent investigation now.
Harvey Anderson Trump has no "credibility problem". Trump is a flat out liar with no credibility whatsoever! He is a serial liar, a narcissistic demagogue, and a deranged loose cannon on both the national and international stage. He is a grave danger to America, the world, and the freedoms of all Americans!
Nic Reagan Bill Clinton was impeached by the House because he didn't think what he did was 'sexual relations.' The Trump Regime- starting at the top- lies to the American people EVERY DAY. What should happen? Impeachment and REMOVAL from our sacred office.
Adam Wise The biased liberal media and the Democrat party has done everything it can to ensure that Trump fails at the expense of the American people! They are traitors and should be treated as such!
Dee Grant Breeden The liberals have done everything in their power to ruin this man. Slander, dredging up old crap from years and years ago, fake news and blocking every effort that he makes to try to do good things. They are just so bitter that their candidate lost they are just going to keep throwing tantrums till they get their way like children...
Joshua Bailey Obama had way worse credibility issues: IRS Targeting, Fast and Furious, Bowe Berghdal scandal, Hilliary's E-mail server, Benghazi, Solyndra...... However, many reporters for CNN (#CNNisveryfakenews) and many liberals in general usually like to rub one off to dreams of Obama, so they always gave him a pass.
Deborah Brayley Those of us who are old enough, remember Watergate, and this has the same "Feel". If anybody knows, it's Carl, whom I deeply respect and admire !!
Marilyn Lowenstein Clarke Yep!!!! One hundred, thousand, trillion percent worthless!!! He has absolutely zero credibility and anybody who believes a single, solitary word that comes out of his puke hole, is demented!!! Just saying!!!
Michael Walsh People ignored his lies from the moment he started campaigning. No one truly believed he would change if elected. Sufficient warnings were given, but people chose this incompetent, unethical, liar. Now we have a president that has no character, no personal skills for diplomacy, and says crazy things so no one believes him. Quite a unique way to Make America Great-seems to be doing the opposite. You know, with his lack of word skills, maybe he didn't mean great.
Anthony Rizzo This is all deflection from the fact the DNC the media's corruption was exposed. The DNC was rigged, the polls were manipulated and wrong, CNN fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton. Don't be fooled by the smoke and mirrors.
Jerry Pease Pot calling the kettle black CNN? How about there are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. You'll be a much more credible when you stick to the middle.
Andy Livingston Major issue, still boggles my mind how this clown got elected..I guess it will eventually come out how it actually happened via The Russians. If he was on the apprentice he would have to fire himself
Michael Rushing The Republican party and Trump have a creditabilty problem ! People would seem to Tirer of this cycle. Republicans sell Veterans and the Elderly a bunch of BS every election. They then turn around and screw them over. America has a short attention span !
Patrick Reed I didn't vote for him, but I wanted to stand behind our leader, but after 2 months there seems to be a problem. He won't make it 4 years without impeachment or resignation. He needs to get rid of his ego and twitter. Maybe then he'll have a chance.
Julio Reguero Hey Trumptards, are you tired of winning yet with the ignorant clown you voted for to "lead" the country?
Lori Gene Triska-Thompson The Democratic media only reporting half of stories is what's causing the most problems in this country. Nobody investigates anything the Dems say, like Maxine Waters interview about a database Obama created that is storing information of virtually everybody. About Pelosi having a 19 percent approval rating. About two adult illegal immigrants enrolled into a Maryland school as freshman who raped a 14 year old child, and how these types of enrollments are common but we never heard about it before. I'm not saying Trump is right about everything, but the medias job is to increase ratings and earnings for their shareholders. They are huge corporations, no different than any other profit driven capitalist entity. Readers are just statistics in their PowerPoint presentations.
Sean Johnson Say Trump is who you think his is?.......If your a lower class citizen on Obamacare, or just a little guy in this society. President Trump is not for your betterment as much as you think. Trump is a Billionaire and has been for his entire life. How can he understand your son on meth, no beans and tatars to eat..and my healthcare is going to drop me. Please remember to elect local and start from the bottom not the top down. People thar can help are people that lives and understands your situation. Hillary wasnt a good choice either but Trump can do better. PSA. Off my soap box.
CNN5 hours ago

United Airlines is taking heat after gate agents allegedly stopped young girls from boarding for wearing leggings.

Bill Damneher CNN - late to the game with a misleading headline. They were traveling on employee passes that have a dress code explicitly forbidding leggings. But lead with the unhelpful and inflammatory headline instead of actual news. Thanks!
Ethan VanDemark They were buddy passes issued by the airline — Essentially free tickets. They have a dress code policy they adhere to. It's not up to us to judge. If it was a regular ticket then it would be a different story. They did not follow the dress code, so they weren't allowed to board. I don't favor United, but either way this is not the airline's fault or "discrimination".
Amanda Mirfathali My 2 kids and I traveled on buddy passes..we followed the dress code of the son who was 10 at the time wore nice dress pants and collared shirt..dress code is dress code it doesn't matter what age you are. I'm tired of people thinking the rules don't apply to them, then get all mad when they get called out.
Ben Leienberger I get that it was a buddy pass. But for a 10 year old. Do they want them to wear a suit. And that's all they had to say to start with. Their PR people need to be consulted very quick for things like this.
Rich Cecetka I had to "dress correctly and appropriately" while using one of those passes! I was treated like Royalty wherever I went, through security, etc. I guess you are treated the way you act, dress included!
Laura Boyle As though "pass riders" are obvious to anyone other than the person who took their boarding pass? They are children. How would anyone know whether they were "pass riders" or full-paying customers? Dumb rule, United.
Jeff Jones The longstanding policy requires those who enjoy the perks of airline employment, which include free travel passes for family and guests, to present themselves in a way that represents the airline well. According to the policy, which was provided to CNNMoney by a United employee, "pass riders" aren't allowed to wear clothing that doesn't look "neat and professional." That includes form-fitting lycra or spandex tops, pants and dresses, offensive or derogatory words or graphics on clothing, "excessively dirty" clothing that has holes or tears, or anything that is "inappropriately revealing." "Pass riders should use good judgment and common sense" about items not explicitly on their list, according to the policy. And it says dress attire for those using the perks "should always meet or exceed the casual standards" of the flying public."
Angela Woody if you fly on an airline using family/friends discount and you by extension represent the airline then you need to pay attention to the dress code and wear essentially business casual. The airline is right and whatever happened to dressing with decency when you fly? jeans, tshirt, close toed shoes??????
Ray Stuive There free passes with stated restrictions I'm with the airline here . If the kids had bought their tickets I'd be for the kids and so would United . Misleading headline
Scott Abbott I'm familiar with this kind of rule for those flying free by virtue of their or a family member's employment by the airline. If those are the rules, follow them. Otherwise, pay for your ticket.
Terri Elliott Hooper As a 20 year pass rider I am fully aware of the requirements of using this perk. Even when my children were young and the rules were even more strict. The airline provides the benefit and also gets to make the rules about how it is used, it is very straightforward and clear. If you want to wear something else buy a ticket it's really that simple and frankly I don't see how it's the public's business how the airline manages it's employee perks.
Randy Tyrrell The airline hasn't updated their dress code since the fifties, evidently. Women doctors, teachers and attorneys wear leggings. I wonder if they allow women to wear pants?
Crystal Cornwall They weren't "paying customers" and were using free airlines passes as a benefit of a UA employee. They are required to adhere to the dress code of UA employees since they are using the UA employee benefit. It's not hard.
Keira Rodriguez Ok, so these 'pass riders' wee young are they supposed to look "neat and professional?" If the leggings aren't torn to shreds, clean and worn under an age-appropriate top, who cares? They can't look "professional" because they're KIDS! And if their clothes are neat, how are they violating any rules??
Tom Wasuita I work for another American based airline and our rules are identical, you are told of this policy close to daily. This is merely how a company would like its employees to be represented in front of the public, you wouldn't go to a business meeting in leggings.
Audrey Moyers So this is a non-story CNN is sharing because some nosey woman didn't understand what was going on and took it upon herself to tweet baseless accusations. The rules are clear and easy to follow.
Valerie Lorenzini As a former airline employee it is time for them to update the dress code! I wore leggings under a dress recently should I have been turned away, it was cold and most times they look nice
Dianne Fraser-White My understanding is that they were traveling on an employee pass. Must have been the children of an employee. Yes there are dress codes you must follow when using those passes. I had a business "shorts" suit one once and the gate agent said I couldn't travel till I changed. Put on a skirt and all was good.
Randy Howard So heres the deal. I own a bussiness that provides transportation. Now kn of the perks that my company offers is free traval. Not only to you, but to family and friends. Now since it is my company, I make the rules. If you don't like them, then, 1 don't use the perk or 2 don't work for my company. It sounds pretty simple to me. The liberal idiot should have researched first, but like always it's eaiser to type and be wrong.
Sheri Weintraut Dillinger Airlines have the right to enforce their dress code policy. As a 30-year airline employee family, we dress appropriately for the flight benefits extended to us. Why is it so hard for some people to follow the rules?
Melissa Routt Calm down kids... They were travel pass passengers, so basically they fly for free because a family member works for the airline. There is a strict dress code. It's spelled out what you can and can't wear, the person who booked them the flight should have known and told them.
Anita Barber Rayborn There's nothing obscure about this policy if you are an United employee. It's reviewed during new-hire training. This is why as an airline employee you have to be careful about who you allow to use your buddy passes. It's a privilege that can be suspended or revoked for failure to follow policy. The dress code is a small price to pay to fly for free. If you don't like the policy, buy your ticket.
Richard Carr Kudos to United for sticking to their dress code policy. As a fellow airline employee for 20 years I get it. When your traveling as a non rev there is a certain dress attire that is expected of you. Any airline employee would tell you that. Rules are rules. If you don't oh bide by them expect to pay the consequences. ✈😀✈😀
Antonio Portugal I'm an active airline employee, and yes we do have a dress code to adhere when traveling standby. I remember traveling to Hawaii with a suit and tie ,small price to pay for a great benefit...
Leah Kolt United is all over what kids wear, yet they cancel flights because they can't seem to have planes and crews where they're supposed to be? Here's a suggestion: Get rid of the clothing police and hire/buy more crew & planes.
CNN6 hours ago

More than 24,000 people have signed a petition calling for "Fearless Girl" to become a permanent installation.

Christopher Austin No, the bull represents a promise to the people of a strong healthy economy. The girl is nothing more than a liberal stunt to get noticed.
Jane MacInnes For all those that have lost their life savings at the hands of Wall Street, having a little girl as a symbol of defiance seems quite apropos.
Tim Rogers A child doing something pointless and dangerous - that would result in her getting gored. THAT is the perfect analogy for the modern Democrat/Liberal.
Chandler Smith Well considering the reason why the health-care bill failed was because the American people stare down the bill that was designed to help out the wealthy. We weren't even allowed to vote on it and still Congressman felt if they voted yes they wouldn't have a job next year. The statue is already proving to be true.
Guillermo Floyd Gomez I think it's good symbolism. Agree or disagree with its meaning, it's good to realize that it has a meaning.
Lisa Day Poor It disgusting how many MEN post condescending comments about this story. You've gotten comfortable with that glass ceiling. Afraid of a little girl?
Tiffany Martin Bishop Can we please stop with all of this?! Seriously. If you have to whine, cry, and shove it down everyone's throat that you're a 'strong woman' or 'fearless woman', then you really aren't. Who cares?! What does it matter?! Confident people have NOTHING to prove to ANYONE! Ever!!
John R. Morris The bull represents a strong economy, while the girl is a marketing ploy that speaks to feminisms' self-destructive love affair with hubris and entitlement.
Danielle Ford "...the girl is a marketing ploy that speaks to feminisms' self-destructive love affair with hubris & entitlement..." How dare women feel "entitled" to dare they take pride in their defiance of a systemic sexism that consistently marginalizes them. NO WAY we would want to commemorate that! Why...they might stop making my sandwiches and washing my dishes. 🙄🙄🙄 You're in for a rough ride buddy. We aren't going anywhere.
Marc Sy You guys have a lot of problems on your hands yet decide to fight over a symbol of a gender instead of the US as a whole? Whats happening to the adults?
David Byer YES YES YES.... she stands there to let old white misogynous men be aware and conscious, that the future is for ALL children of today to ensure equality for ALL adults tomorrow! Nothing to do with being liberal as some of these morons state here...nasty misogynists obviously.
Rachel Rothwell Gregory Generation Snowflake by definition is a person being too emotionally vulnerable and taking offense easily.... How are people that want equality and justice for all humans Snowflakes? The people that are saying don't keep it? Why? Because it doesn't support your ideals of bigotry? It makes you feel uncomfortable? I believe that is being a Snowflake.
Joshua Juarez When did the bull become a negative symbol? When did capitalism go from the idea that built this country to something that needs to be stood up to? What positive message does the Fearless Girl statue send? It represents nothing. It's simply controversial and this generation thinks that if something is controversial and polarizing it is deep. Like the Trump Nazi billboard, this is nothing more than a representation of misguided and misdirected anger at the wrong thing.
Kathy Lasley If she was fearless, she'd be riding that bull. As it is, she's running with the bull, and that foolishness is already played out annually with disastrous consequences.
Ryan Rhoads Well the little girl pissed off the artist that created the bull if nothing else. It is changing the original intention of the art and piggy backing off someone elses work. It is also illegal and the creator of the girl could face charges for it.
Jennifer Blackmon i'd like to see her move around to other places and raise awareness to other industries/companies that lack appropriate female representation. maybe somewhere in dc???
Margo Page McCoy The bull standing alone - unchallenged is, let's face it - idealist. Positive and confident yes, but idealist . The counterbalance of vulnerability (the child) offers a consideration/balance message to the greedy reckless powers that exist.To infuse this installation with more than this or to introduce gender etc is pointless. Wall St, a locus of capitalism needs as many counterweights and reminders of honest humanity as possible. This addition is useful.
Lou Riv You raise a valid point about why the bull's meaning may have changed. Why does the symbol of a strong economy also reflect the nuance of a semi out of control animal who will trample any individual person in its path? Is it a message about how corporatism treats individuals?
Lesley Crompton Have to agree with Niou.. it is a powerful message.for a ll females facing male opposition. To some things about a strong economy . As a female it represents all females struggle against in a male dominant workplace .been there and continue to battle especially with nyx
Francisco Rivera Aguilar She must stay. Just take a look of all those macho men whining and being intimidated by a little girl. Those same men do not want to lose control of women, much less give control to them.
Matt Wagner anyone's feels about the meaning of the statue is pointless. at the end of the day the bull statue is it's own entity of art with its own meaning. you cant just vandalize another peice of art, change it's meaning and say you have a right to be there. its not fair to any artist. the girl has to go, find its own home.
Espi Gailey No. I don't think woman or girls should be pandered to. We're not a focus group, we're Americans. Everywhere I turn woman are asking for gender less everything then let's not pick n choose. This bull is a hard representation of what you face on Wall street. To conquer life you need to conquer the bull! Plain and simple
Joshua Bailey This is quite possibly the dumbest thing ever and #CNNisveryfakenews is absolutely madly in love it. While the girl was a nice statement for women's day, it becomes pointless to allow it to remain. If you keep it you have changed what was a symbol of the market to something entirely different. They should pay to place it somewhere else.
Lisa Bollinger Grigsby The bull represents a strong economy and prosperity. It would've been more appropriate to put her along side it, not staring it down in "defiance."
Tristan J Martin Its a symbol of gender equality in a country that in 2017 is still stuggling with equality all across the board not just gender. The bull is a symbol from a time gone by showing male dominance in our society. That little girl should stay and defy that bull as long as it exist and lets every little girl and every women in this nation know they can do anything and be anything and should not live in fear and how its not ok to be raised in a society that tells girls not to be raped but never tells boys not to rape. #WomenArePowerful
CNN7 hours ago

Gov. John Kasich says he does not think he will run for public office again.

Tavy Rouege Wait.... so now it's f*cking pathetic but the last 8 years were WHAT EXACTLY?! Bc you had a president who tried to work with the other side. To this day Barack is saying, if you can make ACA better then do it. Don't fall for this bs spin. There's still a lot of time to work with dems, so get off tv and do it!!!
David Nguyen Blame it on the Republicans for obstructing everything Obama tried to do. How can they expect bi-partisanship after that? Politics suck.
Nick Lazzaro When you guys decide to publicly come out and say "We did this to ourselves by not participating in the government the past 8 years aside from being roadblocks." then maybe dems will work with you.... but constantly saying WE dont work together, WE need to get it together... WE... WE... WE... WE.... WE...... No.... YOU had 8 years to help. Ya shut down the government instead. Then chanted things ab repealing and birth certificates..... now you want people to help YOU?!
Anthony Alapaki Ahkoi They actually did work together to defeat American Health Care Act (Trumpcare). You would be surprised how much inter-party cooperation has increased nationally: fighting muslim ban also comes to mind. Just so happens everyone is uniting against 45.
Scott H Bornstein Working together? What a crazy concept. What does he expect, politicians to do what they were elected to do? Their jobs? Put our citizens first? Oh, the insanity!
Mary Turbide I wish he would. He is smart, kind and would be someone to unite this country. We need someone in the middle, not far right or left.
Bryan Reid Kasich is a Hypocrite. His party did everything they could to weaken Obama Care. Now they will attack it until it fails. They are not interested in Americans they are only interested in power. American great again... lol Republicans are morally and intellectually corrupt.
Dawn Krause Camp Can we say hypocrite??? When it was you all be obstructionists it was all copacetic huh? Sorry, but not buying it. The crap you are trying to pass is not what's best for the whole and I am all good with them saying NO!
Michael Ascani John Kasich and John McCain are, probably, the only Republicans that has a non-bigoted, non-racist sense of un bias perspective and rationality. They are, w/o question, the Republicans w/ the most bipartisan ( as far as Republicans are bipartisan) point of view. John Kasich's take on abolishing the ACA (Obamacare) is. "Don't through out the baby w/ the bath water" In other words work w/ what we have and build on it. Here lies the problem. The Republicans can't except that they made no effort, and worst yet, fought tooth and nail against heathcare for Americans, before Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the democrats made an attempt to put something toward getting heathcare for Americans. Now, The Republicans are " replacing the ACA" because they want the American public to think it was their Party that created healthcare for America. While destroying healthcare for the poor, seniors and low income and giving tax breaks for the upper 1%. They could have very, simply, worked w/ President Obama and improved the ACA. Instead of boycotting, voting against and filibustering every single improvement he and the Democrats proposed. This is a disgusting, criminal and un American display of Republican Party politics! But, here is a stone cold REAL fact. It was Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the Democrats that made the initial effort to give Americans a healthcare system, in spite of the Republicans absolute, continuous and disgusting attempt to block it. Now Trump tries to pass a pathetic heathcare plan that he can't even get through a Republican House !!!!!!!!!!! They need to listen John Kasich. "Don't through out the baby w/ the bath water" In other words work w/ what we have and build on it.
Naomi DC The Governor who does not believe woman can take care of their own healthcare, the man whose state is suffering from government deregulation that he made his millions from as a hedge fund dealer what a hypocrite! #glasshouse
Lizz Jones I love Mr. Kasich, and will respect whatever he decides to do. This country BLEW IT by letting him slip thru, and picking Trumplestinkskin instead. Never live that down, our RNC really sucks.
Paul Fleury I am not an American by John Kasich is impressive. He is a leader in a world where this trait is so sorrowfully lacking. He states Senators and Congress members should look after the country's best interests more so than party's interests. How very refreshing!
Eva Karina Flores Now it's pathetic????? You intentionally started with the goal of obstructing everything that president Obama put forth....but now it's not right b/c it's "your" senate and house right? Who is pathetic?
Stephen Berg Kasich is wrong. The GOP refuse to work with the Democrats. They have done so for a minimum of 9 years. Republicans are the problem. They're the ones who hold the government hostage and close veterans cemeteries with sequestration.
Mike McNair Sorry...when you want to compromise on racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and disrespect of other religions there is no common ground! This isn't 1915...get with the times biggoted GOP!
Ronnie Orlando Sr. Well Mr did you guys Republicans work with Obama Not at all So why didn't you people give President Obamas pick for the Supreme Court a hearing You didn't do your job KARMA
Jerry Pecks Your party is a disgrace to the United States. For a moderate, you live in a state of bewildering delusion. John Kasich- the "sensible moderate" that stays true to his political party even after they elect the American shitler.
Wentemi Kante Wow. This was "acceptable" during Obama's presidency when the repubs decided to reject every proposal. You can't have your cake and eat it too 😒
Rienzzie Rienzzie So tired of this bipartisan dog fight. These politicians must grow up and behave like adults. They are for themselves and on the way do something for us. We get paid for performance. What do they get paid for?
Kathryn DeChick If the GOP had 7 years to come up with a beautiful plan, what happened? They tried to push through a pathetic plan just to say they out did Obama. What a waste of tax payers $$$.
Christopher Porto I agree it was pathetic that the GOP refused to let a single dem look at the healthcare bill. It is pathetic that the GOP refused to even talk with a single democrat about the healthcare bill. I agree it is pathetic the GOP deliberately kept the language of the bill away from the democrats even hours before they wanted to vote and never once attempted to get a single democrat on board. I think it is pathetic that after obama had hours long meetings with the GOP during the lead up to the ACA to get them on board and took all their questions that trump not once contacted a single dem law maker. I agree the GOP had been utterly pathetic now that they have been in the majority
Toby Rodney If we review the previous administration, we see that President Obama accomplished a lot, especially since the GOP tried to tie his hand on pretty much everything. The GOP does not play well with others, and refuses to pick up its marbles and go home. Kasich, if you want to place blame, just look in the mirror.
Sharron Fromius "Dems & GOP not working together is pathetic" - well he isn't first person to make that statement. Many citizens have been thinking and saying the same thing for years.
Cindy Schulz It is too bad when the incorruptible are so disgusted with our government that our good politicians decide they cannot do the jobs the people want and need and trusted them to do! We should be getting rid of the corrupted politicians before letting the good ones go!
Apollo Silva Republicans. You never wanted to work with Obama coz of his skin color. You can fool your supporters but we all know you didnt want a black President giving you orders. Coz y'all are hateful racists. Ok back to Church now. It's Sunday. You all pray for the sins you just did.