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Actor Bambadjan Bamba is in the biggest film in the world right now. And he's undocumented.

CNN isn’t news, it’s the PR arm of the DNC
By undocumented you mean illegal. right?
Ok so, he was hired illegally. He is here illegally. Seems like if it is that easy to prove, might be time to make some arrests.
It is astonishing how many people complain about CNN. Go to Fox then and stay off here. Oh, and read the article before you start nonsense. Dreamers are DACA and are protected. Jeez, there are a lot of idiots on here.
Rotten Tomatoes has Black Panther listed as the highest rated film of all time, beating out Citizen Kane and The Wizard of Oz. This is what happens when you literally delete any negative review of a film to 'fight trolls'.
Here we go another dose of CNN being CNN
You see what they can accomplish if you just give them a chance?? Don't turn your backs on immigtants. They helped build this country.
Well, now he has enough money to become legal. Get it done and appreciate what this country has done for you.
Great movie but CNN sounds proud of the fact this guy is an illegal alien? Why not just apply for citizenship, he has the money?
Ok.. if he wants to become a citizen then he needs to do it legally and get in line like everyone else.
So. Actors from all over the world apear in films a in America that are not citizens. Not only that but you just showed if he wants to be a citizen then he can afford to go the process
That is unfortunate. I'm sure when he returns he will have been able to practice his craft on the foreign acting stage. We welcome his talent here in the United States as soon as all of the appropriate paperwork and waiting periods have been met.
Take all the Dreamers, and have them go to all the football, baseball, basketball stadiums, and have them raise there hand , take the oath, as a American citizens, lets have one hell of a party ,
What will trump say about him? He has contributed to the 5th largest movie with a gross of over 295Million...🙂 what will Trump say to this undocumented HUMAN who has contributed millions to the economy??? Since you only worried about the bottom line!
"That's why the 36-year-old, a son of immigrants who sought and received asylum, is now speaking out about his status." Did we redefine DACA?
Why people hate!!!! Grow up trumpsters he’s on DACA don’t hate!! Good for you Bamba you can be Hollywood Star even without green card congrats!!!!
Soooo....all those agents and people around him making money from him never said “you might need to do this, because Trump is terrible, etc, etc.” Seems fishy
Okay CNN you just outed this guy, lol. Stick to politics and leave the movies alone, you're not Siskel and Ebbert :)
Has he really been in the US for 26 years? I’m no mathematician but I don’t think Obama has much to do with him being here.
Ok so he should have plenty of resources now to become a legal citizen right? Bet he doesn't even try.
Our society is so screwed up right now to let people break the laws of the land, and not take responsibility for their actions, and behaviors. #TurnItRedMidTerms
Wow - With all that money, what has Bamba accomplished to become U. S. citizen? I’m certain he can pay the attorney fees. By the way, no such term as “undocumented” either legal or illegal, citizen or non U. S. Citizen. Val N Billm Frank Hallinan
I can see trumps base going to watch the movie, once the movie showed him, they'd put their long hair in a rebel flag hairbow, stand up, and scream MAGA.
Hurry, democrats, sign the deal. Instead of giving him a worker permit like Obama wanted, give Trump his wall and give 1.8 million dreamers citizenship. No brainer, right?
The ignorance on here is astounding. If Dreamers could be citizens they would. At least educate yourselves before posting ignorant crap.
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"There's a time to hold candles, and there's a time to raise our voices, and that time is now and that day is today." The co-founder of an organization called Drain the NRA speaks at a rally against gun violence...

NRA don't make laws ... The 2nd ammendment is in our Constitution and gives us the right to bear arms. ... this isn't a gun problem this is a mental health issue. ..we can extend background checks and put metal detectors in schools along with ex military to keep people safe... stop with the liberal propaganda of taking away people's rights because u will never win the argument. ..
So if a police officer shoots an unarmed man you blame the police officer. But if someone commits mass murder you blame the gun? Explain this logic please?
Why no outrage for the thousands of children killed by abortion, a child's death is a waste, be it at 5 weeks, or 15 years.
MOMS .. Tell your schools and communities to bring back GOD ... Your children need to have God in their Heart & Mind..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️🇺🇸️
The NRA is not government funded & don’t actually put guns in people’s hands. However, planned parenthood murders more children a day & receives tax payer money. So the time is here to get real!
So when a cop shoots an unarmed individual, it's the COPS fault. But blame the gun when it's an agenda driven assault of the 2nd amendment. Riiiiight... So, because of her little stunt here, I will start making contributions to the NRA. Thanks for sharing !
Things do seem to have got to that point...! Looks like it will be the young people who will bring about much needed change to US gun laws, and good on them...!
Trump undid Obama's gun safety laws his first week. He may as well have handed the shooter that AR 15.
Good luck. 300 million registered legal guns in America. Most law abiding responsible gun owners belong to the NRA.
The youth of the country is seeing the folly of the older generation, seeing through the fear mongering of the NRA meant to enrich the arms manufacturers and kill the rest of us. Great kids. Time will eventually eliminate the gun nut fools.
"The NRA is the enabler of death — paranoid, delusional and as venomous as a scorpion. With the weak-kneed acquiescence of our politicians, the National Rifle Association has turned the Second Amendment of the Constitution into a cruel and deadly hoax."~Bill Moyers
When I lived in New Orleans, a neighbor saw teens with switchblades hanging out in our apartment complex during the day, near my apartment. That time of year it was dark when I left for work and dark when I got home. I had to walk to my mailbox through where they had been hanging out. Before I did, I put on a shoulder holster with a gun and walked to my mailbox. I never needed it. But, I was glad I had it. Otherwise I would be helpless victim. Also, when I was in the French Quarter in daylight. Two muggers tried to jump me. Fortunately, I got back to my friends. I wish I had been carrying a gun. A gun is the only protection you really have. The police are never there till it is too late.
This will get a lot of negative comments on this page but here goes. Guns are not the problem. The problem is found in the home. The home structure is not there anymore. There has always been guns around but very few tragedies happened in the past as they do now. What has changed? parents aren’t parents anymore, kids call all of the shots now. There is no more consequences for kids actions, there is no more discipline, parents side with their kids when they do wrong. The home is where a person learns who they should be, now days there are no family dinners at the table, everyone stays with there face in the phone and no communication. I am 28 years old but I have seen a drastic shift in today’s society and it isn’t for the good. I have seen kids that did wrong and needed correction be told there ok. Stricter gun laws will not keep them out of the hands of those who are out to do wrong. For example, various drugs are illegal but dealers still sale them, human trafficking is illegal but horrible people still kidnap and sale. A gun is useless unless it is operated by someone. A fork doesn’t make a person obese. A car that is driven by a drunk driver and kills someone can not operate on its own. It’s all about choices. When a generation comes up thinking there is no consequences for choices they make, they have no regret in anything they do. This young man had no structure whatsoever in his life, no one to lead and guide him. Our problem is society.
Nothing will change until the Lobbyist who pay our politicians mega millions for their "consideration" are no longer allowed! The biggest Lobbyist is the NRA whose unsung motto is, "America Forgets" give it time and resume.... When is the last time you thought about Sandy Hook? Nothing will change!
amazing how easy it is to get national media coverage if you just jump on a bandwagon these days. meanwhile, REAL SOLUTIONS need more than words and media coverage.
Leave us gun toten rednecks, hunters, protectors alone. Go after the parents pf these young people. Dont tell me moms and dads, schools, kids, whoever didnt see red flags !!! Give up ur guns we,re not
Politicians LOVE this because the NRA will pump even more money into their pockets... to make sure nothing is done.
We glorify the gun culture as our fascination with guns grow overwhelmingly over the decades from muskets to now AR15s,we are to blame for the rate of gun violence that has ripped across America for decades we are fertile grounds for gun related violence which has shattered so many lives it must not continue, and it must stop now but each and everyone of us has a part to play to make this become a reality..
There is a time to shut up and time to know what your talking about a time to stop producing an anti-2nd amendment a time to stop producing fake news! Lol
We need to beat the NRA down like a dangerous snake and any time it rears its ugly head crush it. These young people must succeed and as they do this work they will be the statesmen of tomorrow
Gun laws are NOT the problem... Security is... you can’t enter an airport with an unopened bottle of water but they let this Known Evil into their School with a deadly weapon...Security would have prevented it no gun law would have.. 10,000,000 Military style rifles 9,999,999 rifles didn’t participate...Security is the answer not political stupidity...
What has happened to these young people was so horrible. Our country has changed so much and not in a good way. In this case the FBI and local police dropped the ball. Laws were not followed. We need to look at many facets with school violence. Armed security Extensive training and psychological assessment for teachers who want to apply for this security team but make sure they are capable - especially previous cops and military. We are not going to completely stop evil nor guns in the wrong hands so we need to adjust with what is.
At least 9 of the last 10 comments have been against this article. Lately that happens nearly every time I check the comments on a CNN article. I'm not sure about the 10th comment. It is a bible quote and I'm not sure what the author is saying. Maybe your readers are trying to tell you (CNN) something. You used to be more news and less spin. Maybe it is time to return to that?
Until people understand blaming inanimate objects and the NRA is not a solution, there will be no solutions. Guns are not the problem. The problem lies within the reason that would make someone want to kill. Want to inflict pain on others. Whether by shooting a gun, ramming a car into people or using a bomb. It's all the same.
Please just allow teachers to carry guns so the threat can be neutralized faster, nothing will stop deranged people from killing others, but atleast people would have a fighting chance. No gun control will pass other then background checks because people have no right to infringe on our rights. My condolences to these kids, but using this as a way to infringe on our rights it's absolutely disgusting.
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In a tweet, President Donald J. Trump has questioned why former President Barack Obama didn't act to prevent Moscow from interfering in US elections

He's blaming someone for something that he does not even acknowledged happened?!! The man is a buffoon...and a dangerous one at that!!
Who is President now??? The responsibility now falls on this President and not the past. Obama can not do anything now so it's now time for this President to put on his big boy pants and do his job!!
Trump has still not implemented the sanctions against Russia that were overwhelmingly passed by both Houses of Congress. Why????
Obama knew about it long before Trump did, why didnt he do anything? The media keeps saying Trump should do something about it, but I havent heard them ask obama why he didnt do anything. Hypocrisy and yellow journalism, at it's sleaziest.
Obama did do something! Threw out Russians and closed their compounds! Trump in the other hand gave them back their compounds and refuses to enact sanctions on Russia!!! #impeachtrump #muellertime #lockhimup #traitor
So, for over a year Trump screamed "There was no Russian meddling!". Now he's claiming there was but Obama did nothing to stop it.
Hold on, hold on, HOLD ON! Now didn’t the Cheeto in Charge say that Russia had no meddling in the 2016 election from day 1?!? Now! All of a sudden, it’s the previous POTUS’ fault! GTFOH! This dummy flip flops & doesn’t stick to one story that it’s pathetic..
So let me ask this: if it’s egregious not to act against Russia when presented evidence of meddling, why aren’t you enforcing the sanctions passed overwhelmingly by a bipartisan Congress, Donny?
So you went from believing it never happened, to actually believing it now that Mueller has proven it just five days ago, to blaming your predecessor. You’re a fcktard.
Did nothing? What about expelling numerous “diplomats”. Seizing property, and sanctions. How about warning Congressional leadership, only to be rebuked by McConnell?
Stop blaming , and start doing something . You have sanctions against Russia sitting on your desk . Why haven’t you sign them ? The blame game is old , tired , and worn out . Just another method of keeping the American people from putting pressure on elected officials to govern this country . Deflector in chief there are three fingers pointing back at you in that photo 🤷🏽‍♂️
He went to the congress for a joint statement against Russian meddling during the election and was shot down by McConnell and others. Yep the same McConnell that stole a Supreme Court seat. That one.
My God, aren' t you guys tired and exhausted listening to this psychopath. Are you not 😩 embarrassed.? I know Americans are much better than the man who represents you.
#45 is both a Bully and a Blamer....great qualities to lead a once Great nation. Stand up and stop the madness. This is how he plans to make America great?
Obama did try to stop the election fraud from happening but all of your counterparts in the GOP said that’s not happening and would not allow it so your and your party is the blame
How was Obama to know the Russians we're helping Trump? We're just finding out more details. Trump knew before President Obama, why didn't he stop it?
Man, he even went as far as not disclosing all of the details publicly to make sure it didn't appear to be a political ploy for the Democratic party and against you. You should be thanking him! He did sanction them though, and you decided to lift those sanctions.
GOP stood in Obama's way at the time...looks like ol' Mitch must have know too. On the bright lesst Trump is aknowledging the interference now.
If he is so angry that Obama didn't do anything then he must be getting a solid plan in place for the midterms. I sure won't hold my breath. 45 cares about nothing but himself.
so funny 45 considers in 2013 and in 2014 in interviews televiswed a run for Pres and blames Obama in 2014 - what a blatant coincidence!
He did!!! He expelled the ambassador,his families, employees, Right away!!! He ignored Putin!!! Never spoke to him again. Slapped Russia with more economic Sanctions!!! And, NOW! You didn't do anything!!!
Instead of tweeting bad things about Oprah and FORMER President Obama this CURRENT SITTING president(?) should be more concerned with Muellers ONGOING investigation and making changes to gun legislations and laws.
Obama did act on Russian interference and of course Trump said there was no interference. Another blame game by our ever flip flopping president whose favorite past time game is “Let’s Rewrite History”.
If I understand what he's saying, it was okay to conspire and collude with Russia; it's really Obama's fault for not stopping him.."Russia, if you're listening, hack Hillary's emails".
Didn't Obama initiate sanctions and kick out Russian diplomats? The same sanctions Trump now refuses to enforce.
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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation now includes asking about Donald Trump’s son-in-law’s efforts to seek financing for his company from foreign investors during the presidential transition.

So, in addition to Hillary paying this double agent Christopher Steel (who obviously was bias aginst Trump) for this first false dossier, the FBI ran with the same info without verifying it. Turns out much of the substance of the dossiers came from the Russians. While this was going on, Hillary was feeding the Obama state department more false information that they later sent to Christopher Steele who apparently gave that info to the FBI for a SECOND dossier. The state department under Obama also was used to spread disinfo during the presidential campaign. In total the DNC (Democratic national committee) and Hillary Rodham Clinton payied 12 million for this information. They (Hillary Rodham Clinton and FBI) did not tell the FISA judge that they obtained this information by paying for it, nether did they tell the Judge that this information was NOT verified. They hid these vital facts from the Judge, thereby committing purjery. If the Judge would have known for example that this information was gained by Trumps direct opposition ( Hillary) that would be grounds for rejection of this information. The FBI then proceeded under false pretenses to spy on the Trump team under a "blanket" surveillance. In otherwords they used the permission to spy on ONE Trump member, and proceeded to use this as an excuse to spy on ALL of them. This is against rules and regulations. The Senate investigators are at this time seeking to gain the approval to attain the FISA transcript. This will tell us exactly what went down when the FBI approached the Judge for surveillance approval. This will in my opinion, reveal more bomb shells. This is much bigger than watergate because of the sheer number of powerful people and organization's involved. To name a few: 1) Hillary Rodham Clinton (Former First lady) 2) Barack Obama (Former President) 3) Jim Comey (Former Head of the FBI) 4) Obama State Department of Justice 5) FB It is against the law for the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to funnel millions of dollars to a British spy and to Russian sources in order to obtain the dossier. The Federal Election Campaign Act (52 USC 30101) prohibits foreign nationals and governments from giving or receiving money in U.S. campaigns. It also prohibits the filing of false or misleading campaign reports to hide the true purpose of the money (52 USC 30121).This is what Clinton, Obama, FBI, and the DNC have done. criminal prosecutions have in cases such as this have been sought and convictions obtained. In this sense, it could be said that Hillary Clinton is the one who was conspiring with the Russians by breaking campaign finance laws. In other words the very thing they have accused Trump of for one year THEY are in fact guilty of. Russian collusion. This is the info that was released in the memo.
Keep digging Mueller.....because in the end it will wind up being your own grave......along with many other globalist puppets...
Kushner is going down. The Trump campaign staff and WH staff are in deep danger of going to jail. Gates pleaded guilty today. Just another nail in the Trump administration coffin?
The day is coming when Robert Mueller will pull-up in front of the White House in his government issued unmarked crown-vic. It sounds like he may need a paddy wagon.
Ok we are getting somewhere. This is why Kushner can't get a security clearance. And he's been briefed on security issues. WTH. He's involved with business deals and other things with foreign entities. Mainly Russia. Remember follow the money. If we could see DJT's tax returns, that would tell us plenty. I'm pretty sure Mueller & Team know. Stand by!!👍✌
I thought the special counsel was to see if Trump colluded with the Russians. Now that it has been proven that he hasn't and the only collusion was Hillery and the Russians, aren't we supposed to end the witch hunt now?
Charles Kushner (born May 16, 1954) is an American real estate developer. He founded Kushner Companies in 1985. In 2005, he was convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering, and served time in federal prison. After his release, he resumed his career in real estate. His son is Jared Kushner....
I love hearing how it's Obama's fault for Russian meddling! Everyone says, he should have did something! Well, what has TRUMP done? Crickets!
Oh you mean Jared Kushner who’s father was a white collar criminal. Went to jail. Kushner who has lied on his clearance forms a number of times and still has access to the most secret of information everyday. That Kushner.
For all of you standing up for tRump don't you care at all that Russia has and is trying to destroy our democracy? Forget everything else but why does that not bother you? And the fact that even with a huge unanimous vote for sanctions,both parties, tRump refuses to follow thru.
Everyone is all up in arms about Mueller and this investigation, yet he is STILL finding things of importance... Go getem Mueller. This country owes you a debt of gratitude! You sir, are a REAL American hero!
It hilarious that all these CNN, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama haters just love to troll CNN. Shouldn't they be on the Fox News site soaking up the lies and drinking the crazy koolaid.
Jared Kushner now? Next week it’s Melania, then back to Ivanka, then a whole month on Trump again. Just keeps going round and round.
Keep following the money Mueller. Corruption the likes of which we have never seen in an a presidential election. 45's impeachment is imminent!
Throw the whole lof of trumps in prison already!
Remember how Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion? It would be funny if both kushner and trump were jailed for money laundering!
Lol this nothing burger is looking like it can feed an entire Bangladeshi village!!!
And Bill giving a speech in Russia while Hillary was Secty of State and laundering money for Clinton Foundation is ok?
What a joke. The Russia scandal is ALL about the Clintons deflecting their own wrong doing. Wasn’t it Obama that declared there is “no way our voting system is influenced by outside sources”? Then the Dems lost the election and they have been crying like babies ever since💦💦💦
What has TRUMP done about election meddling? I'll wait, for I hear it can be hard for a Trumper to form a complete sentence!
Mueller is a registered Republican and a Vietnam War Vet. He is a patriot and flushing out the crooked Trump Administration is the best thing Mueller could do for this country.
Money Laundering is a crime. Mueller is going to nail Trump soon!
All the skeletons from Trump’s overflowing cupboard will come tumbling out one by one, thanks to the very patriotic & professional efforts of Mueller!
The noose is tightening 🤣. If and when Jared gets indicted I’m sure Donnie will claim he hardly knew the guy 🤣
Hey evangelicals did you see the number of the building?? 666 ...we been trying to tell you trump was the beast....he fooled ya...
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Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation now includes asking about Donald Trump’s son-in-law's efforts to seek financing for his company from foreign investors during the presidential transition.

After the impeachment of Donald, every state should have an airport or street named after Bob Mueller. #AmericanHero
Calm down conservatives, u had your fun with the release of that oh-so top secret, important, 'biased memo'... It's adult time now...
CNN and the Democrat Party is in the pockets of Moms Demand Action who used to be called 1 Million Moms For Gun Control. Every interview Is with the same kids. Out of all those students, they keep interviewing only 5. CNN has crisis actors on set teaching these kids what to say to push the Fascist Nanny State agenda.
This guy has free access to top secret info and can’t get a permanent security clearance. Ridiculous...
I'll have to tell my co-worker. She says her main reason for existence now is to live to see Jared Kushner in handcuffs. 😂
The walls are closing in. Get your popcorn ready!!!
Go get that POS, Muelller! We're behind you 100%!
Mueller puttin in work... We got 3 dudes from Trump's campaign pleading guilty and cooperative, one dude Manafort (Trump campaign chairman) indicated. 13 indictments of Russians.... and Jared could me in cross hairs... #it_Mueller_Time
Jared is a corrupt traitor like the rest of his classless family!!! He’s following in daddies footsteps right to federal prison!
Jared will not do well in the pen 😂
Follow the Money and see where it leads! Mueller’s investigation is getting tighter and closer to the Inner Circles of this Administration!
Billion dollars in debt?I thought they were rich.Oh yea,the keep the personal cash separate.That way they can file bankruptcy and leave the creditors up a creek.Just like his daddy in law,does!
This entire investigation in my opinion will reveal the following, the Trump campaign in some form, had knowledge of Russias efforts to influence the election... Knowingly they refused to bring forward this information to authorities hoping it would help their campaign indirectly. Because of this the idea of collusion was brought forward and for good reason, to not notify the US intelligence agencies of these actions is a form of collusion in itself. Because of this since then Russia and Trump have conspired to terminate the idea of collusion, with little success, collusion has been proven now. The table is being set for a Trump indictment.
Like a 3rd world country where the goal of leadership is self enrichment. This is 'MAGA'? Pathetic. Word for those who support them? Suckers.
ThievesMongers, money launderingMongers, FraudulentpacckMongers, Obstructionof JusticeMongers, RACKETEERINGmongers! Go get em Mr Mueller..
Yes!!! Also ask him about selling citizenship to wealthy Chinese. I guess theirs is not a terrible country even though living conditions are not exactly Manhattan.
It is incredible what these clowns think they are going to get away with it. Better have your flight plan to Moscow ready
he was pimping daddy in law trump as a guarantee when he was pimping investments in his properties as a way to get citizenship. hes gonna be in jail before donny.
I like thinking about the notion that 45's next term will have a dash after it, and the words, "to life".
At a regular job in America you must have a background check completed before you can start, at the White House you can keep a job for a year with an incomplete background check
Good. Investigate it so that if he is innocent and no charges are put forward, people can stop making such nasty uniformed posts. If he's guilty, he has to deal with the consequences because noone should be above the law. It's amazing how many people make such ridiculous unpleasant posts with no proof at this point.
Looking at foreign investors is no crime unless it created a conflict of interest in terms of influence on governing people or to grant favors. Let the investigation turn up what it will.
This investigation started before Trump became president and will continue on to his next term in 2020. They sure work slow in the big USA.
Mondays Are Great Again. as the inner circles are now being investigated for money laundering and treasonous activities. Meanwhile trump is trying to deflect by binge tweeting more lies.
So another soulless member of the Trump family, Jared Kushner's business in question by Mueller is at the address of 666 in New York City? Armageddon will "rise out of politics"? But Obama was the Antichrist right?!😂😂😂🖕 Hmmmm.
CNN3 hours ago

Teens from Parkland, Florida, are proving to be the real adults in the room. Shouldn't they be allowed to vote? asks Joshua A. Douglas via CNN Opinion

This is a serious article? What a joke. I guarantee you 90% of these kids still have to be told to brush their teeth and take a shower but you want to give them power to elect officials that can make life changing decisions? CNN you are a joke
No. Just no. Listening to some of them talk on CNN and they were actually saying it's time to make laws using emotion instead of logic. And CNN was agreeing with them. Thats goddam terrifying
As a parent of an almost 16 year old, older people need to STOP assuming they are uninformed, unmotivated, uneducated. They are motivated, well read, informed, passionate AND ready to take up the fight on issues that are close to their hearts. Take heed those who try to downplay or insult them or insinuate they have been "coached" on what to say. These kids and many, many more like them are ready to rise up with all the vigor and bravery of youth and create the change they are demanding. They are nothing if not tenacious and unwilling to hear the word "NO".
People be talking mad sh!t about this generation, but they are going to change the U.S. and there is nothing you gun lovers can do about it... stay scared, they’re coming! 2020 is going to be the year with the most voter turnout... that POS is going down...
They are poorly informed; worse they don’t know how ill informed they are; they are overly emotional and yet to become well equipped to deal with their emotions; they have poor impulse control; they have too much interest in popularity; they are egocentric; they are easily manipulated; they are children. CNN needs to stop showing Lord of the Flies and hand over the microphone to actual security and firearms experts and start talking about the real world instead of the magical thinking and misinformation being pushed anti-gun hucksters.
Just remember, for every one of these kids that exist, there's also one out there eating laundry detergent.
CNN actually seriously putting forward children should vote🤣 ...just shows the degree of their own maturity.
The same generation that eats Tide Pods? I know these particular kids are tough and absolutely went through an enormous amount of trauma but they are a small group of 16 year olds. Keep it 18.
Yeah. No thanks. They vote with emotion and not logic and facts
It's a sad commentary when 16 yr old kids have to show the president of the United States the difference between what's right and what's wrong.
CNN is becoming a propaganda machine. They are adults because they agree with your point of view
This actually shows to me they generally get very emotional. I think policy made with emotions is lacking critical analysis.
This may be one smart group of 16 year olds, but let's not forget the other half who eats Tide Pods.
I don't understand why all these people that absolutely Hate CNN are always on the CNN post!! These kids are making a very wise statement some will be voting in the mid term elections and most in 2020...its just ashamed that they are so much wiser then 45 is...wait who isn't??? Get your surfboards ready b/c the BLUE WAVE is coming!! :)
nice kids. but really .. some children of their age have a great deal of difficulty determining the gender of a fellow human ... and others eat Tide Pods ... is it really a good idea for 16 year olds to be in charge of the Nation?
No. After this interview most will be smoking dope and shoplifting...get real. When they pay for their own healthcare and crawl out of their parent’s basement after playing 48 hours straight of violent video games and pay taxes maybe they should be assessed as to their civic knowldege before they can vote. Once again CNN is posting their nonsense. Like saying Fergie’s National Anthem was singing.
I think CNN may be a little involved in exploitation of these children while they're in a heightened state of grief and shock. One teenager on CNN today had to be reminded that laws are changed by representatives when she said the kids would get change made with or without them (the lawmakers). I would honestly question how they will/would react if things don't go their way!
In the modern public square, the left is unfit for debate because it's policies and beliefs are incoherent, inconsistent, and irrational. They lack principle. For this reason, they would like more votes in the form of felons, illegal immigrants (w/path to voting, at the least), and now teenagers. It's sad, really.
Question!!! Why don’t we blame the guns when cops shoot someone? The cop is always blamed!!! But in this case the shooter isn’t the problem the guns are!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
I love these young adults. They're intelligent, informed and passionate. BUT!!!! not ALL 16 year olds are capable of forming intelligent choices such as who should be in office by no fault if they're own. They're young and naive, again by no fault own. BUT let's keep encouraging all young adults to pay attention to politics so when they have reached the privileged age to vote, they will be educated!
If they're old enough to be shot up in a school while the leaders and politicians their futures have been entrusted to do nothing about it, then maybe they should be allowed to vote.
They are not adults. Then lower the age for alcohol, tobacco sales. Lower the age to see R or X rated movies. Lower the age to drive without adult supervision. Get a job. Liberals and CNN trying to persuade us.
Here are our future leaders. Smart, articulate and motivated. I am so proud of these 'kids' who seem more like sensible adults. Hope to see them hold political office in future. And oh, many will be able to vote in the midterm elections!
The 16 year olds will be able to vote in 2 years - some of them perhaps in the next presidential election. Think about that. Keep at it - I see changes coming.
They, for the most part, are asking for democratic adult discussion. While they are not experts on weaponry, they now have experienced combat conditions, and they should be given respect similar to given to veterans of our foreign excursions.
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This UK police officer jumped into freezing water to save a drowning man's life

I agree, this guy is a hero. However only reason he made the news was that his name is Mohammad.
No one would do this for Trump
In the US the flailing arms would've been deemed as a threat to the officer's life and he would've emptied 2 clips in him
In America they would have shot him 57 times before they pulled him out of the water. Then Fox would dig up any negative history he had and demonize him. :o
Russia would like to give a big shout out to Democrats and CNN for helping to carry out their disinformation campaign
This officer of religion peace Muhammad
The US cop would've saw it as a threat and shot him dead. Then Trump supporters would've been like should've never been there in the first place.
love how there's some recording it over saving the man ffs.. and this police officer isn't really a hero thats his job to save people.
My God I have seen some of the most horrible political comments on this feed. Really America we are or should be better then this.
Finally something positive, you guys post! Good job, Police Officer!
God bless him. Here in America, we laugh and take videos of people drowning. What a shame.
Great story Plus, CNN just LOVES that his name is Mohammed
Then director says "cut".😂
Brave police officer saved the citizen life.This police officer deserve a medal and the promotion in police department.Not all the cops are bad many cops working for humanity #Respect
Hey, now that he did a good deed he's referred to as policeman. If he does a bad deed he's called by his religion :)
In America he would have first shot into the water before diving in to ensure his safety. Kudos to UK Police 🙌
In this country cops might shoot you for swimming in a no swimming zone
This is what humanity is about. Whenever you start losing hope in humanity , think of the great people out there.
Saw a thing about Liverpool fans singing praises for Mohammed Salah the best football player in Africa and Egyptian Awesome 😀😁
it is his job, he proof he is good policemen and do his job best he can, but he is hero to, as human be... so, thanks to all real human's be and policemen's/women's and anyone who help other's when they need
I'm angry with you sweetie,even though you owes me nothing,you sits on billions of dollars and watch me suffering and refuse to help me,while giving to who already have,😢😢😢😢😢 I love you with my life,I would give my life for you.
Bless him and every single man and woman law enforcement officer who put their lives in danger to protect others.
Don't expect that from American police😂😂 it's a story on some officers who laughed as somebody drowned, if you think I'm lying look it up.
Although we knock around the bad cops in the USA, I wanna believe they would have done the same thing here. Thank you British Officer.
Police officer does his job. What his names Mohammed! Quick make a story and get that posted up ASAP.
CNN4 hours ago

He's sticking by his campaign giveaway of an AR-15 rifle despite criticism in light of last Wednesday's mass school shooting in Florida

Happy Presidents Day Obama! 🤗 On behalf of a Canadian and I'm sure 75% of Americans, I just wanted to say that you are dearly missed! Integrity, class and honour is non existent in the White House. We will not allow this current special needs, lowlife, treasonous, scumbag of a Potus to erase your legacy! Trump's attempted Whitewash will be unsuccessful, as will his illegitimate and corrupt Presidentcy! Best wishes to you and your Family!
Funny how many douchebags cry about ‘gun rights’!!! Why do you need an AR15?? Why??? There are plenty of other guns that people can own, so why is it wrong to ban the purchase of assault rifles??? We don’t need to ban guns, and I’m not supporting that, but we do need to ban assault rifles!!!!!!!
Ownership of these weapons should be limited to the military and law inforcement. Why does an ordinary citizen need to have a gun thats sole purpose is to kill as many as possible in the shotest period of time?
You can jump up and down about school shooting all you want, and should, but until you get rid of a Republican in the White House...ESPECIALLY the current Republican, and ban the NRA from political contributions, NOTHING is going to change.
When was the last time you read the AR-15 was used in hunting animals or self defense? So far the gun as been used to kill in mass shootings. Republicans are using this to keep their supporters happy so they can win their re-elections.
And when something terrible happens with that weapon, will he personally take responsibility too? Just curious.
Republican Party is fast becoming A Nazi party, they have no morals they don't care what happens as long as their pockets are lined.
How can you possibly defend putting another AR-15 out on the streets?!!!!!! #jussayin
"Those dang liberals only win elections by promising freebies to their welfare leeches." "Also, I support the guy giving up free kill toys for votes."
And this kids, is why the gop will be no more soon.
As the survivors noted, if he is with the NRA, he is against protecting kids in schools. It is really pretty simple. If he gives away the AR-15, then let voters hold him accountable in #November2018.
I can’t believe the ones arguing gun control, doesn’t even know how this weapon operates. You think having more regulations, and putting up more signs will stop a shooter from killing people? No, it’s not going to do anything. Stop being scared of it, and learn to protect yourself. Stop trying to divide others because you’re afraid. It’s time to stand up, and fight evil not run from it..
UNTIL someone comes in his kids school with an AR15 and start taking lives then and only then will he see it as a problem should no civilian have those military style guns
This just reeks of desperation. And he's likely opening himself up to liability should a crime be committed with the rifle.
There is NEVER a defense against military weapons in citizens hands 😡
I think that the next time there is a mass shooting at a school, and there will be, Tyler should be dragged to the murder scene and forced to experience the gore before the first responders mop things up. While he is at the scene, he should be made to see and smell the gore, the pools of blood, and blood and guts splattered on walls. Bodies dismembered or otherwise desecrated by 233 caliber rounds tumbling through a body like a buzz saw. He should be made to help wipe up the goo that was once a face. Then maybe he might think about his cute giveaway scheme to announce his candidacy. To answer his question on keeping kids and teachers safe in schools, how about banning assault rifles, customizing kits, and large capacity magazines? Tyler knows this issue isn’t about gun rights; it’s about gun sales and how much money in campaign contributions he can get from the NRA and the gun lobby. I wonder if he realizes how many people think of him as a member of a domestic terrorism group should he be supportive of the NRA. Talk about being tone deaf, heartless, complicit, cowardly, corrupt, and profane. Let me guess. I bet he is also pro-Life.
Can someone please check and see if this kid bought his AR-15 before or after Trump repealed the law checking mental health? Because if he bought the massacre gun after, that's a direct correlation between Trump's action and 17 dead kids.
I hope whoever follows Trump as next president, cause he won't get a second term, will erase his legacy from the books. Now that's what I call a Happy #PresidentsDay 👏👏👏
That's the GOP - sticking to their guns - figuratively and literally.
“We had this planned over a month ago?” THAT’s your lame excuse? This is the last kind of legislator we need in this country. Show a spine. And some sensitivity.
Of course he is; might as well just call the NRA and say "Look what I did for you? I'm happy to take campaign contributions!"
What an idiot...let’s give away the weapon used intentionally to kill large groups of people quickly. Please kids - register to vote as soon as you can! You are mad and you should be mad! Change the world we live in!
Kansas voters must decide whether this guy has impaired judgement, has been bought by the NRA or is simply a moron - or all three. Those who continue to support him may also be suffering from impaired judgement.
Some people grow up to be part of the problem, never having even looked for a solution. This is a photo of one of those people.
I hope he’s putting out resumes! How insensitive and thoughtless to those just killed with this weapon. A great indicator of the party’s thought processes and where their priorities and loyalty lie. You get what you vote for.
CNN4 hours ago

Teens staged a "lie-in" protest outside of The White House in solidarity with Florida students demanding changes to America's gun laws after a school shooting killed 17 people

They should be in school. Their is an old song called summer time blues where a politician tells school age kid “love to help you but your too young to vote” I think children have the right to have a safe school but have no voice in politics because they can’t vote. Being absent from school for political reasons is not acceptable.
Well you know Clinton wasn’t blamed for columbine and Obama wasn’t blamed for sandy hook but let’s blame the White House this time around
Another generation with no mind of its own only supporting the political agenda their parents tell them to. Just like church brainwashing.
It’s truly sad when adult Republicans attack children for wanting to fight for safe schools! The GOP is truly bought and paid for by the NRA!
Too bad DJT isn't even there right now.... instead he is golfing at his country club while parents of the slain children are burying their kids... one of which is the daughter of my friend. :-(
More brainwashing brought on by parents and CNN. Scripted narratives and not their own true voices.
The youth will inherit the world. Conservatism is about clinging to the past, liberalism is about shaping the future. And Republicans just lost a generation of voters by allowing Trump to take over the party.
If children are slaughtered in a school in a mass shooting, and your reaction is, “Don’t you dare take my guns away”, rather than “How do we ever stop this from happening again”, then we don’t have a difference of political opinion, we have a difference in morality.”
Not sure what's more disturbing: the fact our children are demonstrating more concern for the issue of gun violence and senseless deaths than our president or that there are people commenting here who are actually threatened and frightened by these children's courage to take a stand.
This is who we should listen to. A bunch of teenagers who haven't even lived yet, or most likely took the day off from Xbox to do this.
Waiting for the adult trumpanzees to attack these kids in 3,2,1. How dare they not want to get filled with bullets while in school. Hey kids! For the ones that can vote, just make sure come November y’all are front and center voting out these NRA loving republicans!!
Congrats to them, pity the children had to do this when all the adults can do is spew out excuses. Take the assault rifles away not hand guns. It will not be done because the NRA want to sell them. Get their hands out of your pockets and finally DO something. Let the children show you the way. PLEASE
The one gun law that will stop the amount of carnage we have seen is the ban of assault type of weapons. There is no need for any civilian to have these type of weapons. If the gun wasn't available this type of tragedy can't happen. I applaud these students for expressing themselves and peacefully protesting.
Some of you people call yourselves mature adults? Shame on you people who are bashing these kids. No wonder so many children have so much hate these days. I applaud these kids for trying to make a change in this world— one that will likely affect their future. They ARE the future. Let their voices be heard and have some respect.
These kids are no different than the 17 kids that were killed, yet you bash them. So they only deserve compassion and understanding when they get killed but not when they are alive? They are doing what they think is best to get their voices heard. How about we start listening instead of criticizing.
In the 1960s and 70s students, both high school and college, demonstrated against the Vietnam war, the draft and in support of civil rights. Many of you criticizing these young people should thank previous students. If not for them, the military duty would be required and you would be off fighting. Young people can, and have, changed our society.
To all the grouchy old people who say these kids should be in school, remember that today is Presidents Day and school is not open.
I don't understand people who put a laughing emoji to comment on this. There is nothing funny about what happened. I commend these kids for exercising their right to free speech.
That’s a whole lotta 18 year olds with voting rights in November. I believe the children are going to help make a big change in the next election.
This place is doomed because of people like you folks in the comments who care more about your hobbies and defending your bad decision last year than you do about the actual well being of the country and the people in it.
Dear people that have an issue with why these students are are part of the problem.
I applaud these young people for protesting for what they believe in, in such a peaceful way. Makestheir point in a positive way. Thank you for not using violence to protest violence. God bless each ofyo
How's the golfing today, Mr. President? In case you hadn't heard, children in Florida are having their funerals today.
Look through the history books in all countries! Who made the changes. The 60’s, 70’s all student. On campus all over. The people bashing students are now old and sad! I’m 53 and applaud them. You must forget being their age with the spunk they have, they also have the stamina to see this through. Not all teens are playing in their PlayStation’s or eating tide pods. You adults that are saying these things, maybe are looking at your own children! The children that we are seeing are intelligent and articulate.
"And a little child shall lead them." Yep! So proud of these kids who are turning their fears into actions, which do not include buying more guns like the fear-driven and gun crazy far right!! #stopthenra #gunreformnow
CNN4 hours ago

Florida also doesn't regulate assault weapons, .50-caliber rifles and large capacity ammunition magazines.

Why not keep your guns at a gun shop. It's locked up, like a safety deposit box. 2 people have keys to get it out. Go crazy at the gun range there. Leave your gun and there.
Your constitution gives you the right to bear arms to protect yourself it doesn't give you the right to bear arms to kill unprotected, unarmed, innocent individuals. I remain forever thankful that our government here in Australia changed the gun laws after a mass shooting 20 years ago.
Here is how flawed the law is in Florida: you have to be 21 and wait 3 days to buy a handgun. You can be 18, buy an AR-15 and commit murder on the same day. Now how the hell does that make sense?
The point of the 2nd ammendment is that you have the right to be armed without the permission of the government. Are you all that ignorant ? Seriously ?
That is why I don't live in Florida. There is no need for assault rifles in Florida or anywhere else in America. I can see hunting rifles only for hunting animals. mentally ill do not need a gun in their hands. I think some people need to get their facts straight as to what the Second Ammendment to the Constitution really says. check your facts before you go quoting .. I have.
Instead of calling them illegal firearms.. Call them undocumented weapons and let them live in sanctuary homes..
It's one of the states that actually respects the words of the 2nd amendment. I realize you liberals find that appalling, but that's the way all states should be.
USA, a country in decline... where everyone can have a gun, and very few can have health care. They spend half-trillion dollars per year in war machinery, so this is the reflex of society controlled by fear.!!!
NRA is a US domestic terrorism formenting organization and their checklist of accomplishments is impressive: mass shootings, presidential assasination and breastfeeding anticonstitutional organizations and behaviors! They are unleashed and unhinged! Oh, I forgot about civil rights advocates assasinations!
#LiberalHypocrisy... When a police officer shoots a criminal, liberals blame the officer. When a criminal shoots an innocent victim, liberals blame the gun.
29 people knifed to death, 113 injured today in China. You don't need guns to murder, but you do to defend yourself.
The modern sporting rifle, based on the AR-15 platform, is widely misunderstood. ... The AR in “AR-15” rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s. “AR” does NOT stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.” AR-15-style rifles are NOT “assault weapons” or “assault rifles.”
A permit or license to buy and a registry would all be unconstitutional so why even push such nonsense? Do you need a permit or license to vote?
If you pass the background check you can buy a gun. And the government has no right to keep track of law abiding citizens guns.
If guns were such a rampant problem, we'd have hundreds of mass shootings every day across the country. It aint the guns, its mental illness. This kid had the cops called to his house 39 times and the FBI was warned twice, THEY dropped the ball on this one. Not the NRA or current gun laws.
That’s right you should not need a permit or license and register your gun it’s none of the governments business if they want to restrict who gets one let’s do background checks that’s it
Let's say the shooter needed a permit and a license. He takes the required gun safety class, passes a background check because he has no convictions and then legally obtains his firearm. He then walks right into a school and shoots the place up. Tell me again how this would have stopped what happened?
There is no such thing as assault weapons. Also this is a Lie ! You need a CCP in order to carry in Florida and you go through a background check. However the FBI was corrupted by the last administration so they failed to investigate the tips they were given.
So basically Florida has little to no guns laws... but the right, Marco Rubio, & the NRA want you to believe we don’t need reformed guns laws, we just need enforce the ones we already “have.” Sure...😒
That's because they are totally safe and everyone buying them is only going to use them for defense or hunting. Funny how you need to get a permit or license for everything else.
You don't need a state license to sell guns because a federal license is already required. As far as I know 50 caliber rifles are at the bottom of the list of firearms used for murder. Raise the age to buy an AR platform rifle or handgun to 25 and make them wait a week for it. Allow no bigger than a 10 round magazine.
Regulate it and only the criminals will have the advantage. Take the money we blow on paying for illegal immigrants and hire professional security for all schools. Arm security with assault rifles...not just pistols. And we see a dramatic reduction in school shootings. Wake up call🇺🇸
I don't see the need to punish tens of millions of innocent republican and democratic gun owners because of the act of a few criminals. Why do you people need to punish the innocent?
If there was a law against some weapons, I as a law abiding citizen would not violate the law. However people who break the laws will do as they want. If someone is willing to kill someone they are willing to smuggle a gun from wherever they can to accomplish their objective.
Living in Florida these days endangers your life. Thanks Governor Rick Scott who has been given an Aplus rating by the NRA. Get the picture? There does seem to be a realtionship here.