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The video shows daughter Madison dashing out, the first person off the bus, running into her mom's unicorn arms and cracking up

Awe shucks. I wuv you.
If she were mom of the year, she would have driven to the school and picked her daughter up.
Carol Joann Oficial I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!! OMG! :D <3
And daughter really loved it
Adorable kid.
Poor dog thought the little girl was coming to greet him.
This is cute and I'm jealous. My son always wants to be Marvel villains. I should probably get him some professional help.
mom of the year? okay, I say nothing!
People criticizing this need to take a chill pill. Because, she and her husband are taking care of their family and having fun doing it.
Jessica Whatley
That’s wins Mom of the year....ok
Giovana Lizbeth Chavez
Ok, I say you should do this when Mikayla gets home from school! Now THAT is embarrassing! Sarah Bermudez
Julie Shehata
Kevin don't feel bad for her. She doesn't even know what's coming. ;-)
That's do cool😍
this is Jordan Schiller. Ashley Roberts
Hi from Kurdistan Erbil
Mom of the year? Really? Mom's of the year work 2 jobs to compensate for the missing father figure and have neither the time or the money to dress up like a unicorn because they are too busy fullfilling the role of mommy and daddy. White priviledge at it's finest.
Kid should get a ticket for jaywalking
CNN plans to premiere a video.19 ago

"This place is a ticking time bomb." Al-Hol is a sprawling encampment for those displaced from the former ISIS territory in northeastern Syria, and as living conditions worsen, nostalgia for ISIS’ rule is beginning to brew. CNN’s Arwa Damon goes...

I thought Obama said everything was fine over there
Well. Let me bet that we are looking into next IS with this treatment of people. That’s how any terrorism idea works, domestic or international
Didn't our illustrious president say that he would eliminate Isis in the first 30 days?
Strafing is pretty cool.
how can it be that bad? Our TRUSTED former president assured us that ISIS is JV ORGANIZATION !!
Believe I posted it last week. Several agencies have been reporting the problem at al Hawl for months. Similar problems at refugee camps in Kurdistan where ISIS women have infiltrated the camps.
ISIS. That's the one Obama funded and trained right? Sure is!!
Check out CNN rooting for ISIS! Liberals really do hate everything about America.
Bombs away
Why do you care so much for the enemy? Oh yea CNN AntiAmerican.
Who cares?
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"I tell every candidate if you have not had your personal and campaign emails hacked, they will be," Hillary Clinton said. "So will the emails of people working for you. Your information will be stolen and then weaponized against you...

we were so lucky not to have her for president.
Hillary Clinton would have been a great president. And done a world of good for the USA and the world. Hard working, straight talking and she has faith. We will never know, and with the war waged against her by Republicans, Russians and every toxic male on the ground she had to see a racist rapist become president. Let's hope the misguided, the stuck up and the lazy will vote this time.
She didn’t lose! She won by 3 million. The Electoral College kept her from office.
So long story short, Don't treat the Public office you hold as a Cash Machine to feed your private life of monetary desires. You should do the peoples work and maintain some sort of integrity. Perfect... Thanks for the advice.
And then someone will post your emails online showing your party purposely rigged it’s own primary to get the candidate chosen by the political machine and not the best candidate for the job.......
I can see a tweet from the toddler in chief, coming her way.
I hope she does everything in her power to make sure he loses. Ev-er-y-thing.
Exactly, Hillary. And just read all the comments coming from uninformed jerks if you need any further proof of the problem. These are the "intellectuals" who were suckered in by Russian hacks during the 2016 campaign. These are the mental light-weights who are so easy to manipulate on social media. They have no desire to look any deeper into your background of honest work and public service, Hillary. They will happily allow Russia and Putin's puppet do all their thinking for them - it's so much easier than verifying the facts. Sad. 😟
If she hadn't had a private server outside of the the government one, the only one she was supposed to have, (which gives you a clue on how smart she is) this wouldn't be an issue. Besides as president, it was Obama's job to watch out for the security of the election. He failed no-one else.
Your coughing fits, falling down and having to be carried to a waiting van to be carted off to ?? is what cost you the election. You didn't seem to have the fitness and health to be president.
Says the most corrupt US candidate in probably our entire history...
There has never been election integrity since the beginning , all parties are corrupt and we should do away with them all.
She should know cause I'm sure she's done her share!
Bush/ Cheney lost over 2 million emails that were subpoenaed by Congress ! 🤔
Honestly I don’t think one American would ever listen to anything this woman says. Remember anybody that has dirt on the Clintons always wind up dead.
You haters of Hillary just remember she warned us ABOUT the LIER in chief and she wasn't wrong no matter how much you hate her, you supporters of this president don't want to talk about how corrupt he is but the rest of won't be silent.
And Moscow Mitch has blocked every bill on election security. They should have been passed in 2017, but some Republicans want to make it appear they're concerned now, just a little over a year before the election.
She's the expert on it! Right?
What does she know about integrity???
When Russia's #1 spy asset sits in the Oval Office, any and everything is acceptable behavior and conduct.
She's a criminal....period deserves to be in prison and all the cronies protecting her!
This hag is still complaining about losing the 2016 election? She’s lucky she isn’t in prison.
coming from someone who deleted thousands so no one would find out the truth..what a hypocrit
They're probably using the approved Gov server and don't have as much corruption to hide as you!
Did she also provide dire warnings about how difficult it is to get a direct flight to Wisconsin in case they wanted to visit?
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Employees at places like Walmart and seven other retailers are on the front lines of enforcing the rules. Educating workers about how and when to approach armed customers requires training, and many employees may feel uncomfortable about asking gunholders to...

When I see someone open carry I leave. I'm responsible for my own safety and that of my family first and foremost, being proactive and aware of my surroundings is a major part of that. You open carry for attention or for action. You conceal carry for protection.
It’s my understanding, a state may allow you to carry an open weapon, but a private business or establishment can set their own policies that do not allow it in their facilities.
That is good for them. But when they put in medal detectors just to be allowed to shop, they lose my business. Not a fan of open carry, it makes me nervous. At least with a concealed carry permit, you went through an additional background check!
I would love to help enforce such a policy.....but I'm not interested in working at Walmart.
Psst, Walmart, and the other stores, only ask customers not to OPEN CARRY, but concealed carry is still allowed. Maybe your “journalists” should work on their reading skills.
Great! Now I know, no mass shooters will come to Walmart because of this awesome policy. 🖕🏼
The Walmart’s in Montana are not enforcing this “rule”, open or concealed carry is still OK in our great state.
And this is what is wrong with society. Pretty sad that we value a peice of metal over human lives. There will always be these issues until we start making changes, attitudes change. We get to the route cause.
Where I live is now a conceal carry state. (Ky) If you can't adhere to their policy that's on you. Why would anyone wanna open carry anyways? Why put a big target on your back? Just cover it up! It's not that hard a concept. Geesh!!
Pretty sure the Walton family can afford some security guards to handle this. Hire a few more people, you'll still make billions profit of the backs of your employees barely making ends meet.
There had been signs for years at the front doors of these retailers. Are you saying those who are law abiding citizens aren't following the signs?
So Walmart’s solution to someone shooting their store is to tell people to conceal them before they come in. And oh by the way, Walmart STILL sells ammo and firearms at some of their stores. So punish the public while they still sell guns and ammo.
If I ever saw a openly carried gun in a store I would walk out and NEVER return after telling the management.
If they’re asked to leave and they don’t. That’s the job of law enforcement. Keep it concealed I’m ok with it.
Technically they are asking for ppl not to OPEN carry. I've yet to see where a store included CONCEALED carry. If one has I just haven't seen it yet.
I don’t see the point in open carry just because u can. U lose the element of surprise. I myself conceal and carry then open and carry no one needs to know I have a gun. If protection is the purpose of carrying no need to flaunt it.
I enforce this policy at my work place. Nothing complicated about it.
Canadian here and you can’t imagine how ridiculous this sounds to me. I can’t even believe this is an article in 2019! Sounds like the Wild West down there 🤦🏻‍♀️
Boy o boy, just went out and bought my 3rd AR 15!!!! Had a great sale on it today! Great to live free! Last time I checked I don't have an issue with harming others because that has never crossed my mind and I have a thing called a safe...... O what about all them shootings in Chicago that no one ever talks about because it doesn't fit the narrative in a gun free city run by democrats lol They have the highest shooting rates nationwide lol but noooooo no one wants to talk about that. People who shouldnt have guns have them there because they bought them off the streets or they were 99 percent chance stolen....... In Chicago, 357 people have been killed this year. That is 51 fewer than 2018. Data through Monday, September 9
But they only ask not to open carry, just conceal it and call it a day!
I think the store should hired experience people to be grading the employees and store and I don’t mean one guard per store there should be around 4 or 5 guards per huge stores not a security guard experienced ones
If I ever go into a store and saw someone toting a gun or having one in a holster, I would turn right around and leave the store. I would not feel safe with anyone carrying a gun in a store!
I don't think it should be an employees job to tell someone to leave because of a gun. You call the police and have them escorted out.
Have you seen some of the Walmart greeters?? Don't put them people in jeopardy... Some can barely tie their own shoes
Oh great! So now Walmart has tasked their geriatric greeters MaryLouise, Geraldine, and Howard as our front lines against psychos with guns. Why would they feel uncomfortable; I don’t see how this could go wrong. 🤦🏾‍♀️ unreal.
CNN with Tiffany & Co..2 hours ago

From Kendall Jenner's new blonde look to a focus on fashion sustainability, here are the highlights from London Fashion Week

These are the ugliest clothes I’ve ever seen. Beckham and his family looked fabulous.
Oh, that black dress early on was lovely.... But some of the others looked like curtains!
does anyone remember when fashion was actually beautiful? wtf???
A glimpse of what really doesn’t matter.
Who exactly do they make these clothes for?? No one I've ever come across could ever afford or have any place to wear these things.
I just saw an entire collection of dust bunnies. 1:38
98% of that mess only Lady Gaga would be interested in. I could never understand why a designer would waste time and fabric on pieces that would never sell!
Do people actually wear these clothes? I mean those outfits aren’t practical
And most of the models look like “It’s”
Let me get some elephant skin pants please. Skinny Versace’s as well. Tuttles’
They need to eat a steak....
Donate some money to feed the models.
Lots of Fabric!...I love the Shows!
Some of the uglyist clothes I've ever seen...
Most of these outfits for hilarious.
Her face is as tight as her mothers
I actually like some of these pieces
There's 4 kids...
Who GAF? Really CNN????
They are modest!
Correction!!!!! Four children.
Why are "Fashion Weeks" still a thing? It's nothing but ultra elite coming together to self congregate each other for outrageous, impractical outfits that 99.9% of the world couldn't afford.
Do people actually wear some of this crap
The end is very near, repent and believe the Gospel.
CNN2 hours ago

A House committee is investigating multiple allegations against Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, "including troubling questions about whether you are using your office to benefit you and your family," according to a letter from Rep. Elijah Cummings wrote to Chao.

Her whole family needs to be out of office, her and Moscow Mitch.
OMG!!!! if that's the criteria, nearly everyone in Congress needs to be investigated. They are all
Why does it take these people so long to clean house? With all the resources they have available to them by now this family would have been in jail for at least a year, we would be very happy ....... But , here we are.
A truly great leader and role model. President Trump has delivered on his promises to the American people. The wall is getting built, the people are united and the racial hate, that Obama was spreading, has come to an end. Jobs and fair trade policies have made the US a powerhouse of democracy and freedom again. Keeping illegals out of the US is an election pledge being honored. Future generations will be inspired by President Trump’s leadership. It’s America first for the next 5 years!
I thought the requirement to get into this administration is that you use your office to enrich yourself and your family.
Cummings was just reprimanded by the Inspector General's Office for similar stunts re: Trump and Pence.. if she's guilty, get her out and prosecute. If she's innocent, I think we need to start looking at Cummings re: Overreach and abuse of power
If anyone is an expert on corruption and enhancing their own wealth, that would be Elijah Cummings.
How ironic, coming from the most corrupt member of Congress. Thanks to the Comedy News Network, for yet another "gem."
Cummings should investigate himself and Maxine Waters and Joe Biden and Hillary and Bill Clinton and etc. He and others should spend more time on their own districts. They have zero solutions.
Time to investigate Elijah Cummings.
What about all that money Cummings was given to fix his district that's missing??!!
Those in President Custer's command are circling the wagons and quivering in their boots, bemoaning the probable fate of their bunny feet, hoping to be saved by a world famous unlucky scalp.
Of course she did, the whole administration is guilty of using the office to benefit themselves. The whole party is GUILTY.
You mean they’re investigating someone that does exactly what they do in their own offices...
She is a criminal just like her hubby Moscow MITCH!
See. We already know the answer. Why isa committee investigating?
A politician using the office to benefit himself? I can't believe it.
Using their position to enrich themselves and their family... Who does that sound like? Sounds like someone familiar, like someone the color of a popular citrus fruit that makes a breakfast juice...
She's married to Mitch McConnell- that alone makes it clear she won't pass ANY scrutiny around ethics.
I didn't think that mattered anymore given 45. Interesting what some must adhere to while others do not. To what end and to what (or whos) benefit.
Most of the GOP members and their wives have been stealing from the government and taxpayers for decades. In the age of technology, it’s fairly simple knowing how corrupt the GOP is.
The Secretary of Transportation owns a Chinese shipping company while her principal levies tariffs on China? Holy smuggled contraband, Tea Party, say it ain't so!
What we should be investing is the slush fund set up by congress to pay their sexual assault claims with taxpayers money. Who was paid for witch congressman and why.
It's not going to do any good until they start arresting people that they subpoena the one's that only answer their party's questions!
From the that guy? That’s the height of irony 😂🤣😂🤣
CNN2 hours ago

With current wind speeds of 100 mph and 120 mph gusts, it could still become a major hurricane before it comes dangerously close to Bermuda

Alaska you are in our thoughts & prayers :'(
My prayers for Oregon ,good as any
Bermuda is a beautiful and fun island with wonderful people. Stay safe!
Good safe in washington
i hope everyone is ok
"Thoughts and prayers" not applicable...
Alabama, Revolutionary Airfields, of course the survivors of the Bowling Green Massacre are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Beautiful Hurricane.
Burmuda prays their hurricanes away.
We need to built concrete housing for those that always affect by hurricane
Hurricane Durian, formed three weeks ago and turned into a major storm now on its way to Bermuda, could strengthen its strength to hit some of the surrounding areas with greater force.
Lord have mercy on the Bahamas
Another one praying for those In its path
long way from Texas, tho
I hope Russia can get through this!!
It’s a Hurricane in HURRICANE SEASON!!! What a SURPRISE?
Stay safe California!! 🙄
it appears clear up ya head season for the reporter. move. what biggie is on a sofa? piling up bleedin gums or bactracks?
Hunker down Albuquerque!
It will probably disappear and then reappear in about ten years.
Nope, not us!
Noooo Peggy Peek!!! Hoping this Hurricane misses you guys. 😳😞
Yeah especially the 120 mph gusts
Watch out, Alabama!
CNN3 hours ago

Richard Stallman posted the resignation on his personal website Monday evening "due to pressure on MIT and me over a series of misunderstandings and mischaracterizations."

That is freedom of speech - as long as it isn't agaings stronger
"A Visiting Scientist"? Seriously CNN? He is the founder of the GNU Project. Not that CNN would care. You guys and gals didn't even mention it.
So he is forced to resign because people “feel a real hurt because of what they believe I said”. How does someone take offense or “feel hurt” based on what someone else is reported to have said about Epstein? No really, how does that work?
It's very weird when everyday people are held to a higher standard than the president of the United states
Why does everything always go towards politics?
That happens a lot in science.
It's a shame he's such an important figure in computing, because he's really goddamn skeevy.
It seems like people all over the country resign in the best interest of all parties. When will Donald J Trump get the hint?
Trumpturds are flipping drug users with low IQs
Getting totally out of control when ppl are losing careers,family,and freedom over saying "the wrong thing"
Trump claims to be friends with every body including Dictators who would make Trump go missing in a New York Minute if they so choose to do so........
Liberals eating their own 😂😂😂
All because of the sissies on the left
Lol........i have never seen a more confident insecure man like trump in my entire he thinks he’s the best but his loss in 2020 will tell him the truth
He should get a lawyer, Americans is losing "free speak"
What BS: Cory Lewanowski being put through the squeeze press in front of the congressional hearing trying to impeach the greatest president of our lifetime. After 32 months of investigation by Comey and Mueller the DemoCraps still trying to push this narrative. This waste of money and time needs to stop. This BS committee has insulted Mr. Lewanowski several times thus far. They need to be voted out of office. What have they accomplished since taking over the house in 2018. NOTHING!
I read it when he first said it. Sadly, I think it's indicative of how much pedophilia is accepted....but worse, blames the victims. Disgusting pig.
lol I still want to know how the American government got control over the religious age of consent to try to make these crimes?
The so called "educated" liberals love dabbling in pedophilia
I love that you guys have no interest into the fake impeachment proceedings. Did you not want to televise the dems looking like complete morons? #trump2020 #demsshouldbeimpeached #stophatingourcountry
Ya' know ... its always gotta be men ... Lololol ... they don't know when the hell to shut up or shoot places up or abuse another person or sexually assault children or .... smh ... ridiculous ...
CNN3 hours ago

Mammograms are more effective at detecting breast cancer in high-risk men than in women who are at average risk of developing the disease, and could provide potentially lifesaving early detection of male breast cancer.

People are being highly overcharged for a mammogram.
Oh I'm sure the high doses of radiation has nothing to do with it either 😒😒😒
And if they don't have insurance they can just drop dead, and if they do, they can wait six months to a year to get it done and empty their wallets.
No wonder. We dont have the hormones. Why is so overcharged?
Who are those "high risks men"? What age brackets? Lifestyles?
Hello everybody. What can be used to detect that of women effectively?
В стране один лечащий врач направляет к другим зачем и кому это нужно?Если вы работодатель и здравоохранитель допустите здорового человека к работе.Дайте ему лист врачей стоматолог, хирург,Офтальмолог ,и так далее затем когда они действительно подпишут лист о пригодности к работе этого человека пусть наслаждается занятием.Зачем больной лечащий пенсионер врач с минут в зарплате?Пусть действительно покажут свой профессионализм а не диагноз с анализом в миллионы долларов.
проктолог — это доктор, который лечит геморрой. Это совсем не практикант а то что всем необходимо проверять .даже проглатывать зонд иногда Зонд — многозначное понятие. Происходит от голландского слова «zond», что значит «посланный». Значения: Зонд в значении датчик. Зонд — это инструмент для протяжки кабеля (проводов) в каналах (трубах) строительных конструкций. В основном бывают нейлоновые и стальные. Зонд — медицинское оборудование. Метеозонд — метеорологический зонд. Зонд — элемент измерительной системы. Зонд — серия советских космических аппаратов использовавшихся для отработки конструкции космического корабля для пилотируемого облёта Луны — «Л-1». Космический зонд — устоявшееся название ряда автоматических межпланетных станций, предназначенных для глубокого исследования межпланетного пространства и/или удалённого изучения какого-либо небесного тела.
? When was this a issue?
That figures...
Sometimes mammogram dont catch the cancer #survivor2009
No kidddding?
Зря делают девушкам их попы нравятся, особенно когда со злости разворот делают проницательно и захватывающе.
James Keegan
Carlo Fernandez
Mir Shaheryar Hoth stay safe Hiba Amir Suraiya Tabeen Magsi
Trump claims to be friends with every body including Dictators who would make Trump go missing in a New York Minute if they so choose to do so........
People are being highly overcharged for a mammogram
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CNN4 hours ago

"No charge for this lady under any circumstances. We will be available 24 hours to help her and keep her as comfortable as possible," the bill read.

What a good soul - I love seeing good stories and people like this - it’s inspiring and reminds me to keep inspiring others . Thank you 😊 ❤️🙏
God bless him, for being so kind & helpful, to those in need. The world would be a better place, “if there were more angels” in plumbers uniforms! 🙏🙏🙏
TY for your empathy and kindness. A lot of people overlook the elderly. TY for helping her
What a great story. I had a similar kindness extended to me many years ago. I was caring for a terminally ill family member and the furnace went out on Christmas Eve. Having no money, I called my local Heating/Air person (was Obermann & Sons) and he not only came out and fixed the problem, but gave us 90 days to pay. Renewed my Christmas spirit ten fold!
So many could learn from this wonderful man! Although he's working to provide a service- it really takes little effort to be KIND! My mom is 74 years old, has COPD and will have a heart valve replaced in 2 weeks- a risky procedure for her. Family, nor neighbors- will even cut the grass- we don't have a lawn mower and when checking prices- the amounts were insane- even after explaining the situation. Since it's mid-September, this would be the last cut of the year, I would say- but to charge (the least expensive $175)- have a little compassion- this man does- and I can bet his life- is much more fulfilled than most.
We need more of this in our world. I do think many people are willing to help when they know there is need.
My husband is a handyman, all around Mr Fix It and he also does a lot of "free work" for those who could not afford it! He buys the parts and does the job! We need more people to apply this to our lives! Thank you
Thank you and also thank your mom , if possible for raising you the way she did
This is what our world needs more of, thank you sir for setting a wonderful example of human kindness!
How wonderful he is. She will be able to leave this life knowing the kindness of strangers. There is good in this world.
This kind of gesture will be paid to you 10xover God blesses those who show compassion to the have nots
Great human beings do exist, not very many of them, and I am glad that this lady was able to find one of the very few.... Thank you sir for being one the very few....
In my neighborhood people help each other when they can. One of my neighbors owed our lawn for a long time when I decided I needed the exercise and I loved working in the yard.
Charitable kindness to others still have to search for it, but it’s not lost.
You're a good man. You have reminded me of my mom. She passed away just over a year ago on August 20, 2018. May God bless you and anyone like you 1,000 times over.
I have a friend who is a pharmacist in a small town in Colorado. When older people pick up prescriptions and struggle the copay, he just pays it for them out of his pocket. Quietly.
Thank you for being a great human being ! We need more good will to all people's in this world!!
A few years ago I had a carpet cleaning company cleaning my carpets. When he was done I asked for the price and he said "Nothing"! He was so kind and I will never forget him. I am 81.
Glad to see other people do this. I've done similar with computer clients. I know they are in a bad way and need their PC so I'll do it for nothing. It's only time and even if parts are required, they're cheap enough. Pay it forward!
Bravo this is amazing. Most companies charge more thinking the elderly won't notice. I've seen it plenty of times in the hvac business
I have a lot of friends and family who are plumbers, heating and air techs, mechanics, carpenters etc. every one help people in need. Why? Because that’s what a fellow human being should do. Bless all those who help the less fortunate. Pay it forward!
I love to read these stories!! People say why post it, just do it and move on... no it’s good to hear about people doing good for a change to help each other out. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
So agree, as well . Would not ever charge someone in those circumstances. Well done to the gentleman & fine example.✌️🍀🦋✌️✌️✌️
You are what America is about. We have strayed so far. Thank you for your human kindness.
Thanks you for you generosity for 91 years old elderly in anchorage alaska some company just a little bit work charge you a lot of money my husband house band stroke.