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First lady Melania Trump took a trip to the US-Mexico border to tour an immigrant children's shelter, but her trip is getting attention not only for her action, but her wardrobe choice

It's a $39 jacket she never wears stuff that cheap. This was totally intentional.
Or it could be directed at the press and other liberals who are always throwing crap at her.
Completely tone deaf and inappropriate considering the atmosphere of the country right now. Shameful and disgusting.
They don't need the jackets, we already know where they stand on the situation.
Amazing. You just can't make this kind of sh*t up.
Guys I get the optics here aren’t great. But this shouldn’t be the story today. If she’s doing this out of compassion and genuinely wants insight to the situation why would you choose to focus on an item of clothing, regardless of how ill advised it may be? Isn’t this what you criticize republicans for? commenting on Hillary’s appearance?
Before the alt-right comes out to say 'Leave Melania's clothing alone!' I just want to remind you about Michelle Obama's sleeveless dress, which had absolutely *no* sentiment about not caring embroidered on it.
I believe it was a message to her husband who she really can't stand. I believe she cares about the children because she came out with all of the other first ladies to decry the situation at the border. We know she can't stand him with the subtle messages she has sent but pushing his hand away when he tries to hold her hand, not showing up for events with him, traveling in a separate car when having to travel with him, and not going overseas with him. She can't stand him. She's going to have a huge payday when he leaves the WH.
Why visit? She knew this was happening before the news blew it up and she did nothing. Just trying to save face, pretending to care. It the same as her bullying message that doesn't include her spouse. Its kind of hard to inspire a nation when the rules apply to everyone else and not to you. Sad really.
Okay don't pick on her she probably didn't even think about it. It is her staff that need to be lambasted. They should not have allowed her to be seen wearing that.
This should not be the main story, but the question of "Why would she wear this jacket specifically at this time?" is a legitimate one as well.
Melania Trump wore a $39 jacket with 'I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?' scrawled on the back as she boarded a plane to visit immigrant children at the TX border but insists there is 'no hidden meaning' in her choice
Good going Melania! You gave CNN their story for the next 6 hours or so.....CNN....this is why people may follow you on here to see what bs you dish out but never give you the rating on the TV.
Or I know this It is unheard of but maybe it could maybe possibly be just a jacket and people need to stop finding every little thing to be offended over. People sound so pathetic! It is laughable. Her actions are saying something else but God forbid he jacket says something.
If the message was for Donald, speak up!!!! Stop playing games. Otherwise we're going to be left to believe it was meant for the children and that's just not acceptable, particularly from our First Lady. .
She supposedly speaks 5 languages (which I believe just as much as her debunked college degree) but apparently has no comprehension of the English language
I was really hoping this was photoshopped and someone was just being very hateful and inconsiderate, but it’s not. Her spokesperson verified it. This is a very sad choice.
I doubt it was intentional. Just like Ivanka posting the pic hugging her child. These people are so far removed from worldly perspectives they operate mindlessly. Tone deaf.
Unbelievable, just when you think it can't get any worse. This family always seems to trump themselves, literally. 😡
really? Of all the times to wear that you must be so removed from all this and that tells me you only went for the optics not because you do care.
At first I though “nah this can’t be true.” But no, she actually wore that. Unreal. These people are so callous and void of any empathy. Disgraceful.
For anyone still pretending that she’s the “heart” of this Administration: she is absolutely not! THIS ADMINISTRATION HAS NO HEART!
Just because someone is tremendously attractive and acting the part of benevolence...does not mean they truly escaped the world of narcissism. Does it?
Obama y Hillary culpables con los izquierdistas democratas de la crisis de chicos en frontera. Los padres son culpables tambien. como se atreven a someter a estos a una travesia asi. Esa ley se llama Flores ammendment y data del año 1997 !!, Ley Federal que prohíbe tener a los niños ilegales en detención junto a los adultos, aunque sean sus padres! En el 2016, el boca de burro de Obama, trata de juntarlos y el 9th Circuit, la corte de apelación mas izquierdista del país lo demanda y gana el caso. ES LA LEY!! Con este decreto, que es temporario, se le da chance a que el Congreso pase una nueva ley. Obama tenia a traficantes de niños, JUNTO CON LOS NIÑOS!
Haha! I knew it was only matter of time you’d be talking about what she wears rather than what she does. 😂 Predictable!
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A group of kids brought a cage and foil-like blankets to protest on Capitol Hill, as the House is set to begin voting on two immigration proposals

Using their kids to have a protest and using their kids to cross the border . Sick !
I just stopped in to read some comments. Let's see...Blame CNN for reporting the news. Check. Blame libtards for brainwashing the kids. Check. Claim George Soros is funding this. Check. Did I miss anything?
This is comedy at this point.
CNN has not been a legitimate news outlet since about 1990. No wonder they are failing.
This is why I love my country! We stand up for what’s wrong ❤️🇺🇸
It’s been confirmed that Melania Trump wore a jacket when she visited the detention center that said “I Really Don’t Care DO You?
Just asking CNN what do American citizens in Puerto Rico have to do for you or anyone in media to give more than a passing glance every 2 months or so. Children are orphaned, 5000 children without power. But, you had a Stormy Daniels field piece or a tweet to deconstruct right?
I am so proud of these parents, guardians and others and most of all the lesson they are teaching these kids. PROTEST! We could be next. Military bases getting ready to house up to 20,000. drumpf wants to change child labor laws. Guess whose playbook that is from?
i think it's a safe bet that the children didn't buy, drive and set up these things...i believe, and i may be wrong, the parents might have been involved....possibly!!! lol
The USA provides 320 million in foreign aid to Mexico each year. Stop all foreign aid and use it on immigration services. Also stop all aid the Guatemala, Honduras and other nations in the region and redirect those monies to immigration. Send a bill to every nation demanding repayment for any services provided to their citizens.
Who is paying the protesters and their props?
How about all the kids whos parents are deployed? How about bring deployed moms and dads back home for our kids.
After visiting the baby jails today, Melania is expected to tell her husband to immediately reunite the kids with their familes or she will never pee on him againj
Lol. Im all for reforming immigration and going further left toward open borders. But im pretty sure these kids didnt bring anything to the Capitol. And im pretty sure they're not protesting anything.... #FactsMatter right? Im pretty sure it was the parents that brought those items and that the parents are the ones protesting and using their kids for the photograph to be shared in the media. #propaganda
If those parents just got up and left it would be called child endangerment and abuse, and they're in a government building. Let that sink in.
LOL Do these kids really know what they are doing. Go out and play in the park. The weather is so nice today. Like you all said, why drag the kids in this..HUmmmmm
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The children don’t look like they are in any distress. What is the point here other than a waste of time and money for whoever funded it!
Is the issue with foil blankets that they're not 100% Egyptian cotton the government is handing out? I for one know the foil blankets are very warm. 😂
Just gotta love protesters that use the wrong depiction......those aluminum "blankets" were used under Obama...
CNN, and the people who report for them. I am just how much you get paid, to spread nothing but lies? I couldn't live with myself, telling all these lies, no matter how much I was paid.
"For whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything." — 1 John 3:20.
Poor children, used by the left as a propaganda tool. The left have no limits, and then they lecture us about the President. The irony.
I wonder who put these kids up to do this? I don't think they could do this on their own? Smells like democrats and George Soros is behind this!!!
CNN is fake news media - first the used the high school kids in Florida noe kids for border crossing protest.
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The passengers cite injuries including hearing loss and post traumatic stress disorder, according to the lawsuit. A few passengers cite marriages ruined due to the "devastating impact" of the incident on their relationships.

Southwest Airlines didn’t ruin your marriage.
Where is the Clinton Foundation when all these children on the border need it? Some humanitarian organization. I guess they spent all the money they ripped off from Haiti.
Uhm, I'm guessing things were pretty far gone before this tragedy. I'm hoping the other passengers sue these 8 for bringing their bad karma on the plane. How bout that? 😏
I don't think I would ever be the same if I saw someone being sucked out of a plane. I can understand the PTS they are suffering.
Traumatic events normally BRING families together. I'm calling B.S. on ruining marriages.
shouldn't email your mistress when the plane is in trouble
I'm wondering if when they accepted the money, they didn't sign away their right to sue?
Can I get in on this lawsuit!! I have an extreme fear of flying also. I wasn’t on this flight but still 🤷‍♂️ this stuff is what caused my fear so I am entitled 🤣🤣🤣
Ummmm, I'm pretty sure that is just a failed marriage in general.......
It’s a shame all people in America think about is suing for a big money payout. The marriage claim is especially suspect. I’m sure numerous attorneys have been hounding those 144 passengers to file a suit. Just think about how much money you can make (while I take a large portion).
Stop already. These people are looking for an easy payday. Don't give it to them, and don't give them 15 minutes of fame by publishing their names.
Sue?? Better thank your lucky stars you’re still alive!!
Your marriage was ruin what in the world lol. They trying to get money for anything these days
Why do fly what's the rush for maybe that's why it crashed
Hearing loss and ptsd I can understand. Failed marriage, no. That doesn't happen due to a one-time incident.
I have PTSD from watching this event on tv I can't eat sleep and have nightmare...You can mail my check to me
“The engine malfunction made my wife sleep with the mailman”
I can believe the PTSD claim and hearing loss, but the others seem too far fetched!
oh my umericans are you for real any more good comedy for the rest of the world maybe sue for some new underware panties for all the boys
OK I'm sure it was traumatic for what does this have to do with their marriage I mean for real?
Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive You could have grown cold, but you grew courageous instead. You could have given up, but you kept on going. You could have seen obstacles, but you called them adventures. You could have called them weeds, but instead you called them wildflowers. You could have died a caterpillar, but you fought on to be a butterfly. You could have denied yourself goodness, but instead you chose to show yourself some self-love. You could have defined yourself by the dark days, but instead through them you realized your light. — S.C Lourie
Things break.. I get that.. that's reality.. too many sue happy people..
Engine failures are bound to happen at any point of the flight, but ruining relationships is ridiculous. If extra marital affairs is the reason why Southwest Airlines had a engine failure is unbelievable.
They’d feel a whole lot worse if their arm was shoved up their butt and burned if they had a lesser pilot.
Just be happy u lived another day
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"It's not fair for a mother... It's like they're putting a knife in your chest and killing you": For a month now, Beata Mariana de Jesus Mejia-Mejia says she's been asking a devastating question: Where is my son?

I see all these negative comments, what do you not get about kidnapping your kids. Now I see true colors of trump sheep: racist! Kidnapping a child is crime whether in your country or other country. I hope all the parents who lost their children sue trump administration.
She has NO right to even be here , through her in federal prison or send her back. She needs to worry for awhile , she might loose some weight.
You should be arrested for child abuse for putting him in danger while sneaking here. Why didn't you stop at one of the 9 consulates or embassy in Mexico????
I prefer my tax money to help people like her, rather than paying $100,000 a DAY for Barron Trump to stay home with his mommy, because it was too traumatic for him to CHANGE SCHOOLS.
As a licensed bilingual counselor I’d love to know how I can help with this process..
Don't break the law
It is awful, but our country is over whelmed with troubles and woes. Can't someone help these people in their countries with the violence and crime. You can't keep running. It's your home.
Crossed the boarder in Arizona, told her child was in Pheonix, but let me move to Austin!?! Makes since.... now let me sue the US Govt because I don't like the laws of the country I illeagally entered, but i also want asylum? So tired of this BS..... turn them away at the border unless they co.e through the embassy, or a border entry point.....
16.58 million people in Guatamala, yet she tries to illegally enter the United States to get away from her husband?? An illegal liar, imagine that.
I couldn't imagine having my child kidnapped by the government :( my heart is with you ❤
She's going to try to sue for what breaking the law
All parents and tutors separated from their children should start posting their children pictures for the world to see and know their children faces and should start demanding through every means of communications their return to them
She is lieing about something. The goverment can only hold them for 20 days. SO how can it be a month?
Can Americans flee America into other countries because of Domestic Violence and threat from husbands. Asking for a friend..
She just wants her child back! A very reasonable request! Give her the kid back I bet she will gladly walk away from this messed up place.
... it’s common knowledge they are locking up and separating families who try to come in yet people keep trying, asking why are you doing this?
Dear Beata- I hope one day, when you make this country your home, you learn to spell better than some of these hateful, hateful people writing comments on here. We already know you’ll be one step ahead as a bilingual American. That’s the real fear. The fear that we immigrants get it done. We rise! Que Dios te acompañe y los ángeles cuiden a tu hijo.
Shouldn't have came across illegal. People in the United States break the law we go to JAIL they should to the kids are always the one that suffers people do things wrong and the kids have to be put somewhere it's a dam shame for them
What to say😥😥Its same everywhere now🙏🏻européenne And américain people can go anywhere they want because of their identity card...but we can’t do the same...even they don’t understand we take our life in hand and we take our children and lefting our love land just to save our life and better life for innocent children....
Slavery and segregation went on for too long and we fought against injustice to abolish's called evolving and fighting injustice. This cannot go on any longer.
Write to Bloomberg and ask him for a lawyer. That man with a big heart has donated big bucks to fight this atrocity of a "president".
I have 100% empathy for this mother and children should not be separated from their parents. If they are detained at the border, then keep the children with their parents. However, they arrived here with their children illegally and they need to follow the process just like everyone else. My aunt waited 20 years to become a legal resident . Yes, it can be done however the immigration system is terrible and the US must change the system to facilitate an easier process. There’s no reason why my aunt should have waited 20 years to become a legal resident. She worked here in the 1960s under a visa and then returned to Mexico. Her application got lost in the system. What’s happening now with children being separated is atrocious, shameful and inhumane! I do not condone their actions but they are human beings and should be kept with their families! I don’t believe she may have constitutional rights to sue but she definitely has human rights and won’t be surprised if the UN files suit!
I'm confused. She's suing the US government with resources from the country she illegally snuck into for taking away her child when she got caught for breaking the law? Maybe she should follow the law, and then her kids will be safe.
Ok, while as a mother I feel for her, I don't agree. For whatever reason, she is here illegally. What right does she have to sue anyone in our country when she broke the law coming here?
How is it we (HSUS / LASPCA) processed thousands and thousands of emergency rescue animals during Katrina and Rita, and we were able to track them...yet out of a couple thousand kids nobody knows where the boy is??? Atrocious.
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"A handful of pardons will not address the sort of systemic injustice that NFL players have been protesting," the players wrote. "If President Trump thinks he can end these injustices if we deliver him a few names, he hasn't been...

Haha even though Obama pardoned more people tha any president in History...I wonder if these football players had the same thing to say to 44 about this...
Fake news CNN has again bias story writing.
Shame on the NFL management for caving.
A handful? He asked for names, he didn’t say give me 5 names, he said give me names.. that suggests each name given would receive examination. Their list could have 1000 names on it! That’s nothing to balk at! “And if I find and my committee finds that they were unfairly treated, then we will pardon them or at least let them out."
Real Answer: we can't find enough cases to demonstrate "systematic" racism in the American justice system. I knew this was going to be the case.
Based on Trump's history, I'm betting he was asking for names so he would make sure who to take OFF the potential pardon list.
So try saying what the problem is with big boy words instead of disrespecting my sacrafice for your freedom.
He listens to dictators only .
It would be something if the players went on strike to get their point heard loudly and clearly. Trump doesn’t care and no, he isn’t listening but when you mess with the owners money-maybe just maybe they’ll finally get it. Sometimes it takes a little suffering to get people to realize what’s worth fighting for
Can't make crybaby victims happy
What is sad, is this tyrant pardon a drug queen that was caught with 4000 POUNDS of cocaine. The largest drug bust in the history of the FBI. Her gang testified against her in court. But she was pardon without asking all the parents of the hundreds of dead children of which she supplied drugs to! Republican support drug dealers is the message...... even one that traffic in 4000 POUNDS OF DRUGS. .
Don't want pardons, want prosecutions.
Lol of all the jerseys he picked the Patriots how fitting.
No one is listening to you.
I bet there’s a few friends of NFL players in Jail wishing this went a different way. 🙃
Hi guys check my profile pic and let me know if would put that huge snake on your shoulder 😄
That's what they said. This is what they meant... We too busy pimping hoes and doing drugs and spending our millions on our mansions.
That Cheshire Cat grin on Dictator Dotard holding that Cult 45 jersey says it all. "Hey folks, I'm a football player and I didn't have to do a thing."
Would imagine professional sports will still be here long after Trumps gone. He just cant stand that his team went belly up and he was prohibited from ever owing another professional team again. Such a vindictive A-HOLE
Aka: even though you fixed mom's vase, it doesn't change the fact that you broke it in the first place, nor the fact that the vase isn't the first thing in the house you've broken.
Love love love. Can’t call them SOBs one month and think you can pay them off the next. Integrity is a foreign concept to you.
So no pardons it is, seems legit. Way to go NFLPA
He’s trying to divert attention from US borders!
Spoiler: he was NEVER listening to you and still isn't.
Mucha injusticiA contra las madres imigrantes k les an arebatado asis hijos y no saben donde estan
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First lady Melania Trump is at an immigration detention center in Texas during an unannounced visit, where she asked what she could do to help reunite the children with their families "as quickly as possible."

Melania, the only thing you should say "I'm absolutely disgusted in my husband (soon to be ex). I demand our justice system charge him with kidnapping, child abuse & extortion for each of those 2,300+ children"
This is not an immigrant detention center. This is a shelter that is serving 48 children. She is not seeing the real horror. She is seeing a cleaned up "pretty" version for a PR stunt.
She's visiting a centre that is for children who came unaccompanied, not the traumatised victims of her husband's recent policy. What's the point of this? It's a distraction to take attention away from the real centres of horror. Pay no attention to the children behind the curtain!
Oh, how nice of them to decorate behind her for the photo opp while putting these poor children in cages. Give me break!
Womp womp! Nice PR stunt, Melania! And you did this all by your little self! Did you fly Air Force One ? Or private jet? Does Donnie know you did this?
Bs that it was unannounced. Go to a detention center where the kids are in cages.
Where were you before? Did it take everyone shaming you and Ivanka to get you to leave your palace and walk among the less fortunate? Typical Trump play to the cameras. Try taking the press into a shelter holding the babies. Try talking to the children or their parents. Try showing that you really understand what this is all about!
What if your kid was in the detention center Melania, and he stays there until ALL those babies and children are back with families.
You could ask your husband to resign and then move your family to Russia.
Where are the children? What are their living conditions? Will parents ever be re-united with their children? Why is there no paper trail? What kind of moron IS your husband? And lastly, why are you there? Just to shill for Doofus for the photo-up, it would appear, and naturally, the fanbase lap it up them make my point upon reading this post.
Go to a tent, Melania. Don't memorize your questions . And hold a baby that needs a diaper change and it's nose wiped. Otherwise stay home. Lutherans and Cathlolics run great shelters compared to HHS. Go see for yourself.
Come on, here, give her some credit. Don't let the rhetoric sound so much like the other guys and give credit for doing something closer to "a good thing".
Tell your husband to leave the White House and give it back to people who actually know what they doing, and don’t behave like a 3 year old throwing tantrums because he doesn’t get his way
Get some influence over your bully-tyrant husband. He's the one who "can help" make this situation better, faster. Not really anything you can do down there w/ a photo-op now, is there? But at least better you than your step-daughter & son-in-law, who would just say, "Let them eat cake!"
Media photo op that's all it is . I watched long enough to hear her not take any or give any responsibility for what her husband did .
Michelle was all about integrity, class, dignity, education, honor, sacrifice and dedication and more.. Melania is about replacing them with botox, lipstick, perfume, fashion, photoshoot, plagiarism, modeling, and that ironic accent!
Sorry, but this looks more like a PR stunt than anything else. She's at a private shelter for TEENAGERS who came here unaccompanied, not a detention center for young children who've been taken away from their parents at the border, nor is this a "tender age" shelter. And her husband just pointed out how nice the place looks...coincidence? I don't think so.
She's there to soften the blow... Flim flam con job!! It's an election year!! Where has she been for months this is all a political scheme to clean up trumps mess! Well we will see what she accomplishes!!
She isn't visiting one of the detention centers, she is visiting a religious school for 55 immigrant children. Too scary to go where the real horror is - zero opportunity for a fabulous photo-op showing us how compassionate she is.
She should go to one of the centers they won’t let anyone see. A center that they keep people in cages. Not to a staged center.
The woman can’t even give a natural heartfelt speech. She needs a script, so illiterate !!! The woman is void of emotion, she’s like a mannequin. You could use a blow up doll and a recorder same effect.
Thank you for all "what" you do ,!! She said it the same way twice And she read it off of the paper... I know I shouldn't be critical, but my heart tells me she isn't sincere
But why is she visiting the Lutheran center shelter & not the ones with cages?! Because it’s PR! No more spinning from any Administrations past/present. Congress do your job! Stop covering up what looks bad & fix what IS BAD! Hold all officials accountable if not VOTE THEM OUT!!
She look so clueless! Why does she have to read from a piece of paper and unable to speak from her heart! Such a waist of time, go back to your padded room...😞😞😞
What can she do? Find a way to incapacitate her horrible husband. The fact that she supports him negates all this showtime. He is a monster.
CNN3 hours ago

Are you confident that the children separated from their parents will be reunited?

Rep. Cummings: "No, I am not confident ... The Trump administration has told us all kinds of untruths, so why should we believe them...

He's right. There is no reason to trust or believe this administration. It has no credibility, and has told too many lies.
Good morning America! I hope you all had a good night sleep cus the kids at the concentration, ehm I mean detention camps didn't! 🙄
Cummings and CNN are race hustlers!
Oh that’s right. Next CNN will be reporting that a branch of the federal government located in a rural TX town recently purchased excavation equipment. This must mean they are getting ready to dig mass graves... You guys are flat out ridiculous.
Take pictures of all the children. Put them on a website so that their parents can find tem. Pay for it with the parade money.
Oh just call it what it is, lies. They lie like a red headed step child caught in the cookie jar. We all know what they've done is kidnapping. There was no law, just a policy, separating children from parents for court or detention doesn't require the child to fly on a plane to another state. This madness must end.
They will be lucky if they can even find every kid and parent then successful reunite them. That process could take years and cost millions of dollars. That is before anyone takes legal action against the border patrol and/or other people responsible for the separation.
The government doesn't even know where some of these kids went; so no, I don't expect all these kids to be reunited.
Then FIX IT!!!!! Quit playing the blame game! Grow up and work together to fix the mess that's been used as political talking points for literally decades! You're all guilty!
These are the types of people Trump surrounds his self with. Caleb Bailey was elected as a delegate for Donald Trump to the Republican National Convention has been charged with creation and possession of child pornography and possession of an illegal gun and explosives.
The babies will never be reunited. Infants that get no human touch/caring in 2 weeks become physiologically damaged for a lifetime. A baby can’t say who their Mother is and apparently this was done so incompetent that they haven’t even kept records.
Nope.....Lies abound with the current administration.....everyday it is a new lie on top of the old them out! VOTE!
These kids have ben reported to be as far away as Florida and New York without any documentation as to who they are, their parents, or where they came fom. Some others have seemingly been placed in private foster care homes and facilites all over the United states again without proper documentation...
This dude just whines and whines. Lately, he's done nothing of use.
We are told they need to put together a plan. So I understand the administration did not have a plan to reunite families already planned out. They had no end game to this Atrocitie
“This administration appears to have no infrastructure, policy or plan in place to deal with the destruction of families seeking refuge or a new life in our country,” Hanshew wrote. Immigration agents have no more answers for terrified parents or judges than the government has for lawmakers and reporters about these detained children, the attorney said."
The plan all along was to create prisons to line the pockets of those who own/ manage prisons. One contractor has received nearly 500 million to hold detained kids. One nonprofit CEO is being paid over $700,000 per year.
this only reaffirms he image of T Rump as a white supremacy terrorist enabler. his "on both sides, on both sides' attitude assures that T Rump will abuse these children as far as he can. register now and vote the child abuse hiding Republican congressmen out this November.
This manufactured crisis should be disqualifying. I will never understand why the entire country is not screaming for his resignation.
This is why we should be afraid of where the children are! Tim Nolan, a local Republican political figure and the former chair of the Trump campaign for Campbell County, Kentucky, has been arrested and charged with “felony human trafficking of a minor, felony inducing a minor to engage in sex, and a third count of giving alcohol to a minor,” according to an indictment filed in Boone County, KY earlier this week. He's serving 20 years.
Many have not been proven to actually be these kids parents,but are actually traffickers who are bringing these children here. In any case they are illegal and should be sent back to wait in line and enter legally.
As a mother, I cannot imagine having my child taken from me and then to think that I may never see them again. How/why did America get so heartless? That’s a rhetorical question, I know exactly how & why. #FTP PS. I wont be responding to any negative comments so save it. Or dont, if it makes you sleep better at night, say whatever you’d like 😙
You've got to be kidding me ,it's dam if He does ,Dammed if He don't !! It's proof You all are nuts !!
This executive order theoretically ends family separation, but it instead allows whole families to be detained indefinitely. This is in violation of the Flores settlement, which puts a limit on how long children can be detained. The order also mandates criminal proceedings for all adult immigrants, even though seeking asylum is legal, and crossing the border is actually only a misdemeanor. Criminal hearings will mean that children get separated from their families anyway. This order is not a victory, it's a way for the administration to say "we heard you and fixed the problem" while actually making the situation far worse. Private prisons will also be making a great deal of money off of this
I have no confidence that this administration will ever do anything about reunited. Once they are separated I doubt that there are any records to track where the kids are or even what their names are.
CNN3 hours ago

There's at least one cage among the group, an apparent reference to the chain-link fences some migrants have been kept behind. Some are yelling "shame" in unison.

When we detain someone where would you recommend we keep them? The Hilton? Where was the outrage when Obama was doing it?
Thank you, CNN, for not live broadcasting the president’s rambling, hate-filled, lie-filled rally last night. It was a wise decision.
There were protests over this during the Obama terms as well but hardly any media coverage at all. If the media had done it's job the people would have been made aware long ago and could have had a better chance of getting immigration reform accomplished.
Children are separated from their parents when the Parent is deployed to service our Country. Why aren't people upset about this???????? Don't come to the USA illegal and you won't have to worry about being separated. Problem solved.
Blankets? Check. Chain link fencing? Check. Worlds tiniest violin? Check. Bandaids for all the bleeding hearts we meet on the way? Check. LET’S GO TO DC!! CNN IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!!
Congratulations brave American children. I support your protest. I am very proud of you. God bless and keep you SAFE.
If Karma don't get you God will...your not a white american but sure as hell you can say your a white immigrant american... Si no se le devuelve a travez del karma A Dios se las pagas. Y tu no eres un blanco americano, eres un blanco immigrante Americano. Mr president.
Wish they would have protested during Obama’s administration. They were just using the same ones Obama’s administration used.
The purpose of The First Lady's visit to Youth Detention Center is to see how she can help. Not a propaganda for the government, or pictures for CNN. CNN do your own work.
It all begins with "Personal Responsibility" Why do you bring a child into this world that you cannot sufficiently take care of and then make it the responsibility of others to take care of? I would hunt, fish and gather before I would ever separate from my child. The parents are ultimately responsible and then their homeland, not the U.S.
This is great. They also shouda brought plates of stale enchiladas to throw at Trumpo and his cabinet. What an awful group of human beings we are...
It's pretty sick that our country is run by congressmen and a president who have to check the polls to see whether or not they should have a conscience or a spine, or a heart.
“A group of kids brought a cage and emergency thermal blankets...” you mean and a group of parents brought their kids and a cage and emergency thermal blankets”to protest
Don’t let up- families will be held for an indefinite amount of time. There is no plan to reunite the 2,000 children who were separated from their parents. Empathy is not a dirty word.
There are at least 9 consulates and an embassy in Mexico. Why didn't they stop there?
“This administration appears to have no infrastructure, policy or plan in place to deal with the destruction of families seeking refuge or a new life in our country,” Hanshew wrote. Immigration agents have no more answers for terrified parents or judges than the government has for lawmakers and reporters about these detained children, the attorney said.
During Clinton years it was considered inhumane by supreme court to detain with parents and now separating is inhumane. Liberals can't make up their mind and just get in the way of real reform. When the head majority they did nothing. Now gop has majority and all they do is complain.
If we're gonna be outraged and appalled , then lets go ALL THE WAY. Has anyone been looking into what happens to all those who DONT make it across and are stranded in Mexico? Or is that Mexico's problem?
Don't know if you've ever tried to use a "emergency thermal blanket" but it's like trying to sleep in a potato chip bag. It's not acceptable.
I love seeing young people protest. Beautiful.
Good for them. Can't wait till they are old enough to vote.
And I'd be willing to bet this picture if not already, will be cropped and used to push false claims and narratives. Sad times we are living in.
Yes this is shameful and inhumane! Kudos to the kids for advocating!
Sure, kids did this, sure. Where was the outrage when barry was running the show? If not for double standards, the left would have none
Why can't the government avail itself of some alternative dispute resolution officers (arbitrators and mediators) to assist with the shortage of immigration judges, and move the problem of how to reunite thousands of kids with their parents, along faster. A log jam benefits no one, and some mediators are ex judges, experienced with this very sort of thing. You can't wave a wand and create more immigration judges on the spot.
CNN3 hours ago

BREAKING: Melania Trump is making an unannounced and hastily planned trip to get a first-hand look at the crisis affecting immigrant families at the US border

She was told.. you need to go to make it look like we care about the kids. This was an orchestrated event I am sure.
Yes Melania ! This is just one nightmare your husband has created now you two want to be considered the hero? Get out of the way and do us all a big favor and leave the white house !
Though I am not a supporter of the current administration, I applaud Melania's effort (and any person's effort, for that matter) to personally witness what is happening and then hopefully advocate for a better path for families and children going forward. Thank you Melania.
She isn't visiting a detention center- it is a non-profit organization who houses 58 kids. That is rediculous- go to the real center and see what is REALLY going on.
She HAS to know in her heart that this is just plain wrong. She’s an immigrant herself.
Sure. She needs to collect those children’s’ tears so she can maintain her youthful appearance.
She could be one of very few who can exercise influence over Trump. Let's hope what she witnesses will call her to do the right thing.
I’m happy that she’s decided to do this, but are they going to show her what’s “real”, or are they going to show her the cleaned up version? To be a surprise, her husband didn’t need to know. He will do anything to make himself look good. I can only hope that she’s smart enough to know that and insists on seeing other places as well.
And then back home to her husband who is causing all the suffering. Or this could be her chance to escape.
I'm not a fan, but maybe she's finally finding her conscience. She's an immigrant and a mother, so maybe, just maybe, she is going to take a stand for something that is just.
Not buying this photo op! This woman is a gold digger who obtained he citizenship through marriage! She relies on her beauty to get what she wants in life. Shame on her for not standing up for these poor families who are trying to escape violence and repression and who dont have the luxuries of plastic surgery etc. to better their circumstances!
Unless she is matching them up with their parents her visit doesn't mean much. Those kids don't care that she's there. It's not a zoo where they wait for visitors.
We will see only what the government wants us to show so they can say "See, the media lies. It isn't bad." And tRump supporters will fall for it.
She is sitting in a children's concentration camp in front of a paper tree and the words "Acts of Kindness" with zero awareness of any irony or tone-deafness. This is clearly an effort to portray these prisons in a flattering light. I suppose they would be OK for orphans. But I don't know any child that would choose this place over their own parents.
I don't care how nice they make these facilities look, the kids still aren't with their parents. They're going through the samething as a person grieving an other loss. Stop acting like this is some kind of substitution for that.
Remember when you were younger having a party in your parents house. Then they called to tell you they were on their way home early so you are trying to get everyone out and clean up. That’s what’s happening right now before she gets there.
Good, go see for yourself what hell your so called husband is unleashing. Of course he'll make sure you see a cleaned up version.
If she's not going to reunite the children with their family. Go do something else. Wasting time, and money.
This is called damage control. I bet she's loving it. ;)
Did she go voluntarily or is she just doing her master's bidding? Lets just see if her participation changes anything. Someone needs to fix the mess her husband created. This one was a doozie too...
I am glad she went. However, she is at a charter school, 58 students there. I doubt is she visited the ones where they sleep on the floor and are in cages.
Her project should be to reunite those 2400 kids with their parents. That's the least she can do now to make up for this mess this administration caused.
Maybe she will tell us what will happen to children already held in camps / cages. For "unannounced" visit they got a lot of officials to that one place. Did they fly down with her? Only 55 children at this place. Don't be fooled by her visit - she was dispatched for photo ops.
Do us a favor. Save the taxpayers money spent for another worthless propaganda photo op. Do something. Actions over words. You’ll fade back into obscurity and complicity before the plane takes off taking you to your weekly, weekend vacation.
I hope she sees the devastation from the flooding in McAllen and the entire Rio grande valley. McAllen is underwater right at this moment.
CNN4 hours ago

The next time he was ridiculed, he stood his ground. "Gender is not real," the boy said.

I'm sorry, I am progressive as they come. Gender is real. If he wants to wear lipstick, knock yourself out. But don't try and tell me that gender isn't real. And why is this news?
Until the day a man can have a period, ovulate, and grow a child in their own uterus, gender will remain real.
Why isn't CNN running this story with the staged photo of the detained child?
How old is this child.. Has he even entered puberty yet. I doubt it. Instead of the parents showing concern regarding his behavior.. They cave.. I feel sorry for the child. This has become an epidemic perpetrated by confused, irresponsible adults. Bullying your way around is unacceptable on ALL levels btw.. Just sayin!
I beg to differ.. once a month. 😊
I don't condone bullying, but gender is real you are a boy or a girl...sorry, and babies born with both is a birth defect that just happened. Sorry I don't agree!
We are laughing at the craziness of this article but soon this will be the normal state no man,no woman,no gender, no God and if you think normally you will be the outcast! Please make me wrong people stand up for common sense! We need Jesus Christ of Nazareth The Messiah and We need His Holy Spirit!
The point was not meant to be that 'gender is not real'. I believe they were trying to show how one's family should learn to foster acceptance and create a comfortable environment for children. Goodness people.
Gender is the only thing that is real here. Hey buddy, they can take a drop of your blood or a strand of you hair and determine your gender. But they can’t tell if you like wearing pink. So brother, if you like pink, wear pink. But if you are a boy. You are a boy. Own that too.
No one made it law that lipstick is only for women. My god. Its not a big deal. Worry about important things.
This definitely qualifies as one of the top 5 news issues going on in the world today. And CNN viewers think Fox News is entertainment 😂😂
9 is too young for lipstick no matter what gender
"Gender is not real."? Absurd. We should stop facilitating this kind of crazy talk. It's only making things worse.
I am all for letting people find their own way but enough please. As adults, it is our job to keep the children safe. Let them be who they are and play AT HOME. Teach them to act accordingly in public. We've got to find a balance between being one's self and fitting in society. Okay with lipstick or dresses at home. At school, wear what's appropriate. I'm public, think of others, not just yourself. How that became a bad thing, I do not know. We can not pretend gender doesn't exist because it still does for MOST of the world. We can't keep forcing others to change because some refuse to. It's hypocritical and wrong on so many levels. A child isn't in a position to make such drastic decisions. Enough already, of this bandwagon jumping for attention. Yes that's what it is. Children should be children. Leave adult decisions until they are adults. In the meantime, teach them how to be more discerning and compassionate for others, just as you expect others to accept them, they must learn that not everyone will, nor do they have to.
Can we talk about that IG report instead????
The news I so long waited for.
It seems like a lot of people are genuinely confused about what sex and gender actually are. Though there's bound to be others purposely using the terms incorrectly. Reminds me of how some people confuse a theory and a hypothesis.
Don't be an individual in trumpland. You all have to be just like him. Sad for the once great US of A.
I’ve created an anti bullying app that I’m launching next month. My anti bullying app allows children to anonymously report bullying in their schools. Visit to get on the Waiting List.
Really CNN praising science deniers now?
while i understand people may "feel a certain way" our basic genes are what actually determine gender.. ie: XX or XY
Only problem is. It is real. Its just YOUR IDEA its not real. But repsect the family got his...her...ze...she..or whatever I am suppose to say back
In a nutshell: A boy was bullied and his family stuck up for him like a great family would. The details are none of our business. They put it out here to be ridiculed. Bullying is a problem. Stand up against bullying any way we have to. With or without lipstick.
This is what cultural and societal brainwashing and bigotry can foster. If you study history, men wore make up long before women did...reason? To make the male warriors look fierce in battle. I've seen some pretty frightening make up on both men and women...this is nothing! Get over it!
It's a child. It's paint on a child's face. The gendering of it comes from our bias. If it was other kind of face paint, nonone would say a thing