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Using the hashtag #RoomForManchester, residents opened their homes to people who couldn’t get home and offered rides to get them home safely

Chi Di King Ariana Grande - Pro refugee, Pro Muslim, anti-Trump, anti-American, Women's March organizer and raging liberal is suddenly wishing she was back in the safety of the America she hates so much! 🇺🇸
Ashley Caitlin Hyshka I love how people unite together in solidarity following a disaster. Praise to those affected individuals for their strength in this dark hour.
Joe Juarez Here in, America, you would get conservatives bashing minorities and blaming liberals for the attack instead of helping victims.
Beavon Bosire now thats what we call humanity.....sending love and light from kenya
John Nord in the darkness, there still shines a light come one, come all, in the darkest of night bring us now, your problems, great and many. give you all we have, regardless of struggle, if any. let now ideals, become more concrete, and solid its our only hope, against these atrocities, plotted.
Bradley Colson US kills thousands with bombs, the West says meh. A bomber attacks Western civilians, oh my God the terrorists. The hypocrisy is delicious. If you don't wanna get blown up, stop bombing others. Innocent people die in war. If you don't want to be bombed, stop bombing.
Yaroslav Filippidis For sure the one who did it, wasn't the follower of Jesus Chirst. Christians don't do this for the name of God, because Jesus has never said such things. He called people even to forgive their enemies. Let's be honest, until this ideology exists, things like this will continue to happen, because some people believe that they will go to paradise by killing other people.
Akasha Mycall Kallakiss is it a religious of peace at work....sorry to the family and relatives...its very heartbreaking to see this happening,sending more love from Kenya east Africa. .
Tif Reed Ad on PC CNN we get Cooper Somebastard, declaring, “We must not get ahead of ourselves here, this could be the result of people getting trampled in a crush rushing from a loud bang. It could be one of those big pink balloons popping or a malfunctioning pyrotechnics thing ”.
Sid Mehrotra Oh God! Give strength to every victim , Terror can never defeat to humanity.... Deep condolences to all the peoples of #Manchester ... #We_are_with_you .... A lot of love from #INDIA
Vinny Tesla CNN is not defending Sharia and bashing 'islamophobes' yet?.... ..... wow..... give them a couple of hours
Edward Chukwujindu Molokwu My support to the people of Manchester to stand together in unity against TERROR and more importantly be religious tolerant. The plan of the enemy is for England to fight a war amongst themselves. Plz LOVE will conquer hate and PEACE will defeat war. #NigeriaStandsWithManchester
Shane Jones I don't see the United States of America surviving the 21 Century as an intact Nation. The Culture War has grown progressively more violent, Our political system is corrupt, fractured and hyper partisan and everything has become a political issue and statement. Not to mention our culture has become so separate and segregated that we view each other as a threat equal to a foreign hostile power or terrorist group. There's not even a unifying force or ideal to hold this country together anymore, outside of federal dollars and matching funds to the States. Every Presidential election since 1988 has more and more fallen roughly on geographical lines, similar to the period between 1828-1860 I am an avid lover of American History and it honestly sends chills down my spine at how all this closely resembles the 30 years worth of events that lead up to the tragedy of the Civil War. I personally believe, society in America is slowly breaking up and collapsing and that we are in a head on collision into the same scenario that played out in the late 1850s until the outbreak of the Civil War. I see Donald Trump as the James Buchanan of our time and honestly fear that the next Presidential election will be the last straw. (Sorry... but Trump is a one termer.) The next President will be an ultra far left Socialist/liberal. And that will be the spark that ignited the powder keg. The South is about to Rise Again!
Vikas Galav it has only one solutions..throw out all muslims to those handful of islamic countries..where they can peacefully spread jihads,practice sharial law,polygamy ..let peaceful people live peaceful,no need to be in Kafir's countries.
David Walker This is the British spirit shining through. Terror will never, ever defeat us.
Sammy Kingston Trumgoons will use this tragedy and the suffering of these good people for their pro nazi propaganda. Trumps supporters are the most shameless people on this planet. Rest in Peace
Pete Leclair Honestly !! This horrific bombing could set many people off depending on who the person may be.! So much horror for children to witness will be a lasting memory. Good lord have mercy for so much to bare.
Promit Nath Chatterjee terrorism is the new normal in Uk,londonisthan et whats next? #prayformanchester and then go back being an ostrich liberal and wait for the next "peaceful" attack. lol
Abubkr Noah They're many people in this world that is how everyone suffer when he loose his freedom. They're killing innocent people. They are eliminated in massive. We are just watching it. No more love in this world no more mercy. Our leaders didn't know how we suffer. All our family.. Relatives our friends................... Those people who are sponsoring anything related to crisis.,terrorism God is watching and they will suffer they will regret and finally they're going to hell fire............
Heng Khmer This is a Syria bomb simulation for how it feel when you hurt other. Just follow Buddha role: don't hurt other, they will not hurt you.
Juleo Green why let your teenage kid go to a concert by their self where was the parents seems like child neglect
Matthijs Smit The only answer to this is if people repent and turn to Jesus christ. Only he can save from eternal hell and forgive from sin.
Michael Norwood Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them" No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle. Media is doing there best to hide the Muslim Terrorist name.
Skyler Weston Mays If this happened someplace else they would say, "this is the ______ spirit shining through. Terror will never ever defeat us.
Ikenna Nkwoike No Matter What They Do Or Their Plans To Intemidate Us, We Will Never Bow Down To Terorist, We Will Never Be Intemidated, Light Will Always Overcome Darkness. My Condolences To The Family Of The Victims
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Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins confirms there are children "among the deceased" in an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert.

Alex Boon Stop calling them "Lone Wolves"! Calling mass murderers "lone wolves" glorifies terrorists who act alone. Makes them sound cool. Wolves are beautiful animals, apex predators and live in full accordance with nature. Call these terrorists "Lonesome Losers". Because that's what they are. Lowly, mentally damaged, homicidal outcasts who are a complete aberration of nature. They deserve no glory whatsoever. Stop giving it to them.
Mounir Lynch Hey islamophobes, by the way, if your response to this tragedy was to change your profile picture to bacon strips, pigs, pork chops or anything pork related to hurt Muslims feelings... You are inconsiderate of families who have lost their children. You show no interest in actually solving the problem of radicalism within the world's 2nd largest faith, you are doing nothing to help prevent conflict in the Middle East, you show absolutely no regard for victims and are only making terrorists smile. The answer is to support victims and their loved ones and also to help boost the Islamic world to fight against these vile disgusting murderers that pose a threat to the entire world. Anything other than support for victims doesn't belong in this conversation. NOTE: All hate replies will be ignored and you are simply proving my point
Mariah Monet So sad those children were probably so excited dreaming/waiting counting down for that concert . You guys remember that feeling as kids being so exicted for a family vacation , concert, or to see the monster trucks , maybe the circus..Telling all your friends , buying new clothes , counting down the days , and the pure excitement you felt when that day came....... So awful to think of for these kids :(
Nohemi Cruz First and foremost: I feel for the families of these victims. They didn't deserve this. That being said, this happens to children everyday in places like Syria where children are also being murdered everyday. Remember them as well.
Ken Dryden Trump has done more to help terrorists than any president. Trump is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia that is considered as a single main sponsor of terrorism around the world. Now Islamic terrorists will be killing Americans and our allies with American weapons. The people of America will not take much more of this. Will have a big effect on 2018 and 2020 election!
Andrés Nicolás Pinto If there is way to get a 1st class and express ticket to the deepest end of hell... this is it!!! it is by definition impossible to understand how on earth someone with an ounce of soul would attack innocent kids....
Miguel AF When a Muslim child dies we are inundated with photographs of the corpse to make us feel guilty ... When a Muslim kills dozens of children, the photographs of the victims are hidden to avoid the indignation of the European people. I wonder why?
Cherotich Leon Giovanna Chloe Why do we have to share this planet with these disgusting,vile creatures?? Grown up individuals that kill people in the name of pleasing some lunatic.SMH i cant with these Islamic people. Religion of peace my a##
Heather Collins Thoughts and prayers to all the families of the dead and injured. Also prayers for strength to all the emergency personnel who responded to this horrific incident.
Nathan Smith Jr. Just so much evil in the world man. 81 casualties in Manchester, gay concentration camps in Russia, famine in Africa and Yemen, police brutality in the states, water crisis in Flint, kids dying in Syria, our world is so broken and it's so heartbreaking. I really would love to make a difference one day, help those who don't have voices
Samir Elias The British government supported those very guys who are killing you in England.france USA or any western country,u Sr supporting them in Syria,Egypt and lybia and everywhere thinking you can be friends with the killers.
Cecil Crego My only comment are: relax security system and important thing no K9 and no dogs checking in the exit and entrance of that Arena,I assumed this was opportunity of this evil murderer!I hope if there is great gathering like concerts,party,etc.There must tight security system,I wish the Top political people drastically put into action and also Strick all Muslim in and out of the country either any in England airports and international lorry depots & trains!sea ships,car lands transport going out in and out in country!my prayers to the victims and the fast healing of those who wounded.
Priscilla Mustafa CNN is slow with its news on this. LADbible has more information at the moment. Even a name & photo of the first victim that has been released a 16 year old girl. Be kind with your words everyone people are still searching for their loved ones.
Becky Upchurch Thank goodness that it didn't happen inside the main arena during the concert. So many more would have been injured. Sad that no one will take this seriously here until it happens to us
Emma Rock I blame the government for letting this disease in amongst us. When I hear how vermin who have actually fought for ISIS are being allowed back in the Uk- my belief deserts me. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Tyrone Brown So sad so one sided event the sycophants you vote for are the cause of this they continue on just wars in the name of democracy so we the people pay the price they would rather build bombs factories then to build schools
Adam Elkayam 🇮🇱 sorry for your lost. But... Told ya! It's not about some imaginary state "palestine", it's everywhere. And it's taking over all of us. #nowyouunderstanIsrael? However, have you ever asked yourself "why there are no Muslims going outside and screaming for peace and showing signs against terrorism?" And wondering why, instead of this, they just writing posts on Facebook that trying to explain about islamophobia? Bottom line; you probably fuc*ed up when you took the decision to let 'em in to your states. But you know what? Maybe this, will make you feel what Israel felt in the last 100 years. But yet, hope you won't have to experience that kind of things anymore. Peace. Or "peace", I don't know.
Jamal Uddin Nasar Religion has nothing to do with this, weapon and war exporters again dealt $350 billion deal in Saudi Arabia. Your leaders are making you to believe that they need to produce weapons and they need to run war economies by shedding bloods the way shed there now and here on daily basis.
Omoteleola Vera-cruz My heart cries out for them ,why can't we all live together in peace ,love and happiness without weapons ,bombs and missiles here and there, why can't all these Religious leaders preach love why can't we respects other people right to live and fulfil destiny, why has the world turned to a crazy zone some celebrate money from arms deal and others cry losing their loved ones ,what a crazy world
Rene Perkins If you can't fix it in their countries, you cannot fix it in yours..Sorry but liberals are idiots.. Even Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirate's do not take a single one..Idiots are responsible for this and the deaths of US Warriors when we come to save you again..
Adriana Cisneros So sad to hear children got killed... my heart goes out too these mothers and their families who viciously got they're life's taken away by coward scum!! Let's pray for worldwide peace 🙏 .. amen!!
Umer Khan Tragic! 22 innocent people in Manchester join the ranks of thousands of innocent people in the world, especially in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Kashmir, who die every day as victims of Global Power Politics, also known these days as "Terrorism". Prayers for Manchester.
Mary Otto So sad, that the very vulnerable ( children) in our World have been targeted, only a person who is bad beyond our understanding could commit mass murder on this scale, keep the victims of Manchester in your thoughts 😘
AL A. Hersi I log into fb and I see this news. Gosh. This is heartbreaking. Death and terrorism everywhere. Children and families dying in many places including everyday in Syria, Yemen, Iraq etc. My thoughts and condolences to all
Tammy Holdren Sego I keep picturing in my head excited children and teens out for what probably started as one of the best nights, if not the best night of their young, precious, amazing lives. My heart is truly broken for the unnecessary loss of life and the families involved.
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The explosion hit outside an Ariana Grande concert as people began to leave the arena. Here's what we know so far:

Gilad Malka 23 dead so far and ISIS has taken responsibility. RIP to the innocent children who came to enjoy life when a coward Islamic terrorist blew them to pieces.
Randy Lynch "At least 22 killed in Manchester blast" You mean at least 22 killed by Islamist Terror everyone else, including Al Jezeera is saying. You people are beyond ridiculous, and getting worse by the day. #CallASpadeASpade
Reese Tussey It's unfortunate that in the world we now live in, I make plans on how to escape if this ever happens at shows and venues I go to. I will never allow terrorism to stop me from enjoying the music I love. Thoughts are with Manchester today.
Brandon Lee Hinrichs Part of the reason they chose to do this because they know that a large portion of the worlds people will blame all Muslim people and that is what they want! Because extremist Muslims hate moderate muslims!
Goran Sainovski Don't be haters people!! It's what that piece of human trash in Manchester who perpetrated that vile act wants you do!! Be obsessed by it...hate all Muslims for it... If you hate all Muslims for it...he wins!! The fact is...there are more then a billion Muslims who find his act as vile as you do!!!
Jverya Syed Sad are the times when people would rather exploit a tragedy to spew their hateful agenda instead of any real concern or support for the victims. Innocent people (including CHILDREN) lost their lives, how about showing a little respect instead of touting your selfish agenda.
Josée Touchette Respectfully, deepest sympathies and prayors to victims and their loved ones. This is not the appropriate time to analyse policies in the States as it happened in UK and even if we argue and discuss about this tragic event, it won't be erased. Too many young lives lost... :'(
Benjamin Abravanel Europe is done They'll hold hands, light candles & march for peace The crazy part is they won't get angry & deal with their Muslim problem
Noel Green Cnn and it's enjoyers yesterday .... " why is Trump and others so hung up on terrorism , people have more chance dying in the bath "
Louis Bertol Remeber CNN campaign for open-borders and accepting people from Middle East????????????? CNN rushes to feel sorry for its own ideas.... CNN should ask excuses to president Trump.
Bronwynne Gillingham Terkemani Parents of 22 young ones have just had the worst news of their lives 😢 if only their pain and tears and that of so many others out there would unite our world and bring peace and harmony to those who are destroying us! Completely Saddened 😔
Ke Kolobe Modikalisto for all we know is that an englishman paid by trump perpetrated the bombing, brainwashed americans still hating on poor muslims. thats wat ur governments do to get wat they want, they kill u nd blame it on muslims nd u r just too dumb to rfealize that all this is mind control.
James Matsudseiko oh god why the kids they're all just kids and parents !!!!!! @@ wait, and now that BAST*RD just sold tons of weapons to where most of those 911 bombers were from.......
Mike Sadlier Repeat after me my demo sheep. Radical Islamic terrorism. CNN is garbage. MSNBC is just as bad and maybe even worse. When are you going to learn people?
Ronell Magno for those who wanted to see Ariana Grande concert I'm so sorry you had the worse day those coward terrorist they better know the word coward in their native language
Bolivar Jara The explosion CNN? Or you mean the suicide Islamic terror attack, say it CNN it's not that difficult
Gretchen Messmer Still up watching the news on the attack last night at an pop concert Adriana Grande😢 and my worse fear they just acknowledged children are included in the dead. Last year I took my daughter and her friend to a Fifth Harmony concert. In all attacks I cry but knowing so many little girls were having prob. The best day of their young lives. Dancing and singing with friends and their families. Hugging and thanking their moms for the best day ever with the biggest smilies (like my child did) infuriates me to a point words can't describe.
עידית עמית Thoughts are with the people of Manchester and with the families and friends of those hurt and affected. I'm sorry to say, but since terror attacks happen for a long time now, UK / Manchester police should have known better. Sorry.
Yagazie Lighthouse Ahaneku Thank Goodness we in the US are protected by Charlie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the 9th Circuit Court. Obviously the media frenzy surrounding Trump firing Comey has also kept the terrorist from our door.
Miguel Caballero Europe has been ravaged by a swarm of terrorist immigrants, this type of incidents will keep happening thanks to Obamás reign of terror in Syria.
Todd Lally Don't jump to conclusions, wait for all the evedance...think its NRA...wait, wait...and it's Muslims...
Saket Gupta Hope you all will keep your rage in control and will take care of those misguided, uneducated, poor and minority youth who are hell bent to either kill you all or convert. Its only matter of time when it will happen in USA.
Peter Karales Did CNN really have something about protecting your kids from terrorism? How do you do that? Tell them not to have lives. You may have strategies for cyber bullies and rapists but terrorists are not necessarily logical. "Oh, so X happened. Then a terrorist bombs you," said no one ever. Your best bet to keep your kids from terror is to read about countries that have lots of terror from time to time. Don't go there. That is it.
Andy Charles Please, tell me how you can argue against the travel restriction now? If you do, you have zero common sense. This happens because of weak liberal reactive mindsets who want to wait for bad things to happen. Proactive action stops the threat.
Dot Emkrisp I find it kind of ironic Trump hasn't at least sent out a tweet about the terrorist incident. After all he just gave a speech about fighting terrorism. Wonder if he will make a stop to pay his respects to the victims like Obama did after the Bataclan Paris attack?
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When the interviewer pointed out that the reason might not be as simple as Ross seemed to suggest, he replied, saying her point could be true "in theory."

Mike B DuBaldi "the mood was generally good" not because it is a happy place, but because there is violent oppression. Anyone who praises this is no american. Wow you trumpflakes put some real winners in power.
Penny Galan Bitner Is this real life??? Did he say this knowing that they don't have freedom of speech, dreaming of a US stripped of first amendment rights? Or is he just dumb?
Nick Wollen The Trump administration simply has no feel for democracy. It's an afterthought. Why can't people just all get along and do what they are told? If that doesn't scare the hell out of you, then I don't know what will.
JeVerna L Haynes AW geez. Wilbur Ross is as clueless as his boss. How can he not know that protests are illegal in Saudi Arabia? How does he not know that the penalty for protest there is decapitation? Does no one in this administration do any homework, ever?
David Woo This is fake news, just like the fake news reports of Roger Ailes death. Roger's not dead, he's just sleeping. He prefers keeping on his back, he's pining for the fjords. He can't answer these reports of his demise because he's stunned and was nailed to his perch. Fake news.
James Bachmann Not only don't they understand why and how our government works, but they don't understand what we are trying to hard to be a symbol of...namely freedom. They preach about it, but then marvel at a country that doesn't practice it. Instead of spreading our message of freedom, they praise a dictatorship of how orderly their country is. Yes, we shouldn't force our way of living other countries, but we shouldn't marvel at how they impose their will by denying freedoms either.
Antonio Newman Such a proud patriotic American who loves everything that isn't American because freedom is just too unfair when you can't have everything go your way. This man is nothing more than a mere tool, just like the majority of the acting administration. Great to see leaders believing in everything that contradicts what they say they believe despite it being a falsehood.
Elfrieda H. Syskakis Total lack of knowledge, hope old Wilbur wakes up and has the decency to be humiliated by his pure ignorance. Theoretically speaking that is.
Brandon Lee Hinrichs Its so much better when anybody who opposes the actions of their government is subject to jail torture or murder for having the nerve to oppose their king! Isn't it? Lol if trump could jail every journalist working for everybody but RT news, brietbart, or the Trump version of north Korean state news known as fox he would!
Keith John Sampson Trump’s Saudi Arabia visit was a huge success. After Trump gave the Saudis 110 billion dollars worth of “beautiful US weapons” he bowed and curtsied to the Saudi King, while receiving the dog Collar of Abdulaziz, and a toy Saudi sword. Later Trump took the secret Orb Oath making him an honorary member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
O'segun Paul Andrew When people are not brought up well they look for every excuse to protest. When they are not properly trained they misbehave. When they take drugs and are unruly they go to the streets. Saudi is not only the place they maintain discipline, law and order. There are other disciplined society. But your US? To many folks that needs to be properly cultured and disciplined.
Sherry Hicks No, in Fact Sir. The legal system of Saudi Arabia is based on Sharia, Islamic law derived from the Qur'an and the Sunnah (the traditions) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. ... Its interpretation by judges in Saudi Arabia is influenced by the medieval (Islamic Golden Age) texts of the literalist Hanbali school of Islamic jurisprudence.
Julio Santana III First of all Trump cowboy, if there had been any protesters, they would've been men. And today as we speak, if they were still alive, they'd be shamed publicly, without a tongue or hands. You see, they need to half-bake the facts for their half-baked voter base. Middle East -101 [Trump Edition].
Randy Cramm This Ross guy should be like his boss. Don't talk unless your reading from a script. That way you don't have to use you brain.
Kevin P Whorton Another case of a vulture capitalist promoted to a high government position who has no idea how our systems, or the world works, or what America once represented beyond the unbridled greed this administration seems to put first.
Eugene Stark Every administration tries to spin events to make them look good, but this administration has taken spin to an enitrely new level. Half-truths and outright lies reign supreme. It's like bloody Russia.
William Heath I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. I just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything
Daryl Skinner That's because it's against the law to protest in Saudi Arabia, Duh? It's amazing how you have members of Trump administration who not only don't know history, or the constitution, but that no knowledge of what takes place in other cultures. You can't make this up, can you?
Reza Kargar The reporter should have asked him Sir do you even know you were in Saudi Arabia not Germany or England? The Turkish, Iranian and North Korean leaders would love to invite this guy to their countries for propaganda purposes. He will report "It's amazing how people cheer for their leaders and love their leaders!"
Panama Cash Every time I think this administration can't amaze me with their incompetence they prove me wrong... wasn't this supposed to be and I quote, "highest IQ of any cabinet ever" maybe Trump thinks the lower the IQ number the better the score. Unreal. God Bless Us.
Steve Harrod Look at these idiots comment ..fake news ..Dems are just mad they lost . Wow. Maybe you should take off that red maga hat and actually read into what this guy is doing ...the entire administration.
Mike Willford The people are fairly poor , the rulers use torture , and worse to punish or to make you do or say anything they want. Hold a sign up and your heads disattached.When told to chre
Jeff Padget Protests are never illegal. It's a very controlling form of government, possibly dictatorship, that says it's "illegal" when we all know it's just a lack of free speech.
Chloe Herron Sickening the way CNN fails to cover any achievement of the Trump administration. Sure, Saudi Arabia is far from resembling a state that embraces democracy, but that's hardly a reason to, once again, dump on President Trump. CNN has proven itself, once again, to be a newsagent of the sour faced Democrat party - not one single praise for our President. At least he's making attempts to reconcile differences instead of bombing the crap out of other nations. Shame on CNN - your lack of American patriotism and honest media coverage is disgusting. All about spinning and promoting chaos.
Kathy McGinnis Umm.. if there would have been protesters in Saudi Arabia, it would have been OFF w/their heads. Little bit of a difference between them & us.
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The Education Secretary says states that resist school choice innovations would be making a "terrible mistake."

Adam Matthew Lee Nah I think you writing checks to buy your way into education secretary is a "terrible mistake"
Suzanne Hopkins I get the feeling that this Trump thing could possibly lead to the very first impeachment that takes out an entire administration .
Scott Kelley Take it from DeVos. She should know all about terrible mistakes. She is one.
Ryne Nathaniel You know why she wants "school choice?" So she can implement charter schools which are basically private schools that get federal funding. These schools don't have regulations and curriculums that need to be followed like public schools. And that federal money is funneled to corporations to use in whatever way they want, just how DeVos wants it. She doesn't care about your kids. People need to wake up!
Simon Teixeira What does she know about education when she has paid her position with big dollars? She is the opposite of what getting and education should lead to. It must be nice to be able to have no brains but enough money to be hired. Another clown
Shirley Clark And I have a bunch of students who can't spell and write a coherent sentence, much less an email requesting information. My most professional contacts come from international undergrads. Anecdotally, home school and private schools that are religiously fundamental are the worst offenders. They create students who require substantial remedial math in order to be ready for college.
Kendra Laine Matson When all schools have to abide by the same rules, regulations, restrictions, expectations, and LAWS that public schools do, then I will support school choice. You don't get to take taxpayer money to run exclusive schools that discriminate against special needs, the poor, minority students, and then don't have to operate under the same rules and measurements of success. Corporate blood suckers are coming for our schools...RESIST.
Kerry Murphy Why doesn't she just come up with a plan for private education because obviously the only wealthy 2% matter when it comes to children. Not poor children, or disabled, or any ethnic, or homosexual or transgender childern. Just cut everything to help you and your rich friends. Then you can teach childern if you have enough money you can buy your way into anything. Just look at Ms. Devos, a giraffe is as much qualified as her to be the education secretary.
Efrain Reyes Privatizing education and creating vouchers to favor private schools over public schools creates chaos. And affects children of low-income families, minorities and the disabled. Vote out the people who voted for Betsy Devos to become US secretary of education, in next year's 2018 senate elections.
Joshua L. Bethany No the biggest mistake anyone made was putting someone who has no educational background in a position to tell others what to do with their's.
Beth Chavez She went to Private school growing up and look at her. No thanks. Public schools need improvement agreed, but that means more resources, not to gut them. She's an airhead
Katie Marie Betsy DeVos' appointment to the Department of Education has "chilled creativity." That usually happens when money, not merit, lead to a government position. Creativity is produced by active practice; DeVos is the equivalent of a rotted log when it come to active practice in public (or any) education.
Mark Vanderbyl The so-called "education" secretary needs to be educated. She has no clue what she's doing.
Joe Brown One thing I know is if people support people that got into a position because they donated money to get that position then they support the "good ol boy system." Hell, they would support a glittered turd if it came from their kin.
Gail Bentzinger What does she know? She has no back ground on education. She just donated tons of money and got a cabinet post as a present.
Angela Cole Strum My biggest problem with vouchers is it will make education worse for students that are economically disadvantaged. If this went through you would see different tiers of private schools. 1: The rich kids schools where the education is top notch. They will take vouchers + exorbitant amount of money a year for each student. All this will do is make it a little cheaper for rich people to send their kids to fancy schools. Those schools are not going to let the riff raff in for the cost of a voucher. 2: You will have the middle of the road schools, kids can get a decent education for the low cost of a voucher + additional money that middle class folks can afford. These schools will be able to keep their scores up by keeping out the poor, handicapped and other undesirables all while siphoning money off from public schools. 3: you will have the voucher schools, these ones will take you kid for the cost of a voucher and give them the cheapest education possible while they do their best to make a big profit. they will still be able disallow any child that is handicapped in any way. This will artificially raise their scores slightly above that of the public schools that will end up taking any student unable to go to a private one. 4: you will have the religious based schools that will indoctrinate you child into the religion of your choice for the small cost of a voucher. While these schools will mean well they won't live up to the promise of a balanced education. 5: Lastly you will have the poorly funded public schools that get all the kids left over, the ones with parents too poor to drive them to the voucher only private schools, the children with learning disabilities, and the rest that the private schools will turn away because they are 'different'. None of this sounds like a great system to me. In the republican fantasy world any student with a voucher will be able to go to the private school of their choice and all will get a top tier education because private is obviously better then socialist public school. However we live in the good ol' Merica' where the dollar reins supreme and 95% private schools will be out to make as much money off the american taxpayer as possible while delivering a cheap substandard product.
Vanessa Acosta Putting her in charge was the worst possible "terrible mistake." Shouldn't have happened. No matter if you're Republican or Democratic, education is essential to both. Having your child struggle to get a good education and work longer and harder hours to pay off higher and amounting college loans back, should be terrifying for both. Children will be put off obtaining higher education because of everything she is tearing up and wants to instill in education. It's happening now. It's sad to see how people demote education just because Mr. President couldn't obtain funds from anyone else and give it to someone deserving, or even fitting. Even half-fitting would be ok. It's truly sad how people will turn a blind eye to the major education system to catch a glimpse of the private school's her children and grandchildren have "been fortunate" enough to attend. Not everyone can place their kids in a private school, those who can, already do. Majority of Americans have their kids in public schools, that is why she is in office. She has NEVER PERSONALLY had ANY experience with public schools on a primary level. She's "seen it in other people, friends" definitely not the same comprehension. I'm deeply saddened to see in the direction this is taking. Get an education, get all the help you need, do not be afraid. It is truly the best you can do in this rapidly evolving world. God Bless.
Susanna Duran She is a pay to play appointee. She is picking winners and losers as Republicans like to say. She is robbing Peter to pay Paul then say see, look how wealthy Paul is. DeVos is rigging the system against public school children.
Ginger Johnson Just read a wonderful article about Finland schools which said only public schools for all that way all students are give the best equal education because the poor get the same as the wealthy. check out the Finland system for education
Santi Patino She sort of has a point but she needs to work HARDER on gaining trust for the public. I dont like most of trumps initiatives or policies but some make sense ONLY if they include all people and stop marginalizing minorities.
Justin Bryant Why not INCREASE funding to public schools? Why not hire more teachers and not make them teach to test but teach the children. Why wont she force private schools to show where the funds go? I mean, why is it that Republicans want to cut education as soon as they get into office but will look you right in the eye and say that they care about your children's future?
Alex Kent This old crone probably doesn't have a single creative bone in her body.
Ann Brennan Public education is expensive and profiteers have been drooling to get their hands on that money, for decades. Those who depend on public schools for their kids must fight this tooth and nail.
Ramon Gayotin My public school is still decent in my area. Anything less than that i will have to opt to homeschool my little brother. Better home schooled than being brainedwash by this joke of a administration.
Ed Al Mualim Partisan politics has a bad effect on democrats and liberals. Anxiety disorders, panic attacks, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, schizophrenia. Just appreciate when the other side does a good job.
CNN4 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump is proposing to spend more on defense, border security and infrastructure. At the same time, he's calling for drastic cuts to many safety net and other domestic programs.

Michael Litterer Hmm no tweet from trump yet offering condolences for the victims in Manchester however when someone brings up Russia he tweets right away
Kimberly Silva He's hurting the poor, sick, needy and elderly. Cutting Medicaid and food stamps. I don't understand how he's putting America first and taking care of Americans when he's cutting things vital to many people's lives. My dad and brother are both disabled, can't work and get their medical insurance through Medicaid. My dad will need his 4th brain surgery soon. I personally feel very strongly about this. Those are lifelines for people in my family. I wish more people would have compassion and think of others who are less fortunate than them. I'm sure there are many people with similar stories to mine, I just ask that people keep those people in mind.
Sarah Parrish How about only Trump voters pay for his racism shrine wall, and the rest of us can put the money towards things that matter...
Mark Wisnewski This will never get pass Congress. It's going to be laughed at by some Republicans. Trump has used all his political capital in just one week which was his first week in office. Just goes to show that if you are poor, a woman, or a minority you are nothing to the Republican party.
Shawn Hurley It's worked so well for North Korea, spend on military and less on people, so original.
Diane Collum He doesn't care about the people. He cares only about lining his pockets and those of his friends. I wish he had to survive on what a low to middle income family has to live on for 2 months. He would never do it. It's all about Trump, Trump, Trump.
Phillip Day Making America Great by destroying domestic programs, financial safety nets for active duty military families, single moms, elderly and the disabled. But hey, it's what Trump supporters wanted, another war, and to pay for a big wall that will only come out of their budget, not Trumps or Mexico's not to mention the cost of all produce will double........Go Trump you piece of dung!
Jason Rivera A wall that will never work, a huge military to feed the endless hunger for war, and one that I actually agree with, fixing our infrastructure. The rest of this budget proposal is murder for the people who depend on these basic services to survive.
Jean-Jacques Despert They're nuts....trillions in cuts whilst boosting military spending, wall and giving tax breaks to the rich...someone please give this man a calculator and explains him a thing or two...what a joke
Corey Touchet Dumbest idea ever. Social program money goes directly into the economy. These dollars don't go into savings accounts. They buy things people need and those dollars fuel jobs and taxes. The money the rich save won't be invested into the economy, it will be stashed against the next recession this tax bill will surely cause.
Sue Taylor Yeah keep the racists in fear of border security...(that'll shut them up!)... While you destroy the safety nets for the poor and struggling. Trump and his billionaire buddies living off the hard work of ordinary people.... Profiting and plundering while ordinary folks suffer.
Peter Zaragoza Trump is just an opportunistic conman with no moral compass, so you can't really blame him for being a despicable scumbag. However, misguided ideologues like Ryan and Pence actually believe that they are not evil. They think that they are right, and that it is their mission -- decreed by God and Ayn Rand -- to force their immoral conservatism on the rest of us. They don't care if they're hurting people because, after all, it's for the greater good. These deplorable neocons are sick and perverse... and in charge. You should be very scared. 🇺🇸
Hiawartha McGee Well, yeah, the platform has been cut the programs many need at home, and inflate the military even more. At some point enough has to be enough.
Nina Hargrave He's going to spend on defense but take away their food stamps. They don't get paid enough for what they do AND you're going to take food out their mouths? Is it all about missiles? I'm confused, what does defense mean?
Hoggan Ponds You post Melania seemingly flicking Mr. Trump's hand when he is actually pulling away at the last second. Shame on you for putting that on there as people are despicable. GO Trump!!!!
Brandon Lee Hinrichs He doesn't even care hes blatantly stealing our tax money by spending it to drive profits at his resorts as well as signing an executive order on health insurance that is more expensive and only financially benefits other billionaires like him while keeping the Obama tax penalty for uninsured! And proposing a tax plan that if it was in effect in 2002 the only year of taxes that was released and probably leaked by trump himself would have seen the 37 million he paid in to federal taxes for the hundreds of millions in profits would have only been 5 million! Every person working in America should pay the same percentage of their income into taxes period!
Bret Anthony Only CNN would be reporting negatively about President Trump instead of the terrorist attack in England. Stay classy, CNN........
Jensen Jay So basically screw over a lot of the people that likely put him in office. Brilliant!! (I'm Canadian and can't help but watch this train wreck.)
Robert Monroe Since the amount of people on food stamps almost doubled over the last 8 years. It's probably safe to say there is plenty of room to cut some waste in these programs.
John Jensen I have a great idea... Rather then let the government choose where our tax money goes why not let the people choose. If I want my money to go to social services like Medicaid and SNAP benefits, great. Those that want it to go to a wall at the border or defense spending then, great also. At least that way all of the citizens money isn't controlled by whichever party is in office. Thoughts?
Corey Judie Cutting is not the same as eliminating. If we just eliminated the fraud, waste and abuse, it will be as if the cuts never happened. Why do we decry cuts in spending when we are $20 TRILLION in debt? It's like a household $100,000 in debt and the family gets mad because the dad tells them that they can no longer eat out every day until things get under control. Grow up.
Debra Markham Who writes the copy for CNN? Are they picked fresh from the top of the Regressively trained journalism school? Remarkable how they all sound the same - without any personality or unique characteristics !
Lori Tay No tweet in days. He's too busy with his little gold plated, Saudi tinker toys to notice the terror attack in UK. Bet he'll catch SNL this weekend though...
Jeff Casey Very little of your tax dollars right now go to benefit a single child, a single military hero, any American-it goes to paying interest on the debt-benefiting China and a host of other countries. Until the national debt is paid off this will continue. If You are for supporting Americans and love this country, doing something now although not painless is the only solution to benefiting everyone in this country. Trump didnt make the mess but has the courage to fix it.
Jeff Casey People don't realize if we don't cut now, we won't be able to afford these programs in the future-everything will practically go to paying debt interest. Cut now, and reimplement later is the only way this country is going to make it. He didn't run up the debt and create the situation where these programs need to be cut-glad he is doing something to help all of us.
CNN4 hours ago

According to the Report of Investigation, Michael Flynn made false statements to investigators about who funded his foreign trips.

Jeanne Rog Republicans are all about Party over Country. Shame on them. This is a RUSSIAN collusion in our election and in our entire society. Stop Communist trying to do a coup d'état in America.
Susanna Duran "Lock her up" General Michael Flynn is now in hot water. He ran a smear campaign against Hillary and here he is in the middle of scandal and illegality and lies. LOCK HIM UP!
Channing Sanders Yall do know that Trump supporters don't care. As long as they aren't minorities, they can lie all they want and we should respect that
T Richman Nkediegwu you guys are so useless and clueless...... let me tell you all this ...trump will not be impeached.... trump will overcome this.... trump will not only complete this term, he will be reelected again and the dems will become a minority party.
William Petto And yet Trump and Pence knowingly hired him anyways. Corrupt move from a corrupt administration. Remove them all!
David Nixey Tsk tsk, cnn. With everything going on in the world, you still sell out to your owners to lie about trump. You are so see through we can't even see your skin anymore.
Cyndi Heston McCaig This evening, House Oversight Committee ranking member Elijah Cummings posted a letter revealing he has documents showing that Michael Flynn’s 2015 trip to Moscow was in fact paid for by the Kremlin-funded Russia Today, and not by U.S. sponsors, as Flynn had been claiming. This represents definitive proof of the longtime widespread suspicion that Flynn was on the take from the Russian government, and not merely the Turkish government has he’s acknowledged. In other words, Flynn is headed to prison unless he cuts a deal. This means that while Flynn is well within his Constitutional rights to invoke the Fifth Amendment in the name of not incriminating himself, it’s irrelevant in a practical sense because there’s already enough proof to convict him of a serious crime. And so now Flynn has two clear choices: cooperate in exposing Donald Trump’s role in the Russia scandal, or continue stonewalling and end up being sent to prison for his own crimes.
Mark Wisnewski When the FBI gathers enough evidence on Flynn and he has no way out other than cooperating, then Trump and those around him will drop like flies.
Joseph Matarise Cnn please help people find the loved ones in Manchester after terror attack not trump bashing all day all night be useful for once
Justin Scott No matter how much you report this, we are still going to remember and expect more events like the ones some Muslim extremist did today.
Cee Ann Breaking news: his murder is a much bigger story. Instead the democratic party would rather put a respected military man through hell, after he spent his whole career protecting you. You trash his lifetime hardwork & reputation, over something so ridiculously petty. Your party was full of serial killers, who killed their very own #RipSethRich
Tom Thurlow He was told in writing that it was illegal for him to accept money from foreign entities, without first getting permission. He did it anyway. That is the reason he lied about it. He knew it was illegal...
Debra Markham NEW NEWS******JUST IN.. CNN jobs are so mundane they can now be off shored using the abused H1B visa scam! How exciting that we can now pay the new CNN staff pennies on every dollar they currently make by using cheap skilled labor ! Maybe they will have something interesting to say!
Matthew Williams Dems deflecting from the real issues. They have to ask themselves if they think that there is no dirt or blood on their parties hands. Dems and Repubs can go back and forth on this drabble for decades and we will still be just constituents worth only one vote apiece.
Linda Eggers Reising They better keep a close eye on this guy. I think he is a little unhinged and now they are pushing him. He may be thinking, better death than prison. He was saying some pretty wacky things during the campaign. I was thinking then he was a nut case.
Cody LoPresti I trust anything that comes from Elijah Cummings about as much as I trust crazy Maxine Waters. 👎
Tom Gravel Dems: new docs show Flynn lied to investigators. Repubs: No he didn't. Dems: Yes he did Repubs: No he didn't. Dems: Yes he did Repubs: No he didn't Oiy. Make it stop. 😂😂😂 And round and round we go.
Valente Cervantes ::: AN EVIL MINORITY HAS WON.!. . THE MAJORITY CAN'T EVER BE WRONG.!!! . WARNING.!!!!!!!!!! . US "ELECTORAL VOTE" SYSTEM IS ABLE TO ALLOW MINORITY'S CANDIDATE TO WIN THE PRESIDENCY. . HOWEVER, IN A REAL DEMOCRACY, WHAT PREVAILS IS THE RULE OF MAJORITY. . THE PEOPLE OF THE USA, TROUGH DIRECT VOTE REFERENDUM, AND BEFORE NEXT PRESIDENT ELECTION, WILL ABOLISH US ELECTORAL VOTE SYSTEM: HYPOCRITICALLY FAKED "DEMOCRACY" . A FAKE DEMOCRACY HAS NO RIGHT TO BE WORLD LEADER.!!!!!! . ANY PRESIDENT ELECTED BY THE MINORITY WILL HAVE NO RIGHT TO MAKE ANY WAR NOR TO BE A WORLD INTRUDER.!!!!! . BESIDES, ALLOWING THE RULE OF MINORITY WILL BE A SHAMEFUL SUBMISSIVENESS AND NAIVENESS OF US PEOPLE.!!!! . • EQUALITY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HUMAN RIGHT.!!! . GOD HAS CREATED US IN HIS OWN IMAGE. WE ARE ALL EQUAL ! . Whoever does not accept equality believes to be superior to others and therefore is a Nazi-fascist. This makes that to think that has the right to exploit others that considers inferior. That's the way Hitler thought . And that's why some hate socialism and communism and would rather die than being equal to everyone. . The accumulation of wealth, resulting from exploitation, is used to create the powers that allow to exploit more, and more people. Market power creates market pressure to limit wages, which creates more exploitation, closing the vicious cycle that creates the social classes of exploiters and exploited. . Wealth resulting from the exploitation, is illegitimate and will be returned to their rightful owners and their descendants. . Market power is an unjustified, unfair, unlawful, bourgeois privilege, and market pressure keeps and strengthens that, market distorting, privilege. . Market pressure made by market power, created through exploitation, is an unlawful market distortion. Therefore, the wealth resulting from exploitation is illegitimate and will be returned to its real owners and their descendants . . . Market pressure, done by a market power, that is made through exploitation, is an unlawful and unfair competition between exploited people, that has no power and exploiters that have the power to keep their "slaves", that create the wealth that gives their own "masters" such all power. . We, the exploited of the world, the sons of the exploited, the brothers of the exploited and the friends of the exploited, do not recognize the private ownership of the means of production and the wealth resulting from the exploitation of man by man, accumulated since the invention of exploitation. . EXPLOITERS WILL BE TERMINATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH ! . IT'LL BE QUICKLY, WITHOUT WARNING, AND WITH NO PAIN. .
James Harrison One of the questions that needs asked is this one . If obama fired him and knew about the russian deal why didn't he tell someone instead of covering it up and not have his security clearance revoked ?
Pasquale Sebit Onzi If you are saying he told all false statements and how did you knew that was false, instead you know the truth, why did you asked him about the truth. .... what I knew in this world of life, people are not believe or remarks themselves... you can see the light n know that trust but still believe in lies n false stories or remous of the world. ...
Carla Moore-Williams " I, Michael Flynn, swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemy's foreign and domestic...never mind that's null and void.
Vicki Lightner WHO is being quoted in the investigation report? If Flynn lied to investigators maybe he lied to everybody. (I got that directly from an in-named source.)
Johnathan Roberts Here is an idea: The only way something like this would work if they say if you hire x more people than you currently have or have in the past two to three years you get this much tax break. The tax break can be more than what they pay the employee so long as it isn't too much. Think about it this way in which WOULD increase jobs within the nation unlike making an unconditional tax break. Keep in mind if they get a tax break more than what they pay their employee, they earn money that way even if it is little as $5 more per employee after applying taxes. And also have a cool down of the max employees so this tax break can fluctuate. IE, if it has been two to three years since they have hit the most employees, the max employee number would be lowered to the current state. However, you must keep the new employees for so long to get the tax break same with current employees.
Βασιλία Βάλλας CNN has now crossed over into "tabloid journalism." Zero credibility with a basis of sensational rumors. Get a life. You lost. Now an entire news organization's reputation is shot. Congratulations!
Jose J. Cabrera CNN can't stop for a minute and acknowledge #Manchester WOW, just WOW.
CNN5 hours ago

1. Cuts to Medicaid
2. Cuts to food stamps, known as SNAP
3. Cuts to student loans
4. Cuts to federal worker retirement programs

Scott Kelley Cuts to everything the states that voted for him live off of the most. I would be happy to gloat about that if you were the only ones who would suffer for it, but you morons had to go and drag the rest of the country down with you. Gross.
Zach Keplinger The irony here are the self proclaimed "good Christians" of the right Contradicting themselves once again. "Love thy neighbor" unless he's poor...or a woman...or gay..or black...or Muslim etc
Blaine Foley Who could've ever predicted that he would screw over the poor and make the rich richer. Ohh wait. The majority of voters did. That's why we didn't vote for him.
Kimberly Silva He's hurting the poor, sick, needy and elderly. I don't understand how he's putting America first and taking care of Americans when he's cutting things vital to many people's lives. My dad and brother are both disabled, can't work and get their medical insurance through Medicaid. My dad will need his 4th brain surgery soon. I personally feel very strongly about this. Those are lifelines for people in my family. I wish more people would have compassion and think of others who are less fortunate than them.
Robert Moseley Well, you can have my student loans. You can even have MY health coverage. Just leave my mother alone who only has Medicare. She's all I got and I want her around a long time. She's worked hard over 48 years paying into Medicare. Just leave her alone. I will be happy with that.
Lyndsley Green The majority of people who declare that Medicaid and SNAP abuse is a serious problem have no idea how the process works. You have to apply every 6 months and provide in depth documentation for your benefits. You have no privacy. You cannot collect unemployment unless you're looking for a job and proving it weekly. You cannot get food stamps unless you're employed. You cannot get any of these benefits unless you're a legal resident with documentation. Even more, the actual fraudulent activity that occurs is a flash in the pan in comparison to the fraud and criminal activity occurring in our representatives. They are taking your money, and you still blame the poor, single mother working 3 jobs to stay afloat. Beyond that...if you are ok with cutting thousands of children from healthcare benefits so these asshats can gain an extra lining in their pockets, you are truly a monster.
Monika MB Why anybody believed that guy who sh*ts in golden toilet, would have the little guys interest in mind, is beyond me. The poorly educated often vote against their interests.
Edward S. Zahar Thanks TRUMP Supporters. You Believed in a con man and gave him the power to make AMERICA GREAT for just a few
Roberto Gonzalez I can't believe that so many people don't realize that in their first battle vegeta was clearly more powerful than goku. In his great ape form he crushed the already drained goku, but let's be honest, he really didn't even need to transform. Vegeta was in control of the fight even before this but let his rage get in the way. After rolling off goku's kamehameha beam he was still far and away in the lead as far as endurance goes. Only through a team effort, a lot of luck, and vegeta making a couple bad decisions, were our heros able to come out on top..
Ann Greene The great thing about a democracy is that if almost half the country makes a mistake (due to Russian ties, collusion, whatever), we have a free press and judicial system to bring that imposter down. Thank you forefathers for your insight into human nature and our constitutional right to impeach or vote out our politicians- 👍👍
Peter Hoshi Yet he won because the "poorest" idiots voted for him blinded by a hatred for race, religion and sexual preference! They deserve what they get, but for people like us who didn't vote for Trump, I feel like a steerage passenger in the sinking ship called "Titannic".
Joshua Larson So he attacks the middle class and stabs the poor in the back. He's a coward and a disgrace to this country. When will people learn to stop voting against their own best interests?
Shauna Gibbs Those poor red states that voted for him are about to be hurt even more! Too busy hollering lock her up to pay any attention to what was really going on!
Phillip Day Ahh! His voters will feel this, feel this big time as the poor, elderly, military families and the disabled will feel this "Hugely". Trumps core groups of supporters are the bulls eye of this targeted budget. Turning the costs of these programs back to the States will break their budgets. The States already project millions will lose some benefits and coverage. Oh well, Trump and his pals will all get a tax break, Trump supporters are all right with that....They love this self-centered person who has never helped anyone in his life except himself, they love it.
George Hugh Burton V waiting for people to say this isn't an accurate explanation of his plan :)
Ryan Schulthies Note that Trump specifically promised during the campaign to not make any cuts to Medicaid. #Liar #Conman
Boris Hall Man, I'm convinced we have a serious problem in this country, this man is putting his foot on the poor while blessing the rich, is obviously in with the Russian government, and you people are still trying to protect this man, if this is what the world sees when the look at America, I see why they hate us.
Taylor Lea Dickmeyer It's highly entertaining to see that all of the Trump supporters are pretty silent on this post! Any other time they're going crazy to defend the idiot! Not much to say when policies like these are becoming reality and affecting the majority of us, huh Trump team? Lmao gotta love the extreme hypocrisy and naivety​. "Make America Great", for who?How evil it is to reward the already extremely wealthy in this country.
Daniel Kanu When he's proposing his policies we suddenly have a voice. When we had the power to prevent and stop him about 43% of us stayed home and never showed up to vote. It's sad and unfortunate, but we have to hold ourselves responsible. Especially those of you who did not come out to vote and make your voices heard loud and clear.
Dick Anderson Impeach comrade Trump and his comrade administration! LOCK TRUMP UP
Catherine V. Cady It makes me so very upset reading these comments. Do people realize that NOT all people who are on these programs are "free-loaders?" This is so very disheartening to me, as a nurse. There are very sick children, elderly, veterans and disabled US citizens that NEED assistance. Shouldn't the "Greatest, most powerful country in the world" take care of our own? Give us you weak your tired your hungry, I guess that means as long as it doesn't cost us anything. I pray all of you that are commenting "free-loaders" have a fountain of youth or billions in retirement, otherwise, one day you and/or your family members will NEED assistance and it won't be there!!! 😢👎🏼💔
Richie Bell Jr These cuts includes White people who also voted for that clown!! They will suffer indefinitely because their foodstamps, government checks, Medicare, Medicaid will be cut along with the rest of the population! SMH this Traitor Trump turned on his own people. Shame on Him!!!!
Robert Burrola This man wants to cut my federal workers retirement programs after the hard working employees that are loyal and dedicated to their jobs . I'm getting closer to my retirement which I've have been eligible 5 years ago . But not yet 62 or 66 I'm only 59. But handicap and low GS pay 42K and lost my TSP due to no pay raises from 2010-15 in 15 got 1% 2016 2.1% that's is all I got , furlough days I've lost $1,000.00 forcing me to stay home with out pay on furlough days in 2013. Myself and co workers we've have lost our money's too. Now with all the others items deep cuts . My SSI and Medicare/Medicaid with all the money I put into it. I won't be able to see any of that due to deep cuts . What or how am I going to live ? What all the other people in civilian employees in the civilian sectors and federal government employees . Is what Trump wants to make America great ???? Now he wants to help the rich people . He is nothing about a Liar!! Thanks America for voting for him..
Sue Taylor He cares NOTHING for ordinary people and even less for those who are struggling. This fraudulent man was elected on racism and empty promises to people who were obviously desperate. He discarded the poor to install his billionaire buddies to profit and plunder off ordinary folks. He will continue to push the racist message of course... Hatred and division is his game.
Gene O'Reilly I hope the poor of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, West Virginia and Florida who voted for President Trump now understand "what have you got to loose"
CNN5 hours ago

"A lot of little girls running out, and parents shouting out and yelling names," recalls another witness.

Linda Kaulf I cannot believe that at 11:37pm, you are talking about Michael Flynn's investigation and Trump when so many young people and others have lost their life's in the UK. Where are your morals and values or do you have no respect for the loss of life?
Lisa Lyle Vimmerstedt Have been watching Fox news coverage of the attack in Manchester England, and decided to switch to CNN to see their coverage. 11:30 PM in the United States and all that is on live on CNN is the constant questioning about Comey, Flynn, etc. by their "reporters" who don't know anything and have become shrill and obnoxious. I want to hear reporting of the news not what you all "dream up" is happening. I'm encouraging everyone to stop watching the CNN trash, the NBC attacks on President Trump ad naseum. Move on---report the news when the investigation has its findings and their report. Can't watch CNN or NBC anymore and none of the late night shows which I loved for their frequent political jokes. But now that's the show--that's the jokes. Not funny, not entertaining, done with this tedious "news". Bye....
David McMillan Listening to Charlotte Campbell on CNN, who doesn't know the whereabouts of her daughter Olivia is absolutely gut wrenching. Sincerely hope they find both Olivia and her friend Adam safe.
John Weber CNN , I must say your organization has totally lost its mind, major terrorist attack in England and you guys are airing you obsessed Trump conspiracy stories about Russian collusion, most of your anchors have serious mental problems that everyday all they do is obsess about Trump, its very sickening..
Becky Jewett How nice to share this little tiny story about a deadly bomber on FB. Maybe you outta tell your news casters on TV about this. They are still too busy agreeing with each other on their own immature spats about Trump rather than reporting on ISIS attack at Arianna Grande concert bombing that killed 19 and injured another 50. Terrorist bombing in England.... eh, not important
David Davies Reardon Unfortunately this is destined to become more of an occurrence on US soil at public gatherings like concerts and sporting events suicide bombers won't be something that just happens in the middle East. Now if we just had some kind of travel ban where we have a better vetting process to try and keep these terrorists animals out .🤔🤔
Ilene Svaldi Why isn't this airing on the CNN? Why are you still complaining about Trump? This is news!
Dulckiney F Victor CNN hates US President Donald J. Trump, CNN who talks less about terrorism attack in Europe and only takes care of just trying to ruin the Republican, who wants to end an organization that terrorizes the whole world.
Grace Jasmin Before anyone opens their mouth and brings up Obama or trump think about all the ones that have lost the ppl they love the most! They will never again get to embrace them or talk to them! So please let's leave politics alone and think of how you would feel if you were in those family's shoes
Todd Ring CNN reported for 30 min on this gut renching tragedy, then right back to Comey and Russia what a joke this news network is!! this hits our most vulnerable place ,our kids!!! The terrorists will stop at nothing to take away what we all stand for!! .freedom is not free!!!
Amber Jean Roberts Wow... I can't believe how much ignorance and hate I am seeing on this post!! It is heartbreaking to see this! This is a HUMAN and HATE problem! NOT a religion or race problem!!! And until that FACT is welcomed into all of our hearts and addressed from that prospective, it will only get worse. I do not understand how people can be so hateful to others that are so undeserving of that hate!!! I am praying for everyone effected by this tragedy! As well as all of you! I pray for truth and compassion to find its way into your hearts!
Tommy Vowell And what is CNN discussing on American tv tonight during all Of this terror? Trump and Russia. Little girls are forever scarred by this bombing and CNN is targeting Trump. Goodbye CNN. Never again will my household allow your programming into our ears. Deleting all Social media accounts with you and deleting the channel from my tv's memory. You disgust me. Yeah, I'm only one person and do not make much difference in the large scheme of things, but tonight you have crossed a line and I can never support you again. Children are missing from their families from this bombing and all you can talk about is Trump and how much you think he is guilty of a deal with Russia. Even if it's true, tonight is not the right time to highlight it.
Dean S. Miyamoto The homicide bombing in Manchester should be the issue of the moment, yet you continue to have a panel to continue to openly voice your hatred and antagonism towards #POTUS. You're really losing credibility at an alarming rate.
Jeremy Bariola If it turns out that this is the responsibility of ISIS, then what is the solution? Continue on with the failed foreign policy that directly created ISIS? What else would governments do?
Scott Kattner Come on CNN, tie this into Trump. you can do it, find some friend of a guys sister brother in law that grew up with a fiend of someone that once worked for Trump.
Chola Chola My heart cries in sadness at the thought of people searching for their loved ones and not being able to find them. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you find in your faith the strenght and guidance that you need.
Ricky Russell The people on here calling for love and peace and are sympathetic to all these causes are the very types of kids who just got attacked. Enough is enough its time to wage war on terrorism
Robert Burgos Religion of peace ? Trojan horse liberals ? ......I'm sure tomorrow on the streets some muzzy will blind fold himself with a sign that says free hugs and all the libs will adore them again and chant bring in more.
Diana Roby Is CNN heartless, went to watch your news on TV and all U are talking about is our President and the Russians. Do U not think that the loss of lives (young girls ) and 59 injured are not a priority. Thank God I watch Fox.
Drock Vincent While you guys continue to bash the President.....and look like a Saturday Night Live skit....a terrorist attack happened in Manchester...
Pamela Cortesi CNN is a complete joke! It's 920 West Coast time and all they're talking about is Russia Russia Russia! 19 people dead and 59 injured just doesn't cut it for news at CNN!
Samuel Velasquez What is with all the trumptards saying CNN isn't covering this story, there is article after article on this website of the terriost attack. How about not pushing a political opinion by using the deaths of these people, sounds like you are the people without morals. If you don't like a station pick another one, not that hard.
Johnston Katuku Sad. So sorry for this mindless carnage. We in Kenya mourn with the people of United Kingdom. We however humbly request them to stop issuing travel advisories whenever terrorism strikes Kenya. The menance needs concerted efforts to neutralize, not alienation of the victims of terrorism.
Darrick Chavez A major terror attack takes place, and right now CNN is still obsessing over Donald Trump. Hardly any coverage of what happened in Manchester. It speaks volumes about the agenda driven, unhinged network CNN has become.
Debra Markham Come on CNN -you need to tie this to President Trump. You can do it! He has world wide business relationships. You can turn perfume into manure. So I'm confident you can tie Russia, Mary Ann and some obscure account in Haiti and lay the blame on President Trump, Come on creepy news network (cNN) do what you do best!
CNN6 hours ago

"From the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don't have words," Ariana Grande said in a tweet.

Marwan Okasha Listen, I am a Muslim...And even WE don't understand why there are extremists using our religion this way. (If this explosion turned out to be a terrorist attack by extremists) They are scary and yes dangerous. But please know that those of us who are good decent humans...following our religion the same as anyone else follows theirs....we are just as shocked and saddened when these types of attacks happen. And yes....there IS a special spot in Hell for people who do these things. Prayers for all involved....😔
Allen Rodriguez Ariana Grande: Pro refugee, Pro Muslim, anti-Trump, anti-American, is wishing she was back in the safety of the America she hates so much!
Gloria Johnson Okay Guys Please: There are 19 Families, grieving the loss of their Loved-Ones (DEAD). As human Beings , Let us create a empathetic and sympathetic environment here tonight even for ONCE. At some point, the Families could possible be reading about our cares and condolences for them; this might put a bit of token in their sad hearts. #PRAYERsAMEN
Usman Masood Instead of Muslims blaming Americans and Americans blaming Muslims why don't we just pray for the innocent victims? We need to realize that our governments just talk and talk they are not serious in fighting terrorism they have been arming them create more division send hate among Muslims and non Muslims by arming extremists
Brad Clark Unbelievably sad. Let's keep politics and jokes out of this for once people. Be adults. Sincerely, EVERYONE
David L. Smith I am sure she is on the way back to the country she hates so much and the people that live in it.
David McMillan I'm devastated for my home town. We've experienced terrorism before and we became stronger after it and we will do the same. These f**kers can't keep us down. RIP to the victims. This is absolutely tragic.
Ken Platt Don Lemon actually looks ticked off that he has to report this story instead of their regularly scheduled Trump bashing....
Matt Taylor Johnston This headline really pisses me off. It's like saying that her life is worth more than the 19 dead or the 50+ injured. Not upset that she's safe, she's a person, but what about the other thousands of people there? Why don't we care about them more than some celebrity?
Christopher Powell I'm watching your channel now. CNN you are shameless! You're interviewing a mother of a child who is missing from a scene like this? Are you kidding me. To profit from her anguish!!!!! It's great for tv, right!?!? You discuss me
Andy Kowal Sorry CNN. Your Russian collusion crap has to bo put on hold for few seconds. As much as you love to bash the president, you need to take a moment and realize what is actually happening in this world...
Katarina Kluk Cnn currently has the mother of a missing teen on the phone, sobbing. Its absolutley horrific, this poor woman is utterly distraught! Who made the decision to broadcast this distraught woman live? It's gut-wrentchingly painful to listen to her struggle to speak, all the while there is a likely possibility that her child has died based on her answers. It's horrible to listen to, and I can't help but feel that it's exploitive of CNN to air this type of conversation, which ultimately does not serve this woman or her family, poor Don lemon can do nothing but nod and mutter some pointless question at a person who is very much in agony right now. It's awful, what were ur producers thinking. I'm sick listening to this poor mother sob and have to hear the echo of her own voice being played on live tv back to her, this is cruely exploitive not helpful
Jake Rubin So, how long will Don Lemon continue to preface every second sentence with "if this is a bombing...." when British and US intelligence officials, the official UK press briefing and even Don's expert contributors unequivocally state that it's a bombing? Don Lemon, do you suspect a boiler explosion? A Samsung phone battery? Faulty electrical systems? Unexploded WW2 ordinance? Is it CNN policy to contort news items to fit your preferred narrative?
Tommy Nases Incident?? How is a likely terrorist attack against the jihadist wet dream target ( A young sexy , rich, empowered, influential woman) considered just an Incident!??! Pathetic radical Muslim men can't stand not having complete control!! Radicals worldwide are jerking off dreaming of martyrs and 700 virgins in paradise........
Enrique Ortiz Well of course that arrogant Ariana is safe While her fans are DEAD! She has BLOOD on her hands. STOP SEXUALIZING LITTLE GIRLS!! She hates AMERICA but I'm sure she can't wait to get back here. #Horrific #RIP We are living in the last days. God have mercy on all of us.
Bryan Jordan If this was done in America with a gun they would be screaming gun control. It just goes to show it doesn't matter the weapon but the ideology. Keep bashing Trump though...
Amber Jean Roberts Wow... I can't believe how much ignorance and hate I am seeing on this post!! It is heartbreaking to see this! This is a HUMAN and HATE problem! NOT a religion or race problem!!! And until that FACT is welcomed into all of our hearts and addressed from that prospective, it will only get worse. I do not understand how people can be so hateful to others that are so undeserving of that hate!!! I am praying for everyone effected by this tragedy! As well as all of you! I pray for truth and compassion to find its way into your hearts!
Jason Coleman Aw thank god the pampered celebrity is safe & well, back in her iron Curtain Bubble 😏 She was never in danger at any point. Think my thoughts & cares will remain with those who have died & those who are injured CNN
Cindy Ollenberger well that's great news... we can all sleep peacefully now that we know Ariana Grande is safe following the "incident". who the f*** comes up with these garbage tag lines on their posts??? prayers going up for everyone affected by this tragedy!
Claude Lalumière Explain me, I am Canadian and I read horrible things about the opinions of Ariana Grande. She is American by birth and has the right to say what she wants about her fellow citizens and her country. This is free expression whether it is correct or not.
Roger Ch For those that are blaming Grande, it's not her fault. I'm not a fan of hers, but how can she be responsible for the henious act of a few extremist cowards. That's their MO - to strike at high profile events for maximum news coverage and potential for human harm.
Tania Brenning Santos Please force Don Lemon to end the conversation with this poor mother!!! You have the info about her missing daughter and have shared it twice. This woman is delirious with fear that her daughter is dead. Let her off the phone, you got your story!!!!
Ve Ra No need to speak about religion and motives. My question is: how the hell that person could bring a bomb inside?! There was no security system to control people who enter? After all those attacks that happened already we still go on freely like ha-ha-ha just take your seat and welcome to our show.... ?! Wtf!
Alex Tour-Sarkissian Update: She has suspended all of her tours in Europe for now and also I can't believe that some of you are still talking about that donut incident and a comment that she had made about America which happened like 2 years ago and has since apologized for that. When someone makes a mistake, it is not fair to keep blaming them constantly even though it has offended you. You all should accept that she made a mistake and move on.
Cyndi Callahan-Post This article has little in the way of an explanation of the actual incident and more about the artist and her history. I could care less about how she came to be a pop star .. I would like to know more about what happened, what help is being offered to the families of those affected & whether or not actual suspects have been identified, caught, etc.