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BREAKING: Five people have been shot at an office park in the Maryland community of Edgewood, a deputy said

Ken Bloch Waiting on Trump statement of that is a very large large Park surrounded by a very large large mass of land
Lee Budar-Danoff I guess we should just offer our thoughts and prayers, right? Certainly sorry for the victims and their families.
Marco Alex Why are civilians even allowed to possess guns in the US on the first place? This policy has to stop, it's a recipe for chaos!
Ahmed El-naggar 11 died in egypt the day before yesterday because of terrorist attack in the very Northeast of egypt in Alarish .. The whole world suffer these terrorist attacks .. All my wishes and thoughts with those who died !! I hope we overcome From egypt Sorry for bad English We speak Arabic here
Geovani Salazar Hey so that travel ban that your trump keeps trying to implement, that's to protect foreigners from attacks created by Americans right? Just want to make sure I have it right.
Qasim Latif Ughhh these shooters are messed up people who the hell would have an objective to kill or shoot random people ? Theres nothing to be benefited out if it it's just sick and wrong
Todd Johnson Thank god our government finally bans the refugees and starts to build a wall!! I feel safer with lots of mentally unstable freaks with their guns inside the country 🙄
M Hilal Arfeen If the shooter is white Mental patient or psycho If the shooter is brown Terrorist without any investigation Case dismissed
Damian King I’m starting to feel like psychopathy and sociopathy is part of the culture. How do you hear and see that the US just had it’s worst shooting few weeks ago and still decide to go on with a mass shooting
Paul Monye I mean, where in America is safe? From the office to the night club to your neighborhood. Psychos with guns are everywhere, you could be shot any minute. There's no such thing as being in the right place at the right time in America.
Gary Michael Curto Making hay out of an incident before the facts are in and before the bodies practically even hit the floor much less go cold is in horrible bad taste
Rodney Ballard Lets see if the NRA sheep can come up with new speaking points, instead of rehashing the same old useless drivel.
Fabian Cadena Cue: all the Trump Dick Riders who got their law degree online and will start blaming Obama for this...
Melanie Gates Keep scrolling people. Nothing to see here. Just another mass shooting in America. Hey look! Is that a football player kneeling?!?!
Cha Duncan Just do what the NRA asked you to do and don't talk about it for 8 days and it will be forgotten about after Las Vegas it worked
Gallium Gossamer Don't really care. They do nothing about crazy people or guns whenever this happens so why should I care?
Jason L. Totten We should just sell guns at all of the local convenience stores between the candy bars and breath mints!
Chita N Chibesakunda That's why we need more guns... right ?
Tshepo Gambu just a normal day in the land of the free
Christopher Culross Another day, another mass shooting. More thoughts and prayers will be offered by useless politicians bought off by the NRA.
Nadia Compagnon MORE PEOPLE NEED GUNS! THERE ISN'T ENOUGH DEATH YET! DRUMPF I hope you die a vicious, vicious death in front of the world on camera with your kids!
Christopher Zona The constitution says I have the blah blah blah
Danny Airways If only that wall was put up .......
Swallo Manimbo Thoughts and prayers will reverse the shootings.
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Drones bearing piping hot burritos are about to start swooping down on the Australian countryside, thanks to this Google project

Allen Barrett Interesting, they can drop burritos to people in Australia but the US can't get water and supplies to needy people in Puerto Rico.
Christopher Arena And the kid with the high school education just lost his delivery boy job. But as long as Google makes a few dollars more, it's all good.
Terry Oswald Now that we have proof that Obama and HRC as well as the FBI and DOJ colluded with the Russians You will be Forced to Report on it ..! Im so looking forward to it ..! Lol
Barbara King Could encounter difficulties if hungry recipients owned animals. My dog would be all over that burrito drop.
Erich Anderson Elderly lady was stuck by a flying piping hot burrito this morning in the outback, more news at five.😜
Albert Sharangabo Rufagari It must be a very expensive BURRITO..Usually they cost $2.00 ..wonder how much one would cost delivered by a drone?
Cecilie Weems Stipp Burritos? Nice, it's not like we don't have any real news to cover, like...I dunno...Hillary Clinton and the Russians? You want hot or mild sauce with that?
William Lashley Not even the countryside is safe from their poison anymore. Soon enough harvesting your own natural food will be completely illegal because hey, we can drone it to you ready to eat. Humanity is doomed.
Venanzio Corbo Taco about nacho your typical fast food delivery, Waiting is a good way tequila the time. Maybe we will call tamale.
Apryl Walker ha wish they would come my way
Keisha Hunter Can Google drop piping hot food down for Puerto Rico as well? Asking for a friend..
Jennifer Bonna This would be a terrific thing for those in a disaster zone needing basics like food and water.
Christina Parker Instead of taco 🌮 trucks on every corner, how about taco drones? 😂
Randy Adkinson Now we're solving the real problems.
Evie Briget Holly Glover - um. why just Australia? I’m sure ‘mericans Love burritos more.
Jason Waskahat Be cooler if a transformer delivered it..
Betty Conway They could use them in Puerto Rico.
De Leon Photography Can you just drop it straight into my mouth?
Christopher Bear Powers That's great until drones become sentient beings and start bombing humans with Burritos
Karen Wheeler Great we will all be dodging misguided burritos soon
Sandra Batiste I do not want my food on the ground.
Joan Becenti Blake's Lotaburger needs this.
Russ Harris I guess Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect is right. You can be hit by flying Mexican food LOL
Eve Beebe Horrible. Not necessary and a concern for birds.
Kelly Keeler and not a word yet about Gord Downie ..shame on you.
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BREAKING: A Maryland federal judge blocks Donald J. Trump new travel ban, just a day after a Hawaii judge did the same

Rachel Michaels "Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that's more productive." -Donald Trump
Lenn Liggins So we going to give all the power to the federal judges to block president's orders don't forget one day there will be a Democrat president and you don't want that to happen to him.
Leroy Saare What idiots we have as judges. Why would they block the president's order? The president should not be overridden by a judge. Its up to him who is allowed to come here. They must hate America.
Frank DeBlasi This is why problems keep getting worse. As long as these court systems and congress keep blocking Trumps agenda, he's never gonna get anything done. Terrorists and undocumented immigrants are flooding in across borders all over the world and causing problems. I am in no way against any race or religeon residing in America. However, when a "large percentage" of a specific group are causing problems, you need to step in an put a stop on things until the problem is fixed. When a few heads of lettuce in the supermarket are contaminated with e-coli, you dont just remove those few. You wipe them all from the shelf and call the company that sent them and tell them to stop sending you more until they problem is fixed.
Chad Myers Take it to the Supreme Court and win it there again. Won't cost anything but a few months and a few million in tax dollars... But hey, what ever Democtrats want.
Rachel Michaels "Our country is in serious trouble. We don't win anymore. We don't beat China in trade. We don't beat Japan, with their millions and millions of cars coming into this country, in trade. We can't beat Mexico, at the border or in trade. We can't do anything right." - Donald Trump
Chad Myers The tax dollars it will take to run it to the Supreme Court...twice! could probably have ended homelessness. More proof that DEMOCTRATS Are trying to keep people poor and hungry!
Ken Gray Now that FBI documents show clear collusion between the Russians and Hillary Clinton, is CNN going to report on it? Comey wrote his letter clearing Clinton before she testified and then lied about it. Going to report that? The American people are watching FAKE NEWS..!!
Stacey Morelyn You would think he could afford to hire a competent Constitutional attorney to write these things correctly the first time.
Michael Colvin I still laugh when I see North Korea on the list, since no one from there is coming over except diplomats, who aren't affected by it anyhow.
Oystein Heimstad Just gotta love them judges :D I betcha the orange man-child is throwing more than one tandrumpf in his sandbox. Brace for incoming Twhines from the Cheeto-in-chief.
Datraass Bobbyb 100% of US terrorists are either US born and raised, white or from Saudi Arabia. Ignorance is not a virtue!
DinhHung Nguyen What kind of country just a federal judge could be able to blocks their president proposals :/ What an idiot people who laughed at this article :/Who will take a responsibilities If terrorist attacks occur :/ Would you blame for your president ? Shame on you Americans :))
Adam Borowski So one judge agrees with Trump, another one blocks the ban... what's going on, who's right? As a Polish citizen, I need a visa to go to the USA, which's a normal process. You need to prove your finances allow you to stay in the US without problems. And then someone else can just... waltz in, no questions asked? If this immigration system is sound then I'm an all-American Girl Scout.
Sam Wilmar We have had more killings by crazy Americans than by any foreign born individual partly due to the NRA
John Weber Hey CNN, any news on clinton/obama Russian collusion? I guess not, that would be real news and your brainwashed followers can't hear this!
Ralph J Kirkhart Jr The Supremes have unanimously 3 times enforced POTUS's authority in this matter! When will you folks learn?
Ron Fredona I wonder how many people protesting the travel ban live in gated communities and have locks on thier doors....
Victor M. Rosa Ocasio They are all, against, safety for our nation, Trump will appeal and win, these federal activist liberal judges, get overturned on a daily basis.
Omar Khan Hahahaha.....all those idiots who said it wouldn't be blocked again
Joe Mandichak So they don’t mind these illegal coming in setting up shop and some committing crimes? You do see how it is working in Germany and France right? (Murders, mugging, robberies, rapes-and that is good for you?) love the travel ban, it is keeping us safe
José Luis Fregoso As a legal immigrant and registered voter, I support the travel ban. We don't want to end up like Europe who has accepted thousands of these people and look at all the attacks in france England and other countries. We have enough violence in citites in USA like here in Chicago. Do we want to bring more violence? The Muslims Are savages.
Dorothy Roessler Good. Glad the legal system still is working properly... in spite of Jeff Sessions, not because of him...
Suparna Pal The saying 'common sense is not always common' Trump is the perfect example of that, he just never gets it that he is completely unfit to run a country and cannot use his force to break laws
Roger Villatoro The govt job is to keep the public in a tug of war with different issues. Good luck whatever path you take.
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Michael Philipone I own a 2013 Fx4 and it's unstoppable. Never a issue 85000 miles so far. My wife has a 2010 Mustang 6cyl with appearance pack coming up on 95000 miles the car is as sound as day one. Never a problem.
Brian Tarbell Drove a Ford for five years. Never again. Don't think 6 months went by without a recall notice. Had a stack of them in my glove compartment when i sold it. One day car just stopped running computer failed on the highway. Had a check engine light that never went away no matter what I did had to jump through hoops to make it go away to pass inspection. Never ford ever again
Brandon York Henry Ford employed the Dodge Bros to build the Model T and the Model T was one of the greatest achievements of the Ford Company. Perhaps Ford should once again have Dodge build their trucks so Ford can once again have a successful vehicle.
Christopher J Bruns These machines are becoming more, and more complex, and the more complex they become, the more problems that will arise. Every manufacturer, on every complex machine, has these problems. Don't believe me? Look at NASA, nuclear reactors, SpaceX, medical equipment, the list is almost endless.
Aaron Angel This didn’t happen under the obama administration😒❤️ it’s trump fault and also ford isn’t a good model , it’s all about Chevy
Jimmy Henderson It’s funny seeing stories that you refuse to report on. Why are you not report on the information handed out yesterday about Hillary and the DOJ.
Larry Benka Bought my 2015 F 150 brand new and haven't had a single problem with it since I bought it love it. Might be included in the recall but I haven't heard anything
Joe Blowe "door to open unexpected", or "door to open unexpectedly"? I still wish CNN would hire people that have good command of the English language to write their material.
Gaurav Kumar Singh Instead of recalling they can sale it with discount .the amount that will be used to recall .give that amount of discount and sale it
Jody Watkins Looking forward to seeing the decrease in ratings from NFL next week. We will be taking a knee and not watching until the players realize who pays their salary. This disrespect to America and our Anthem will end when their pocket book takes a hit. Wait and see! #boycottnfl
Randall MacDonald This allows you to steer and push at the same time. Unique feature.
Kevin Perry We need to recall, repeal and replace our coward of a POTUS
Marcus Baban Toyota did last month .. BMW .. Honda several months ago .. so why American brands only be a mock? Weird
Craig Miller Oh no, what will the Trump supporting inbred Christian pedophiles drive now?
Felix Atene Luckily people obey the law and wear their seatbelts 👍🏼🤘🏽
Danielle Wilhelm To all you f*cking weirdo's out there... WTF does Trump have to do with a recall on a car?!?!
Stephanie Bernier Jay DiCostanzo at this point your best bet is to buy a smart car 😂
Andrew Siegler Katherine Siegler looks like your same issue has now extended to their trucks too.
Mike Roskos Christopher Tingle not sure if you have F series though.
Tiffany Steffensmeier Bonnie Kohansby does this affect dad’s truck?
Michael de Vincenzi I didn't even know Ford could sell 1.3 million F-series pickups. 👀
Jenny Cary Bill Cary is this yours?
Kincie Gillespie Dad John does this include your truck?!
Robert Myers alert .... Obama and Hillary Clinton should be taken out back and shot.
Anissa M. Alvarado Mony & Napoleon do you have one of these???
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As local legend has it, the town of Villalba was the first city in Puerto Rico to get electrical light more than one hundred years ago. But now, people wonder if this might be one of the last places to...

Elizabeth Massie "Over sensationalism"? I hardly think reminding everyone that living without electricity for weeks thus far is being overly sensational. In fact, this should be shared even more, because the lack of genuine concern by our government officials in the WH and Congress is disgusting and should be called on the carpet in a major way.
Charles Gardner PR politicians bankrupted PR and had no previsions saved for the PR people. Sad...Not prepared at all🚫 corruption
Sonny Dilks Why is Puerto Rico's Electrical grid all of a sudden President Trumps problem? This happens to most places that have hurricanes and service is restored as soon as it can possibly done. Their power grid was in need of updates before the hurricane hit.
Jj Intorre Why aren’t you covering the Russia Uranium scandal involving the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton?
Rod Borlase What do you think would have happened if the Great Orange Turd had treated LA after the last big earthquake like he is treating Puerto Rico now? It would not have been pretty. Trump is murdering people in Puerto Rico right now, day in & day out, & we're all just standing around, shaking our heads, clucking our tongues & popping another beer. Is this how we expect Americans to be treated by their government in their most extreme times of need?
Becky Robinson Why is the island not evacuated to the mainland until repairs are made? Bring the residents to American communities that can help them through this. If this was Hawaii and not a Spanish speaking island it would be nonstop solutions....but poor people without a vote mean nothing to the Republicans. Nothing.
Barbara Engels Without dialysis 3 people died unnecessarily in this town. 200 empty beds in the hospital ship and these people could not be transported
Louie Lou This is what happens when you depend on government assistance and a racist administration comes along. Is dignity and being a US citizen worth being treated like dogs?
Donald Bruntz We were told the roads were clear why was these dialysis people not taken to where they could get help. Why are mayors from each town not getting food, water, and medicine to their people. Why are we not hearing daily reports from the governor.
Stewart Hamilton So let's see if they did turn the power back on in that area I would assume that there would be a lot of live wires laying around so in that kind of Devastation you can't turn power on they didn't turn on for Katrina for years and certain areas because of Devastation Puerto Rico's no different
Zach Richardson I know I'm not from there but if that was city was established 100 years ago why is there no buildings there they all look like little tiny Shacks where's the historical buildings do does any of the city have any buildings made of brick and mortar I don't understand why you would build a house that Island made out of wood.... I feel so bad for the people that live there.. it seems like their government has let them down in providing even a safe place for a decent amount of people to go to shelter wise why are there no safe zones arena churches
Adore Tanya In Africa, people been living without power and clean water... It's not the end of the world. At least your power will be restored and 80% already has clean water
Claire Franklin I pray that God would restore each of everyone lost properties..If the government can't help we should help..
Barbara Schuldiner People are so obnoxious. A lot of people don’t even have safe drinking water. Should we call that a luxury item now.
Michael Jones This is pretty sad .. in a lot of cnn reports I've seen relief crews working but no Puerto Rican utility crews or drivers anywhere .. why can't they get their own infrastructure up & running to start normal delivers food & supplies to these places ?? It's not the job of relief workers to do it all .. the roads are obviously open .. there's news crews there .. the Puerto Rican government needs to get their Infrastructure fixed & do more to get their normal delivery routes moving & get the supplies & help out to their people & quit blaming it all on FEMA
Danny De Jesus My family lives in Villalba and the situation is still dire they put up a front and brave face but a month removed from the situayion and many have decided to leave the island and start over somewhere new. Hopefully this report can open the eyes of many anf help can reach those in Villalba.
Weison Chee we and the world feel so sorry for you, puerto ricans... and more sorry that you have we-know-who who could NOT care less about you... and the Reps are standing by doing nothing... come next polls, you all know what to do when it comes to the Reps... majority of americans will show the Reps - THE PEOPLE'S POWER IN VOTING THEM OUT...!
Jack Manning Complain, complain, complain. And this Reporter is right there to exploit it. He looks at everything and anything to elicit that these survivors are somehow due all sorts of assistance and they are not getting it because of the ineptitude of the U.S. Government....simply pathetic!
Charlie Morejon Their grid was flawed not built correctly .. blackouts were a norm before the storm .. the power company was famously known to be corrupt paying off the government... you Americans speculate from what CNN tells you ... I am Puerto Rican and no longer live in that corrupt liberal shithole .... Open your eyes and stop playing into CNN lies ...
William Lashley Someone should get a sound bite from the Governor, shouldn't he be directly involved in getting the power back on?
Carl Johnson sad the trump regime delayed and denied for so long they could have did more a whole lot more this will be trumps katrina for sure and to all you trump turds out here yes if hilary or obama did wrong bring on the charges they can have the cells next to the trump family
Steven Ryan Havamal 75. Cattle die and kinsmen die, thyself too soon must die, but one thing never, I ween, will die, -- fair fame of one who has earned. 76. Cattle die and kinsmen die, thyself too soon must die, but one thing never, I ween, will die, -- the doom on each one dead.
Linda Kaldi A lot of their country had no electricity as their government is so in debt Lets keep making up therse stories cnn
Jim Kelsey is the very scurrilous George Soros donating any of his evil dough to the people of Puerto Rico ?
Jay Streisant You live in part of Puerto Rico you have to deal with elements
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Florida Congresswoman responds to Donald J. Trump claim she "fabricated" what he said to soldier's widow, calling the President "a sick man"

Wilber Ferreira When I went to the Navy I didn't sign up to die.. of course that was a possibility. I signed up to serve and protect our Constitution. People don't join the police force to die they join to Serve and Protect the same thing! Trump is such an idiot!
Karl Shearer Proof like he had of President Barack Obama wiretapping the orange moron. That amazingly never materialized. Trump lies hourly.
Elizabeth Rodriguez How 45 wants to honor the flag when he can't even honor the family that sacrifice for freedom and our flag for our country.
Jocie Wells Let's see the proof! Oh wait still waiting on the tax returns, proof that president Obama was born in Kenya, proof that the millions of people voted illegally in the last election, proof that Obama is a Muslim....
Huey P. Ship No shock at his attittude towards a person of Color...consistent with his entire life......Par for the course
Steve Palmer She said...Lying selfish abnormal guy. Who to believe? I'll go with the Congresswoman. trump will lie about the color of the sky. He is NOT Normal.
Arelys De Jesus Mora Arias wow trump is truly despicable to keep picking on a mother mourning still, and a wife, trump is not sick and people should start calling that SEX ASSAULTER REPUGNANT DRAFT DODGER THAT, expect no sympathy from a SEX PREDATOR geeez how low can that criminal go.
Inez Morrow Congratulations 2 all who still support 45 , u have sunk 2 a new low how can u look in the MIRROR at YOURSELF and still believe in this man
Adam Sabga This is truely Trump’s Benghazi. After all the republicans said about Obama and Hillary Clinton it’s their own now , how does it feels to be in the same shoes. Sick man , bigot, racist and a Neo Nazis,kkk , Alt right sympathizer president. Those who still support this guy wonders me
Nickie Hobbs Trump is a great president and I agree with what he said. People are just looking for a excuse to talk bad about him. Go Trump
Grace Lupiañez Oh please everything is fabricated... He is always the victim....everyonr hates de good hearted humble giving Mr. Trump....YES I AM BEEN SARCASTIC HE IS A HEART COLD MORON.😒😔
Chris Nichols Now I am not a Trump fan but I have to say considering the Congresswoman was not a fan of Trump before the election and not during his Presidency so far and not knowing all of the details that were involved in the conversation, it is not fair to cast judgement. I am really think about it; would a politician use an "Alternative Fact" or take a conversation out of context since the public cannot hear what was said???? Then prove it "Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!"- President Trump tweeted.
Bill Waite It is totally fake, fabricated by another Congress Woman from the mold of the hatelful Maxine Waters. She has been part of the resistance from day one, refused to attend the inauguration, and will use anything, including the death of a servicemember to take a shot at the President. It is more then a bit questionable when approached about what she said and she said she only heard part of the conversation. Sickening.
Nike Machiavelli I like how people like to deflect and never talk about the subject :D look at her hat or Obama did that and this Hillary is worse... Always be deflecting :D Its funny never a serious argument... its like reading post from a 16 year old child who just started to follow politics... Not of those things matter.. stick to the topic...
Pam Demirbacak And widow after the phone call and said "he didn't even know his name". So I guess the widow of the fallen soldier is lying too?
Melissa Bennett Let's see, who do we believe? A Congresswoman and a widow of a fallen soldier or a habitual liar with zero empathy who felt forced to make a call he didn't want to make? We all know how well it responds to being forced to do thngs it doesn't want to do.
Josi Vaz Trump is a sociopath. The main trades of a sociopath are lack of empathy for others , shallow emotions and pathological lying. He had proven that over and over again, yet people knew that and elected him anyway. The sad part is all of us have to pay now for the mistake of a gullible minority.
Ashley Faller Trump always says he has proof, remember how he has proof that Obama was wiring tapping him, and proof of Hillary guilt? Trump is full of it.
Linda K Conover All the President has to do is release the Phone recording of there conversation , because they record every conversation , So go ahead lady keep lieing , You just discredited yourself
Rob Cameron Sorry Congresswoman I listened to your interview and simply believe you took those words you claim he said out of context or intentionally misunderstood. I refuse to believe Mr. Trump would ever say such a thing to a grieving widow especially to a soldier who gave his life for his country.
Ed Vargas Trump has proof just like he had proof about wire tapping, birth certificate, etc. He's going to play the same game...i have proof but he won't be able to produce it. I hope he and his family suffer irreparable financial and personal damage as a result of all his lies. I don't see how he can expect anyone to believe him.
Jeannine Duffey Neubecker Don't trust the source. Live in Florida. Don't know if Rep. Wilson is telling lies again which is usually what she does when she opens her mouth. All she does is stir up trouble.
Jennifer Ruby Can we please just use the 25th amendment for what it was meant for and remove the redneck pied piper from office?
Christopher Harris To the trump supporters, you do know that she's known the family of that slain soldier family for years right. Y'all make so many excuses for that orange idiot it's not even funny anymore
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Mayor Javier Garcia Perez and his team have knocked on 8,000 doors but there are still many families he hasn't been able to check on

Isabelle Randolph Thank you Mayor Perez for all your help! I don’t understand CNN and why you refuse to cover the men and women from all the branches of the military that have been sent to help. The men and women who have been training the guard, purifying water, handing out food, and working 15hr plus days?
Kevin O Neill Some people here at the Jersey shore waited more than a month to get relief from hurricane Sandy some took years to get back into their homes....i did not see people blaming president Obama on the delay .......the hurricane caused alot of damage .....
Fran Sattel Kevin O Neil, you were not wait weeks for food and water. I'm sure the people of PR are not expecting there homes be rebuilt by now. They want food and water. We have the best military in the world that is used to many obstacles, I really think they are capable of meeting those needs.
June Olsen I cried through this on cnn last night. Just had family members come back from Isabela on Monday night. Heartbreaking what I heard. They had nothing and could not get anything. Heartbreaking. I pray these people get the help, clean water quickly.. food. 🙏🏻❤️
Joanna Snow Good it's their job. If they hadn't been so reckless and kept up Their infrastructure their recovery would have been easier. Aren't each state/ territory liable for a portion of recovery ? It doesn't fall 100% on Feds.
Jon Laye Now we know where the Cat 5 hurricane hit and destroyed everything. Thanks for that information. Somebody snap their fingers and rebuild the power grid.
Maggie Blyth this is a disgrace that these people are left to die. trump doesn't give a s***, they need support to get the stuff distributed
Cherie J Rogers Um, you ignorant POS didn’t even bother to read what mayor it is....I guess all those Hispanics are all the same???
Valerie White Seen on another news network where everyone from volunteers.. Military.. FEMA..etc..are doing the best they can do people helping any way they can..but will take months or yrs because of so much damage done by the hurricane..😥😥😥
Rod Borlase It's nearing one month since the Puerto Rico disaster, & this is representative of our government's disaster response. Way back when the Great Orange Turd originally asked, only 16 had died ... Now it's more that forty & climbing. Sitting on our hands & watching them die!
Mustacq Abdullah Hey, these guys must go seek for relief, because US has a fully equipped hospital boat moored in the Atlantic Ocean. The critically ill must take a swim to the boat so they get help! Right? Some help that is from Congress.
Jennifer Shelton And there are people that have been willing to sign up with the American Red Cross and have not heard back from them to complete the process. More hands on the better. Breaks my heart that Puerto Rico is suffering the way that they are. I don’t like it.
William Ridenour About time the local officials do something. I mean supplies were delivered the following day of the hurricane yet the corrupt left in major cities were ill-prepared.. Shame on them!!!! But great to see they are finally getting the help they need. Good job Mr. President for being well prepared and sorry the uninformed continue with the onslaught of hatred towards you and all of the false narratives which are spread by MSM
Ian Schmidt Funny the USA could drop how to vote flyers in Iraq in a war zone but cannot drop food water and medicine in Puerto Rico sad! Another trump failure!!!!
Louie Kneitz Ah. CNN spreading more lies. It is the Fed Gov job to get supplies to the stricken areas. State and local Gov have responsibilities as well. The Gov of PR praises POTUS and the mayor of San Juan is under investigation for with holding supplies to be given out. This has CNNs fingerprints all over it. They paid the mayor of San Juan and bought them T shirts she wears. And them librarian glasses. No offense to librarians
Krishna Thapa I am not sure what type of mayor you have nut our mayor always absence when we need him Then he show is face in tv and disappear again
Ben Taylor What about the tons of supplies that the local politicians are throwing away in dumpster just so they can say they don't have help this needs to be looked into
Ivy Gallardo Naty Lopez Amarilys Carrasquillo Marisol Salazar! We saw this last night and she reminded me of Mama Tita! This ladies condition broke my heart. Como llore.
Ian Schmidt Sad that American citizens suffer from the ignorance of trump because they are poor and brown trump does not care sorry Puerto Rico America & RUSSIA have elected a monster as president
Vic Ellis We have to give the big orange Cheeto props for saving all those people in Houston from getting their feet wet!
Laura Linn Stouffer This is a heart wrenching Story 😔😢😭 WHY did Puerto Rico let their citizens get into such desperation ??Yes it was a devastating storm , but most places have resources,plans in place in case a emergency or devastating event happens Quit placing all the blame on the president; the local government should have been better prepared It not like this is the first hurricane to hit an island 😣🙄
David Hughes if the mayor would stop hording the food and water, photos have shown stadium full of it with her walking around....
Gary McGowan Trumpflakes are bashing the San Juan mayor, instead of applauding the mayor of Aguas Buenas. Bigly sad.
Jim Cox FOLKS...the island is filled with hills...mountains....downed trees...downed power polls....16,000 miles if downed polls and wires......THEY ARE NOT RE-BUILDING ANYTHING....IT ALL HAS TO BE BUILT.
Joseph B Bannister I'm still waiting for the cnn interview the Govenor of Puerto Rico......... Crickets....... You folks are getting used for fools and you are letting them do it.
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The killing of four American soldiers in Niger has drawn attention to the role of US troops in western Africa, where several terror networks roam freely.

Deshawn Branch The U.S. military is there to steal resources. Our government has been stealing from the African people long before any of us were born. They need to get out of our ancestors home.
Teresa Slots Asbury going after Isis in other countries is one thing but what # 45 said was BS, MAGA= Moron, American, Governing America
Roy R. Thompson But, but, but, Benghazi! Hillary or Obama must be to blame somehow. How could this president get by without Hillary or Obama to blame for everything?
HeuHau Sanate Langel Stay in your own yard and you won't get killed. You're bound to get hurt whenever you try to meddle in someone else affairs.
Gen Damien Darhk And these troops went their during Obama's time but CNN won't complete the story so that people get to know it. True journalism is dead
Daniel Garcia There are 195 countries, officially US soldiers are in 150, however unofficially they are everywhere they are needed. Tier One operators work under a different payroll than your conventional forces. They do the work no one is allowed to know or talk about. And yes, these soldiers have been there before the Trump administration, real news!
Peter Giuliano When Obama took office he inherited 2 wars. When Obama left office we were dropping bombs in 7 different countries. Over 26,000 bombs dropped in 2016 alone Still think he deserves a nobel peace prize?
Grove Ron Obama's illegal war on Libya destabilized the entire region. Much of Kaddafi's security forces were hired form Mali. When Obama bombed him out of power these soldiers returned to Mali with tons of weapons and joined the civil war there. Only intervention from the French military halted a total disaster. That whole area of Africa has become a nightmare because of a war started in Libya and the influx of weapons from there.
Oscar Rhodes Good intelligent gathering is the key to soldiers survivor. Never forget good communications. Start with the intelligent officer reports. Check for fabrication. Who was in charge of intelligence? Military intelligence!
Laye Adam When several armies get killed in western Africa, it's like nothing is going on, but when if only one US soldier killed, it's like angel killed, please take care about the others...
Wayne Thompson Moron attacks the widow of a dead soldier & brings her to tears & 6 months pregnant. Lying trump is a horrible animal without compassion. Told the widow he signed up to die & 45 didn't even know Army Sgt. La David Johnson name SAD!
Maingi Maingi Raw material aka uranium, for those who don't know the country has large deposits of the same so covert affairs to loot it all and avoid anyone other "rouge" nations from mining it.
Pavîll Kirkuki To the International community, please say something about the persecution of Kurdish civilians by Iraqi Militants after Kurds peacefully handed over the boarders to them . So far, around ten hundred thousand people fled the city of Kirkuk and a few hundred people got killed . Above all of these , last night two female were raped by these wild militias . #Kirkuk #Kurdistan #Iraq
John Schanbacher Maybe it's because the 2 Deadliest Terror Groups in the World are there, Al Shabaab & Boko Haram.. Seems like the only thing any news outlet wants to talk about is ISIS when both of these Terror Groups Kill More People and Cause More Terror Everywhere in Africa
Catherine Guilford tell me if there wasn't Obama to blame who would trump and his fools blame as long as trump cry Obama the drft dodger tries to get away with evey thing he does
Candis Sales They have been stealing since the beginning of time. One can't change one's essential nature. They need to send the kids of those who are getting rich off those resources over there and let's see if they will have a change of heart
Cliff Erich Follow the $$. Look for assets, resources or governments in place conducive to striking lucrative deals that benefit America.
Elizabeth Mags Lombard I say let them fight their own battles and accept no refugees when everything has gone wrong. We are probably going to have an influx from Somalia
Edith Fleming Please president trump find out what happen to me! Let my family know. Let all the American people know what happen to me. Please so I may RIP!!! I speak for the four soldiers who died so i can close my eyes at night and know that I and my family are safe.
Ryan Bowe We’re screwed if we ever get attacked. Our government is to busy using our military for their greedy purposes and to police the world. It’s so sad that they use the patriotism of our soldiers in the wrong way.
Tochukwu Unogu Many America soldiers will die if America government refused to verify what is happening there secretly
Murad Saleh It’s called nation building. We help rid your country of mercenaries and replace them with our own to charge you for it at a premium.
Barone Roberto CNN : why ?? so same thing doesnt happen that happened in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan. Obama created, funded, armed, ISIS..... you know rest story
Kathryn Nana Smith No widow should take any call from this DotardInChief........... what he told a grieving widow is as soulless as someone can get......... RIP LaDavidJohnson...........
Ray Rolle We call for a full investigation into comey's investigation into Hillary Russian email scandal. To prove there was collusion between Hillary and the Russian money man
CNN4 hours ago

"Freedom is not a gift from government. Freedom is a gift from God," President Donald J. Trump said. "That is why we're here tonight, to rededicate ourselves to the defense of our God-given rights."

George Henderson Donald Trump is a man who is unusually incurious, abnormally unintelligent, amazingly inarticulate, fantastically uncultured, extraordinarily uneducated, racist and apparently quite proud of all these things.
Aiya Alexandrovich What are my "God given rights" I only know the rights that are protected by the Constitution. Does Trump think God wrote the Constitution?
Alex Ramos Preaches about God, has affairs and children with 3 different women.
Nadia Ramirez Trump is in it for himself, keep believing he cares for you people. Make America Gulible Again. Imbeciles...
Donald Lewis President Trump is so jealous of is astounding. he knows he will never reach that level of intelligence or influence (Also his supporters) so he will destroy policy thinking that it will erase Obama's legacy. quite the opposite. he is sooo green with envy, jealousy...trump supporters coming after me in 3...2...1
Jose Rodriguez No. The gift from god was free will. The gift of freedom was from the men and women who fight for use till this day. Now if god really wants to give us a gift he would help speed up your impeachment process and remove you from office.
John Washington So... all these conservatives are now okay with him disrespecting veterans by claiming that they did nothing for our freedom, and that it was a "gift" from god?
Mapillar Dahn Trump only started uttering the word "God" in any biblical sense when he needed the evangelical votes. And they are so desperate that all they need to hear are the words.
Michael Sheridan God didn't give us our freedom. We had to fight for it, several times. And those of us who don't happen to be rich white men have had to fight THEM even harder to gain our share of that same freedom.
Robin McCusker Horasanian Separation of church and state. He should not be bringing religion into any of his speeches. He's the President, not a preacher.
Trisha Elizabeth Miller When god shows up in a courtroom to defend someone's rights or prosecute a bigot, I'll buy into that. Until then, rights are defined by the laws of where you live.
Bill Bradley Does this line of thought implies that God is punishing people who are born into oppressive regimes?
Diane Mitchell He is so full of crap that he wouldn't recognize it if it plooped right in his hand -he would then declare that he was making America so great again that he now discovered a new food/energy and monetary source!
James Chase You mean the right to kneel in peaceful protest against political and racial injustices? I don't recall there ever being so much hypocrisy in the white house. Freedom a gift from God? You mean like all the freedom bestowed to the native Americans indigenous to this continent?
Everett K Purdy I don't believe Trump is a good person or president, but if you are criticizing Trump for speaking positively about natural human rights, then you are part of the problem.
Annie Silcox Every time his numbers tank he pulls out the God card. 🤦‍♂️ and people really are buying into this. The four men who died last week defending our constitutional right have nothing to do with our freedoms huh?
Baggines Kram Remember not to let this distract you from the fact that Red Lobsters Ultimate Feast price went up $4 and the portions got noticeably smaller and you only get 4 biscuits instead of 5 for a table of 2!!! Not fooling me!!
Richard Salvatore Does everyone get the irony? A guy, who is embraced, well-supported by radicalized, evangelical, bible-thumping, family values touting Christians has, publicly sexually objectified his own daughter by making known if not related, he would date her. And if this revelation was not sufficiently disgusting, he did not have the God given sense to, keep his mouth shut about, harboring such universal societal taboos. Does everyone get the irony, the hypocrisy? Cue, Trump supporters for defense and rationale, go!
Bradley Cox It’s just maddening that we live in a world where actual policies are being made on bald faced lies, easily verifiable lies.
Mary Bales It’s quite apparent to anyone with an understanding of God’s word and Jesus’s ministry here on earth that Donald Trump doesn’t represent or even attempt to practice any form of Christian faith. All he does is tell this particular group what they want to hear. So I guess as long as he calls it a Christmas tree, they will be satisfied. 😥
Toto Elvis Newman CNN Could you please, not put his picture on Here every day, its making a lot of people ill, to see this Evil racist Moron every day, don't you understand, the decent people of this World just Don't want know that he still Exists Just put a Photo of the most beloved President and his lovely Wife the Obama's Everyday, thank you,
Ronda Oconnor Why doesn't he ever talk to liberal groups and try to understand their stance on policies? He is suppose to be president of all Americans. He needs to learn to take criticism and grow up to figure out that not everyone is going to praise him and give him a pat on the back. We are all Americans but, we have different points of views, that is what makes America great, not Donald Trump's policies and agendas. Grow up and be a real man, not a spoiled child.
Willy Nieuwburg Nut job 45 knows that is he keeps mentioning words like "God" "flag" "National" "Armed Forces" "immigrants" "white" "WAR" " Iran" etc often enough he will keep his nut job base of voters
William Richardson Can we start slapping a fine on political choices that are justified by "god said so" like every time they use god as an excuse to make a law they should be fined for unpolitical conduct like they do pro sports. 🤣
Christopher Griggs That the impious presumption of legislators and rulers, civil as well as ecclesiastical, who, being themselves but fallible and uninspired men have assumed dominion over the faith of others, setting up their own opinions and modes of thinking as the only true and infallible, and as such endeavouring to impose them on others, hath established and maintained false religions over the greatest part of the world and through all time; That to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions, which he disbelieves is sinful and tyrannical; That even the forcing him to support this or that teacher of his own religious persuasion is depriving him of the comfortable liberty of giving his contributions to the particular pastor, whose morals he would make his pattern, and whose powers he feels most persuasive to righteousness, and is withdrawing from the Ministry those temporary rewards, which, proceeding from an approbation of their personal conduct are an additional incitement to earnest and unremitting labours for the instruction of mankind; That our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions any more than our opinions in physics or geometry...
CNN5 hours ago

The gunman shot through the door, striking Jesus Campos.

Rick Williamson Boy. With all these internet detectives posting their own theories on here, you would think they would have actual jobs in the field of forensic science. Oh and the speed at which they feel a case should be solved should put them in the running for a lead role on CSI. Smfh.
Larry Engel Jr. Once again a new version of the story or is this the cnn version? For anyone watching this story closely, its become obvious there is a cover up going on. Arms deal gone bad? Globalist plot for more gun control? Was Paddock working for the FBI? Is Paddock dead? Its pretty convenient the media isnt asking the right questions. Post your thoughts why you think the shooting took place.
Shawn Mosley All of Vegas is in on it. It's a huge conspiracy!! Our entire population is actually a alien race from another planet, yeah that's it!! And our leader OJ has been kept in a Nevada prison and now we are here to take him home. LMAO
Michael Behrens Thats the guy who had 200 rounds shot at him from point blank range and got hit once not buying the b.s. you are selling.
Arnell Carlos Jesus wants to tell HIS story at a time and place of HIS choosing, which happens to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. 🤑 At the same time, asks that everyone respect his request for privacy. Umm...going on National TV isn't quite private. 🤔 MGM states, "We could not be more proud of Jesus." 🤨 Yeah...ok.
Joey Ellis Oh now he comes out of hiding...assuming the FBI went over everything he is only aloud to talk about..gee CNN, no talk about the wonan who survived the attack told her story on FB and was found mysteriously dead 4 days later?? Of course you haven't, only a real news organization would talk about that...too many unanswered questions.
Milton E Borda Jr This is the true story. The guy knows the truth and wasn’t agreeing with the FBI or shadow agency the BS story they wanted him to say. He rejected whatever was offer. He wanted to tell the truth and expose them all. So he disappear! But not on his will. They kidnapped him and threaten him and his family. They probably even took someone hostage until he told the truth. This guy looks nervous as hell. It’s obvious.
Kristina Bullard He needs to buy some Lotto tickets, if he was shot at two hundred times from a few feet away, and only got hit once. That's amazing odds.
Tom Martin Always question the official story, especially when it changes so much. Why did he disappear, so that he could be trained on how to tell the new official story?
Shaun Smith Uraniam one with Hillary Russia collusion is the true story and it's bout to be big!! Can't leave obama out either! Can't hide the TRUTH forever
Christopher Keller Jesus Campos hid for a while because he did not want to be hounded day and night by a crowd of obnoxious reporters. Anyone in his right mind would do the same thing.
Deanna Alderman And why is he on Ellen?? That's a day talk show. Not a news channel. Why did he do this interview but not with the news crews?
Angela Barker-Nesselrotte Ummm He was actually a no show for the other interviews and has went missing, the timeline has changed so many times and the conservative independent journalists are being turned away from the press conferences and why? Because they are asking the tough questions!!!!
James Thomas The details on this mass shooting are all over the place. And some of his quotes in this article make me raise an eyebrow.
Kayla Workman I thought he had "disappeared". He was supposed to have multiple televised interviews that had to be cancelled because he's nowhere to be found?? Why is CNN not mentioning that in this article.
Clark Stone I heard the security cameras have video showing Elvis carrying dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition through the casino. That's why the video hasn't been released. Oh and Liberace was helping him..
Christina Maria No one believes this entire story. Shame on all government involved. Innocent people have died and for what? What is the truth? We know one thing as fact, you are not telling us the truth about any of this. You war pigs should be ashamed.
Kevin Mckinney Conspiracy over. It was an elderly man with too many weapons and zero sense. Yes, measures could be implemented to stop mass shootings.
Monica Simms So one network says he is missing and now he appears on another network. Conspiracy theories out the wazoo.
Philip James Jarosz The gunman had cameras that could see up and down the hallway. Did the human rent the 32 nd Floor ? Why didn't slams go off when the windows we're smashed ? Manchurian Candidate 2017 ? Why shoot at targets a football field away ?
Tim Bennett I thought this guy was found dead by the door? Atleast that's what the news reported after everything was reported, how can you rise from the dead?
Alex Fillion Boswell So how much did you pay this guy to say this? Sorry, liberals and cnn, you need step your game up if you are going to try to devide america. Your stories suck and so does your credibility ..
Jim Grant Look at all the conspiracy kooks, ready to attack this guy. No wonder he didn't want to do interviews!
Ken McWilliams Look at all the Russian trolls trying to sucker Americans into believing this event was a "false flag"
Jose Baltazar Ponce With these so many detectives and the case still hasn't been solved. Bad thing is that they're not using their skill Where's really need it.