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The National Park Service is reducing the number of free days from 10 to four next year.

Robin McCusker Horasanian Really? If six days admission is enough to fix your budget problem then maybe the problem isn't so bad? And if those six days don't fix it, then give them back to families who probably wouldn't otherwise be able to go. Stop solving money problems on the backs of American families!!
Jason Collins Gotta pay for those tax cuts for the rich somehow..
Elijah Hughes Holy Mother of Seedless Orange bundles. Net neutrality......national parks...what else are they gonna charge for. Infant restock fee at time of birth??
Kristen Barber This country is falling neutrality is gone now we cant even view our natural country without paying extra.....MONEY IS EVIL
Gregg Riffel So the government can claim ownership over lands they didn't create or help create, have no real reason or cause to own, then charge citizens of the same lands to visit them? Sound logic.
Chet Cole Come on , American wake up! Don't mess with the parks. They are the best thing we have , let all enjoy them.
Janet Westbrook These free days were an Obama thing to encourage folks to visit National parks. Of course he's reversing it. SAD
Dane Campbell These are great treasures staffed with necessary people that deserve to be paid and complemented with facilities that cost to be constructed. An entry fee by people enjoying these things is how they are fairly funded. The American people are not children. They can pay and care for themselves.
Jonathan Cresswell This is just spiteful meanness. There is no legitimate reason to do that.
Ronnie C Rouse Cutting the size of parks and the free days? 🤔
Jill Ockers Buro They have to pay for the permanent corporate tax cuts somehow.
Wendell Robinson See you elect the president he needs a tax plan he uses other states in monuments to help its tax plan it's a shame you have to pay to see some rock and dirt
James Michael Hartley If only we’d give them more of our tax dollars!
Craig Goodsir That is all everyone will need by the time Trump finishes cutting the size of the national parks.
Pam Wise Nelson I understand, they cut their budget, no one cared when they did that.
Glenn Worthman Don't worry, your $$$$ is going directly into the pockets of the rich for their massive tax break.
Scott Hucks And they want to raise entrance fees? What a sham this so-called Trump Presidency is. Sad!
Dale Merritts If people want to enjoy a park why not help to maintain it?
Mitchell Patin Got to pay for the lawmakers for their sexual assaults
Ron Wright Ahhhh....Making America Great Again....and the hits keep coming!
Roger Phillips I dont get charging to see momma nature to begin with.
Emerald Pv oh..oohuh...but.... But i thought National Parks supposed to be free to begin with? 😲
John Ward Good. Tired of paying for lazy Democrats to have free stuff. Get a job, freeloaders.
Timothy Wahl "Ought to be -12 free admission days. Privatize all the things!" - The Elephant Party
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Five years after a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the White House downplayed efforts to prevent mass shootings, insisting there was no single solution.

Christopher Klein Sandy Hook, Vegas, the entire list. Can't do anything about that, but "building a wall" will stop terrorism? Take a look at the mass shootings in the past decade... how many done by NON-white international terrorists? How many by white-national terrorists? Interesting question.
Wendy Soltis This WH is unaware of nearly everything except trump's desire to have his photo plastered all over ALL news media. It is my sworn belief that those who call themselves pro-life (as in anti-choice) have no right to call themselves any such thing if the slaughter at Sandy Hook did not cause them to be "aware" that guns and this country's poor record on mental health care ARE THE ISSUES!
Steve Genova Perfectly mentally fit woman buys gun, keeps in her house in a cabinet, crazy son comes and kills mother, and takes the gun. Brings gun into school (gun free zone btw) and does a terrible crime. There really isn't much that could have been done. Once this person killed his mother, it doesn't matter if the gun was locked or not. He would have found the key. So unless you start taking away someone's right because they are related to someone with mental health issues, you really couldn't have prevented this
Theo Martin There are places to start, for instance, with common sense regulations and policies. No one ever, God forbid, says we need to do anything with the 2nd amendment, just practical practices that will keep our children and Americans safer.
Lele Heathcote Adam Lanza's Mother was a member of the NRA. She stockpiled weapons and made sure her half wit misfit Son learned how to shoot. The Mother should of had more common sense than to covet guns under the same roof as a mentally Ill angry child.
Tammy Iruene Wasn't Obama the president when Sandy Hook happened, what was done, nothing. Democrats had majority and they couldn't pass gun control so what are you guys saying now??
Derrick McCreary Every 44hrs, In America, A child under 12 is killed by a gun... Image if Muslims were killing a child in America every other day.... 🤔🤔🤔 Congress would pass all kinds of resolutions...ijs
Lydia E Glover Everyday, this administration finds a way to insult the intelligence of the American people. You want to build a wall... But you don’t think it’s feasible to come up with viable solutions to prevent tragedies such as Sandy Hook.
Jesus M. Maldonado Gun control has worked for every industrialized country in the world. Only we have 30,000+ gun deaths each year.
Heather Efird-Malik Everyone acts like this is about his alliance to the NRA. I believe he just doesn't care. Children don't vote or generate money so he doesn't care about them. He has no feeling for anyone who can't help him get richer.
Virginia Kavanagh Drew Maybe he should look into keeping guns out of the hands of mentally unstable individuals for starters. Then he could look into the reasons why other nations have so few killings by mass shooters, it's called sensible gun laws. It is also called "not taking funding from the NRA".
Dennis M Cooke There is nothing constitutional that could have prevented it. Adam Lanza's mother is the only person to blame for giving him access to the guns when she knew he wasn't right in the head.
Anthony Korkis Fact is you can’t prevent these things without having a police state... it’s not just sandy hook there’s the Boston marathon and many more domestic terror acts. If someone is going to drive a suv hummer into a crowd full of people then they’ll do it... you can’t stop the crazies
Jessica McGuire Yes there was. It's called repealing the Dickey amendment and fund gun violence studies as proposed be the CDC and NIH. How can we form policy that works if there is not hard evidence to back it up?
Jason Gunn I know the easy thing is to blame guns. And I believe that it is something to discuss. But the root cause to many of these tragedies is Mental Health. When are we going to demand a solution to this problem. Our law enforcement is being overwhelmed with this situation and doesn't have the resources or training to deal with it. The shooter in this instance should have been evaluated and potentially medicated or institutionalized.
Scott Evans There is no single one word answer why don’t we look to the 1940s or 1950s Very rare for mass shootings what changed???How we raised our kids to respect others even if we didn’t agree with them Sticks and stones. Live and let live
Christian Hidalgo CNN is ridiculous. That crazy, evil young mans mother bought and gave him the gun. He should have been committed years ago but thanks to the liberals laws mainstreaming psychos we had a perfect storm of foolishness and evil. There’s isn’t “one” thing that can prevent such tragedies, there has to be a lot of common sense actions taken w/o infringing on the rights of good people.
Earl Berkebile A few points to consider; so far no one has come up with an idea that would prevent this tragedy. The "Gun Lobby" (NRA) spends around 3.5 million a year in Washington Dc, last year there were 8,126 Gun-Related Homicides per the FBI, a major portion was from Gang Related Crimes. The Pharmaceutical/Health Services Lobby spent over 3.2 Billion. In 2014 there were over 71,000 deaths attributed to Drugs alone not counting the number of folks who died due to misdiagnosis and improper care. That number is published at over 190,000 per year. It appears that the Big Pharma owns the Politicians who are pretty intent on deflecting the optics away from the Quarter Million Deaths to a favorite scapegoat, the NRA (Gun Lobby).
Samuel Mason These mass shootings are a form of terrorism and this administration seems to think that the only way out of it is to do nothing. Enough is enough how many more people have to die until you understand that homegrown terrorism is going on and sanctioned by the homegrown terrorist organization the NRA.
Mark Gardner CNN: Dancing on the Graves and Drinking the Blood of the Victims. They certainly love to exploit tragedy. If you truly understood Gun Control (code for gun confiscation.) You would know that it brings crime rates up. Gun Control is a proven failure.
Tizzie Cregan Does anyone else who around in the 80s get a strange flashback to the refusal to say the word "AIDS" when reading this?
Madeline Logiacco 7 adults - he shot and killed his mother first. Irrespective of whether she introduced him to the firearms and bought them for him, she is still a victim of this. She obviously could not have foreseen what would happen. She did not pull the trigger. Sad that the general consensus seems to be that she got what she deserved and doesn’t deserve to be remembered or counted as a victim in this tragedy.
Jason Ward You know what might have prevented it? Maybe if while growing up its emphasized that we need to love and respect each other, regardless of anything, race, background, etc. No amount of gun control or dollars spent will fix an underlying problem of that we have all lost our compassion for other people.
Mandy Briscoe Donald Trump doesn't care about kids. In fact he's doing everything to hurt them as President. No real efforts at love and humanity, just destruction.
Philip Montanti Wendy Soltis, you're blinded by hatred. President Trump is aware of what's going on but it's a very difficult issue. They are working on it.
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The bill prohibits abortions after tests reveal Down syndrome in a fetus or if there's "any other reason to believe" the fetus has the genetic condition.

Christine O'Connor Leave these decisions to parents and their doctors. It’s none of the government or anyone else’s business
Lauren Levine Marien So will the government be providing funding for therapy and services throughout the child's life, or is this another complete "screw you" to American families? Not to mention the fact of it being 100% the woman's decision whether or not to carry the baby to full term. Perhaps lawmakers would like to adopt and raise these babies?
Jaela Hampton I'm not a huge abortion supporter but I believe a mother should have a choice on if she wants to birth a child with a disorder or not
Emily Hatton For an area with a HUGE need for foster parents due to the heroin epidemic hitting it hard, what do these people think would happen? Where are these pro life people for all these unwanted children? If you don’t foster, you have no right to tell a woman what to do with an unwanted child
Claudia Ridgeway Does anyone notice all the men commenting say they have the right to say when a women can have an abortion? And the women are saying it is the woman's decision? When you carry a child then you can have an opinion
Michael Ketchem Republicans: "Abortion is murder" Also Republicans: " If the baby has health problems, don't expect us to provide healthcare. It's not our fault you can't afford them! Let them die slowly and painfully!" As usual, the party of immediate gratification with no concept of cause and effect.
Erika Davenport Will Ohio then make freely available all the resources parents of special needs children require? Because it’s expensive and if the state is going to force a woman to have a child then the state should also be responsible for paying for anything that child may need.
Todd Johnson The same Republicans who want kids with Down syndrome to be born don't want to pay for the services they need to lead healthy, productive lives.
Dustin Pendleton This doesn't make sense to me when using the logic of making sure a child to be born with DS isn't discriminated. If someone would be willing to have an abortion upon learning their child would have a disability, shouldn't that be more of a reason to allow it? I don't think the child will be as cared for by someone who didn't want that burden. This could ultimately do more harm than good for children with disabilities.
Rhonda Jones If they can see there is a real problem, be it down syndrome or anything else, it is up to the parent/s to decide in early term, whether or not abortion should be available to the parent/s!
Barbara Sobel I want to pass a bill that will abort any Republican Male who wants to pass bills deciding the medical treatment and what women should do with their bodies.
Jessica McGuire I have had a couple of friends that had to terminate very wanted pregnancies (went through several miscarriages before a pregnancy took). This was due to a SEVERE genetic disorder (anencephaly) that would cause excruciating pain and at the best, living for a week hooked up to machines, prone to severe seizures, etc. I saw them go through such gut-wrenching grief that even shook me to my core. I have also seen cases where two carriers of Tay-Sachs (not sure of spelling) had to terminate pregnancies because it was all but given that their child would have Tay-Sachs. We can't paint with a broad stroke that anyone that terminates a pregnancy because a child was not "perfect". Will there be people that choose to end a potential life due to they did not get a "perfect" child? Of course. But you have some cases where these heartbreaking decisions are made. I agree with Kasich on MANY things, but his stance on reproductive rights (or any woman's health issue) is not one of them Abortion truly should be looked at what it is meant to be: an absolute last resort, not an evil act that vilifies people (those that have gone through it and those who do support reproductive rights). Remember the best was to decrease abortion is to not outlaw it, but to prevent it. This is done with sex education, with access to women's basic healthcare, and access to affordable birth control, not slapping a scarlet letter onto someone.
Sylvie Dagenais Genest If you don’t approve of abortion, THEN DON‘T HAVE ONE! As for anyone else, it’s none of your business what a woman does with her body. Stay out of our business.
Veronica Chacon This will lead to neglected children...not everyone can care for a special needs child which is why this test is done early on.
Jeffery Sims They should make a law forcing anti-abortion crusaders to adopt every life forced to term because of ant-abortion legislation. They would also have to cough up the between $15-25k it costs in legal fees to adopt these children
Angela Gilliam Looking at the shape our WORLD is in at the hands of white men, forgive me, sorry not sorry, I DON'T WANT THEM in my personal private matters!! PERIOD
Allyson Grimme The same kinds of politicians just this week were fighting for deregulation and pulling the government out of our day-to-day lives, but now we want to insert the government in a very personal decision between a woman her family and her doctor??
Linda Potts I think it's disgusting to force women to bear children against their will. Women are little more than breeding stock to those men (and I presume women as well) who wrote and voted for this bill. :(
Atasha Flanagan So they are going to make medical care free for these people forced to have kids that will be in and out of medical care their entire lives? Nope didn’t think so.
Laura Wilson Matthews More big government interfering in the private lives of citizens. This is a decision to be made between a woman her doctor and maybe the father depending on the circumstances.
Ratonda Tate So how are you going to pay for the children's healthcare. Special needs children need money for special needs education and physical therapy. Ohio got coins for all that? Leave that up to the parents and their doctors.
Daniel Dimiduk Ok, then who pays for the support of all these children when health services are cut and minimum wage is not raised, Union's have been crushed. They will all die on the streets. Republicans love to create life just to watch it starve to death!
Ethel Terrell Republicans that make these laws should be forced to adopt one of these kids. These so called Christian hypocrites are nothing but white washed bones! Republicans! Adopt a kid!
Sean Baker I'm 100% against abortion, but it's none of my, nor any other man's business what a woman does with her body.
Joe Wagner If the GOP were really pro-life, they would protect that life during all stages, not just during pregnancy. What we see, however, is a desire to force people to have children, creating a financial burden, and then the GOP's cuts to services that make raising children more affordable. This is by design. There is no reason to specifically force the birth of a child known to be an extreme burden on a mother/family. None.
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Smoke and ash spews from Mount Agung in Bali. Indonesia's tallest volcano has seen an increase in volcanic activity and eruptions over the past month:

Michael Sinclair Fake News!! It's obvious CNN made a device to make this volcano erupt just to drive up there ratings. You see Trump was right. CNN is fake news. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!! LMAO XD.
Shannon Allen The Gods are angry. They need a sacrifice. Throw the Clintons and Obama's and for good measure toss Soros in there to.
Mark Miles Look at all the uneducated people who can't help but bring up climate change because they don't understand anything about it and think it's a hoax. As if the fact that volcanoes send massive amounts of gas into the air means that our own pollution doesn't matter. Pour some more gas on the fire, it's burning anyway right?
Ricardo Chavez OMG all that pollution! Climate change is real! Send trillions of dollars to Paris so we can avoid this and control the weather and seismic activities on the planet! Just like liberal thought patterns!
Tim May Byng The beautiful island of Bali. At least it isn't Pinatubo. St Helens. Or Kacatora ? (Spelled incorrect) or is it...will be ? We shall see.
Joseph Newingham I am not sure I would want to stand on the rim of an active volcano and video it. But that's me. So thanks to the brave fool that did do it so I could watch it.
Jamie Vaillancourt I feel really bad for the Balinese people. They are s one of the most kind and peacefull people in earth....
Abdul Kamil Dear father this friday,impeach the unproductive people in our space,put sanctions on the enemies of our success and tax our traitors,ijn AMEN🙏
Mansour Tahboub Let's gather money and surprise our favorite president Donald Trump with a free fully paid trip to Bali, Indonesia to enjoy playing golf in the golf course near Mount Agung.
Elijah Hughes The Trump administration should really check if Hillary has any emails in there. Seriously.
Ana Laura Aidee Sergio maybe not Bali this year 😬
Tracy Lee Carlos Gracia amazing scene, considering that we actually conquered this mountain
Pam Demirbacak This isn't doing climate change any good
Rachel Hughes-Becerra Jennie Sorenson have you seen this? Just thought it was som crazy videography!
Steven Mawdsley Oh no the blaming climate change on human brigade will say this doesn’t count 🙄
Eric Mann No way can that be good for the ozone layer...we better put ban on volcanoes right now.....
Mark Agnew Because of Trump pulling out of climate change deal
David Cimino Who do the climate control leftist blame for this ??? Trump ??
Erica Holden Isn't this where you wanted to go or was it bora bora? Jarrel Holden
Nicola Norris Orla Norris better start planning an alternative destination 🤔
Mike Shrum Well there is your global warming right there... Look at all that pollution.
Emma Lopata Jow Estacio better take your running shoes😂😩
Gary King Wasn't Mother Nature invited to paris climate accord meeting?
Kathy Michael There are alot of people who are so self absorbed and arrogant they take no interest in intelligent matters.
Ahmed M Hamzah All these disasters that get the ground are a danger to mankind
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Could the next Roy Moore be awaiting Republicans in Arizona or Nevada?

Chris Horvath Everyday whiner Moore delays the inevitable, he makes the Democrats stronger and stronger. New Jersey, Virginia, Alabama, keep 'em coming! The blue wave is just warming up.
Bryan Meyer Has anyone entertained the thought that the GOP just might not be that bad if they didn’t choose the worst excuse for human beings as their candidates? I mean that’s not crazy is it?
Shane Ellis You mean has the Democratic Party paid women to falsify allegations against a republican candidate in Arizona or Nevada?
Beth Oliver Are we forgetting Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, and Richard Mourdock??? Roy Moore was a continuance of catering to those inFOXicated.
Carol Nickerson Hope they are, the grass roots organizations are growing by the hour. The ole group are dusting off their shoes and ready to do a show and tell. We have had enough, and open to teach and show how you do this!
Greg Arnst Ok, CNN. You're doing it again. Keep repeating the name of a real loser. That's how Trump got as many votes as he did. Let's talk about the winner, Doug Jones. Doug Jones. Say it with me...
James Clay Ramsey Let the Conversatives have their day. However, those of us that count ourselves as Progressives are waiting-in-the-wings for the swing of the Pendulum. It shall come. Count on it.
Albert Picardi Putting religion before the law, and being a sexual deviant will not fly in this country anymore. You will be voted OUT. Even if you go kicking and screaming like Ray Moore, you will go!
Curtis Goodnight So the dems used false attacks and it worked. Now their planning the next one? Not to sure this pay a dozen women to say they were assaulted 40 years ago is going to keep working
Becky Rawlings Ewing Is it that for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction . Good 😀 the more vile these God fearing republicans get the stronger the Democrats get. Restore some balance 😘
Marc Breslin I'm sure you'll do your best CNN, to race and gender bait and shame who ever decides to run. Whether its real or imagined, we know that you can be counted, not be taken seriously.
Tammy Iruene All these claims of abuses I'm beginning to get sick of. So every guy's career should be ruined because of abuse claims. The court should be the ones giving verdicts and not the public.
Sandy Jean Where are all these hateful p rix coming from? These dinosaurs want to take us back to Madmen days!! SHAMEFUL!
Michael Wayne Simpson Another red state bites the dust, and another one down, and another one down, a red state bites the dust. Que: Queen!
Alan Lessner Do you really think Moore would have lost had there not been these sexual allegations about him. He was wacky but it was those stories that made people either not vote or vote for someone else. Had he been a better candidate it would have been a very different outcome
Johnny JoBob You prayed long and hard to win. Your supporters prayed undyingly for you to win. Why has your god forsaken you, Roy Moore?
Scott Norris The election appears to be contested but the news does not tell the people real news. I hope one day folks will AWAKEN to the lies. 'FAKE NEWS MATTERS!'
Balafama Jumbo Why is CNN taking sides in a political issues?? When will media houses stay neutral in politics??? If Democrats lost, what you will hear is Russia.
James Sullivan I'm sure the DNC has women on speed dial to make sexual harassment claims 30 days out from the general election.
Wesley Buschow Hey why don't you do some good and get the list of all the leader sitting in our calendars, he used our money to pay off victims try that do some real good work please.
Steven Kalch Did you see now all the African American guys are saying the same thing that Roy Mooore said!!! I DIDN'T DO IT ANDTHE ARE LYING!! GO FIGURE!
Dane Campbell If the Democrats can create and import enough poverty and convince them that government provided minimum wealth thresholds are more important than opportunity and liberty, then they will always add to their number in any location. Propaganda ministries such as CNN are not entirely ineffective in their mission to promote and achieve this trade of power for meager wealth transfer.
Chris Seguin Unless every republican candidate gets accused of touching a 14, the dems don't have a hope in most parts of the country.
Eric L Gallardo Fox News Alert..........did you see the interview with the attorney (who represents the FBI informant)??!!! Looks like there's more surprises for Crooked Hillary and Con Comey!! I needs my Trumpcorn!!!
Liv Burg The Republican party needs to stop thinking them versus us and start thinking We.
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The World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed a gentle view of the naturally occurring chemical found in marijuana plants. It also has issued a stern warning against synthetic opioid carfentanil.

Nancy Stern One look at Amsterdam, where ts been legal, and see it isn't addicting, you can not OD. It is a viable alternative for pain management, the pharms rather sell opiods and narcan so they make more money.
Michael Crouse they said the same thing about cigarettes, then marijuana, then crack, then cocaine, then heroin....... does anyone know where i can find that .gif of the egg being cracked onto a red hot iron skillet?
Denise Russo-Silverman As a sober person I would hope it be strictly reserved for medicinal purposes. The less potheads the better, they all act dopey.
Jonathan Jacob Finally man, WHO making sense. Free weed anyone? Lets be serious, with all the positive things marijuana can do for some specific ailments. It took the WHO this long to accept basic facts. OMG, not cool bro.
Rachel McGilvray The naturally occurring chemical in cocaine is plant-based and I use it daily. I have never become addicted.
Matt Siska Lets all embrace this plant whether you eat it raw, cook, it, make oil, burn it, whatever you do wid it, ITS GOOD FOR MERY1, i mean EVERY1
Masia Moses Masia That what happens when you don't teach religious education and morality at schools, keep teaching pseudo-evolutionary theory with no moral education then we are bound to such despicable acts.
Shawn Power Trump, you are America's greatest leader. We worship the ground you walk on. If they create a religion and made you God, it would become the largest religion in the world. Thank you for saving America.
Where There is Love There is Life Bottom line: God will not allow any person to keep you from your destiny. They may be bigger, stronger, or more powerful, but God knows how to shift things around and get you to where you're supposed to be..Keep believing, “today is the day.” Even when it doesn’t look like anything is changing, God is working behind the scenes. It’s easy to get discouraged, but one touch of God’s favor can suddenly turn any situation around.!!"
Joseph Moibic Hmm some hungry never know of the practical only believe that theory can solve it
Masia Moses Masia Iijdeeeei3eiio8eejeexee it edrredi Ed e I see ieereereeeee4jifj ex dd to 38 ex i3 just thinking if jdkeeededdee3ehcjijd ex 33e Ed eie see isixjixhjedjr4i4njxkt it ieeiireex éedeidid88i8i ex Erin ieidjfjreeke ex ex deeeorkdeeeeeieeeeeeieieeiex3dd xx exe8 so e3vjzixb c I iede Ed isieo4e of 4e Rd r
The law of attraction / the secret "Life is too short to be anything but happy. Love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything with no regrets and forget the past with exception of what you have learned and remembered everything happens for a reason."
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Joey Hawks Soooo.. Who wants some weed?
Edward Ngang stur- up stuff .....boisy@ Fs
Brandon L. Poirier
Monica Brown 👇
Terri Harbin
Elijah Hughes Passes the blunt...
Kalima Amal WHO...making sense?
Mulondo Issa give details,
Ruby Copeland never legalize it
Darryl Skeen Lol
Jakub Cigoš 👍
Tommy Lee Sparta
CNN4 hours ago

Congress has asserted itself as an essential check on the President's foreign policy powers at critical moments throughout our nation's history, Madeleine K. Albright and David E. Price write for CNN Opinion

Sherri Jackson Ellisor It is time to Impeach this President. He is ruining our country. GOP police your impulsive right wing, over the top, losing our democracy faction.
Ong Alex It is time for an American Spring Revolution! If countries in the ME are capable then surely we are able to get rid of this socalled excuse for a president and man...
Ernesto Torres But when the Muslim sympathisers of Obama used to go around the world promoting Isis the CNN and the rest of liberal media were okay with it
Craig Goodsir When someone as naive as Trump can take the Presidency and set about putting into place his own mandate without any reference to even his own party, then something is very, very wrong with the political system.
Kevin Mayhair Trump? Good grief. Shut all your holes CNN! How about Congress accomplishes getting any decent bill passed first. Not to mention they use taxpayer dollars to fund sexual misconduct coverups against Legislators unconstitutionally and unethically and illegally. They got their own Houses to clean up first... both parties. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Washington Establishment.
Mark Rodriguez You fools asking to overthrow Trump- are you ready to die for your cause? Trump has half or more of the country including Patriots, military, police and other LEO’s. Let’s do this now!!!!
Janie V Gomez Garcia Omarosa found out the extent of his loyalty since he booted her as he has done to many others of his staff. But not to worry his voters will soon feel the same boot that Omarosa felt.
David Klvac America is at its best in years and you want the man responsible for it yanked out of office..... Hahahahaha CNN breast fed fools Hahahaha
Teikness Weiss Cnn continues thier fake news reporting. Shame, shame. I will never understand how this terrible network can get away with thier blatant lies. Judgement day is coming, @cnn.
Roman Gonzalez the Neo Republcan Party is morally corrupt and perverted and appear to be compromised and complicit that has enabled the Russian attack on the sovereignty of our country and won't do anything about it...its obvious that Trumph is Putin's compromised useful idiot and proves it every day...they report...
Timothy Wright A lot of America's problems would be solved, if CNN just disbanded itself.
Akaiti Akaiti You people still want to live in that paedophile society? Embrace the change. I'm not American,but have great respect for President Trump.
Louise Todd You think it started with Trump do you...butwhat you really got is I wouldn't bother betting on the lottery..because it will be mapped out ..when those machines go down..get what they are doing and they are doing and they are doing it to you.
Jonathan Jacob Yes its time for america to do the right thing and show the world how smart they are by impeaching a president legally elected by 60+ million people because a self righteous opinion writer wrote so and because the liberal trump hating people feel so. Go team CNN.
Chris Robles Ah yes. Are progressives finally seeing the foolishness of too much government power?? The presidency has gotten more powerful under each new president. It should be weak enough that it doesn't matter who sits in the office.
Greg Arnst It's past time for congress to override all of Trump's power. Did you notice he's still exchanging love notes with the Russian president?
Trina Niemants Albright CNN, indoctrinating it’s liberal minions again! What’s sad with you liberals is that you can only read the headlines and never the op-ed! But none of you really cared when Obummer plunked down $150 million on the tarmac in Iran or gave them nukes without Congressional approval!
Dorothy Rose Webb Send this man for menal assesment plz I would live to see the true dianosis The medical said for a man of his age was in excellent health Beefburgers puzza diet coke fish n whatever. Oh how come the rest of the wirld are told theses food nit good for u!!!!oh! Forgot pizza hut. Oh buy the was was the medical certificatr FAKE!!!!
Donald L Trevathan Jr Gee fnn. You didn’t seem this concerned when obama did what ever the hell he pleased with foreign policy. Why the change???
Imran Jamal Not only to override his foreign policy jokes...also re-consider hall he proceed his administration till end of his term..or just enough now? I think enough, before any worsen situation happen.
Maureen Johnston Trump playing nice with Putin while the tax bill puts money in his back pocket. What happened to the President works for the people and only the people! Too many backdoor agreements with countries that also not our allies for the President to continue to do business with for his own personal gain. God help America!
Carol Nicholson All Presidential powers should be taken away from him until he is either impeached or resigns! Until that time, he is just thumbing his nose at Congress and the American people!
Michael Brooks Because, right now, America’s foreign policy is Russia’s foreign policy! Conservatives are asleep at the switch...
David Snyder So what is wrong with putting our country first? Because in the real world there are winners an losers not fantasy land where everyone is a winner.
Bill Hall It's time for congress to do what their employers, the taxpayers, tell them to do. They are not our leaders. They are our followers.
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Sen. Ron Johnson has asked the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation for more information about edits to former director James Comey's famous statement on Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server the summer before the 2016 election

Tyson LR So they think Russia may have hacked Clinton's emails and that's a problem but what secrets the tangerine tyrant tells Putin in their private meetings and phone calls is totally cool? Masters of hypocrisy.
Renuka Singh-Allino Never thought I’d see the day that a prominent political party in America would go to any means to defend a traitor. Speaking of private servers, how about the DOJ open an investigation into Jared and Ivanka using the same while conducting government business.
Andrea Junker Trump should make the wall out of Hillary’s emails since no one can get over them.
Tracey Johnston Pickens Every time the heat gets turned up on Trumpy, he and his flunkies turn to to Hillary. Me thinks these boys are crushing on her.
Eugene Stark Yet again the same distraction: What about Obama, what about Clinton, what about Susan Rice? The issue at hand is to get to the bottom of Russian interference in the 2016 election - which is a fact accepted by all our intelligence services - and whether Trump's campaign aided and abetted that interference. That's it. Period. What Kennedy did, or anyone else, is irrelevant to that investigation.
Deedee Isie I can see the handwriting on the wall. The republicans want to let this fraudulent administration off the hook.
Kerry Allred This has been beaten to death. Let's talk about tRump's family's unprotected email servers if you have to talk about email servers
Ifeoma Adannia Timothy I can't believe the congressional republicans are protecting Trump as opposed to the nation. I can't believe they are comfortable with the status quo both the domestic and foreign policy . I feel the entire 50 years of my life ran faster than 2018.
Jacob Baughman Everyone on Trump side is attacking her, All Fox News has been doing is attacking her, Sean Hannity keep on Calling CNN Clinton News Network, no it’s Fox that is the Clinton News Network, all they do is talk talk talk about Hillary,but when it comes to Trump is like talking about a little boy who is so polite and charming. And his supporters think the same, now with Disney buying out Fox, I sure hope they put this network back to being a News Network instead of a conspiracy Network, let’s only hope they do.
Felicia Gray Man, the bots are in full effect tonight. Please don't feed them. Resist the urge to argue with them, it's pointless.
Cameron Hopfe Usage of words aside, the bottom line is they found no evidence she committed a crime. Unlike the Trump investigation in which 4 people have been charged already.
Rj Summers There is now evidence that comey,Peter stuyk, his girlfriend, McCabe, hillary Clinton should all be going to prison!
Jason Perrone Sr. Keep wasting your time on nothing burgers, Republicans, while totally doing nothing about Russia's attack
Avery Cleveland Expect the investigation into Russian meddling and collusion to last at least as long as this continued rehashing. I'm totally okay with you guys digging up this legal grave over and over. Keep going, satisfy yourselves, keep trying to dig up information that likely doesn't exist, keep proving to the people who are still chanting to lock her up that you don't have ANYTHING to lock her up for. Then take your bruises when they come.
Bertram Wijit Sinniah Come on CNN..tell us who is Andy 'I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office - that there’s no way he gets elected - but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok texted on Aug. 15, 2016. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”
Steve Stiefel Let's see all of the emails, texts, and statements from Republican senators and congressmen during any one of the fifty plus Benghazi investigations first.
Lydia E Glover I wish they would get over Hillary. They yelled for the rest of us to get over the loss,etc but YET...they keep her name in their mouths. #moveon #shesNOTthepresident
Eben Williams I hope the next step is to go after Bush's team where they outed agents because they didn't toe the party line.
Mark Wright For all you liberal minded idiots, don't think the DOJ, isn't looking into Hillary again. Old Hillbag was colluding with Russia long before Trump arrived on the scene. It's gonna be a great day when she's convicted of money laundering, collusion.....remember you heard it here first!
Richard Franken It’s funny to see Fake News Network take a damaging story like this and make such a soft headline that you must ready the entire article to still not fully know the truth! “Gross negligence” were the words removed from the speech of comey. Sadly the removal of two words that change the narrative from criminal, yes gross negligence would mean jail time for Clinton... so the most important in not placed in their headline. #OnlyTheDumbFollowFNN
Christopher Arena The House passed a concealed weapons bill on the eve of the Sandy Hook massacre anniversary. The FCC trashed Net Neutrality. And the Tax Plan is being debated behind closed doors. So what are they demanding answers to? If you guessed Hilary's emails, then you win the baloney.
Denise Paturzo Vrettos But they aren't questioning why it's okay for the FBI director to inject his personal opinion - just that they would have preferred stronger language in his personal opinion?
Marina Swoboda It is time to stop talking about Hillary. The elections are over. Congress should be concerned with the Orange traitorous idiot in the White House.
Joseph Butala Mark Penn, a pollster and former chief strategist for the Clintons, said Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI are facing a "crisis in public confidence."
Bill Carmichael Why don't they just open up the Whitewater investigation again....these guys never stop. Hilery lost.....Russia hacked gave email to wiki leaks.
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"When you're about to announce a big transaction it's fairly standard to put in a courtesy call to the White House," said a source with knowledge of calls between Murdoch and President Donald J. Trump

Wilbur Davis Poor LiL Conservaturds..Their Retardican Party was never a formidable force.. They're only in power due to voter suppression and gerrymandering.. When the democrats actually vote.. You can Say "bye bye" to the turds
Ifeoma Adannia Timothy That's why he's mad at CNN etal because he can't control or tell them what to say. If this isn't textbook definition of dictatorship and fascism, i don't know what. America is quickly turning to a third world country.
Eric Frankson Douchebag grifters. Imagine supporting either one of these traitorous unAmerican dicks! Oh, that's right. One is an Australian. And the other is part Russian.
Bret Morris Sit back and watch The Untied States of America crumble in the hands of Dictator Trump and there’s nothing we’ll do about it until it’s too late.
Renuka Singh-Allino Reassuring 45 that Fox News isn’t part of the deal. 45 would’ve had DOJ attempting to stop the deal if that were so. Kind of like their interference in AT&T’s attempt to buy Time Warner. Suddenly they were concerned about a monopoly. Smh
Devon Morehead Whatever. Murdoch was going to do it no matter what Donnie 2 Scoops said. I’m pretty sure that Murdoch knows the emperor has no clothes. He’s just using him.
Jean Jones Murdoch was thanking trump for handing him israel on a platter. He doesn't need fox anymore since he will be rolling in dough from the oil.
Dave Brower point being that trump (to a much greater degree than most) sees any regulatory powers simply and almost exclusively as his personal extortion tool to ensure "loyalty" and favorable coverage to the extent he is able to..vastly deepening and expanding the swamp every day
Melinda Oviatt Jacobson Staley Good to know! I’m about to make a large withdrawal from an ATM. Let me just call the White House right now.
Tony Santos Will trump become the new Disney character?
Anthony Keating It's also because the government can step into the deal in case they feel one studio may get too large and thus create a monopoly in the entertainment industry. Also Trump is a businessman so of course he'll want to talk about that
Rosa Olive Another monopoly...years ago they decided was in bad interest for the public,,which was correct because we have no choice then....but now over pasted few years have allowed again...going backwards instead of forward 🙁🙄
Rob Gale Sounds like another Trump backhander to me..... "Contribute to the re-election campaign and we wont object to this take over" !.
Aitalas Acrario Rupert Murdoch wants to make sure that Donald Trump's justice department will not block this Mega entertainment deal with Disney. I'm sure it's all routine when CEOs sign off deals and immediately calls the president for some hints of reassurance.
Jennifer Scoon Is this the same Murdoch who has stated that sexual allegations against fox news are simply political Is it time to shut down Disney or what WE MUST RESIST
Bryan Hutcheson They're planning their strategy to buy CNN when trump's hit men force Time Warner to put on the sale block
Mike Smith Nobody ever called Obama about multiple billion dollar deals, guess they didn't care what that loser thought.
Kathyryn Reynolds Lol still making big money while Prez....yet slashing middle vlass and lower income folks left and right smfh
Bev Murray Obama cared more for all the people of America, so no he wasn't interested in making rich white billionaires richer!
Nathan Howell Never mind repealing net neutrality, lets repeal Trumps nuts reality!
Laura Baker The worst thing Disney could ever do is cohort with Trump. I hope to goodness they stay FAR FAR AWAY!!
Richard Ling The Trump Administration is implementing censorship of the internet by abolishing net neutrality that will allow internet service providers to block and/or slow down any websites North Korean style.
Eli Manz Don't let this distract you from the fact that Kylo Ren is now the supreme leader of the first order after killing Supreme Leader Snoke & Luke Skywalker
Roy Holmes Why didn’t he sell Fox News while he was at it- they could teach Disney a thing or 2 about fantasy.
Almir Ramic You can literally say to the base you are draining the swamp as you pour it in and they will cheer.
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Russian President Putin offered an assessment of President Donald J. Trump's time in office

Michael OConnor trump should be proud, it's not easy to get a good evaluation from your boss, he should print it up and Melania can put it on the fridge.
Terry Dotson Improving his golf score, achieving the lowest approval rating of any president in my life time, & lying since day one. I suppose to some, those are achievements.......
Carol Nickerson How many times has Russia complimented the President or the USA? Never and only Trump! What is the problem with people figuring out this riddle? Lordy
Joseph Graham The only thing he can be proud of is destroying the American way of life and getting in bed with the largest tyrant in existence.
Corey Landon Trump is one of the best, if not the best presidents America has ever had so... Putin would be correct.
Jon Follett Yes, What Putin really means is Donnie has successfully achieved in tearing down the honor and prestige of the office of the presidency opening the door for him (Putin) to step in and bring order to the chaos.
Mark Brunson Well, yes, from the Russian perspective. The United States of America is now a failed state, and only swift and ruthless action will rebuild a credible government.
Ben Campbell Yes! Like killing teen pregnancy programs, letting zinke and pruitt kneel before their lobbyists, setting pence up for giving Abbas bible study sessions on Jerusalem- and supporting Moore right after his daughter rebuffed it - so much winning!
Ron Pao The obvious enemy of the US, and of many western, democracy-loving countries--with LOTS of evidence--can't stop praising and pushing trump. What does that tell you?? You'd have to be an idiot to miss it.
Krysia Dour Trump is so desperate for approval that he falls for Putin's manipulation. Sad really to see a grown man be so needy.
Laurie Jason Trump can't claim squat so far. The only thing he can claim is Russian collusion. So, yeah, Putin is right, it's a 'fairly serious achievement' which is punishable by law. Can't wait!
Alfred Wallas Trump shaking hands with his boss. " don't worry sir I will fire Muller and every thing will be fine, just plz sir send me a beautiful Russian hooker."
Terry Wayne Pretty sure dumb and dumber had this worked out a little time ago. Oh I almost forgot for all the Trumpets out there the little orange boy would be the dumbest 🤣🤣🤣
Sam Casey Wow. What a resounding endorsement from a former KGB strongman who brutally represses opposition speech and press to a wannabe American Mussolini thwarted by that nasty old Constituion. Just gives all sorts of warm feelings.
Angel Bulaiji Trump is the only news cnn post about. What about Puerto Rico, what about the fires in California? What kinda news does cnn post? Asking for a friend.
Mark Davidson Oh, I get it. My KGB-to-Trump decoder ring says that "Achievements" actually means "Hopeless Failures". Jeez, sure hope Donald doesn't find out. #performancereview2017
Lucas Mingst Yeah, destroying the US and its standing in the world. Serious achievements as far as Putin and Russia are concerned. Just like Putin wanted him to.
Jay Roko Putin says trump has some serious achievments, but then he can only name one - riding on Obama's economy coattails... Lol
Julie Mannos Sure, achievements for Russia! So when do you think you’ll find time to enact those sanctions signed several months ago? 🤔Oh wait, that would help America. 🙄😡
Mel Grayson Even more concerting is the fact that certain subjects are left out of Trump's daily briefings so as not to "set him off." Please CNN do not let this get by. He is supposed to be an adult and able to handle the truth even though he is a habitual liar. We just need this kid moron out of the oval office before there really is a serious global event because of him
Mwansa Kamukwamba America is now under the peticoat if Russia no wonder why Putin is saying that. Trump has made it easier for Putin to manipulate USA. There is no nation now which is in Russians way since USA is made a puppert by Putin.
Cynthia Byther Kutasy Oh so nice to know that you have the approval of an ex-KGB leader of a country that has interfered with our election process. Not to mention the leader of a country who has been our enemy for over 70 years. Only an idiot would not recognize that he is being played like the imbecile he actually is. Oh wait, that idiot is Trump the Chump.
Ronda Simmons The only thing tearing this country apart is the media and the liberals bashing and hatin on everything ,trying to convince everyone how bad off we are. with Trump . when a cry baby liberal is protesting it's so enbarressing, just the way they look and a freak show..
Murad Kasimov It stands to reason that Trump has done nothing so far in terms of US relations with Russia. The tensions have always been aggravated due to a number of factors and I think CNN should be mindful of that. It's not a rocket science that CNN is more like a tabloid press now than an impartial news outlet.
Glo Stivala Russia and China are praising this pres while they set up attacks to the US. They have made sure we no longer have allies so we’ll be alone against them. How idiotic can you be. If only he had a brain.