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President Donald J. Trump appeared animated and agitated during much of the interview, acknowledging for the first time that Michael Cohen "represents me like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, he represented me. You know, from what I see, he...

That Fox interview...if you want to call it an interview...was a totally unhinged out of reality lunatic raging and spewing lies for a half an hour. Even the Fox people looked uncomfortable throughout this crazy display of insanity.
The expressions on the FOX anchors' faces were priceless; they were bemused, bewildered & unbelieving. They interrupted him to ask serious questions & ended the interview while he was still talking.
So....Dolt45 is a 71 year old who sleeps three hours a night and he has this much energy in the morning??! Yeah, I think Dr. Ronnie has been giving the Gonorrhea Grandpa some special “candy”... #PillPopperPresident #WifeBeaterWhitehouse #ImpeachTheGonorrheaGrandpa
CNN you're a big joke of so called news networks you love to bully Trump and conservatives you're not neutral and you're bias. You never had a problem with Obama because he was part of your agenda. #MAGA for ever
Trump should have gotten a zipper for his mouth and thrown his phone away. He could have gone down in history as a great man.
Hmm, so I guess all the times he denied that anything ever happened with Stormy, he is lying. This is what happens when you let dementia patients use the phone unsupervised. It never ends well.
Please not today..Honestly still exhausted from Kanye yesterday bs
Absolutely insane, rambling interview. Even the pea-brains on Fox were astonished by his incoherence.
Let us hope and pray that this mans dementia is progressing with the help of stressors; and that he craps on himself, attacks someone, or gets lost soon so the 25th amendment can be used to rid us of him. I see the craziness beginning to emerge from the fog of his syphilitic dementia, and before he actually kills someone he needs to be gone. That isnt a reflection on other dementia sufferers, but they arent in such a responsible position either. GET HIM OUT!
Loose lips sink ships. Fox News will be the downfall of Trump with all the friendly interviews. With all his friends on Fox, he definitely doesn't need enemies, LOL!
Another Trumpertantrum. Folded arms and immense rocking back and fourth. The toddler President at his best.
he shoots himself in the foot in the Faux interview. He really exposed himself without the removal of his pants!! #IllegitimatePresident #NullifyElection TRAITOR, FRAUD, PERVERT, LIAR and NAZI THUG #NoRA #FreeRealityWinner #PuertoRico #Flint #NoDAPL
Trump is just waiting to tell every he ordered the Code Red on Santiago, oops meant that he ordered the Russian collusion in the 2016 election.
trump is the most qualified president ever. don't believe what the cable news nonsense says. #america is red.
If you're innocent, why are you taking the 5th?': Trump's comments about pleading the 5th could come back to bite him
I am beginning to believe that Mueller is wasting his time, just give trump a phone or put him on camera, and right away he will admit to the collusion, the obstruction of justice, the racketeering, the money laundering, the affairs and God knows what else.
Well Trump said Cohen did nothing wrong. Just like Rudy & Hannity said there’s no Russia Collusion. Well I’m sold. What a bunch of clowns. 🤡
you can hear the fear and agitation in Trump's voice. some of it may be an act but with trump, fiction and reality are closely intertwined.
Cringe worthy! Mashed me uncomfortable to even listen to him. I can imagine half his staff getting on Linked In and networking for new places to work.
Crazy is as crazy does. Please keep it up and continue to incriminate yourself! Please. It will make your exit that much more swift and entertaining.
Ahh, but the strawberries that's... that's where I had them. They laughed at me and made jokes but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt and with... geometric logic... that a duplicate key to the wardroom icebox DID exist, and I'd have produced that key if they hadn't of pulled the Caine out of action.
Even with his careful wording he seems to be admitting His Lawyer followed through and represented him, like he knew of the contract with Stormy Daniels.
Just wait Democrats will gain the majority then Trump will change his affiliation because he doesn’t like to lose.
You were the sunshine, baby, whenever you smiled. But I call you Stormy today. All of a sudden that Ole rain's fallin ' down. And my world is cloudy and gray. You've gone away. Oh Stormy, oh Stormy. Bring back that sunny day!
Who would have thought that of all the news organizations in America, that Fox would be the one to bring Trump down?
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This teacher takes home just $320 a week — less than her teenage daughter makes as a nanny.

Arizona teachers explain why they are walking out of classrooms by sharing stories about gifts from strangers, multiple jobs...

The salary is a disgrace but we have to remember it’s not for a full year its 180 days. I think many of us would have a large cut in paynif we only worked 180 days.
Obviously few of you have spent much time volunteering in a classroom. You'd see what really happens and might be a little more grateful for those teachers. Until then - you don't have a right to criticize what they do.
Evidently she has it arranged where she still gets a check during the summer months.... My neice is an art teacher, she makes $42,000 a year & has to buy 90% of her classroom supplies. America as a whole should be ashamed for paying teachers so little, especially when they pay a sports player millions a year!!!!
If that's the receipt for how much she makes. It says her annual salary is $35,621.21. That's more than $320 a week.
Why don’t all the people in congress get the same pay as teachers in their state and then you will see how quick the teachers get a pay increase. Teachers are the ones educating and molding our future people and the crooks in congress get all that money to do what??
This is all sorts of fishy. Even after accounting for Union dues and taxes, no math gets us from a 35k salary to $320 a week. Some discretionary expenditure is being omitted.
Total support to my son and other Arizona teachers as they fight for recognition and help for their students.
Sadly teachers are not valued and they have one of the most important jobs! What they have to put up with is beyond comprehension.....and they are expected to work PTO events etc......
She should supplement her income by selling weed. I'm sure that many of her students would buy from her.
Maybe the teachers should ask how much their administration and superintendents make? The school system gets plenty of money. It should be allocated more to the teachers.
If you're blaming low graduation rates on lackluster teacher efforts (and by the way most teachers put in the equivalent of 15 hours of overtime a week because of lesson prep and grading) you might be a poorly involved parent who can't fathom what you and other poorly involved parents are doing to the mental and educational health of your students. Or, even worse, you're a boomer/Xer without kids in the system anymore and completely out of touch with modern youth culture, the fact that parents are often not fully involved either because of the economic demands that create a need for two income households or sheer apathy, and the fact that underfunded institutions as a general rule struggle to keep up with production demands. Get your research done before you start blaming teachers.
It is long overdue for our teachers to be paid as they should be. As a senior in high school in 1967-68, my English teacher talked to our class about the teachers potentially going on strike if they did NOT get a raise. They did get a small one, but I've never forgotten this. I babysat for this teacher and it was obvious that he and his wife and children did not have very much money. He worked during the summer painting the exterior of homes so he could pay his bills. From another angle: research how much someone in the Federal Government gets paid, their insurance cost (none), pensions, etc. It is absolutely ridiculous!
The responsibility placed in teachers' hands is vast. They not only have to educate students but be accountable for safety, teach lessons such as accountability and responsibility for themselves and others. The local taxes do not usually allocate ample funds for regularly updated books so teachers need to supplement what the books contain and buy supplies for students in their classrooms out of their own pockets. For this they are paid a salary that needs to be amplified with additional jobs in order to support their own family. That people wonder why teachers are burned out, angry, and loudly expressing their need for a decent salary speaks poorly of their priorities.
As a society, we must build either schools, or prisons. Prisons have become profitabile, so the GOP controlled states will fund huge prisons, and ignore our future for today's profits!
My husband is a teacher for 20+ years, English, science and math. I know people who make more selling shoes. How is this right?? And it's not just in Arkansas, it's all across the board. I just can't wrap my head around it 💔
In Canada teachers make an average of $70k, but you get a guaranteed raise every year plus a raise for inflation every few years. Plus a generous pension of 2% of your end salary for every year you work. Max 70% of end salary. Also Canada has universal health care so that’s not an expense. However, we have very high taxes compared to USA. A teacher (or anyone) earning $80k would lose about 33.5% to income tax. A first year teacher starts at about $45k and one with 20 years can make $90k if they have a Masters degree. Police in Canada make at least double what cops do in US as well, but you have to be willing to pay for that through taxes. It’s a choice.
It is a shame that the teachers are paid so less in US. Breaks my heart because the reason I came to this country was to further my education and I had the good fortune of meeting teachers who influenced me positively in life. This is disgraceful.
Totally unacceptable! Teachers shape our childrens' lives and futures! This is such a disgraceful mark on our country.
I made more than that as a nail technician when I worked (before I was able to stay home with my kids). My paycheck alone was usually close to $500 a week, add in tips... its terrible that the ones who shape our children's minds and teach them are making close to nothing, and people wonder why there is a shortage of good teachers? SMDH.
1. Teachers are completely under paid and taken for granted. 2. This pay stub was from 1998...? That’s awkward 3. How about we stop spending money on a useless military and start spending money on our future.
It's a shame teachers who shape and educate the minds of the future leaders of this country, scientists inventors etc are paid a pittance of what they are truly worth SMFH
I wonder how many of them vote Republican, The GOP philosophy is creating bills so the Rich keep their money and to make life as hard as possible for the middle class and working poor. They will cut every government subsidy and program that helps keep the working poor afloat, while spending billions and billions of dollars on military.
We all just got notes about low school supplies. I asked my son what supplies he has left in his box. He told me he had no glue, all his crayons were "small", and they can't have markers at their desks anymore. If they need a marker they have to go to the teacher and get one color at a time. I bought a bunch of stuff and dropped it off. This makes me so sad.
This is outrageous that the people who enriches the nation's future with knowledge are being paid this low. A General Operator that works for me makes way more than that.
When she asked "why wouldnt you want to provide our kids with the best education?" My answer dummies fall in line easier then educated people, they are easier to munipulate. ( just look at the dummies shooting their own coolers because someone told them to)
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"You are unfit to hold public office and undeserving of the public trust."

Are there any Trump appointees that ARE competent enough to hold office? Feel like that would be the shorter list at this point.
We had a lot of unqualified people under Obama, but we did not see the tribunals and media coverage that CNN is giving.
This whole administration is corrupt. 2020 can’t be here soon enough
EVERYONE knows this POS is reprehensible. The truth must REALLY HURT the TRUMPTARD's because their trolls and bots are out in full force here.!
In the past 6 presidents, we have had 24 filibusters on selected cabinet nominees, This president has had 88. I'm done with Democrats and if you can't see a problem here, well?? Our country is over.
How can anyone defend a man who is destroying our environment and selling it off to the highest bidder. Wake up America, our grandchildren would like to be able to breathe.
This hearing is a joke. It's not a hearing. it's a dem sniveling whining loser fest. They answer their own questions and don't let the question to be answered. Waste of money And time. Get back to real work. Obstructionists.
I'm sorry, when u can't answer yes or no questions... you're most likely running game.
This convinces me even more that I made the right decision several years ago not to ever vote for another Democrat as long as I live!
Pruitt is hurting the environment, which violates his mission as The head of the EPA. He has also violated spending laws, lied to the American people about accepting favors from a lobbyist. He is unethical. He is NOT PROTECTING the environment. This should not be controversial. He needs to go. Talk about Drain the Swamp! The irony runs deep
This should be an upward statement directed at trump. The MPs have failed in their responsibility to do for long.?
lol... sounds like a theme going for the trump administration. Still Betsy Devos is in charge of kids future. Its like hiring stevie wonder to be your uber driver.
It is all part of Trumps plan to destroy or eliminate these departments, the EPA, HUD, Education, Interior, THE STATE Dept., the FBI (if he could get his way), Treasury, Veterans Affairs, and it goes on. If he had his way, there would be the Military, and him as Dictator!
been watching this he needs to go asap and criminal charges be brought up against him
Come to Texas a see how Republicans handle regulations for refineries, pesticide plants, an anything they receive campaign funds ,regardless if they place citizens to a major disaster.
GOP will soft talk, soft walk this all... GOP donor class Benefiting from all this Korruption, and GOP desperate to keep the Donor Class Money (GOP opportunity for Graft later) flowing... GOP Congress WILL NEVER Drain the Swamp -- GOP congress Feeds of the Swamp too... Change out all GOP in 2018
He didn't say the things were incorrect he said they were half-truths. I fear for him if the whole truths are revealed.
AMERICA'S VANISHING MIDDLE CLASS You remember them, right? The ones with well-paying, secure, private sector jobs? The ones with the nice family homes, weekend cabins, multiple cars, regular vacations, pensions, and great healthcare? Wonder what happened to them? It's ridiculously simple. They forgot who brought them to the dance. 1. Unions. Organized labor and its immense power brought the first American Age of Robber Barons to an end. 2. Democrats and the New Deal. That's Social Security and the Social Safety Net programs, as well as fairer laws, tax increases on the wealthy, and restrictions on child labor. 3. WW2. The men went to war and women went to work. Their tours abroad made the men more cosmopolitan. At home, the women gained a new sense of self-worth and independence. That broke entrenched social mores and was the true beginning of the cultural revolution. 4. The G.I. Bill. When our guys came back from the war, they received free education. America went to college and the massive infusion of professionals transformed our economy and society as a whole. 5. Democrats and the Great Society. Programs like Medicaid, expanded Medicare, affirmative action, and other initiatives enfranchised millions of people and began to level the playing field. And then, somehow, they forgot how this all came to be and voted Republicans into power. GOP "trickle down" fantasies and fanatical worship of unrestrained capitalism began to unravel the fabric of our prosperity. It led to the deregulation of our financial institutions, huge tax giveaways to corporations and the rich, and the "down-sizing", corporate raiding, and colossal debt of the 1980's. The resulting recession of 1991 brought the Democrats back into power for eight years, and ushered in a period of runaway growth, debt reduction, and the last balanced Federal budgets and surpluses since then. One blowjob later, we voted Republicans back into power and got two unfunded wars, sky-high debt, monster tax giveaways, and the Great Recession. So we voted Democrats back in and the economy recovered, unemployment fell, the ACA and expanded Medicaid made healthcare accessible to millions, and our renewable energy industry grew exponentially. But the President was black. So we voted Republicans back in and we're on our way back to the Pit. Anyone else see a pattern?
So help us out lawmakers "SCOTT "if unfit" FIRE him!! Before he destroyes the earth and all of us in it !!!!!....
Translation: you have been identified as a political threat to the left and must be subjected to ad-hominem attacks in an effort to impede your efforts at the EPA.
That criticism applies to literally everyone in the White House right now, including Trump. This administration is a farce.
The letters CNN appear to be Troll Bait. They are very active today, drive with caution they often cause slippery roads when run over.
I think they should clean house on all the career politicians and add term limits#getridoftherepublacrats
He's doing a great job for Trump, this is what he was hired to do, he's a Trojan horse rolled in to destroy it from the inside.
Pruitt wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for his boss who is unfit to be in the WH. This whole fiasco is a problem.
CNN was live — in Denver, Colorado.1 hour ago

We’re in Denver, Colorado, where teachers have walked out of school in protest

CNN Teachers in Arizona are also walking out today
Good for them! I support the teachers! They deserve good pay, good benefits, great resources - public education is the foundation for our nation’s success. Walk a mile in their shoes.
Marijuana sales tax does not go to classrooms, support staff or teachers. It only covers part of new building construction, replacement and maintenance.
I'm floored by the ignorant comments made by adults on this thread. This is about our horrible educational system. That has been declining for decades. I support teachers.
Teachers should get paid more❤️❤️ superstar athletes get paid way to much and don’t require a degree. But teachers go to school to teach us and our children they should get paid more.
Teacher need to be teaching not walking out on our children..protest on your own time teachers not on our children's time
Use Google folks and find out the very core and basics for all of this. Don't act like people who can't get information on your own. Unlikely a walk out per se. More like a leave coordination effort.
For everyone saying what about the marijuana profits-it can’t legally be used to pay wages! Get a clue!
Yes what are the weed sales going towards. They say its helped with things then put more funding into schools with the money thats earned from that
They are walking out because Colorado does not adequately fund public education. We need stable funding for buildings, classrooms, support staff and teachers.
We are not walking out on your children, the state of Colorado did that years ago when they underfunded public education by over $800 million!
Good for them and all teachers who have done this! You would think this country could pay the people who educate our children and future a respectable salary! And pay for ALL of their supplies!
I live in Colorado, and I support our teachers... particularly the teachers in our small, rural district, which is most definitely underfunded. They work incredibly hard for not much money.
Douglas County picked today because it is take your kid to work day and a lot of the kids are out anyway. They are always thinking of our kids. These teachers deserve so much more than what they get!!
Solidarity!!! 👍🏻 You guys deserve a living wage. I don't understand why Colorado can't afford the nations best school system. Just use some of the tax money from legal marijuana sales!
Our tax law TABOR prevents the use of the Cannabis money...we need to spend more on our children! FYI this ISN'T about raises for teachers, it's about spending in classrooms. Thank you teachers!!
I am a former elementary teacher and will be bringing my girls tomorrow. Stand up for what you believe in. This is the future for our children!!!
If it wasn't for teachers we wouldn't have lawyers, judges, doctors, nurses, professors and many, many more... We owe it to teacher to pay them an attractive wage and support them with all that they need.
Adelante educators! In Colorado, Arizona, Wisconsin....united we're stronger. Fighting for adequate investment in education is a must. Good luck to all of you in Colorado.
James Kreb are you seriuos? teachers should be one of the higher paying jobs, it is how the next generation becomes educated
Retired teacher of thirty years. Walked the picket line once during that time. We got concessions. Fight on..we are with you!
PLEASE raise my taxes to provide proper funding for our schools. I will happily pay more to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible.
I am a teacher...until you are in a classroom stop bashing us. Kids today need more from home. We can't fix it.
Need a well educated population to keep our democracy and economy strong! Adequate compensation for a job as important as teaching
Sick of seeing good teachers have to have a second job to survive! We have our priorities as a country ALL WRONG!
CNN2 hours ago

4. Where there's smoke, there's (almost always) fire

In the past 6 presidents, we have had 24 filibusters on selected cabinet nominees, This president has had 88. I'm done with Democrats and if you can't see a problem here, well?? Our country is over.
We learned that for eight years as Obamas doctor he was praised by all including Obama! We also learned that Obama is a punk that has no loyalty to his friends!!
Trump messed this up twice. First for picking a guy with no qualifications to run such a gigantic organization. Second for not fully vetting the guy. Basically, Trump got coffee from his favorite barista and then tried to make them CEO of Starbucks.
Finally a Brave president working relentlessly to make us proud and make America great again, good morals and good actions. I thank god that the last 8 years is so corrupt and full of lies and Im able to survive it and all of the Americans like me. I look forward in 2020 that All of us will vote Trump once again AMEN JESUS FORTRESS
Trump hires people because he likes them, not because they’re qualified for the position. Hence why 50% turnover exists in his cabinet.
That CNN are partisan hacks. You had no problem with the guy when he was working for Obama. Your bias is showing
Ronny Jackson is a stable, honorable man. This is obviously all a plot by the reptilian deep state agents, who likely abducted him the same night Trump nominated him, shoved him into a time machine and coerced him into doing all those bad things he's being accused of.
This is the guy appointed by Barack Obama in 2013 right?
Did you know McCabes criminal referral has been given to the US Attorney with felony charges pending ? And Comey is under current investigation by the DOJ IG ? Shouldn't this be one of the 5 things CNN should tell you ? Yea it happened 7 days ago ....
So when does America Become Great Again- exactly?
yes we learned that CNN is so desperate for this coup to continue that their yellow journalists will continue their propaganda campaign even when anyone capable of thought can see right through their treasonous treachery
Did trump just admit Michael Cohen represented him on the stormy Daniels case like that's violation of the FEC
There's two ways to get a job with this president. One: Buy it (example: Betsy Devos) or two: say something flattering (everyone else). Qualified people need not apply.
6. No cure for Cillizza. 7. Obama didn’t mind. 8. Allegations bought, uh, mean BROUGHT, to Dems. 9. LET’S SUE RUSSIA!!! 10. CNN <<<<< tabloid journalism.......STILL!!!
His position in the white house should be taken under consideration...... I don't think he should be there either!!!there is a lot of smoke hear too!!!
Like the fact that Ronny Jackson sidestepped his duty to country and lied about Trump's physical wellness?
Economic wolves don't care about the pain commerce puts into people forcing them to work at the speed of greed.
So like fast and furious, bengazi, the clinton private bathroom server, or any of bill Clintons many, ignored sexual assault allegations? Where theres smoke there's almost always fire, right?
Vetting to be the President's personal physician and to be head of a cabinet position are two different things. The president may not care if his doctor may be drunk during working hours but the head of a department should never be drunk during working hours
Smoke there is fire? Unless CNN is covering Obama scandals, Clinton Scandals, Holder scandals, Rice scandals, DNC scandals, etc.. then the fire and smoke doesn't apply. CNN fake news.
Soooooo if the candyman passed Spankys "medical", but failed to pass this nomination, why would anyone believe anything Jackson says as a "Doctor"?
Maybe he was drunk when he performed the physical on the president or the president was just thrilled with the way he performed the exam.
Knee jerk decisions on important matters rarely pan out. Successful Leaders don’t operative like that.
Army vet here and I know from experience a drunk va director would fit in wonderful with the toxicity I’ve experienced at the Oklahoma City va. Hell, I’m sure my therapist was drunk a few times when I saw her.
It’s interesting that Jackson has allegedly spent the most time with Trump; also striking was that because Obama said nice things about Jackson, his words all of a sudden mattered?
CNN was live — at The White House.2 hours ago

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump are hosting an event for the Wounded Warrior Project in the East Room of the White House.

How asinine of him to stand there in front of these wounded soldiers and campaign, and tell them that some (meaning dems) don't like them? This is the ultimate insult to these soldiers.
This is pretty offensive. Draft dodger trying to act like he cares. This Veteran does not want or need you! You shame us all and shame everything we served to protect.
A coward who never served our country pretending to care about the Veterans & was ready to put a drunk, drug pusher in charge! FRAUD!
Can’t watch this hypocrite. 5 bone spur deferments but always wanted a Purple Heart. These veterans have suffered enough for their country.
Who is the fat old guy with bone spurs standing near the real life hero at the mike? Somebody get him a chair before he falls over.
He doesn't care about you guys. Look who he appointed for the VA, no vetting just because he praised him. Ineptitude, you dont deserve this.
Why is he always in a competition? Why does he use words like “never before”, “best”, “better than ever before”? He needs to be great, the best, when he’s the worst! Best at being the worst, imo!!!
Thank you for your service. I'm sorry you have to listen to this draft dodging blowhard. You deserve better.
Did you see the evil look in his eyes as he scanned the audience??? Satan personified!!! I always wrestled with the reality of Satan. I am now convinced...he stands before us!👹👹👹👹👹🤡
Where is the outcry for the 4 murdered victims in TN. Oh yeah. Black victims white shooter... Nothing to see there! Move along!
It is terrible to be so hateful hope you are forgiven! God Bless our President, God Bless the USA and God forgive the Snowflakes! Thank you vets for a job well done! Your service is appreciated!
My sincerest sympathies to all of our veterans, you are about to get screwed by this maniac with no conscience or sense of morality.
Isn’t Wounded Warriors the group that seemed great, but was cited with misuse of funds, basically, embezzlement?
Take a look at the faces as he speaks. They know it's all fake and a show. Sad times for our country.
His WORDS say he supports the military... but he will cut their services and defund their programs. How many times have we seen this?
As a veteran (but not wounded), I cringe at Bone Spurs shining light on himself. And nominating Ronny Jackson to head VA?????
So I'm wondering why he lied about paying Daniels and finally confessing on Fox News whom happens to be his security blanket and throwing Cohen under bus.
Macron was amazing about his speech in front of the congress, I bet you diaper Donald, did get that macro doesn’t agree with him, on so many things
Here is a better solution. Stop starting and participating in wars for profit. Bring all the military home from the over 170 countries we occupy. They are safe, we save millions. Problem solved.
We are tired of listening to your hollow words. Your promise one thing because it looks good on TV, but then take it away when the cameras are off. We've seen this play out many, many times.
Have respect for the transgender officers and soldiers, that made a commitment to serve in our military. Accountability. Express the same respect for all members of our military.
Accountability? Is this SOB for real. The disaster who takes no responsibility or is held accountable for his imbecilic actions?
They have a glazed look...wish I could read their minds....what a duofuss he is, flapping his gums...cannot wait for 2020...or Mueller's results....gonna be interesting! Buh-bye 45!
Pres Bone Spurs Dog and Pony show, just in time to speak about vets. We are Pawns in a political firestorm.
Can't even watch.. Most hated man in America.. He know nothing about compassion and HONOR. GO TO HELL DON THE CON.
CNN2 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump's anger was palpable through the phone. Even the Fox hosts -- who are naturally sympathetic to his talking points -- seemed surprised by the stream of consciousness.

Once again I disagree with your reporting. This is a President who has reason not to trust the media. Most of you are reporting lies and bashing him. He has finally realized that, we the average Americans, don’t watch or listen to Fake News outlets. We are on his side hoping to MAGA and appreciate his continuous efforts.
I can't blame POTUS for being pissed. Baseless allegations, seditious BS, obstruction bordering on insurrection have been an everyday occurrence for him. And it started before he was even sworn in. Despite that, he has done more for the people of THIS country in 15 months, than the last two did in 16 years.
People can't stand him because he's blunt, outspoken, and says it like he sees it. He's not worried about offending liberal ears. Actually, he's a breath of fresh air, after listening to liberal politicians, and their empty promises.
Frustration yes, anger no. Who can blame him with the constant obstruction by the left. Toss in the fake news and you have a left that thinks it's winning.
I heard it - I certainly didnt hear any anger...but through CNN's goggles, everything he does is never good enough.....Trash reporting
Remembering all the times that President Obama called MSNBC (or anyone else!) to rant incoherently about nothing and everything in 30 seconds. Oh, wait... 🙄
He does not understand the rule of law nor that there are three co equal branches of government. He believes he is something akin to king and this is his government. He is feeling very much like a rat trapped in a corner and panic is setting in.
Are you kidding #fakenews #CNN he shows he’s real, human, and passionate .
Trump is in way over his head. He should resign.
I am blown away that anyone thinks he is anything other than the biggest joke in our nations history. THIS MAN IS CLOWN SHOES
I wish we had a president that would actually sound presidential. I'm very tired of the Jerry Springer show.
LOL What he is doing is not giving CNN a chance to lie about more things. So now they have to make it up................Oh Wait........They were doing that before.
I think all you Trump supporters on this thread are absolutely right Trump needs to keep doing interviews and ranting and raving.... oops I mean talking just how he wants. He is making it easier for muell..... I mean his people to understand him..
I listened to the Fox recording. He is DESPERATE & off the rails, as usual. Scared he is going to be indicted and HE IS! PATHETIC MADNESS!
Because watching him talk is like witnessing a butthole swallow up its own human.
He sounded nuts because he knows all the dirt he & Cohen have collaborated on in the last 10 years is in the hands of the FBI. We know that includes hush payments to women (accompanied by vicious threats from Cohen), we know that Cohen is charged with felony bank fraud (which will likely extend into Donald's alleged money-laundering for Russian oligarchs) and we can assume Donald is drowning in fear because of all the shady things he's done during his entire rotten life
So crazy. I know he doesn't drink but could he possibly have been on some kind of medication to sound so disjointed and rambling? Or just his usual self?
Has he reached out to waffle house hero yet? Wrong color I guess
He knows he is dog meat!Relax you maniacal maniac who is totally deranged psychotic narcissistic personality disorder and incompetent fool!
... Lawyers will use trump's own words against him.
He's unhinged, and decompensating, which is saying something considering his starting point was already decompensated. The further mystery is why the Republicans continue to ignore it. This kind of behavior from ANY other president - any other PERSON - would have gotten them kicked out ages ago. And Republicans think this WON'T matter in November? Yeah.....cling to that while you can....
Nitwit has to hide because he's totally illiterate. An old, angry, babbling, Alzheimer's ridden man. #sad
He's telling everyone that he doesn't know what he's going to do next. He's crying out that he has little control over his anger and his thoughts. And yet those who can't face the reality of who he is prop him up and force him to continue. This is a person on the verge of an emotional and mental breakdown who has burnt his bridges and there is no one left to get him out of the mess he's in. He's not in a good place.
You would think that he would try to dispel Comey's claims. But instead, the very next day after the Comey Town Hall, he confirms Comey's account of how Trump's rants and boasting just come wave after wave only to stop if he perceives validation and flattery from the listener. He wasn't getting the fawning today so he just kept spewing.
The writhings of a repulsive conman who throws aspersions on the institutions of the very country he and his family continue to plunder.
CNN3 hours ago

The fatal accident has scared some people away

Flying maybe be safer than driving but I like my chances of surviving a car wreck over a plane wreck any day.
I’m flying with Southwest in June. It’s the only airline I fly with
It was an accident. It could have had on any airplane. Hell there are accidents everyday in life. Hell we could fall out of bed and break a bone lol. Slip on ice. Get in a car wreck. Buses crash, trains wrecks and boat accidents. We can't live in fear. Tommorow we may not be here. Life is too short.
I get their was an accident....and very unfortunate someone lost there life....but when is the last time a huge United States Air craft carrying 200+ people ever went down?? The US has some of the safest and well maintained aircrafts in the world. Southwest, name it. When someone gets in a car accident you don’t see everyone threatening to stop driving do you..
Great news, do I smell a sale on tickets soon? SW has one of the best safety records to date so I’m looking forward to my new trip when the tickets go on sale. #Iloveahalfemptyplane
Whatever I'll be taking advantage of the sales they'll have then. Freak accidents happen it wasn't their fault and they are reviewing their all their planes now so they will be the safest planes in the air. I didn't hear any of the other airlines say anything about checking all of their planes
Why? it can't be because Southwest uses 737's......heck, almost every airline of any size has a number of 737's in their fleet. One of the safest planes out there. People need to get their facts straight before making simple decisions. smh.
Southwest acually has one of the best safety records around...and they are nice! I'll keep flying SW over any. It was an unfurtunate accident (which do happen) ...Continued prayers for her families healing.
I flew SW a few days after this incident and was one of the last ones to board the flight and still managed to get a window seat.
So can I get a ticket for cheap then? Because I’ll gladly become a Southwest customer if the price is right.... lol You didn’t hear that American Airlines. I still love you too.
sh*t happens, Southwest is normally good when meanwhile you folks will FLY with AA When most of their crashes a were their fault mostly due to bad training,
I feel safe flying Southwest, looks like they're employees are treated well so I'm sure everyone does their job. I believe most of their pilots have a military background feel like I'm in good hands if anything goes wrong .
What people should take from this story is that a plane lost an engine and the pilot still landed that plane . Yes it’s a tragedy a life was lost but a miracle that the plan managed to land without crashing !
It was an unfortunate accident but knowing it could have been a lot worse if it weren't for the knowledgeable pilots.... I will still fly with them!!!
I'm flying may and July with southwest..they have my husband is an aircraft mechanic..sometimes things just happen..big believer if it's your day it's your day..
I flew the very next day. While the flight was super quiet 🤫, The Plane ✈️ was FULL !!! So was My returning flight, this past Monday. Don’t believe, everything You read...
I flew southwest three times since the incident. I'm still living lol. It's just an incident, it happens to any airline. They are cheap and free bags. Unlike Many airlines that charge for everything like bags, snacks or even a small carry on
I tried to schedule a SWA flight for a few weeks from now, but they were booked, so I had to settle with my second best option. 😥 I love SWA.
I'm sorry about what happen.. But I'm still flying Southwest they are still the most reasonable airline.. and I look forward to my annual summer travel deals
This is the best safest time to fly. Right after these incidents. Maintenance checks will double and triple. It’s the in between time where complacency hits.
It's obvious that Southwest Airline needs to have some maintenance I have every reason to be afraid these people on the plane the lease on this woman's body being pulled out because of the pressure that would scare anybody
That is an illogical fear, if that accident scared people so much, they should avoid booking tickets on Boeing 737 regardless of the airline ( yes, you can view aircraft type before you buy ticket on most sites) and not to seat by the window near the engine
This incident was very bad but it is how Airlines handle it how to make customers feel safe, wanted, desired, and protected.
I love Southwest. It's the only airline I use. I hope this turns around for them. It could have happened to any plane. My condolences to the family of the woman who lost her life, though. They seem like beautiful people. 😥
Now is probably the safest time to fly. Whenever there is any kind of aviation incident like this, all airlines check, check again and then recheck every single system before their final check. Now is the time. After a year or two and everyone has gotten lazy again and the world has forgotten, then you should be concerned.
CNN shared CNNMoney's live video.3 hours ago

We're watching the markets live as airline stocks are down on warnings that Southwest and American earnings will take a hit. Facebook is on track for its best day in more than two years as it's set to pop 8%...

We're watching the markets live as airline stocks are down on warnings that Southwest Airlines and American Airlines earnings will take a hit. Facebook is on track for its best day in more than two years as it's set to pop 8% at the open.
Thank you President TRUMP MAGA 2020
It's as if CNN wants the market to fall.
George Soros - when is the right time to attack HK currency again .... nobody advise infomation ?? 英國脫歐 - 蝕一大筆 ..... 美國大選 - 又蝕一大筆 ..... 看不透市場形勢 ..... 97 年金融風暴 ..... 怎會有膽量動用 5-6千億追擊港元 + 股市 ..... 香港內鬼 (打鱷英雄) + 大鱷基金投資者 ..... 做大戲成功騙走數千億港元 ..... 香港養了一大班反骨仔 ..... 愛國 愛港 - 打殘香港 .....
Yes, thanks to President Trump Facebook is still open to Russian trolls.
Keep investing (Y) ... Our economy is looking very GOOD (y)
Earnings mean nothing in this market. Strong numbers are already baked into the cake. If anything, they're priced to perfection. The market is set up for disappointment.
Thank you, President Obama!
The falling market is all Trumps fault!! Unless it goes back up then it's "Obamas economy". Liberal ignorance. SMH
Happy birthday Melania!!
Our economy is doing great because Trump is deregulating industries in the US and instilling consumer confidence in our markets. Democrats would have done the exact opposite if they had won the election and our economy would still be suffering.
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By noon the market will fall by 200
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Here we go again. Look at this amazing rally. Biggest ever! Even bigger than yesterday.
Just a reminder, comrade obama's one point five GDP cost U.S. eight trillion dollars.
Looking great, Trump 2020...
Time to get out as fast as you can. It just a bubble. God them I going to lose my pants.
gee what a shame .. the airlines are going to have to spend some money on maintenance. we put way too much importance on earnings rather than customer service, maintenance, etc.
Goes up slowly. Crashes fast.
Sean Donohue
Hell with Facebook
CNN4 hours ago

This kayaker was pulled from a raging river in North Carolina after getting stuck in debris — and the dramatic rescue was captured on live TV

Focus people....this is a kayaker being rescued. Not about the lunatic in Washington.
We are finally less than 1,000 days until the Trump Presidency is over!
Should have left that Trump supporter in the water haha. No Liberal would decide to do this
Trump 2020
Thanks GOD and Jesus everything was ok and nothing bad happens to them GOD and Jesus bless America and our great and amazing president Trump and his amazing and georgues family Amen amen and amen
Good job going on a river like that and putting rescue personnel at risk.
Hooray. Congratulations to the rescue crew.
Why would anyone be kayaking in these conditions?
Beautiful area to kayak.
We had three of these rescues in the area apparently - Belmont area and some out near Midland. Don't kayak after flash floods . . .
If this man was a kayaker he sure as heck wasn’t dressed properly for the sport, shorts and t-shirt(ridiculous!) where is his life jacket, wetsuit and helmet!
Wow CNN... there are many stories just in maine that are far more devastating than this. Bring back the that Florida police chief that you guys support for letting those kid die
They saved his bacon.
An I hope they send him the bill for the rescue.
He gets billed for this correct?
Always amazes me how so many individuals risk their own lives for others in peril who were involved in "fun" adventures.
Lebrons play was a clean block..
God Bless America again thanks to Pres Donald J Trump.
WAIT....I want to know why this crazy lunatic was on that river to begin with?
Wow this is my hometown ! Little ol Belmont made national news
Any body else want to cut down on EPA water quality control?
They must leave him there for 3dayz
Great outcome.
He should be in jail for STUPIDITY and endangering the lives of others
Karolina Piwarska tak widzę siebie na kajaku 🤭