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Hungary is a country where a controversial far-right ruling party has maintained a hardline anti-migration stance, with one of the strictest policies against immigrants in Europe. None of the US's key European allies -- Germany, France, or the United Kingdom...

Hungary sounds awesome
Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby (fetus) is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together. 👶🏿❤️👶🏻🔪😓💔 Truth remains true, no matter how many times it is reposted. Babies are not bots, they are 100% human beings. 💔 God bless you ❤️ God is good.
Hate Trumpism.
Donny's kinda people..
Anti illegal alien stance
Their country their choice.
Angela Merkel's party lost to a 6 year old right wing party in Germany because of her pro immigration stance and people still think Donald Trump is wrong about anti immigration.
Western European countries have welcomed in a tsunami of immigrants,to supply the wealthy business owners. The majority of people do not support this out of control disaster. There is a reason the populist have been winning everywhere
Now do Japan. Since you're calling yourself out.
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Maybe Germany France and the United Kingdom should be sending Representatives even just to have their say.
Seems like the UK, Germany and France are gonna miss out on how to retake control of their countries
These people are just angry because they’re hungry
Who the hell would want to migrate to hungary anyways? Most are probably just passing through.
CNN SUCKS This!!! Oh it's not true? Yeah, ask CNN and the Washington post why they are being sued for 625 MILLION dollars...😁
We should adopt Hungary's immigration policy
Viva la Magyarország !!! The best immigrants politicies in the whole EU 🥰🥰🥰
Gd for them and us,time to reclaim our borders without the u.n forcing it upon all of us.
You know what Hungary doesn't have? Terrorist attacks...
They sure hungry cant take no more immigrants I see!!
Look at the problems France, Germany & UK are having.
Hungary will continue to prosper
In your journalistic opinion, why hasn't Hungary had a terrorist attack?
Illegal aliens are illegal aliens. Calling them immigrants or migrants doesn’t change the fact that they are breaking the law by illegally entering or staying in a country. Trump is against illegal entries, not immigration. Every single logical human being should be against illegal immigration and for secure borders. Without secure borders, illegal immigration will continue to hold up any chance of a strong legal immigration system.
And they have far less migrant crimes because of it. It seems stuff has stopped being reported now but when this migration stuff started every week we saw stories of trouble being caused by the migrants.
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More than half of the structure is submerged, offering unique underwater views of the surrounding marine environment through a 36-foot-wide panoramic window

Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby (fetus) is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together. 👶🏿❤️👶🏻🔪😓💔 Truth remains true, no matter how many times it is reposted. Babies are not bots, they are 100% human beings. 💔 God bless you ❤️ God is good.
It will be so nice to have dinner while watching the colorful sea plastic float by....
The world is passing away with the Iusts thereof but all that do the will of God abides forever. And this is the will of God, that you shouId believe in JESUS CHRIST Whom He sent.
No thankyou. An accident waiting to happen.
Should've just built it like normal and waited 10 years.
Johan Eeg Nielsen I still can’t believe you’re going to Norway just to eat here
I’ll pass not deep enough
First I thought: how cool! Then I looked at some of the pictures. ..I hadn't realized I'm a tiny bit claustrophobic. Weird...
I don’t like to eat so close to where my dinner actually lives!
If it is really designed to be this way, I'm sure it would be fascinating.
You can’t mess with the sea 🌊 floor and expect nothing to happen
Fantastic looking structure. Loving the Floating Seahorse villas as well.
New Orleans tried that too...and look how that turned out
with Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen in the kitchen the cances are high the food is worth it
can't imagine transportation of the people from land to the restaurant.😄
No thank you!
OK ...where is the panoramic window view
That is good location for the next aquaman movie..
The new grad fish out of water restaurant
Be there soon .. Taken pictures 📷
It's a good thing - CNN
Eric Liu it’s the baratie
Có anh nào muốn chat với em tí ko ❣<3💔]:O 1553239970290
Trevor Backlin!!
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A newly discovered fossil site in China that dates back 518 million years contains more than 50% previously unknown species, according to a new study.

The world is only 7000 years old :)
One day a thousand years from now civilization is going to find a superman comic in one of those plastic sleeves buried in a cave and call it the bible and the world will worship superman assuming he was our almighty creator.
See ~~ China and other countries are just like us. Learning ~ searching ~ smart and they have something to offer the world like other countries. GET OFF OF THE WAR WITH EVERYONE!
500 million years ago 🤔🤔🤔 I doubt that very much...
Bernie Sanders childhood pet?
Evolution supersedes human religion. Deal with it.
Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby (fetus) is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together. 👶🏿❤️👶🏻🔪😓💔 Truth remains true, no matter how many times it is reposted. Babies are not bots, they are 100% human beings. 💔 God bless you ❤️ God is good.
I believe there are more unknown species that have existed than species that currently exist.
but but but! God created everything.
Sometimes I wonder how old this earth is
I wonder if they found any Jesus horses?
Imagine the oil we could’ve obtained from that site had we left it alone for a longer period of time. That’s money lost for sure lol, just to dig up some bones.
Don't tell InGen about this, they would want to send in people to extract the prehistoric DNA to recreate these animals. (Kudos to those who get that reference)
Humans will come and go and will be buried in the mud also... the age of humanity will go down as the most violent and destructive race ever to slime out of the pond... the world will heal up after mankind is long gone 😃😃
One day that will be us. Have a great weekend!
Yeah, so let's send the humans to destroy it
How to use found twice in the title :P
It's like they found Jesus Christ 🤣😂🤣😂
Is it real tho? Made in China?
518 million years ago, wow that should be the time of the dinasours 😂
Maybe the finding will show us that we used to have more animals than we know.
I hope they get a decent burial place after they get done messing with everything.
The Bible is now obsolete
518 million years ago says the guy in 2019
How did they know that it was 518 million years 🤔
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Tammy Lewis was born 3½ months early and weighed in at only 1 pound 4 ounces. Her family faced a harsh reality: their newborn's survival rate was 5-10%.

But Lewis beat the odds and now, 34 years...

All liberals you can't kill that one
In Virginia She'd be killed off now. That's your laws. 13itch at me, call me w/e, but in recent years she'd be done in at birth.
and you dems would kill it and flush it. SHAME
My baby was also born 3 and a half months early! She's now a beautiful, healthy, almost 2 year old! 😍😘 I thank God everyday for her.
Is this a fetus or an infant?
What a life .. Her pic is now in the Hospital Hall of Life .. Congratulations God did it . Congratulation to the medical team who worked tiredness to help this come to reality..
To report a person you think may be in the U.S. illegally, use the Homeland Security Investigations online tip form or call 1-866-347-2423 (in the U.S., Mexico, or Canada) or 1-802-872-6199 (from other countries).
New York state law would take issue with the use of the word "baby" at five and a half months.
This is a life! It always has been and always will be!
Feel Guilty about Abortion yet LIBERALS??????
Goth will not be anything to protect him
Surprised Democrats didn’t kill her.
I thought the demoncrats said it's not a baby in the womb 🤔
Abortion is murder
Andres Chavarria Camden Chavarria
Jenna Wells
Jen Martinsen
Stephanie Niravong
i had similar experience too as a baby, i weighed 1.1kg ,looked like a lump of meat my mum says 😂😂.
Shikyla Nicole
No wonder they call her "nucleus baby".
That's nice
Drs Fatima Qalbi
CNN2 hours ago

"Everyone doesn't have to agree with my dad or like him, but I do ask you to be decent and respectful," Bridget McCain tweeted.

Meghan McCain, a co-host on "The View," applauded her sister's decision to speak...

Anyone supporting Trump has lost their values
For tRUMP to make matters worse for the newly grieving McCain family, dt has caused them to get death threats. Yes! lil hands and lil brain, words do matter. SHAME ON THE EVIL UNFIT ENTITY called donald.
The McCains are becoming a disgrace in their attack dog attitudes. Cry as you like but you have to explain why your dad shared a fake, potentially destructive dossier against Donald Trump? That is the issue here not some vaunted heroism and nonsense.
Senator Mc Cain was my favorite Republican. I am a Democrat, and I loved him dearly. He was a hero, and a great man. God bless his family. I smile when I think of John Mc Cain.
I love my country. I love my country’s patriots. trump is not and never will be a patriot. McCain was and always WILL be be. I love my country and its patriots. ♥️🇺🇸
It’s ridiculous that Trump keeps going after the late senator and act like it’s a punch line to a joke when it’s not. The man has passed away, he’s no longer alive to deal with your tantrums do move on with your life AND your presidency and focus on leading the country. The fact that you fail to do so shows you only care about your ego and personal gain. I may have not liked McCain as a politician much but I admired his military career and respect him as a human being. Others should do the same.
I truly believe his attack on Senator McCain is because we are about to see the dossier report give credibility to the Trump team conspiracy with Russia. He (frump) must build up hate in order to deflect from the truth about to be released!
To the McCain family, I lost my father to the same ugly cancer, I am so sorry you have to endure this. The family has handled this with grace, a Great lesson to us all. Stay strong! Your Father is Proud!
Trump in 2020 baby! ♥️🇺🇸💯🔥🙏🤩
I’m not one to let somebody’s behavior to go unnoticed. I have been seething at #45’s comments recently. I am not shocked. Embarrassed yes. Not uncharacteristic of his bombastic commentary before. However holy mother Mary this disparaging if J McCain has crossed a holy grail. Get this turd out of the Oval Office.
It’s honestly one thing to not like someone, but to keep attacking them when they’re gone is really low class.
lifelong democrat here and was not a fan of Senator McCain HOWEVER I give him my utmost respect. A hero, with class, dignity, compassion etc.
McCain should be remembered as a war hero. It should be separate from his political career. He was terrible as a senator and extremely unlikable. It’s kind of pathetic to see democrats suddenly taking his side after years of bashing him. Trump is wrong to bash him after his death. McCain is dead. He needs to be left alone.
"We the People" - Over 65 Million Strong! We Rejected the Retardican Party emphatically in 2018 & we will proudly vote Anti-Republican again in 2020! #NeverRedCampaign🇺🇸
I understand why Tiffany stays clear of this monster. His family will know how this feels when he kicks the rusty bucket.
Does anyone else think he's doing this so we won't ask him about white supremacists?
The genius of trump is that he will go lower than any other human being to make you forget the last horrible thing he did or said or swamp dweller who was his best buddy. He has no equal in how low he will go. A river of slime is no match for him.
My children had better manners when they were three!
Was that his and his second wife's daughter? He was not exactly a hero according to many.
she is such a nice daughter if it was my dad y would course the crap out Donny
How can you be about veterans,yet be so disrespectful to one that has passed?
My father and I didn’t always get along. We had many years where we were not terribly close.... But if someone came for my dad you better believe you would have to go through me to get to him. You go young lady. Support your father 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
I was one who was raised in that if you can't say something nice about some one who has passed don't say anything at all. Unfortunately some seem to have never learned that.
She is right. Trump is like a child. Trumps son just turned 13 but I bet he's more mature than his dad. Sad
I have a 7 year old son and doesn't talk or act like Donald Trump.
CNN3 hours ago

The bill, signed Thursday afternoon, would prohibit abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy, before many women even know they're pregnant. The only exceptions would be to prevent a woman's death or her serious risk of impairment.

What about woman who been raped, teenagers, woman with no stable income, woman in an abusive environment, woman who already have 2,3 or even 4 children and so on. You all want them to carry out a/another child?
I do not think its wise for any man to tell any woman what to do with her body or what not to do with it ...I totally disagree with this women have their right and should be given their privacy
This old decrepit guy needs to lay down in his old prepared grave. Does he really think he can control a woman’s body? Gtfoh with this bs and I don’t even live in that state. I feel badly for those that do!! #LAWSUIT
Oh look, taxpayer dollars wasted on something a federal court will deem unconstitutional. But we don't have money for hungry kids.
Don’t want to support abortion, but doesn’t want to support public assistance. Kids in foster care not being adopted so that’s not an option. So yes, let’s bring a kid into the world when the parents don’t want them, can’t support them, and there life is gonna be miserable. Makes no sense at all. There body, so they should be able to do what they want. It’s not for anybody to say otherwise. Judge all you want but you get no say in the matter.
Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby (fetus) is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together. 👶🏿❤️👶🏻🔪😓💔 Truth remains true, no matter how many times it is reposted. Babies are not bots, they are 100% human beings. 💔 God bless you ❤️ God is good.
The government does not and WILL NOT ever control what I do with MY BODY. F**k your MAN made laws!
Even if it’s hard for some people to imagine a women having an abortion it’s 100% better than having thousands of children landing foster, abused (physical, mental or even sexual) and often homeless. There are so many women out there not deserving to be mother, if you believe on God then you know that baby is better taking care on the hands of God. Just saying, something to think about.
Continued attack on women. Keep your voice loud and fight back at the polls 2020. Vote the Republicans out.
If a heartbeat is defining factor determining life viability, pulling life support plug on braindead patients with heartbeats will also be an issue in Mississippi.
I'm not a fan of abortion, but these Pro-birth hypocrites will vote to throw the disabled and the poor off healthcare and any public assistance.
The majority of unwanted pregnancies are preventable with contraception and both parties are responsible for it's use. I recently saw an ultrasound from a 12 week pregnancy. What kind of person can watch a baby move around and put it's thumb in it's mouth and then have it ripped out?
No man should tell a woman what to do with her body
A federal judge will repeal this bill like they always do. Men have no right to control a woman's body since they will never experience labor pains.
Where will that governor or government be when that woman can’t take care of that child or needs assistance
what about a defective fetus, one that would never be even close to normal or would die before or soon after the foster care/orphanage mills so viable that they can force this on people?
The courts will toss this in the trash where it belongs!!!
Real headline: Mississippi the lastest state wasting taxpayer money to draft and pass a law already known to be unconstitutional, destined for failure.
Make sure you have all those, I mean women...looking on, so that it *doesn't* look like you're telling grown adults what they can do with their bodies, or what they can talk to their doctors about. Join us, fight the GOP: Blue Revolution
Ok all the people saying oh foster care is full and stuff. Do uk that newborns are the first to get adopted and if u do private adoption they have a home before they are even born! And it is very easy to find a home. The foster care has been used to many times, find something else.
Won't survive a court challange, this law has been overturned by I believe 13 states so far.
Is he also signing one for free hospital and pre-birth care to all pregnant women as well as free child care, maintenance and education? 🤟😡💥
Why is the cast from the "Handmaids Tale" on CNN? Oh, wait...
After feeling sick to my stomach when I hear of a mom or both parents abusing or killing their child of 1, 2,3 years old, I wonder if they didn't want the child, why did they not give it up for adoption or had an abortion. Why bring child to suffer by their hand only to kill him/her afterward. ...
Shouldn't he more concerned with the poor quality of life those currently living in the state are experiencing - high infant mortality rates for example
CNN3 hours ago

The artist described the work as a "grass-roots" project

Just wait, Trumps gonna be like.... "Someone make me a crop circle, its gonna be the biggest crop circle that's ever been cropped, its gonna be huuuuge, believe me, i know people, I know crop circles, I'm a master of cropping circles"
This is so cool! BETO 2020! I contributed a small amount & it made me feel hopeful... BETO is real, authentic. He is so sensitive to people's feelings & ideas. He is committed to the Green Deal resolution. Don't believe the lies that he is for big oil. I have been watching Beto & also waiting for Biden, the debates & seeing trump voted out! If you want to make a contribution, no matter how small, just go to his Facebook page, Beto O'Rourke. It feels good to be looking forward!
The only policy on his website is the privacy policy for the site itself. He’s an empty bag at this point
He's got the charisma, but he doesn't have the depth. He's good, but he's just not ready.
This whole Beto thing is such a turn-off.
Well he has one up on tRump, Donnie hasn’t had a crop circle made of himself
First of all, that’s Kobe Bryant.
That's the closest he's going to get to the White House have a nice day
They forgot the look of freshly snorted coke in his nose and his flailing arms
That's freaken amazing. I mean politics aside, wonder where he learned to do that. Perfect likeness.
Sho, you know what this mean. We have too build a dome. We don't want alien coming down to invade us.
I guess someone has way to much free time
Be to O'Rourke is trying too hard to be liked.My advice he needs to slow down 2020 is still very far.
I never even heard him until a few days ago.
This guy is gonna be biggest flameout in years
In case you are wondering who the democratic establishment is pushing 🤷🏼‍♂️
Crop circles are the best. Think about it. Aliens from another planet. In another galaxy? And they came down here just for me. They are cool dudes. Man... Sometimes I think about things and it's totally rad. Sometimes I say things. And I don't even have to think? I think I was born to speak. The aliens gave me these words. The alphabet... Where did that come from? I got this. It comes natural to me. Let me spin my hands all over the place because I want to ride my skateboard. Where is my board anyway. Did I leave the garage door open? I just a need a doobie. And this ashtray, and these matches, and the remote control and the paddle ball. And this lamp. The doobie, my board, my matches, the ashtray, this paddle game and the remote control and the lamp and that's all I need.
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A crop circle is made when you knock down a cereal crop to form a pattern. This is not a crop circle.
He doesn’t really support what grass roots people want. So grass roots people did this? Umm ok
I’m guessing the artist was on acid...
Beto makes a better crop duster than he does crop circle.
The Elites are marking their Territory”RUN!”🤫
Send in the farting cows!🐂🐃🐄🐂🐃🐄
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.3 hours ago

Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean doesn't expect the Mueller report any time soon: "I just don't see a wrap on it."

He also suggests the White House could be planting rumors of an imminent...

when it is released it will be released. I still think that there is much work going on in NY, Middle East and in Europe putting more pieces together... I am rooting for Das Spiegel & the BBC to provide some of the missing pieces.
Its over, he has nothing 🤦‍♂️
Donny is unraveling right before our eyes. My guess is we just found out Mueller was on Cohen a year before the raid, he has Donny committing perjury on paper.
He’s right you know. The Special Counsel is still getting information from Rick Gates, still prosecuting and sifting through the evidence obtained from Roger Stone, and is still investigating Jared Kushner and Don Jr. This thing is no where near close to being wrapped up.
You literally reported 3 weeks ago that it’d be released any day...
This was so embarrassing for CNN.
Sad and blows my mind that a lot of people would rather have a new civil war in this country, brother vs brother. Rather than believing the fact that 45 and his family are traitors to our country and should be tried for treason. What is wrong with you all? Does your hate go that deep? I feel sorry for you.
I'd listen very carefully. This man has lived it.
Good if the Republicans saw it as a coup because that is what it would be. As a country we have lots of practice ; Cuba, Iran , Afghanistan, Guatemala, Venezuela, to name a few. Might as well get rid of one of their own for once . What country could he flee to? I don’t think anyone wants him . Get that crooked , egotistical jerk out of OUR White House. He is an ignorant threat to our country and the rest of the world. Adios trump🤮
Have you all forgot who John Dean was??? CNN is really digging deep in this lol
I agree with Mr. Dean, quit playing into that line, it will drop when Mr. Mueller announces he delivered his report to Barr and not when the wh wants him to
If the Trump family would stop committing crimes, maybe he could wrap it up !!!
The longer it takes, the longer the trail... of course Trump wants to paint a picture in doubt & anything else to keep his supporters...
It is a foiled attempt at a coup. All involved should face justice to the full extent of the law
Imagine the current white house lying... I'm waiting for one administration person to make it through an interview without lying...
What I want to know is why is the ice cream machine at McDonalds always broken? Suspicious
Let me know when it's done. I'm sick of the whole thing. Indict them already. Its exhausting.
Gosh If I could think about anymore hypotheticals, I would swear I was indulging into neuroticism? How about just chilling. Instead of going nutso. Why wouldn't the report be made public. The President actually said the American people should see it. That is not his decision. But if he said it means CNN and everyone else would never let him here the end of it. They will say you said so? He's a liar. Blah blah. So it's gonna be released. So let's play devils advocate. Pretend that the Mueller report shows that there was no collusion. Pretend that this was a false call. And Trump didn't do nothing wrong. Do you really think that CNN. The Adam Schitty's. The crazed politicians on a good one in congress. Your Nancy Pelosis etc who all championed Man's Inhumanity to Man. And guess which Man that was? Yeah...The President. And do you really think they will actually give him an apology? Oh hell no...Their self-rightousness and moral integrity will not allow for this.
Tick tock, Orange man!
Wouldn't be surprised one bit!
Mueller report lol 😂 I don’t know which is the bigger joke the report or Mueller 😂
@CNN who continues to promote the same idea as the WH—their hosts talking points include saying mueller report is coming any day....shut up CNN...wait for the report!
Then where is this situation coming from that 'it's almost done'?
crime family is going down .I bet by the end of April the latest!Bye bye traitors.
CNN4 hours ago

States with bans on texting while driving saw an average 4% reduction in emergency department visits after motor vehicle crashes, according to a new analysis

GO DONALD TRUMP 2020!!!!! MAGA!!!!
Thanks trump for making this a reality 🙏
I mean, which state allows texting when driving?
They key is not banning, it is enforcing the ban.
A driver that text while driving has higher chances of getting an accident than a driver getting a felacio while driving
Texting and driving kills more people than guns.
Yeah, but drivers still do it anyway...just like people using the phone.
Texting while driving should be illegal period.
I seen you on MeWe, CNN, and followed you there as well. ;-)
It's not like people just went cold turkey, everyday I see tons, yes tons of people using them. They don't even try to hide it either, their phones are in plain sight - la di da di da!
Doug ducey a Republican governor of Arizona allows texting and driving...
We already had distracted driving laws.. why didn’t we just expand them?
Distracted driving of any kind can cause an accident. This is a good trend. 👍🏾👍🏾
My state banned texting and driving. Haven’t heard of a single person charged with it though
Way to impact the healthcare, police and insurance business 🙄
Should be hands free EVERYWHERE, except to call 911. Make it a federal law!
I see a lot of people driving on their phones. Most of them are women.
I don't buy it. I see as many people talking and texting while driving as I always have.
4 whole percent .... How much money did the tickets generate ?
What I thought laws didn't stop bad guys?
Glad to see this!
Pause. Who's man is this?
Talking on the phone should also be banned. Even after you hang up, the effects of being distracted on the phone lasts 10 to15 minutes after you hang up.
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.4 hours ago

Rep. Ro Khanna calls reports Jared Kushner was using WhatsApp to communicate with foreign officials ironic.

President Trump “ran his whole presidential campaign accusing Hillary Clinton of having a private server. ... Here you have something...

Trump has done every crooked thing that he’s accused his enemies of.
No government official, while conducting official business, should use unsecured severs or apps of any kind. It’s a security risk and just plan irresponsible.
This every minute slamming of Trump by CNN has become quite ridiculous now
Here come the Trumpers aka 🤡
And i thought we desis were the only one looking for free calls ...😂😂😂 way to go kush....
So my question is America done. If there was is no obligation for the constitution to work then America is done. Republicans have shxx canned America and its constitution. So it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.
Ironic, yet Trump was pushing for Hillary to be locked up....... Let’s hear the chants...... Lock him up..... Lock him up......
wait a mean the Drumpf administration has been hypocritical? Holy cow, does CNN know about this? Oh. Right.
Because the whole family is conducting Illegal buisness and trying to hid it! There is ABSOLUTELY no other explanation for them to do this and for them to refuse to hand over documents! NO other explanation!
Unreal... Where's the outage by the ScumPublicans. This is unreal. Imagine if Chelsea Clinton was using WhatsApp to chat with foreign leaders... Unreal...
The fools in the dishonest msm had the very chance to get President Trump yet they prefer to protect Hillary?? Unsecured classified emails is a threat to America it is time for the dishonest msm like CNN to abandon Hillary and stop protecting her and let her go to jail for her betrayal of America and if it is true that under President Trump unsecured server had been used the case against Hillary can be used against President Trump too!! 😂😂😂
B-B-But what about Hilary?! I will NOT have you talking smack about First Lady Ivanka!
While the president was finding dates on Tinder
President Barack Obama was constantly reminded of all the powers HE DID NOT HAVE, but now, and SUDDENLY Donald Trump seem to be able to do and say ANY thing HE WANTS to and NO ONE will hold him accountable! Trump behaves like a Dictator AND a king, but Republicans ACCUSED President Obama of being all the above!!! They make me sick to my stomach these racist devils who pretend not to be racist which is worse... and that thing living in the Whitehouse is the WORST THING that has EVER happened to America, and tragically America and the entire world will see real soon!! Legally DONALD JOHN TRUMP is in (BIG TROUBLE) and it may take his 2nd term before he sees that he is NOT above the Law, oh but he will see, we all will******.😎🇺🇸Good day!
But The E-mails Laughable the trickster knows messages can't be Trace on WhatsApp. What's happening is Kushner' selling Top secret government information, sensitive nuclear technology, oh no just Visas to wealthy Chinese Oh no wait but he has security clearance !
Bs. Anyone can use it. Dems are getting desperate. Trump made them hate beer, hamburgers, what’s up app and love isis, ms12, and wars
What happened to the fake hoax Russian collusion? It was a big nothing burger like Van Jones said. Beware of lying liberal media don’t believe the elite .
Trumpanzze, and his entire family is corrupt treasonous traitors! The hypocrisy is fuc#### mind blowing! Everyday our security is at risk.
Chuck Wilson, Robert Corky Runyan Sr hummmmm, i guess he can't say he didn't know it was wrong, cause he knew hillary was in trouble for just such a problem. can we lock him up?
At least WhatsApp is secured lol
Neither of them should be allowed to take a step into the white house until there is a full investigation.
But his WhatsApp - lock him up!
What difference does it make? If It was acceptable for Democrats, it’s acceptable for everybody.
Like they don't have secure lines??? They obviously want to hide things!
WhatsApp? 😂 that’s what I talk to my kids on.