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"Mr. Trump clearly has become more desperate to protect himself and those close to him, which is why he made the politically motivated decision to revoke my security clearance in an attempt to scare into silence others who might dare...

People do you realize when current administrations have questions on how to handle geopolitical changes issues, they usually go to previous officials. That is the reason they keep their security clearance. This is just a petty president worried about how he looks regarding Russia. Trump needs to be removed from office.
Trump could swan dive naked into a pool of children...and his supporters only concern would be if the children are legal
Uhh Joe DiGiovanni you obviously never have served in military or government. The reason is they have knowledge of events and situations around the world still going on, so they give advise and help when needed. I still have my clearance even after 3 yrs out of service. So basically Dotard is throwing 40 yrs of experience out the door.
Pure political retribution. Those who criticize Trump will lose clearance, those who support and praise him will retain it.
So who wrote the speech for trump? Would LOVE to see him actually spell “Duplicitous “ with out looking at a computer screen or having some lackey whispering in his earphone. #DumpTrump 🇺🇸
It’s very clear Trump is feeling guilty about something!
Thank you Mr. Brennan for your service to the American people, Mr. Trump will one day receive what is his due
Trump sacrifices our national security as vengeance against Brennan's truths regarding Trump's conspiracy with Russians.
The tantrum toddler authoritarian baby doesn't get his way so he takes his toys back. Why should tRump have a clearance? He certainly doesn't listen to the intelligence community.
Spineless Republicans....speak up against this behavior. Where are we? The United States of Venezuela?
Brennan made himself part of the story. Its appropriate that he gets his clearance removed. Good riddence!!!
why should he and others that are retired have security clearence when you leave a job you turn in keys passwords everything got nothing to do with free speech WHEN WILL CNN TELL A REAL STORY
But why does someone no longer working in the government need an active clearance? I can see the need for a grace period during transitions but after that I see no need.
This is why i always watch the WH press briefings in their entirety. You only get one side of the story from the media. CNN is completely biased in its reporting.
But the revocation who my stop Brennan from acting as consultant or analyst on behalf of the people.
That’s the way a dictatorship starts. Putin is a great master and trump a good apprentice.
When is our government going to stand up to this? #traitor #TRE45ON ~real conservative
I support CNN, a free press and the first amendment.
Trump's revocation of Security Clearances is illegal. There were not any abuses of Intelligence information. Trump will be impeached and indicted.
First you start with the people who don't need the clearance to earn a living. Then you advance to people in various government positions who cannot work without it...…...
Who gives privileges to those who hate their guts 24-7-365 until they are dead and below ground? NO ONE. You leave business voluntarily or not you have NO privileges unless that business allows it for their convenience.
Ncc, try ‘common sense’ as a reason! These fools are all part of distorted plan to destroy our government! They, as a group, failed the population of these United States, the last thing in this world they should have is a security clearance!
You Security Clearance is on a need to know basics. It does NOT mean you have Security Clearance the rest of your life.
America is in the midst of deciding whether it wants to be a progressive democratic republic or a racist fascist society. I'm very disappointed that it appears to be a difficult decision.
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"I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for him." Two heroin addicts found a rehab center for couples. Kirt and Kathleen got clean and worked out their issues. Now they have a child together.

"I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for him." Two heroin addicts found a rehab center for couples. Kirt and Kathleen got clean and worked out their issues. Now they have a child together.
Your story is great! The only peoples opinions that matter is the ones you love and care about. Anything else is just noise. Been at rock bottom and it was a horrible place to be. I will never judge another person again in my life after what I have been through and what I have seen. Everyone makes mistakes at some point regardless of what they are no one is perfect. Keep up the good work
Bravo...I agree 100% from can be clean for the rest of your life 💞 I'm Living proof!
Couples rehab is out of the box thinking and it is needed to keep families intact.Thank you for not being afraid to step out of the box.Addiction is a disease no one should have to suffer forever.
Love of each other and love of their child was their motivation for keeping sober. A lot of time love does not conquer all, but in this case it did. I have wished, hoped and prayed for people I love to get clean and stay clean. Their love of self has to prevail. Continued blessing on this couple's sobriety.
Happy endings are great... Nice to beat that mistress back into the shadows and have a partner to help that truly understands her lures... Keep up the good work. It’s a lifelong struggle to keep her at bay.
The story is great however once you're an addict you'll always be. You just become a recovering addict. There's no such thing as an ex drug addict
Give your lives to the Lord. I am not perfect but I trust in Him for my Salvation. This is what I believe and I just wanted to be your friend and not argue or show any hate for what I believe. I am convinced that you must Trust in Him. There is no escape without His Power. Without His Grace. Darkness will lurk with you. On your side He will be there. A dark and sinister being who will consume your life with no Mercy. Don't be ignorant and do not hate me. Do not fuel the fire. There is only One who can save. He is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. An Infinite Being of Majesty,Holiness,and Power. Yes,you are a created being. A long descendant of Adam. Through the Flood you still exist. You are a created being.
My son had dealt wirh for 8 years. Now at 28, fighting Stage 4 Cancer. A mother's worst nightmare! God Bless you both. A VERY SAD MOM .
I’m really disappointed seeing all these negative comments. People make mistakes. I’m glad they’re actively trying to better themselves. I hope they stay clean.
Proud of you! Ignore the negative comments, I am raising 3 Kids that thier parents couldn’t or wouldn’t change. When it gets hard, remember, your Child DESERVES a childhood. You can do this!
I was addicted to drugs and alcohol far 30 Long Horrible Years. Now, I have 1 year and five months clean time! I want to Encourage Anyone that is addicted. If I did it, Believe me, You Can, Too!!!♥️ There Really Is A Rainbow 🌈 On The Other Side!!!😊♥️ Reach Out For Help, And Take Your Life Back Today!!!♥️
Congrats to both of you and on your beautiful baby!! Your story is truly an inspiring one!! Keep up the good work. God Bless.
So happy for you guys and your beautiful family. Continue your love and growth, life holds many beautiful things, you can achieve all you want.
Kirt Graves Kathleen Dennis wow! I really loved this and definitely proud of y’all so grateful and proud to call y’all my friends! Love y’all!
I hope you enjoyed my sobering entrance into PrimeTime while never floating a concern about other Trade Center Victims #MoviesandHowTheyChangeRealityatTheSundayDinnerTable
I am so proud of you Kirt Graves and Kathleen. Your going to have a wonderful future together. Beautiful family cuz. Kiss Rowan for me. Love you XOXO
I cannot send a private mesaage, but would love to have a story of my grandparents who have been married for 62 years, meeting on a blind date and that night a proposal happened....
It is very hard for 2 addicted people2 recover together if one falls usually both will. Wish u lots of luck the numbers are not in ur favor.but remember get up and never give up u are worth it.
Keep it up guys!!! I know what it's completely like but know it works if you work it! Keep coming back and don't focus on what's back of you but take every chance to look ahead ! God Bless
Kathleen Dennis this is amazing!! So inspiring! You're such a strong, beautiful woman, im blessed to call you a friend!
A couple that use drugs together will not stay together. Praise the lord who blessed this couple for their beautiful accomplishment 🙏
My husband went to Ambrosia treatment facility twice within the past six years in Palm Beach, Florida. It was a vacation for him.
Glad they are trying but I see this as a precarious situation. If one falls off the wagon the other probably will too! I hope someone is keeping an eye on the child - they may need a rescue down the road!
May 05, 2018 will be a years since I graduated 👩🏻‍🎓 with my Associate in Science in Human Services. I also got a certificate in Addiction Services. I used to cry when I heard some of the reasons and stories from some of my classmates and how they get into drugs, and how they were still battling that addiction disease. Many hang on to God, Spiritually, and Education, which I strongly approve. Not one approach is good for everyone and when we can combine several other therapeutic approaches, we can get better results or at least have a more expanded perspective on how to work through this issue while in recovery. The one single issue about addiction that made me cry and felt like they were ripping my heart was when there story started with human trafficking and how they were drug and got addicted to drugs because they didn’t had any choice. Some other did had a choice, but I’m not judging them. I think being judgmental doesn’t help me or them. It’s very motivating knowing or meeting people who have overcome their addictions and that they are still working through their own life while helping others. That’s awesome.
Congratulations and 1 day at a time im a Recovering Alcoholic been sober since October 17 2016
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In one survey, 13% of vets said they were aware an animal owner had intentionally made an animal ill or injured — or seem to be ill or injured — to obtain opioid medications

Just to get my cats a wellness check it's 90 bucks a pop. I highly doubt this is true.
What bothers me is many never thought of doing this but now they will because of this article. I am all for making sure some information stays off the internet.
If that kitten is not the cutest and am not a fan of cats at all. See how distracted I got from this whole topic. But people who are addicted can't see what they are doing is wrong.
Trump demonstrates daily that there is no bottom in how low can you go.
Keep the animals in the clinic so meds don't go home with addicts.
I am unaware of any Vet who would prescribe human opiates for any animal...but I reside in Canada and I shake my head at the stories that illustrate how far people have apparently fallen...not sure that anyone would spend money on massive Vet costs for a small amount of drugs...I think that any animal that requires a narcotic is too sick to be released..
I didn’t know pets took them. How come pets don’t get addicted to opioids? (I think I just answered my own question).
Until we begin acting more radically within the confines of our expectations of what is still coming at me like a tube sock from hell when they all agree they are all betting i am on drugs today and every time i say what i feel like saying this time i say ney we are all animal clones today forever again and today we are all jack rogers animal clonic encyclopedia for here we all agree to disagree with anger at me for we all disagree with me to write a simple complaint here instead of anywhere but there here and forever
Sometimes the best cure for an addict who preys on innocent victims is a small pill. It’s 9mm and requires a pill dispenser to apply it directly into the forehead
I hope 100% of those 13% called the police.
It is these type of people that need to be put away. Chronic pain is no joke. Doctors should know when a patient is lying to get these type of drugs.
Who thinks up this stuff and why post it as it causes more problems.
And events like ‘Clear the Shelters’ with their free animals only attract junkies instead of quality forever homes.
13% is a relatively low number. I hope vets don’t start withholding medications from animals because of this.
Reason number 426 why I hate people and can’t wait to move to mars.
Wow who would even think of this?
How can anyone afford to go to the vet let alone afford medication.
Sadly I think a neighbor is a culprit
Just break your own arm..WTF... That's just disgusting.. And they all should be charged with animal cruelty...
Set fire to any one you see doing this.
That kitten is so cute 😍
This is SO effed up!!! What the hell is wrong with people?! 😡
That's a cute kitten
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The US is preparing to extradite an Iraqi refugee wanted in his home country in connection with an ISIS-related killing of a police officer.

How will CNN spin this to make trump look bad, is my question.
Once Trump condemns him Pelosi , her followers and the MSM will defend this terrorist just like they did for MS-13. It's funny how a terrorist is mistreating children to make them into school shooter but barely a peep out the MSM. Why isn't their boy Hogg doings some marches.
Take more with you...wheres CNN on the compound in new Mexico!! Where's David Hogg ?? These illegal demons were teaching kids to be school shooters....wheres all the gun haters??
I thought Trump’s travel ban list was supposed to protect us from this! Oh wait, Iraq (known to have terrorist groups) is not on the list 🤷‍♀️
My kind of special news is to hear that the 45th is on trial for treason
That is what ICE should be doing, not separating babies from their families.
Trump brags that he has erased ISIS...guess that's just another one of his lies huh?
he need to be arrested and should face persecution. our country must not be a place for bad doers to come and take refuge
us bombed wild bee combs in iraq,now they reach in ur own courtyard.
That's right open the borders let them all in
Quick , save him. Shower him with free stuff. They need his vote. 💦
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Lol is wrong with you
Wow CNN reporting on this wow I give them props
#Trump2020 #MAGA #WalkAway #peoplewakingup #Redwavecoming #SnowflakesMelting
California who surprised? Cesspool
this war make a big fact
Let him out on bail
Hmm... accused?
Didn't Democrats say Ban ICE.. now how would we deport this Democrats shout racist racist....always protecting Jihadists
Thanks Trump for close border from rapefugees. #MAGATRUMP2020
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Well-balanced vegan diets may have major health benefits. But those benefits can be offset by deficiencies if the diet isn't managed carefully.

As soon as someone or some media outlet mentions anything about either vegetarianism or veganism, people get so offended. They also claim it's the vegans who are pushy, when in fact, I always see comments like "Yummy, bacon" and such.
Bottom line is that if you eat a healthful version of a vegan diet, you are most likely going to thrive and see most aspects of health improve. Most people would do just as well going 85-90% plant-based though, unless you already have a disease. She’s not quite right on where she thinks deficiencies will actually turn up. Calcium from greens is actually better than calcium from dairy. And vitamin D is not found in animal products- it is fortified/added in either case. Vit B12 can be found fortified in some vegan foods, but most of us just supplement it for insurance. Before factory farming methods and hyper-sanitizing, B12 was a microorganism found in soil and on our food naturally. I find it so odd, the bias over being “cautious” about a vegan diet, when the standard food guidelines are getting us nowhere but sicker.
A lot of close-minded people commenting here. Even if you are not on a plant-based diet, you should be reading this and maybe rethinking your vegetable and fruit intake. Filling your body with more legumes, leafy greens, fruits and veggies is always a good idea.
I'd eat a vegan before becoming one.
After living 55yrs and eating meat all this time, I finally started weaning myself off it 2yrs ago. I still eat some now and then. Can't pass up a good Roast beef or Turkey dinner, but I've finally cut hamburger and all pork products out of my diet. My energy went up, I feel better and not groggy during the day. I don't feel so freakin lazy anymore. I had no idea that meat was making me feel sick all the time. What a difference. I enjoy life way more now :)
I feel like sometimes when CNN or any news network post something they're posting it to toddlers... Yes vegetables are good for you fruits are good for you too but they're f****** expensive when you go to the store...
Can you stop with this and the Omorosa coverage and tell us more about the London terror attack or the terrorist compound in New Mexico. Thanks
Last vegetarian I talked to was spewing the benefits of vegetarianism to me as she was lighting a cigarette from the butt of another. I’ll take my chances with meat.
If you must supplement to prevent vitamin d and b12 deficiencies, then maybe it isn't such a perfect diet. You can eat less processed and convenience food without giving up meat entirely.
Some Vegans heads explode when they see this...
I could always reduce my meat intake, I’ve dined at vegan places. But I wouldn’t go vegan full time. I love meat too much. Veggies and fruit are really nice, if they’re done properly. I love caramelised carrot, or beans with butter and garlic.
YAY! YAY! Proud Vegan.
That doesn't work so well if you're allergic to legumes. -A
I do feel bad for eating meat. But I couldn't go vegan.
What all this ,I don't think veganism is an act
This would be better with bacon
A shout out to all bacon lovers out there! Stay strong and do not waiver!
It is important to get good information. Read books by Dr. McDougall, Dr. Furhman, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. T. Colin Campell. Watch videos of Dr. Pam Popper.
Life without meat is a dumb life 😁😁especially pork or bacon there my favourites sorry vegans...
Great article. It's so important to supplement with B-12 vitamins.
Enelra Aromaj please be careful with going full Vegan 🌱 and Tony too... Lot’s of benefits if you do it right.
Nope, I'll pass thank you.
*with the right preparation, any diet can be good for human health.
Why nothing on the liberal judge cutting loose the Muslims involved in the school shooting training camp where a dead child was found? Doesn't fit your narrative?
CNN2 hours ago

No nation in the world has explored the dark side of the moon. Yet.

Dear idiot CNN article author: The Moon does not have a dark side. It has a near side that we see, and a far side that we don't. The expedition is to the far side, which gets as much sunlight as the near side does. If there really were a dark side, the near side would always be a full moon.
We all did, in the 70s, with Pink Floyd! At least I did.....and some that won't admit it!!!!
If that’s the Chinese rover that is going to the moon, why is there a picture of it already on the moon? Are they filming it at the same studio the U.S. did in 1969? Maybe they can bring back the rippling U.S. flag that is curiously ‘on the moon’ but not visible to anyone.
Designed from pirated technology, assembled with cheap parts by underpaid labor. This project says success all over it. They would probably have more success tying an iPhone to some balloons.
If it is on the dark side, how does it talk to earth?
So if it's going to the dark side of the moon wines that have solar panels how do they know the Sun Shines on that side of the moon
Pretty sure it's safe to assum it's exactly the same - it's not even dark - the sun lights that side two but we simple never see it cause of a tidal lock with earth - but it's not forever in darkness
“There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact, it’s all dark.” P. Floyd
'Rover'?? Must be the Chinese Year of the Dog.
Far side. It isn't all that dark. The Sun shines on it quite often.
Apollo has no problem dark side of moon ,they have spotlights inside studio.
I thought the Transformer Spaceship is on that side lol
I'm glad that someone is doing something, but being on the dark side could create communication problems. They will need a relay satellite in orbit to send data back and forth ,
Pink Floyd did explore it and it sounds amazing! 😎
Be honest! How many of you started listening to Pink Floyd after reading this post?
Apparently none of you ever saw Iron Sky.
"There's no dark side of the moon, really, as a matter of fact it's all dark."
Yeah. Let’s send a rover to the dark side. Humans would just get eaten by what lives there.
Due to Motion of moon with respect sun........ sometime some part of moon behind the front of this part consider as drak part.....
China, Watch out for Decipticons.
I got a moon for ya! One button and one zipper away!!!
Just listen to the Pink Floyd album
Leo Hede president xi must of just watched transformers for the first time and is keen to get involved
The Moon won't need Democracy..still waiting how far the Sun's democratic move Is going
Just another Chinese knockoff. Most probably will break after the landing...
CNN3 hours ago

The pop legend is turning 60 and her relationship with religion has been confrontational her whole life

via CNN Style

Slow news day already
I don't get the anger. I remember the outrage about the Like a Prayer video when I was a kid. Looks like she was trying to tell us something about the Catholic Church and evidently she knew of what she spoke. Seems like no one can speak on sex in the church except the priest without criticism while they are molesting people's children.🙄🙄
Do I care?
Who care whether she turn 60 or 90.i never did like her. She uses her body. she doesn't have any talent. But a good manager
There r other more important event in the world. Then playing attention to this so call singer. Try reporting about children in need family in need. the soft justice system in this country toward criminal ect..
she slays! Happy birthday queen of pop. Na beta impace she bring 4 d muzik world
Ageless woman, happy birthday @ 60. You are truely a legend.
She's still alive 😂😂
O you negative people can't you see all she does er alone all she does is to keep you people taking she is a good person and a good mother and she help does good things to good for you and you look great for a sixty year old keep the good work rember alot of us love you so much god bless you
August 9 9:09am I dreamt I walked down and saw the Madonna collection of CDs and a tarantula like in karatu came from the ceiling and I threw at it and it dodged until I killed it with my shoe. I dreamt I was with these little dogs also symbolic of my girlfriend and a man told me God loves you. I dreamt I went with a macho guy and his gf wanted me and also another strong man with me to go drinking. Then I saw the macho guy with my gf wrestling as she struggled until she gave in.
Hi hello and Namaste from Nepal (birth place of Buddha and land of Mount Everest)
Happy Birthday Madonna. What a wonderful career and you have influenced the course of music.
I want her to come back to the top of the charts..asap!
The Madonna is beyond your tiny comprehension. I am actually NOT a fan. I just like her attitude about certain things. Without Like a Virgin your life would not be as it is today.
Love her
We grow up with her songs live legend !!💖💖👍 Mansour Alkhaldi-kuwait
Madonna keep believing.....that makes u unique
Not news one cares
Queen of pop
Happy birthday to Madonna, from Vietnam
Happy birthday Madonna🎊🎊
And also Alanis
👏 bravo Madonna
I am here to lay my cards on the table, to trim the branches of deception from the tree of life, to shave away the unkempt sideburns from the face of truth! I am the one who murdered the Native Americans and owned African slaves. I know now that what I have done is wrong. And so I say, I am sorry, peaceful natives. I am sorry, Black people. I am sorry, citizens of Bikini Bottom.
CNN3 hours ago

KELT-9b | What we know about the distant gas giant

• It is 650 light years from Earth
• It has an atmosphere of vaporized iron and titanium
• It has an equilibrium temperature of...

Bible doesn't mention other planets do it??? Sun, moon, stars and the earth we live on! Does anybody knows if it says anything about other planets! One of my son's asked me that question too so now I'm asking others
That does it! I'm never going to complain when the temperature reaches 90° again.
Send the Space Force to colonise it 😂
How they hell they know 4sure bout anything sooooo far away!!!
Fake News is Flat. Deal with it.
How would a soul survive sure a temperature
Lies and lies: how did scientists got to know what is in such far distance? If you don't know, 1light year is about 6trillion miles and that x 650. C'mon people, get a life!
Dear Bertha, The Bible was NOT written by God, so who cares?
It is also very irrelevant. It has no practical uses, it is not helpful to humanity, it solves nothing and even if we could go the speed of light we can not live long enough in space to actually reach its location. Even if we could and did it would not change or solve anything.
Well still cooler than Texas.
Wow that interesting
Global Warming
Wow, so important ???
I too melt metal! I’m sooo stinking hot!!!😂
Apparently the inhabitants of that planet didn’t shrink their carbon footprint 😂
If the clouds are titan, what is the core? Wolfram or what? (Whattium :)
Lets send the space force there
It's not hell
#freebobiwine stand up for uganda
let us leave
Ai Chát qua nhìn mặt em không
CNN all over
CNN shared CNN International's post.4 hours ago
The Cause... The Anti-Christ 45 45 the Anti-Christ, this is what the devil does at the end of days, we have to get trump out because the only way is to fight the devil, if you don't believe me, go to the original bible because he will destroy America, and all her people and then every country around the world and yes, we can fight the devil and win. Even God say's the Government will deceive the people for they are evil. Have you noticed on all news media, trump and his Government are not allowing the media to put anything on about the volcano and what is really going on in Hawaii or even about Yellowstone Park and all along the East Coast or even the earthquakes and volcano eruptions going on around the world. trump is keeping it secret from all American's, do you wonder why? Start demanding the media to report it, if they are that afraid of trump and the republican Government, just shut all the media down because they are no good for the American people, they are hiding the truth to please trump. Where is the transparency trump promised America? He used the American people by claiming this lie just to get in Office. like I said, he's the biggest liar on this earth because his transparency is BS which is the same way he's running the Presidency. Hell is visiting America, right from the bible... trump is the 45th, the Anti-Christ... The Almighty shall punish you all, look what's happening around the world, earthquakes, volcanoes, we are in the time of judgment and he who sticks with the devil parishes with the devil, the Almighty promises this....
Child found dead at mooslem school shooter training camp. Promptly set free from jail by liberal judge. Where's the story?
The situation is severe..pray for kerala
Dear All .Please pray for kerela.The condition is getting so bad.All the districts are affected by flood .
How To Enter Heaven. Realize that you are a sinner… “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23) Understand that sin has a price that must be paid… “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23) Trust Jesus alone for eternal life in Heaven. “But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23) “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13) If you are willing to trust Jesus Christ as Saviour, pray this simple prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I know I am a sinner. I am sorry for my sin. Please forgive me. I believe the Lord Jesus died on the cross for me. Right now, I trust Jesus 100% to be my Saviour and take me to Heaven when I die. I now accept your free gift of eternal life. Thank you for loving me and forgiving me. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
Dear All .Please pray for kerela.The condition is getting so bad.All the districts are affected by flood .
Now on RepublicTV, TimesNow, IndiaToday, CNNIBN News18: Live coverage of Vajpayee's health status nonstop. Kerala floods status: NA
The Situation is severe.Pray for our state😥....Kerala and on the people there.I am Thai.
Situation severe......Pray for our state😥....Kerala
Pray for Indiana.
Extreme weather going on all the world right now.😢
Prayers for mercy and Safety of all people..So sad for the deaths of some of the people..😢
Hey CNN we aren't done with Puerto Rico😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Thanks for telecasting.
super duper so take care
Dear God have mercy on the people there
Russian bots are like... "FAKE NEWS, didn't get any rain here!"
Ai Chát đêm nay với bé hok
I knew it as before; typhoon
#freebobiwine stand up for uganda
Ai Chát love với bé ko
Brijesh Ponnarassery
Wow..God watch over India
make room for the water
CNN4 hours ago

The letter comes in the wake of a new report in which a grand jury said more than 300 "predator priests" have been credibly accused of sexually abusing over 1,000 child victims

Remind me again what Christianity has to offer other than alcoholism and pedophilia?
Amazed at all the comments saying ‘Let them get married’ but completely disregarding the fact that these victims are children!
This is only one state. What about the 49 others? Oh wait, the Roman Catholic Church is worldwide. Wow, this could be a great example of, "the tip of the iceberg." I really hope not.
If you really know God and love God. You won't hurt anyone...
Seriously, let priest get married. This is yet again another reason why people turn away from religion.
Church is a business...a corrupt one...NOTHING to do with GOD....all about $$$$$ as usual
As an atheist, I did like this current Pope..However now, I am very very disappointed..he has done nothing on this issue !!..He must put all the perverts in the church in jail, not in house arrest and prayer.........
If this happened in PA, what is/has happened in all the other states? I'm pretty sure these so called priests just didn't decide to congregate in PA.
This is why people should stop deifying men. Also why people should stop allowing others to read and interpret the Bible for them. "Many will come in my name"..
This is sad for the abuse children but let all the truth come out and focus on Christ teachings: and dont use this horrible situation as cop out to wipe out our spirituality .Priest should be marry.Women should be priest end all racism and sexist attitudes.This call for major revolution in the Church.History will show if the Church recover.
This nun confesses her sin of having an affair with Father Elmo. She's told to go sit in Holy Water for 30 minutes. Another nun confesses the same story and was told to go wash her hands for 30 minutes in the Holy Water. A bit later the 3rd nun shows up and says, move over girls I've got to gargle. 🤣
This is so deep and dark that it’s tolerated for centuries a big secret that no one want to address smh on the years of cover up so sad🙁
The Catholic Church is simply the largest criminal organisation in the world..Full of Child Molesters & Sexual Predators and it is all funded by millions of followers around the world.Rarely do any of these Sick Animals ever face justice..In Any Country..Much more powerful and wealthy than The Mafia ! And they do it all in The Name Of God !
When Catholic Church will take responsibility and finally protect the children?
She made "merchandise of...the bodies and souls of men" (Rev 18:12-13).
Having been raised Catholic it is hard to look to the church for any kind of moral authority anymore. Wonder why the pews are empty? Look no more.
Please everyone share this to expose what has been going on for years in this church, our children are special and need your support, this has also happened in other churches.
Lock them all up including the pope. When is enough enough?
Shame , that they kept it quiet and let it continue instead of speaking out and getting the police involved.
That’s why priests and nuns should be allowed to marry.
Visited the Vatican....viewed the "Vow of Poverty".....( sarcasm)
I've said it and I'll keep saying it. The Vatican and the Catholic church is one big club for sexual deviants. The Vatican secretary jis t for busted last year hosting and orgy for crying out loud!
dear Lord, please save the little ones at there from being violated
Good old boys club, dont rock our boat. We'll take care of them, IE ship them off to Hello new fresh meat!!
Catholicism is a completely worthless, fake and disgusting cult of child molesters.