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Fergie responded to the critics of her national anthem performance at the NBA All-Star Game.

It was terrible, to say the least.....ranks right up there with Roseann and Carl Lewis for worst all time ....and what makes it bad is that she’s a singer
There should be no "renditions" of the Star Spangled Banner. Sing it straight as it was intended or don't sing it at all. Have some respect.
Fergie sang the Anthem so bad, Kaepernick stood up and said to her, don’t be disrespecting the national anthem like that… 🙄🤔🤢🤢🤢😂😂😂😂
Ok. To be fair, it sounded like Fergie doing the National Anthem. Problem is that it wasn’t traditional and didn’t sound right to the untrained ear. I heard her jazz/pop style and just didn’t care for that take on this song.
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The national anthem only has ONE intended tone and you didn't hit it. In fact, you hit just about every possible tone BUT that one tone.
Don’t know why anyone would be surprised. She’s never been able to sing.. If it wasn’t for Will.I.Am. she would be only remembered for being on the 80’s T.V. show Kids Incorporated..
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's and ordered three T66 turbos with NOS... and a Motec system exhaust.
You might as well took a knee, held your fist in the air, and forgot the lyrics. Fergie to the pit of misery!!!!
At least she is keeping it real, and didn't get offended. No one will remember this in two weeks. Four tops
Sure enough it was terrible, but in the scheme of things, this is a pretty silly thing to be upset about. She did her best rendition at the time, it didn't work out, get over it. At least she didn't intentionally disrespect The Anthem like Roseanne Barr did.
This should be considered an act of Treason. This is what happens when she isn’t allowed to have auto tune.
The National Anthem doesn't need "renditions". The honor is that you get to sing it, not to make it about yourself. I hate a poorly sung, or overly sung National Anthem more than I hate seeing people kneel during it. It's OUR National Anthem... not the artists to make it theirs!
I'm brazilian, and watched, no doubt about it, one of the worst performances of national anthem that I ever saw! And I watch a lot of Nascar, NBA, NFL, NHL, certainly don't remember a worse performance!
She once said, "I feel like singing is a gift from God, and when people say I can't sing, it's like they're insulting God".
This is what you get when you have live performers, so either suck it up and stop being snowflakes that need a safe space or have a recording of the anthem.
Fergie prob had to much Grey Goose and her feeling loose. Go hide under the London bridge for a bit Fergie lol that was a terrible anthem but we all know Fergie is skilled
I'm not surprised everyone hated Fergie's national anthem from last night. Because I already knew she was a disgrace to the music industry since day 1 when she first opened her mouth so I'm not surprised...
Why her at all? Has she every sang everything good? With all due respect she provides a backdrop female voice to rap songs and dressed accordingly. That is her career.
It was a risk & it didn't turn out well on to the next. I just felt like she trying too hard to make it different that it came off cheesy which made it funny to me.
People be trying put their own lil twist on it and be messing it up. I’m sure she had to practice that and her team should’ve said naw to it
Some songs are not meant to be embellished for artistic reasons and the top one on the list is our National Anthem.
She sang terrible but I do feel bad for her. She actually did feel she was doing great by her facial expressions throughout the song. Well at least she didn't do a Roseanne version!
Well, post your video of you singing the national anthem and let’s see how it’s supposed to be done....
I'm glad that she realizes it was a huge MISS. Now let's just move along. We have bigger issues, America!
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The players' reactions say everything.

Fergie's version of the Star-Spangled Banner was so bad, Colin Kaepernick stood up and told her to stop disrespecting the national anthem.
Why does it sound like she tried to make the National Anthem sexy?
I think everyone should stop judging her. It wasn't her best performance and she doesn't need the whole world to be so disrespectful about it. She's a human being as well as a mother with feelings.. Shame on you ESPN!! And everyone who feels the need to be so disrespectful to this Amazing woman! # so disappointed with this world we live in# I was raised to respect women not put them down
Coming from a military Veteran, this is just upsetting. I normally get chills when I hear this song sang properly. All I felt was my blood pressure go up.
You know those scenes in movies or TV shows where you can barely watch the scene because it’s so awkward/painful? Yeah, that’s what this was like.
She sang it well, however her renditions of the national anthem shouldnt sound like jessica rabbit in a jazz club.
Did she not rehearse this before hand? And if so, who was the individual that told her, "oh yeah, that sounded great, perform it that way..."
Everyone chill out. It was her rendition. Didnt change the lyrics or nothing. Still honors america in the same way as everyone else who sang it before a game. Probably wont get asked back, but yall chill out
Credit to her for taking a chance. She's a musician who really tried to something a bit different. Something that may really hit a chord with everyone. This isn't a song that gets a different spin and hats off to her for going for it! Buuuuut she failed. It was terrible.
I think whoever is going to sing the national anthem at a major sporting event should have to sing in front of a committee and they can vote on whether he/she can perform on national television. My ears are literally bleeding.
What a train wreck!! Loved the players reactions, it was so bad you couldnt stand it yet you had to watch it 😂
My thoughts and prayers go out to the National Anthem for that F5 disaster. I pray for a speedy recovery and return at the next televised sporting event. Lol.
Those players held in their laughter longer than I would have. She meant for it to sound like that. Poor choice, and poor execution.
Omg this was too painful, i tried my best but i had to stop less than a minute through. Why did you share this ESPN ? I was much happier being oblivious about it
I hate it when people turn songs like “The Star-Spangled Banner” into an all-out coloratura (a musical term for high, fast vocal lines) or normal vocal run-laden R&B mess, with their own spins put on it.
WHAT THE HELL was this. There are just some things you DO NOT need to put your own spin on, and this is one!! Geeze, I was cringing and I wasn't even there
She only has talent when she has a beat behind her so loud you can't hear her awfulness. Besides, no matter what Fergie does - this is how I always remember her.
If I were a blind person, I would've thought someone was dragging a rusty nail down a chalk board. It was that hideous.
If she sang every national anthem, then u can't blame every football player if they sat during it, ha!
Absolutely abtrocious she SUCKS. And was totally. Disrespectful to our National Anthem go back. Because you sure the hell don’t know how to sing this Horrible performance.
I was raised to respect this country as well as women, men and all people. Saying she did a horrible job singing the national anthem is not disrespecting her. She did one of the worst renditions of the national anthem ever. She is the one that is disrespectful. Not hitting notes is one thing what she did was planned and she deserves every bit of the negative press she is getting for it.
You know when you have a performance and someone says "you killed it!"? Well she literally murdered that and should be locked up.
Sing it like it was written and don't dress like your going clubing . Disrespectful all around. My opinion.
She would never turn 4 chairs on the Voice :( And you know I have heard and seen her sing with The Black Eyed Peas, I'am amazed at this and sad :(
Either 1 of 2 things..Either she was high or drunk..Or she was told to purposely do that for PR...No one does that horrible on purpose..
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Do not ask Bryce Harper about the future.

He’s a punk on and off the field.
When you try to act hard but can't form sentences.
Yeah.. Bryce, question? Its actually a 2-parter! First, Does it suck knowing how good you think you and your teammates are and you still can't do it right in October? 2nd, How does it feel to be an overrated snoz with 1 great season and 2 other somewhat ok one's on your resumè?
Come to Toronto Bryce best fans in the league
It’s the absolute right answer. Sports media is going to spend the entire season talking about where Bryce is going to be in 2019 and beyond. He’s making it clear his focus is on 2018. That’s what you want from your players.
Ask him about all his post season chokes then.
People getting mad lol he doesn’t want to answer a question that is a year away ! Let him focus on trying to get the Nats somewhere past the first round then we can talk about him batting third for the Cubs!
You can tell he was tilted by all the misused words. 😂
Come to the Cubs you know you want too.
Poor national fans...... him n his agent are going to handcuff that franchise like no other.......awesome player but I would just trade him for a a hand full of prospects and some capable MLB players........
Here, I fixed it: “Ladies and Gentleman, I know you have a job to do and that includes asking me about the future but for now I’m just focused on 2018 and being a member of this team which I think has a chance to win a championship. Questions about 2019 and beyond can go to Scott who will obviously be heavily engaged on that topic. So out of respect for this team I’m going to only answer questions about 2018 is that fair? With that, I would be honored to hear your questions and talk about how we try to bring a championship to this well deserving city.” #bryceisadouche
What’s wrong in what he said?...the guy doesn’t need the distraction of being asked where he might end up next year 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don’t blame him one bit.
Sounds like he wants to focus on this year and not having his upcoming free agency become a distraction to the team. He basically is getting ahead of it early by addressing the media and nipping it in the bud.
What are people pissed at this dude for? He said he wont speak on his future. He wants to focus on this season and this season only.
I would have asked him about the free agents this year. Thst will be him next year. Unemployment cause he wants 300 million.
This was a perfect response the guy is focusing on this year and playing ball nothing else props to him
Well said...stop asking because he will not give you an answer. He will get crushed no matter how he answers. I can see why athletes despise the media.
So my question for the Cleveland Cavaliers Network is this: Is this news? Or were you going for the drama?
“...So if y’all do answer anything, or say anything...” 😭😂. Bro, are you really that stupid? Why would they be answering anything after 2018 questions? Lmao
He knows where he’s going next year to the best team, front office and city. Also he wants to play with his bffs.
It's impossible to find any talent evaluator who isn't blown away by Harper's ability on the field, but it's equally difficult to find one who doesn't genuinely dislike the kid. One scout called him among the worst amateur players he's ever seen from a makeup standpoint, with top-of-the-scale arrogance, a disturbingly large sense of entitlement, and on-field behavior that includes taunting opponents. "He's just a bad, bad guy," said one front-office official. "He's basically the anti-Joe Mauer."
Ok, but you don't have to be a jerk about it. Reporters have a job to do. Ask those questions. Why does he go out of his way be like this all the time? Great player. Terrible attitude. A-Rod is more likable.
Please don’t sign him CUBS he treated our kids so disrespectful at one of his minor games. He is a punk and I would hate to see him sign with the Cubs.
Nigel WixEdston RosinaAlpha Aesthetics!...Anto e conjo ki Carlos Wever kier nos hanja 1 hungado di 4 pia "Master"...pff
I'd have immediately asked him about it...just to see him walk out having gotten all dressed up for nothing. Lol. He is a great player though
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Steady at the top, but here come the Cavs.

Raptors never getting love. Hope they sweep the cavs and win it all
Cavs win two games , jump 6 spots..?
The Cleveland Cavaliers will be hoisting the Finals Trophy in June whether you all like it or not
Glad the jazz finally get some love!
Jazz and walless wizards better than okc? I don't think so
Im just here to say Black Panther was an amazing movie. #WakandaForever ✊🏾👌🏾
Ridiculous. Thunder have beat all of top four yet not in top 10 GTFOH ESPN stay on Warriors Cavs d!
Houston has the two BIGGEST choke artists in games history playing together. They going out in second round. They can’t play on the big stage. They always die. Always.
Don't sleep on the Denver Nuggets!
what about "here comes the Bucks, Wizards, and Jazz..." Typical ESPN bias
I no basketball. Milwaukee Bucks. Are better than there ranked
Cavs +2 All the way up!
No need for wasted time lists. Warriors Win it again x 3!
The cavs passed the Celtics this is dumb and the raptors dissapoint me every year great regular season record but always get swept by the cavs in the playoffs
That moment when you start winning again
My Wizards are coming to life.
Only with the help of the league guaranteeing it
How bout them Jazz!! On the come up! #jazznation #takenote
Can you do a power rankings for teams that are doing the best at I can see my bulls on a list 😂🤤
I like that GS is not on top. I'm all about LeBron and Westbrook. But, I gotta say, it would be great to see 2 different teams at the finals. OKC and Raptors maybe. From what I've seen from Harden and CP3, they're not this good in the playoffs.
Chris Paul is an awesome player...but he just isn't a winner. Rockets will fold up in the playoffs.
The Bucks are gonna make noise in the playoffs, they'll make it far, but not into the finals, look for them to be a huge force in the playoffs
Spurs still in there without their best player. Pop is the man.
The Cavs passed the Celtics. Why? Just because Bron won the All Star Mvp or the Cavs won the last game against the Celtics. Boston still the better team.
This must have really pained ESPN to put the Raps ahead of Boston. It took long enough. If you had looked at the first half schedules you would have realized a long time ago Toronto is significantly a better team.
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LeBron James and Kevin Durant kept it real with Cari Champion.

Sandy Hook, Baltimore Riots under Obama clock. Where was the DRIBBLER then!! Double standard of ESPN and the liberal face of stupidity! It's laughable!!
I actually like Lebron, but he fails on two accounts..."kids look up to me as a leader ". Ok, then why the use of curse words? But, even better..."you wouldn't talk that way to Jackie Robinson or Jesse Owens"...umm, Lebron, as Lloyd Bentsen said, you're no Jackie Robinson !
🤔I wonder how did it feel to have the two most untrustworthy cowards to ever professional basketball in the back seat!She was definitely the strongest out of the three!NO DOUBT!😆
So according to the Fox woman, if you’re not a politician you can’t speak on politics at all? That doesn’t make sense
And the Fox news pundit who said they should just dribble doesn't show us her resume' about being a political pundit, other than being blond, white and disturbingly hateful.
Keeping it real? So both of them talking and explaining why they abandoned their team and decided to go with Superteams? Doesnt matter if the Heat weren't a Superteam yet, he only went because he had to call his two all star buddies to come with him and then the rest of the NBA then create a super team.
LeBron and KD keep it as real as Kardashian body parts
This guy’s fake. Where was he after Ft. Hood, aurora, Sandy Hook, Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston bombing, Chattanooga??? This is nothing but manufactured outrage by democrats. Democrats had the House and Senate from 2007-2011. Why didn’t they do something about immigration & guns instead of shoving obamascare down Our throats???
The 3 stooges in one vehicle!
As a forever sports fan, it was hard to pull the plug a few years ago. I went cold turkey and stopped watching ESPN as well as the other sports networks. I canceled access to all sporting channels available from my cable provider, Comcast. As long as the liberal bias continues at this network (and others) and in a majority of the major sports leagues, you can count me as a no-show.
The Queen Lecrybabyflop James doesn't keep it real with anyone!!!!!
I wonder if Lebron elected or appointed her as his driver?!?
Cari champion is always inaccurate she said that she wouldn't start a franchise with Durant harden lillard or the Greek freak her opinion shouldn't count with those half fast statement
Why drive on a snowy icy road? Couldn’t do that interview in a safe space??? Anyway, KEVIN DURANT IS THE MAN!! Nuff said.
That lady is like thw other one like she came from thw club for football boo dress classy not assy
If LeBron James goes to the Golden state Warriors with KD, Curry, Klay Tompson and Green, I'm going to be shocked and puke
I like that the exterior scenes it’s snowing and the interior ones it’s not haha.
KD in Akron? Welcome to the CAVS!! I'll never call you Durcan't or Durcouldn't again! DurCAVS! Cavin Durcan!!
I am surprised that Kevin Durant did not get car sick. Lebron James was secretly praying. *Laughs*
they kept it real with her alright.
Shut up and dribble the ball
This was one long Uber commercial
Stephan Mitchell Surprised KD didn't say he's better
I am glad that Cari Champion is working again.
I would have liked to hear the controversial comments. I like both guys but with millions of people hanging on their every word, they need to be a little more educated with their opinions. Don't use racism to accuse other people of racism.
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65 years ago this week, Ted Williams safely crash-landed his fighter jet after being hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire on a combat mission in Korea.

He would return to the Boston Red Sox that August, batting .407 in 37 games.

Now here is an athlete who had the right to speak of his political views and actually meant something to society by his service to our country not because he was just jacking his jaws
Boston fans saying "Tom Brady is the greatest because of rings." Then they turn around and say Ted Williams is great despite the lack of rings. Personally, I think the latter has more merit. Rings matter, but they're also overrated in the context of team sports.
Ted Williams was the guy John Wayne pretended to be.
Men then fought wars men today wear rompers and get hurt by words
Ruth was greatest but as a man and athlete their was no one better overall then these guys who served in the prime of their careers and still went on to be Hall Of Famers.
Williams served both in WW II and Korea. Pretty amazing.
Completely different America now.
The Greatest Mexican baseball player ever!!!
I'm glad ESPN put this up. How about everyday for 2018, post an athlete who also served our wonderful country through armed services. These are the men and women our kids need to look up to as heroes. To all of the Ted Williams, Pat Tillman's out there, thank you for your service.
In the age of no Snowflakes
The number of people complaining that the world is worse because its countries citizens are being conscripted for mandatory military service because of mass wars. Don't get me wrong these people are heroes, but surely not having mass wars is a good thing no?
Many great players in the WWII - Korea era sacrificed years of their careers to serve, and deserve extra kudos for that.
Bravo... what's sad is, we all know DickStain Donny would call him a loser and disrespect this patriot purely for the reason we celebrate him... for fighting honorably, getting shot down, surviving, and returning home to serve in other capacities.
Career .344 hitter with a .482 OB% and missed 3 full plus seasons to serve his country. I think he has to be the best to ever serve and play baseball. Truly amazing and hit a record .406 one season.
Chris Cintron, Just clarify your statement, that Todays LIBERALS let someone else do the serving while they demand more rights,
Talked to Senator John Glenn once about Ted. Sen. Glenn was with Ted on this mission and said it was one of the most impressive flying he ever saw.
And our commander in chief deferred because of foot aches.
This is what a true American is he gave up the best part of his career to serve his country do you think ANY of today's players would do that I don't think so
Hitting .407 was the easy part of that year for him!
My first glove was a Ted Williams model. He is still my favorite hitter. The fact that he was a fighter pilot makes him even more of a hero. Thanks ESPN
ESPN, Do an article on Iowa's sole heisman winner, Nile Kinnick. He was a patriot and had the potential to be a president.
These guys had offseason jobs. Mickey Lolich sold shoes the season after winning 3 games in the world series and had to prove himself for a contract the season after. But these athletes today really have it tough man. 😂😂😂😂😂
They don’t make them like they used to keep wearing your rompers and man buns as the testosterone dwindles each generation 😂😂😂
Today's snowflake athletes wouldn't play army in a sandbox! When China comes invade us in 15 years, the 20 - 50 year old Americans will lie down like the French did in 1940
This is the history that I wish kids today cared about, not what idiot celebs wore at last years grammys
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Did you enjoy the new All-Star Game?

Baseball is the only all star game that's worth watching. It's the only one that the players try, offense and defense, as hard as they do during real games. There's absolutely no defense in the NBA or NHL games, and half the NFL players skip it so they won't get hurt. The mere fact that you have to dream up some convoluted format to get anyone's interest should tell you something
So much better. But have them pick their teams the day of on the court right before it starts.
If they played an actual game instead of running up the score, then that would be a great all star game. The NBA will have to make it an incentive based all star game. Like baseball did a few years ago. Where the conference who won the all star game will have home(court in this case) advance in world series( finals in this case)
Some people really didn’t pay attention to the game. It actually was competitive, they were playing defense from the beginning. People just can’t be pleased one way or the other.
Don't get me wrong I'm a lebron fan but the public should choose the all stars...and it should remain east vs west
Skills challenge needs an upgrade, exclude the big men from it, use the best Guards. 3 point competition needs an actual final with 2 contestants so it’s head to head! Dunk competition as well, need more rounds to determine true champ. Seems like they just fly through it for some reason. Actual game was good, but I like the whole East v West deal. Put homecourt for finals on the line screw it.
Ehh. Why TF we do we care about defense in an all star game? Why did cwebb, Reggie, etc keep mentioning it?! We want points and flashiness bro, not dudes playing like Bruce Bowen. Blocks are nice but for an all star game I want scoring
The format itself is not that bad but to name it Team LeBron vs Team Stephen Is just disrespectful to the all-stars imagine making your first all-star game and saying I was on team LeBron smh it's about all the players who had good seasons if it was Team Black vs Team White it would've been better❗❗❗💯
Dunno about all that but there isn't an emoji strong enough for the anthem.
200 days till football comes back. At least with that, we don't know the outcome of the season before it starts.
People are still complaining and making fun as if it wasnt any different than years prior. Its obvious most of the people commenting didnt watch from start to finish. The score wouldnt be so close if it wasnt competitive. Certain players like KD and Bron were playing defense from the tip. 140’s are good scores for all star games even back in the day when people enjoyed it more. Idk if it was all due to the format but this game was much better. The last 6 minutes they were running off ball screens and fouling. Guys really wanted to win this game.
Seemed like a very quiet and bored crowd. One of the sports reporters suggested a 3-on-3 format. I like the way the NHL has a similar format for their all-star game. They need to do something to make it more interesting, right now, nobody seems to care.
It's ridiculous...just like NFL all star a kid growing up I thought It was awesome...but as a mature adult...its just fun and games real the for kids though
I don't like All Star games in general. Just give these guys a break and let them spend it with their families. It's all about the money though.
Trash, All Star weekend been fell of badly, y'all need to let the stars out on Saturday night for the slam dunk and 3 point contest and the All Star Game is so boring now, for real.
Needs to be on earlier specially with that way over done intro. It was good just need to start ball at 8
It was great expect for DeRozan having the ball in the last minute in the game where there are 2 or 3 better long-range shooters, and Jimmy Butler not playing because of "hangover". Calling Lou Williams last minute would be a better option rather than Jimmy chilling on the bench (also that stupid call when the ball landed on Embiid's foot last)
What is Shows our young people is regardless of what team you on High School, AAU, NBA or College in spite of you being rivals you can still play together respectfully.
Was fun seeing some players that never get a chance to play together, play together. KD and Westbrook with the King and Uncle Drew... Was a nice mix up.... Also they tried to play some defense which helped
Way better now they’re playing some defense. This is the first time I’ve watched the entire game in a long time. It was entertaining, it wasn’t 192-185 like last year with zero defense. It was also great with the draft, seeing Lebron and KD play together was pretty cool. Keep this format and keep playing some defense and more viewers will come
They should have legends coach the teams and have them pick them!! Imagine having Jordan vs magic! Or Byrd vs magic coaching! And let them pick the teams! Would be great I think for the game! Or at least do it for a period of time
A+... next year they should have the two captains pick teams school yard style, right before the game. Line em up and pick your squad. Then it’s time to ball!
For an all star game, the game was more enjoyable to watch than the previous few years. I do think however that the all stars should have more fun on the court in regards to showmanship and so forth. For example, look at the fun shaq had on the court, him joking at the free throw line. I think more one on one type of play where players call out other players (I think embiid does a great job at this). I want to see more semi serious personal feel to the game. I think this year was solid, and it showed that they wanted to win, but I also think they can have more fun on the court and make it more entertaining while keeping it in the competitive nature of the game. Solid progress tho!
I think giving LeBron and Steph a lot of control made those 2 speak up and say OK guys, we wanna see some defense tonight, and the respect the rest of the guys have for those 2 is what made it a better game.
(C+) Dont televise the draft, it means nothing. However, let the team captains be the coaches. Dont need caoches there when its no longer conference divided. Let players call their own fouls. Makes it more personal when Embiid yells "AND-1" and calls a foul. This game was OK, but I think I liked the 213-209 scores better. At least then players played loose.
ESPN8 hours ago

How much fun was that?

I think LeBron finally found the Allstar team he’s been wanting his entire career.
Just a many of these guys would play this game if they did NOT get paid? Same with Baseball or Football?
The only way Steph Curry's team was winning that game was behind the three-point line. I swear he was drunk when he picked his team.
It’s funny watching Durant kiss Westbrook’s butt lol There’s no real drama between Kyrie and Lebron. Kyrie just didn’t want to be on the Cavs because he knew Lebron was leaving this year and he wanted to be on a winning team.
People are not listening to what The Lakers keep saying- 2 max salary spots next season! Labron is going and Durant will opt out after this season. That’s why they are buddying around everywhere!
This is just another example of why Lebron is the GOAT. He brought all the guys together who the media said have beef with each other. Pure leadership & not petty.
The nba is a joke , nobody cares
just rename espn lebron page honestly there are other sports
It took KD, lbj, Westbrook and kyrie to beat Curry by 3. Chad Turner lol
At the end if the day it's like s brotherhood, but when that clock starts we enemies for 48 minutes, family after that
I’m just here to see who will still complain there wasn’t enough defense. Sad
I for one would love to see LeBron in OKC, get rid of Melo, trade him back to the nuggets or something, get LeBron, Id pay a little more attention before playoff time...
Honestly best All Star game I’ve seen in a while!
All fun and games until playoffs start.
NBA is the laughing stock of pro sports
Snowflakes , western conference is much better
Family have fights, but family never fight love
Idk. You tell me. Participate in a nationally televised practice and then collect a $100k check. Sounds fun to me
Everyone is friends instead of killer instinct like Jordan and Kobe
Much fun my throats hurts hahahahahahahahahahahhahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Easy for Kyrie to be happy and playful, he doesn't HAVE to play with LeBron now! 😉
Buen match, se jugó en serio, superó las expectativas, tiene que seguir está modalidad 💪💪💪
Seeing them play together was the best thing during the whole weekend.
Steph used to Gsw plays.. he's waiting for a screen to take 3pt shot.
Im kinda glad Russ and Durant are kinda of talking again
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Several destinations seem possible for LeBron James in a decision that could shake up the NBA.

NBA sucks. You don’t see Sidney Crosby switch teams 3 times. Spent his whole career on Pittsburgh and brought them 3 Stanley Cups. How it should be. Basketball is a joke
He isn't leaving Cleveland. Sorry, folks.
Does LeBron own stock in ESPN? Or is there literally nothing else worth covering for this network...
I wonder if everyone in Cleveland will burn their jerseys again or save them in case he comes back a third time
Please don't come to Houston. The Rockets don't need him. I don't want any future championships coming with an asterisk. People would say, "OF COURSE they won championships.....LeBron joined Harden and CP3." I don't want another Kevin Durant joining an already formidable powerhouse of Curry, Thompson, and Green scenario here in Houston. I want to beat the best by just flat out grinding out a 7 game series. He needs to stay in Cleveland and retire in Cleveland. This is all just my opinion as a die hard Rockets fan. I want us to earn rings....but that's nearly impossible in today's NBA.
But when kyrie wanted out he was made the bad guy but LeBron can go as he pleases. Who cares where he goes.
Your opinions are irrelevant. People have the right to do what they think is best for them and their family and so do you. All the judging only reveals your character, not the athletes.
NBA Greatests Well if he goes to the Rockets..that would be fun..GSW vs Rockets is the real FINALS.
Who cares this season isn't even over, and another thing Jordan didn't have to change teams to win championships and he wasn't a crying school boy every time a call didn't go his way.
Wherever he goes, I won't support that team. And when he leaves CLE, I hope he gets the same hate, criticism, and condemnation that Kevin Durant got when he left OKC for the Warriors. Moreso, actually, because this would be the second time he's leaving CLE to go to a team with other superstars because he can't win without better players than him on the team.
I've lost so much respect for LeBron James, he trys to control everyone, teammates, management, media, refs, no wonder Kyrie Irving left, other players are getting tired of his act, just play basketball and keep quiet, I understand he's a great players but act like it and don't belittle teammates and management
This summer and this is tough..... ima take my talents to the Pacific Northwest and join the Seattle supersonics!!
Does ESPN honestly have nothing better to do than photo shop jerseys onto Lebron? Time to find a new hobby.
Must be a slow news day. I’ve honestly had enough with the speculating on this, it’s so tiring! ESPN how about you try reporting on actual news?
Why not Toronto? Two solid players in derozan and Lowry one of the best benches in the league and Dwayne Casey is one of the best coaches in the league who just happened to coach your all star team. Not to mention if he brought a title to Toronto his legacy would be majorly upgraded.
Really only 5 teams make sense. 1. Stay 2.Houston 3. LA( only if they bring in PG or DmC will they have a shot) 4.SAS 5. Mia I'd be surprised if it wasn't those 5, I think the Sixer thing is a pipe dream, This will be Embiid's only yr fully healthy and Fultz is trash. I think if Embiid had played like this and been healthy since he came in the league , LeBron would trust him, but how many Injury prone Centers just all of the sudden have a miraculous turnaround, wouldn't be surprised if Embiid gets hurt by the end of this yr.
LeBitch be like "I didn't win in Cleveland again, better jump ship to another team until I win again"
He will never go to LA even with his 2 mansions there, he will not play with IT and he needs more than Paul George. I only see him taking an easy route by joining the Rockets. I saw the hug he gave to DAntoni after the press conference.
I have to laugh at this list of teams because it has been said that Houston or Golden State can't afford him without tearing apart there core so why would the top 2 teams in the west do that I think he either stays in Cleveland or goes to Lakers those are the obvious choices
Anderson,Gordon and picks for LBJ? Gilbert is dumb but he isn't an idiot. Who writes this garbage? IMO no way "The King" goes to the west.
I remember thinking ... hey after getting to the finals their no way in hell he's leaving Cleveland the first time
So basically he's not going anywhere. The only place that he could go without a sign and trade (Cleveland ain't helping him leave just to continue paying an astronomical tax), is LA. And there's no way with roster they have that he's going there.
I think he stays in the east. Still the easiest path to the finals. I say either stays with the Cavs, or goes to the 76ers.
If he wants to Really show how good he is, let him go to Charlotte and win a title or 3 for the Hornets!
I think LeBron could go to the Thunder Carmelo is there and PG is re signing and after watching the All Star Game it looks like him and Russell get along great
ESPN9 hours ago

It would be must-see TV.

I think...... don't have a draft, an hour before game, line players up, captains shoot for first pick, pick teams right there. Once teams are picked, play ball. Just a thought.
Washed wade bout to lose his wife, Karl Towns out here tryna be low...
Go back to the old Allstar format. East vs West. No need for a live draft at an already boring game.
Please keep trash out next years ASG like Goran Dragic or Horford when a Ben Simmons is better than both and would have been much better in that all star setting.
Yes, show the draft but this time add a clock to add excitement, an must also must pick a D-League player an a Wnba .
It’s all a show and terrible for the sport of basketball. These players are primadonnas and honestly do not care about competition. They take the easy way out...They can’t win a title on their own so they join their boyfriends. This is why guys like Jordan, Ewing, Bird, Irving, Starks just to name a few are competitors and never took the easy way out for a championship. I hope Lebron leaves the NBA and plays in Europe. #Lebronpleaseleave
So corny.. trying to be so cool...just play East vs West...god why does everything annoy me so much... The Love Fest please it's okay to not like each other Jesus Christ
If you're going to have a televised draft, do it Thursday or Friday before the game. Invite 30 players. 6 don't get picked. Last guy picked gets a new car or a $100,000 or something like that.
Have special guest as coaches! Former players! Hall of fame players like Jordan, magic, Byrd and let them pick the teams! Imagine Jordan vs magic or Byrd vs magic or Shaq vs kobe I think it would be great at least for a period of time
The All Star game is irrelevant and boring. The players have nothing to play for, and the defense is awful. I get that guys don't want to get injured, but for me that makes it lackluster.
Do it live the first day just before all star weekend. Then all the guys get the feeling of being picked live in person and can prepare, give it a streetball feeling
I think they should also televise player reactions...I'd like to see the face of the lucky NBA player who gets picked up last...Horford be like..."oye pero como asi! Q lo q hay loco..." Now that's entertainment! LOL
I think Steph may have had an edible or two. That nikka came out with a headband on for Christ sake. And u already know what Harden was into the night before.....
Can't wait to have a televised draft for a game that doesn't mean anything, except of course to inflate already immense egos. No thanks.
Laugh, but the NBA is always innovating and moving forward. I also hope that Silva really does implement a playoff seeding system of 1-16 irrespective of conference. It would be interesting to have perhaps a 6 seed Cavs team play the Warriors in the first round OR the Rockets possibly playing the Warriors in the championship round. Thoughts ?
Anyone that thinks is last all star game was competitive you’re kidding yourself. 150 points by both teams and Lebron bounce passing a ball over Embids head. 🚮
Go back to east vs west that was stupid as was the entire weekend. Korny as hell! U want to do this way, pick on the floor with them all standing there but only play round robin 2 L’s n I r done. Maybe first to 21 5vs 5 but not the whole game, nba sucks
That was actually the most entertaining game in years. I’d like to see the draft live. Those jerseys though... it looks like it came from the Dollar Store.
That’s the only thing they missed out on. Still haven’t heard the complete order. It was a great game.
New format was alright, I think nxt yr the 1st place team in east n west, team comes together n they pick the 2 captains sooo other people can do it or just throw names in a hat n draw
This is going to be the same formula as this year because we all know the teams will be picked before anyways. You want to do something really fun. Shoot for teams straight up!!! First to make it or alternate sides.
The only thing you could do to make the All star game “must watch TV” is to have them play an actually competitive basketball game.
Everyone asking for the old format I get it I prefer it myself but they the dumbest thing they could do If you haven't realized yet, that the west is way more stacked then the east, it would have been completely one sided, why do you thing Lebron picked so many players from the west
I didn't care for the hype leading up to the game, and please lose Kevin Hart, but the game itself was awesome -- renewed my faith in the NBA. Super competitive and entertaining. Bottom line, let the players play the game.
I would also like to see the winning teams players get 100k to donate to a charity of their choice. That would be more incentive for them to play harder.