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Genuine. Heartfelt. Real.

The emotions of NCAA March Madness:

Greg Schaiberger I wish the media would give these kids time to breathe after a heartbreaking loss.
Sean Evans From a Carolina fan, much respect to De'Aaron Fox! That is genuine emotion. He is and will continue to be a great player in the next level! #heels
Ben Abraham And people say one and done players couldn't care less about college. Our team this season has been the closest group of brother I have seen in awhile. Thanks for it all guys! #BBN
Jordan Setters I know it's doubtful, but if Fox came back and stayed for multiple years, he would become an all-time great and one of the best college basketball players in history. That kid is gifted and will be an incredible player, I hope the best for him. #Goheels though btw.
Juan Salazar I hate how people think our one and done players don't have any heart for Kentucky. The big blue nation gives them all the love, and when they come short, they feel like a they've disappointed us. Keep your heads up fellas! We will always remember and love our players.
Travis Shutt Proud of this team. Sad that Monk's shot will be lost to history.
Tristan Andrews As a guy who wants UNC to take it all, I respect these guys. They show true passion for the game, they are young and have a lot of potential! Good game fellas!
Timothy Truesdale They have a great team. I believe if they stay for another year they can develop even more learning how to play against bigs because that's all in the NBA, Bigs. Can't rush wisdom and experience.
Adam Smith Glad to see young men like this with real passion and love for the game. They'll be back next year or they'll make the leap the NBA. They should be nothing but proud of the way they played against my Tar Heels. πŸ’―
Johnathan Spillers Now this is a group I can appreciate... Much more sincere than Mr. Ball. Assuming they will be Top 10 picks, but if they came back next year, they'd be dominant.
Jennifer Benson Not a UK fan but this was tough to watch. Keep your chin up guys. I know losing sucks but you had a heckuva tournament run.
Randale Jennings As a Heels fan, I know that pain. Great game, played by great players, from a great program. Fantastic job Kentucky. You have no reason to hang your heads.
Ryan Harsley Keep your head up boys! You had a heck of a run! Big Blue Nation is proud of your efforts!!!
Nick Taylor Quick question: yall same ones saying the media need to give the players a break until the emotion is over ...did yall say that After The Cam Newton super bowl 50 interview
Ray Bratcher Anyone who says these one and dones don't care about school or UK after watching this are just idiots
Craig Smith Now they're going to lottery teams who won't win for a few years.
Ryszard GnuΕ›ny that will last a couple of hrs and leave them as they announce that they are leaving for the nba
Kristian Bustamante Truth champion.. Shows the heart that the team has and the love for the game.. Keep your head up..
Jeffrey Jordan Don't worry, guys. There's always next year.
Adam Regguinti Omg suck it up you baby, y'all be playing in the NBA together next year anyways πŸ‘
David Warlow It's tough man , trust me us duck fans have felt it many times through the years .
John Spatafora Boohoo we had to come here for 1 year before we get to become millionaires....give me a break
Dusty Lee Sheets I really don't like UK. But I really do like Fox and Monk. I hope their passion and talent translates to the next level
Kyle Jeffrey Flammond Why y'all crying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ your gonna start making millions in a few months what a bunch of babies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Taylor B Chillin Y'all Good thing they have 3 years left to redeem themselves...
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There are great sports stories everywhere. Parents who love their kids. Athletes who have overcome odds.

But it doesn't happen every day, several times a day, like it does at the Special Olympics World Games.

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Each of the teams in the Final Four had a unique, and in some cases unlikely, path to Phoenix.

One team is here for the first time in school history while another is appearing for the first time since 1939.

Jeff Bowen Make that two. S Car & Gonzaga are both in the Final Four for the first time.
Jay Monahan All 4 teams that made the Final Four were deserving and earned the chance to win the National Championship.
Jordan Smith Sign of the times: UNC will play in two Final Fours before a resolution to its NCAA academic fraud case that threatens '05 & '09 titles.
Hector Rodriguez I love March Madness basketball has its beauty of the world.#MarchMadness
Adam Hussman Zags and South Carolina both are in for the first time. Time to edit your posts, ESPN.
Mike Shupp In 1939 only 8 teams played in the tourney,,I'll give Oregon a 1st time too.
Jennifer Manning Tindle I guess you can say that NC's unique path is that the NCAA made sure they made it to the finals.
Tom Woodward 2 teams are there for the first time in school history.
Christopher Lee Boursaw Unc is gonna win
Matthew Strader Time to delete this post and try again ESPN.
Jon Shearman The moment was when their Elite 8!Game ended.
Andrew Morris That one shining moment...
Troy Rose
Richie Gallaher 2 teams are there for the first time in school history...1 since 1939...and 1 for the 20th time.
Juan RamΓ­rez The Refs brought the Tar Heels to the Final Four
Bilal Ashraf 😹 πŸ’•πŸ’•
Anthony Jagiello Rick Maldonado
Carson Roseliep Luuuukkkeeee
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Sometimes, the game lives up to the hype.

North Carolina. Kentucky. What a show. What a finish.

Dallas Hunt Don't discredit the Refs....... They did a hell of a job. Makes two games that the refs have won it for UNC
Heidi Faye Tracey Well here in Ohio in the WBNS 10 TV viewing area, everyone missed the last seconds of the game. TV station broke in with a black blank screen with the meteorologist talking about a tornado warning in the Columbus area. Lots of unhappy people.
Ryan Adams Luke Maye topped off a team effort that showed true heart. Down 5 to a powerhouse like Kentucky, who had already beaten you once this year when you scored 100, and to come back and win that game!!!
Rip Wimbrough Carolina had 19 fouls called, Kentucky 18. Stop blaming the refs. They've sucked all tournament. This was by far the best game of the tourney
Steven Cavazos Good game from both teams. I'm a Kentucky fan and believe coach Calipari does an amazing job each year with getting kids to progress into the elite in less than a year.
Justin Adams What a game, UNC will be back in the title game with the way they're playing. Sorry Duke fans πŸ˜‚
Chris Jonglei North Carolina is my all-time favorite team.But they put Kentucky in the toughest bracket.This should have been the championship game.
Paul W Day Good game by two evenly matched teams. Played twice this year and both games won on a,last second shot. Both defiantly two of top teams in country.
Sarah Elizabeth You mean the refs won the game. For UNC right? Doesn't make a good game in my books but for the NCAA they had to get an ACC team in there since they tried to just give it to Duke but you know. Go South Carolina
Joey Fletcher Not the finish I was hoping for, but best of luck to UNC and their fans.
A.j. Minton It's about time UK thinks about getting another coach. 9 years and only 1 title isn't acceptable by any standards. Well unless you're NC state.
Steve Valentine Great winning shot, but hit your Freaking Free Throws. Good God Heels you're killing me!
Jeffrey Jordan It's always great when Kentucky loses.
Tj Naumann Lmao Kentucky fans stay full of excuses shut up have fun watching our Blue play in the final 4 ;)
Tim Jenkins Blame your free throw shooting 12/19 including 5/11 in the 1h Kentucky.
Kj Gosselin Best game of the tourney thus far. I may be biased haha
Dewayne Carty No call
Randy Page Kentucky losing at the buzzer to a team from North Carolina in the elite 8? Where have I heard that before?
Dinno Estrella Dimacali if this was chess Kentucky made a blunder that totally gave the game away.
Chris Bess When will Kentucky learn to guard the shooter wearing #32? Fool me once, shame on.... :)
Robin Vaughan Kentucky needed a Christian Laettner shot at the end, lol.
Jordan Smith Wow! This will be a great story for UNC to tell their classmates tomorrow! Oh wait...
Will Reed
Tony Roseboro The look on DUKE fans faces after CAROLINA's win over Kentucky!!!
Nick Mayes Me right now lol North Carolina was just too clutch though
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A blue blood and a Cinderella join a Duck and a Zag.

The Final Four is set!

Kyle Brunson Diane Wright I don't want UNC to win (duke fan). I don't want to hear Oregon "fans" talk like they know what they are talking about. And the gamecocks beat duke.... so let's go zags!!!
Christian Creek I just don't want North Carolina to win... anybody with me here?..
Adam Coots I have 3 of the 4 final four teams. I have Gonzaga vs North Carolina in the final but really hoping now it's Gonzaga vs Oregon! What a game that would be.
Craig Platt South Carolina fan but it'll be Gonzaga vs UNC for the title game. And it will be a dandy. I'm also a UNC fan (yes you can root for multiple programs), but I think G finally takes home a trophy! A much deserved one.
Kylor Neale Pacific Northwest showdown for the national championship.
Aaron Frechen Why isn't anyone asking if there was ever a time when we thought that North Carolina and South Carolina could face each other in the National Championship Game?
Eric Witt Someday people will realize height in a game can also be a disadvantage to a much quicker small lineup. People are saying UNC will blast Oregon because their size, but the Ducks will be playing a lot of 5 on 4 if they play those big guys a lot. If you have watched Oregon, you know they fly up and down the court. I would give UNC the edge, but it will be a close one.
Ana Rivera Since Michigan - my original pick - isn't in this Final Four, I'd probably go with Gonzaga or Oregon instead. Then again, though, SC has been a Cinderella Story lately, and UNC's pushed to make it this far as well, so it's hard to say.
Dan Rhone The best of both Carolina's in the Final Four against both teams from the Pacific northwest. Who would of thought but it will be interesting
Chris Cinense I think it's gonna be a battle of the Carolinas for the National Championship! πŸ€
Reid Michael Shadle UNC VS Oregon is going to be lit whoever wins that game is the National Champion
Michael Sage For everyone that thinks the NCAA wanted certain teams to win.. lol good one. This is going to be a horrible final four as far as ratings is concerned
Luis Alfaro All these cry baby's no help what so ever for either team. Great game by KY just some people don't know how to take the L. Losers
Cody Bailey It's funny Kentucky fans never complain about officiating when they win.
Joel Hubbard Zags fans remind me of Bernie Sanders voters. Mindless ignoramouses. Love Frank Martin but hate South Carolina. And Oregon comes off as a bunch of clowns. Plus the heels should have won it last year. Lol.
Christopher Bargo Fox and Monk were lackluster today, there were Def some questionable calls but I am not blaming in on that. It was mainly an offense thing.
Cynthia Woods Stiles I know it's a long-shot but would love to see a NC vs SC final.
Tony Wayne Oregon Ducks will win the national championship. Like if you agree.
Shawn Dineen Final will be east vs west or states bordering each other. Go Zags!
Scott Douse Im ok with any of these teams minus North Carolina winning. Loving that 3 teams have either never been or havent been in 80 years.
Kelley Centers I'd love to see Cinderella go to the ball but I think it's UNC over Zaga
Eric Witt I love that Oregon is still getting no respect. UNC better not sleepwalk into that game.
Levi Raber One thing these teams have in common is their defense. Should be great. Go Ducks!!
Chris Mcfall Well there went the last team I had in my final four bracket and the team I picked to win it all thanks Kentucky
Tony Pacello Go Zags!!
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After Kentucky ties it with a late 3, North Carolina answers with a last-second shot for a record 20th Final Four trip!

Ronen Huang Thanks for defeating the obnoxious kentucky wildcats-America
Alex Syrianoudis Was anyone else hopsing for overtime so they could see more of this game? Such a great duke it out game between two great teams.
Taylor Good Here come the "Refs won it for NC" and "NC didn't beat us, we beat ourselfs" Kentucky fans.
Anthony Alviar First half Carolina got an abundance of help from the refs, the second half was a flat out basketball game, only with some silly foul calls throughout the half.
Anthony Smith That game was very exciting to watch. Congrats to UNC...but Kentucky should keep their heads up because they have a lot of talent. North Carolina Tar Heels...WELCOME TO THE FINAL FOUR GENTLEMEN! CONGRATS! :)
Dylan Daniel Tough loss, I hate saying it but the first half was a horror show. Kentucky called for touch fouls yet NC was mauling bam at the rim, not entirely on the refs but it sure didn't help. It is what it is, at the end of the day NC hit the last shot. We'll be back next year.
Raul Barnett As Tar Heels fan, first of all my respects to Kentucky, they refused to give up, great team effort in the end, Simply UNC keep playing their game and won the game, Maye great team effort by him and Hero, 2 more games for UNC, victory, but not a celebration, not yet and GO TAR HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kj Gosselin There's always people who blame it on the refs. There's calls that go both ways. Can't you just enjoy a GREAT game! What a finish!
Adam Fairbert The refs were inconsistent for both teams. Blaming the refs is such a weak excuse. I hate when Packers or Badgers fans do it too (me being them too).. yea, some calls go against you, but to say UNC won bc the refs is crazy. Great game though!
Kevin Hoerres I just came to read all the comments whining about refs. Get over it losers! πŸ˜‚
Nick Corman The refs were horrible....Congrats to UNC, but The refs sucked. Kentucky will be back next season...#BBN
Jason Zach Crownover Malik Monk hit two box office shots at the end of the game to keep them in reach, and then tie it. Kentucky just couldn't stop turning the ball over late. Monk is the truth.
EJ Green That is as good as it gets when it comes to basketball games in the final seconds. I've rewinded and replayed that sequence like 30 times
Kent Fuqua Two weeks in a row that the referees gave North Carolina a tournament win. It's disgusting!
Chance Stuart When UK wins it's because they're superior. When they lose it's because they were robbed and didn't get the call. Typical crybaby UK fans
Britt Fuller The last 3 mins were great but like Maye was HUGE an hit the GM winner what a game that 3 by monk was big tar heels down 64-59 outscored UK 16-9 the last 3 mins I thought thus GM would've gone to OT I have gonzaga n unc in final 4
Jim Villarreal Kentucky fans whining about refs cause they're used to getting all the calls. Well against another blue blood school that won't happen.
Patrick Tyler UNC did a great job defensively the entire game. Kentucky couldn't stop the big men. They never let up and made stops to regain the lead. They won't be stopped in Phoenix. They're playing like a championship team!
Corbin Sorrell That should be Kentucky but the refs had to cheat. If you all don't remember when Wisconsin beat Kentucky in the final four in 2015 the refs that cheated Kentucky then and helped Wisconsin. The same exact refs who reft that game reft the Kentucky and North Carolina today
Roger T. Farrish Thank you President Trump for saving America and giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on
TJ Ray Thanks to the officials the 1st half. Gave unc at least 8 points.
Mike Moran I don't care what anyone says, Kentucky played better but had too many calls go against them but whatever we'll be back next year
Joe Keiger Heels win fair and square... get over your loss and stop whining about bad refs.... The all time #1 excuse in sports.
Brittany Trinkle We should have had those four points in the first half, those 'basket interference' calls were ludacris. Proud of my cats though! #BBN
James Sheppard Let me guess... The refs won this game for them too huh?!! Lol. Duke fans have never been more butt hurt!! πŸ˜‚ #goheels #finalfourbound!
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"The first thing I thought of was 'Sesame Street,' 'Canvas Street.' So I wrote a jingle for 'Canvas Street.' And I was like, 'Whoa, no β€” street?' It can be bigger: 'Canvas City.'

Baxter Holmes on Kobe Bryant's next move:

Benji Woods Kobe is my childhood idol, but what is this nonsense? Do what you do best something in basketball, not this lmao!
Scott Hufford Then he went and raped a few chicks in Colorado and bought his wife a 140c diamond to apologize..
Matt Heenan He watched all the Sesame Street episodes and now he knows better manners. Cut him some slack.
Dick Carbone
Blake Wood Does he have any thoughts on rape??
Sean Calinao
Ayoo Rakeen Who knew Kobe was a great story tellerπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’―πŸ˜‚
Crystal Hammon Dylan Mamba mania
Bilal Ashraf πŸ‘· πŸ’•πŸ’•
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Erik Matyas As an Indians fan I love that. Gotta keep our group of young players together
Anthony Bomasuto This is an example of how ESPN can no longer report actual sports news
Ricky Smith Roger Goodell is going to fine Tom Brady for this.
Brian Johnson If only they could keep all these young guys for a long time I'd be happy.
Ramon Paez LaVar Ball now that was a grwat backshortstop sonny boy.i tell ya.
Matt White Why only 7 years?
Alex Feliciano He is the best
Ana Rivera That one-word headline, though...
James Rodriguez Cant blame him though, lindor is one of the best ss
Justin M. Portik Go Tribe!
Rick Foltz Lock Frankie up!
Tony Wilbur OMG who the hell cares
Joe Buckley Gallagher Sign it Frankie!
Nick Z-Man
David Madera Tribe in 5 this year
Tim Hutfless Still lost a 3-1 lead
William Sebestinas I'm ok with that
Gabriel Vazquez It's no secret to begin with
Bilal Ashraf πŸ’© πŸ’•πŸ’•
Vincent Gagnon Ha, ha ! Zachary
Ryan Black Caleb Rexx that is funny
Michael Teti Beth McClure Teti
Kyle Ost Matt Lorenz
Joaquim Henderson Andrew Gassman lol
Tim Brown Henry Jones Casey Ray Buentello Gregory Kent Meismer Cody D. Jackson Andrew Bostrom
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Inside the "Crystal Ball Of Canvas City" lies the secrets to Russell Westbrook's and James Harden's respective games.

Justin Adams Rockets twitter trolling Russ with some truth !
Aric Jones Wondered what the heck was going on when I tuned in today with sock puppets and some narrator...
Troy Rose Let's check in on the other team in Staples Center...
Jack Dillon Canvas City or Kansas City?
Cody Hall It's called not having a #2 guy.
Ferris Jared Bautista Mark Gelle so good, watch part 1
Luis Ayllon De Mingo I miss his moves, he was the best
Bilal Ashraf 😭 πŸ’•πŸ’•
Jesus Nava Ilse Nava
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In the first part of Kobe Bryant's Musecage, he teaches "Little Mamba" the difference between light musings and dark musings.

Todd Doxey ESPN. Every Stupid Post Network. This one time, 3 years ago, ESPN had a post about sports. True story
Trent Dickerson Kobe's 81 pts is > Wilt's 100.
Rob Pippen I would teach little mamba the art of nut kicking - draymond green-
Ryen Monroe I love Kobe but that skit was weird
TJ Herrin Would love to get Kobe's autograph one day.
Jay Bautista The Black Mamba
Jason Rivera G.O.A.T
Max Dodge Greg Wisniewski....Kobe has harnessed the dark powers
Shauna Marie ESPN, I bet you erased my comment because I'm a girl! !!
Michael Swanberg Looks like Ekans on weed from PokΓ©mon
Mary Carpenter Amazing!!!
Hector Rodriguez #BlackMamba
Diana Rivera-Tiaga Very motivating
Bilal Ashraf 🌹 πŸ’•πŸ’•
Ronnie Varnerr I told you Cody Griffin πŸ˜‚
Jonathan Elghanian Scott Shustak
Debra Haverkost Todd Haverkost
Luis Chanure Aaron Washington