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"It's just another proof they came here to make a show, not for basketball."

Best things those kids could do is GET AWAY FROM THEIR FATHER!!!! He will ruin their careers
I don’t see Lebron James mentioned in this at all...
... and now they can finally begin their careers - one sneaks Nikes into Lonzo, while the other one tells the Dad he wore their stupid family shoe in an actual NBA game.
It was nice to not hear about them when they were playing there.. they should stay over there.. the NBA doesn't need more bad players like your son...
Let's stop commenting on this family so we don't give them the attention they so desperately crave. Yes I know by commenting on this I'm part of the problem. It's like Inception for facebook.
Like the old say All good things come to an end. It was peaceful the last few weeks not hearing about the dad and the kleptomaniacs.
Eyyyyy, our boys are coming home to the ESPN compound where we can get nonstop takes from LaVar and fam 24/7!
Ball family is back to give ESPN someone other than LeBron to talk about. Lol
Never saw that one coming now did we? 🤔
Anyone else see LeBron's game winning goaltend last night?
What did you THINK it was? 😂😂😂
Their dad is snake oil salesmen
Liangelo is going to enter the draft don't know what the other one is going to do
They wouldn't be good in a co-ed rec league..
Stunt not stint
Please stay there
Tanahh!!! Lol...
Jeff Waszkiewicz
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Are you ready?

It's NFL Draft Day. Let's do this.

I’ll most certainly be drunk by the time my Cowboys pick; so either way if it’s disappointment or success I’ll be cool with it 😂
Today is the day finally. No more terrible mock drafts.
Cleveland should choose me with the first pick. I'm old, short and slow, with no arm strength, but I only want half of a rookie deal and it will only take the first day of mini-camp to realize how terrible I am. I think that would be a bargain.😎
Kyper is far from a guru.. he is almost never correct and questioned alot.
One thing is for certain... the Cleveland Browns will find a way to mess up their pick once again.
LeBron James will be mad if you aren't posting about him.
Nope, I'm ready for the Avengers
My Browns’ Superbowl.
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Cleveland gonna Cleveland and take QB #5,043 that will play one season.
I'm really ready
João V. Espinheira
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Was LeBron James' epic block just a missed goaltend?

Victor Oladipo thinks so.

But the ball wasn’t above the rim though...what about the blown call on the OOB before hand? Should have still been Cleveland ball. Go cry somewhere else. Maybe if you weren’t 2/20 Dipo.
Horrible calls. Goaltend and a foul. That's what you get if you lebron. That's why I won't watch a cavs game until they make it out of the first round. They give a guy like lebron (who is a beast) to much help
Are you blind ESPN? Not only was it a goaltend, it was also a foul. But, the fixed NBA wants to keep Lebron in the playoffs as long as possible for the ratings
I am a Milwaukee Bucks fan and not really a fan of LeBron but there is no denying he is absolutely incredible - both offensively and defensively. With that said - this play was NOT a goal tend - at all - nor was Oladipo fouled. This isn't the "fixed NBA" or the refs trying to keep LeBron going in the playoffs. This is the best player we have ever seen in the modern era taking it to another level. The 3 he hit - falling away - was bonkers. It's made even more incredible because every single person - on the court, in the arena, and watching on television - knew LeBron was getting the ball and taking the last shot. He will never eclipse Michael Jordan as the best ever, but LeBron is close...
"In basketball, goaltending is the violation of interfering with the ball while it is on its way to the basket and it is (a) in a downward flight, (b) entirely above the rim and has the possibility of entering the basket, and (c) not touching the rim.[1][2][3] In NCAA basketball, WNBA and NBA basketball, goaltending is also called if the ball has already touched the backboard while being above the height of the rim in its flight." I'm not sure it even hit the backboard, it sorta seems like Oladipo's hands hit the backboard not the ball... but regardless, the ball was below the rim. So no, it was not goaltending.
Y'all Lebron haters need to stfu. And if you really have this big of a problem with what im saying Inbox Me and we can def handle it. Til than be quite ladies
So if it was called a goaltend, it would just elevate the great shot LeBron made. They would have still won and it would be by one. So keep thinking it mattered. Take this L Victor Home Depot.
When you gotta slow something down just to technically declare a play that developed in real time as illegal, perhaps the fact that the play was a goaltend wasn't the problem Oladipo. Maybe you should'nt've tried to go through Lebron.
and the ball was out on the Pacers during previous Cavs possession plus say it was goaltending..they still lose on Bron’s 3 soo....
Twice NBA has screwed the pacers in back to back games Had Lebron still hit that shot after then maybe it wouldn't matter But of course they can't let Lebron lose Too much money
Goaltending means you cant touch the ball, no matter the direction, after it hits the backboard as long as the ball is above the rim. The ball was not above the rim, and it doesn't look as if the ball hit the backboard until James blocked it. Either way, the Cavs would have called a timeout to move the in-pass up the court. The 3 that James hit would still have won the game. Running every single play to replay takes away from the game. Refs are human, and it's hard to decipher a close play like that. If the NBA really wanted James to win, it wouldn't have come down to a close play with 4 seconds left. Just my opinion.
My Understanding: To be "Goal tending", the ball must be at least one of the following... On its way downward in the life of a shot (Not this).... Must have already touched the backboard aka bank shot... (Not this but reasonably close).. Above or on the basket / rim and NOT on it's way upwards (Not this)... This doesn't look like goal tending IMO. Carry on.
1) Your layup was way off. It was an airball and it looked like it hit the backboard but it was your finger roll that moved the ball backwards before Lebron blocked it. 2) Lebron still hit the 3. 3) You should be more consistent. that's why you lost. 4) Salty.
Well guys picture the nba playoffs without LeBron James.. You think Espn and the nba want that???their ratings will dip so nba will ignore it and espn will talk around the goaltend.. If LeBron team got eliminated in the first round then the ratings will take a huge decline cuz folks either wanna see LeBron win it or lose. Its wwe.. LeBron will be a sure on to the Eastern Conference Championship no doubt.. There's a reason why he's in 7 consecutive finals.
If you want to blame anyone, blame the refs for not reviewing it like they can inside 2 minutes. Instead of hating on someone trying to win a game, enjoy the good games while you can because when GS is fully healthy the season is over anyways.
It was a goal tend after being able to watch the replay over and over again But in real time there’s no way to call that a goal tend
From the angle espn gave ,it looked like a clean block. Show it at a different angle maybe it’s a different story. To me it just looks too close to call, and given lebron the block.
foul,goaltend,with the 3 would have been tie game if VO makes his free throw . isnt there a camera on top to the basket? be nice to see that video . but oh well The NBA is back to its old tricks
No star player has ever needed more help from the league, refs and other players to be great, yet still has a losing record when it matters most.
This is a dumb post and a dumb comment by Oladipo. The previous play when it was a turnover by Lebron, it was actually out by a pacer and the refs missed it. If it wasn’t for that missed call (which they could have reviewed) Oladipo would never have had a chance.
Yeah that was missed but so was the call for the ball for Cleveland on the last possession too so either way I don't think it makes too huge of a difference
And Jordan pushed off and should of been called for an offensive foul......your point? Sorry Victor you're Byran Scott, LeBron James is Michael Jordan. Whether its a pick up game or the NBA Finals, You don't that call 11 out of 10 times.
The rules say otherwise, Junior. Ball has to be above the rim for a block like LeBron's to be considered goaltending. Read Rule 11 of the NBA Rules.
so what if it was a goal tend? he still hit a three. cavs would have won by 1 anyways? what does this prove? besides mvps will always get the calls..thats one of the many perks of being a mvp/best player on earth/face of nba kind of player. Indy should find one so they can get those calls.
Out of bounds on Thaddeus young but pacers ball? Lebron hit a 3 anyway, pacers still would have lost. No excuses, little Vic, you should have taken a jumper or dunked it with the left
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On draft day, we wear jorts.

Finally a Brave president working relentlessly to make us proud and make America great again, good morals and good actions. I thank god that the last 8 years is so corrupt and full of lies and Im able to survive it and all of the Americans like me. I look forward in 2020 that All of us will vote Trump once again AMEN JESUS FORTRESS
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Thanos destroys half of the universe and kills Loki, Gamora, Starlord, Rocket, Spider-Man, Dr Strange, nick fury, Bucky, Falcon, and Black Panther.
Would it have been too much to get the guy in yellow a red Solo cup? Come on man!..
People have way too much time on their hands! Wayyyyyy too much
Reports have Cleveland Browns taking him Number 1
I did not like favre but he was good. mayfield, you will NEVER be anything like him. More like Manziel
And ESPN’s ratings continue to fall daily.
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Baker is using a 80s brick phone like he’s on Saved by the Bell
Those better be Wrangler Jorts, that's all I know.
you can tell which ones are Brett’s because the fly won’t stay up.....
Man, how hard was it for the the dude in the yellow to find a red solo cup? Lmao
Cmon Cleveland let the guy live. Do the right thing and do not draft him.
I don't see why people compare him to Manziel. One is a drug addict one is not. Just cause he's arrogant doesn't mean he's Manziel 2.0. Mayfield is going to be a stud in the NFL unlike Manziel.
Brad Stafford starting to like Mayfield lol
Anybody notice the "Luv ❤ My Cavs" sign above the doorway? I guess he knows something eh? He is going to the Browns.
Mitch Vannoy had to tag you bc of the word JORTS
Mayfield is such a tool, I want the Browns to take him so bad
Anyone else think young Favre looks like Canelo ? Lmao
If he's lucky he'll be drafted that high.....
Do players have a say on who drafts them or are they inclined to play for whoever drafts them?
This grossed me out more than it should've
Tim Ascheman I didn’t realize you were with Brett Favre when he got his draft call.
Don’t forget the warriors blew a 3-1 lead
I wonder if he is going to get drunk tonight? 👀
Savannah this is amazing. I can honestly say I'm pulling for this kid to do well. 😂😂
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It had been 9 years since LeBron hit a playoff buzzer-beater at The Q.

But people say he's so clutch... Nearly once a decade 😂
Its hard not to appreciate those last seconds ... greatness... kobe still the 🐐🐐 tho.... fight me!
Are we just going to ignore the goaltending?
Blah blah blah, he is a talented player, I give that. I can't dunk a basketball or make a 3 pointer under pressure but there were others who could control a game with their play. James is a big guy in a watered down league. Good for him.
Keep posting Lebron highlights so these Lebron haters can get irritated. 😂😂😂😂
It's easy to try to nitpick every little play of the man who is guaranteed either best, or 2nd best All-Time, but I have to say, watching Lebron last night in his 15th season dominate this game the way he did was nothing short of incredible. He played the game the way it was meant to be played last night. A work of art.
Great shot set up by that goal tending non call......
it's been less than an hour since ESPN touted Lebron so of course they gotta post another thing about him How much is he paying you guys to shove down our throats? You act like he's the only person on the Cavs for crying out loud!
About time he hit a big shot without Kyrie. It’s been forever. Don’t forget to thank the league office for the no goaltending. Shout out Adam Silver 😂.
Can't believe the Magic made the playoffs at one point...
Enough already men. What went on with the other games last night. Can you let us know please .... thanks
Ok everyone I just went to the league office and reviewed the the Lebron block. Since people are crying about goal tending the league has giving the Pacers the 2 points. This makes the ending score of the game 98-97 Cleveland which means Cleveland still wins silly people lol
If the rest of the Cavs could play a little more offense and defense, LeBron wouldn't need to shoot buzzer beaters. Someone should check the ink on their tatoos for lead.
I really don't understand why they didn't double team LeBron everybody in the building knew he was going to get the ball????
9 yrs lmao but he clutch yo I'm done 😂😂
Didn't he hit a buzzer-beater against Chicago a few years ago in the playoffs because if I remember right Derrick Rose did it the game before and that wasn't 9 years ago
So the ball already hit glass, was above the rim and then James “blocked” it. 🤔
Lebron seems to like to shoot those when it’s tied up and there’s no pressure, if he were to miss it would just be OT
Too much hype. Basically a wide open shot, and it would have been more pressure on him if they hadn't cheated the Pacers, would have been a different shot down by 2. Good hit tho.
2 of 200 clutch finish or buzzer beater #StriveforgreatnessNot #3/5FinalRecord #realgoat23Bulls
And the play b4 last night's game winner WAS goal tending the director of NBA officials even said it was so the wanna b James gets another hand out 😎😎😎
To all you cry babies calling goaltend. That was such a close call. I'd really like to see you in that refs shoes making that call. As the league has stated that was not a reviewable play so the officials did not have the benefit of replay that you do. Stop your crying babies.
Thus the nickname Lechokes, all those playoff losses and its taken 9 years to get another buzzer beater.
And Orlando crushed them after that.. 😂✌️
Did you see how proud his dad was in the clip from 9 years ago. Jumping on the team huddle and all. Way to support your stepson Delonte West.
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Game-winning greatness.

The Bulls were losing and Jordan was on the road. And that shot Jordan hit was to close the series. Y'all try so hard to elevate LeBron over Jordan.
Only the Bulls were losing. LeBron does not take that shot if they were down 1 point! He knew it didnt matter if he missed cuz he still had overtime. Not near the pressure.
Jordan 10 scoring titles, Lebron 1 Jordan 1 Defense of player of the year, Lebron 0 Jordan 3 steals, Lebron 0 Jordan 6 fmvps, Lebron 3 Jordan 6 -0, Lebron 3-5 Jordan 1 all- star Pippen , Lebron 5, wade, bosh, ray Allen, Kyrie, Kevin love. Jordan all defensive first teams 9, Lebron 5 Jordan higher shooting percentage for the regular season and playoffs. Jordan hire win shares in the playoffs and regular season. Jordan averaged more blocks in spite of being a guard Jordan 2x dunk champion, Lebron scared to enter. Beat more 60 and 50 win teams then LeBron. Jordan lead a team to 72 wins, LeBron needed a suspension assist from the league to overcome a 73 win team. Jordan 3peated twice, Lebron 0 Jordan 1 rookie of the year, Lebron 1 (screwed melo) Jordan 5 mvps, Lebron 4 Playoff records Jordan 43, LeBron 5 Jordan changed the game, Lebron changes teams Lebrons already played more years than Jordan and wears 23, OVER, and it wasn't even close, sorry
It was a great shot by a great player, maybe the second best to ever play the game. But the Jordan comparisons just need to stop. It distracts from a Lebron’s greatness instead of adding to it. They are two different players in two different eras. Lebron will put up unbelievable career numbers if he stays healthy, but as far as he level of greatness in their prime, I feel the discussion is over for basketball fans who are old enough to have seen both consistently play in that prime. MJ is still the GOAT, but Lebron is still like nothing we’ve ever seen, and it’s a thrill to watch him play.
the difference is that MJ shot ended the series and the bulls went to the next round not the next game in the same series..
Lebron being Lebron. His block started it and his 3 finished. Playoff mode. And doesn’t need the greatest coach ever to win.
LOOK AT THE DEFENSIVE DIFFERENCES HERE PEOPLE! All over Jordan vs looked like they wanted Bron to make that lol.. not a Bron hater but look at the film.. No defense.. #Bronisgreatdontgetnmewrong #ijustlovejordanmore
Nowhere close. Jordan was actually denied the ball and had to work the whole time till it went in. Lebron came open off the dribble with no one in his face. Big difference. Nice try though
You all are tippy toeing around it. LBJ is good, but MJ is the greatest. MJ's shot will be remembered forever and LBJ's moment as good as it was last night will be soon forgotten.
Final game of the final series = greatness. Tied game in first round = meh OK. Good shot, clutch play but in the end they are literally fighting for their lives in the first round against the Pacers.
Yes, the difference is that Jordan made that game-winning shot a hundred times while Lebron has instead passed on it 100 times. The fact he actually took the shot is miraculous enough.
Jordan didn't get away with a goal tend and a foul the play before leflop is just an alright player quit insulting the real goat Jordan by trying to put leflop next to Jordan Kobe is better than leflop
MJ had a hand all in his face, had to rely on hangtime to change his shot, the bulls were down 1, and this clinched the series. LeBron had a guy 5 feet from him, make no attempt to defend him, then jumps at the shot after LeBron is halfway through his shot, the game was tied, and this makes the series 3-2. Quit comparing this crap.
They didn’t show the part where Jordan jumped on the scoring table and beat his chest, that’s right didn’t happen he had a little class. Celebrated with his teammates.
This is silly, lue is obviously not saying the same moment but is saying the “same play” you guys are the only ones making comparisons of the caliber of the moment. I would argue the block plus the shot probably add up to the same moment as Jordan just hitting the shot. By the way I think Jordan is the GOAT, but think we also need to just shut up and enjoy the greatest all around player/athlete we may ever see.
First of all Indiana gave up on defense no competition at all, it was like saying lebron take the last shot we will give it to you...🤨 If You you look at MJ video he had to wrestle his shot away.... NO COMPARISON.... Not taking anything away from Lebron he did what he had to do..GREAT FINISH...
James was by himself no body on him. While Jordan always had 2-3 guys on him if not more. You guys need to stop comparing oranges with apples.
Ummm Coach Lue. At the time of each shot; your team was tied with the Pacers. Michael and the Bulls were actually losing the game. So following that logic, MJ's shot held more weight as Lebron had [theoretically] nothing to lose in that particular moment.
Nope..the difference was the score and the pressure..lebron cavs had a tied score..miss then overtime. Jordans bulls was down 1..miss and you lose. Higher level of pressure
series winner if you miss you lose VS. shot to avoid overtime at home in non-elimination game in 1st round 🤔🤣🤔... When he does it to win it all, I'll be impressed.
Jordan was waaaay better, not even close. The Cavs need LeBon's shot to barely beat the FIFTH seed in the terrible East division, a team who's best player just left for the West last year! The East is awful.
Arnold Gore MJ's shot was a 2 pointer... Lebron put range on that baby and took a valuable game 5 son. You can't keep dissing greatness.. lebron just little nephewed you and all of his other haters.
This is an absolutely ridiculous comparison. Let what LeBron did be great for him and his team last night, but comparing these two shots, and the situation both were in, apples and oranges.
No Matter the only difference. MJ Is the greatest player. Lebron just ..want to be like MJ. Y'all try so hard to elevate Lebron 0ver Jordan. No way Jordan Still Lebrons Daddy 😁😂😂😂😂
Lebron was further out by about 8 feet so there was less defensive pressure. Yes Jordan had more contact on him look how close he was to the hoop. I’m sure if Lebron wasn’t outside the 3 point line he would have seen more contact and guarding. Both were amazing and both were slightly different.
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Completely normal way to eat popcorn.

Is no one going to point out that the announcer refered to him as a she?!?
Lady: "Did you catch it?" Guy: "Yeah!" Lady: "Oh my god!" Proceeds to eat a handful of popcorn
Wow ESPN you posted something else besides a LaBaby highlight....
Nice catch. Ugh, forgot they put fences around every inch of their ballpark.
Seriously, why else would you bring your glove to the ballpark unless you were going to eat popcorn out of it? 🤔
Mesut Ozil catched the ball
That catch was poppin' !!
The popcorn costs more then the ball.
We all thought that was the backpack kid XD
Hey, maybe he’s sharing and let the other person take the bag. It’s still abuse of the sacred relic that is a baseball glove, but it’s a clever way to do it.
Chris this is what I would use a glove for ... popcorn shovel
Box of popcorn at Yankee stadium requires a home refinance. Gotta find ways to share
Marcela Carrillo look at his mom in the background.. she’s like “that’s great” and continues to eat popcorn 😂😂😂
Im just laughing on the mom kept eating her popcorn 😂😂😂😂
Sacrificed popcorn for a foul ball at a MLB baseball game? Kid has his priorities in order. #winningatlife
Popcorn probably cost more than the ball....great catch though....well worth it......
Aimee Brown he lost his popcorn for a baseball....
Stacy MausMaus..this kid for the grab!
Katie Neely this would be Luke. The boy loves some popcorn!
I remember it well...this was when Monday played for the Cubs, before becoming a Dodger and before becoiming a Dodgers broadcaster. The event occurred during a Cubs Dodgers game at Dodger stadium. Vin Scully called the "play"
It's like a leather feeding trough
Kinda hesitated like he didn't catch it but nice glove placement and nothing like a snack after a good catch!
Anna LaChimia exactly where we were sitting....
Matt D'Amore the Mom in this is my hero as she eats her popcorn
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The King and his court.

Stop glorifying this man, the only true king is our lord and savior Jesus Christ
This is only the 1st round. Remember this when he in the finals🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
It’s the FIRST round and he’s jumping on the announcers table after a desperation shot to beat the 6th
After goaltending and barely beating the 6 seed team.
Can ESPN go an hour without sucking off Lebron? There are other teams in the playoffs, not just him!
This guy knows it was goaltending and that they were lucky to pull that one off...😂
Dude hits one buzzer beater finally in his career when it’s needed and y’all acting like it’s the best thing ever....he’s still the third best of all time tho ijs
I'm betting if the shot meant winning or losing, he would've missed. Knowing you're guaranteed OT takes all the pressure off the attempt.
Jumping on the table should be reserved for the finals ala Garnett and Kobe, but leave it Lebron who will likely lose another finals this year...if he gets there. Hell im surprised he didnt pass off the game winning shot as hes been known to. Hes the best of this generation, but when the dust settles he will not be the Goat—-maybe top 5 though.
Everybody is talking about the no-call goaltending; however what about the out of bounds call that gave Indiana the ball
I hate the Cavs so much...
You act like he just won the championship, it was game five in a 2-2 series in the first round. The Cavs will be lucky to make it thru round 2.
I feel no sympathy for Lebron...espn please stop the playoffs are way better without sympathy cause he is trying so hard to beat MJ that is frustrating c’mon the guys use MJ number I get they guy is better than most specially when he drives to the basket but is so obvious and the only people supporting that is ESPN the rest are just echoing what espn is saying. (I was a Lebron fan when he was the true Lebron). 🤢🤮😷
15 years in the league, played every single game this season with no rest, averaging 40+ minutes a game and still has the energy to produce more.
Hahahaha it’s the first round against a mediocre team w zero stars. He has ZERO chance to win the title. They would get swept in the finals vs anyone out West including Utah.
He finally takes a game winning shot in game 5 of the first round of the playoffs. If it was game 5 in the finals, he’d pass it to someone else...
Sadly the haters will find another excuse or reason about this win.. You really can't stop stupidity 😏
I dont hate LeBron James. I do hope Boston, 76ers, or Toronto can find a way to be in the Finals. So sick of it being GS and Cleveland every fkn year. Like in the NFL with New England Pats...It seems the pros are fixed and it's really all about the $$$$. Just my opinion of it all.
game 5 Championship series win ...GTFO with that ish! 🤦‍♂️ In other news Adam Silver just said it only take 3 games to win a series now!.... so Cleveland advances! ....NOT!!!!!!!!!
It must suck to hate one of the Alltime greats so much that you wake up and just post nonsense. 15th year, played all 82 games, leading scorer, and a new lineup every night. #shhhhh
I still don't see three consecutive rings. He's a cheating, bear hugging, over-rated cry baby who is always carried off the court for muscle cramps or his little face got hurt. I can't wait until he chokes again!! 😈
that was AWESOME for the fans. just to have joy and forget all about life issues, work,stress and etc. to celebrate a good win go home happy.
It was goaltending, but he hit a three so the Cavs would have won by 1 anyway. I never understood the NBA rule of advancing the ball to midcourt after taking a timeout, though.
Celebrating like he won a ring lol soak it up all you can Cavs fans this will be the last play he will make in the playoffs calling it now
Anyone ever play pickup or in a league and it's a close competitive game and you hit a game winner or a teammate does? Y'all get hype, right? Now on a much much much larger scale where it matters and it's a close competitive game and LeBron hits a game winner and he gets hype what else would you expect? Y'all hate on this man for anything
ESPN12 hours ago

The kid called game.

“Son l’m going to replay the game winner, go and stand in front of the tv and call game when LeBron takes the shot”
Ain't no dad gonna let their big headed kid to sit in front of the TV at the most crucial point of the game FOH. Nice try tho.
Top 5 all time players. 5. Magic 4. Wilt 3. Lebron 2. Kareem 1. Michael Like it or not this is the list.
I don’t get why people are hating on him? He has gone to 8 finals, seven straight finals, have 3 rings, family man, never gets in trouble, and best of all beat maybe the best team of all time 73 wins Warriors. I get it though. Haters will always hate. He will go down as a legend in the books.
He didnt call the game at all..what he did was get upset that lebron was just pulling up from the top of the key again!! He didnt expect it to go in at all look at the face it screams "jesus christ again...really?"
I wonder if he called the goal tend too😂😂😂
It was on replay first of all and LeBron would never take that last second shot if he was down 2 points. Love or korver or even the 10 man on the bench before him would have on a LeBron /lue time out He took it cause it was a free shot.. curry takes them from half court all day lol.. korver or love woulda shot them if they woulda called that goaltend on the play before that.. js
Just going through the comments briefly... not one mention of how good of actor the kid is compared to the 3 “adults” in the room.
If My kid was standing in front of the TV at that crucial moment he would have got a clothesline. DVR is cool though
Fake. Who would let the kid be standing directly in front of the tv at this moment in the game? This kid will probably be making the talk show rounds by next week though... sad how people will be so fake just to go viral
I wanna see him walk away from the TV as soon as Oladipo takes off for the layup and calls goaltending!
Rousey and her new WWE buddies are even calling this fake lol.
TBH it’s a 50/50 shot so you record the boy and if it isn’t the game winner the internet doesn’t go bonkers with this. Who cares!
It's amazing how many people are conveniently video recording on their phone at the most random times to get the perfect shot and reaction. Every time! It's amazing!
News flash the east is weak they got maybe 4 good teams. Cakewalk to the finals every year .. reason why if LeBron goes to the 76ers he's just an upgraded east team
if this was live, i dont think they'd let this kid stand in front of the tv...
Oh yea, he just happened to start recording as soon as the inbound pass was thrown in and miraculous lebron shoots and the kid knew to say game and walk away right at the moment he shot the ball? You're an idiot if you don't think he rewinded his DVR...
unbelievable. why is it that you never allow people to have their moments?, that it always has to be questioned by you losers that sit in your mom's basement never leaving that dark dungeon
They re wound the game and re did that reaction cause if that was live I’d be telling that kid get your big head from front the tv
Does it really matter that the goaltend wasn't called? No. Cavaliers would've still won by 1 point. Pacers are probably upset because of some Vegas betting.
In a world where DVRs are wicked common, this doesn't impress me as much as it once did. (insert cynical faced emoji)
LeBron has been on another level these past couple years! It’s incredible to be viewing history as it’s being made. #TheLand
Clearly this was a replay but even if it was live he called it too late IMO. You have to be earlier than that. Like I called the Miracle in Minnesota play before the ball was even snapped, not until Diggs caught the ball
Even with the buzzer beater finish, it was the most boring worst playoff game of the year. There had to have been around 60 free throws and 50-60 fouls called in this game. Very hard to watch.
ESPN12 hours ago

Rockets finish off the T-Wolves in Round 1 😤

As long as Capela is never called for an illegal screen and Harden is never called for traveling, it will be hard for anyone to defend Houston. It barely resembles basketball anymore.
The refs favored harden this entire series. Teague did the same thing and didn’t get any of the bad calls that harden got
Houston smashed Minnesota harder than Thanos after he murdered Black Panther, Bucky, Falcon, Vision, Scarlett Witch, Drax, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Starlord, And Dr Strange in Infinity War
C'mon ESPN, was that really necessary? A bit over the top and excessive don't ya think?
Tom Thibodeau must be fired! Not a Wolves' fan but I want it to happen! He's overrated!
Houston is overrated they’ll soon find out
Here come all the Haters. Wonder why they hate Houston so much all of a sudden #hardenisgonnabemvp #altuveismvp #astrosarechamps #rocketsnext? #theyhateuscuztheyaintus
Dubs are coming to smash Houston’s hopes..
Its a real shame Karl-Anthony Towns Decided to take the first 2 games off might of had a real series.
I expected an outcome like this. The best team in the league against a team that made the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. Proud of the Twolves, this team can only get better.
Clint Capella had 26 and 15 on 85% shooting. But Harden is still given all the credit hahhaha it's actually a joke Alex Cocco
Small K.A.T. is overrated. Got outplayed by Clint Capela. Denver would have been a better match up
Congratulations to the Rockets for finally doing something in the playoffs 😂😂 Unfortunately you're just raising the hopes of your fans higher so when you undoubtedly blow the next series theyll cry harder.
I’m a timberwolves fan, but Houston was the better team, our players didn’t seem like they had it out to win.
If anything, should've put AD's face on Hulk and have Damian Lillard on Loki... That series was too easy for Anthony Davis. Dude was a beast.
Last I check the wolves won a game. Where was this video with Davis smashing Lillards team who got swept.
That's funny because harden always dies off for playoffs so just wait until he faces the warriors and gets snacked yet again. Like always
Refs wouldn't have called a foul on the Rockets if they did this, either.
The Hulk pushes off less than James Harden.
The beard is unstoppable!! Let's go, Rockets
Not even laughable... James Harden is poster boy for flopping... He isn't hard whatsoever... Yea they beat the TWolves but James Harden and the hulk should never be mentioned in the aspect
Jonathan Kim easy peasy for the Beard, looking forward for the conference finals: Warriors vs Rockets.
Injured Butler and non-existent KAT. I mean did anyone expect the Wolves to beat the Rockets
That's how I felt when y'all had on this game instead of the OKC game!! WTF WHO DECIDED THAT MOVE?!?! No one wanted to watch the rockets game. SMDH
Anyone who thought the wolves had a chance was absolutely delusional. They've been mediocre all season