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The Warriors co-owner was honest about a potential Finals rubber match.

Shawn Cain If you had unfinished business, then you should have brought the same team back this year, justifiably because you won a record 73 games and were up 3-1, but had some bad breaks go against y'all toward the end the series. Instead of having your players beg arguably the 2nd best player in the league to come play with them, even while they were in the midst of winning those 73 games and assuming they were gonna win the championship that year, To further stack the deck in your favor, by taking the best player away from your toughest competition in the West, strengthen your team and weakening your chief competition in the process... #weakchampionship, if y'all win..
Angelo Scimenes It's sad knowing that the Thunder would have won the West this year if Durant would have stayed!! Man what a coward...
Jason Reed Perhaps NBA teams should draft better. Steph, Klay, and Draymond (and Harrison Barnes) are homegrown talent that played well in a system that is product of good coaching. This winning formula is desirable for free agents. Can't be mad at that. "If you build it, they will come."
Grant Higbee Unless you are simply a die-hard fan of the game of basketball, I do not understand how anyone, as a general fan of sports, can possibly find this entertaining. These NBA playoffs and the whole season in general have been complete and utter garbage. We've known since July who will be in the Finals. LeBron and Durant have ruined the league with their Super Team BS. Quit watching the NBA and pick up the Stanley Cup Finals for this year. Not only is it infinitely more competitive, but losing the ratings will put pressure on the NBA to actually do something about the disastrous lack of parity and sellout mentality they've allowed to form in their league.
Brandon Powell Unfished business? You guys won the first round so what unfinished business would you have? I would understand if you haven't won a title yet, but you have, and so did they, so this is just a winner takes all kind of knockout round now. Actually this matchup was already in the cards right after last year's Finals. Don't try to make it more dramatic.
Mitchell Rossman Are you serious that the season was meh? It was arguably the most historic season of all time. Westbrook averaged a triple double, harden had over 2000 points off assists &a scoring. And that's just to name a few things. You crazy
John Hart Pretty sure I want him not to speak to it. That said. Kinda tired of whiny ppl talking about KD. Specially them Cavs fans. Last time I checked... You guys keep saying Lebron is the greatest player ever. So you have no worries. Relax... you guys are still the Champs last time I checked.
Paul Wroblewski I would advise that owner to be careful what he asks for. Lebron will eat their lunch just like he did last year after GS built 3-1 lead. GS will crumble like a cookie again this year.
Kyle Shrope Cleveland will get smashed. They haven't faced a team with 2 amazing scorers and 2 really good scorers behind them along with an amazing bench all the while play close to best d in league
Curtis Ousley Warriors win in 5, those saying cavs give me reasons why the cavs will win other than saying they have guy who only scores 11 points?
Brandon Marshall If you don't love this comment you don't know what sport is all about 💯 I hope to God this is the finals, and 100% chance it will be
TJ Skillman No no...that business is done. You lost. Yes, I'm saying you. Because YOU care about what I (internet schmuck) has to say.
Carlos Sena Warriors know CAVS won't get lucky 2 years in a row... let's keep in mind that in the last 2 years both teams have played eatchother healthy 4 times and warriors own a demanding 3 games to 1 on those instances lol.. so you lebron nut huggers really think you're going to get lucky with more suspensions and injuries again??? Hahahaha morons
Bill Strimple TV ratings. Sure NBA would make sure those two teams in finals . Now which team will NBA see to it they win. James is the face of NBA. So lol. NBA won't let James lose
Seth Mortimore But could manu ginobli and the 95-96 bulls defeat the big baller brand and Lavar ball on the two yard line?
Joe Monaco Thompson will take care of ZaZa Kyrie will outplay Curry and LBJ will dominate Durant like he was in OKC ? Cavs will keep your business unfinished....
Elijah Obasanya I'm starting to root for the warriors simply because people hating on them so much. Lol
Chad Kubicina Golden Girls needed Durant (1) because they know that Curry, Dray, and Clay (3) will blow a lead. That 3-1 insurance policy is looking solid.
Jeremy Moore Difference is, GSW added the second best player in the world to try to take down LeBron!
Jeff Ariano I like how it is a pic of LBJ owning Curry which is what is about to happen again
Alan Diaz Curry can't choke this year , gotta play better D against Uncle Drew .
Arnel Amigable GSW VS. CAVS 4-2 GSW 20Q6 NBA FINALS CHAMPION. they will dethrone Cavs.
Cem Hurrican Cavs have the better Bench. I think its going to be 4-2 Cavs
Jack Winchcomb I hope Cleveland sweep them Todd Scott Justin
George Delatorre Why is the dude in a suit giving the cavs bulletin board material?
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"He's one of my top 10 favorite players of all time."

Moses Marrero Manu would have been a perennial All-Star starting on any other team but he was humble and played his role in helping his team win 4 championships. Let's also remember he's one a the few Olympic Gold Medal winners to not play on Team USA.
Kevin Brackens Jr So many people on here to claim they are basketball fans but don't know the NBA doesn't have its own hall of fame. If they did then no, he wouldn't make it based on stats. It's the basketball hall of fame, they take into account international, college and pro leagues
Justin Riley He's a Hall of Famer no questions asked. He is a 4X champion and the Spurs would arguably not have gone on those championship runs without his solid contributions. He's a star player, not a role player scrub. What he meant to San Antonio as a city and to the fans is without question, a illustrious career.
Carson Gregory They wouldn't have won the series with leonard playing, but it wouldn't have been a sweep. Let's keep it real. They had no chance of winning the series...
Joshua Frost I'll call this out, the dude is one of the best sixth man to ever embrace the position. Dude was an assassin throughout his career. I don't care about his stats, he made his presence known being part of the "big 3"in San Antonio while winning 4 chips
Aaron Root What's everyone else's? Here is mine. Favorite, not best. Don't include your home team!(Pistons are mine) Iverson LeBron Kobe Dwade Vince Carter Jason Williams Steph Shaq KG Jason Richardson.
Larry Pena What people don't understand is that in "Reality" Manu is Not a 6th man, off the bench leader of the second unit. He was a starter that just came into the Game at the 7 min mark. He was a closer of the game. he was out there balling, slashing, making big play after big play! When the game went to the final seconds the Starters where out there except for one... Ginobli was in that final spot.
Andrew Carbajal Yeah, a career scoring average of 13.6 ppg, never playing in all 82 games in a season, 2 all star appearances and 2 6th man awards is a hall of fame career *rolls eye* Terry Poulos I know you're a fan of winners and champions, does he deserve hall because of the 4 titles and never missing the playoffs in his career?
George Antidormi Top 10 is pushing it. Im sure we could all easily name 10 better(at least) Hes a hofr. Good player, but lets call it for what it is. Hes being gassed because of the moment and his impending retirement. This is a tribute.
Kenny Jakowski Jr It's the role he played with his team; the moments at which he scored assisted rebounded or blocked. His work ethic. His desire to win. His basketball iq. Manu is a legend. Without him the Spurs would of never been a dynasty. First ballot HOFer
Бямбадорж Дуламсүрэн He's a HOF caliber player no doubt about that. Spurs might not have won the championship without him in 2005 in particular. He's always been one of the cornerstones of a Spurs team that has been the model of success for 2 decades and counting. Plus he has international achievements as well.
Crosby Timmons Cooper has 5 rings. Made all defensive 1st team 5 times. 2nd team 3 times. And won Defensive of the Year. No way Manu should go in before Cooper. Plus Cooper has more playoff minutes to.
Trent Ferdinand I never liked ginobli. But now he has to be top 2 or 3 shooting guards of the 2000+ era. Plus hes a champion and beat USA at the olympics
Mike Jo Everyone says he's my top 10 of all time and I heard about 30 players name. Lol
Frank Bacci We all respect the guy, but that's a stretch
Jason Brown To anyone saying he doesn't belong: your basketball ignorance is showing. First ballot, easily.
David Smith It is the Basketball Hall of Fame so not only do take into account what he's done internationally along with NBA he is a no-doubt Hall of Famer
Ryan Schumacher When you think of players from Argentina,you think of Manu Ginobili and......
Kevin Brackens Jr He'll get in. Why? It's the Basketball hall of fame not the NBA hall of fame.
Jay Harris Best flopper of all time - he deserves to be enshrined for that alone.
Giancarlo Xavier Perez
Neal Shah Rohan Chhabra Welp guess we know who Shayan Sadre's new fav analyst is
Steve Weller Manu G. is/was a solid veteran, complimentary role player, not a true superstar
Stuart Cheney He was 13.6/3.4/3.9 for his career, he should not be in the HOF
Donovan Lee "Respect to Manu!!". Best international 6th man".
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Two days after New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi covered home plate in dirt, the umpires gave him a chance to redeem himself.

Jay Fuller Anything but dirt!?! How will they know where it is!?!
Nick Nilsen Brent Nicole I freaking love this game so much....
Brad McCormick Classy move.
Michael Quinn I farted this
Marquis Swinton
Roland Rangel Stupid ritual of baseball.
David Watkins Hi ESPN
Christian Donlin Watch your tongue, it's strategic.
Michael Quinn Nice
Scott Storobinsky Lmao
Jake Becerra Jordan Doherty girardi's soft
George Rodriguez Emigdio Figueroa lol
Jordan Swidler Jeremy B Newman
Craig Alles Nora Zolt
Eric Thorstenson Kevin
Pieter van Diemen Ted Koehorst
Stephen Urbanik Sean Tinley
Natasha Devi Michael Mohammed
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The Warriors have lost 1 of their last 28 games.

They’ll need to lose 4 of their next 7 to not win a championship.

Aaron O'Malley The biggest bit*h made team of all time. If you're a "Warrior's" fan, do the planet a favor, and walk yourself into oncoming traffic.
Ronen Huang Last year they were 1 win away. And then they blew it all. See why stats like this are irrelevant
Robbie Sardinia And the loss they had they sat Klay and the all stars got plenty of rest time because they already wrapped up home court advantage through the whole playoffs. They have not lost in the post-toaster era with Klay on the court.
Dane Redmond Well they did lose 3 in a row to end the season last year after losing only 9 all season. Let's not try to act like that them losing 4 of their next 7 after going 27-1 would be that shocking.
Eric Spicer That would be almost as insane as if a team would win their first 24 games on the season, end up losing just 9 out of 82 games total and then go onto lose 3 straight and choke away the Finals, 2 of those being at home...can you imagine?
Jeremiah Hardin 2015 *Kyrie and K. Love injured* Warrior bandwagons - "injuries are part of the game quit crying no excuses" 2016 "bogut was injured curry and Andre were playing injured green was suspended the league is rigged that's why we lost" 2017 *kawhi get injured* "injuries are part of the game quit crying no excuses"
David Pullins The Warriors will always be remembered as the team that won 73 games and DIDN'T win a championship.....Like the 2007 Patriots that went 18-0 and then lost in the SB. Two of the biggest chokes in sports history.
Hector Ortiz I swear if they win the championship all real NBA fans and people with sense will not care when the day comes lol we're gonna be like yay....I mean a superstar team won...what do you expect. It's gonna be like the most stupid victory ever.
Austyn Venne As a Dubs fan, I hope Manu comes back and plays one more season. He's a class act guy, and I always enjoy watching him play. He'll be in the Hall one day. Now, let's finish this time Warriors!
Alef Rodriguez It's ok, they lost 4 games last year, when it counted the most. No respect for a team full of all-stars who act as tough as they do. I bet if they only had two or three stars on their team like most other franchises they wouldn't be so cocky. Bunch of suckers, hope they lose again and if they don't they're not supposed to lose anyway. LeBron is gassed up too with all these comparisons to Jordan. The league is terrible, the only comp is on the west and even that is mediocre. Basketball fell off... Football season can't come soon enough boy!
Hai Pham Theres nothing to be proud of here. A marvel like Super team is expected to win. If not, then I dont even know what to say. Im still speechless from last year. lol
Saad Noman Well Jordan would have won all 28 of them. He has six rings by the way. He even died one game and they resuscitated him and he came back in and hit the game winner. GOAT!
איתי ברכה The wariors built a champ team by themselves drafted all their super stars last year they made 1 good trade just like the rocjets with harden and many other examples. Pepole can't complain about it since they hadn't traded all their stars and built their team from nothing. They made good smart descisions through out the years and became the best.
Marshall Gallo If I recall, the Warriors broke the best regular season record last year with the unanimous MVP aaaaaaaaaand look where that ended them.
Adrián Montalvo The NBA is dangerously heading to a model seen in Italian and Spanish soccer. Those leagues have two teams that dominate every year and in turn these leagues suffer in popularity. If the warriors survive free agency this year by keeping the team together it'll be a disservice to the league and its fans. When the bulls and lakers dominated in recent years it wasn't because of a loaded team. It was because of a star on that team with a supporting cast, similar to the Cavs. I love my spurs and I'll keep watching but if the league and owners don't take control of this issue it may be time to stop watching. Go Spurs Go!
Ron Sabol Yes...that's usually how series work. Lol. The team that loses four doesn't win the Championship. Oh, ESPN, you've done it again.
Omot Apijiu Omot Warriors fans should be thankful that Kwahi was injured. I don't see warriors winning over Cavs. They will choke like old times lol
Marcus Napolian Smith There was once upon a time when I favored Durant over Westbrook.I have come to realize that Westbrook is the best player in the universe and I hope that brittle bag of bones who wears #35,has a career ending injury!
Sean Steenburgh It's not like they aren't the equivalent of the western conference all stars. How can any one cheer for this team. It's a disgrace for the league to allow teams like this to occur. Make the league competitive again to prevent chumps like KD to destroy competition and variety. Make the league have true champions again that don't have to rely on riding the coat tails of the past champs.
John Esse Auble Hey lost 3 in a row in the finals how are they 27-1 ...unless you use the same logic that Ohio St fans use when they somehow say they've always had a winning record over Michigan. Ahhh that's it
Tyler Jones Ya know I will say this... the Warriors did things the right way before KD... they drafted their players and they all worked hard and improved their game to become what they are... then KD joined them which ruined it... but I respected them up until that point.
Ryan Trosley Cld be trouble for them. 9 days of rest wo duplicating the intensity of in-game action, against a Cavs team with no rest. It'll be a battle
Memphis Moore No there one loss is to Utah you can't tell me they weren't trying this is the warriors team they don't give free wins and especially when there record is that high you try to get all the wins you can
John Dylan Appleby How many of those last 28 games were against Cleveland? Considering they split the season series, and lost 4-3 in the finals last year they're still 1 game down to Cleveland
Jason Muddiman Pretty much sums it up to the Haters and Morons who really think the Weak azz Cavs can really handle this team and I'm calling total sweep thru it all!!
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For the first time ever:

Sergio Alaniz Never took the easy way and chased rings.. #Manuforever
Jordan Arellano Doesn’t matter they will lose to Cleveland in the finals..
Paul Martin God the NBA is boring. Teams going 12-0 in the playoffs. Same teams making the Finals over and over. Let me know when it's finished. I'll be watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, where anything can happen.
Ricardo Mendez They bums anyway, cause if Kwahi was playing that wouldn't have happened. We know this, Spurs would have won game 1 and go back to San Antonio maybe with the series tied 1-1. A bunch a bums
C.m. Johnigan To all the crybabies out there: Warriors won in last year's playoffs without Steph half the time. In the Finals, we had to play with Bogut hurt and Draymond suspended. Quit crying about Kawhi this and Kawhi that.
Jeremiah Hardin 2015 *Kyrie and K. Love injured* Warrior bandwagons - "injuries are part of the game quit crying no excuses" 2016 "bogut was injured curry and Andre were playing injured green was suspended the league is rigged that's why we lost" 2017 *kawhi get injured* "injuries are part of the game quit crying no excuses"
Jorge Luis Salvatierra Rodriguez Good luck with Cavs, gsw will face a healthy team for the first time :3
Art Alfaro Hahahaha I wanna see your face when you lose to a healthy Cavs team. Only way the Warriors can win. 10-12 teams they have beat in the playoffs have been injured. #nothingtobragabout
Pedro Almonte I don't know which team I hate more.. The Warriors or the Cavs. As a Spurs fan, I'm very excited for the future. Murray showed so much poise and I'm excited towards what he will bring to the Spurs.
Cathryn Weatherly Fisk History, well had Kawhi Leonard not gotten injured in game 1, this history would be a different story. The Spurs had a solid plan to take out or at least compete with the Warriors, but losing Parker and Leonard changed the series. Slow your role Warriors fans! #SaltySpursFan
Matt James Utah Jazz didn't have their starting point guard George Hill; Gobert played through an ankle injury most other men his size sit out 8 weeks for, Rodney Hood and Derrick Favors both hindered by a knee injury, ... Golden State is a special team, but they've had quite the road paved for them
Jordan Ruiz I'm so sorry Golden State fans.. you see this is a bad thing. What happens when teams do this? They lose big. I really wanted you guys to take Leflop down but it looks like Cleveland is gonna win. Those records are bad omens. 73-9, greatest regular season record ever. Lose. It's gonna repeat itself. :(
Steve Gonzales Lost to Spurs with Kawhi by 23 before your "play of the series.". Rest assured if he wasn't stepped on you'd be seeing game 5 and game 6. At least.
Dennys Guerrero What I don't get is why are all these Cavs fans acting like they're invincible? Bruh your team had the same record as the Utah Jazz on the West, and that's that the Cavs play more than half their season games against Eastern teams which pads their stats. If you don't know how the nba schedules works I dare you to try to prove me wrong
Joshua C Bassett This is not necessarily true, the 2001 Lakers entered the NBA finals that year undefeated. 11-0. But that was when the 1st round was a best of 5 series. in 2003, they changed that format to a best of 7 and has been that way ever since. So in reality, the Warriors just won 1 extra game but their not the first team in NBA history to enter the finals undeafeated
Janrey Martes And yes for the frst time ever they will loss again the championship poor kd next season better join lbj so that you got a ring before you retire
Brandon Knox then... Golden State gets swept by cleveland.. If only houston made it to the WCF and not San Antonio. But spurs put up a good fight
Joseph Reyes Coming from a non-GSW fan, the 12-0 streak in the NBA playoffs is some stat. If they win 4 straight more to win the title, would '16-'17 Warriors one of the best teams in NBA (postseason) history? I'm more interested about the stats than whoever wins the title tbh 🤔
Hai Pham Lebron never joined a 73 win "west" team. So hate on Durant is expected and so is 12-0. I expect GSW to win the Finals, if not then that will be even worse than what Lebron did to them last year.
Robert Strong They spurs because tony parker out Leonard got hurt David lee got hurt if does 3 where healthy it would been a different ball games
Victor E. Quintana Jr. Would it be out of line to say Golden State highlighted the importance of taking care of business and sweeping through the first couple of rounds? San Antonio had to fight through tough and costly series that saw 2 team leaders go down. They came into the WFC with so much more wear and tear than Golden State. GS didnt have to really break a sweat until Game 1. Had to fight to win that game then it was a cake walk from there. Im addition to just flat out being better, the Warriors were also fresher than a Spurs team that was worn down even before you factor in injuries. Aaand cue the Spurs haters that'll no doubt fail in their reading comprehension and just assume I'm making excuses for San Antonio when really I'm trying to call attention to Golden State's advantages.
Chris Manlawe KD didn't have to come to GSW. He should have stayed back in OKC. Same with Lebron. All these new players think of is getting rings the easy way. It's like Larry Bird teaming up with Magic Johnson or Patrick Ewing Teaming up with Micheal Jordan. Back then basketball was fun to watch. Several teams have all star players representing their team and city for the long haul. Now we have all star players teaming up with all star players for their own personal agendas.
James Case Yawn, need to quit finding reasons to be amazed by this 1x champ and owner of a 3-1 Finals collapse. Lakers did 3-0, 4-0, 4-0 through the western conference in 89' and 2001 when the first round was only 5. Win a few more rings, because these season records have amounted to 1, followed by the ultimate choking embarrassment.
Tim Christian So many salty haters. I'm a Bulls fan but c'mon, they're a good team and they're just playing loose, having fun. NBA has had many dominant teams like GSW. Don't get the hate
Denny Nguyen Not saying the Warriors wouldn't make it to the finals because they are a talented team but the sweep wasn't as great as it could have been. Had they sweep the Spurs at full strength I would definitely give them there dues but with Parker and Kawhi out of course it's an easy sweep. It's like if the Warriors lost Durant, Curry and Thompson or just Durant and Curry. Nonetheless congrats to the Warriors on making it to the finals again.
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Standing O for Manu.

Javier Cisneros There's not many players like him anymore ...that ultimate competitor with the killer instinct...his non stop hustle made him great #hof bound #spurslegend
Dominic Pace Inspiring organization down there no matter who your root for. Duncan, Manu, and Parker just played the game. No drama. No added attention. Just play. Amazing career.
Ryan Nguyen Good bye Manu. What heart and desire. Manu, 39 yo, aside from Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry, was the best player in this Spurs-GSW Series. Good bye to a true basketball legend, Manu Ginobili. Your unique, special game and talents were something that the NBA has never seen before. And we were all fortunate to watch you play & witness the beauty of your game for the last 15 years.
Erik Villagomez Manu Ginobili; a humble, class act, future inductee to the hall of fame. Stayed with the Spurs his entire career and always did what was best for the team. Thanks Manu.
Rodrigo Cezar Mileo No llores por mi Argentina! A true legend, always knew his place in the team and is the best Latin American basketball player of all times. Obrigado Ginobili, gracias amigo!
Dean Chucri Abdulrahim Some teams purchase their championships. But we built a solid foundation. And while we don't win championships every year we have achieved twenty-two 50+ win seasons in 24 years And they can't take that away from us! #GoSpursGo
Bashar Ali We're gonna miss you Manu, you have been great for the NBA and your personality and class made you even bigger. Argentina have brought us you and Messi, can't be more grateful and I'm a lakers fan. Thank you, you're a definite first ballot hall of fame.
Erik Villagomez My favorite Manu memory has to be his emphatic dunk on the Miami Heat in game 5 of the NBA finals. That dunk was all about redemption for the Spurs and Ginobili himself. #futurehalloffamer
Luis Rivera I'm a Cavs fan... but Manu is a class act (the whole team is). Too bad Leonard & Parker were injured - cuz I was really looking forward to seeing a Spurs-Cavs finals
Jerry Gunnell Old man Ginobli playing like he's 25. Lamarcus Aldridge was just taking up space.
Peter Aro I'm a Mavericks fan but this is well deserved especially by him. Manu, Tim and Tony made up the heart and soul of that team during my life of watching basketball. Manu was was probably my favorite except maybe Tim, out of the three. Clutch shots, always and forever dependable is who he was. He always was down to rally his team when needed. #OneOfTheGreats #SG #SF #Legend #Irreplaceable
Brandi Wallace Theres a familiar feeling spur fsns have tonight. We felt it last year when we saw timmy walk that OKC floor.... as sad as we feel what feeling is stronger is the feeling of veing blessed... MANU! Thank you for being you for everything you gave this city for spoiling us thank you if this indeed the last time we see walk off the floor... if we do get the pleasure of one more year we will still be thanking you for being MANU!!!!!!!!!
Cecilia Ortiz Well-deserved for an incredible player! Not a SA fan, but recall the numerous times this guy used to drive me and my mother crazy when the Spurs were in their prime.
Steve Gonzales Manu Ginobili. Just tremendous heart and soul and humility. We may never see another one like him. Praying for whatever he decides, may it be the right one for him and his family and his team. He truly gave all. Including tonight.
Melinda Garcia True LEGEND! I love Manu & I hope he comes back for one more year, he plays with heart & passion. If he does retire he will be missed by all true Spurs fans around the world. ❤️🏀
Abel Reyna Jr. Notice how even though there is 2 minutes left and down 16 points, this man still hustles and still gets to the basket. This man is a warrior. Hope he stays
Rudy Torres I remember the Argentinean fans at his exit from the Summer Olympics, now as a Spurs fan, I experienced the same-Tremendous heart and IQ for a basketball player who will be missed if this is his last game.
Rene Gonzalez one of a kind. living in San Antonio, we know him well. he's been everything a fan could hope for. in his role, playing amongst other greats; I really don't think a lot of NBA fans truly appreciate how amazing he was. Spectacular playmaking, ferocious energy, freak. Yet humble. Spurs Big 3 coming to a final close soon. Some NBA fans glad to see it end. But most should appreciate his contributions to the game.
Tom Walker Had he not been playing with such a great performing team, his play would have not been impressive. His teammates made him better.He played harder, faster and quicker then he knew he could. He was fortunate to be so lucky. Either way, he played like he wanted to show people his ability. He was very successful In That effort. Well done , and well played. He is indeed the best flop artist to ever play, but he was also a gritty competitor that never gave up. No doubt he will survive during his retirement years. Be careful ever brushing against him though in a bar or restaurant, as he will sue your add for knocking him down and steeling his wallet.
Aaron White Even after all the years of hate, and the hurting they laid on the Suns....I tip my hat to Manu. A very unique player and tremendous skills. If this is the end, enjoy your retirement! Respect. Phillip Herman Art Sears IV Turtle Sles Santino Di Santo
Paul Tian Defined greatness. He was a thorn in the sides of many a team in the West. If this is really his last go, I applaud him and wish him a joyous and relaxing retirement.
Joe Wallin 2nd best international player ever. I put dirk ahead of him. He was great and had a super smooth game, outstanding professional.
Lacey Radla I hope this isn't his last game. He is an absolute legend. Has played with so much heart his entire career. 💕
Mat-t Zorola We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our PURO PINCHE SPURS!!
Jason Schaeffer Shitcago is a corrupt liberal dump,yet morons still support their sports teams, ( cubs,bulls,bears,and blackhawks) yet claim to be conservatives! Folks if you go on vacation there,support there teams, or any of those things you are supporting that liberal dump! If you root for the cubs,you are supportimg that liberal dump!THINK ABOUT THAT FOR AWHILE BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE DONT!!!
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Three straight sweeps to get to a third straight Finals.

George E Tsougranis Durant could achieve the same thing this year having Westbrook by his side, but he chose to lose his good reputation. Kevin Durant, 9 out 10 NBA fans hate you.
Ross Keller Never thought I'd be a LeBron fan but I'll pull for Cleveland temporarily. Please don't let this team win #GoCavs #ImReallyAHornetsFanTho
Ryan Vitanza The Wiz are my team, but I think all the Warriors hate is hilarious! If KD and Curry play like that in the finals they aren't going to lose.
Kevin House Is anyone even entertained by these teams at this point? 3 or 4 more years of seeing the same teams play each other in the finals. Yaaaaaaaaaay... 😴😴😴
Shane David When u beat a team handicapped there is no celebrating just thank god u had it easy and move along
Jerry Moody III How about instead of covering a rematch even a blind and deaf man could see and hear. Cover the nashville predators first trip to the Stanley cup?!
Cody Peck No surprise here, we all knew this would happen last July cause the NBA is so predictable. It just proves that the head coach in NBA doesn't matter. Steve Kerr hasn't been there and they haven't lost a game all postseason, and on the other side you have popovich, who is arguably the best coach in the game, and he just got swept out of the playoffs. The title of NBA coach is so overrated
Justin Riley As much as I dislike the warriors, they are a good team. It's raining threes in Oakland and Steph Curry and Durant are just incredible. Cleveland will be quite the challenge for them though.
Jessica Rojas Lmao blazers and jazz. Spurs bench's bench did great. Good opp for spurs rookies to set first foot on the floor, especially during western conference finals!
Brandon Knox Mhmm. Three straights Finals.. nah. could it be... what if they don't make it next year... that would mean (3-1) right. TO BE CONTINUED.... then the rest is history
Brandon Alexander Ripley I hate golden state, loved them til they thought it would be cool to get top 3 player with 3 all nba players already. Poor klay he didnt deserve that mess
Richard Barrientos Durant doesn't a ring, he deserted his Thunder team.They were 1 game away from finals. GO SPURS GO! But for the finals GO CAVERLIERS!
Jimy Prince Now that the Warriors are in the Finals, the haters will start coming out full swing and I'm effect, the Cleveland bandwagon will just get bigger.
Joe Garcia Well, thank you Spurs for giving us a good season!!! Hopefully next year we will not have anyone injured in the playoffs. #Spurs #ThisIsWhyWePlay
Dale Seitter If the Warriors don't win it all then it is a bigger collapse than last year in my opinion. There are stacked teams and then there are the Warriors who are super stacked with so many stars in their prime. If Cleveland makes it to the finals as they should, Lebron won't be able to take a game off like last night.
Nick Burguron NBA is such a joke now. It's so boring to watch. Literally the same thing every year and it gets old. College basketball,Hockey,and Football are just so much better to watch because it's not the same 2 teams in the finals every year. KD could've stayed in OKC to make things interesting but instead he decides to take the easy path to a ring.
Patrick Elias Ugh I know my C's aren't making the Finals this year, but dayum if it's CLE-GSW who do I want to lose more??? I actually respect a lot of the players (except "weak" KD) and their organizations, but both have annoying fanbases too...
Jason Schaeffer Shitcago is a corrupt liberal dump,yet morons still support their sports teams, ( cubs,bulls,bears,and blackhawks) yet claim to be conservatives! Folks if you go on vacation there,support there teams, or any of those things you are supporting that liberal dump! If you root for the cubs,you are supportimg that liberal dump!THINK ABOUT THAT FOR AWHILE BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE DONT!!!
Edwin Ken Ho #Warriora finals is a given But they gonna have a tough time buying brooms for #SpursFans, cause no shops gonna open in this hour 🤣🤣😂😂 4-0
Hector Rodriguez Congratulations Golden State Warriors I am so proud of them what a performance golden state becomes the first team since 2001 Los Angeles Lakers to enter the NBA Finals undefeated
Johannes Headlach GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME! The Warriors would dismantle the Jordan era Bulls!
Logan Hadaway Can we stop unnecessarily hating teams please, it's really aggravating
Luis Rivera Spurs fans, us Cavs fans felt ur pain in 2015 when Kevin Love & Kyrie Irving were out... they've played only 2 series in past 3 years against teams that are full strength
Brian R Lucier I am not a spurs fan. I am a Lakers fan til I die but the Spurs should have won that series. F*** stupid dub nation and there bandwagon fans that keep jumping on board every year. If Leonard would have not gotten injured by the warriors player this would be a different series. Warriors always fine away to cheat to keep winning.
Kevin Zavala No team has ever blown a 3-1 lead in the finals after winning 73 games until the 2016 Golden State Warriors
ESPN5 hours ago

The Golden State Warriors stay perfect. Who's next?

Austyn Venne As a Dubs fan, I hope Manu comes back and plays one more season. He's a class act guy, and I always enjoy watching him play. He'll be in the Hall one day. Now, let's finish the season as champions this time Warriors!
Jeanette Peter 2015 *Kyrie and K. Love injured* Warrior bandwagons - "injuries are part of the game quit crying no excuses" 2016 "bogut was injured curry and Andre were playing injured green was suspended the league is rigged that's why we lost" 2017 *kawhi get injured* "injuries are part of the game quit crying no excuses"
Darius Snodgrass Go ahead and gloat Warriors fans. Your team played at full strength. Ours didn't. There's your answer right there. Don't bring up the regular season crap either. Playoffs is a whole nother atmosphere. We saw just what the Spurs would have done, had Kawhi remained healthy this series. Spurs fan till the day I die.
Jaime Galindo It's funny all these Spurs fans are mad??? Why cause your own coach left your star player out there and was hurt by your own bench before?? Why not just stay classy and congratulate the Warriors. The torch has been passed the Spurs had a great run! If the Spurs were going to the finals id root for them against the Cavs! You guys have 5 NBA championship it's the Warriors time now.
Edwin Ken Ho Your western conference champion 2017 #GoldenStateWarriors #Dubnation Sweep the blazers 4-0 Utah jazz 4-0 And the spurs 4-0 Winning in the spurs home, its gonna smell like champagne everytime Warriors goes to S.A 🏆😂😂🤣🤣 4-0 Dont worry spurs fans , #Warriors gonna hold the seat as the best team in the west for a long long time, don't wait up #CrySpursFansCry
Alan Diaz Dang it ! First time ! I'll see The Spurs getting spanked that bad , well that happens when only one player runs the show on your team I guess ...
Kimani Kimonster Brickhouse I don't wanna hear the east is weak now, since the west looks just as weak, in fact the whole playoffs so far is meh. I don't think this warrior team sweeps San Antonio if they had Parker and kawhi
Antonio M Roman Inostroza I've been a Bulls Fan since I was Six years old and I am now 37- watching Manu have been a pleasure it's crazy how your life can change.... Spurs have been great to watch with their big 3. To bad for Tony Parker another class act player. I would like KD to get this one.... the Warriors are a force to be wrecking with.
Joshua Loyd Isn't the second hit considered goal tending. IDK. It was off the backboard. Is it legal if the first block causes the hit off the board.
Rocky QS IX This is like WWE to me .. And I don't mean the warriors winning..I mean the way they have the fans believe the warriors are the villians and the Cavs are some what heroes..when in Irony .. Everybody was cheering for GS in 2015..2016 they get tired of the winning ..they go up 3-1 against a healthy Cavs squad ..get screwed by the league..they are trolled for Months .. Now they are looked at bad because Kawhi Leonard gets injured ..the media questions Zaza but in reality if pop rest's Kawhi more than likely the gets to play more games of the series..but people believe it anyway.. Cavs are redeemed unstoppable and Boston is made fun of. . until they stun Cleveland in Game 3 at the buzzer after Cleveland blows a 21 point lead .. If NBA Riggs it again . Cavs win it all again.. If it plays out regularly ..It goes 6 and If no one gets injured I say GS takes it..
Caleb Long Honestly, a healthy Kawhi and the Memphis Grizzlies are the only things that gave the Warriors trouble in the West throughout the season.
Brian R Lucier I am not a spurs fan. I am a Lakers fan til I die but the Spurs should have won that series. F*** stupid dub nation and there bandwagon fans that keep jumping on board every year. If Leonard would have not gotten injured by the warriors player this would be a different series. Warriors always fine away to cheat to keep winning.
Johannes Headlach The big women in San Antonio are going to eat away their tears tonight. Maybe they can burn off the calories walking around the dirty creek.
Zachary Ryan Baxter Well what do you expect? The warriors have 4 super stars plus javale mcgee who is just like Andrew bogut but better.
Osama Bin Haroon The Golden State Warriors will beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. You heard it first here! #DubNation #LockIn
Robert Matheson The Cavs, Zaza be going for those ankles of the big 3.
Austin Wagner
Prometheus McMurphy Easy too do when every team you play has a top three player from their team missing.
Kaylan Hodges Well if the warriors were to beat the Cavs, then the next question is "who is going to be the real finals MVP" LOL?! 🤔
Jason Rose Take down the cavs & ill be happy with that. Long time spurs fan but ill go for the warriors
Frederick Gloede Oh there was basketball played tonight? Who cares.
Randy Jay Pena So hypothetical question here. So if the Celtics vs Cavs go 7 games, who wins the NBA finals?
René Verastegui Pachulia was named Western conference finals MVP!
Cody Hall The refs, the NBA, Commissioner Silver, LeBron, Kyrie, Love, J.R. Smith, and Korver.
Juan Carlos Bonilla This is GS year!! They are going to win it and LeBron, once again, will be left in despair! 😂😂
ESPN5 hours ago

After completing their 18th season, the Nashville Predators are finally heading to the Stanley Cup finals.

A look at the game that clinched it:

Dominic Keiser Nhl>nba playoffs
Jacob Schneier Randy Carlye making so many excuses and complaing. Said Preds got dirty goals and we did well. Said the scheduling and them not getting rest and they should give them more days. Wow what a cry baby!! That's why the Ducks have no class because the coach is a piece of garbage.
Stefen Antes For those who don't watch hockey this is the equivalent of the Houston Texans making it to the Super Bowl, congrats Preds
Mitchell Rossman Not surprised. I've felt like the ducks were outplaying themselves all season, don't think their record was an indication of how good they were. And this is coming from a ducks fan
John Perez I tip my hat off to the Preds for getting to the Cup final in addition to getting past Chicago to get there. They're having a hell of a run and Pekka Rinne will definitely be the Conn Smythe winner should they go on to win the whole thing.
Matt Ferrell
Matt Wiley Don't let this distract you from the fact that Terrorists scum attacked in The UK killing 19 and injuring 57 and there's tons of missing children after the incident.
Dani Boria Sit the hell down, ESPN. You've done nothing but doubt the Preds the entire playoffs but then want to be on their dicks when they continue to advance. #Thirsty #GoPreds
Jacob Schneier Oh ESPN did we not "BARELY" beat the Ducks in this game?? Shut up ESPN!! GO PREDS!!!!
Cael Tanner Hill It will be fun to watch the Preds get swept in the finals.
Dustin Kelley
Ashley Embry
Kerry Dawson
Michael Roberts *Thanks to sports being scripted. First 8 seed to ever sweep a 1 seed in NBA or NHL history.
Jake Pittman As a Blackhawks fan, I'm glad Nashville is going to the cup.
Jessie Barger Logan I assume you are going crazy right now.
Ken Soroky Love how everyone is so quick to put Pittsburg in the finals!.... don't remember them winning 4
Danny Werner They will lose to the penguins
Jason Schaeffer Shitcago is a corrupt liberal dump,yet morons still support their sports teams, ( cubs,bulls,bears,and blackhawks) yet claim to be conservatives! Folks if you go on vacation there,support there teams, or any of those things you are supporting that liberal dump! If you root for the cubs,you are supportimg that liberal dump!THINK ABOUT THAT FOR AWHILE BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE DONT!!!
Jacob Schneier
Jacob Kulakofsky Abe Field if you wanted exciting playoffs here is a team to cheer for
René Verastegui Meanwhile the NBA has Cavs-GS till 2022.
Evan Richard We Need Gary Thorne & Bill Clement!
Javier Liberto Jr.
ESPN6 hours ago

Will Gordon Hayward reunite with Brad Stevens? Blake Griffin to OKC?

We break down the real and fake news across the NBA:

George E Tsougranis Hayward gives Boston an amazing upgrade at the 3. He shouldn't waste his career with a mediocre organization like the Jazz who will never win anything
Tyson Tanner Hayward has a better team in the Jazz right now. Could all change with Boston's number one pick moves, but Jazz are deeper and more talented than Boston. More money in Utah too
Kurtis Hancock Hayward will resign with the jazz. He loves the coach, organization and his wife loves rasing the family in Utah. Not to mention the money. Jazz are going to be competive for years to come.
Adam Droge How original ESPN. Haven't people been reporting Hayward to Boston since Brad Stevens was hired? I honestly think his best pathway to success is here in Utah, so let's hope he stays.
Ant Banks I sure as hell would not sign with OKC. I definitely would not sign Isaiah Thomas to a max deal. Boston, draft Fultz or Lonzo. Wait a couple years and pay big money to get Towns or the Greek freak.
Zane Beckir Gordon Hayward looks like a school shooter in that photo what difference a hairstyle can make
Matthew Brunner Isn't 70% of espn "news" about speculation. I think so in so will go here, this team is "poised" to this, unnamed source says this, we "think" so-and-so feels like that, ect.
Phillip Brown Remember ESPN. Only trump supporters can diagnose fake news.
Phillip Walker Idk I just don't feel Blake Griffin make OKC better. Get some shooters.
Michael Anthony Orosco Ayrton I guess Paul to the spurs only if gasol leaves
Justin Taylor Boston fans just think they can get any free agent they want lol you guys haven't signed a big name free agent in a very long time cause no one wants to go there lol horford does not count lol
Seth Molloy How about getting rid of the fake news also known as the Sportscenter at Six.. we want the old Sportscenter back!
Josh Thompson You add Hayward and Fultz to the Celtics and they are a legit contender in two years. The Warriors super team will be blown up by then.
Todd Kelly 176M from Utah or 130M from all other suitors, Hayward will remain in Utah! Money talks!!!!!
Rashad Kartell Can we please just get Paul George Carmelo Anthony and Gordon Hayward on Boston to build a super team and win bout three rings please???
John White What the hell you talking about sports for? Should you be talking politics??
Wills Beagle I don't really care, just send someone to the Lakers. We need help lol 👌🏻😂🤦🏼‍♂️
Stephen Standridge Everyone acting like Phoenix hasn't been eyeing Hayward for years now. We got lots of cap space, and a young team.
Cj Paolilli I would love to see Hayward in Boston, but he seems like a very loyal guy so I can't see him leaving Utah.
Kevin Thang That's easy. Everything on ESPN is fake news.
Mugzy Gigante I think the best place for hayward would be in miami
Jason Janke The money these guys are making nowadays is out of control. Wow
Kevin Robinson Vangundy is the worst broadcaster. Please get a new guy that nows better
Uriah Lee
Anthony Rizzo Boston's prime is just beginning. Adding Hayward would def give them the upgrade needed at offense but what about defensively?