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15 years ago, the Boston Red Sox pulled off a comeback in Game 4 of the ALCS.

They went on to win four straight to beat the New York Yankees en route to their first World Series championship since 1918.

Still gives me chills and I'm a Giants fan. What a piece of history. The way it happened, the curse, the rivalry. Couldnt have scripted it better.
Not a Boston fan, but I think outside of NY we all were in that series. Very cool. Love Big Papi.
You would think the man who stole the base that started all the momentum would be a little more willing to play small ball.
One of the greatest moments in sports history. The only team to come back from an 0-3 deficit (baseball). It’s so hard to comeback from 0-3 that it’s still considered impossible!!
I'm saying this as a Yankee fan. Four days in October is one of the best ESPN 30 for 30 episodes.
My dad told me that was the 1st time the Sox won a World Series since his grandma was born. That mean something to me as a kid and thats why im a sox fan from that year on. Im 24 now and still love Boston.
This is unforgetable! David Ortiz and the Red Sox were reborn as a baseball player from this series
This series was the World Series. I also remember Fox and ESPN kept having to remind people there was a NLCS being played too.
Seriously the most amazing series I’ve ever watched in my life in any sport.
Perhaps the biggest choke job in sports history, lifelong Yankee fan here.Was happy for the people of Boston after they won it all back then, why not.let them win for once who cares i told myself.
Dave Roberts can manage the base paths but can’t manage a bullpen
Kevin Millar’s 2-out walk to get Roberts on will go down as one of the greatest at-bats ever. Not talked about enough.
I’m going to use the remaining 1% of my battery to give my input. When I first saw th
I was glued to the TV during this series.
This was the day that the prior 20 years of Red Sox fandom was beginning to be validated for me. Three days later it was totally validated!
As a Yankee fan I was shocked. when the red sox came back in the series being down 3-0 to win no 4 to win 8 straight games and break the curse of the bambino
My 13 year old inner child is still very angry about this day and the rest of the series. But Red Sox deserved it...
And where them REDSOX at home watching the postseason
I remember postponing my middle school algebra homework every night to watch the Sox win this series. I can't believe it's been fifteen years, good times!!!
My favorite 30 for 30 Four Days In October
This is the greatest comeback/streak in professional sports history.
It was a heartbreaking and frustrating thing to witness as a Yankee fan to say the least. But it’s been 15 years... water under the bridge.
Probably the most I've watched baseball that season. Before that was 2002 when the Angels won the chip. That comeback was epic because it netted me some money off my good friend who is a Yankees' fan.
Hate the Red Sox almost as much as the Yankees but this was a pretty remarkable comeback!
After all those years of the Yankees spoiling it for my Red great of a comeback for just desserts!!
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(via shoffman_14, WSUCougarSoccer/Twitter, espnW, ESPN FC)

The most beautiful part about this is how she never even touched the ball though there move. She just asked the defender to dance, lol
Love that. The ball never was touched until the job was done.. great body moment. ⚽️
They had to slow it down so it looked almost kind of cool. But really it wasn't
Didn’t even touch the ball, I’m not a soccer expert but that’s great footwork.
This is why i scream like hell to my team mates on the pitch when playing , watch the fringing ball for goodness sake 👀👀👀⚽️
Was not even good ball skills she just turned her body and the girl fell
I keep saying it, women’s soccer in the US is much better and more exciting than men’s soccer. This young lady has some serious skills!
This is what happens when you ask Cinderella and the step sister to play in the same glass slippers.
Question for soccer players because I never played. However as an athlete how is it that you can get played like this. The ball did not move, it literally stayed rolling straight. I would think you watch the ball instead of the body language of the player and just kick it away lol. Again never played but seems like that would be the idea haha
Never would have happened if the defender kept her eyes on the ball. The ball never got touched.
My friend just gave me back my pair of crutches if she needs them.
Yo idc not the biggest fan of soccer but that move would’ve forsure crossed me up and some of you are kidding yourselves saying it’s not that sweet 😂
Offensively a phenomenal move, but the defensemen recovered really well
Why did we have to slow it down. Trained eyes can see it in regular motion..... Anyway, someone check 12 ankles, I think 10 stole em 🤭
Not a soccer fan but man is that impressive.
this is the best women's soccer move i have ever seen!!...well, its the only one ive ever seen but still...
Let em dance in front of you defenders, just don’t lunge.
The blonde female A. Iverson. She doesn't even touch the ball when juking defender out
Watching the legs instead of the ball gets you embarrassed.
Go for the ball not the player and take out her legs if she moves it. Sweep!
Typ mina moves i korpen .. Kristian Rune
Luis Prado como ves bro , se rifan las americanas
Martha Stewart proud of her cooking skills on opponents
Beautiful crossover!🔥🤙🏾⚽️
Ankles and hips destroyed. Yikes
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What a journey for The Oakland Raiders' Darren Waller 🙏

He battled addiction and was open and honest about his past. And through hard work a dedication has found a path of sobriety allowing his talent to be pushed to the forefront. Admit you have a problem!!Work on dealing with problem the best you can and try to move onward and upward. Isn’t that what we want from society as a whole as well? I
So on my QB1 career in madden I got signed to the raiders and Waller has been one of my favorite targets! Good to know the story of someone I throw too alot 😂
His great grandpa! Found this in my dads collection:)
Any team fan to get me noticed here
“Michael Vick fan here”
I’m going to use the remaining 1% of my battery to give my input. When I first saw th
How is this good? Incredible journey? The guy was suspended for drugs. You glorify his return? Weird world we live in.
So are we acting like he came through adversity? Self inflicted suspension... but yeah let’s praise a guy for keeping his nose clean
Don't know anything about this guy but I appreciate ESPN highlighting his journey with his barber along the way. Haircuts went from practice squad to 9 mil extension real quick 😂
I went to school with Darren. Glad he is being successful! He was monster wide receiver in high school!
With the amount of access and excess at his fingertips, Waller has fought mentally, emotionally and possibly physically to maintain a healthy life balance. A true example of possibilities when you want to accomplish your goals if you truly want to. Amen bro. God Bless. RN4L
My life feels like it’s on a endless Felipe loop, like I’m in a time warp or something I open fb and there he is like clockwork, I can’t remember the first time he popped up or how many times he has since it’s kinda scary
I don’t like the Raiders but hoping this guy has lots of success.
This guy is killing it. I think we can all agree that we need another reliable fantasy tight end outside of the top 3. This guy might be the answer.
How can you NOT root for this guy? GO RAIDERS!
So we are equating success to his stats and money. How Zen! And, we wonder why we don’t treat addiction and mental illness properly. There was a better way to communicate this post. Happy for him, but what message is it sending? His perseverance is more interesting than stats and money, and I’m sure we all realize that.
Goes kittle, Mark Andrews, then Darren Waller top 3 tight ends!!! Ertz is probably fourth talking about this year
Love it. As a Raider fan I hope he continues to push numbers and take names. As a brother I hope he continues to fight for his sobriety and spiritual wellbeing as that is harder than any NFL game could be as we see with so many others in this league.
I always moved this guy wr to te on Madden and lit it up... Madden became reality! I love it!
It sucks guys like josh Gordon and martavis Bryant couldn’t do this sooner. Gordon was an absolute stud even in Cleveland and Bryant had so much potential but just didn’t care. Gordon lost like 3-4 good years of his career and Bryant is a nobody now. It’s nice to hear success stories, good for Waller.
Very underrated player well I tell my Raider friends that he's one of the best players on a team
An inspiration... and a very talented player.
Plus he had to deal with Antonio Brown in training camp. Yikes.
It’s a long journey that he inflicted on himself. Not sure why this is meant to be a feel good story if he was taking PEDS, got suspended and then overcame it.
Funny thing is I used the hell out of him in madden like 2 years ago because he was a gem with his ratings. Had like 90 speed, with that tall frame. He was a poor man’s Evan Engram but bigger. So cool to see him recognized in real life now!
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With so many options, how will the L.A. Clippers decide on the best way to make it work with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George?

They have to be healthy to be the threat everyone is projecting. PG had shoulder surgery and Kawhi is gonna miss games because of injuries. I hope they can be healthy because I'm definitely interested in seeing this duo. But its still..... LETS GO HEAT!!!
I really don’t see an issue. PG has to be more at ease without Westbrook and his antics. Leonard is more low key and both shouldn’t have an issue together.
Can’t wait to see how many “lifelong fans” the Clippers will have this season!
The Clippers are going to be tough, if they can mesh quickly they’ll be a very difficult team to matchup with.
Thanks ESPN for the badge, finally I have been recognized, can I drop my account number now?
so many options?
Wake me up when they win a playoff round.
Probably give them the ball a lot
This is now, and will always be, a Lakers town!
They never will win a championship. Keep in Mind, the Chippers, S.Kings, B. Nets and C. Hornets are all the same, losers..
PG and Kawhi are going to be such a mismatch for so many teams.
Woo hoo! I just got my first top fan badge. Now I’m...just like everyone else. (All did was write a couple of lines, copied and pasted it on every troll comment. I got a badge for saying the exact same thing over and over, spewing repetitive garbage. I’m the white Stephen A.)
How’s that superstar duo with PG and Russ work in OKC. This one gonna flop too. Difference between them and LBJ and AD is Lebron is fine takin a backseat to AD to facilitate the offence. Both Kawhi and PG are scorers. Not gonna get a chip that way
I don't know much about the NBA but I do know that they just made me a Top Fan BABYYYYY!!!
I'd like to give my mother credit for having the presence of mind to match my Indian artifact T-shirt with a pair of moccasins. No wonder the girls were all over me in kindergarten.
I’m just here so I don’t lose my Top Fan badge
He is certainly happier there!
Paul George is severely overrated. Clippers won't win anything but another letdown.
They’ll start off slow because of George’s injury but once he gets in the groove they’ll be fun to watch plus a hungry vet would love to play with them
I got a badge for never saying anything? Maybe we all get badges because we have to deal with that one dolphin fan.
First they'll play the first 5 games. Then load manage Kawhi for 50 games so he can be ready for the playoffs.
Two word Lou Williams. #Buckets
Only thing thing the Cluckers are winning are gift certificates to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles
BOTH small forwards. One's gonna have to play shooting guard or come off bench.
lol... Hilarious. #lakers in 4.
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New places x old threads.

The NBA regular season tips off in FIVE DAYS 🔥

Bring these back as an alternate
Can’t wait to watch KD play for Brooklyn in 5 days
Kerry Kittles, Jason Collins, Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Kieth VanHorn those were the days!
This is a flash forward to next year pic.
Forgot our original center Todd McCullough
When to toxic people get into a relationship
Ummmm lol
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Pick your NFL MVP through six weeks 🤔

(via NFL on ESPN)

It would be nice to see a non-QB, but Wilson is simply amazing so far this year.
CMC because he's the best all around player right now, Im a texans fan and I love Watson but CMC is on another level right now. Also, imight as well call this award a QB award since that's the only position that receives it
Aaron Rodgers he’s 5-1 with inexperienced receivers and hasn’t had his stud star receiver the last 2 games and never flinched he’s been a great leader and the go to guy when we need to make a play
I’d give it to Wilson, then CMc at this point in the season. Numbers don’t necessarily make you best, Wilson has put that entire team on his back, CMc has put the entire offense on his back.
Today, Wilson and it isn’t close. The man is playing the best football of his career.
Deciding more wins and losses than any of these players!
All I know is- having both McCaffrey and Watson on my fantasy team has been fantastic...and the panthers bye this week isn't fantastic.
It's easily the man who threw one of the greatest passes in Superbowl history... Russ Wilson. As a Patriots fan I will always have a special place in my heart for Russell Wilson. He's playing fantastic ball this year
Without Russel Wilson the Seahawks would be nothing... that makes him the MVP
Why did I get divorced? Well last week was my birthday. My wife didn't wish me a happy birthday. My parents forgot and so did my kids. I went to work and even my colleagues didn't wish me a happy birthday. As I entered my office, my secretary said: "Happy birthday boss!" I felt so special. She asked me out for lunch. After lunch she invited me to her apartment. We went there and she said: "Do you mind if I go into the bedroom for a minute?" "Okay," I said. She came out 5 minutes later with a birthday cake, my wife, my parents, my kids, my friends, and my colleagues all yelling "SURPRISE!!!" while I was waiting on the sofa... naked
How ironic is that: 3 black QB's and a white RB, this is the evolution of football
I’d say McCaffrey. He’s on pace for 1,648 yards and 813 receiving yards. That’s insane. It’s so common for a QB to sling 4,000 plus yards in today’s game it’s just expected now.
CMC has been unstoppable this season. Russ has shown weaknesses, Mahomes is a machine but doesn’t lead well, and Watson is great but not the best.
Did you not put Lamar on here because you think he's just some RB?
Russell Wilson had a slow start but has risen to the top. McCaffrey is also very deserving but this is a QB league.
Russell Wilson has accounted for 17 total touchdowns and no interceptions as of yet. McCaffrey is straight balling out...but I gotta give this one to Russell.
Wilson, McCaffrey, Mahomes, Watson in that order
People saying mahomes is regressing and Watson is better... 🤡🤡🤡 I love me some Watson but Mahomes is still on pace for over 5,500 yards and almost 40 TDs even after two poor games while playing injured
As much as I like CMC, priest holmes and Sean Alexander didn't win MVP when they rushed for record number of touchdowns. Love Patrick Mahomes and even his bad games are still games that many people wish their QB can do. But right now. It's Rus. He may not have the yards but he has the touchdowns and that QBR. Let's face it. Seattle wouldn't be much without him. Not that KC would be much without mahomes this year. They can't run and the defense can't get off the field.
As a Top Fan. And a Seahawks fan. There is a reason Wilson’s picture comes first...
Myles Garrett is on pace to break the single season sack record. Would be nice to see him mentioned as MVP.
I’m just here to tell y’all Seahawks are going all the way.
The third of a season mvp? Y’all need to calm down. XD
Big Q Nelson from the Colts should be MVP
Watson +4 rushing TDs... total TDs 16. Love how they overlook that. Ask KC who's MVP... lol
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JaVale McGee got 'em on this one 😅

How come this is the first time we're seeing this? Brilliant and the way Draymond looks at him. 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️
And the next time he gets hurt nobody will believe him because he just played boy cries wolf in a meaningless preseason game
Honestly i dont think he had both feet established on the floor before touching the ball. Shoulda been a turnover. He gets 1 in, then catches the ball with a jump stop.
You need to establish both feet inbound prior to catching the ball, that doesn't look like he did in this play. Good trick though. Lol
if you go out of bounds, you aren’t allowed to be the next person to touch the ball? Because he was out when the pass was made.
Don't put that out there thing you know you'll be out all year and off to the knicks...
The Warriors don't stand a chance this season. They'll be lucky to get the third seed!
Not sure if both feet were established before he caught the ball but he's lebron's teammate so he's allowed to get away with things.
the best actor in NBA taught him everything thing. yes I know this goes against ESPN policies and beliefs but that was a dig at lebron.
Love preseason shenanigans. Always a good time.
Pretty sure you aren’t allowed to just go out of bounds..
If that’s not a violation in the nba, it should be. I know you can’t be the first to touch the ball in HS after being out of bounds.
This team is going to be fun to watch. When the only thing you can say negative is "it's only preseason" you have something good.
I did not miss those few months where we did not have to see every play the Lakers make. Two already today in a blowout preseason game. As much as like the Pistons, I know they're not doing anything this year, so I'm perfectly fine with handing the Lakers the championship trophy and being done with this.
Why do this in a preseason game? JaVale McGee should’ve wait to try this in a regular season game.
Ah yes the old "bone spur" trick
Illegal touching, he went out of bounds and came back in ;) (It's a joke, don't worry, I know that's football).
So why not just have 4 players stand out of bounds and have Lebron/AD go 1on1 then if somebody comes to double you get somebody wide open...
I thought you couldn't be the first to touch the ball from coming out of bounds
Perfect picture of the current NBA. No D. Boring and weak drama.
Good idea, but Why would they waste it on a preseason game
This guy deserves to be an Oscar award lolz
Might be one of his greatest highlights
I didn’t know if he could go out and come back in but they way he was laughing told me it was good to go 😂
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Michael Bennett, Janoris Jenkins, Trent Williams and Xavier Rhodes are just a few names included in our list of potential trade targets for every team. (E+)

49ers could use a receiver. Pettis, Samuel and Goodwin have been a little inconsistent with the drops, makes me nervous.
Me when I saw I had to subscribe to ESPN+ to finish reading the article.
I wish my bucs would go after t.williams but we already signed our line to extensions.....and they playing like garbo
Finally, my week long dream of being a top fan has been achieved! Can't wait to lose it!
Rhodes and Trent need to come to the H and help us win our first superbowl.
As a top fan, I have to say I can’t get any of the links in this article to work.
Not gonna pay to read an article but as a Cards fan, I'm sure they listed Larry Legend as our player. He ain't going to the Pats or any other team! Oh, and UFC sucks since going to ESPN! Can't even watch Fight Night fights without a subscription!
I remember being baffled that the eagles traded Michael Bennett after he had a pretty productive season last year. It makes a little more sense now
Janoris Jenkins needs to go. His price tag and low production makes him a very good candidate. I doubt any team would want him though!
Trade Haskins for a second Williams for a first. Tua tanking baby... or..... Bring Lincoln to Washington and we’ll get Hurts to run DC..
Vikes need to find a way to unload Rhoads and bring in T. Williams...
im looking for the cowboys to make a splash before October 29th
I wish the Dallas Cowboys would trade Jason Garrett if they not going to fire him...
Come back to Seattle Bennett!
So who’s got a subscription and is gonna take one for the team and post the info??
Redskins. One of your primary issues is running the ball & protecting your QB, but you havent signed arguably the most athletic tackle in the game, AND you are starting a rookie QB..🤔
Nice ESPN. Post an article on Facebook and then say you have to pay to read it. Bite me ESPN, BITE ME. No need to pay me.
So gotta pay to read an article about theoretical possibilities?🤔
In case no one saw Felipe’s killer pickup before it got deleted
Kroft aint going anywhere with Buffalo. He just got healthy, is in the prime of his career and with two solid tight ends now, the Bills offense is just geting better. Sweeney is not the answer at the TE2 position
Xavier Rhodes is great when he is healthy! Go Vikings!
Meanwhile, the refs just signed an extension with the Packers - the most lucrative deal in the history of the league.
Rhodes will NOT be traded and the fact this is a conversation is silly.
Couldn’t go any further because I don’t have a subscription to espn plus
don't expect trent to go anywhere lol our ownership is too stupid to make the right decision
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Four years ago, on the final play of the game Michigan State Football took a fumbled punt to the house to beat Michigan Football 27-23.

As a Michigan fan I could of definitely went without seeing that this morning....
This is one of the most amazing and incredible plays in college football history. And the CALL. The call with the voice cracks and the intensity and shock in his voice. All of it is just incredible.
I remember watching that game on TV. As a Michigan fan, I was literally saying out loud to the TV, "just don't fumble the snap"... I repeated that over and over, and then he fumbled the snap and I just stood up and put my hands on my head just like that guy in the picture. It was one of the worst ways to ever lose a football game in the history of Earth
We were at a wedding and someone put the game on their phone. I leaned over and it was literally the only play I watched. We started screaming with joy while all the other tables looked at us wondering what the heck was going on lol!
Great highlight, but I'm anxious for watching Penn State kick michigans hot shots back to ann arbor! We are!
As a Michigan fan I can recite the entire call without watching this. Should've known from this moment Harbaugh would be a failure at Michigan. What an atrocious play call. MSU didn't even have anyone back to return yet we send guys down field to cover no one while they bring the house since their only hope was a blocked punt. Even if he doesn't fumble they block that kick.
Michigan program has not recovered from the Appalachian State upset. That was 12 years ago to put it in perspective for you....
As a Michigan fan, I watch this to remind myself of the pain. It hurts badly, and I almost believe it's a curse on Harbaugh.
As an Ohio State fan, this warms my cold heart.
This is the part ESPN cut out of this clip 😂🤣🖕
So many great things about this clip, but one of my favorites is at :28 when the dude just gets left hanging on a handshake.
He got hurt on this play! Amazing finish!
Seriously.... Sean McDonough's enthusiastic announcing makes this play about 10x better.
Poor guy got hurt on that play. But you’ll forever be my hero for beating Michigan.
As an Appalachian State fan, I approve this message!
Didn’t the guy who returned it get a season ending injury from the pile on?
As much fun as that was to watch, it actually ended up keeping Ohio State out of the playoff that year.
Well if I've ever seen Jim's career in one short video this is it. Time for change! Still won't beat The Ohio State University!
I was there in person and it was definitely the best game I have ever seen! I will never forget it.
I still enjoy the guy in complete shock in the student section 😂
Why punt, when u can take a knee, last play of the game was it not??
Didn’t that guy who scored, have his leg broken on that play?
It’s 7:23 AM in Colorado and Michigan still sucks!!
Michigan really has had some heartbreaking losses over the last few years
Couldn't happen to a better team...ichigan
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Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizards have agreed to a two-year, $72 million max contract extension, his agent told Adrian Wojnarowski.

Hopefully this pays off for the Wizards, I was kind of leaning towards the Wizards cleaning house and starting over. But I hope this works out for them!
36 million a year. Dang, I’m going to buy a basketball goal for my son tuuuuuuuday. Good for Beal.
Awesome. “You gotta get paid if you’re gonna play for a franchise that will never contend.” -Dame Lillard.
🥳🥳 i hope we make the playoffs this year
Beal, think you could pay my mortgage? Wouldn’t even dent that 72million
Love to see a competent GM making smart moves.
This dude doesnt even average 20pts a game over his career. He has averaged under 4 assists and rebounds a game in his career. Waaaaay to much money being spent on average to good players.
Now trade him! Good player but Washington is horrible and they need to prep for tomorrow.
smart move for both the wizards and beal
This should make the rest of the Eastern Conference happy, knowing the Wizards won’t be Finals contenders
In 2014 Bradley Beal was on the Superman Ride of Steel at Six Flags, he had his hands up and right around the time the rollercoaster camera snapped our picture, his hands struck a pigeon and exploded it. Was pretty wild to see and even more crazy that the camera caught all of this in the picture!
$72 mil FOR WHAT ?? You play for a team and can’t move them into a winning position, you don’t deserve that type of money until you show production Bad move
You’d think the Wizards would learn from the John Wall supermax.
I thought he signed a 3 years extension for 100 million dollars a few months ago?
the washington nationals will win the W.S and the Redskins will give the 49ers its 1st loss.
The Wizards should have offered both Beal & Walls in a trade package to help rebuild the team and maybe then they can go either 500 ball or playoffs But we stood by and watched no improvements over the last few years NOTE : Even 500 teams can make the playoffs
36 a year 72 in two years for a guaranteed zero championships. Good investment lol.
Waaaaaaay too much. Good for him tho, keep making the loot while you can.
Just need to be above average to get a max deal. Joining Khris Middleton, Tobias Harris and D'Angelo Russell.
I usually don't complain about athletes getting paid the big bucks. But, the Wizards won't be winning the NBA Championship in the next 2 seasons, so, to me, this is a bad move by upper management. $36 million dollars a year to play for a team that isn't a shoe-in to make the postseason is utterly insane.
This deal is just like Kevin Loves deal. Signing a short deal to make him easier to trade so be prepared.
This deal allows him to sign the biggest deal in history in 3 years. 5 years $262million lol omg how much are ticket prices in 3 years? Wow lol
Pro sports as a whole is just ridiculous..But good on you for getting paid..
Ok so Wizards have no hope of winning for at least 2 years.
These contracts are a joke, what has he done? The best player on the worst team gets paid like he's the best in the world!