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Your team wins the NFC North: ✅
Your girlfriend accepts your marriage proposal: ✅

Pretty good day for Chicago Bears OT Charles Leno Jr.

They’ve been together for 8 years... he wanted to wait until they actually won the division to propose
She seemed super excited about getting proposed too 😂🙄💀 lmao
I doubt many nfl players get turned down lol
The Sistas are not gonna be happy about this.
Awesome retirement plan Becky.
Wins Divison title ruins life. Lol just kidding
we love white women
Okay, I'm a Packers fan who can't stand the Bears--especially today when they knocked Green Bay out of the playoffs. But I'm delighted for Mr. Leno and his fiancee. May they be happy for a lifetime together.
Of course she says yes she is a good digger
But did Lebron say yes?
I’d say Leno Jr. had a good day today!
Bears into the play offs 👍🏈✅ Win division ✔️ Hopefully win superbowl now ✅✔️👌
bruh he thinks her last name is gonna be Leno Junior LOL
Just think! This could have been the Packers if they would have went harder after Khalil Mack.
I don't want to be Europe in the fact that they took Christ out of their countries, and I don't to be Europe in the fact that they rig sports. The same teams win every year. In the AFC, it's almost always the Patriots(who have a receiver on PEDs), Steelers, or Colts. Trump, can you help in sports too?
She loves the $
and when he get on he’ll leave your ass for a.... 😂
White Women always wins When it comes to Money from a Black man
Congrats....This is awesome...damn everyone hates anything good!
Wow she was soooooo excited,hope he has a prenup
But did he get it at Jared's???
Wish it wouldn't be shared every time this happens in sports. If I'm watching that game specifically cool. Congrats to them both. But I shouldn't see this shared by ESPN every time a college or professional guy kneels. I'll be alright not knowing every dude who can't come up with something original. I'd be nervous about being rejected to. But putting her in a spot shed never say no is backing em up in a corner. Kinda cowardly if I say so my self. Once again congrats. But ESPN is lame for not having a something more better to share. Maybe stop airing everything the second it happens so you aren't scratching for something every hour
Did the photographer intentionally ignore what was going on lol
Except you play for the freaking Bears
That's Jay Leno's brother and future daughter-in-law. Don't fact check it.
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The Tennessee Titans doing the "Remember the Titans" celebration is NEXT LEVEL 🙌 #TENvsNYG

(via The Checkdown)

When’s the last time Eli Manning has closed his mouth?
Jesus, if your gonna do it at least make sure it's in unison. Couple of amateurs out there
Every where we go, People want to know, who we are, so we tell them!
Titans are the darkhorse. They will catch a team or two slippin in the playoffs.
Eli Manning is the worst. Let him go do commercials with his brother.
Johnny and I loved this movie!! I know we have watched it at least 7 times...hahahahaha!!!!
Didn’t the movie end in a funeral
So we are doing group celebrations for knock downs now? Is this a thing?
Mariota is Rev and Gabbert is Sunshine
Eli.... u suck... retire and go join peyton making commercials......
Don't like Titans,but thats legendary celebration...
Looked like a Tebow spiral.
Why he made that face like he made a good pass🤣 Chris Charles that celebration is outta control
At least they did they own thing instead of stealing the Saints celebration like the rest of the copy cats
What were they celebrating....Eli underthrowing a pass?
Let me guess. Someone will be offended.......🙄
Eli should lay off the cologne
i want an nfl db to do the bill cosby
Love the giants but sick of the Eli befuddled face
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The Green Bay Packers have been eliminated from playoff contention.

Rodgers is still the GOAT..
Aaron Rogers sucks . Cries every time he gets hit .
Remember when everyone said the Bears wouldn't make the playoffs?
I’m just here for the Packers fans who kept reminding us about Week 1🐻 ⬇️
Couldn’t have happened to a better team hahaha!!! Bear Down
Bears will lose in playoffs anyways
Discount Double CHOKE...!!!!
As a Packers fan, I say that the Packers will be Super Bowl 54 Champions next year!
fu*k the haters bears won't survive in the playoffs anyway mark my words #GOPACK
Hey as a Packers fan, that Bears defense is legit. Ive always HATED the Vikings but for some reason never had a problem with the Bears. Congrats guys. I hope you do well in the playoffs !!
Shhhhh PACKERS are still making the playoffs people 😂😂😂 C’mon we know all what happens when RODGERS play top defenses latley! Wait let me guess not his fault? Fire another coach? SMDH.....
We are currently in a world where the Browns still have a chance at the playoffs and The Packers are Eliminated Is this The Twilight Zone? 😂😂
The bears havent been to the playoffs since like 2010 let alone a super bowl calm down Chicago don’t get ahead of yourself.
When the last time bears won anything? Nfc title? Superbowl? Hell anything? We had a bad season we will be back strong next year. #GopackGo
thE PaCKerS wILl wIn tHe nOrtTH aNd tHE bEaRs wILl FiNiSh lAsT
Suck it cheese heads!!!
As a Packers fan, sit Rodgers and play Kizer. I mean why not. Might be the future QB in Green Bay.
Anyone else having a good week in fantasy football 🔥
Rodgers is good but McCarthy wasted our NFL Season before he was fired
Bears won division... that’s sad. Packers eliminated from playoffs... makes everything ok.
I think the 🧀 has gone bad......
And somehow clay still got flagged ...
I said it a million times.... Rodgers contract is going to cannablize the Packers. Proof. Anyone beside the Packers representing the NFC North is AWESOME.
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📺: FOX

#GBvsCHI: Mack Back Sack
HOW IS THIS NOT THE NATIONAL GAME FOR 1:00? Instead I get the damn Dolphins vs Vikings.
Did Mack just trust fall Rodgers?!😂😂
You ever pee on the side of the toilet so its quiet?
Poor poor Roger's he will never even be as good as Russell Wilson 🤷‍♂️
Yeah the Raiders don't miss this at all... (sarcasm)
Should've done a discount double check
Is this a Migos song?
Rodgers = overrated
Aaron Rodgers is overrated
If you would of told me in Pre-Season the Browns would be doing better than the Packers at this point I would of had you 302’d.
I love how every single Khalil mack tackle and sack has been a most post and highlight this season apparantly
L.A. Packer fans are quickly becoming L.A. Rams fans, its what bandwagoners do...
Half a sack ** it anyone is keeping stats ehehe
Aaron Rodgers 99-yard touchdown Drive coming up
Mack is going to end up being one the the best linebackers ever. The Raiders fucked up big time with him.
Rodgers got tucked in but don’t worry Pack fan. We Vikings got our ass whipped by them too
What happened to the people back from thanksgiving saying that Rodgers will shred that defense?
You got lebron playing hands behind his back & back sacks what the f☆CK happen to sports
some how this was really a personal foul on clay mathews . . .
The disrespect to Rodgers is too real He said I don't need my hands
I told u, Rodgers is soft
Immovable object vs unstoppable force?
Wouldn't that be a "Pack sack"?
Well in Rogers defense he got his ass whopped by canelo last night. Did anyone else see that?? 😂😂😂😂
Ahh yes the Ole’ Back Sack
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Don't stop believing, Cleveland Browns fans!

Wrong lol. The Browns win out, Steelers lose out, and Baltimore loses 2 of 3 including the Browns game, Browns win the AFC North.
To hell with the playoffs; I’m just glad we’re finally not the laughing stock of the NFL anymore! Go Browns!
We’ve got no food! We’ve got no jobs! Our pets heads are falling off!
Imagine if Hue Jackson wasn’t the coach at the beginning of the year...
Jamal Lewis needs to return to his 2000 yard season form, and Braylon Edwards need to turn it up a notch. Only then, THE Cleveland Browns, stand a chance. -Stephen A Smith.
Steelers bout to crush their dreams tonight. Let's get it!! 💪🏈
This isnt true BTW. Browns get in by winning the division if they win out, Steelers lose out, and Ravens lose 2 of three. Doesnt matter what happens with the rest of those teams if they win the AFC North.
If that happens the browns will be afc north champs
Actually only need pitt to loose all 3 for the division title they can win WC with pitt still winning
Actually if the first 3 things happen nothing else matters and Browns would be AFC north chanpions
Pitt won't lose 3/3.. all the others are a big maybe.. but not Pitt losing 3
You all can stop hating. If we have any sort of chance this late in the season then we’re going to get excited about it so just let us have hope.
There’s always next year 😂
Going to be tough!!! BELIEVELAND!!!
Too late.... start better next year.
Even if the browns don’t make the playoffs, it’s a better season than 0-16
The fact that they're quoting dumb and dumber summarizes the Browns playoffs
Browns vs Texans playoffs
If Browns had a fg kicker beginning of the year they would of made playoffs. I’m a Lions fan so I feel ya lol
Meanwhile, the Bears just won the NFC North!
As a Cleveland Browns fan since 2018, I always knew this would happen.
If the bottom five or top two happen they get wildcard if the top 3 happen they are the afc north champs
Wild Card spot? They gonna win the AFC North!
There's one little bit of confusion here. If the Browns win out, Steelers lose out, and the Ravens lose to either the Buccaneers or Chargers, then the Browns dont need anything else to happen, because they'll have won the division. All the other nonsense with the Dolphins, Colts, and Titans etc. only matters if the Steelers or Ravens manage to hang on.
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Mitchell Trubisky looks like he's ready to light it up 😂🎄

He's about to get lit up. Heyoooooo #GoPack
What do you mean “where are the batteries?” In the same place as every other light up shirt. A little pocket on the inside of the shirt.
Breaking News Trubisky questionable today due to electrical shock to the chest from ugly a** sweater
His sweater isn’t the only thing getting lit today. 🙋🏼‍♂️
It’s nice to see people who in joy the holidays MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! God Bless America and all it’s residents
Hes gonna get lit up today that's about it
That’s an awesome sweater.
How he has as much smoke on that football release
I can’t believe people think Aaron Rodgers is “ elite”
Hope his game is lit as his ugly christmas sweater
Light up sum interceptions
I thought that was Josh Gordon?
Anyone have a link to buy this?
Que mamadas años tienen esas chingaderas y nunca an servido!!!
the comments don't disappoint lmfao
Mitch is LIT 😂
Merry ChristMitch!!!!!
Te voy regalar un sueter de esos Michelle 🎅🙈 jajaja ya que te encantas las lucecitas
Aaron Rodgers for the L .
Alex Perkowski wonder how Matt Nagy is liking that Gucci belt
Evan Williams Kyler Sullivan and y’all telling me I lost the Christmas sweater competition.
I want that sweater!
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Game recognize game 👑

Bron is hyping this bum so we can trade him for AD I like it
The Lakers are one LiAngelo away from being a championship caliber team
That cause Lonzo can’t score.
Do people still actually think that Ball is a good player or that he’s actually improving? Because he’s neither
I see a lot of NBA players commenting on this post. Keep up the great work.
Building his trade value for the offseason. Lebron gonna recruit kd and Leonard
Keep talking him up, Lebron. Get that market value up for a big trade.
Lonzo Ball > LeBron James and it's not even close!
Just admit he’s trash and move on.
... That’s definitely going to be the most popular team to get swept in the first round this year.
LaVar called this years ago
Henry Rivera must be pretty hungover to not have commented on this thread yet.
Wall gonna cook lonzo tonight but the wizards will lose because lebron will score on them foos...but wall gonna cook lonzo even tho he was lit at quavo party last night....
If only he can teach him to be "one and the same" with being efficient shooting the ball... guy is averaging 37.% from the field and 20% from 3 over the last 5 games. Thats beyond pathetic
Lonzo Ball the GOAT 😂 LeBron know what it is
I'm loving all the haters. Just fantastic
LeBron James doesn't pass the ball lol
James definitely made Ball better
Well Golden State coming to town same day as Santa .. because they best recognize game they about to be in one
What happened to lavar?
I’m pretty sure LeBron is his real dad or at least a better one
If Lebron James got injured and was out for a month, ESPN would still do 3 stories a week about him. Sickening.
Like Ball or not.. LeBron is being an experienced player and talking his young teammate up. I’m not a huge fan of Ball’s game and maybe LeBron isn’t either but he is being a leader and boosting his confidence. Journalists ask a question all you have to do is answer it.
LeBron is no MJ. He needs to be more of a leader.
So nobody notices how much better Zo is playing because Lebron is there now?
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On This Date: In 1961, Wilt Chamberlain dropped 50 points, starting a seven-game streak of consecutive 50-point games ... still an NBA record 🐐

Damn he gave no fucks, football, baseball, basketball teams everybody gettin fifty!
A lot easier when you’re not playing against the best rim protector to ever play the game in Brian Scalabrine 🤦🏽‍♂️
He'd average 19 and 12 in today's NBA
And he prob f***** 3,000 women during this span
He is the greatest of all time....when they change the rules to stop you instead of making them easier...that makes you the greatest of all time.
This proves that there is no greatest of all time player. Michael Jordan was in his time, LeBron is in his time, Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell? I can't respond to these players because I was too young to watch them. But we should all just enjoy watching the greatest players to ever play in their own time and leave the debate for greatest of all time to the knuckleheads who just want to show how they don't know what they are talking about.
7 games in a 13 day span. Wow. Today’s NBA players would be to rest during at least 2 of those games. Bunch of sissy’s nowadays in the NBA.
The most dominant player ever, Period!
But what does this have to do with Lebron and Zion?
Averaged 50 PPG for the season. Greatest offensive player of all time.
Being guarded by people a foot shorter than him and just physically inferior. Oof.
Rock Chalk! The real GOAT!
Name 1 Center/Power Forward he did it on 😪
Nothing about LeBron? Is this really happening?
The big supper 50 points 10 rebounds 10 blocks 20 women he was breaking all type of numbers
Lol imagine what shaq would have done if he was in the 60's NBA
Christopher Torres did you realize that Syracuse used to have an NBA team? I honestly had no idea. I looked it up, and the Philadelphia 76ers used to be the Syracuse Nationals
When it came down to winning NBA Championships Bill Russell is the best center of all time!
Let's not forget the 100 pointer or that fact he played for the Harlem Globetrotters, Bill Russel also said he was the most powerful man ever to play in the N.B.A in his prime of course
he was the greatest player in basketball ever !!
basketball had to change rules because he could score so easily the widened the lane to get him further away from the basket
This is why Wilt Chamberlain is the best that ever lived. Only one even close is MJ. Lebron doesn't even come close.
They say he played against janitors. Thats not his was his time. Still on paper Bill Russell is G.O.A.T. 11 time Champ with same team. They were way passed my time though.
God damn. That's impressive and i dont even watch basketball really.
My favorite Wilt story was from Johnny Red Kerr. After a game against him he went to a bar, and the bartender asks how Red did against Wilt. "I had 42 points". The bartender is impressed and buys him a drink, "how did Wilt do?". Red: "He had 63..." 😂
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Michael Jordan changed the game. (via Dave McMenamin)

He also saved the looney tunes
& still LeBron > MJ 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jordan>Lebron. It's not even open for discussion.
Jordan is #1 Kobe is #2 I’ll leave the rest of top 10 open for debate.
Thank you MJ and Lebron! MJ and Lebron autographs!!
Just the ppl who started watching bball the past 5-10 years say lebron. MJ > L3-6ron Not even close.
IF I COULD BE LIKE MIKE.. Those commercials were the best! Never forget the year Jordan avg 35 ppg shot 53% from the field, 1.6 blocks and 3.6 steals a game and won MVP and DPoY.. IN ONE SEASON!!
Why even argue who is better? They're 2 different players from 2 different generations. The circumstances are different for each player, and to say one is better than the other is completely subjective.
LeBron is great but it will always be... Jordan >>>>>> LeBron
Lebron is better than kobe and jordan
MJ is Pippen's sidekick. Tell me how many series he won without Pippen
But it doesn't mean he is better than LeBron period
And LeBron made the game weaker. Fight me lol
At then you stole his # wishing you were half as good
I’m sorry I can’t believe someone that was 1-7 in the first round of the playoffs the Goat 💀💀 and y’all say Lebron 3-7 in the finals at least he gets there with help and by himself
Yao Ming helped reached more people.
My grandma plays better than Lebron.
Here's an interesting idea.. Lebron James and Michael Jordan are both great. 😱
LeBron fans are reading this post and MAD conflicted on how to proceed with their MJ hate.....
Legacy wise MJ>LeBron he did it all first and better 6 titles Talent wise LeBron>MJ
Now u lebronturds heard it from LeBron mouth himself..
All I see is LeBron constantly showing how much he respects MJ.
It was really Bird and Magic before him who brought the NBA to prominence.
6 Finals MVP’s 👈 Michael Jordan 🐐 4 players are next with 3 The rest of the nba has 2 or less!
If LeBron shot as regular as Jordan, he would win the scoring title every year too. He is a past first forward, Jordan was a shoot first Guard, and when it's all over he will still leave Jordan in the dust in points, and I'm not even factoring in assists and rebounds if it went to total body of work. Cleveland went from the finals one year with LeBron, to the bottom of the league the next without him. That's LeBron's legacy. Being able to drag sad sack lottery teams to the finals and get the most out of them. Unfortunately he kept meeting the 73-9 GREATEST TEAM EVER there and was not as lucky to be on a 72-10 great team himself.
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Washington Redskins QB Alex Smith has been released from the hospital after multiple surgeries on his leg.

There's some optimism that he will be able to resume his NFL career, league sources told Adam Schefter and Washington Redskins on ESPN - John Keim.

2030 baker mayfield out for the season....espn comment section “Sign Kaepernick”
Why couldn't it have been Brady 😑😑😑
Yeahhhhhh I’d be taking the $71 mil injury guarantee and give it up
I snapped my tib, fib and broke my ankle in July and I promise you it F@CKING HURTS!!! I still can’t walk correctly and go to physical therapy twice a week scheduled out until March and we will reevaluate wether or not I need another corrective surgery. I don’t play NFL but I’ll probably never be able to sprint or jump down from things again. 8 screws and 2 rods ain’t fun.
71 million guaranteed? Yup he’s not coming back and neither is that kind of contract for any football player after this season.
That's good to hear. Just focus on your family and future walking my man.
Oh no, it’s racism. Why didn’t they get him out of the hospital quicker, yo?
So they report that he had multiple infections and could lose his leg, but now he is miraculously leaving the hospital?! I knew the stories before were BS.
I’d hang it up if I were him. Even if he comes back he won’t be near the same.
Wow. How far medical technology has come to give hope to a career.
He comes back wins a deal
OC for the Utah Utes with Kyle Whittingham as HC and Urban Meyer as QB coach. 🙏
Great news! I wish Alex the best! He was great while he was in Kansas City, both on and off the field!
ESPN is reporting that Smith’s contract will still count against the cap for the next two years. Why wouldn’t his salary come off the cap in the case of career-ending injury? I thought they had a provision for this.
Good news he's a solid player and seems like a good guy
Yeah but he won’t be able to maneuver the same way. I am praying for him to play the 2019 season though. Been a skins fan since I was 8 and will continue to be one till I die. #HTTR
I would hope that Alex is financially secure at this point. Maybe a move to the booth or sidelines as a coach instead of the field. He's given enough.
Had a long career, at his age I hope he just gets better. It’s clearly a life altering injury beyond impacting football playing abilities.
Redskins are stuck with his Alex Smith contract the next 2 seasons.Bad decision to give Smith that contract.Now Redskins are stuck with it.
Football career over! Life without financial issues assured for Alex Smith!
This is great news. Smith is a great person first and player. We was thinkfull to have him here in K.C. best wishes Alex
Just happy to hear he is better. Chiefs fan here loves Alex!!
Awesome news. You are a good man Alex Smith! Wish you and your family regardless if you play football again. God bless!
I wouldn’t hang it up. Everyone likes a comeback story. Prove all the haters wrong. I’m not even a Alex Smith fan, but I believe in humility and people deserve to prove themselves during diversity. Alex, I am hoping you pull though stronger.
Nothing really to prove. No sense ruining your body anymore.