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The Baltimore Orioles' jerseys got a new look on Tuesday.

That’s great. The umpires can finally read their names.
Anyone else see the irony in having Braille on the jerseys that the blind audience can't see to begin with?
Nice gesture and all, but...
I came here for the comments...
This isn’t about letting them read their names. This is about raising awareness about providing accessibility to those who are blind. And, making Braille more commonplace and acceptable in our surroundings
And in honor of National Federation of the Deaf Night, the entire radio broadcast will be done in American Sign Language. Be sure to listen!
Ok, I'm for raising awareness for the blind and their needs. This is the stupidest medium possible to promote that cause. It doesn't even remotely make sense. Dafuq is the end game here?
I once sat next to a blind man at a game. He had his white cane and his portable radio. I didn’t understand why he attended, but he told me that he likes to experience the sounds and smells of being at the ballpark. He also said that he’s never caught a foul ball.
Can we all just stop cracking jokes at the Orioles and just take a minute to appreciate their class and respect doing this? Sheesh! There's more to baseball than winning and losing
I'm glad the blind will finally be able to see the lettering..
aww, aren't the Trump supporters so cute with their blind jokes? (yes Trump supporters, that is "their" not "there". HUUUUUUGE difference ! Tremendous difference even ! The most bigly difference ever ! I know people that are saying it's the largest difference ! If it was a hurricane it would be the wettest ever !
Finally, blind viewers will know who’s batting. Wait...
Came here to read the comments from the people too stupid to realize that this was to bring awareness to a cause and not so that the blind could read the jerseys. I was not disappointed.
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ people who discredit this are simply showing their ignorance. It was National Federation of the Blind night at the park. Its a wonderful gesture to a portion of our population that often goes forgotten.
I was reading a scary story in braille a few days ago, I could feel something bad was going to happen! :D
Blind people cant see the dots, those with vision cant read them, WTF was Baltimore thinking?? Just because you're the worst team in baseball, doesn't mean your front office has to act like dotards!!!!
I fixed it for you ESPN- “The Orioles became the first American pro team to wear jerseys with Braille lettering. Ownership got the idea after looking at Chris Davis’s stat line and wondering if he was in fact actually blind.”
Pretending that they’re blind is probably the best things this Ball Club could do this season... that way they can see how horrible their record is.
Brilliant! I bet regressives will melt down over this, complaining about inclusion and sensitivity, in 3,2...
As a sports jersey enthusiast, I'm glad they lost. Leave this to the minor leagues... Imagine making your MLB debut and have to play in this silliness and can't even see your own name.
Would it be weird for a blind guy to come up and feel the braille, as it is the only way they can actually read the name?
Dear ESPN maybe provide a bit more about the entirety of the story. You know journalism? Probably would have helped to mention the reason for the Jersey wasn't simply a "publicity stunt" but to create unique one of a kind jerseys that will be auctioned off and all proceeds donated to the NFB
The fruit hangs too low. Despite the abysmal season the O's are having they did a kinda cool thing. I am not blind but i would imagine a baseball game is a stimulating event for someone who cannot see. The pop of the glove,the crack of the bat, the alluring smell of overpriced hot dogs and the warm summer sun on your skin! It has to be unrivaled.
It’s an interesting way to raise awareness for sure. We all have to remember that raising awareness is not about raising for those who are blind. They’re quite aware. It’s for those of us who can see. I just read Nic Scott’s comment and I gotta say he’s dead on. That’s probably the closest us sighted folk will ever come to what a blind person might experience. I personally have always preferred radio broadcasts to tv and eventattending the games. Radio is something special. But for those who have no choice it’s not terribly special. They’re forced. We sighted people need to be aware of that and I think it’s a good gesture by the O’s.
I recall my first time with a condom, I was 16 or so. I went in to buy a packet of condoms at the pharmacy. There was this beautiful woman assistant behind the counter, and she could see that I was new at it. She handed me the package and asked if I knew how to wear one. I honestly answered, ‘No, this is my first time.’ So she unwrapped the package, took one out and slipped it over her thumb. She cautioned me to make sure it was on tight and secure. I apparently still looked confused. So, she looked all around the store to see if it was empty. It was empty. ‘Just a minute,’ she said, and walked to the door, and locked it. Taking my hand, she led me into the back room, unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She unhooked her bra and laid it aside. ‘Do these excite you?’ She asked. Well, I was so dumb-struck that all I could do was nod my head. She then said it was time to slip the condom on. As I was slipping it on, she dropped her skirt, removed her panties and lay down on a desk. ‘Well, come on’, she said, ‘We don’t have much time.’ So I climbed on her. It was so wonderful, that unfortunately, I could no longer hold back and KAPOWWWWWWWW, I was done within a few moments. She looked at me with a bit of a frown. ‘Did you put that condom on?’ she asked. I said, ‘I sure did,’ and held up my thumb to show her. She fainted.”
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A bettor plans to hire an attorney after FanDuel declined to honor a $110 bet on the Broncos that would have paid more than $82,000.

Jair Bolsonaro para Presidente We, REAL latins, support Presidente Trump and will vote for him in even bigger numbers than last time!
So if the broncos had lost the game, would fan duel have refunded all the people who placed a bet on that erroneous line? I'll answer that for you. Nope! Therefore they should have to pay up.
FanDuel doesn’t stand a chance in court! FanDuel placed the odds, the bet was made, ticket was printed, the guy won. It’s their mistake, they need to honor the bet. Glad he’s suing. I’ll bet $110 he wins the case!
They saved $80k to get $500k in legal bills and lose MILLIONS in business due to lack of confidence.
As a lifelong Giants fan I find the offer of 3 giants game tickets to be more of a punishment than a reward.
The offered to pay him 43 x the true payout and 3 NFL game tickets. Take it and run because they don’t have to pay him.
Babysitting today and have a question for all you parents out there..... How much of this no more tears stuff do I have to feed this baby before it stops crying?
I don’t see what Fan Duel’s defense is, they took his money, they gave him a ticket or betting slip with the payout and he won.
Refusing to own up to a mistake.. sorry I glitched and bet $10,000 that the browns would win the super bowl. Please pay me back.
I was thinking of trying either FanDuel or Draft Kings. Guess this made my decision for me.
What if I make a mistake? You going to give me a do over? Didn’t think so. Pay the bet. You made the mistake.
Being liable for a glitch in their own gaming system should be a risk and responsibility of theirs on the condition of even runnin such a business
The real question is if the broncos lost, would they have given him his $110 back. We'll never know.......
But god forbid I accidentally make a mistake on fan duel and try to correct it, they’ll say tough luck
If he didn’t have a case then no lawyer would take the case. Trust me I know lawyers and they don’t care about their clients all they care about is if they will make money so if a lawyer takes his case then he must have a case.
Basically sounds like a scam from fanduel. Every time someone hits big I "bet" they halve a palpable error in the odds 🤣😂😅😦
They will have to pay more now plus attorney fees
Did he really expect FanDuel to say "Our mistake. Here's your $80.000 anyway?" That isn't how gambling works. I wish him luck though.
FanDuel's house rules, however, state that "where a blatant or palpable error is made in offers made, prices offered or bets accepted or in the transmission of any event on which we have purported to offer Live Betting, bets may be settled at the correct price at the time at which the bet was placed, as determined by FanDuel Sportsbook."
All the idiots saying pay up did not read the story. It clearly states they have a clause for obvious erroneous odds and glitches. He won’t get crap should have took their offer
Troy Alexander he will never win anything there are stipulations for obvious errors last week a ufc prelim fight was a 1st rd ko but was still on board to bet people jumped on it and bet it they didnt get paid but it goes to show like i told you the people taking the bets have no idea what they are doing they arent gamblers like when i bet a baseball game and the person asks if i want the money line or point spread dummies anyone who knew anything would have realized right away and not printed that ticket
I'd sue too if they offered me giants tickets while trying to remedy any situation
Any bettor who placed this bet not seeing the error will have a tough time in court. Hire an attorney? For what? Burden of proof will be on him to prove his case. Tough when everything done over the past years shows that this was an error. Anyone not on the side of Fanduel here has never placed a wager in their life.
So if a bookie messes up a bet at the counter in a situation where it is his/her fault, will the book refund the bet? Will they go back and look at cameras to see what was really bet and pay out accordingly if the original intended bet was won?
Everyone saying they have to pay him didn’t read the article. There are house rules and state laws regarding things like this, you really think this hasn’t happened before? Casinos will protect themselves. They have great lawyers, better than the one he’ll get. He should have taken the offer.
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"Trust it."

Joel Embiid on the new Philadelphia 76ers' general manager.

Could help bring in free agents in the offseason or make a trade at the deadline. I like it. He may not have been in his prime when he originally came to Philly, but the dude’s a pro and wants to win.
Hmm we will see I hope he does good I’ve always been a fan of Elton brand since back when the clippers were literally the browns of the NBA
They should've brought Hinkie back, im curious to see what he would have done with good players on the roster.
Embiid should learn from Elton Brand. High Basketball IQ.
Philly to the Finals calling it now.
Remember when the Sixers signed Elton in '08 to a 5 year $82 million deal and he went from a 20 & 10 baller to a 14 & 8 injury prone player with Philly?? EB stealing money from the Sixers once again
Keep trusting the process, is it something they just say now?
Noslen E. Odasor I actually like this move.
EB is gonna get that ring yet! And the HOF when he does!
I trust Jeffrey Dahmer babysitting my kids more than I trust Embiid finishing a full season.
You should not assume an ex-player can’t be a good GM: Danny Ainge
BUT HOW does LeBron feel about it ?
100years later, still trust it
He trusted the last 1 too
Good job Philly
Can truss it . Oh no no no
Woah.... "voice"?
Y’all are still going to be garbage even with your process 😂
Kevin Lynch Randy Voorhees IIrandy Steven Hornersteven Angelo Boscacciangelo thiughts.....
Bryant Brown 🤦🏽‍♂️
Joe Gallant Dennis Medina 😳
Jovan Spasoski
Travis Young
Elton Brand will be a bust. I'm not trying to be racist, but genetically speaking he's not up to par.
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A man has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Iowa State golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena after she was found dead Monday at a golf course in Iowa.

You can tell a white man killed her because I don’t hear the president or any of his supporters hollering at the top of their lungs. A talented female athlete murdered senselessly by a man with an extensive criminal record. Ladies, we need to demand better!
Since there is no physical description of the assailant in this story I’ll assume that he is NOT: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, any color other than what is usually classified as “White”. Am I right? So obviously he’s a troubled young man....
When are u ladies going to learn to always have a firearm.. she won't ever get a second chance now.. wise up
They showed him on the news, and clearly she fought for her life. His face is all scratched up. Hope he gets the death penalty.
Why do the idiots on this page have to talk about race? It has nothing to do with this. A poor woman lost her life & it wasn’t racially motivated. So why bring it up?
No comment from the White House, I wonder why ? Maybe because she was an immigrant and the murderer was a white guy
Public execution
You people seriously commenting, belittling this woman’s death and making it about race? Wow, shame on all of you. May this woman Rest In Peace, and prayers to her family and loved ones, terrible tragedy
Do we need to bring race into this? It will not help anything. Someone was killed by another person, period! Senseless! If people would just love and respect one another this wouldn’t happen. Prayers to her family, friends and the Iowa St. community!
Short piece of rope and a tall tree will serve him just fine. No room and board, no years of waiting. Death sentence is warranted and it should be carried out the following day.
When it’s a white male, the story reads “a man has killed”. When it’s a minority, the story reads “immigrant/Latin/black man has killed
And people wonder why women fear for their safety simply based on their gender... this is an absolute tragedy.
Yet another immigrant commiting crime in Iowa. (Sarcasm)
Just curious how a woman kills a man in his home and has a $300,000 bail, and manslaughter charges ... then a man who kills a woman on a golf course has a $5,000,000 bail and first degree murder charges ... where’s the equality
So he gave someone the murder weapon and evidence, he showed at their house with blood on him, plus they drove him out of town... isn't that an accomplice
Unfortunately our state doesn’t have the death penalty and unfortunately now this homeless man will receive free shelter and be guaranteed three free meals a day. Sickening 😡
This guy completes a seven month prison sentence. Very known to the police department. Had the urge to rape and kill a woman but no red flags raised? 🤔
In 1964 brought the most unsuccessful election year in history of the state of Iowa in my opinion, paving the way for passage of another abolition bill in 1965. Governor Harold Hughes signed the bill that abolished Iowa's death penalty a second time. How about reinstate it for not only Iowa, but for all other states who may not have the death penalty?
Please have a buddy. Don't go to places at early or late hours without at least one friend. The world is full of deranged individuals.
It would have be nice if the article writer put all of her info and accomplishments ahead of talking about what that sick man did to her.
A girl from Spain comes here for education and was about to graduate, my prayers to her and her family in Spain. #senseless
This is just senseless. Two beautiful young women in Iowa with bright futures senselessly murdered. My daughter will be packing heat every where she goes when she leaves the house.
Unbelievable!!!!! That sweet child. I’m going to say a prayer 🙏 for her family and Iowa St friends. Just so wrong.
Killing a person for any reason would have serious mental affect on me and probably ruin my life. That being said, I would gladly put a bullet in the back of his head for the world to see if the court system allowed it.
Regards for life will never be of high importance to some....Sad af..That poor young woman may she rest in peace.
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After Week 2, Khalil Mack has produced better numbers than the entire Raiders defense. 😳

Bears O sucks, they have no salary cap room, no 1st round picks for 2 years, and have to deal with the Packs and Vikes, they're ceiling is low. Gruden didn't want this to be the Raiders, smart move Gruden, future is bright. #RaiderNation
BREAKING: Raiders trade Derek Carr and Amari Cooper to Bills for Vontae Davis.
How’d he do in the last quarter of game one?
Bears still suck
If the Raiders land Nick Bosa in the draft and still have an extra first round pick, I'd be okay with the trade honestly.
When are y'all gonna figure out Gruden didn't make the choice to trade Mack out of spite or ambition? Mack didn't want to cooperate. He didn't go to OTA's, skipped team meetings, and held out on his contract. Ol' Chucky is a coach who demands and deserves respect, and he gives it in tow. Some people can't reciprocate that. No point holding onto poison, better to let the man go to a better fit and make the most of his success.
You mean to tell me a walking HoFer is producing better numbers than a defense with average to good players? Yet his team is 1-1 and that one loss was because the defense gave up a 20pt lead in the last quarter and he was nowhere to be found.
Raiders shoulda paid Mack , & got a less expensive coach ... Gruden is not worth 100 million... no coach is , not even belichek ... players need to execute plays ... it’s just like Lombardi , who basically ran the ball, u knew it was coming but , defenses couldn’t stop it ... players are more important than coaches
Petty sure Rams were favored big time ! Pretty sure mile high is very hard to win at especially on a short week ! Pretty sure both games were competitive and pretty sure the Raiders Defense has sucked the last several years with or without Mack !!! Great player but business is business they’ll appreciate him more in Chicago and Gruden will have all his own players by the time the team moves to Vegas and are expected to win !!!
ESPN is appealing to the lowest common denominator. Entering this season did anyone expect the Raiders to beat the Rams then go to Denver and win ? Secondly the numbers above are disengenuous unless you’re using Desuan Keyser as the barometer. Keyser has never won a game.
So no one watches football.. he did a lot of work against KIZER and a trash Seahawks o line. I’ve seen him b a beast but don’t make it seem something it’s not. If he did this against a top team then by all means represent
This is smart on the Raiders...because at the end of the day...Mack is one injury away from being done. Great player...but Chucky has more years than Mack. One player doesn't win you a Super Bowl. Ask Brady.
Mack is a top 5 defensive player no doubt,, but like it or not the bears spent 140 million and went from being a 5 win team to being a 5 win team.
Raiders will be trash this year. Chucky got some decent picks for mack so he will build this year and save that money that would have went to mack. If they tank this year they'll have more good pics. 4 picks in the first two rounds is enough to build a team around for the remainder of his 5 year contract to coach them.
Raiders traded Khalil Mack for draft picks... because we all know Gruden LOVES young players. He absolutely gets joy from working with rookies. Unless he doesn't. Smh.
Been a raider fan since the 80’s. This trade was brutal... yes the defence sucked in the past... but they didn’t get better this year and I’m tired of waiting for the next year over and over again.
Takin' football back to '98! Mark Davis needs to have his team taken away and planted in Oakland, even if they gotta play on a converted soccer field.
He still plays for the Bears...they wont even win a participation trophy in that division with Rodgers and thanks for the picks.
Bears will always suck. Any franchise that keeps Cutler for as long as they did... clearly doesn't know what doing.
Football and our society.....gone soft and all this me too movement crap.........waterdown football bs.....bring back REAL...MEN...oh i forget they turn into women now..
Gruden sucks as a head coach he should have stayed in the booth. This ego manic refused to give the best linebacker in the league a new contract. Clearly Mack got the last laugh last night.
You guys gotta understand this was a long term deal so the raiders could be built the way Gruden wants it to be
Kenneth Bauley. This may be true, but he did just play against one of the worst O-lines in the NFL. Yeah he will have good number. He is a great player. He just wanted the entire salary cap to play.
He was under contract and did not show up. What do you expect the team to do?
Worth the 2 first round picks easily
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Major shakeups in the top 3 headline our Week 3 Power Rankings.

Who's your No. 1? 🤔

Why are the Steelers anywhere near the top 10?
How are the 0-1-1 Steelers ahead of the 2-0 Bucs who have wins over the Saints and the defending Super Bowl champs?
Lol what? Tampa knocks off the saints and eagles and have the hottest offense right now and disrespect them like that lol
Steelers shouldn’t be top 10....
Steelers are winless yet they’re in the top 10 😂😂
Bucs 2-0.....beat the Eagles and Saints...both in top 10 but aren’t on the list.....👍🏻
Dolphins are 2-0, first place in the AFC East and beat a divisional rival. But yeah, put a 1 tie 1 loss Steelers at 10.
lol the Bucs beat the Saints and the Eagles in back to back weeks- both Super Bowl favorites- and they aren't even in your top 10? But the two teams they beat are? I'm not a Bucs fan, I'm just a fan of common sense which these rankings are severely lacking.
Bucs beat the Saints on the road and the defending champs and dont crack the top 10?
There isnt any reason the steelers should be in the top 20 let alone the top 10 with that God awful defense, and that's coming from a steelers fan
Who comes up with these rankings? 😂🤣😂!!! So not to brag but my Bucs are 2-0. Fitzmagic threw for 400 plus yards in both games, with 4 TDs in both contests. And we convincingly knocked off the defending champs. Just saying
I understand y’all not respecting my Dolphins. Y’all been that way forever. But the fact that the Bengals aren’t up there makes this list lose all credibility.
Kansas City should be number one and this is coming from a Steelers fan! Mahomes is the real deal for you guys!
Disrespect to the Buccs right here! Beaten 2 powerhouses of the NFC from last year in the Saints and Eagles... and they're not even in the top 10?! I'm mad about this and i'm not even a Buccs fan!
Steelers 0-1-1 in the top 10 lol how aren’t the bucs higher? What’s the point of the power ranking?
Yea I am an eagles fan but some of these don't make sense. Jags should be number 1 after that performance against better quality opponent then Rams have so far...Rams fans be honest it was Arizona and Oakland both look atrocious to start the season...simply you beat teams you were supposed to in the way you should with that roster. I also dont get how eagles are in front of Minnesota or Green Bay and why the heck Steelers and saints who have looked horrible in both games are still considered top 10 over some other teams
Rams Jags chiefs pats bucs broncos Viks pack eagles falcons... you’re welcome, I’ll take a sign on bonus as well ESPN plz n thx
I’m not a fan but they disrespected the Bengals. They have looked good so far. But that’s how it is every season with them lol
This is interesting - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have defeated two teams on this list, but they’re not on this list? Guess they’ll have to beat yet another team on this list next Monday to make this list next week.
To have the Steelers in the top 10 after tying the Browns and getting the doors blown off of them by the Chiefs, is ridiculous!! To also have the Bears dropping two spots after a win as well?!?! C’mon man....these rankings suck this week.
How are 2 teams (steelers and saints) in the top 10? Steelers ties with the browns last week and lost pretty bad to the chiefs at home this week. And saints lost at home to the bucs last week and should've lost to the browns this week.
Dumbest list I’ve ever seen. The Steelers are horrible, absolutely horrible. The Rams have played two of the worst teams in the NFL so far, hardly the best team. The Patriots have not looked good at all, slightly better than the Steelers. Tampa Bay beats both the Eagles and the Saints but somehow is not in the top 10.
Not a bucs fan, but come on. After 2 weeks in a row they should be top 8. Just because no one expected it doesn't mean they aren't a power team.
As a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, even I dont agree with them being number 10...they shouldnt even be in the top 20. They are 0-1-1 Defense is absolutely terrible. Too many penalties. Distractions in & out of the locker room. And we just tied with the Browns. But sure...10th makes sense...🤔
Packers, Saints, and Steelers feel like they are on here based on what the pundits hoped they'd be. The Steelers tied the Browns. Then gave up a fuckload of points to a second year QB on a team in a quasi-rebuild. I dunno. I'd need a little more from them before I'd make them a top 10 team.
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People can't stop watching Ninja.

The Fortnite star opens up about fame and his future.

Gaming isnt a sport that should be mentioned by espn. And people who watch someone else play video games is the saddest thing ever .
Saying this guy isn’t an athlete is pretty funny, no one on this thread can compete with him in Fortnite, and being that good at the game deserves the recognition he’s gotten. Don’t hate because you don’t get it.
If you’re gonna act like gaming is a sport, then you’re the reason so many people are obese. Fortnite, nor any video game has no business being mentioned by Espn. Whatever happened to play60? Kids are just gonna look at this and think it’s ok to play Xbox and that’s their exercise for the day
Why do so many have the mentality that featuring a gamer will somehow be unhealthy for the younger audience? Try to realize that ESPN embracing gaming culture can actually lead to gamers caring more about physical sports. This is a good thing no matter how you spin it, so if it’s not for you, then just ignore it and move on with your life.
What??? First of all what is Fortnite and does it involve scoring a touchdown, basket, goal or run? If not then it's not a sport.
So many salty people here. If you hate video games, skip this story. Not hard. More people watch games than watch the NFL on any given week, it's here to stay.
I love how mad the older generations are that this guy is making millions playing video games 🤷🏻‍♂️ It's just the start as well!!!
People who don't game don't understand how many hours and how much effort it takes to be good enough for thousands of people to want to watch you. Also, if you're good but boring no one will watch, either. He's doing things not many can do, just as Lebron doing a windmill dunk. This is coming from a former 3 sport all-Ohio athlete who loves physical professional sports as well.
So what are you going to cover Magic the Gathering tournaments next? “Hey it’s Boomer and we’re at the Guilds of Ravnica Invitational in the strip mall next to the Denny’s in Clearwater, Florida, and if you can get past the smell of BO and stale Doritos, you’re gonna be in for a real treat. Over here in the QF we’ve got Brian “Thundersword” McDonald playing a R/U/W aggro control deck, and he seems to be the favorite to win. The prize you ask? 10 booster packs and a case of Mountain Dew Game Fuel. Back to you, Hannah.”
Probably because they’re average & have nothing better to do with their time 😑 Grow up & get a hobby people, this is kids stuff, you should be focusing on providing a better future for your family not childish kids games.
Hate on him all you want but he sounds like a down-to-earth guy who was just fortunate to be in the right place, in the right time, with the right skills to make millions.
All the angry old people make me LOL. Tyler is about to make more this year and next year than those people will their entire life 😂
He's famous in Elementary schools. Adults have no idea who he is unless your 10 year old watches him. It's such a bad example to set for kids. They all think all they have to do is be a YouTube star and you're set for life.
I love how ESPN tried to portray this guy as an actual athlete, and that his life is so rough. Man ESPN is really grasping for straws here.
You guys are aware the NBA started an ESports league this past season and that ESports in general is a trillion dollar industry right?
People....ESPN stands for Entertainment Sports Network. ESports is entertainment. It might not be your type of entertainment but hell if someone thinks differently than you.
Yeah video games aren't sports, but think about, ESPN doesn't care what your opinion is, its strictly business and they are capitalizing on it, countless people will watch, ESPN wins.
Great guy.. he changed his ways so more parents will let their kids watch him with the volume up. Yes i know way to make more money but still..he didnt have to do that..knock him all you want I’ll trade in my 10 hour days anyday to play a video game and make 300k a month
No body hates video games but remember those words when the fame surrounding him fades away this so called ninja will turn to a mentally unstable person with tendency for committing a crime or suicide. I know a number of people will disagree with me but it is unhealthy being away from any connections with other people and just being mentally trapped in playing video games for hours and hours.
Nothing against the guy but why is this on espn? Dude is not an athlete and he is more of a entainer. And please dont cite the "E" in espn. Anyone who has not lived under a rock knows this is mainly a sports news network.
All you morons out there.... E sports is going to take over. This guy is legit. It’s funny how people hate when you know you would trade you life in a heartbeat
Y’all complain when they don’t talk to your sport, y’all complain when they talk about Lebron ( me too ), y’all complain that Colin was hogging all the headlines, y’all complain that the patriots were all they talked about, and last but not least if they post something that isn’t your specific taste y’all complain. Maybe instead of complaining about their post follow a page that is more align towards what you enjoy.
People don't understand the work that goes into being a professional gamer aswell. Streaming isn't really esports, but these teams for events have coaches and quotas. Streaming is additional income but usually required by the Teams sponsors. Check out some documentaries on FaZe. They usually have personal trainers and stricter diets than normal for the teams whos main goal is winning event and not being a figure head on a stream.
Like if you knew Ninja when he played competitive Halo. He has been one of the best for years. For all those parents that said you can’t make money off video games. Lol. Look up Overwatch league and how many NBA and NFL owners are now investing. It’s gonna be a cash cow.
Super nice guy, little dramatic but just someone doing what he loves for a living, can’t hate on that
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Football = family.

I hope my Raiders find a player that good in the draft.
Dang, did Russell just write his own obituary to give to Mack?!
Mack: “Give me your jersey!” Wilson: “Ok! Just don’t sack me again” Wilson: “Are you gonna give me yours?” Mack: “Who sacked who? Now sign that jersey and give it to me”
Die hard bears fan here, but Russell Wilson is one class act!
I want vontae davis's Bills jersey
They didn’t exchange jerseys. Mack debo’d Wilson.
1)What does it mean when black people say, “stay up then”? 2) can I use this greeting?
Sucks such an extremely great talent like Wilson is on such a bad team. It's just like throwing gold down a storm drain.
As a lions fan I’d gladly take Wilson over Stafford. Lol.
Mack is worth every penny he's a beast .. coming from a Seahawks fan
I don't understand this generation. I would never trade my jersey with the opposing team especially after we lost. I'm guess I'm just too old school tho
He even spends too much time signing a jersey... Just like spending too much time holding the ball.
Not a fan of either teams but mad respect 👊 class acts
I like this kind of story! Khalil Mack to the Bears was such a good move for the entire league. That team is back to being a scary defense with their cornerstone who could retire a Bear and probably be in conversation for number retirement and HoF. Long way to go but I want to see that beast with success on the field.
Bro so many funny moments here. Mack is physically too big he needs to be cut out of his jersey. The Espn reporter telling Mack his jersey is from baby gap. Then she asked Russ what is says and he goes “its says mind your business” 😂😂😂😂
Dear khalil thanks for destroying my oline and showing the world how we cant hang in the nfl anymore... Your pal russ
Wilson is the most underrated Qb .a class act.
Tyler Carter when the school bully isn’t satisfied with the lunch money so he hits you up for your clothes.
Convo probably went something like “You’re going to give me your jersey. You’re going to sign it too.” Andre Tomas Gilbert
This is why I love ma HAWKS also respect to Mack for dorking out and getting Russell’s jersey and signed go HAWKS
Actually Mack was gonna give him the jersey but does it look like his able to get if off on his own look how big he is n also he did say he was gonna have them cut it off in the locker room.
Did he write a rescue message on his jersey? "Get me out of here!" He needed saving last night, the Bears defense was all over him.
Damm Dawn Williams Jennifer Andresen. Got owned so bad...gave up his jersey and didnt even ask for one in return. Lol. It's ok. Zeke will happily give up his on Sunday after what goes down.
Mack: gimme your jersey, it’s being added to my ‘death’ wall Wilson: can I get yours too? Mack: yeah, go to
Russ: “pops trippin man, wants me to ask for my jersey back, you know I wouldn’t even trip” Mack: “What Jersey?!?!?”
ESPN1 day ago


Jon Gruden trying to explain the Mack trade like
That bears defense is legit
Has anyone figured out yet why the raiders can’t get pressure on the qb?
Personally I’m done with the overpaid NFL and their overpaid baby players that can’t stand for the anthem and disrespect our President Trump and bow down to Kappercrack.
Only one team in the NFC North with a win this week!
Do you all remember when the Seahawks were good and had tons of fans. Don't hear anything about them now. They're the new Jaguars 😂
As a Raiders fan, I’m just mentally prepared to accept that my team will make stupid decisions time after time after time AFTER time! .... oh well.... Raiders 4 Life!
Defense played their heart out. Offense needs to tighten up as soon as nagy and Trubisky figure it out Oh man watch out
I can’t believe Jim Halpert is playing Jack Ryan.
Whelp Seattle welcome to the “time to start panicking” club us Pittsburgh fans welcome you.
Yes and Jordan Howard got me almost no fantasy points.
2nd straight game with a defensive td! Prince made up for that BS pass interference call.The monsters of midway are back! P.S. Kyle Fuller better tighten up!
The impact Khalil Mack has on this defense is insane! He’s literally a monster and is making everyone else around him better too! Hope we can stay healthy this year.
From a seahawks fan, congrats bears, you were easily the better team tonight and you should enjoy this well deserved win. Seahawks looked like they were in shambles all night tonight. I consider it a miracle it turned out to only be a 7 point game
When you see Mack and Seabass hug each other after the game and knowing we could’ve use those 2 to win on Sunday SMH
Good to see the bears win for a change. Hopefully reach the play offs. I've watched the bears since the 80s from here in the UK 🇬🇧. Love the nfl even though some have turned into little fairies and get offended by everything 🐻 😊
Booger McFarland spitting that 🔥 from the announcers booth... he has really done a great job with MNF.
Seahawks officially suck, I think we learned that when Pete Carroll threw the ball on second down with “Beast Mode” in the backfield, but tonight makes it official, y’all lost to Mitchell Bumbisky
Don't listen to WGN radio right now. They are absolutely evicerating Trubisky. He will come around. Mahomes had a year to watch Alex Smith and has the same head coach. Give Trubisky time.
This Bears team looks way better than expected with Khalil Mack in the defense. I still don't think they're a playoff team, as much as I wanna believe it, but I would love to see more wins like this one.
Seahawks GM: "We Could really use an Oline to help protect Russel Wilson and Run the Ball" Pete Carrol : "Whats an Offensive Line without a running back?" SeahwaksGM: "Touche" *Drafts Rashaad Penny 1st Rd *Also Drafts 0 Offensive Line
Jordan Howard must’ve retired at halftime in tonight’s game, I had him going against me in fantasy, anyways you the real MVP! 🙌🏼
Why is everyone so blind? Last year when they picked him as #2 overall And past on Watson They f up Here is reality As a bear fan for 35 years This guy looks lost And is PATHETIC DOES ANYONE AGREED THE NUMBERS SHOW IT ALL.
Seattle’s offense has no identity, they do absolutely nothing right doubt the coach could even describe it
I really do hope seahawks suck next week too..they play my team...dallas cowboys, they need all the help they can get
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Tyler Anthony Duplessis😂😂
Lorenzo Gee