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Reporter: "... how important was this win?"

Joel Embiid: "We definitely don't want to be in the situation like the Warriors two years ago ..."

2 years ago they won the Championship...
Warriors won the championship 2 years least Embiid admits that he does not want to be a champion...
Except the Warriors have won 3 times. This team will never win. Let’s all laugh about that.
Jokes about the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead. Remembers later that they've won 3 of the last 4 championships and wishes he was on a team that good. Too bad he won't be making the finals this or the championship.
When did he win a championship? Oh that’s right, never.
Funny thing is he'll never be in the situation like the warriors. You know, champions. Not just champions but back to back champions. Not just that but 3peat. 4 rings in 5 years
Joel makes this playoffs so entertaining I love it.
He has sense of humor.. everybody relax
“How dare you make fun of my bandwagon team”- comments section
Jesus Christ! "ThE wArRiOrS wOn 2 YeArS aGo...eMbiiD dOnt GoT nO RiNgS" STFU and relax already... It was a JOKE!!!!
New Age Warriors fans are offended by this 😂
This dude just does not care what he says and I love it
I get it 😂😂😂😂😂 he talking warriors before KD came to the rescue.
Trust me Embiid, you'll never be in the situation the Dubs have been in lmao
Many of you people have mental problems! “HE WAS KIDDING MAN!” Relax!
Bruh have you even been in the FINALS??????
Embiid is the best center in the league this sixers team is finally past the process they're scary good. Raptors in 4
Gotta Love this dude🤣🤣🤣
Big talk for someone who lost in 5 to a team lead by a rookie last season
Ppl on here defending the most stacked team in history.. 😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️ man relax lol
All the whiny warriors bandwagon fans out in force feeling all butt-hurt over Joel’s joke. It’s as if they don’t remember their lean years. Oh wait cause they don’t 😂😂
Except your team will never win a chip.Warriors won 2 since then.
Man can't count, it was 3 years ago. And he wish he could be in the warriors sutuation😂🤣
Gotta make the finals first buddy
Lol u mean 2 years ago when they won the title? Yeah I have a feeling you dont have to worry about it
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Jimmy Butler and Jared Dudley were both ejected for this scuffle during Philadelphia 76ers – Brooklyn Nets Game 4 in Brooklyn.

One of the best WNBA playoff games
Playoff basketball is the best time of the season to watch NBA basketball. Emotions run so high. Awesome!
It worked out well for Dudley I see. Clown
They need scuffles in the NBA make it more exciting without ejections
Good hard foul and terrible officiating
Jared Dudley is the most dad looking NBA player in the history of non athletes. That's me if I was 6 ft plus.
I love some scuffles with my playoff basketball
I didnt even know Dudley was still in the league til last week
How come the 10th best player on every NBA team always wants to be a tough guy?
Why exactly was Butler kicked out? That was all Jared Dudley...
Good job to the quick thinking, quick moving dad who got his child out of the way 😳
League is soft , that is not a flagrant, the bad boys are laughing at these ticky tack fouls
Embiid went for the ball and got mostly all ball.. good foul.. what's Dudley doing??
Dudley wanted zero of Butler.
I dont see why Jimmy Butler got ejected
Stanley Cup Playoffs > NBA Playoffs.
Ben Simmons is the most overrated player in the NBA , but I will say he's definitely R.O.Y this year
Hold that L nets fans. Dudley don’t want that smoke
Would love to see these guys fight hockey players. They would humble up real fast.
Is this going to be the next Miami Heat NY Knicks rivalry of the late 90’s and early 00’s?
Giants need Dudley on defense
Just imagine how today’s NBA players would react with the pistons, knicks, Bulls, and Celtics from the 80’s/90’s???? It’s just a hard foul!
Dudley: fgiknbdsyblahblah Embid : STFU
Embiid is in these guys heads.
Until its Pacers VS Pistons type brawl they will never be remembered 😂
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Before coaching the Philadelphia 76ers, Brett Brown had some ... crazy life experiences in Australia 😂

True story ➡️

Well, he is an egg-cellent coach who has really scrambled to get the 76’ers into top form and they even poached a road win. But this time of year, it hard-boils down to is the team a shell of a competitor or will they be yolked out of the playoffs in the first round?
That's 300 year old Steve Kerr
All this man has to do is grow his hair out and he’s the Dude.
So dont nobody care about the emu eggs ?
And Embiid cant play with a sore knee
This soon to be top fan agrees. Those some good tasting eggs.
Too many different type of animals in Australia
That EMU is rookie of the year
Training to be a top fan
Watch out, PETA may be the next to come after you
He’s going to have more if the Sixers don’t make it through the first round.
4/20 hit Brett a little harder than usual...........okay maybe less
That wasn’t a emu’s nest.... that was Joel Embiid house.
That’s cute. We ate a snake in the Philippines, but before we were allowed, we had to drink the blood.
I saw a list of most dangerous birds in the world recently. Emu was third on that list.. Stealing an egg from an Emu's nest is ballsy, lol.
Didnt someone in Gainesville recently died being attacked by an emu? And it was his pet..
PETA is going to be pissed
Why isn’t PETA after him?
Can’t tell if this is a sports page or a cooking show page
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On This Date: Two years ago, LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to one of the largest comebacks in NBA playoff history.

Thanks ESPN. I needed my daily dose of LeBron posts during this incredibly interesting playoff season that has nothing to with LeBron when you could be posting things about the actual playoffs going on right now. ESPN, love you.
On this date today: lebron sitting down watching other NBA teams in the playoffs.
Why not focus on the teams that are in 😡 talking about Lafraud isn't going to to make the NBA Playoffs rating any higher
On this date: Today, Lebron isn’t in the playoffs
Millennial History Note: On this date ( plus a month or so) a long time ago, Michael Jordan was winning his 6th NBA Championship........oh yeah, he won 6 out of 6!
On this day two weeks ago Lebron missed the playoff
LeBron misses the playoffs so here come the milestones...
Thank you for reminding us that the playoffs this season is more fun without the dramatic goat queen 🐐
On this date this year. Lebron James is on the couch like the rest of us peasants.
On this exact date, Lebron will be watching the playoffs.
On this date, today. LeBron is on the couch watching the NBA playoffs.
Hey ESPN, it is 4/20. Celebrate by lighting up and getting over LeBron for just one day.
How are his playoff numbers looking this year?
I like the playoffs without Lebron
Can we maybe focus on the teams that are actually in the playoffs this year.
ESPN found a way to talk Lebron
What about this years playoffs?
LeBron highlights really what about the playoffs of this year? I thought this was an ESPN page not an all about Lebron and his accomplishments.
On this date, no years ago, Lebron James was at home.
And two years later LeBron isn't in the playoffs. Go Blazers!
Nobody: ESPN: “Y’all remember that one time when Lebron...”
I know the was no way BRONSPN would the playoffs go by without mentioning Lebron
King James made the FINALS the last 8 times, not just playoffs, NBA FINALS. That man needs a break. He dont need to make the playoffs. 😝😝😝
Yo ESPN, why don't you just blow the guy!
Lebron isn’t in the playoffs and y’all still can’t help yourselves! Where are the Vlade Divac highlights?
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"I used to go to the barbershop talking about soccer, they see minivans, they see orange slices … When you come to an Atlanta United FC game, that’s Atlanta."

The world's game, the beautiful game. It's definitely growing in the U.S. Well done Atlanta!
This is so awesome and beautiful!!
Wtg Atlanta United!! This is what sports should be about, bringing the community together and having a good time. Not about watching some guy get paid $30 million and not performing!
Beautiful stuff. I see more MLS teams having these type of fans. I hope that the passion for the sport continues to grow here 🇺🇸⚽️ ❤️❤️❤️🙌
He might be the only mf I know that actually watch soccer in Atlanta 😭
Im always happy to see a MLS team that has a full house of 50,000 - 70,000 plus a game! Now thats awesome
I bet they can't do it on a cold night in stoke.
I wish Falcons fans other than myself were this passionate.
The 3252 is on another level too. If you are looking for a great example of soccer culture in America look no further than LAFC’s supporter section.
My son can play whatever he wants but soccer and baseball will be his first activities. Because I’m 5’8”. 😅
Atlanta is probably the worst sports city
games are so fun in the Benz
Love soccer. The beautiful game!!
WOW!! Atlanta is officially a soccer town. Poor Failcons have been there for 50+years and are second behind a soccer team!! Who Dat!⚜️⚜️⚜️
After blowing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl it makes sense to switch types of football
When I finally move down south, the ATL is high on my list.
The U.S. will be excited about soccer when we actually make the world cup again
I wonder if your Top 10 tomorrow will include 10 soccer “highlights”..probably a few games that ended in a tie. Quit trying to push this crap.
This post is so bad, that not even one top fan is commenting. Lol
Don’t forget 3-28. Thank you. Have a good day ATL
Some city’s don’t even have professional franchises and Atlanta has like 6 and not one can make the playoffs lol
Glad I am getting old. Won't have to hear about this for long.
MLS soccer and the WNBA are sick to watch
Go Sounders!!! We got this in the 206!! MLS on the rise!
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Russell Westbrook wanted all the smoke tonight 😤

Love this rivalry, two great PG’s, with heart, it’s needed in the NBA
Truly one of the best point guards in NBA.. Amazing 33 pts performance by Westbrook........... Blazers in 5
Bro i love both players but hats off to lillard who sinking threes from UCLA in ptown like nothing and kept it more humble than Westbrook.
I like Russ and all, but this video is trying to make it seem like Lillard wasn't dropping that heat tonight 🔥🔥🔥....
Westbrook didnt want the smoke the first two games lol
Lillard works Westbrook the first two highlight reel. But once OKC wins, they RIDE his nuts. ESPN is trash.
Happy 420 Russell Westbrook.
Try that on kawaihi Leonard , then I’ll give Westbrook some love ❤️ lol
love this balling going on between him and Lilliard! playoff ball at its best 💯
Dame still played a great game. Portland in 5
Not impressed, when you played so bad the first 2 games. Dame still had 30 right........
Love this. At least they're not trying to join forces and make a superteam.
Right after this play Dame scored 25 in the same quarter so........
That’s nice and all, but home boy CANNOT win a playoff series without KD....
But all the media doesn't show how lillard scored 23 in 3rd...🤔lighting them up
I hate when the refs decide a game
Russ doesnt want any smoke or he wouldn't be too scared to guard Dame, even though Dame guards him all game
Westbrook didn’t even guard dame in the 4th!
Westbrook is the closest player to prime Derick Rose.
Dame > Russ. No question about it.
Didn’t want no smoke in the first 2 games
If that were true he would guard Dame
Russ, Ya i'm a beast...but let me guard the 4th option player on D
I love that Westbrook hates everyone else in the nba. I wish more guys were like him
If Dame put his elbow into Russ like that he'd be crying
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O 👏 K 👏 C 👏

Oklahoma City Thunder hold off Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers to win Game 3.

Dear lord, please here my prayer. PLEASE give the Trailblazers the strength and skill to beat the Thunder. Westbrick doesn't deserve to win. EVER.
The Drake curse has taken it’s effect and is spreading rapidly..
Geeked They had 30+ free throws and got a majority of the whistles when they drove to the basket and were in the bonus within 5 mins being left in the last 2 most important quarters and is the only reason they clung onto that lead late Portland in 5
Headline should be Refs hold off Blazers to give OKC a win.
The officiating in this game was really bad.
Portland 24 FTA Thunder 39 FTA .. The Referees played harder than The Thunder ..
We played a good game. Wish I had got more rebounds though
Refs 120-Blazers 108
Westbrook ran off the players who gave OKC the best chance at a title...
Why won’t Westbrook guard Dame tho 🤷🏽‍♂️
Good teams beat bad calls. We weren't the better team tonight. Time to focus on Sunday. #RipCity
Westbrick can't guard LOGO LILLARD lmao blazers in 5
Still repping for nip I see #ripnipseyhussle
Y’all see what he’s throwing down. 🏁💙🕊
We all know Portland got robbed by the refs !!!
Seattle played good tonight.
Willing to bet this series goes 7 games in the first round. Who’s with me?
Stop hating on Westbrook!
Portland got swept two years in a row they win to home games their supposed to win and yall the think this team is relevant now get outta here with yall bull Don't worry the Thunder is doing the gentleman sweep like they did the Spurs 2 yrs ago end of story #enoughsaid #Thunderup #watchbasketballclosely #Whynot
No triple double and still got the win, tonight was a good night for russ
Dame showed up and played just as good but got to give props to Russ , he straight balled tonight & got the W. Battles like this are good for the NBA. Playoff basketball I love it.
Come now i mean blazers still winning this series but the refs ruin our chances of a sweep! We will call it a gentle men’s sweep then!
It’s easy to win when you pay the refs.
Refs good looking out for the ninja be fair in the next game
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Russell Westbrook rocked the baby on Damian Lillard after scoring on him 🍿

💎 Top Fan Yeah.....and Lillard score 25 in the 3rd.....soooo yeah
Yeah....Lillard 25 points in the 3rd quarter...sooo
It’s awesome when you see guys in the NBA showing their love for family in candid portraits.
Lillard... 25 points in the 3rd quarter.. My goodness (Mark Jackson voice)
That’s cute. Lillard >Westbrook
Lillard is still better than westbrick
Then Lillard drops 25 in the quarter
Dame just went off for 25 in a QTR and the only reason OKC is still leading is because they’ve shot 25 free throws lmfao
And then dame scored the next 25 😂🤘
After he rocked the baby Lillard scored 25 points in the qtr
Lillard rockin the building.
gotta win for it to matter
westbrook best pg in the league
Damian Lillard has scored 25 points in the 3rd quarter. I think that's a little more important...
Be that cocky when you lead the series Westbrick,Lillard still better than you.
Lillard also just dropped 25 on them in the 3rd quarter wya with that ESPN?
How about the Lillard highlights versus the rarest of plays executed by Westbrook. The 3rd quarter was the Lillard show!
Lillard is probably the worst person to do that against. It just lights a fire under him.
And then Lillard went on to score 25 in the qtr 😂
This is why Lillard is a true “Leader”... he is so professional and definitely no ghetto in our hometown BLAZERS ❤️🏀❤️
Still hasn’t won a playoff series. But go on, you do you.
Lillard is torching Westbrook. Show him respect ESPN
..then Lillard torched him with 25 in the quarter. Sit down Westbrick
Lillard responded with a 25 point third quarter....
Lol and where wa he the last two games?? Lillard scored his carreer high in a quarter in the third. Where was the baby then?? Drowning in the tub?
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The Los Angeles Lakers hope to have more detailed discussions with top candidates Ty Lue and Monty Williams as soon as next week, sources tell Dave McMenamin and Adrian Wojnarowski.

I used to say Lebron has never had an all time great coach like MJ, Russell, Magic, Bird, Kobe and Shaq all had and that's something that has held him background, but now I'm thinking he wants a "yes man" type coach.
Monty williams would be the best coach he will develop the young talent and challenge lebron to work on his game
The NBA has no loyalty anymore, when I tuned into Basketball mainstream, free agency was not as liberal in options as it is now. Rivalries are non existent, understanding they're trying to level the playing field (so to speak) but, same teams going to playoffs and finals constantly is easy because their recipe for winning works. If it ain't broke don't fix it, see the trend here.
LeBron is now head coach and gm for the Lakers. LeBron is great coach repellent he doesent want to be coached. I wonder what he would of been under the direct tutelage of Pat Riley? But this is who LeBron is coach killer. But he won a ring with Tyron Lue so it obviously works. Couldn't imagine lue being a great head coach without LeBron. Is LeBron going for the trio again ? Or is he going to do it like when kobe only had pau gasol in 2007? If he wins a championship in L.A he would be ahead of kobe In my opinion cause this is a mess right now in L.A.
I probably don’t know anything about basketball, but didn’t LeBron have some amazing seasons with Ty Lue? Like, with multiple Championship appearances? Seems like he would be a great puppet...I mean coach, to LeBron. He already knows what LeBron wants 🤷🏼‍♂️
Monty Williams please. Ty Lue is garbage better not hire him.
Trade Lebron then hire Ty Lue. Perfect scenario for the Lakers 🤣🤣🤣🤣
There’s nothing about Ty Lue that tells me he’s going to change anything with the Lakers. Nice guy...but I don’t see it
Lakers want to voluntarily become the Cavs. 😂😂😂
Ty Lue has already been successful as an assistant under Lebron. This makes sense
It's not the Lakers, its Lebron, call it for what it is
Basketball is a joke. Players run the league. It’s obviously fixed for certain storybook outcomes. More drama than a league.
Cant believe the lakers will hire lebron’s puppet or someone who lacks a ton o experience. If the lakers are still the lakers, they should go for a household name.
Lebron should be the Coach just like Bill Russell did back in the day... Why not???
I’m a lebron fan but I think this will be a mistake. He left Cleveland for a change. This is taking a step backwards
They could save a bunch of money and just name LeBron head coach. He'll be calling the shots anyway.
Who cares the Lakers could have Lue and Monty and they will still be irrelevant when the work Lakers fan need to realize LeBron came to LA for Hollywood not basketball.
Wait. It's already the playoffs and the media are still bringing up the lakers? Why? For their pet lebron not to lose any spot light?
The Lakers should trade Lebron for Zion 🤣
Lue: Alright Bron, Lets Get Another Ring! LeBron:
Lebron: "Ty, what is your sole purpose in the Lakers organization?" Ty: "To do whatever you tell me Lebron James."
Somewhere Phil and Kobe are literally laughing at the joke this team has become. Lakers need a new owner, GM, and coach. Complete demolition to get back to the winning ways
Now Ty Lue can pretend to coach the Lakers too.
The Lakers should trade LeBron to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis and then hire a coach.
The meeting between the lakers front had to go something like "who can we bring in that won't challenge lebron"
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Not one, but TWO fans at the Oklahoma City Thunder game hit the $20,000 half court shot 😳

One of the best nights of my life! Thank you for the opportunity!
We gonna pretend that he didn’t punch that guy? 🤔😂
Those fans are better 3 point shooters than westbrook
At 5 seconds he punches that kid in the blue shirt right in the face, no foul called..
OKC: "For no reason in particular, this will sadly be our last $20,000 halftime contest"
Were those rims regulation? Everyone was making shots last night. The fans, Westbrook...everybody
Dwight hit 5 of those in the warehouse.
Ticket prices just went up I’m sure lol
They could miss the next 20 and still have a better shooting % than Westbrook.
Jackie Moon would be pissed right about now...
This is like a championship for Thunder fans
Sign em and cut Westbrook!!😂
He has a mean right hook 2..👊
meanwhile pacers can't hit nothing
I bet that was very unexpected.
Yo, OKC is like “we didn’t expect that to happen, we will mail your checks. We ain’t got it all right now .”
Sign them. Because no1 on OKC can hit any shot.
We just gonna ignore he gave one of his friends the people’s elbow?
Both would make the Pacers lineup because that team is trash.
Father Pat he stepped on the line!
Gotta better FG% than Westbrook
You just won a giant check that says 20,000..... second half coming up
Harden would have received an and-1 call if he was one of the guys shooting the half court
And management just had a heart attack
Would trust these two with the game on the line more than Westbrook