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Steven Fulmer "Hey let's make a video of two people slapping hands and caption it "respect""
Anthony Matheu Why LeBron lie to a little kid like that? He never came through with his promise, he said he would dunk on Zo for him, come on Bron, you are a lying dirtbag! #BigBallerBrand
Blake Davis Lebron: yo pops is crazy Ball: yea, I know. Lebron: aight catch ya next year
Marcus Napolian Smith 🤔The best basketball player in the world and reigning MVP is 13 triple doubles shy of 100.Nothing amazing happened during this game!😆
Gregg DeMammos Enough of Ball. He's done nothing. Be a sports network, not a hype machine. He's not even worth rooting against yet.
Zachary Ryan Baxter Lebron is like “just wait until the off season when I leave to join you, I’ll see you at practice next year”
Rudy Lopez Lonzo Ball has a bright future. It’s only his rookie year. You put some more talent around him lakers can be a team that can dominate in the future. So anyone dissing him should just shut up. LAKERS 4 LIFE
Austin Alexander So apparently half a second of hand shaking is respect. The two barely even acknowledged each other. ESPN just being thirsty again
Nathan Paul Layman I don't like the guys dad but I have nothing wrong with him. And realistically he and LeBron would play so well together... If only.
Andrew Milkovich If I was LeBron speaking to lonzo, I would lay don't pay attention to the media. Keep focusing on yourself and the game alone.
Fonzy Martinez This clip is just to show how much Lebron controls Espn, in a interview he said he didn’t want to say what he told Lonzo and now all of a sudden they cut out Lebron and Lonzo talking 😂
Charlie Cristiano Chortabtim Everytime I see an article on a lakers game why is it always with a loss? What happen with lonzo ball being better than step curry and carrying the team to the playoff? Could it be all talk ?
Heath Fusilier The meme would go like this.."Stay up lil homie, I'm coming help you out next year , cause drose hurt and I know these other fools selling wolf tickets"😂
Jason Roberts I like how he responded with "I said nothing to him". He had the pitcher/catcher version of him putting his jersey over his mouth.
Steve Kelly If you read the LeBricks lips he actually asked Ball what he did with the extra hair he cut off the top of his head..
Scott Lucas Fridays headline from Stephen A Stiff, lebron slaps hand wif Lonzo and whispers to him "next year we will be great" . #dillusional
Demario Harvey of course it has everything to do with media coverage. players who have high media coverage tend to dap each other up vs dapping up those with only local coverage
선생로버트 That respect is not 2-way. Who is Lonzo Ball in the NBA? Just the mediocre progeny of a big fat-headed blowhard.
Derek Frye Looks like LeBron is saying, "about to holla" like he's about to be Lonzo's new team captain next season.
Pierre Romero I really think LeBron in L.A. would be a bad move, he's been in the league now what 14 seasons, has 3 rings, stay in Cleveland & retire bruh...
Paul Nakatani What’s not shown was the 30 seconds of mentoring that’s worth a 100x his father ever did!! GOAT doing GOAT things!
Justin Scott Espn busting a nutt getting James and Ball in the same frame
Eli Manz Don't let this distract you from the fact that Kylo Ren is now the supreme leader of the first order after killing Supreme Leader Snoke & Luke Skywalker
Arlando Monty Williams I DONT CARE WHAT ANY OF YALL SAY. I'm not even a BALL fan BUT YALL Need to get off his nuts. LET him play. LEBRON giving him advice as a REAL Dude should. ALL OF YALL are NOT in the NBA.
Abraham Sosa Fernando Almodovar Gustavo Almodovar I hope Lebron goes to the Lakers. That way he never wins another tittle lol jk
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Another night, another triple-double for LeBron James.

Andre Johnson LeBron is the GOAT, you guys bring up rings but none of Kobe’s or Jordan’s rings are more valuable or even mean as much as LeBrons 2016 ring, with that ring he came back from a 3-1 deficit, that has never been done, he lead BOTH teams in all stat categories, that has never been done, and on top all of that he did it against the 73-9 WARRIORS!! The team with the best record in NBA history, beating a 70+ win team has NEVER BEEN DONE in the Finals. LeBron is the GOAT, and for the haters, the Cavs won 93-89 in game 7 so take away Kyries 3 and the Cavs still win by 1 #GreatestOfAllTime
Michael Martir What else? I think it will take a 200pts and a 300rebs game for those zombies suckers of jordan, to finally understand he is the goat, period
John Oliveto Lebron James is the best player in the world. THE GOAT. #KingJames #TheChosenOne #StriveForGreatness
Dave Vachon One thing I don't get about LeBron James. If the Cavs are serious about winning a title, why is he playing every regular season game?
Mark Anthony Rivas I'm intrigued by the way LBJ is playing. The team looks to be getting more involved through his leadership. This is something MJ did as well... We've found our #2?
Jonathan Lewis Barnfather He turns 33 This year what he’s doing and having probabaly a legit 3 years at this level left. He will go down as the goat
Corey Baughn “Michael Jordan still the goat”but because of his longevity and because he is a freak of nature with his durability and strength... he has a chance to surpass MJ but that’s still years off if you ask me... but much respect
Matt Bourland “I remember when I had my first triple double. And then had 42 in one season.” - Russell Westbrook
Corey P. Jones Ask yourself this question was there better competition in the Jordan and Kobe era compared to now and you will get your answer of why Lebron is overrated.
Chauvin Ndom Valid triple double unlike Westbrook 10 points (3/17), 13, 11.. Westbrook not even top 10 players, he plays for stats
Victor Alaniz For him to come back to his hometown And bring that big win everybody wanted In lCleveland and the way he inspired his team to do it! You wouldn’t believe it, not even in a movie you see what he did! Mis respetos pa ese ser humano
Joseph Allotta Struggled against my young Lakers smdh Lakers will be very dangerous next year hope we get PG13 and put Ingram and the 2 and that will cause havoc for a lot of teams next year
Justin Richard All the haters always slink back in their holes when he YET AGAIN, puts up numbers that we've become spoiled and expect these numbers and crucify him if he doesn't have them one night.... . But we know the hate is a bi-product of the realization that he's better than your God, Michael. Better team and on the court player (leading or closing in, in every critical and celebrated category) one-on-one, he would have ABUSED Mike, 21-16.
Ernesto Juarez Luke dies. Snoke is killed by kylo ren. Finn kisses a chubby Asian chick. There I saved you x amount of money and 2.5 hours of your life
Chris Williams Tied Larry Legend for sixth most triple-doubles
Ted Pangantihon Lonzo stay out of the way all scared to be posterized
Charles Dingos With or without Kyrie, this Bron time, His kngdom come
Steve Brudzynski Ya ya cool cool who cares...right now, Charles Barkley is sounding off on Lavar Ball. Barkley is the 🐐
Brett Fruits Bron Bron trying to be like Russ now? Haha
Rocco Humberstone Lonzo will Pass him sometime next year
Joe Pedota Just another night at the office!
Jay Victor In this no defense fastbreaking 3 point flopping era everyone gets triple doubles
Luis A. Morales He's playing in a league of nobodies! Never like Jordan or Kobe!
David Greenwood Does anyone still watch the NBA?
T.J. Forster Russell Westbrook didn't get this much recognition for all his last year
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LeBron James received a wish from one young fan during a hospital visit.

Craig Borgus II Lonzo and Lebron in the same post? This is ESPN's wet dream
Ryan Foster Breaking news Lavar pulls son from Lakers so LeBron can't dunk on him
Dennis Spasovski This kid will be disappointed when Lonzo's Lakers beat GS to reach the finals and Lonzo dunks on Lebron in game 4 to complete the sweep.
Mike Cosmai LaVar Ball be like "Kid needs to die, nobody can dunk on my boy and live to crack jokes" *Yellow teeth grinning*
Scott Fernelius “I will not only dunk on him, but I will also steal several of his passes and win the match by double digits.” - L. James
Joey Bean Lavar will comment back telling this kid to stay in his lane.
Sean Mundy Not a big LeBron fan, but it's always good for someone to make a kid's day. He can dunk on LaVar's kid all he wants. That guy can go play in Lithuania with his brothers after that.
Dennis White The King might Dive for calls and flop, whine ect ..he sure is a awesome person free from personal controversy..
John Giuliano Hey Lebron you should’ve taken that pic with that 11 year old girl in vegas when she asked to take a pic with her in the hotel lobby! You told her you didn’t have time and walked away with your posse partner! Dam shame these professional athletes do that kind of thing! Im hoping him and others learn from there mistakes!
Gerardo Corrujedo I would love to see that... Lebron dunks on that Ball boy... Ball on the floor Lebron standing over him letting him know who his REAL daddy is... Then Lebron rubs his sack across his face while Lavar watches court side...
Allen Blenkers Thats awesome, kid just straight up got his life made and when the king says he's going to dunk on a player. He going to try every oppurtunity he can to get that dunk.
Chris Ochieng So, this child's wish is Lonzo Ball getting dunked on? He is probably a former Lonzo ball fan and as soon as Lavar Ball sends this former big baller sneakers ,his tune will change...
Reed Griffin Look at Lonzos HS gameplay compared to like... Bryant, James, Jordan. Really not the same. Lonzo is decent at best.
Jason Racht Kevin Johnson Justin Monaco Alex McDaniel it legit happened tonight too! Bron on a fastbreak and Lonzo moved.
Terrence Starkey Looks like Lonzo is getting yammed on tonight. I'm still a Lakers fan in the end
Scott Baycroft Hope it works out for this little guy. Aside from the fact that it would be awesome to see.
Bobby Chasse As much as I hate lebron . I finally hate someone more . Hopefully lebron does dunk on him . Lol
Shawn Pilgrim God wants this kid to live.
Thanh Phan It’s hard to hate this guy LBJ, but... MJ>KoBE>LBJ
Jeff Kerby Trump can’t save Lavars kid this time!
Chris Sloan And then smack his dad in the face on the way by
Jorge Alan Hurtado This kid is going places!! Wish him a speedy recovery
Codee Beard This is what also makes LeBron great...
Logan Riley Jesse Ridenour the one time I’m rooting for Bron Bron
Austin Fleisher Lebron can’t dunk on Lonzo he’s the G.O.A.T!
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At LeBron James' locker before the Lakers-Cavs game 👑

Johnny Kilroy Who cares, I need to know what Lavar Ball ate for breakfast. Get it together, ESPN!
Travis Desborough This is why I don’t like Lebron - before all the Lebron lovers jump and down, I agree he is an all time great, easily a top 5 player - but all this self promotion and labelling himself the GOAT and king 🤮
Marcus Napolian Smith Don't allow these hideous Queen shoes to keep your eyes from the greatest meme in social media history!😆
Jordan Prempeh You punks are funny, you stand in line and fight for MJs, spend 200-400 on MJs, but when someone else wants to promote themselves then he’s conceited arrogant self centered and isn’t the goat. Ironic because you same ppl praise kyrie for wanting to find himself but god forbid should lebron want to promote himself it’s a crime. The double standard and hypocrisy you folks live in is unreal
Hector Altamirano I am sure LeBron will auction these shoes after the game and use the proceeds for charity. LeBron is a good father and human being.
Michael Hornbuckle Kobe is def closer to Jordan than lebron...if you watched them play and are truly a fan then u know....Kobe and Jordan had that killer instinct that iv seen lebron fail at getting in touch with so many times #bigfacts
William Muehlbauer Yeah the day he is the GOAT over Jordan will never happen. He is a great player, but will never be Jordan. And GURANTEED he will NOT win another championship, his time is done...bye bye clown boy
Matteo Fischer The guy makes a gazzillion dollars a year. It would be more interesting to know what's not at his locker. Like Jordan's rings...
Roger Aguilar Lebron will never be a killer elite shooter. He will be a top 5 drive and dunk to the rim and pass the ball kinda guy good enough to place him as one of the best to ever play the game but far from the best.
Kevin Curry I'm still gonna go with Jordan because many fans have short memories & others never saw Jordan play.
Leonard Brigino Bernardo Dont let this distract you from the fact that LaVar Ball has a potential to become a crowd favorite in WWE.
Tommy Powell All y’all With these LaVar jokes because y’all are tierd of seeing him, but your the one drawing the attention to him
Raymon Sanchez Lebron needs to first pass Kobe before he is in discussion with Jordan.
James Galloway Shoes look disgusting & I’m the only king James
Matt Hoffman Don't forget the promise you made to that little kid. Dunk all over Lonzo...
Jason Howard Those shoes look like they are more fit for a queen
Bryon Ganson It looks like one of Cam's outfits puked on his shoes!
Scott Neilson Lebron James is the best role player to ever play the game.
Brent Dulin Looks like crime scene tape wrapped around an old ladies sofa
Gary Chan Looks like libarace is lacing up for the cavs tonight
Lavell Anthony Mcgill Those are for women right?
Anthony Rea Holmes My grandma had a sofa just like it. With curtains to match.
Christopher Lau I thought those were flip flops.
Richard Gorth Flopping is 100% guaranteed or your money back!
Cody Hall Yes, long live Jesus Christ, the true king! Also, long live the basketball king, Michael Jordan!
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Eli Apple didn't specify how much he was fined, but he did say that he hopes to play against the Philadelphia Eagles after being inactive for the past four weeks.

Kyle Rios Hate to say it, but this guy seems like a real bad Apple.
John Calderon This kid is a cancer. His talent is borderline practice squad. Wasted a 1st round pick on him which is sad.
Buzz Porter Hopefully this stiff is the first player the new GM releases. He belongs in high school, not the NFL. Thanks, Reese😏
Adam Edward Oliver Next time use his full name as the title, got me over here thinking the Giants are blaming cell phones for their record
Brandon Ramos This kids a punk, him and Beckham need to go if the Giants want to fix their locker room
Chris J Doty Yeah what kinda high profile idiot tweets while on the job!
Joey Marabella I though they were suing Apple like the company for a second
Adrian St.Onge Apple just can’t do that in the BIG APPLE! HEYO!
Derek Martin Yet another stellar 1st Round draft pick by Reese... My God what a waste.
Kenny McGrath He had a nice tweet to Wentz calling him the MVP. That was cool.
Chase Nelson Was I the only one who thought they were talking about the company?
Ezra Chapman Chris Jones Benjamin Chapman His franchise is out of control. They need to rebuild!
Sal Loo Wat is this funkn china, being punished 4 a comment?
Matt Griffin Cut the bum
Anthony Burkhardt He's a die hard eagles fan
Gary Smith Great player keep him
Tim Parrott Thought they meant the company
Doug Clay
Rafael Santos Jimenez Who cares
Richard Gorth Seems like a bad apple
Craig Palochick Send him to Cleveland!
Joshua Blair Another great Jerry Reese pickup!! Idiot!!
Andres Madero Had to read it twice
Michael Larson Cut him
Chico Munguia Should OF DRAFTED TUNSIL
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The Force is strong with this one.

Zeke Perez Jr. Heather Gottschalk More Star Wars Day (and Thursday Night Football) fun!
Ryan Turner Here ya go Matt Beyer the wild jack rabbit
Justin Luna 👍
Zeke Perez Jr. John Edward Betancourt Joel T Lewis
Evan Wetterstroem Chuck McGee
Ryan Swinney Lexie Bui
Sean Segerstrom Ryan Richburg
Cameron Chamberlain Justin Yasser
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New York Jets offensive coordinator John Morton "wanted to run it and get out of there" with his team down 23-0 early in the fourth quarter to the Denver Broncos.

Michael Anthony Puma If you're not trying to do everything possible to win every minute of every game, you have no business in professional sports.
Alex Thompson Sounds like the attitude and commitment to winning that the clowns have in Cleveland. I'm surprised Ol' Crook Jimmy didn't just make this guy his new GM
Anthony Jaeger Yeah we were down 28-3 so I just thought there was no way to win the Super Bowl!
Troy Bodie Mountain Dew is the best soda ever made
Adam Miles I'm that way after I get back from break at work.
Jack Dack Two middle fingers up for the national anthem
Phillip Walker Well maybe he didn’t want to crush his QB’s confidence too early?
Bill Brzenski A coach saying this should be fired immediately
Cutter Whitley Lavar Ball could’ve won the game if he was the offensive coordinator
Steve Swank What's wrong with that?
Scott Edwards Joe Namath must be turning over in his grave, oh wait he's still alive unlike his Jets.
Willy Watts this is why the pats have no problem winning this division every season
Christian Alexander More teams should do this.
Jacob Guerra Carl Anthony Higgins yalls coach out here getting soff dawg
Max J Memeson There's that Championship mentality the Jets have.
Joe Viggiano
Steve Edward
Matt Gebo Matt Montanile Tom Corr That's a sign of a winner
Brett Megas Chris Westerberg great coaching
Bobby Wagoner Alex Wagoner
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Brady. Smith. Rivers. Winston. Goff.

These QBs are projected to have the biggest Week 15 in fantasy.

Brian Gordon Big Ben just threw for over 500 yards in a game for the third time in his career and is the only in history to do it but theres no mention of his name in this group!!! GTFOH
Ryan Robertson Having Winston here in his return against a good falcons D is disrespectful considering Matt Ryan demolished the Bucs d last time they played. But sure. Keep lying ESPN
Nathan Hamshmam * 1)Aaron Rodgers 2) My pet tortoise 3) A back up punter 4) Blake Bortes or whoever else in the league still trys to keep up
Max J Memeson Brady is going to have his best game of the season this week. He always exploits that Zone Blitz Defense the Steelers use under Tomlin.
Paul Hoover Alex Smith? He's had one good game in the last 4 and is facing one of the best passing defenses in the country. He did better early in the season, but has had a huge falling off as of late. Don't believe the hype.
Brandon Townsend From sum1 who has had alex smith all year..explain to me how he is qb 2? Especially going against that SD front
Adam Brooks I'm starting Jimmy G. over Winston. Given all the reports outta TB about he and the coach being on the outs, he scares me.
David Nieves I’m a bucs fan I’m pretty sure Jamies will play good but our defense will get destroyed and we will lose lol
Kevin Bush I had high hopes for Winston coming into the NFL. Regardless of his injury, he’s been horrible this season! Just another average QB...
Brian L. Reeves It is funny how the best quarterback of our time is always disrespected!!! A cool Brees is coming this weekend....
Garrett Stein Brady was supposed to have a big day against the dolphins too. #fakenews
Kyle Young Pick up Nick foles he is extremely undderatted
Tj Arnold What about Russell Wilson. Uh hello 87% of offense equals fantasy numbers
Lavon Key Winston is going to get ate up by my falcons
Gregory S. Wadas Alex Smith is gonna be running for his life Bosa Ingram
J.B. Desselle This is the opposite of your top Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry. What are you doing ESPN
Brian Gertler No Mitch TRUTHbisky? Is the Net Neutrallity ban already kicking in?
Steven White I hope Brady throws 5 picks.
Jesse Castro If Goff has a big day that means they beat seattle bigly
Rico Melendez Winston and Smith are trash. Smith has fallen apart since week 5
Frank McQueen They just had Kizer(2) and Russel(4) in the top 5...whitewashing
Juan F Reyes Amber Birchard second round of the playoffs for me. And Brady is up there lol
Rob Hartz Bet you my boy big Nick putting up serious numbers
Paul Wulff Brees versus The Jets defense? Come on. We’re on a revenge tour now.
Reg Taylor Wouldn’t worry about Brady. Week 15 he’s going down #steelernation
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After only 11 pro fights, Vasiliy Lomachenko has reached the top of the pound-for-pound rankings.

Anthony Quiñones How!?!? Lomachenko beats someone two weight classes smaller than him and Triple G gets robbed on the score card against Canelo after he walks him down for 12 straight rounds.
Malcolm Jacobs This is how it's possible....He was 396-1 as an amateur fighter in 2 weight classes. Wins back-to-back gold medals at the Olympics. Back-to-back gold medals at the Wold Championships before going pro. Because of how great he was as an amateur he essentially immediately started to get title fights and has beat the best of the best in just 11 fights. His 1 pro loss was a controversial split decision in which he out landed the guy by 20 punches despite him throwing 200 more.
Brad Samora HYPE much? 11 fights in and is not the best pound for pound fighter in the biz. That belongs to triple G. Gotta love those in boxing trying eveything in its power to make respectable over MMA. With stunts like this, boxing will be dead inside 3 years
Eddie Briggs I’m a big believer in these rankings should be earned over a sustained period and therefor I feel it’s only fair that one of Golovkin, Alvarez, Crawford etc takes over as the official No1 P4P fighter from Andre Ward. However..... you only need to see Lomachenko for a few rounds to see he is easily the best boxer on the planet!!
Caleb Wasserman Lomachenko is only ranked number 1 because Top Rank and ESPN signed a deal. There’s a clear bias for Lomachenko because that’s the boxer making ESPN money.
Gabriel March Crawford become the first Undisputed champion in years you can't put Lomachenko ahead of him plus Lomachenko was clearly winning but he was having alot of problem hitting Rigondeaux.
Franky Stambaugh Everyone who doesn't agree doesn't realize that lomachenko has been fighting World champions since his second pro fight. Most boxers don't usually fight a word champ till about their 20th fight. That is why he's the best.
Jason Snell He deserves it . Considering the level of competition he’s faced in only 11 pro fights . Look up who he’s fought. 3 undefeated fighters , went for the title and won in only his third fight , and the last 4 fighters he fought he made them all quit ! They only had 3 losses between the four of them . And he made them all quit ! That’s deserving . People really don’t know anything about boxing .
Tyree Willis We should let him have his moment because right now he is still unknown. I haven’t seen him fight any of the guys I like to watch fight so we have to wait and see. He might really be the best fighter in the world he just hasn’t been tested yet and I hate crowning guys the best until I’ve seen them overcome adversity.
Mehmethan Pakman He has fought 11 pro fights and you call him as pfp number 1, you better go screw yourself. By the way, Lomachenko is a hell of a fighter but it s another subject. He has a long road to go. And for now, HAIL FOR THE TRRRIPLE G -BIGGG DRAMA SHOW- 🥊🥊🥊
David York What I can't understand is that an once in a lifetime talent like Lomachenko has free fights on ESPN and not on ppv?? How is it that nobody knows who he is?? Anyone who really loves combat sports can easily see what he is and that people don't just show up in sports this good.
Mark Munoz Lets begin with why GGG never moved up in weight like all the other greats. Canelo was his buggest threat and canelo was never once harmed. BTW that canelo fight wasnt convincing on either hand. Dont debate me on that.
Matt Harper Got to love the stats game. It reminds me of Ball. You do a couple of things and ESPN goes batshit crazy over stats calling you the best in the world. I once had a three day nap so statistically speaking I put myself best in the world
Hector Quiroz He beats two guys that are on their way out and considered pound for pound??? Come in man!! I mean no disrespect i like this dude but theirs better fighters out there that have done more have beat more champions then 3 to 4 wasjed up ones. You beat a lil guy lets move on up and move up to JR or welter and lets see your true talent against a crawfird, mikey a true champ!!! GTFOH!!!
Willie Mack I wouldn't say his record is too short to be called pound for pound. The guy got a strap his third fight, moved up a class, got a strap there and hasn't lost either one. He's fought quality opponents, put on a show and does have flashes of being unstoppable as of late. His lack of fights shouldn't matter. There's two stages to fighters. Going for the title, and defending the title. He's defending pretty well right now.
Jamie Naquin Does he have a great resume, not yet. He has. Dominating wins over Russell, Walters, and Rigo. All legit top tier fighters. He is the best boxer out there in their weight class. He will move up give him time to grow into it. I can see Crawford number one or Loma.
Allen Wong This is a huge win. But it is against a smaller foe. But it does help because it’s a fellow p4p entrant. He is a multi-division champion and he won a title in third title fight. But not enough names on his resume. He needs to be in a better division. His range doesn’t have a ton of names or great fighters. He needs to be at 140, but he is probably too small. Maybe his talent will carry him. But he needs to be there.
David Galindo I'm a huge GGG but I have no problem with Loma being #1 his amateur record plus his pro title fights alone show his dominance in this sport.... p4p shouldn't be about the number of fights but the quality in which you win... and Loma is pretty unmatched in the ring.
Andy Zuniga I disagree. Loma is and will be a great fighter for years to come. He'll probably be the next face of boxing, but at the moment he is NOT the No.1 p4p fighter in the world! How? Not all of his opponents are A class fighters. Top 10 yes. Not 1. Triple G on top.
Brian Stack Hey haters , its fighters and their managment not to mention the promoters are true to the sport! Also the judges are very qualified and will be fair for every fight! Lol
John Amezquita Tony Hernandez 11 fights bro and he’s already at the top anything is possible soon your name gonna be up on sports center
Eddie Waite Fans ask for him to fight Rigo, Loma says he's to small so gets called scared, he takes the fight wins and says don't take to much from the fight he was to small, people asking for it then complain...idiots
Kingdro Silva Except T-Bud has a far better resume than both GGG and Loma the fact that ESPN thinks Loma of all people is number one with a loss already on his record is ridiculous.
Corry Clarendon I agree. Opponents QUIT because they cannot match the skill set this super human possesses. This guy is the future of boxing... he will dominate for years to come. Congrats!
Robert Keazor It's so sad what ESPN is doing to Lomochenko. They are taking a Good fighter and turning him into a Paper Champion. Now more people and going to be turned off and not watch his fights
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You make the call. 🤔

Josh Ramsey The fact that a WR is in the discussion should be enough. He's gone above and beyond the rest of the league so far that he's elevated himself into a discussion that usually is restricted to quarterbacks who run the ENTIRE offense.
Mike Hurley Everybody knows that Geno Smith is the MVP. He was so good that the Giants started him over a QB that had previously started 210 straight games.
Dane Karsten Haupt Wentz hands down. Led the league in TDs before the injury and turned the Eagles from last to first in the East. If the Eagles struggle without him that only further validates his credibility
Sean Steiner None of the above, this years real MVP is the Browns fans for actually still showing up to games despite no intention of trying to win.
Anthony Rea Holmes Antonio Brown. Hands down, and this is coming from a Seahawks fan who hates the steelers. But there is no denying his historic season.
Stephen Visokey Russel Wilson should be the MVP in my opinion He has what 70% of his teams total yards? and he’s the Seahawks leading rusher. Plus he playing behind one of if not the worst offensive line in the entire NFL. That line is easily in the bottom 5 at best.
Donnie Wahlberg Brown. Yes, I'm a Pats fan and I said it. But, I hope to change my vote -- if the Pats win on Sunday. Until then - and should the Pats lose - it's Brown. He's special.
James L. McCray Tom Brady does more with less...year after year... Russell Wilson stats are misleading...Wentz was having better/more productive year... Brees got those monsters toting that ball behind him...I’d give it to one of them before him... Brown plays with Bell...low key not the most valuable player on the team...we’ve seen the impact Bells absence then had on Pittsburgh... Brady all day...and I’m a Packers fan
Joshua Vasko AB ALL DAY!!! The simple fact that he is even being considered speaks volumes to the amount of talent he possess. Will go down as the GOAT WR... bet!
Nikhil Sinha Philip Rivers for MVP. He already a Hall of Famer but if he wins a super bowl, he could arguably be a top 25 QB of all time. His stats are up there with the best. He’s just part of an apathetic organization with a terrible owner, incompetent coaches and dumb GMs. Now, they still have the terrible owner and they don’t have a fan base....but they have a good coach and a competent GM. And this is arguably the best roster Rivers has played with. Now is his time to shine. This season, he turned around an 0-4 team by setting up a division decider on Saturday, he throwing for a lot of yds and TDs and most importantly, he ain’t turning the ball over. He deserves MVP consideration.
Wade Siers Russell Wilson. He is that entire offense and they wouldn't even be close to the playoff hunt without him.
Jesse James Case Keenum - the losing record, back up QB, that has lead the Vikings to a 10-3 and soon to be 13-3 if not 12-4 NFC North champions. The amount of poise and and chemistry he has with an undrafted receiver by the name of Adam Thielen is the most impressive unanticipated combo I’ve ever seen. SKOL!
Robert Kelly Carson Wentz is my Mvp. I'm a Ravens fan and watching him lead the Eagles was amazing. His injury this late in the season shouldn't cost him.
Roger Brown Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Greg Brown I say Wentz is the clear cut MVP WILSON shouldn't even be considered he is a mediocre QB. Tom Brady is amazing but you see what happens when he doesn't have his go to target. Brees I understand but his run game and defense has stepped up a lot this year argument that he is just on a good team. Brown is phenomenal but when you get as many targets per game as he does your bound to get a lot of yards lol. I don't know just my opinions.
Derek Hemphill Drew deserves another SB maybe he will finally get the credit he deserves, probably one of the best QBs in NFL history that barely gets a mention. i'm pretty sure he owns more NFL records than all of these guys combined. 1 fact he has more 5,000yrd seasons than every QB currently in the NFL combined
Meghan Massingale #RussellWilsonMVP Seattle would be absolutely nothing if they lost him. He is the Seahawks offense. Bring on the “you’re a woman and know nothing as well as a Seahawks fan” comments. 🙄
Ronald Williams Case Keenum. A THIRD string QB comes in and takes a team without their 1st round Running Back to 10 wins.
Nick Nodurft Without miracle clutch plays by Brown the Steelers would have about 5 less wins. He's unbelievable and going to go down as a top 5 of all time. I think this Sunday will clear things up. If Brown has some clutch plays that help beat the Patriots then it's a no brainer.
Tyler Prutsman Wentz deserves it. Busted his ACL, stayed out threw a touchdown then went to the locker.pretty freaking valuable
Jeremiah Gruebele Carson Wentz played 13 games this season...that's enough to win MVP, particularly if the Eagles lose out... - A Niners Fan
Derek Winslow Where’s Wentz? I’d say at through Week 13 it was Brady then Wentz then Wilson. Today, you gotta give it to Russell Wilson. This is coming from a life long Pats fan.
Ray Cattie Carsen Wentz. Out for the season, and still no one will come close to his stats or value to his team as well as the rest of the NFL.
Evan Lonstein Everyone looking for an excuse to not give it to Brady. Not surprising, it happens every year. He is the clear choice this year
Logan Mapes Uhhhh... Carson Wentz no question... thanks for offering other options though... how does a week 14 injury deduct what he already accomplished, not to mention he may still lead the league in TD passes come year end... everybody is counting the eagles out now without him so doesn’t that just prove my point...