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Le'Veon Bell is now looking to stay healthy and strike a mega deal this offseason.

Everyone tells you to bet on yourself and take risks, yet criticize you when you do just that.
Can we start talking about his brother, taco
On behalf of Steelers Nation, Good riddance.
He would have been the highest paid RB in the league. SMDH. Selfish SOB.
He will get some money next offseason but not this money or the money he thought he was worth ! Risky but you can’t tell the players nothing these days 🤷🏾‍♂️
I hope the steelers win a superbowl just to shove it in his face 😆
Honestly though, if James Conner can step right in and have this kind of season, why would you over pay Bell?
Can I borrow about 0.01% of that to pay off some student loans?
I’ll take it I reported to work everyday I was suppose to
Good luck getting that megadeal there, pal.
If I was a GM I would have to question whether he is that good? Or is he a system player? Conner looks just as good as Bell.
That’s a huge bet on himself. Hope him and his agent know what they’re doing.
Dont show up all season and wonder what team will pay you next season. Makes perfect sense
That would have almost doubled his career earnings.
As a James Connor fantasy owner I say thank you!!!!!!
Haha to people that drafted him this year
And Yall Scared To Forfeit Yalls Minimum Wage Job🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
What a dummy. Least show up to get the bag bro.
Is he taking advice from LaVar Ball now? Smh
Nobody is going to pay him what he wants. He’ll end up getting less money then Pittsburgh offered him.
He’ll make more than that guaranteed by just writing his name next year. So, there’s that.
What if nobody gives him a mega deal after what did he did during this season
I hope this all backfires and nobody wants this dropout!!
They should donate his salary
He don't even deserve a million dollar contract. Haha.
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Jimmy Butler is officially dripped in Philly blue.

Whatcha gonna do Whatcha gonna do When jimmy destroys your locker room
Only 8 more years or so until the process is complete
No one cares... Jimmy turned into an arrogant, unlikable mf
I "officially" don't care.
Mitchell is better than Simmons.
Let’s see if this joker 🃏 will ruin another team...
What's this I hear about a team mate who forgot how to shoot!?
How long until he ruins that locker room too? Over/under 10 days
Who really cares? The NBA has turned into the biggest joke of a sport.
The sixers just became the eastern conference finals champs🔥
Top 10 player in the NBA Jimmy > #Lebron hands down!
Which of his teamates will he rip on first. Remember hes not a team player it's all about him!
What a stupid trade for the Timberwolves they could have got 4 first round pick from the rockets smh😂😂
He looks like if Jamie Foxx and Keenan Ivory Waynes had a kid.
Hopefully they implode Hornets chances past the first round just got harder.
I hope they’re ready to pay him (and his tired knees) 190 million for age 30-35 seasons. Also, his mental health has to be a huge question mark at this point. Delayed onset schizophrenia?
It’s all about Jimmy and Jimmy don’t care about anyone except Jimmy.
The new Boston killer... No disrespect to Andrew Toney
The east want to Get tougher since Lebron left lol
When did the Sixers unretire Joe Jelly Bean Bryant’s 23? LOL
I hope this experiment blows up and he leaves next year that quitter
until he gets butt hurt and wants out again.
Rest in peace, Philadelphia 76ers Butler destroy every team he goes to. His NBA career gonna be done soon.
When is he gonna bang Embiid's girl?
Sixers gonna win the Finals
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This is what it's all about ❤️

(via San Francisco 49ers)

Please don't show OBJ doing cool stuff. It makes it hard for me to hate on him. Thanks!
People: You should always be yourself OBJ: Okay Same people: Nah. Not like that bro.
OBJ is a weird dude but this is respect. Much appreciated
haters still gonna say something negative..
say what you will about OBJ but he loves his fans
I’m a Cowboys fan and hate him on the field, but he seems like a genuine dude, respect.
A dance off between these two teams would be WAY more enjoyable
He gain a fan still hate the giants lol I’m cowboys fan lol
OBJ is a great guy.
Meanwhile the people in the back could care less about the girl as they’re to busy with their phones recording OBJ. FFS people put your phone down and enjoy this moment between the two of them. this. Great character.
Sometimes I do love obj.
Say what you want about obj and a bunch of other super star athletes... but this is nothing but love! It’s bigger than the game and most of these guys get that! 👌🏼👌🏼🦅🦅 #birdgang
That makes the sting of my Niners losing a lot less painful. Such a pure moment of kindness!!!
If you watch some of the episodes from OBJ's YouTube series, you'll see a really likable side of him. A sports ego, believe it or not, can actually be contained to the field of play. It doesn't always reflect how a person really is... most competitors understand that but it appears most fans do not.
They should get free tickets to every home game ❤️
That was so sweet.
I may not like him but that was cool of him
Coming from a die hard Brazil National Men’s Futbol fan, Mein Vue I knew those comments were going to come up hahaha.
That's dope! The questionable videos he's made before now are forgiven lol.
Thats some real class right there.. GG OBJ, and Sherman!!
He so happy when he wins!
We miss you in buffalo goodwin
We miss you in buffalo goodwin
How they be hating on this man idk
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Stephen A. Smith would trade last year's No. 1 overall pick Markelle Fultz if he were the 76ers.

The Monstars stole his talent
yall not feeling the hesi free-throw🤔🤔🤣
When you realize both Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz are BUSTS, and yet they're the 2017 Draft's top 2 picks. #imjustsayin
The Lakers should trade #Lebron for fultz, let’s be honest the Lakers are not making the playoffs and Lebron is an old shell of his former self, he’s not even a top 30 player in the #NBA today!
Remember the Sixers said they didn’t want this guy
Why not try to help him, bring back his confidence and have another potential all star on the team?
and its about to get a whole lot worse with jimmy's cocky ego coming into the locker room
They should of never took him with simmons playing the 1........ it was literally said by every single scout it would be a terrible pick and fultz would not fit. Hes NOT a 2........ hence why boston gave up the pick so easy. Anyone with common sense said they should of took tatum or jackson instead of him. People are going one extreme to another. Trade/release him to a team that will let him play the 1 and you will see a better player. He simply doesnt fit in with philly, which he knows and it took a mental toll. Philly needs to admit to the mistake and move on.
What's hell wrong with his shot?????
If they trade Fultz cause he can't shoot free throws then the Lakers should trade lebron cause he's equally as bad
He's been watching Charles Barkleys golf swing
When will ESPN figure out that NO ONE cares what Stephen A Smith thinks about anything. Worst sports personality on TV!
If I were ESPN I would trade Stephen A Smith. He's not very good, over the hill and arrogant. Never watched his show and never will. Go away.
And I want espn to trade Stephen A Smith for another person who ain't annoying
I agree with Stephen A, its not just about basketball for Markelle Fultz. There's something else we dont know. Mentally the boy is just not there.
Wonder how hard it is for Steven to jump from the Knicks to the 76ers based on who is doing better at that moment?
Who's gonna trade for him? The dude is obviously a bust. How many teams see a bust and say, i want that guy and I'm willing to trade for him?
Two days after almost breaking his leg jumping on the 6ers bandwagon, Stephen F is looking for an out clause. 🤡
Something has happened to Stephen A. Smith... His hairline has never... Been... There...
Sexton is better than all the rookies combined.
With all seriousness,Lebron James has got to be the biggest bust in NBA history!The guy pretty much sabatoged the Cavs from the beginning!They should have shipped him off back in 2003 and got several other better pieces that in return!The last 15 yrs of basketball has been completely ruined because of his insecurities and instability!Can we please stop trying to build this image of Michael Jordan!It is so disrespectful to the superstars that are better than Lebron and most of all it's disrespectful to the man who paved the way for the modern generation basketball players today!
People forget that Fultz wasn’t this bad in college. He was a very good shooter with a good shooting form. Idk what kind of injury will make someone forgot how to shoot.
How he was the number one pick is beyond me
Jimmy gon make Fultz cry in the car 😭🤣🤣🤣💯
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Jimmy Butler has arrived. (via Philadelphia 76ers)

The cancer has arrived. Hide your girlfriends.
Y’all laughing but watch these dudes win the east
lol he’s gonna ruin that team like he does everywhere he goes.
The #Lakers really missed out on trading Lebron for Butler, Butler is a top 10 player in the league, #Lebron is not even a top 30 player in the NBA today! Facts are facts.
Jimmy use to be so quiet and humble.. not sure what happened to him. Prima Donna
Sixers have a big 3 now Celtics in 5
And pretty soon he is going to request a trade 😂😂😂😂😂
They are going to make a run in the east this year. Warriors in 4.
Three days tops, before he starts complaining again
You know what guys its not Bulls or Timberwolves fault to trade him its Jimmy's fault. Its because of its attitude doesn't fit for his teammates. Not a good leader at all.
Drama player, I like him as a player but brings drama, and he sounded worse then a politician during that press conference, I'm waiting for the end of the year when he wants more money but he said it's not about money. Huge mistake, will backfire
I still think #23 should be retired League-wide.
Whatever,,, Steph Curry is the greatest player of all times and espn is just jealous of his greatness,,, sorry Lebron, sorry MJ,,, but bow to the greatness of Greatest #Steph_the_greatest
We GOING to the promise land ☺☺been a fan since 12:29pm 11/13/18
76ers are now better than boston..and they can beat the warriors in the best of 7 series ... wanna put some jack on that breakfast?
Fultz doesn't stand a chance lol
Jimmy Butler is the best player in the league, just ask him yourself!
Markelle is hiding in the stadium somewhere cause he KNOWS Jimmy is coming to talk about that free throw last night
Team really is about to suck
Arrived? All i see is a pair of shoes, a towel, and a jersey? Where is Jimmy?
It's always the attack which wins you games ,,, defence means nothing ,,, in attack the guy who can shoot well is always appreciated ,,, so This proves Steph Curry is the greatest of all times,,, sorry Lebron,,, Sorry MJ ,,, plz improve your shooting until then bow to the greatness of #Steph_the_Greatest_Curry
I mean my wolves are 1-0 without him 🤷🏽‍♂️
Finally dude gets a team that’s serious about contending.
He won’t stay in Philly. He won’t be the number 1 guy there or anywhere for that matter.
One of the most selfish players in the league good luck
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The Saints haven't lost since Week 1.

That lands them in our No. 1️⃣ spot.

Bears should be top 3.
Drew Brees is league MVP
Beating the Saints was and will remain the only highlight of the Bucs season #ItsAHardBucsLife
The Bears Will Know who they are After the Vikings put them In their proper place this Sunday.
I love people who get mad at these "power rankings" like its CFB ... If your squad is good, they'll prove it in postseason
Rams & Chiefs on Monday night football is gonna be one hell of a donnybrook! A real barn burner.
New look Bears are coming baby!! #5 offense in the league and #4 defense in the league!!! Only NFL team to be Top 5 on both sides of the ball! BEAR DOWN!
Where TF did all these Bears fans come from? Dont remember this many last year 😂😂
Breesus Christ and Latter Day Saints ⚜️ 🐐 #MVP #BlackandGoldToTheSuperBowlPart2 #WhoDat
Joke way Shitsburg is that high
I’m not saying my Titans should be in the top 10 but we beat the Pats by 24. How are the Pats at 6?
Chiefs vs Saints in a shoot out at the super bowl mark my words. 48-45 Chiefs !
Stop disrespecting the Houston Texans.
They are winning as if their schedule is a Brees
Crazy how one player has made Chicago a top 10 team.
texans would beat chargers
As a steeler fan, don't put us above New England until we beat them
I love how everyone is still sleeping on the chargers yet they've won 6 straight....
Redskins not on the list?
Raiders are #1 if you count from bottom to top
Hey ESPN, remember when the Saints lost in the first week and y’all were saying their season was over and Brees should hang it up? Do everyone a favor and Just show clips of highlights and shut up.
Bears should be above pats
Redskins are better than Carolina Panthers. They beat them head to head.
Is it bad that I’m low key happy that kamara and Thomas are gonna tear my eagles defense apart because i have them on my fantasy team?
Chargers will win the superbowl and no I'm not HIGH
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In one week, it's about to go down on Monday Night.

Finally!! A Monday night game worth watching.
Can’t wait to see Goff and Mahomes go at it! #chiefs
NFL hit the mother load on this matchup
Doesn't matter, Saints winning the Super Bowl anyways.
ESPN doesnt deserve this broadcast with its god-awful commentators
You guys are sleeping at the True 🐐 Aaron Rodgers. Packers Super Bowl champs!
Super Bowl came early
As a Seattle fan, go Chiefs
This will be the Rams 2nd loss :)
Mark my words, Mahomes will be a one year flash in the pan.
Chiefs 40-Rams-35
And here I was thinking Giants verses 49ers was the Monday night game of the year
I'm a Raiders fan, but the Rams are going to beat the Chiefs.
Can you imagine if this game was at Arrowhead 🤷🏼‍♀️
I’d like to see the rams win!
I think New Orleans is going to the Super Bowl.
Yeah it’d be better if it was KC and the best team in the nfl right now which is the saints. That would tell a lot.
And neither home fans will get to see it live in their own Stadium
Great match up and coming from a Pats fan I foresee this as the Super Bowl match up
Wish it was the Sunday night prime time game
clay matthews got flagged for this
Saints over hyped let's see what they do in the playoffs
Super bowl preview, South of the border
Super Bowl match up preview.
No way they outscore tonight’s game 😲
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OBJ x Sherm = 💯

Man I didn’t know Milli Vanilli was back together...
Nice to see Busta Rhymes is doing well and playing for the 49ers... was worried about his career lately..
Two of the biggest cry baby in the NFL
Odell gave him some other game worn jersey? 🤔😂
Gotta love my Frat yelling “Blue Phi” from the stands and Sherman responding “you know”. Sigma men are awesome 💙
How is there grass stains on the OBJ Jersey that Sherman has, yet OBJ is still wearing his Jersey? Previous game worn jersey??
Bobby GoldenChild Fearer don’t worry about losing. We get to exchange jerseys, take pictures and have ice cream after the game.
Thanks so much to all the announcer, for openly cheering on Eli Manning tonight. I hope they fire Booger, Whitten and everyone else for being so biased.
Two of the best. But Sherm got torched on this night.
Odell completely ruined the tradition.. smh
Two overrated players who never lived up to the hype.
Primetime highlights and and our big mouths made us famous. Let's sign each others Jerseys. Bet
They tryna cuddle after the game? Sherman looking at him extra funky.
All they guys seem to care about exchanging jerseys and having TD celebrations.
Did they also spoon? This is the dumbest new tradition.
What s up with the blonde, little lady!
I don't like this! I liked it better when players hated each other!
The two biggest tools.
Eli Manning is MVP of the league, change my mind.
I know sherman must've had a fit when jimmy G got hurt
OBJ game him a practice jersey or what? Lol he has his game jersey on!
They did same thing when Sherman was Seahawks.
Two of the most overrated players in the league.
Anybody agree with putting this in maddens post game presentation???
Why did obj give him different jersey?
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Players across the league sent prayers out to Caris LeVert after he was carted off the floor Monday with a right ankle injury 🙏

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Making one-handed grabs and a kid's day.

Odell Beckham Jr does it all.

Great player, wrong team, waste of prime talent
And People will still find a reason to hate on the guy.
Whatever. Jim Abbott making one handed grabs since day one.
Lose the gloves and then it will be impressive.
Al Bundy scored 4 touchdowns in one game for Polk High, so, there.
Still can't catch a W though
2 TDs on the year, maybe should worry about fundamentals and normal catches.
How am I supposed to keep hating the guy after watching that?
Promptly drops first pass right in both of his hands......pffftttt
He wouldn't have to make spectacular catches if his QB could throw properly...
ppl still gonna hate the man
drop’s first pass of the game lol
That's great that's what it's about the kids
He'll ruin his day when they lose
This is why I love sports. Good job OBJ!
Can you do that without those gloves though ?!
Isn’t that a fine for wearing beats headphones?
Not hard with the gloves they have now days..
I'm surprised that kids hand didn't stick to that guy's glove too!
Can do everything except win
I'm just saying, just cause a person does a few good deeds doesn't say anything about someone's character. It's all about consistency on AND off the field
Dumpster fire vs soggy poop sandwich. Who do you got?
"Odell sign my ball! You the best! Go tigers! (Hey score me 35pts in fantasy tonight) #thatsmeasakid Avo Marzouwanian Hovsep JD Dakessian Jesse Sibley
But this has nothing to do with lebrons game winning dunk last night
Too bad he ain’t done that in a game in a long time