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Zion Williamson says he has no plans to compete in next year's NBA dunk contest ...

(via Rachel Nichols)

Y’all hating on a teenager wanting to be better at basketball not dunking. If he would’ve said he can’t wait to compete in a dunk contest, you would hear. “He’s just here for attention, he’s only doing it for a show. He needs to work on his game more!!” Blah blah blah. Let him play ball
just send in his 3 best college dunks they all 50s
this kid is humble asf. i’m hoping he accomplishes great things
Idk but Zion just seems like an all round likeable kid. I'm already a fan and hopes he wreak havoc in the NBA! 😂
How does it feel hating on a teenager guys? I’m really curious 🧐
Some fans reaction about Zion not wanting to be in the dunk contest be like
Same as LeBron they are more into Power Dunks not the Style...
I am not a fan of the Duke fanbase. But the more I see this young man separated from Duke, the more I respect him. I’m really disgusted by the “Lebron-style” super team mindset these guys have started to create, but I acknowledge they are only copying what their modern NBA role models are doing. I hope we return to the old days, where two superstars are what defines a playoff contender. 3+ (but done through the draft) is acceptable, but only by the draft. Zion is an old time Karl Malone with the agility of Vince Carter. He’s one in a million and I can’t wait to see what becomes of him. In the meantime, I also hope that college basketball becomes immune to super teams. We’ve already tainted one half of basketball; let’s not taint the other half.
As much as we want the top stars in the dunk contest, there really is a no win for the players. Minimal gain for competing in it. Until it changes, expect mediocre contests.
I like that he's trying to be humble and say he wants to emulate the greats, not that he's there yet. The kid is smart and it seems he has good management. I'm not really a fan but I hope the best for him and his career.
He's talking about the dunk contest like he's already In the NBA kids going to be a bust
These dunk contests aren't worth it. Why risk unnecessary injury just to be flashy for a night? Vince Carter's best dunks came IN GAME btw.... Folks coming like the NBA dunk contest is some elite competition that all great dunkers must go through to prove themselves 😂😂.. as much as I would've liked to see a prime LeBron in the contest, he was smart not to. Longevity folks.
He's a power dunker not really a flash dunker. Wouldn't be missing much tbh. Yeah ocassionally he'll show some flash in there because he definitely has it but ultimately that's not his identity. He'll do a 2 hand throw down 10x for every windmill. His resume says it all.
if you can come close to the famous Uncle Drew and Grant Hill..(both Duke Alumni)..then so be it..just take note.. you dont have a jumper kid..the way you play,,they will eat you in NBA.
Oh look, another Lebron, scared of a little competition for fun
He humble cuz that contract ain't been signed yet
Ever since the Gordon and LaVine Dunk Contest there will never be no Better Contest that’s up there with Jordan and Dominque
When did it not be cool to be in the dunk contest??!! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Jordan, Wilkins, Carter, etc. They weren't afraid to "tarnish" their brands if they didn't win it...
Lavar ball -“U can swtich gears with me anytime”😭😭
Dunk contest is lame now. 3 Pt Contest has so much more hype now.
He will be shut down by true athletes!!
The only thing hes famous for is being super athletic and he refuses to showcase it, what a fail, i feel bad for Zion fans , y’all got another Lebron-esque dunk contest coward on your hands
Just like Lebron High Profile Athletes to never compete in the dunk contest. 🤦🏾‍♂️
He will be in the dunk contest but isn't ready to admit that just this moment. He is happy to be drafted and wants to get ready for the team and games ahead.
Since we're turning down things we haven't been invited to, I'm here to announce that I won't be attending the Oscars or Grammys this year.
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Nikita Kucherov wins the Hart Memorial Trophy 👏

• First player since Jagr ('98-99) with 40 goals & 80 assists in a season
• Most points in a season (128) since 1995-96

First #1 seed to be swept out of playoffs!!! 👌👌👌👌👌
This award must give him a sweeping feeling of happiness
With a season like that he must’ve made it deep in the playoffs...
Thank goodness for these awards...the only titles Tampa Bay seems to win anymore
These are Regular season awards. Playoffs have nothing to do with it. I don't know why some of seem to not understand that
Don't let this distract you from the fact that the Tampa Bay Lightning were the first team to win the President's trophy and not win a single playoff game.
As a Pens fan that believes Sid's two-way play is overlooked.. This is well deserved. Congrats to Kucherov on this award. Competing against two generational talents, he proved it was his and his alone this year.
He can hang it right near his Stanley cup trophy
What's a Hart trophy? Does that mean he did good?
Wow, that's crazy. I bet his team won it all
How many wins does it take to earn respect? More than 62.
Lightning goal scored by #86 Nikita Kuuuuuuuucherov! Hell of a season.
Yeah to only get bounced in the 1st round
their performance in the playoffs was so odd. they win 62 games and then get swept in the first round. wtf... 🙄🙄
Proof that Lightning can't strike twice!!!!! Go CBJ.
Ooh wow, Some people won a skating competition and it's a big news for ESPN to report! I was losing sleep but now I can go to bed!
First player named after a Soviet Premier to win the trophy
Probably deserved it, what I am wondering is how come Kane was not a finalist even though he had a better season then he did when he won it? I mean they both won the same number of playoff games.
All that for a whopping zero playoff wins
What does this have to do with LeBron James?
Why can't this guy win a Cup like Patrick Kane
Ovechkin still the best player to ever play!
ESPN posting about hockey?
Didn't see him in the Playoffs ;)
Congratulations Nikita! 👌
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LeBron James. Michael Jordan. Russell Westbrook. Kawhi Leonard.

Zion strives to model his game after some of the best 💪

Some of the best. And Russell Westbrook.
This kid is the real deal... Excited to see his future
Great goals but he needs to find a jumper first!!!
He skipped Kobe mentality. I guess that's to much to master for these youngsters.. Lol
Lebron all around player? He was one of the worst defense in the league for a starting player. He doesn't play defense. No effort on defense.
He should’ve replaced Westbrook with Kobe tho but okay
There’s a reason nobody in the NBA is 285 this kid is a 6’7 PF and he’s game relies on his athleticism if he’s gets a serious injury (very likely at that weight) he’ll be garbage. I’m not even convinced he’ll be more than a transition dunker and shot blocker anyway. All his buckets came on the fast break with no defense he was a man amongst boys at Duke he’s gunna be playing against guys who can run with and him and defend. Aside from his dunks there’s nothing that special about his game
So Michael Jordan because he’s everything all those players he mentioned
Love all the LeBron haters. Every top 3 player of all time in any sport has haters. I guess it means they are doing something right.
LeBron can't even keep his hairline from traveling
Hopefully Zion can stick with one team like Jordan and Kobe did and not have to jump around like players do nowadays.
And Durant for having a snake mentality
Stick with Leonard and Jordan...... don’t be a crybaby like the other two
The more he talks. The more I get the feeling he’s going to be a bust.
All around player? Lebron has no defense.
LeBron can't even make free throws and he has no heart and he changes teams more often than the weather changes.
He reminds me of Blake griffin... nothing more nothing less... i don’t get the hype
Model it after kawhi and Jordan. James cries about every foul and Westbrook is just annoying. Make sure you don’t run into a gambling problem like mj lol
I love the young kids mentality. He is mentally and physically beyond his age. I hope he performs as well as he is capable but with how much the league has changed one man can’t do it all. It now takes a super team. I hope he builds a super team and my hawks build a super team and the hawks/pelicans and falcons/saints can build a supreme sports rivalry. Atlanta has the best women, New Orleans has the best food, now our teams need to finish the debate and let everyone know which is the best city. Can I get a rise up?!
He lists Jordan cause you gotta talk about Jordan. He did not mention Kobe because Zion is too young to know Kobe. He talks about Kawhi because if the championship that was just won. Zion talks about Labron because the league does what Labron wants it to... I don’t know why he would mention Westbrook?
First he actually has to have a game thats not based solely off of athleticism. Hes got mediocre handles, mediocre passing ability, a 🗑 jumper and is undersized and overweight at 6’7 285.. Ja Morant is already and will be the better player in the long run.. 💯🤷🏽‍♂️
His mentality isn't at mamba level yet. In time.
Lebron has the best business mentality bruh...
Jordan yes, Kawhi yes, Lebron 50/50, but Westbrick come on bro. I would of rolled with Curry at least.
And Duke players history in the NBA.........
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Shaquille O' Neal out here in the IG comments making sure everyone knows he has 4 rings 😂 (via Shareef O'Neal/IG)

Chill w all the typo boy Shaq got big fingers, he can’t help it!
He so mad he forgot the “r” in your. It’s okay Shaq we know you’re the best to ever miss it, I mean do it 🥴😅😂
He couldn't be stopped in the paint thou
And Lebron still somehow makes his way into the post 🤣🤣.
It was Kobe, Kobe was shouting in the crowd.
The best to ever miss free throws?
He didn't say anything about his rings.
I like how u snuck some LeBron love in there...
He missed free what Shaq was the most dominant player, and most entertaining, for an entire generation Love Shaq Can’t wait to see what his kids do
Why is LeBron laughing he can’t make freethrows either
Why’d they have to show LeBron’s comment? Lol
Did everyone read that comment hearing Shaq's voice?
And tell Shaq it's your daddy instead of you daddy #typo
Lebron laughing like his record isn't 3-6 in the finals
Lmao I love lebron but it’s even funny to me how they made sure to get lebrons comment in there 🤣🤣🤣
I'll never forget Pop opening the season with a Hack a Shaq
Honestly it must be hard AF to try to model after a legend I hope them kids have a successful career without scrutiny
Why was adding lebrons comment on this necessary? This is about shaq..
Shaquille O'Neal went to LSU? You would never know it by his grammar and use of the English language.
Shaq missed 5,000 free throws (nba record) if he had a half way decent free throw game could of added at least 1700/2,000 more points and that could of put him past Wilt in all time scoring. So yeah, free throws might not be a huge deal game to game, but over a career they add up.
Shaq is one of the biggest NBA legends. Not one person doesn't know that name. He knows he sucked at free throws, but he's still one of the Greatest to play !
Just had to show Lebrons comment huh would think Shaqs was enough.
Greatest to ever do it? Lmao yeah ok Shaq if you say so
ESPN all subtle with the Lebron comment
Shaq was the most dominant player EVER!
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Three years ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first title after a memorable Game 7.

LeBron James knew it was theirs after Game 6.

The Best NBA Finals Story Ever! Warriors tried to copy it but loss! 😁
2016 Curry - 1ring LeBron- 3rings 2018 Curry- 3rings LeBron- 3rings LeBron blew a 3-1 ring lead
So messed up that it took a lot of circumstances to win that year , then they were so messed up they win back to back the next two years and went to a 5th straight finals a year after, wish I was that messed up 😆 🤷🏻‍♂️
Get that super team LeHelp. This generations “Greatest” needs all the help in the world. Every. Single. Year. 🤡
If we had Kevin love and kyrie year 1 we win back to back 15-16 no doubt. But I’m a happy Cleveland fan no matter what. That’s the best thing to happen for our city in the longest time
Game 5 he flopped so hard to get Green suspended. Flopped and faked it when his own teammate Thompson collided into him and refs reviewed it.🤣🤣 Most high maintenance diva in nba history. Remember when he allowed Jason Terry, a bench role player to outscore and outplay him in the 2011 Finals in the closing quarter or his period cramps that kept him out against the Spurs. Lebrobda fans are the 1st sport fans that glorify participation trophies. #3-6💁‍♂️
Lebron is so weak. I can't see how people even like this dude
Lol warriors fans be salty AF. Teams have been swept in the finals. But no team has ever choked a 3-1 lead in the finals. Much rather the best team in the regular season (73-9). Don't mean a thing without a ring.
Bro you're 3-6 in the finals talking about mentally weak🤣🤣
1 of the greatest game 7s I've ever seen...
You mean you cried to the NBA and got their best defender Daymond Green suspended for a game, then injury to their starting center helped you otherwise warriors would of won
After the next game Draymond went to the parking lot, cried in the car, and called KD
Then he got swept in the finals (AGAIN) the very next year.
The amount of hate in this comment section is staggering. Cant count out lebron hate
Easily the most tampered finals in history.
Cleveland had no chance if LeBitch didn't go crying to the league demanding a suspension.That's why his nickname is LeBitch James forever.
The haters here are hilarious...the nba helped lebron by suspending draymon- forgetting draymond already had 1 tech and if he got another one then he was out...they also forget he didnt get the tech he should have against OKC...they also forget Kevin Love missed the same game draymond did ...they forget draymond was there 6 & 7...they forget the got beat twice on their home court...they forgot DRAYMOND ADMITTED HE CALLED KD IN THE PARKING LOT AFTER THE L....THEY FORGET IN 2015 the CAVS HAD NO LOVE & NO KYRIE...AND WAS STILL DOWN 2-1...THEY FORGET IN 2018 LEBRONS 2ND BEST PLAYER WAS KEVIN LOVE...and DONT EVER FORGET GOLDEN STATE BLEW A 3-1 LEAD......
Not suspending Green would've been a bigger scam than suspending him. Do you all forget he got a technical in the previous series and the league warned him he'd be suspended if he tried anything else? What were they supposed to do? Look the other way. Cleveland doesn't feel sorry for you. They've been snake-bitten in sports hundreds of times in my lifetime. Dubs had 3 tries to close it out, 2 at home, and Cleveland was just the better team over that span.
The nerve of GS fans to be mad that the Lakers got AD hahahahahahaha Mentally weak just like their team
Most confident man with a 3-6 finals record ever.
Said this before and I’ll say it again. They got lucky in 15, and 16 would have damaged them beyond repair if they didn’t get KD. We would not be talking about the warriors today had Kyrie stayed healthy in 15. Levon would have been their daddy, just like the raptors.
Let’s not forget the assist from the NBA.
And Lebum has been irrelevant to the NBA since
Warrior fans this year : curry has no help!!!! Also warrior fans in 2016 : well we only lost because Draymond got suspended for g5, he was a huge piece oh and iggy had a bad back and 12 minutes per game bogut missed game 7 and curry was hurt and klay sucks and we didn't have kd.
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"You're our hero."

In January, Gary Woodland played a practice hole with Amy Bockerstette, a golfer who has down syndrome. She was his inspiration as he closed out his U.S. Open victory on Sunday.


I have a younger sister with Downs and it’s a shame more people don’t recognize them. Kudos to Woodland for noticing and embracing her. I’m now a fan of Woodland. He has a good heart
See ESPN...isn't this so much better than giving airtime to Drake?
Not only is this so incredibly awesome to watch, but shes also way better than me! #nolimits
Gary Woodland is AWESOME, always been a big fan. Actually had him at 80/1 for $5 in the open. CONGRATS GARY!!
Fantastic!! Gary Woodland is a Great Guy!!! 😀
She was beaming! An experience Amy will never forget!
Nice guy, humble and caring. No one knew who he was, and Karma struck, the good kind, as he is now a Major Champion!
The best part of this weekend... Seeing Gary win and acknowledging Amy and her great attitude !!! #IGotThis !!
If ESPN is really looking for Moment of the Year at the ESPYs, I nominate this one
Wow, good for her!! She's extremely talented!!
Now this is awesome great post thanks for seriously 😂😂
This is really great - kudos to Gary Woodland and rock solid job by Amy to PAR the hole!!!
This is by far my favorite video of the year.
We are all better for having watched Amy.
She had such fun doing what she loves doing good on her .... disability didn’t come into it 👍👍👍 xx
... best post today ESPN! no sarcasm this time!
That was at 16 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open on a Tuesday. It was the loudest the crowd was all day. I was there and it was really cool.
I forgot about this, makes me so much more happy he won!
1000000x’s more meaningful than Durant’s rings
Wow, she will always be a better golfer than me. Congrats, you go girl.
It is awesome to see people who have been shunned by the world finally becoming shinning examples of their capabilities.
It’s like nothing phases her, she’s so talented! 👍🏾🤘🏾
There’s a good reason Gary is one of the most well-liked players on the tour.
Never place limits on anyone...just know anything can be accomplished when someone is in your corner. ❤️
This is awesome! I love the mental attitude. Never waivered, never doubted. Athletes from all sports, all backgrounds can learn from this clip
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NBA fans, get ready for The Ja Show 🍿

Reminds me of Westbrook. I just hope he doesn’t have his on-court personality.
When the player you dunk over teammates are impressed
Ok cool...what else does he do well? Can he make his free throws? Can he defend the pick n roll? Can he create space and make jumpers? Can he run pick in roll? Yes I know he can dunk but can he play ball? Two different things.
His game won’t translate to the NBA. Too small to go to the rim like he did against Murray State schedule.
This boy is a super star in the making. All we hear about is Zion but Memphis is about to land their future with one pick
For those of y’all saying his game will not translate to the NBA, you ever heard of Steph Curry☕️☕️☕️
Wow he can dunk. What a special talent.
I know that they are showing dunks but for the ones that don’t really know about the kid HE HAS A SHOT ALSO!
Pretty impressive highlight reel! I hope it translates. Would be fun to watch. I worry a bit about how thin he is. But that can be improved in the off seasons. Nice to see other talent other than Zion
Those lanes will not be open in the NBA and all of those weak layups would be blocked. Dude is explosive for sure but Im not completely sure if his skills will translate well. Hope they do though and wish him the best of luck!
He’s the biggest bust out of the projected top 4 picks
Hoping his game translates to the NBA, but let him play some games first before hyping him up 🤷‍♂️
Gonna be the best player of this draft class
Derick Rose 2.0...hopefully it won’t end tragically like it did for DRose
Markelle Fultz college highlights were better
I’m so excited to see what he can do on the court
I think that kid Culver from Texas Tech is gonna be a really good player in the NBA. He stood out on the court when I saw him play!
Different in the nba.. Clint capela won't allow that to happen..
He’s so tiny. Wait till he runs into a wall, say Wall Ibaka. They’re lucky the NBA don’t play big man like they used to.
Honestly lmfao, the first guy he dunked on fell because he didn’t want some dudes package in his face lmfao
Another dunker in the NBA...Wow! Another 2 points made...SMH...
Kid better beef up some. Pencils ✏️ get broke in the NBA
He will be like Carmelo put up numbers but never win anything
He was way above those guys level. We don't know if that puts him as an effective NBA level. NOBODY that was in his conference will make it to the NBA.
So basically he just gets two points at a time.... raining 3s in the NBA tho
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Three years ago, LeBron James helped secure Cleveland's first NBA 🏆 with this historic block on Andre Iguodala 🙌

Thank you so much espn for reminding us just how truly blessed we are to watch Lebron play. Thank you for posting multiple times a day about Lebron James . We love the hourly lebron updates.
In Morgan Freeman voice: “And that was the last time we would ever see Lebron play defense”
One of the three best moments of that game!!!! 🏆
One of the great holidays June has to offer. Happy 3-1 blown lead day
Three years ago kyrie secured the chip for Cleveland
Really impressed by the lack of hate for the guy on this post. Sometimes you just have to set bias aside and respect a truly great play.
Thank you, lebron. The city of Cleveland will always thank you for this title. Thank you, thank you and best of luck in LA. Cleveland will always have 2016
Greatest NBA finals in history of basketball
The Warriors really blew a 3-1 lead and if I’m honest, if the Cavs were healthy the previous year, the Warriors probably would’ve lost that series too.
Greatest, most significant block in NBA history....
Three years ago, Kyrie Irving delivered a dagger three to help secure Cleveland’s first NBA championship.
Greatest block of all time!! Greatest defensive play of all time!!! Superhuman speed, timing and agility
Warriors for lifeeeeeeeeeeee, baby.....special amazing players who are happy for each other, they help each other to do well and play well.... !!!! If you don’t really like this fantastic team , then you don’t know nothing about this amazing game of basketball or life in general !!!! 🔝🔝🔝Is just amazing haw this great team operate, great fantastic team, absolutely on fire 🔥🔥🔥I’m so proud of them......yesssssssssssssssss !!!! My champs forever.....absolutely the best team in the league 🔝🔝🔝
For you idiots claiming basket interference: (a) touching the ball or any part of the basket while the ball is on the rim of the basket, (b) touching the ball when it is within the cylinder extending upwards from the rim, (c) reaching up through the basket from below and touching the ball, whether it is inside or outside the cylinder, or (d) pulling down on the rim of the basket so that it contacts the ball before returning to its original position Literally zero of that occurred. That being said, thank you lebron for giving kyrie the opportunity to hit the shot
The Kings best work come out of him when he’s home in CLE !!!! PMJ..
"LeBron doesn't have that killer instinct."
#LeGoat this proved that he was the best player to ever play in the NBA. Came back from 3-1 to beat a 73 win team. Jordan couldn’t dream of doing this.
Great block. Clutch. But still not the goat. And still cant hit freethrows. Or a midrange consistently. Same game as when he came into the league. Only improvement was strength
Rumor has it Andre Iguodala can still hear Lebron’s footsteps every time he’s on a basketball court.
GREATEST👋🏾💥BLOCK IN NBA🏀HISTORY given the circumstances
Tayshaun Prince block > Lebron block.
And then the 73-9 warriors had to go get the 🐍🐍 to beat lebron the next year 🤣🤡
I rember kyrie Irving hitting the three to give the cavs the win not Lebron
The play that secured the championship and created Kyrie’s shot.
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35 years ago, the Chicago Bulls selected Michael Jordan with the third pick of the 1984 NBA Draft.

The rest is history 🐐

Never forget Portland selected Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan, and Greg Oden over Kevin Durant.
MJ vs LeBron This is a silly debate. Clearly Michael is better. It's not even a close one. But let's go to the facts. Updated after Lebrons 14th season. Michael Jordan has •3 more rings •3 more final mvps •1 more DPOY •1 more season MVP •9 more scoring titles •3 more steals leader •3 more all defensive team selections •4000 more points / bron moved past him in playoff points, but it took him longer lol. •800 more steals •Beat 20 50+ win teams in the playoffs (Lebron only defeated 10) •Jordan never averaged less than 40% Field Goal in the finals Lebron did it twice •6/6 (never allowed a game 7) •Lebron had much more help •Jordan never had a teammate averaged more than 22 points in the finals.. Kyrie averaged over 28 and DWade averaged more than 26 •MJ never ever had a finals meltdown like Lebron in 2011 against the Mavs •MJ had more points in the playoffs in less games.. All of this accomplished in 13 seasons Lebron is in his 14th season still chasing the "ghost that played in Chicago" •Michael Jordan in the playoffs has put up atleast 40ppg, 5rpg, 5apg in 6 different playoff series. Along with an average of about 55% shooting, 3spg and 2bpg. (86 vs bos, 89 vs cavs, 90 vs philly, 92 vs Miami, 93 vs Phoenix, 88 vs cavs) Jordan won every one of those matchups except for the 1986 matchup vs the celtics. •Jordan in 88-89 averaged 32ppg, 8apg, 8rpg, 3spg off 54% shooting. LeBron has never even came close to this stat line. •in 87 thru 92, MJ averaged 5 straight seasons of atleast 51% FG shooting. LeBron has never done this. •the lowest FT% MJ ever shot in a season was 78%. Lebrons highest in a season ever is 78%. •MJ has a higher playoff FG% of 48.7% to Lebrons 48.3% •MJ has a higher playoff player efficiency rating of 28.6 to Lebrons 27.3. •MJ shoots a higher playoff 3 point percentage of 33.2% to Lebrons 32.9% •MJ also shocked the league by being the first (and only) player to have 100 blocks and 200 steals in the same season, then turned around and did it again the next year.. Seriously this list can keep going. This isn't even a debate. Mj is the GOAT. Michael in only ELEVEN complete seasons with the Bulls: -10 STRAIGHT scoring titles, -Won Defensive Player of the Year, -9 times all defensive team, -9time All NBA, -5 league MVPs -6 finals MVPs All 11 seasons. Mj has done in 11 seasons things Lebron hasn’t done and won’t do in his whole career... And before you criticize me for copy and pasting just know that it doesn’t matter if it’s copied or not, truth is truth. Check Mate.
Jordan 0-9 without Pippen in Playoffs. Tell me I'm wrong.
Difference between LeBron and MJ is LeBron can take a team of scrubs to The Finals. MJ couldn't.
20 year old guy that only started watching sports yesterday and lives with his mom: "LeBron iS tHe gOaT!!"
Greatest Basketball player ever. Dont wanna hear y’all nonsense.
The GOAT is the greatest pick of all time
Remember the day when this JANITOR swept Jordan? LeBron is better.
To all the idiots saying "he couldnt win without Pippen" , he won a national title at UNC on a final shot. He was a 6 time Finals MVP and undefeated in the Finals. You aren't going to see that again. How many Finals MVPs does Stephanie Curry have? 🥚
He looked up to Bron that's why he wore #23
Robert Horry has more rings. He's the the real 🐐, not Jordan, Kobe, or LeBron
Congratulations Michael Jordan! You're the reason I started watching Basketball! I have a framed picture of you along side of the cut out Bull Logo from my Starter Jacket hanging in my Home. Thanks for the memories! You will always be my G.O.A.T. of the NBA!
Im a LeBron Fan but the GOAT title belongs to MJ. The impact to the league, fans, media, cities of that made by him during that era is incomparable. I mean if a fan would choose to which player is better lebron or kobe? Many would say kobe because of his level of play that always shows every game. Now if you ask jordan or lebron, its the same answer, Jordan. They are both great players but the impact differs. Lebron fan forever but Michael Jordan is the real GOAT.
MJ changed Chicago in terms of respect as an NBA city. LeBron failed to do that for Cleveland.
Bob Knight coached Jordan in the 1984 Olympics, and got a first hand look at what he could do in a wide open game. The Blazers GM was a friend of Knight, and he asked him who they should take at #2, since it was known the Rockets were taking Olajuwon. Knight said to take Jordan. The GM said they already have Drexler, and they needed a center. Knight told him to play Jordan at center, because no one could stop him.
So you’re saying there’s a chance for the knicks at #3?!
6-0 vs 3-6 end of story common sense ppl know who is the real GOAT MAN GOAT MAN
Difference between Lebron and MJ is Lebron couldn’t make the playoffs without another All-Star
Did you also know? That MJ was nowhere to be found during, Larry Bird, Abdul Jabbar and Isaiah Thomas time, not until they all retired before MJ could make it to the top?😂
😂, sorry lebron Lebitch, you'll never be GOAT
And with the 2nd overall the 1984 NBA Draft... The Portland Trail Blazers select Center Sam Bowie.... SMFH
The best 3rd pick in the history of the NBA.The GOAT
" Sam Bowie was the worst draft pick in NBA history" Greg oden " hold my beer"
People consider him the G.O.A.T. but forgot that Bill Russell won 11 rings in 12 appearances.
To all knicks fan top pick doesn't really matter. Klay Thompson Steph Curry Kawhi leonard All of them were not first pick Best groups of guys win
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Fun Guy Kawhi only wants alcohol and desserts all the time 😂

(via Serge Ibaka)

I love this IBAKA and FUN GUY tandem. Give them a show man. 😅
I was fooled I truly believed that Fun Guy didn’t have a personality 😂😂😂
Ibaka: What kind of junk food do you like to eat Kawhi: Just drinking alcohol and desserts
Just drinking alcohol and eating dessert, all the time. Fun guy 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️💯
Ha ha ha,you know the Raps be smoking that legal bud as well! 😂
Fun guy had a last laugh at the end! Kawhi the great 🙏
Kawhi has one drink and says “that’s it for me fellas”
I’ve become a Kawhi fan! The guys game is incredible and the little bit we get from him has us begging for more. Reminds me of Tiger Woods the first 20 years. Never gave us anything. I hope he does another few years in Toronto.
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead 😌
Fun guy has to be the best nickname ever...
He’s talking about drinking alcohol and to think my kid looks up to him as a role model 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Says someone who has kids 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fun Guy with Ibaka's accent is hilarious
Dude ibaka and fun guy need to be teamates for life. I dont even care where
Kawhi and Ibaka are the next comedy duos lol
He is hilarious he acts so innocent he’s like a big kid lol how could anyone hate this guy “ I just want alcohol, and desserts, ALL THE TIME” Same here kawhi, same here buddy 😂
I kept waiting for him to say I AM THE CAPTAIN NOW
My dawg faded after rolling up in the car.
Kawhi is not naturally funny but if he has a lively sidekick like ibaka or Lowly it can be hilarious.
I genuinely think he should stay in Toronto, not only is his game flourishing and they’re winning, his teammates are forcing him to have a personality. It’s a win/win.
Alcohol and desserts is code for that good good 🌳🔥💨
warriors fan here but i like those 2,,,ibaka is great
ESPN you are straight trash now! 🗑 ⚾️ 🗑 🏈 🗑
Brandon Krochune Michael Schmidt hey kawhi what kinda junk food do you like? “Just drinking alcohol and eating desserts all the time”
Kawhi is the Rain Man of the NBA
Ibaka really play well in the series much better than gazol in my opinion but overall a good team win💪