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1996 NBA All-Star Game. MJ vs. Shaq.


To this day, Shaq still considers this to be the highlight of his career.
Shaq is an absolute anomaly. We appreciate him as an all time great, as we should, but this dude is an actual freak of nature! To be that big and move like that and be that skilled and stay relatively healthy until the end. Still love watching his highlights
Look at that defense from MJ. Just waiting for Pippen to run over and help.
I'd like to thank my parents for always supporting me in my quest to become a top fan. It's been a long journey getting to this point and all the sacrifices have been worth it. Thanks for the recognition in honor of my achievement, ESPN!
I was setting a voice recognition password for my new phone and a nearby dog barked and ran away. Now I'm still looking for that dog to unlock my phone
Seeing the NBA On NBC logo and I cant help but hear the theme play in my head. Haha. Probably the best (or second best, depending on who you ask) sports theme song from a network next to NFL On Fox
Hey MJ...Icy to dull the pain, hot to relax it away
Now that was a hell of a squad🙌 The East starting five is arguably the greatest ever...Shaq, Pippen, Grant Hill, Jordan, and Penny!
Ya it was a hell of a game to see live. I was 10 and San Antonio was electric that day. Never forget the nba jam session my late father took me too after buying the tickets to it from a scalper. Dad was old school for sure
Jus Imagine what KD would’ve done to MJ or even Giannis😯 No way! MJ could stop a healthy KD at all !! I’ll take that to the bank if I could 💯 let alone lebron sure a few plays he’ll get few stops but for the most part they’ll get the best of him
Look at the young shaq with the "dream shake" !
Magic Shaq was so fast! Always forget about that stage of his career.
Shaq could have been the best player of all time or for sure the best center at least. He wasn’t a worker, always out of shape didn’t practice hard to learn to make free throws. That being said that move was 🔥
Very similar to what Lavaar Ball would do to MJ
The league should get back to just rocking they team uniforms for all star weekend
I’d say KD could match up with any nba great except Shaq... Big Diesel would dunk on almost every basket
A glimpse of what the NBA looked like when players didn't need a "rest day" to heal their vaginas.
Damm shame this city cant get another NBA all star game again??? 5 championships later, multiple NCAA final fours & we CANT get the All Star game back.....
That’s why Kobe and Shaq didn’t get along..look how slim and well he could move then.. Kobe was mad he was outta shape.. don’t get me wrong Shaq was the most dominant I’ve seen
I sometimes wonder how Shaq would fit in today's game, then I realize there'd be nothing but dead bodies on the floor because he was so physically dominant.
MJ wanted no parts of that magic team he avoided them at all cost
I’ll take shaq over MJ on the free throw line any day! Fight me.
Legend has it these two had a son together and named him LeBron
Bruh, is that Vin Baker and Glen Rice?
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Little Leaguers out here making big-time plays to advance 👏

Bro that 1st baseman has a mortgage and a family.
As a Top Fan, I wanna see some birth certificates! I swear I saw that kid driving the team bus to the game!
Strong arm to make that throw off his back foot! Just as impressive was the stretch by the first basemen. Nice job gentlemen! 👏
This awesome play gave me chills! This was absolutely great! A kid did this! Great combination of natural talent of coaching seems like it
Props to the first baseman too!
That’s a big 12yr old. Come on.....
How old were the stashes on those 1st and 3rd basemen??
Little Leaguers? That first baseman is at least 20.
Helps that they have a high school junior playing first. But in all seriousness, a great play all around!
35 and 36 are little leaguers? 👀👀👀
That first baseman has kids old enough to play in this game!
Is that first baseman the guy from the benchwarmers. He can’t be 12
Taking it up to the next level! Dang! Way to go! Kudos to all the youngsters making it to this event! Win or lose
Nice,, and I believe that's only a hard 60'?
They both just signed mortgages, but sure, they're 12!
Love watching all these kids. They play so hard to get to Williamsport and play their hearts out to stay in the game there. It's always sad to see a team get eliminated tho because you know how hard they've tried.
Over the years I ve enjoyed watching the LLWS; however, now everyone s actions just seem by to be geared towards " getting on Sportscenter". Just play the game without all the theatrics.
Stretching like Freddie Freeman at 1st!
The first basemen is pretty big little leager Kid has a beard with that stretch
Anyone else think of the play Steve Pearce made to end the Yankees season last year?
Can we talk about why it took so long for my mans to run 60 ft
The blue and red jerseys have 15 16 year olds on their team
I just wish they made it fair and let the US champs in the pool w the rest of the countries. But of course they wanna make sure there’s a US team in the championship game... still unfair!!!!
Pablo Sandival’s son at 3B?
And they say soccer is is this entertaining?
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Kawhi helped give away one million backpacks to students in SoCal ❤️

(via L.A. Clippers)

"What about the kids in San Antonio"? 😂😂
If he stayed with the Raptors they would be giving out winter coats.
More like the LAC brought backpacks to giveaway for the tax/charitable donation. He just happens to be an employee of the LAC
They say California expensive so if everybody got money there why they can't buy they kids backpacks somebody lieing
More like LA Clippers giving bags to Kawhi for him to give away!!
Toronto kids:
One million back packs in southern california i guess that would be enough to rea h san diego county ??
Does any realize how many kids there are in Cali? This number is pointless
Love this so much, he’s a man of few words that doesn’t listen to the majority...well done CLAW
Were they bulletproof?
Word is he filled them all with fruit while shouting “Apple time Apple time”
Did Draymond Green get one?
The kids in toronto got screwed
Love reading about more athletes doing this. Share those positive messages more. 1 million students. That’s a whole lot of kids. Curious how they decided on the school districts.
Do something in poverty stricken states like Mississippi and Alabama. The south in general. Smh
I feel like every kid should have one now if he gave away a million!!
Kawhi helped donate a million dollar backpack
"Don't ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been, ever, for any reason whatsoever." - Michael Scott
They probably wanted laptop batteries instead. Something nice, lithium even.
... But he took them from kids in Toronto.
He's already at it! Great work being done most definitely!
Are they bullet proof?
Moved back home and is doing great things, gotta respect it.
Are they the Bulletproof ones ... ?
Is this because he’s gonna be carrying the clippers all year🤔🤔🤔
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From a major knee injury in 2016 to a 5-year, $65M extension with the Dallas Cowboys, it's been a long journey for Jaylon Smith 👏

(via NFL on ESPN)

I wish Zeke will learn from this guy
Even though I dislike the Cowboys with a passion. I respect a player who comes back and works is tail off after an injury. Congrats brother!👍
You should have gotten more!! They got you on the cheap. You are an inspiration to many and may God continue to bless you in your journey!! GO ND!!!
When you put in the work, be humble, don't get into 911 issues with law enforcement, be a good role model for others, kids and team mates and let all his actions display for itself on the field, ALL DAY EVERYDAY! He deserved this extension...Go Jaylon, time to RISE AND SHINE, Lights out time! Go get it!
I remember being feeling so bad for Jaylon when he got hurt. This is an amazing story.
I'm so happy for this brother. Big ups to Jaylon Smith for having the determination to be great. This is an awesome story.
Breaking news: Jaylon Smith refuses to play this season unless he gets a contact extension just hours after signing a 5 year deal! 😂 Just kidding, big fan of this guy and was hoping the Patriots wouldn’t been the team to take a chance on him! Good for him.
This guy is a class act all the way. He was giving back to his community the first opportunity he could and worked his tail off to comeback from injury. He’s one of the good guys.
This is a good story if it happened to any other team than the cowboys. A guy that had to go thru a lot to comeback and perform for his payday looks great in the paper. Zeke has already been performing at the top of his position for a while. Just looking at this like where is zekes money and why the cowboys playing the we control who gets paid game is childish and ego driven. “Show zeke the money!”
Buckeyes fan here. I watched that OSU-ND game when Smith was injured. Kudos to him for battling back from that like he has!!
Zeke need to work this hard and #growupshowupgetpaid this guys hard work and maturity paid off for him. Maybe zeke can learn something. And not get arrested off the field.
I'm happy for dude. That was a brutal knee injury. I was afraid he was gonna be like Lattimore, so I'm glad he came back and came back strong.
I bet he doesn’t care what helmet they tell him to wear.
Not a fan of cowboys but this guy hasn’t been in trouble and had performed top notch. Deserved the contract. That RB needs to take a close look in the mirror and understand he is lucky to still be in the league
Pretty incredible story. Definitely a guy you want to root for. Seems like a great guy
A joy to see good things happen to Jaylen Smith! Determination, perseverance, and a Never Give Up attitude will get you far in life!
Fort Wayne IN is becoming the Mecca of NFL Players...Congrats Jaylon...You to Rod...
This is my first comment on Facebook in a decade however I felt compelled to speak up. Also on a side note I very much despise Notre Dame as a football team and hope they have a terrible season. This man is the hero I hope ALL of our children can be. He fought for his brothers, he defended his code, and he never quit despite the "experts" telling him to cash in. He faced massive adversity however he put in in the work that we are missing in this world and put himself on top. Salute to you Mr. Smith you are a great example of what our younger generation needs and as a father of a young boy I will make sure he understands your story, along with what WORK, truly means.
Dude deserves it cowboys have maybe the deadliest lb combo in the nfl
Not a Notre Dame fan Not a Cowboy fan Couldn’t be happier for that young man. Tough break. Worked hard. Got his payoff in the end. Congrats!!!
As a two time top fan I just wanted to say an early congrats on the cowboys 2019-2020 Super Bowl championship!
Cowgirls 9-7 loose in first round of playoffs and Jerry Jones will be happy with that. Lol..
A guy that deserves a contract! Zeke could go kick rocks!
Cowgirls won't do sht if they don't have Zeke dak is average without Zeke or that good o line he would be trash but skip acts like he is great lmao I hope Zeke sits out until he gets paid they just trying to run him in the ground he's in his prime yrs for a rb and they acting like Pollard can carry the load lol
Looking forward to see what he does in the next stage! #goldendomer
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What a comeback by Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith 💪

I'm not a Cowboys fan by any means, but I loved watching him play last year. Fast, and with an old school mean streak. 👍
Absolutely amazing story. This is just the beginning for him. He deserves the world. I’ve never seen a more positive and humble person in my life. #HotBoyz #CowboysNation
I am a huge fan of the Fighting Irish (since I was 7) and a huge fan of Jaylon Smith through his college football years. I was so happy when the Cowboys drafted him, and he is one of the ONLY reasons I will watch the Cowboys. WTG Jaylon! 🍀🍀🍀
Jaylon is from my hometown, not a fan of the cowboys but a huge fan of his, glad he’s tearing it up and getting what he deserves.
I don't care what anyone says, Jerry took a huge risk on the 2nd round pick. He tore his ACL and the nerve in his knee wasn't growing as fast. It took a year, but when he started playing he showed his worth. This was one of those picks that panned out.
This message has been brought to by the expense of Dak And Zekes Contract.
This is awesome. Nothing but the best for this guy. Also, Feed Zeke.
Let Dak and Zeke walk.. Keep signing those defensive studs... Keep an eye on the cut lists for the next three weeks... Also, huge fan of Tyrod Taylor... Really wish they'd make a move for him...
I love this deal jerry making sure to keep the defense intact just have to get the offense to buy in and we will be super bowl bound sooner than later
...and still will finish behind the eventual Super Bowl Champion Eagles!
Trade Zeke can get at least 3 number 1 and some # 2
Zeke after hearing about Jaylon's contract extension...
So glad he's on my team. He's an amazing person too. We'll spoken. Lucky to have him as a player and a person.
Loved watching him play at ND. Can’t wait to watch him have a successful career, even if it’s with the cowboys 😂
Hopefully more durable than Sean "paper bag hamstrings" Lee.
1 more reason college sucks. No pay, but all the risk. If it wasnt for his determination he would be out of 65 mil
Well deserved. Hate the Cowboys but happy for him. Solid player devastating to go into the draft that way and just battled through it. Hell yeah!
This is very refreshing story to see instead of all the holdout drama. Well deserved extension!
I hate the cowboys but that’s trust in your players. Stand up move for this organization.
Now time for Dak to get his 40 Mil a year!! Sign this petition to ensure the Dallas cowboys secure 0 Playoff wins Pay the man!
I hate the cowboys but he’s a great player.coming from an eagles fan
What a tragic career. Signing with dallas? Ouch.
And Zeke can’t even get a text back
Big win for Jaylon! I was at the Fiesta Bowl when he blew out his knee... I felt so bad for him.
I'm happy for him...He has came a long way since that injury...I like how he has held on to his faith and remained humble
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Tom Brady's trying to get picked higher in the draft this season 😅

I hope you go all the way this season, Tom. Your owner loves a happy ending.
As a former top fan, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who supported my historic run. I’ll be back on the mountain top one day soon! Good night and God bless!
We saw how much of a threat you were when it comes to catching passes two Super Bowls ago
No Tom, you are not a PPR threat in the slightest.
Remember when Saint Nicholas Foles caught a touchdown in the Super Bowl then Brady dropped a wide open first down pass?
He couldn't catch in the superbowl if any qb deserves to be a wr its nick foles.
It’s hard to not like and respect Tom Brady. Dude is a hard-working champion, and a pretty funny dude.
As a top fan, I can say I'm proud to have Mr. Brady's autograph.
Last time he tried to catch a pass...he dropped it in the super bowl!
I've been in a keeper league for 20 years. Bought him for $2. Every year I have the option to buy him for $2. Best investment I've ever made
As a proud top fan my advice stay away from tommy if you want to win fantasy
Top Fan here: Just checking in to let you know that I’m better than all of you plebs and Tom Brady is the goat and if you’re hating it’s just because you’re mad he’s your daddy. You are welcome for my words plebs
Live look at Antonio brown at raiders practice.....
Am I the only one that was thinking about the eagles and patriots super bowl?
Probably best to let this subject go given his reception performance in the Super Bowl. Dude has plenty of other things to flex on anyways.
As Tom Brady returns to action so too does my top fan designation. What a great day!
As a top fan I'm proud to say that Tom Brady is on my fantasy team
Does he mean AARP?
Tom Brady lost to Nick foles in the super bowl...
Tom, are we forgetting the pass you dropped in the super bowl?
Tom Brady is not the goat🐐🐐🐐 He is not even top 3 son Just sayin
Tom Brady will never win another Superbowl your draft is his last chance to win a title with someone
He did drop the most important catch of his career though...just saying
He must be jealous the way nick foles showed him how to catch right after he dropped a pass and lost lol
I would rather take an elevator ride with Ray Rice before picking Tom Brady as my fantasy QB.
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"You're not going to tell the guy who's writing the checks, 'This is weird.'"

Blake Griffin explains Donald Sterling's awkward interactions in "The Sterling Affairs."

Michael Jordan passed the torch to Russell Westbrook.This man averaged a triple double for three consecutive seasons while ranking top 20 in defensive efficiency and finishing top 10 in scoring all three seasons.The man is truly remarkable and an inspiration.Not to mention the community work that impacted millions of lives in the state of Oklahoma for the past 11 yrs.The media won’t give him his true credit and he is too humble of a man to put himself on a pedestal but I don’t care about what foolishness you use to bash his good name,Russell Westbrook is the best all around basketball player in the world and by far the greatest athlete in Professional American Sports History...
Wow, first time post as a top fan! I’d like to thank my friends and family that have always encouraged me and believed in me even when I thought it was impossible. Look momma, WE MADE IT
What is the context of this? I have no clue what it’s about
This is not a good example to exploit who Sterling is. This just looks like he is truly proud of Blake Griffin. I’m sure there are plenty more examples to use that would have gotten your point across.
Whats weird to me has been your Haircut this whole time.... I'm a barber by the way!!! all that money and you cant get a Steve Harvey edge up or a fade
My screen has a crack in it so I am not able to see the whole image, but I’m sure the wedding was beautiful. Hope they are happy together.
What does this have to do with the second day of the work week and tortillas wrapped around some kind of meat and optional veggies with a salsa topping?
I would not only like to thank God but Jesus for the Single most important accomplishment of my life, becoming a top fan. 😭
Half of blake griffin felt so awkward back then...
... where is the offensive part? watched it 5 times already. may be i will find it on the 6th try?
“The one and only number one Nig..choice in America Blake Griffin”
I get sterling is a pos, no arguments there.. but what’s so offensive about this?
Today is a good day to be a top fan! Keep it up ESPN! Great job with them posts!
Let's be clear; he said some horrible the privacy of his own home and was recorded without his consent from a profiteering "girlfriend". While I don't agree with what he the privacy of his own home.....I don't think he should have been forced to sell his company.....for something he said in the privacy of his own home......and recorded without his knowledge, permission, or a warrant. This is still America.
He really wants to be your sugar daddy but doesn't want to make things weird. -Donald Sterling
If you're over the age of 60 and named Donald... U probably have some issues
What was weird about this clip tho?? I still can’t see what he’s talking about in this clip
It was so naive of Donald Sterling to think that woman was at all attracted to him physically, there was only one thing she wanted from him and that makes her so untrustworthy.
So apparently they just giving Top Fan Badges away. I now have one and completely don’t deserve it.
As ESPN'S top fan I'd like to thank ESPN and Lebron for this opportunity to share and touch others when they least expect,, remarkable!!
Sterling shouldn't have said what he did, but she also shouldn't be secretly recording him to get a reaction out of him, and using his money to do stuff for other guys.
This has no substances to it. They keep trying to show these clips, but honesty they arent different than most owners. ESPN had 10 minutes of story and filled it with nothing to make it a 30 for 30
If you don’t want to be there, then leave. You made your choice so own it.
Why are you making us remember that D-bag ESPN?
As a top fan, its just weird not to be a top fan
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Wait ... was that the kicker? 💥😯

(via The Checkdown)

49ers: Super Bowl Bound
As a top Fan I approve of the kicker making their best Pat McAfee impressions.
Best tackle I’ve seen since “Joe Montana”!
Pat Mcafee would be proud.
Better keep that head up though, broken neck waiting to happen
Nothing puts a smile of my face more than seeing former top fan badge holders copy and pasting their horrible "as a top fan" stories, only for them to be promptly delete before I'm able to respond ☺️
Pat McAfee accomplished that task no less then a hour ago.
As a top fan I see a drug test coming in this fellas near future!
Wrapped him up with his arms, didn't hit him with his helmet, didn't wait back and get juked out of his shoes. That's big time #ForTheBrand
film room was fun for the returner I bet
First things first, that's a great tackle! More importantly though, that's probably not the best idea in a preseason game for a punter...
Next time keep your eyes on the horizon kicker!
That kicker got moved to LB!
This man trying to make the highlight reel but catching Ls instead
That’s a nice clean tackle. Too bad some defense players can’t seem to do the same.
Jimmy G. Is playing like a 3rd string QB. That guy should have played two full winning seasons before earning that type of money.
Falcons still blew a 28-3 lead at halftime .
If you get laid out by the kicker, you just get the bench for the rest of the game...
Looks like somebody played Rugby back in the day.
Denver making kickers get highlight reels since Pat McAfee lol
He played Aussie Rules Football till shoulder injury ended his career.
Dude is a stud. Should be a requirement for every kicker
Let’s be honest, it was the 3rd quarter, only one of those two is going to make the final NFL roster.
You have to cut 48 after this.. no if ands or buts...
And none of his teammates hype him up?
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Zlatan Ibrahimović's OUTRAGEOUS volley is nominated for the 2018-19 Puskas award, the prize given for the season's best goal 👏

(via ESPN FC)

That was so incredible, they should rename the award to the "Zlatan Award".
Sure it was nominated for the best goal, but now we get to hear Zlatan tell us how great it really was.
Incredible skill. Totally deserved.
Those 3 in the background accurately express what just happened.
This guy is a human highlight reel.
I love how you can tell from the body language of the other players that they know how ridiculous he is.
This dude is incredible.
As a newly appointed top fan, i just wanted to thank Antonio Brown for being such a dipshit. If it wasn’t for him, i would have never been awarded this monumental achievement. Thanks AB!!
Amazing and he's been doing this sort of thing his entire career.
So the pass was what exactly.....? Perfect placement. He wasn’t alone on this...
This just in, Zlatan rejects nomination, " I dont want my name associated with a trophy that is this easy to win."
“Ferrari amongst fiats” haha 🤣
You mean the 2018-2019 Puskas award was nominated for the Zlatan
This guy is getting better and better. These MLS American coaches are taking Zlatan to the next level
As a newly appointed top fan, I’d like to say thanks and I CANNOT wait for College Football to start! That’s all! Have a great day!
You don't nominate Zlatan for the Puskas award, you nominate Puskas for the Zlatan award.
I care nothing about this post but I want everybody to know that after many trials and tribulations and my comments going to the way side I am finally a top fan. Won't God do it
He’s not even excited about it. He’s just going about his day, business as usual.
I’m the farthest thing from a soccer fan but this dude amazes me every time I see a highlight. I remember it being a big deal when he joined MLS but I didn’t realize he was like THAT. Sheeeesh!!!
What is a Top Fan...did someone mention an award check as well? Oh, Sweet goal too!
Today marks the day I received the Holy Trinity. Yes that's right, ESPN, Sportscenter and Bleacher Report have blessed me.
As a top fan, I am sad to inform ESPN that this award is not for best goal of the season as this was last year and this season is still going.
“The prize given for the season’s best goal” thank ESPN for letting me know what a “Puskas” award is.
I bought some chair here for who come for the comments
Lol the other teams fans face. Spicy goal.
ESPN19 hours ago

Baker Mayfield was mind-blown 🤯

Young Baker has a lot of growing up to do. I have a feeling he will be humbled this year.
His words. I mean listen this guy has won college championships and tons of super bowls. We need to listen to Baker.
For all the hate this Daniel Jones has received. I kind of hope he sticks to these guys. If he got a ring before Baker, I would laugh!
This guy needs a humility check ASAP, and will get it this year.
As a Longhorn fan, I’ve even found myself rooting for Baker to succeed as so many have doubted him, but to see him knock a fellow QB trying to make it for no reason, that’s pretty low, and I guess not unexpected considering the source.
Baker is stunning and brave
Baker always has been a bad egg. Great talent but crap person.
Just like Odell Beckham was Blown away from the Giants to your lap sir have a seat and let the Giants be trash
7 wins on a team with low expectations and all of sudden you’re the go to guy on talent evaluation, sounds good baker. We expect nothing less than an undefeated season in Cleveland
I felt the same way when the Browns took Baker...
Baker will have a humbling season! He talks so much you can't help but root against him...
Why is Baker such a tool. Just focus on yourself and your team d-bag
So far it seems to be a great pick!! But time will tell....
I remember quite a few people said the same thing when you got drafted bud.
I despise the giants, but I honestly hope this guy turns out to be a stud just so everyone whining about him can eat crow. Dude has done literally nothing to deserve this much hate
Your lack of humility blows my mind youngster mayfield.
So Baker has won 6 games and lost 7.... 5 of the teams he beat had a losing record.... he is amazing
The Giants ownership loves Eli. Eli is aging and said ownership was in panic mode. An Eli clone was available and the Giants drafted him. I really cannot see the mystery at all. The mystery is how anyone did not think it was happening. Friends with Mannings Trained by Mannings Coached by Cutcliffe, who also coached Mannings Dude even looks like Eli.
It's amazing how quickly I hate the Browns more than the Patriots now, pretty impressive. With that being said, Brownies will have a losing record this year. It'll be entertaining to see that meltdown happen 😂😂😂
I was stunned when I found out this wasn’t a LeBron post.
I think we all were. Let’s not act like we weren’t thinking what baker was thinking...
When Baker Mayfield does anything significant as a pro, please report on it. As of today, he and OBJ aren't much more than WWE/Kardashian cast members in the logs of sports history. You are now both on the ⏰...
Josh Allen was on the board and they took a QB that still would have been there for their next pick. They got too anxious.
The AFC North is going to Humble Baker Mayfield this season guaranteed
Any time you have a chance to use the 6th overall pick on a guy who you could've gotten in the 3rd round, you have to make that move!