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Jordan Spieth's caddy took the rake. ๐Ÿ˜‚ (via MattNorlander/Twitter)

David Nelson Someone phoned this in to PGA officials and gave Spieth a two stroke penalty
Harry Wang Cowboy fans sit when they pee.
Mark Lawson Was he throwing a tantrum about that too??
Mikey Rivera Jr. Astros. Dodgers. World Series. Collision Course
Moses Xlv ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚rake worthy!
Carlos Zayas
Gregory Ward LOVE IT!!!
Keno Mic Murphy Steve Boquist lol
Steven Graham Jake Borton
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Is anyone even surprised anymore?

Casey Abele espn apparently is, still drooling over that yankee kid meanwhile cody has kept the dodgers rolling to ten in a row
Chris Rowell He's now the quickest to six multi-HR games by a long shot. 57 games. The next closest is Mark McGwire with 97 and then 212. That's nuts.
Jesse Gonzalez It has been fun to watch Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger !!!!
James Massey I believe Cody will last longer than Judge, just my opinion. I think Cody has better plate discipline and a better swing.
Tina Guzman Cody Bellinger is only 21 yrs old and didn't start the season in the big leagues...just imagine if he did.
Chris Miller I'm more shocked we didn't find a way to walk him home too...smh, embarrassing game by my boys
Andrew Shields Chris Bowers this was the guy I was talking about earlier
Cee Will
Nick Duarte Joshua Matthew, you guys are for sure!
Marc Gonzalez NL ROY
Steven Winant Maybe pitch around him. If pitchers keep making mistake pitches to him why would anybody be surprised.
John Mcgill Mlb will drug test him to try to discredit him keep doing your thing Cody
Harry Wang Seahawks fans were surprised when Seattle didn't run the ball on the 1 yard line in the Super Bowl.
Willo Morales Aaron Who????
Aaron Irey Half the stadium was empty. Dodger fans suck!
Albert Martinez Don't worry, he'll fall off like Joc Pederson
Austin Wagner Cody has been taking too much covfefe.
Nicholas Dudyshyn Having him and judge on a fantasy team is just so dirty lol
Evelyn Munoz
David Byers Time to test Thames again
Daniel Finney Jr. Test him just to kill the haters.
Elias Duarte-Lopez Amazing! :O
Christopher Wardlaw Much better all around player than Mr. Judge.
Nick Tate I need ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ
Gregory RC Hasman Him and Judge for MVP to this point
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Wait till you see the reigning champ on his home turf.

John Mcgill These kids today don't kno what a true homerun derby was
Edgar Negron A.Judge is gonna make u look weak brother ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช #YankeesAllDay#
Will D Pendergrass
Harry Wang Wait till you see the Seahawks throw the ball on the 1 yard line again!
David James Kimbrough Amanda Marie Driskill my team at least has this going for us
Warren Nuzzo The king? He is not LeBron.
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"It's humbling just to be a part of this and be able to have my name on top of this camp."

Akio Fish Dont let this distract you from the fact that the Dallas Cowboys choked in the playoffs...again!
Benjamin Charles Houdesheldt Why does he have to play for the Cowboys!? #FirstWorldProblems
Tyleek Jackson I had to read this one to know what they were talking about
Greg Wasco As much as I want him to fail because he is a cowboy he seems like he a good person so can't hate
Web Peterson Campers are cool except in black ops
Bryant DeBray Yes, he's a pillar of the community. Next.
Matt Orso
Timothy Abell ๐Ÿ˜‚.
Evelyn Munoz
William A Bowman
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It's like Jordan Spieth had done this before.

Jonathan McCusker Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Michael Quinn I met Jordan Speith at our famous AT&T Pebble Beach Golf Tournament last February nice guy I'm also a great nephew of late Bing Crosby pretty awesome. Jordan be next #1 golfer in the world
Harry Wang Seattle would've got it done if they ran the ball on the 1 yard line in the Super Bowl.
Mark Hanifin good for you Jordan..... I'm all about being positive and not hating
Cindy Rohne Olson Crazy win
Isabel Hare
Reynaldo Celaya Jr. Spieth Easy.
Lorri Boettcher Just not in Wisconsin:)
Jordan Knighton Melissa Knighton
Will Hammond Matt Morgan Mario Sanchez
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That'll wake you up! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Josh Cook His reaction when he is on his knees right before he stands up suggests that he wasn't quite ready for that. Thankfully, the ball found his glove.
Joey Myers At the end there... did he look to make sure that he didn't piss himself? Lol
Harry Wang Seahawk fans got woken up when Seattle didn't run the ball on the 1 yard line in the Super Bowl!
Sean King Not sure if it was reflexes, luck or a combination. Either way gotta give him credit for getting out of the way and holding onto the ball once it hit his glove
Kevin Lopez Lebron fans got woken up when they realized lebron is 3-5 in the finals.
Byren Huang Brandon Hu would that be considered the scariest moment for a pitcher?
Joe Breehl Jacob, this is basically what it felt like hitting that deer earlier...happened so fast it seemed like slow-mo
Devon Pudil Kyle Brooks Wanna see your life flash before your eyes lmao
Lily Sanchez Remember when the Cubs were this good Joey! Sorry ๐Ÿ˜‚
Dominick Ruocco I did this once to my friend and he got so mad I actually caught it he dropped my bat and left
Tyson Rehmer Clint Waddoups this reminds of that one time at steed park!
Matt Stoken Jared Eisenlohr so close to not getting your quality start
Seth Molloy He kept his Kuhl.
Matt Helpingstine Joshua Hughes show Tyler this. He would totally make this play
Trevor L. Dearborn Good reflexes man, I've seen a guy take a ball in the throat pitching, poor kid went down like ton a bricks
Clint Jenkins "Alright, did I wet myself? Nope, alright let's move on." Lol
Chris Prete He still caught it, so it doesn't matter if the ball found him or not...just appreciate an SC top 10 for once....
Luke O'Malley Bradley Dalton the ball definitely caught him hahaha!!
Luper Vwj Shiloh Vang Tyler Vang Joe Xyooj this was something that happened to me lol scary shiz
Tre Frantz Nathan Urban Jacob Barney look at the end. He checked to see if he pissed himself ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Amir Ashadeep Jontae Nacker- Lewis-Bobb When the pipe game too strong and she tries to walk away ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Jason Green now that's Kuhl under pressure....
Brian Borchardt This is what happens when you don't catch it.
Karre Gindy Wetherington Lora Compton this has happened to Kadence a few times.
Preston Frie Jason...nice catch lol (last name Kuhl)
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On to the next one...?

(via ArashMarkazi/Twitter)

Aric Daniel Cordero How you gonna disrespect Bryant like that.. Get a new jersey, period lol.
Danny Bryan Godin Don't be too hard on him, he was born in an era where selling out is praised.
Frank Stanley Why would you do something so BLASPHEMOUS!
Joe Sanchez Poor punk doesn't eeeeeven know. I'm sure if he actually knew whom his REAL dad was, his dad would tell him. Sheeeeee-yiiiiiiit
Johnny Goble Is this real?? Idiot kid with idiot parents. He might as well wear a Maddison Bumgarner jersey at Dodger Stadium. Hopefully the people in his section took his drink and food, Lol.
Gabriel Martinez I may dislike Kobe, but that's because he was "that" good and I'm a #Dubs fan. What this kid did....just plain wrong. Ball is getting way too much hype, and he hasn't even stepped on to the hardwood against the best of the best. Pfft.
Brandon Chistakoff you dont disrespect a jersey of that meaning..this isn't just some NFL bust Cleveland Browns QB Jersey...this is one of the greats!
Rafael Enrique Denny E. Fulgencio Beras ya se tan pasando. Es una humillaciรณn daรฑar la jersey del mรกs grande en la historia de ese equipo por estar de apasionado con ese jovencito. Yo espero que la nรบmero "2" termine retirada en el Staphles Center, al final de la carrera de Ball.
Chris Schiferl *yawn* lame... shouldn't ESPN be posting something legit about sports? No one cares about some dude and his makeshift jersey of Ball. Let's wait and see how he even pans out in the pros before making this irrelevant garbage a story.
Bobby A. Shringi Why does the media give so much attention to Ball? Where are the stories on Tatum, Josh Jackson, Fox or even the #1 pick overall? These rookies are set to have decent seasons as well and deserve the attention as well.
Arturo Gaona-High They don't have respect for actuall NBA players ! But Kobe wow ! Even if your poor I would slap you for something like that, if your a real fan of the guy then go and get cheap jersey or a shirt jersey not disrespect a hall of famer like that !
Sean Bial I'm not a Lakers fan by any means. However, you never, ever, disrespect one of the greatest like that. Especially by a rookie who doesn't even have a professional game under his belt.
Jaymi Fatheree This is a disgrace to someone who was a proven legend in the league. This guy prob won't even live up to the hype. Fan probably knows that that's why he isn't down to spend money on ball's actual jersey.
Hunter Hollje How you gonna disrespect black mamba like that??? Clearly you're too young to know what an amazing hall of fame KB was and will be!! Something Lonzo will never see!! At a baseball game at that!!
Mark Wisnewski If the Lakers want to win again then they need another star player. Magic got Kareem, Kobe had Shaq and Pau. The Lakers won when they had great players that transcended the NBA. The Lakers have neither or any of those players
Jayr Velez Blasphemy he should never be allowed in to staples center to see a lakers game lucky he's at dodgers game don't care for them
Travis Rainey Jr. How y'all gone tell this kid what to do with the Jersey HE bought. It's not even the stitched joint. It ain't that serious. Y'all know Kobe's greatness.
Robert Odom Whew I was worried. Its almost been a full day without a Ball family story. I guess LaVar got the shoe payment check to ESPN a little late today
Catlin Clawson I hope someone slapped the crap out this kid. That's a disgrace that this kid ruined a Kobe jersey to make it a jersey of a kid that is going to be a gigantic bust.
Stephen Placencia Despite LaVar and his endless distractions, Lonzo does look like the kind of player who seems poised. Although it's way to early to tell, I guess only time will tell. It's easy to write him off because of his dad, and he could very well end up being a bust. BUT...what if Lonzo ends up playing really, REALLY well? What if he CAN really play? What if he actually lives up to the hype....and then some? Maybe LaVar sees something most people don't? What if he's right? Of course he could be wrong.....but you never know. Just saying...
Kenny Loop Sadly, I already hate this kid and it actually has nothing to do with him. Its his dad I'm tired of having shoved down my throat.
Mariah Landeros This lil punk!.. .completely disrespectful!. ..and on top of that, he has a basketball jersey on a baseball game?!. ..he deserves a DodgerHotDog Slapp for breathing!. ..not a Lakers fan, but i will forever have madd respect for Kobe's passion and dedication!. ..f****n ๐Ÿคก
Ryan Vickery Kid is barely old enough to remember when Kobe was a stud. Go YouTube some Kobe montages and cry yourself to sleep knowing that Ball won't amount to the greatness of Kobe's big toe.
Zane Stafford I'm not even a Kobe fan but that's disrespectful. Guys got five rings and was one of the most elite pure scorers to ever play the game.
Loren Wesley F'n loser ruined a great jersey for that loser that's never played yet? Talk about a waste & bad disrespect for someone else that played for their team his whole career.
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Roberto Clemente won 12 Gold Gloves, two World Series titles, an NL MVP award, got 3,000 hits and made 15 All-Star appearances.


Juan Ceballos Forget his MLB stats. He was the best Humanitarian in MLB History and for that alone, the answer is SI.
Glenn Siler What? Should we all retire Babe Ruth's #? Mickey Mantle's #? Stan Musial's #? NO Great ballplayers but there is a significance in retiring #42.
Bill Smart The Pirates should retire #21, thats all thats needed. Otherwise retire # 3 for the babe, #32 for Sandy Koufax. The list goes on and on..
Mello Pintor If he gets his number universally retired by MLB it won't be because of his stats but his humanitarian off the field deeds, you always hear about how great of a player he was, what if I tell you he was an even better human, best among us kind of thing.
Mario Rosario His name is Roberto Clemente Walker born In Carolina PR from a Puerto Rican mother his dad was Afro American the reason why he wore 21 is because of the letters in his full name this man was a humanitarian he help country's that needs help he died flying to in country that he was sending money to and the government was stealing money so he decided to charter a plane and deliver help help himself he flew twice that day on his last attempt plane went down.
Gary Gelder Let me make it CLEAR YES any debate to the contrary is total IGNORANCE
Terry Setoguchi No he was a great player but jackie robinson broke the collor barrier babe ruth was the first great slugger to have your number retired by the league you gotta be in the top ten players
Michael G Flory Yes, just like Jackie Robinson was an ambassador to end segregation, Roberto Clemente was an ambassador for all those non U.S. players, and the fact he died helping those in need should be honored.
Daniel Jenkins No it shouldn't currently that right is only held by Jacky Robinson and what he did for baseball. Stats alone don't get you that honor, but that's just my opinion.
Teddy Parmalee We don't need to universally retire numbers. This was an exception for Jackie Robinson. The Pirates retired his number and he's one of the all time greats. Much respect to Clemente, but we can't just take numbers off the board for an entire league for multiple players. There was a reason to do it for Robinson and let's not make that less meaningful
Jeff Galdikas If Babe Ruth's #3 isn't universally retired and he's arguably the greatest to have ever played the game, I don't think you can universally retire Clemente. While I recognize he was the first Puerto Rican player, and his accomplishments were great. There are other things that could come first.
Kaz Kalita If #21 should be retired in all of baseball for Clemente, then so should #9 for Ted Williams. Williams was not only one of the greatest hitters of all time, but he was also a decorated war hero, serving in both WWII and the Korean War.
Matthew Hair Yes, Roberto was one of if not the first Hispanic players in the league. That is a barrier just like what Robinson broke! He was discriminated against not just for being Hispanic but also being a Black Hispanic! Was he a great player, yes! But he was more then that, just like Jackie and for that deserves to have his number retired by all of MLB!
Dan Simon As a Pittsburgher growing up in the 60's, Roberto was a hero. I love that he has his own day & award. He seemed to be overlooked nationally in his playing days. That said, I'm not in favor of league-wide number retirement.
Nate Steele Clemente was in the dodger minor leagues off the top of my head a couple yrs after Robinson broke the color barrier " which is not true" so he went thru the same things Jackie was but worse cause he couldn't speak English what he did for Latinos and in turn baseball rivals that of Jackie Robinson
Eustace Henderson It's funny how most people on here saying no are white and come up with the argument that we'll run out of numbers when numbers are endless why can't in future someone use 112 or 234
Timothy Edmunds It's amazing to me that so many so called baseball fans don't know what Clemente did outside of the game of baseball. This discussion has nothing to do with his career stats even though he had the numbers. This is about him as a humanitarian, and how he is to the Latino baseball players what Jackie Robinson is to the African American players. The fact that so many of you so called fans don't know the story only proves that MLB should retire his number across the league to educate people on his contributions to not only baseball, but his Latino community around the world.
Trevais Walker Great player, great humanitarian. Maybe they should have a day to honor him maybe have everyone wear #21 but I'm not sure about retiring the number throughout the league.
Todd Hillman Sure. Then let's retire the first Japanese player's number, the first Dominican player's number, the best bat boy of all time's number, the best ball girl, the first to break the steroid barrier, the first guy from each 50 states, and just to be politically correct, let's stop putting numbers at all. After all, what if two guys want the same number. Who gets to decide. Come on! Let's be fair about this. Give them all a trophy. Put them all in the HOF. Retire all the numbers. It doesn't mean anything anymore anyway as long as Pete Rose isn't in there.
Doug Griffin Rose, a switch hitter, is the all-time MLB leader in hits (4,256), games played (3,562), at-bats (14,053), singles (3,215), and outs (10,328).[1] He won three World Series rings, three batting titles, one Most Valuable Player Award, two Gold Gloves, the Rookie of the Year Award, and also made 17 All-Star appearances at an unequaled five different positions (second baseman, left fielder, right fielder, third baseman, and first baseman). Rose won both of his Gold Gloves as an outfielder in 1969 and 1970.should we retire the number 14
Kyle Babaganoosh Baseball is so engrained in american society that some players have become folk heros. The Babe, Mantel, Ted Williams, Jackie, Gherig, Musial. The list goes on forever. Robinson's 42 is retired for good reason. It was not only a turning point in baseball but American culture as well. Clemente was a humanitarian but so are so many other players. Does that mean Tebow needs his number 15 retired? Look up all the stuff he does for people. .greatest human being ALIVE period. Its a hard sell but id have to say no, sorry.
Alex LLanos Romero This is not a debate about who is a greater player or who else did good things for the community. The reason why his number should be retired is because, Roberto Clemente paid the ultimate price made the ultimate sacrifice trying to help others. That alone separates him from the rest.
Junior Holtan Roberto Clemente no doubt did amazing things as far as his humanitarian work. He had a stellar baseball career unfortunately cut short. I honestly don't believe universally retiring his number will do justice for the amazing work he did on and off the field. Pirates should retire his number to pay respect for what he did for baseball, but the Country as a whole should do something for his humanitarian work.
Edgar Ortiz A Hall of Famer, the gold standard for RF, and a trailblazer for Latino players. However, his greatest contributions transcended the game; literally losing his life in the process. In a time where so many "leaders" have faltered, and young people keep looking up at sports figures for inspiration, this man is an example of resilience, discipline, and respect. #Retire21
Gustavo Santiago Escalera Jackie Robinson's number wasn't retired just because of his on field statistics. His number was retired because in addition to his on field accolades he was a remarkable citizen, a pioneer and a civil rights advocate. That applies as well to Roberto Clemente. Clemente's 12 Gold Gloves, 2 WS Championships, WS MVP, NL MVP, 3000 hits, 15 AS, or the fact that he is the only MLB player in history that the 5 year waiting period to become a Hall of Famer (National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum) was waived. All of that does not tell the whole Roberto Clemente Story. Clemente was a first class citizen, a humanitarian, a philanthropist, a civil rights advocate. He is a figure that transcends baseball. He used the huge opportunity that he was given trough his talent to shed light on social issues, to help others less fortunate, to do the right thing. ESPN, with your premise you are not asking the right question. Because Robinson's number was retired solely on his on field performance.
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Your move, Atlanta Braves.

(via UncleCharlie50/Twitter)

Mark Niles The Freeze is the best thing to happen to the Braves since Chipper Jones
Matt Newman This is a result of a bet that Wacha lost when his alma mater Texas A&M lost to Matt Carpenter's alma mater TCU in the College World Series, for those of you who were wondering.
Jose Muรฑiz Back in my high school days, The Freeze would have be no match for me. I'd give him a 20yrd start in a 100yrd dash and still dust him by 10 yards
Robert C. Johnson Jr. He's a Cardinal pitcher...he'd probably end up tearing an ACL or falling and tearing his rotator cuff
Matt Auffrey Struggling to muster up a care for this potential competition
Greg Gutierrez If you haven't seen Mr Freeze do his thing.... It's incredible how fast he closes on folks.
Thomas Auxter With a 200 foot advantage, knowing this dude would show up in cleats? No way The Freeze wins.
Gary Brinkworth Ben Alexander he can't pitch so maybe he can run?
Theresa Engel Wacha should worry about pitching
Douglas Vroegh I submit to you, Mr. Freeze, one Kevin Vroegh.
Will Jeffrey Wainwright got terrible
Derek Igotswag Bradshaw I'd like to see Buchholz race this dude
Willie Brown Bring it. #ChopChop
Kevin Hill What is this?
Dalton Schilling Is this jev
Dan Garcia Wacha is an Aggie. Try again.
Michael Serge Joe Serge. Our teams going at it
Jorge Viramontes ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Kelly Keaton He'll get smoke checked
Shawn Rodriguez Wacha would tear his ACL
Earl Johnson yes
John Madison Aaron Fertig Cassi Fertig the freeze would win
Juan Luis Flores Caleb Beaver is that you ๐Ÿค”
Joshua Kevin Sanders Joy Cherry ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Peggy Ervin Kacey Osier๐Ÿ˜‚
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Paul George to the Cleveland Cavaliers?
Kevin Love to the Denver Nuggets? ๐Ÿ‘€

Jonathan DeSira This super team garbo is ruining the NBA there's no parity. I have a bold prediction, it's going to be the Cavs and Warriors in the finals next season.
Phillip Walker None of these teams will have really high draft picks next year. And I still don't see the Cavs beating the Warriors with Paul George.
Pedro Gomes The Cavs problem isn't Kevin Love, but JR Smith and Tristan Thompson. JR is a 2 guard that gives no defensive options and while Tristan is a great player, but todays game demands a center with more versatility. Between these two, there's 28 million per year. But if the idea is to ship Kevin Love, why not trying DeRozan?
Christian Serrano Is better if Paul George goes to Cavs. Pual would really want a championship and deserve one. Also it'll be better, Fun and enjoyable match up between GS Vs Cavs in the finals. Because we all know them both are gonna go again in the finals lol. Also gotta be real, Kevin love sucks lol I personally prefer Paul George then Kevin love.
Chris Haenn Funny how LBJ is saying to Paul George: come play with me, win a championship and we will continue into the future. Sounds just like he said to Kevin Love whom he's currently trying to dump.
Paul Zahn Unless Indiana is taking picks only for PG, not seeing how this works. I'm sure Denver would like Love, but they don't have any good young players that they would give up (Murray and Jokic are untouchable). Faried, Chandler, and Mudiay aren't getting this done. Cavs best option is to trade Love for younger and cheaper talent. They aren't getting PG13.
Howie Jastrow I can't wait til the era of "super teams" finally starts to dissipate. I really think with the upcoming youth of teams like the Sixers, Celtics, Timberwolves, the league will finally start to see some more balance again and restore what used to be an incredibly exciting NBA with a TON of awesome rivalries and matchups.
Ronnie Antonino Lebron, love, george, griffin and chris paul are joining the golden state. Warriors needs more depth to their super deep line up to reinvent "superteams".
Kevan Pierson The Cavs can't like the champs. They can't form a big 4,because their guys weren't drafted onto the team. And they got too many massive contracts for underachievers. If they trade Kevin Love, the beatdown will be even worse for the Cavs if they see the champs a 4th time.
Ron Sy Just go to the lakers paul george! Don't join flop king!
Kelsey Henderson The NBA and their new CBA guidelines are killing the whole game. I mean now it seems every year big name players are going to teams with space to take they salaries and some are good teams but it's killing the game. Can't take this anymore
Zachary Fitzsimmons Imagine the cavs getting rid of Love, getting George, and then signing Blake Griffin to replace Love. He'll make up for the rebounds and he's a better player under the basket on offense. Thats my opinion though
Matt Radack The two reasons Cleveland beat the Warriors last year were because LeBron willed them to a title, and because they beat Golden State on the boards. If rebounding is the only proven way to beat that team, why trade your best rebounder in Love?
Nicolas Mogollon Ivan F. Demmer Altuna en serio no sonรณ Miami en el Draft y no suena en los rumores de cambios de jugadores... es un sentimiento raro. Por un lado me da alegrรญa que su equipucho no mejore, por otro si no mejoran la NBA no es tan divertida porque todos le van a ganar a Miami siempre, es mejor verlo ilusionado y despuรฉs desconsolado jajaja
Brian Beavers Waste of time. He won't get a ring the Warriors will beat them again. Too loaded! Then when he meets with the charismatic Magic in L.A. in the off-season it's a wrap. You better hold onto Love Cavs.
William Davis Everybody wants to talk down on the "super teams". They wouldn't be super teams if the NBA had more talent. Too many of these "pros" don't even know the fundamentals of basketball...
Jordan Ruiz I really don't know if PG alone is the answer, especially if they give up Love. I mean it's a step up since Love is a shadow of his Minnesota self, but the Cavs would need to match Golden States 4 all stars to have a chance, then they need to out bench them as well, which means they need to get rid of some of those costly liabilities like JR who didn't show up in the finals. I say give the Warriors the next two trophies free and reset the whole league, fantasy draft it- let each team keep their draftees tho.
Drew Doerfler People need to stop hating on K Love as if he the worst player on the cavs. I personally think he just has never fit their system. It'd be refreshing to see him start over somewhere
Ivan Sanchez Reinaldo Batista mirame esto ruedor, te tradusco un poco, LeBron diciendolo a PG que sera el protagonista del equipo, y kevin love para los Nuggets.
Alan Derench The NBA should limit the number superstars on a team... only keep rookies who eventually develop into superstars
Trevor Bode Indiana needs to get whatever they can for pg and probably should have traded him last year. He's got one year left and unless he wants to commit to a team he's an expensive rental.
Armando Sambady Robles The cavs won't beat the worrios in the finals that's true..thats because the worrios will loose to the spurs and then lebron will join the spurs next in 18 or him and pg13 to Lakers witch is A OK with can eat a 12inch if you type or thinking of something stupid to comment๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
David Dlc I find it funny how all the Cavaliers aren't talking about this new rumor... the first time it happened they all jumped on it bragging about the trade rumor like it was a done deal... telling everyone That the Warriors fans were scared... then the news changed that the Cavs will stop the pursuit of Buttler & Paul... and the entire fanbase made fun of them... now they are quite hoping these news comes to fruition so they can start the bragging again ... what a bunch of cowards.
Ken George LOL. Good luck rebounding Cleveland if you give up Kevin Love. Tristan Thompson is the better trade.
Matthew Hollis I guess "superteam" is the new NBA buzz word to replace "big 3". Everybody complaining about these so called "superteams" must have just started watching the NBA this past season or root for a team that has no chance of winning the title any time soon.