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Philadelphia Eagles DE Chris Long is now donating his entire salary to fund efforts to increase equality in education.

Corbin Dickson Good idea but education equality does not help society only hurts it. If everyone has a masters degree then what it is really worth...
Mike Jean Great job Chris Long I'm happy you decided to put your hard earned money to great use, along with Colin Kapernick you guys are putting good money to use. Proud of you guys!
Michael Why Good thing since we like to elect people that cut educational funding. They seem to think education is overrated.
John Crouse A noble gesture but studies have shown that throwing more money at our education system does not improve student success. Look at how much money the Dept. of Education has used since its inception in the 70’s with marginal improvement in student achievement. It’s no coincidence performance has flatlined due to the breakdown of the family and the dumbing down of our culture.
Jeff Burch This is great, props to him. But I’d like to point out that Colin Kaepernick is in the process of fulfilling a $1 million donation to various causes that he pledged last season. So for those of you saying “This is better than kneeling” or “Finally somebody put their money where their mouth is,” Kaepernick was the first.
Johnny Carson If he really wants to do something save his money, get a teaching license and go teach in schools that need to be brought up to equality standards...... that’s where he could help most
Pamela Pratt I love all the negative comments in this thread. Why so jaded? Long is a class act! Most NFL players have more money than they will ever need. Good to see him giving back.
Randy Mayfield UVA grad. Could have used his help when my twins went there and graduated in 2016. Thanking God for ROTC help! They still have to pay back 4 years and cost us over $40K
Kevin C Delaney Every child has the opportunity for an education before college, what they do with that education is the question. .
John Brown Good idea. You are going to help suburban whites get an education There are many many minority programs in place that whites aren't allowed to participate in About time someone wants to help middle class whites. Wait you mean he wants to help poor minorities. So much for equality
Jon Carney Get people to value education first, then good grades will follow...
Gary Gelder Better than kneeling He's actually doing something productive
John Mcelrath Final a man that puts his money were his mouth is.
Karan Patel There you go. Stop kneeling for "awareness" and actually do something. Much respect.
Andres Onethirtyseven Him to Accountant “so how much am I writing off on my tax returns?” Accountant “:$) ALL OF IT”
Toni Wolf Triplet It's about time somebody does something... Put your money where your mouth is
Charles Anthony Barba III Just another reason to be happy the Eagles signed this man. Class act.
Donnie Whitley He has gained a new fan, great job Long!
Brian Bowser Access to education is at the fingertips of anyone with internet...everything you could ever want to learn is there...No amount of money will increase a the desire to achieve education.
Wesley Moore I keep hearing the term “raising awareness” when the kneeling subject arises. Keep living in fairy tale land
Wesley Moore What exactly is educational equality ? If that term means everyone has to equal opportunity to be educated I would think that’s OK but if that means we are supposed to spend money to make sure everyone is equally educated, that’s just not going to happen.
Marcus Hix Someone actually making a change! Love it!
Jared Robert Blubaugh Or he could just do nothing....and take a knee. Much cheaper
James Delagarza Wow! Love this. Education is the key to success and is the only form of equality in our society.
Beckie Garland Friend Now, that is putting you money where your mouth is.
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49% of the players polled said they want to sack Tom Brady more than any other quarterback:

K Paul Boyce Mia Khalifa has received more NFL players sacks than Brady
Richie Estabrook Bahahaha not surprising, it's well known that Brady is a different person on the field (no hate, this is coming from a pats fan)
Xantier M. Werner Want NFL ratings to go up? Take a lesson from the MLB and improve the pre and post-game shows. Bring in genuinely entertaining analysts, not the stampede of ex-whoevers you currently have. Quick Pitch and MLB Tonight are absolute 🔥 and they use a rotating cast of only like four people.
Tyrone Smith Jay Cutler would be a great teammate if you need to bum cigarettes off somebody!
Rob Wagner Correction, they want to be Tom Brady. Common mistake.
Michael Costello I wonder why.. couldn't be because he's the goat or anything..
Jeremy Hughes Probably be able to if you weren't so busy kneeling.
Chris Klauber Mike Laux Tim Langland Big surprise on who is the most overrated quarterback
Justin Zeimet Same reason every great basketball player wanted to play Jordan or Kobe...
Jared Beasley Everyone wants to be able to say they sacked the 🐐 of all qb
Keith Earles Since they can't get Giselle in the sack........
Jimi Adair Well if you play the Pats this year you'll have an excellent shot! He's already been sacked like 16 times this season!
Clayton Cummings Yes, brady is most overrated for sure
Eric Kurtz Joe Namath the most overrated QB of ALL TIME!!!
Leo Nicolas Well he is a cheater. Why not. Eli is his daddy
Jimmie L Alston Jr Success breeds contempt
Nathan Breathen Coin toss him or Newton,
Darrell Joyce
Nancy Barringer Byrne
Andrew Parker Lol who doesn't want to sack the 🐐🐐🐐 😂😂😂😂
John Griffin No kidding. He's the 🐐
Fred Rudd
Dwight Perkins Good Luck getting thru that O-Line
Craig Winskowicz ESPN IS STUPID!
John Darlington
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Patrick Peterson has turned his passion for cars into a business.

Aaron Johnson Awesome hobby and he definitely has the monetary capability to buy pretty much whatever he wants car wise. That being said calling cars an investment is probably not a good idea long term. Anything with a motor always goes down in value and if his collection has ultra rare cars and he wants to sell them asking top dollar or more than you paid for them limits you to a certain class of buyer who more than likely could buy their own and customize it the way they want it to begin with. I don’t knock the guy for having an interest In cool cars, it’s awesome, wish I could afford it but call it what it is a very expensive hobby.
Ronald A Berard Jr I love when people who don't have money try to dictate what a millionaire does with his.
Jeremy Hughes Yeah right. A "business". Whatever you gotta tell yourself to cover the fact you're blowing your $.
Columbia Cathey Can't go wrong with Oldschoolz!!
Nathan Breathen If you worked min wage tell me how that works,
Titsu Yang And he stay getting burnt on sundays! Overrated!
Jesse Muckinhoupt 2 million isn’t much compared to some other collections
Matt Westlake No one wants cars on 20s typical black thing
Destiny Khan Help those who can't afford a car. Now that is real business.
Darrell Joyce I would do the same thing. Why not profit from your demons??? I will now scroll for the standard "spoiled, rich, entitled, anthem"comments.
Nick Laz $2 million dollar collection my koenigsegg regera is worth 5 mill
Daniel Al Bencosme If i was rich, I would live a simple life
Brandon Heinrich Investing in cars isn't exactly the smartest thing to do. Business school 101.
Kirstien Demuth OMG this is an amazing business for Patrick. One of the all time greats.
Alonzo Wright And not on 30 for 30 Broke part 2 Pat Pete
Lan Harrington Living LIFE✔💯💪💯💯
Christian Cornell Foggy III Speaking of cars....
Chris Bittner
David Clarke ok
Ahmed Elganzory شارك ومردودة
Chris Silveira Zazzzzzs
Travis Thacker Mitchell Lund you'll enjoy this.
Adrian Floreán Ramos Nike x imagine collaboration?
Bill Bennett Nicholas Collins Sr. 👌🏽
Tre Rule Sr. Marc Green Patrick Jackson
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Total viewership of NFL games is down 7.5 percent.

Gregory M.Washington Before any one mentions "kneeling " alot of this has to do with cord cutting . And I wonder how much this has to do with "major market" teams not doing so well
Mike Cagley "Compared with the first six weeks of the 2015 season, NFL ratings are off 18.7 percent -- a sharp drop, but a smaller decline when considering the general overall fall in television viewership due to people dropping their cable packages."
Dennis Sanders It's not just the NFL, it's your network also. Politics is ruining why people watch sports to begin with. To escape for 2 hours and enjoy a game. that's why after years I rarely watch any of your shows anymore. Politics. Sad. I watch sports to escape the political divide.
Justin Barnabei Only because a lot of the games so far have been terrible...who really cared about the game on Monday night?? Tennessee vs Indy, nobody but those fans care to watch that game
Kelly James White guy says "He's not a war hero. He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured." and they vote for him to be president. Black guys kneel peacefully about racial injustice and they turn off the tv. Lol. Suuuurrrreee you're not racists.
Curtis Gibson It's not just because of the kneeling. It's because cable tv is stupid expensive. Cost of going to the game is especially expensive.
Dan Campanelli Protests along with stupid rule changes and putting politics into sports. Treating players unfairly, too. The game isn't what it used to be.
Alex Ward Gotta turn on two tv's to make it up. Upset snowflakes still upset over people expressing their first amendment.
Richard Wyatt It’s not the kneeling folks. I hardly know anyone who hasn’t done the cord cutting at this point. Cable is a thing of the past. I find myself just watching portions of games if they’re on local TV, or my streaming service, but those sports cable packages are dinosaurs. The NFL was dropping in ratings before Kaepernick protest. Fact... Not opinion.
Jon T. Wilson NFL players have the right to protest, and fans have the right to not watch the players, using their rights to protest. It’s kind of how it all works.
Darren Hefley There is an easy solution to this. Put all the games on tv so we don't have to watch the horrible regional game. I can't believe the NFL hasn't figured this out. College has been doing it for years.
Brian Gause Let's see, quality of play is down, stars are getting season-ending injuries weekly, there aren't any great teams, flags get called on guys for breathing, there's a commercial every 3.5 seconds, and there are still too many games not available for cheap and easy streaming.. I've watched the NFL my whole life, but it sucks this year.
Adam Havard 1.6 million viewers watched the Sept28th Bears Packers game on Amazon Prime. That's almost exactly the viewership decrease in cable for that week. It's streaming
Chris Moorhead The broadcasters players and the NFL owners have done a self inflicted wound. The NFL is entertainment that is it. When the pregame post game and halftime shows focus on anything other the entertaining the millions of people that want to just watch football then the TV sets get turned off and the fans stop going to the games. 3 years ago I watched just about every game that was on TV. Now, Don't care . I can watch CNN FOX NEWS or just go on line and view tons of injustices . I watch football to be entertained . So now my Sundays are spent doing just about anything but watching NFL.
Charles Revson Mitchell Some will attribute it to the anthem but your metrics are off as well. Young viewers of sports are using unconventional means of tuning in. Elderly people have died since last year. Add to the craziness of politics.
David Johnston Every time somebody comments that they won't be watching the NFL or buying its merchandise, a flurry of liberals show up and write things like "you won't be missed" or "bye, Felicia." Oops. Looks like the fans WILL be missed and another liberal narrative will implode.
Dan Callahan Not surprising when you have teams like the Jags kneeling down for the flag and anthem in a foreign country but stand up for their national anthem and then expect your fans to still support you. The national anthem may not be symbolic to NFL players but it is to your fans who pay big money to watch you play.
Teri Kinney-Bishop But I also don't know why they are using Nielsen. I am 45 and cut the cord 10 years ago. I have a nice flat screen and am a financial consultant - but I don't have cable. I watch every football game on Fox and CBS. I hit a sports bar if there is a big game that I just can't live without. But since I don't use cable or Dish I am never included. I would say no. But point is I have never received a Nielsen invite. I just think also the younger group don't respond to Nielsen. Plus I don't know use a home phone number. So it's not on their list to call. If they are using digital ways to track through cable/replays well I can imagine more of the older generations (mine and up) allow Nielsen tracking where younger groups see no reason to allow a company in on their viewing habits. Plus with all the concussion issues less new kids are playing football. Less families playing can probably be less families watching. These same people may say no to Nielsen and yes to watching on phone at night and are not counted... So as previously stated by others - cord cutting would be #1 driver in my option then think about other things I mentioned. The NFL decline also started to be more prevalent and discussed with actions of players like Ray Rice...lots of factors. So 1 million less fans counted over last year in a 6 week period does not seem like a crisis. Track last 5 years... year over year declines have been occurring steadily... ps IMO protests can affect short term but even boycotting fans are watching replayS, clips, espn, score updates. It's a drug - they didn't stop cold turkey. Plus their are baseball games going on too. So many factors.
Brandon Alexander People reads articles like this and automatically go to kneeling and protests. While that has merit trust me it's not the main reason why. I worked for a major cable company, chord cutting is happening as more people are watching less TV and receiving content thru online streaming. Smart TV, PlayStation TV, red box, Netflix, smartphone the internet supports all this. And these are ways people are getting football that ratings don't all measure. Plus it's cheaper than cable. But once the price of HSI goes up you will see ratings come back. It's all cyclical.
Mike Falk While the kneeling is undoubtedly part of this theres more to it than that. There’s really only 1 huge star playing currently (Brady) and the rest have either retired (manning) or hurt (Rodgers,watt, luck, etc), and the football has been pretty bad. Also, there’s such a thing as over saturation, and football has hit that point.
Ernie DiGenova If they only stuck to playing football?? I'm curious to know College Football Ratings, Saturdays in the fall are by far greater than Sundays to me!!! The whole College Gameday atmosphere is where its at!!
William Rich He didn't protest the anthem. ..he was protesting inequality. many fkn times does it have to be said
Keith Dickerson I can only speak for myself but here it goes: I don't like the protests week in and week out. It's a distraction from the game. But I have to admit, due to that I'm not watching as much. The other reasons are football related. The horribly blown calls week in and week out are more than frustrating. Watching the Patriots get yet another break on pass interference and a blown call for the Jets makes the games feel rigged. The constant yelling during pregame shows by former players acting like children is annoying. Bring back REAL sports announcers and those that have covered the game. And finally, the lack of talent. Really? Corners who can't cover, QB's that can't throw, rules where guys can't hit and instant replays that see if the ball is slightly moving after the catch is crazy. I like old school football. This is a mess.
Clay Jarret I’d like to thank all of you who joined our boycott of the nfl to support Kapernick! Without your support of our boycott the nfl wouldn’t have cared! ✊🏿 to all of our white brothers and sisters who are boycotting the nfl with us! Respect!
Doogie Vance I would like to advance the idea that a part of these declining ratings is the quality of football we have been seeing from this league for some time. The games are around 3.5 hours long, and in that time there is only about 12 minutes of action. The rest of a tv broadcast of an NFL game are replays and ED commercials. Instant replays have changed the way the game is being officiated, and I contend not in a good way. Deflategate, no matter where you "stand" on it was an was the Ray Rice incident, and now the handling of Ezekiel Elliot's unfortunate (to say the least) situation. It's easy to say this one thing is why the ratings are down, but maybe people were ready to jump off the bandwagon any way and just needed one last push?
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Different jerseys, same respect.

Stef Ltyu Stop letting that man put his hand on your head like you his son 😂😂😂😂
Kody Fry Alright, you guys gotta stop. They don't like each other. Stop trying to make it about respect
Josh Bundy You got to give some credit to the Celtics for coming all the way back from the Hayward injury and down 18 at the half to only lose by three Yes Hayward "is" the second best player on the Celtics and his injury was gruesome but the Celtics kept fighting and never let up so I don't think they will be as bad as some people think without Hayward with Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum getting more consistent playing time and don't ask Kyrie why he left Cleveland because the NBA just isn't about one guy in LeBron #celticspride
Linda Smith Hiday LeBron's face does not seem like this is something he wanted to do, not even a good bro hug..all for show and not a good one at that
Luis Cornejo "baby i miss you.. mwahh mwaahh mwaahhh" its ok papas come here let me love you pretty young thing... (thats all i see in the pic) puteria hahhahaha
Arthur Tober When I see stupidity like this I asked myself did LeBron James pay a poor person or a rich person to put the word quality on the back of his sneakers or did Nike force their slave labor in Indonesia to put it on
Joe Baxter Celtics are still gonna beat the cavs to the finals, their team is a bunch of journeymen. Put Morris in the lineup and that game is a wrap, even with the devastating Hayward injury
Bobby Joseph Example of how media makes their own headlines. ESPN, wouldn't it be so much more exciting if these guys were angry?
Mim Depositario Ogario Still hurts to see kyrie wearing different jersey 😔
Josh Lewis So glad it happened to a white guy! Can you imagine the protest by BLM and ANTIFA if it happened to a real basketball player?
Skeeter Barnes Don't let this distract you from the fact that there's been ZERO EVIDENCE LEBRON JAMES HAD A RACIST WORD SPRAYED ON HIS HOUSE
Michael Quigley This is what sportsmanship is all about. Also a Get Well Soon to Gordon Hayward.
Goerge Garcia Only reason that happened is cuz game ended with them standing next to each other
Quartus Henderson Doesn’t look like respect. Looks more like he’s doing it because people are watching.
Jason Riha Looks like Michael and Fredo in godfather 2. Kyrie better not take any fishing trips.
Torrey Fasthorse Jeri you know lebron wanna put him in head lock and surplex him. kyrie wanted out!
Ian Sexton All this while Heywards leg looks like someone ran it over with a car.
Christian Cheech Lomeli Jr smith probably whispered in irvings ear during their hand shake "take me with you"
Don Åddison LOL LeBron face says otherwise.. like don't hug me lil nig..
CoachMarty Mansfield Awesome to show youth. YOU CAN COMPETE AGAINST FRIENDS!
Adam Johnson Did they kiss and make up too
Raoul Vargas Respect is a simple handshake with eye contact
Eri King What respect it looked like the master petting the pet
Phil McKnight It’s nice to see a fathers love for his son!
Boleware Austin Kyrie got shut down by drose for all of you that didn't know
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Klay Thompson, meet Klay Thompson.

Zach Simpson That's not just anybody, that's BigDaws!
Marquis Hawkins Lol he looks more like the guy from YouTube that does the pranks
Steven Cramer Big dawgs is more famous than klay!!!!
Jacob Karp Cavs won tonight's opener by 3.... the Warriors lost their opener by 1. Just in case you forgot.... the Warriors and Durant both blew a 3-1 lead.... Coincidence???? I think not!
Eldar Močević Dino ESPN too 💀. BigDaws wildin
RaiderMan Jones He gonna trick some poor thot later on tonight. Edit: thot isn’t politically correct. I meant Instagram Model.
Jacob Berube Its Big Daws TV, hes done a prank like this before where he wore a klay Thompson jersey and people in Oakland actually thought it was Klay..
Josh Stewart He dressed up as Klay and went to a finals game to see of people would think he was Klay. Not 1 person in his video gave him a second glance lol.
Kyle Esten That's nothing. I get mistaken for Denzel Washington all the time. Not Remember the Titans, Denzel. Training Day Denzel. My jaw is chisled from marble like Michelangalo's David. :-)
Anthony Capuano Maybe he has a future as his stunt double 😂😂😂 Yeah because he hasnt been succesfully doing something better than that for years. Do some research.
Bobby Cerva Like I can see the resemblance but I think he looks more like ZaZa mixed with Klay. Klay has more of a fro
Joe Way Who wears a COMPLETE basketball uniform to a game...
Zack Kiiffner Isn't that BigDaws?
Michael Thomas He looks like zaza and klays retarded son...
Corry Atkinson You mean there's a 3rd Demon King Dabura?!?
Adam McIntyre Bigdawstv!!!!! I hope you asked some bandwagon warrior fans "if they want some beef"
Jon Snow BigDawsTv bro. You're on ESPN!!! Killing it!!! #kansasBOYS
Memphis Moore He did this last NBA FINALS how are you barely noticing this
Dennis Labor Medilo GS shud sign him. Cud be a better shooter than klay. I mean how dahell do they lose to a garbage rockets team?
Jairett Nadeau every time i see klay thompson i'm always like he looks exactly like big daws.
Juan Jesser Rockets winning the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
David Stembridge I'm pretty sure someone's offended by this.
Noah Brudapast ...but did you look at the circle??!!!
Sam Erickson That’s not just any doppelgänger. That’s BigDawsTv. ESPN still clueless as always 🙄
Elmer Marquez Dawson Gurley from bigdawstv......funny you tuber
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The Golden State Warriors are 0-1.

Keroles Emil A Warriors Loss Is A Win For Everyone
Abdiweli Awad NBA is trash... it should had been counted..durant should have been given the game winner.. - durants 5th account
Adam Cotton Tied for the worst record in the NBA!
Dillon Morris ESPN be like first time ever a defending champion has lost on October 17th on a Tuesday to a bearded man and a guy in state farm commercials.
Trek Redmon They lost the first game last year and look what happened 🤷🏾‍♂️...I wouldn't be too excited right now...everyone with a brain knows they won't lose a 7 game series
Elie Maitre I've lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money... Or ratings not sure which. I won't be silent. Just saw it live sry
David Scruggs Cavs already booking their tickets for the finals. LeBron to rest the next 2 months so he can be ready to win 2 games in the finals this year.
Miguel Martinez Golden State lost to Spurs by 30 pts on home opener last year as well!! No big deal no Iggy and Draymond Green 2nd half no need to hit panic button lmao
Peru Johnson It was all over last season when the Spurs ran GS off the floor on opening night, they were never the same team after that beatdown
Luis Angel Solorio I predicted Houston would win lol. I just don’t see how Paul is going to work there. Harden is so used to controlling the ball and all Paul can do is watch. Awkward!
Bobby Joyce Warriors fans be like "Well Draymond missed the last 20 seconds of the game. He's the heart and soul of the team. Hard to win without our 4th best player". Yeah well the other 3 guys on the team are Top 15 players in the NBA and two of the top 5. So yeahhhhh
Sunjeeth Chandramohan Lol the delusion here, if you hate KD, doesn't mean you have to hate the warriors, truth is KD could have gone anywhere, even you're team, you're salty he didn't, so hate on him, are you that deluded to say you hate the warriors since they got KD? Appreciate the self made team who were going from tanking to best record in just three years. - nuggets fan
Jacob Karp Yet no one is going to point out the odd coincidence of arguably the two top teams for the finals not being able to get a blowout win against the Rockets and Celtics, let alone have the games be suspiciously close within 3 and 1 points respectively 🤔🤔🤔
Diego Prado They lost by 30 last year , yeah true but last year they hadn't played a game together with Durant and it showed, today they were 100% the team from last year and still lost to Houston who looked bad for stretches.
Kris Griffith Good game but in order for cp3 to work in Houston he needs the ball more his skill set fits him with the ball he isn't a spot up shooter he isn't good off the ball harden needs to play off the ball he is a good spot up starter he can play off the ball good he can post up to so more cp3 with ball a little less harden
Ryan Ammari So they lost their first game against a now much better Rockets team? Big deal. ESPN and Warriors haters act like starting the year 0-1 is the end of the world for them.
Jeremy Smith They were 0-1 last season too. Go figure lol. I keep telling these wanna be NBA fans Draymond is GSWs MVP. When he’s not on the floor they cannot win. That’s a fact.
Jeremie Manninen who cares? Seriously it's not like losing the first game means they've got no chance to win the championship or that they're going to be bad this year. I'm not a G.S fan even if I do like Steph, Draymond, Klay and kind of K.D and yet even I know that they'll probably bounce back and play better in the next game and continue to improve throughout the year. These guys don't play much in the preseason so they've gotta adjust to playing with each other again. I honestly don't know if they or the Cavs will win the championship but I do know they've got the best chances win or lose in their first game
RJ Black When you give up 122 pts you deserve to lose. They were up 100 to 89 to start the 4th up almost 20 and you lose. That's terrible coaching and honestly terrible defense. Dub Nation not only choke 2 years ago in the finals but they also choke on Ring Night.
Michael Taylor This is crazy why does everybody even make a big deal about this you did the same thing last year when San Antonio beat then and Golden State went straight to the championship smashing everybody you guys get over yourselves
Grant Williams First off they played terrible and got beat by 1! Draymond was missing late and so was iggy! Just imagine if the warriors actually play good! And we lost the First game last year and I’m pretty sure I don’t need to remind y’all what happened!
Daniel Varela Don't let this deter you from the fact that the warriors had the corniest ring ceremony in modern history. .. and they're the only team to lose a 3-1series lead in the nba finals ever
Fili Galindo Funny how all the butthurts trying to justify GS season opener loss. Calm down buttercups, we get it, it's only one game, no need to get your panties in a bunch lmao 😂😂😂😂
Colton Heiland Ok we get it we are 0-1 of course everyone has to point out the obvious and laugh about it .... it’s not like any of us are out there playing it’s just a game it’s not real life y’all take sports too seriously sometimes
Steve Doc Neuy Dear espn. We all know the warriors are winning 62 games minimum. Lets chill out with that 0-1 nonsense.
ESPN10 hours ago

The Los Angeles Dodgers have forgotten how to lose.

Santos Cardona Time to take out the brooms
Felix J. Reyes Maddon is getting out coached and out classed. Cubs playing like they think cause they are champions it'll just be handed to them. The Dodgers playing like the better team, cause they are the better team
Nikolaas Carbajal I love how Baez was messing around wagging his finger at Puig being down 0-2 in the series, 6-1 in the game, and being 0 for the century at the plate this postseason. Get it together
Jessica Jones As a Dodgers fan, please stfu! I swear to God if you curse us with this, I will find who posted it and become Liam Neeson so fast
Daniel Botteh Guys don’t lose your focus. Let’s finish this fight and win. Let’s Go Dodgers.
Nick Brown The 2016 cubs were a special team and had a magical year. The 2017 cubs are a team with flaws but still have the will to win. The Dodgers were a power house this year so I'm not surprised they are up 3-0 but as a cubs fan all I can say is cubs in 7! #IStillBelieve
Daniel Guerra We are swinging at everything no pitch count... Plus our bullpen is horrid Cubs fan here, but dodgers are the best team right now
Joel Chappell Credit to another person but I have to share it!
Navin Huddle Cubs need an answer. Maybe they should start John Lackey
Francine Otero Chill out ESPN! One game at a time. I believe, but don't take anything for granted or overlook anyone! With that said Go Dodgers Go!
Chris Butler *Dodgers go 53-9* Mlb fans: regular season does t matter *Dodgers lose 16 of 17* Mlb fans: Dodgers trash *Dodgers clinch division* Mlb fans: doesn't matter, you gonna lose to the Dbacks 😂 *Dodgers sweep az* Mlb fans: congrats, gonna choke and lose to the Cubs again anyway *dodgers up 3-0* Mlb fans: don't really matter, nobody is beating Houston.
Ronnie Johnson My Dodgers are rolling, I Didn't expect them to be 6 and 0 at this point in the playoffs, but I will take it
Jackson Paller Cubs forgot how to hit too. The way they're playing they'd lose to half the teams in the league, not to mention an actually good team like LA
Raymond Bacani It's amazing they're doing this without Corey Seager: the NL Rookie of the Year last year. It shows how deep this team is! Keep it going...Go Dodgers! Go Blue!
Raymond Moreno Remember that losing streak in September and how the dodgers were already in postseason form and everyone kept saying they would be out in the first round? Lmao
Danilo Gaitan Dodgers win , Giants lose today was a good day I mean the cubs😂😂😂 it's cuz we're used to used this frase every time we beat the Giants !!!!
Luis Flores You can tell who the Dodger fans are. Just read some of the comments. Bad English and ghetto talk😂😂😂
Rick Smith Best team in baseball up until August, then the Indians claimed that...Dodgers still playing. It just shows how remarkable it is that 1984 Tigers started at 35-5 and never had a hiccup and won it all!!
Robert Gardner The Mets swept us in 2015 and they lost in 5 to the Royals. The Royals swept the Os in 2014 and lost in 7 to the Giants. The Tigers swept the Yankees in 2012 and got swept in the World Series. Just because the Dodgers might sweep us doesn't mean they're guaranteed to win it all.
Kelly Moore 2017 cubs was a once-in-a-life-time team. This is a different year with different teams. Time to make some changes
Rodney Brandau People are still calling the Dodgers (number 1 in salary over the last 4 years) and Yankees (number 2 in salary over the past 4 seasons) underdogs?
ChefFreddy Gonzalez Joe Miranda remember wen you were worrying?? And I said ‘we’re fine’, look where we’re at?? One game from the World Series....
Josh Perrin CA wildfires now being extinguished with cubs fans tears. I just want to see the stat cast on how fast cubs fans left the stadium.
Dan Brewer I will always be a die hard cub fan. I hate to say this and apologize to all Cub fans for doing so. But after of their post games season this year, I hope this all ends tonight. I'm not saying the Cubs couldn't come back if they were clicking on all cylinders. But they're not and haven't been the whole playoffs. I just can't watch much more of this and don't want to get my hopes up. Even though it would really suck to be swept. I'd rather do it like a Band-Aid: Right Off!
Sean Williams chicago sucks not good at all everyone sucks on this team you are fans are a piece of trash u are not going 2 be back here any time soon your not winning the world series next time you win a world series will be YEAR 3000
ESPN11 hours ago

The story behind the diamonds:

Alex Cole The story behind it: a great player took the easy way out and joined other great players to ride their coattail to a championship
Kasey Skaggs I was born in the 80's, grew up in the 90's, and still can't believe the Golden State Warriors are a legitimate team... All my life they were a joke and now they're racking up rings.... What's next? The Chicago Cubs win the World Series after 108 years? Yeah right ;)
Jesse Carter Does Durants have a snake on it
Mark Evenson All this useless info, just tell us, how much each one cost to make and how many they had to make? Cause next year it's gonna have to be bigger!! I'm sure.
Jordan Flores Do you know the meaning behind the pattern of those diamonds. They resemble scales, and you know what has scales? Ask KD.
Mauro Cugini Can't believe with all that detail they went on the cheap and stamp engraved the players names, but the rest is good
Brian Behrle Story is when idiots pay $10,000 for a front row seat. The players come away with much more! Congrats fans!
Dlanor Reigan Burtthurt, cry babies and snake jokes from LeaveBron fan boys in 3..2..1 😂😆lmao
Xander Grohman Yeah they need 4 all stars to get a ring
Stan Pethel I wonder how many homeless and poor people each ring would feed..
Tut Exum Hate aside they deserve it. Now it's up for someone to dethrone them
Brandon Matthew No one respects it though 😂
Jose Gandara Did they put on there they blew a 3-1 lead to the cavs
Pedro Ovalle Gonzalez The best championship ring I've ever seen
Tracy Kincade Repeat this year
Bulfrano Hernandez And us SuperSonics fans are glad he left OKC to get one👍
Shafi Chowdhury I see a repeat this year!!!
Alex Fox And when you hit the ring against sounds hollow. 😂
Kevin Swarthout Good job ESPN do some research, this is not the most diamonds.
Kimberly J. Woods Didn't the CUBS championship ring have 214 diamonds?
Kimberly Nolte Ive seen better looking rings
Colin Herrmann What is mean by 4-0? Here are wrong art on ring it’s should be 4-1... 😂😂😂😂
Shane Scott Holly Hewish check this ring out!!!!
John Crouse I sure hope they sell these and help the disadvantaged.
Thomas Meilhammer Couldn't put the numbers In Numerical order?
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New season. Same LeBron James.

Jonathan Robert Heller When Kyrie went around and did his personal handshakes with all the Cavs That is the definition of Sportsmanship. Such an awesome scene to witness.
Aaron Palacios When you realize you should never opened your mouth about wanting to be traded.
George E Tsougranis If you think that those old cats will make it through the season without injuries, you’re fooling yourself. Wade, Rose, JR are all old. Did you see how the Celtics were running the floor? The sky’s the limit for Boston.
Jose Zayas Kyrie Irving EMBRACED by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers former team mates after the game. #MutualRespect
Jag Boparai Chahal He's always one away from a triple double. If he cared about stats, he would be the triple double king every year
Antonio Ferraro Even though the Celtics lost this team is very special. A lot of heart on the team all they have to do is figure out the rotation without Hayward and they are good. Great game to the cavs though. Respect to their fans can’t wait to face you guys again. Go Celtics! 🍀
Sean Bendula To the Celtics fans saying the cavs only beat you by three without Hayward. Remember that little dude that averaged 29 a game For y'all last year? Oh yeah, he's on the cavs now and he didn't play either lol.
Andrew McGowan I’m a die hard Celtics fan but I have to give Lebron James respect when it’s due he has heart for the game and that’s coming from someone that isn’t a fan of the Cavs 🤙🏼
Forrest Bacchi Still ain't stopping the Kings from winning the championship this year! We proved it last year when we beat the Cavs, Warriors and Celtics last year. Don't sleep on us! Hield for MVP!
Tom Cooper Celtics fans are already starting game one. "If we had Hayward you would of lost". They're gunna say that all year and in the playoffs when they get swept 😂😂😂
Tion King Davis The score could be different if Hayward was here.. Celtics are legit
Zakk Hallmark ESPN trying hard here to get everyone thinking about something else besides Gordon Hayward’s gruesome leg injury. Good lord that was awful to watch.
Chris Miller That game was exciting! Way to kick off the season. It had everything drama, season threatening injury and Kyrie taking the final shot followed by him and his old teammates embracing/doing their handshakes. Couldn't write it better than that.
Kurt Snedeker My thoughts and prayers go out to Lebron for missing a triple double by one assist.. I can't imagine what he is going through replaying the game his head and wondering how he could have gotten one more assist!!
Antonio Ferraro Boston definitely isn’t the most talented but they play with a lot of heart. This is a good team and they are a legit contender
Joseph Joe Louis Snorgrass I know Le'Bron has the highest average total of near triple doubles. This dude always getting that 9 lol
Ben Hull Will Martin people saying cavs didn’t have IT But also forgetting the fact they already have a stacked team and should’ve beat the Celtics a lot more than 3 points 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Jamie Woods And a true sport. He showed compassion and concern for his fallen opponent. As a Boston Celtics CelticsLife fan I respect this.
Wilt Banks But in all. Boston showed great resilience in defeat. They could have gave up. But they showed grit n clawed back into the game and put themselves in position to win till the final buzzer.
Andrew LeBlanc Yup same Lebron. Dude moved his pivot foot did the hokey pokey, turned himself all the way around to avoid a defender and layed the ball in lol.
David Soto Delgado Of course the same Lebron. Playing 41 minutes to save his garbage team. While stat padding as much as possible for if he loses he can be absolved of all blame. 4 to,s a clear travel at the end having the ball every possesion and a plus/minus of 2.
Pat Fisher So just have to make playoffs this year so don't have to play much and then its whoever in championship game against warriors ok Houston San Antonio
Michael Hendrix Celtics without Hayward, and everything surrounding that, still nearly beat Cavs. Why is LeBron so hyped.
Travis Jason Groff Yup same old same old about to equal the great MJ for NBA finals wins with 6.. o.. wait I mean closer to becoming the finals all time loser with 6.. yeah same old same old.
Tion King Davis The score could be different if Hayward was here.. Celtics are legit... P.S. a silver lining could be that Hayward could be back by playoff time so it's good this happened now instead of later because he has time to heal.