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Kylian Mbappé scores to send France into the round of 16! Send in all your FIFA World Cup questions for Alexis Nunes & Stevie Nicol!
Here come all the American fans saying ‘who cares’ when this match alone probably got more views then their mighty super bowl lol Cool but it's just soccer. To bad the USA isn't in it.
Jason William Newell
you so prety one kiss
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Isaiah Thomas is ready for that phone call tonight. 📱

How to get traded to 3 different teams in a year?
Are you going to give him the formula on how to be the worst defensive player in the NBA in the last 50 years as well?
I hate that so many dumb people get a voice on social media..averaging 19 and 5 in the NBA is successful tell me a 60th pick who has done better?
He’s probably going to get traded for the 60th overall pick tonight
How to lose all of your value in one year ?
Wow so much hate such a negative world we live in smhh... He has had a great career so far for someone drafted at 60. This is not the NFL were some one drafted at 60 could be a starter playing there rookie year season most guys at 60 never make it off the bench in the NBA.
yy call I.T? Your garbage 🚮 only thing you can teach the 60th pick is how to fall off Nd put up a bunch of bricks...still need work on your game in no shape to be a mentor
Eventually get traded to the Celtics and become an All Star then leave Brad Stevens system and become no one again?
I know he’s had a pretty good career so far, but there are only two things I’ve learned from I.T. 1. He’s short 2. He was drafted last
no signs of retirement...for as long your healthy go whichever team u will is a business anyway..
Well, ranks their projected 60th pick as 89 out of 100 so apparently they'll be all set. Then again, everyone else is between 95-98 so who knows
A lot of people ripping on him and I get it but he’s gonna make more playing in the nba then we in our lives
I dislike this guy the most out of any NBA players, a missplace sense of greatness foh. At least Westbrook is great
Isaiah: hey let me give you this formula to ge... 60th pick: I’m good my guy, enjoy
Get it right for 5 mins. Then see it all tumbling down.
You been traded again phone call.
That formula failed you brah
I did not know Isaiah Thomas was still playing in the NBA?
How many of you were the 60th pick? Please let us know how u got there
IT did a lot for being drafted 60th. I wish he didn’t miss out on 150 mil though. That’s life.
The formula is an extra 10 inches
"I'll give you advice on how to be a mediocre player and a huge locker room problem"
Lol all the celtics fans gonna come in and try to save him
Guessing the formula requires 2 functioning hips
Don’t say “back up the brinks truck”, you’re welcome.
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On This Date: James Harden played his final game in OKC.

Durant has played with... Westbrook James harden Klay Thompson Steph curry Draymond green And has only two rings 😭
Let’s be honest LeBron ended OKC, Detroit, Boston, David West and PG Pacers and the 73-9 greatest team in history.. oh and Toronto lol
Biggest mistake in modern day NBA history the Thunder trading this guy lol 😂😂😂!
Check this out nd Durant failed to win Championship with these guys nd you got the nerve nd audacity to say he's the best in NBA.Smh
They would have won multiple rings together. OKC stupid for not making this dude a starter
This was golden state before golden state.
Lol the big 3......ONLY smart one went to the Warriors and helped win TWO NBA Championships 🏆🏆.. 2 others made choice for money and Stats. LMAO LOSER
They should've have a ring if Westbrook was so greedy with the ball and play team ball they would've or should've have a ring
Durant has two titles and Westbrook and Harden haven’t done anything... doesn’t matter if he joined GSW. They’ve all had star caliber teammates
A super team nobody gave a dm about only because they never won. This squad is easily better than anything Miami ever put together with LeBron, but we already know y'all just hating so carry on lol
This, could have been the dream team. I mean my goodness. They had Ibaka too at that time. Stupid team management displayed here.
If Westbrook , Harden and Durant couldn't Win it together in OKC I don't see how OKC can ever get it done bc all 3 those dudes are top 5 in nba. I mean who else do you need?!?! And then they let the Beard go?!?! Should have sent Westbrook packing and K.D. and James could have got it done! That was one Hell of a Team and fun to root for! Again it will be a long time before OKC ball ever gets back to that level and probably never will.
Let’s take this moment to realize who the true setback was in OKC, and it’s the only one of the three who is still there: Westbrook. He had two league MVP caliber players to dish the ball to and all he does is lower his head and charge the basket.
imagine that 3 played in one team on their youth and now durant and harden both went to conference finals. point is that small monkey version of LeBron is born loser. we can call Lebron's syndrome. :D wuhahahah!
Why do people act like if they had stayed together they would have won multiple championships together .... I agree OKC lost two superstars But Westbrook doesn't fit well with KD or Harden
In hindsight we all know we shouldn’t have made that trade. At the time we needed Ibaka’s defense more than hardens scoring. And people seem to forget that the next year we won 60 games. So it’s not like we fell off the planet. Injuries screwed us more than trading harden did.
Three mvp's in a row for these guys. Should of stuck together a little longer. They would of been a dominant force in the NBA
If they had stuck it out and stayed together, no team could have touched them. They've always been good individually but needed time to work it out as a team. We'd be talking about OkC as the next big dynasty. We haven't had a great dynasty in the last 25 years since the Bulls and then the Lakers. Shame the didn't stay together.
Yo! OKC. You guys couldn't figure out a way to keep these three together? YOU ALREADY HAD A BIG 3!! 😐 Smh 🤷🏻‍♂️ oh well
This could be the power trio or lets call it a superteam! PG - Westbrook SG - Harden PF - Durant C - Adams
I'm looking at the picture itself as I'm sure others are doing and we can only imagine what that trio could have done had they stayed together !
Lebron wins his first ring on this date
If anyone thinks Chris Paul, a player who has gotten max contracts in the past for LOSING, deserves another max contract you are wrong. Especially we this injury, I wouldn't put my money on a Chris Paul.
These 3 should of got like 3 rings or more if they would have played together better and management didn't give up.
Leaving OKC is a Right Decision for Harden Look at Harden Now.
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On This Date: For LeBron James in 2012, it was "about damn time." 🏆

Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5 but 6 Finals losses
Lebron was the original Durant, going to a super team to win his first title.
LeBron never went to college because he doesn't do well during finals.
It was on this date that Lebron beat the baby Thunder. It was the only championship for Lebron that did not require a bail out 3 pointer by his teammate in the last seconds of a game to win the championship. Lebron would go on to have at least 6 finals losses.
Everyday. Every single day there is some useless info about LeBron. The warriors are the champs, go talk about them
After blowing 6 finals appearances and flopping around through two eastern conference teams,Lebron can't even measure up to Ginobli...
When your 1 of the best at what you do you get hated lol im a piston fan so i dont have love for lebron butt man this dude is the most hated nba player and only played for 2 teams and always honored every contract he made his own team with wade in miami he didnt join a champion and dude is a family man good father its crazy how much hate this guy gets on soc media that how you know your good lol
Back when all KD had for help was Westbrook and Harden :(
this is after he left Cleveland right?? what a snake...
Really ESPN? Enough with the Lebron flashbacks already.... and you wonder why you’re losing viewers...
Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that's about it.
awwwww the upwards basketball super team sweet....the very definition of how to buy a championship and a start to very boring and predictable champsionships in the NBA....thanks's to you!!!!! lol
Everyone forgets this was won during a shortened NBA season due to the strike. Does the championship count when other teams had to play through more games to get there ? 🤔
Again. Bosch didn't do it, Wade didn't to it, the Heat didn't do it. Lebron, Lebron, Lebron. ESPN is a joke.
LeBron may have got his title and was recognized the MVP, but it'll be forever remembered where Shane Battier lit it up from behind the 3 point line.
i feel like the same thing is going to happen to Durant. Win back to back then somehow the team falls apart like the heat did.
Oh Lebroni❗ how far have you come . . . . 3-6 in the Finals but it should be 2-7 😂😂 lucky to win that one in 2016❗
Warriors won the title...and ESPN still posting LeBron James stuff. lol
ESPN still trying to make people forget the Cavs got swept huh
ESPN- desperately trying to make LeBron as good as Michael.
6 years later LeBron James is 3-6 in NBA Finals
Lol, after losing to the old Mavericks the year before...
Super Team CEO Mr.Lebron James #THEBEGINNING!😂
How many rings does Wade have without Shaq, the refs, and Lebron?
Why does he have to look at himself ?
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Dylan Dusek, who beat cancer when he was 6, took time during the College World Series to meet a young fan who is fighting his own battle.

He’s making a gun sign! 😱
we need more stories like this in the sporting world.
Sophie Grace Pavlas so proud whooooooo go tech
Nick Bailey read this
Keep fighting !!! Wreck that cancer!!!👊
This is what the CWS is about to meet and help those that need the uplifting, thank you to the Texas Tech fan for taking the time to do this
This is so special, we need more people like this !! 😜😜😜😜😜
Summer, guns up!!!
Fight on little man!
Very nice.
Doug Bynum all the feels
Kenneth Benavides did you see this?
Ashley Lord Thompson
Kayl Mitchell
Jonathan Ross Sturgeon Ŧ Jesus Yanez Chris Anderson
Kate Lyons Dunham
Jim Altobelli
Randy Rincones Wendy Powell Rincones
Robin Deanne
Robert Alvarado Laura Dusek
Hayden Walter
Nick Karolewicz
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Dress for success 👔

Some of them never learn to dress themselves - look at LeBron, shorts as a suit
To paraphrase Jalen Rose, "That ugly suit is now hanging up in a mansion."
None of them will be as fly as Brent burns.
Tom Doran check out chip tha ripper being used by espn
Showing joakim Noah in this clip should be motivating
To more than half of these guys this'll be the most successful thing they do.
Suit so ugly not even a pimp would wear smh
Livisuzettejulieibo King we watching the draft tonight or what? Closest thing to the game we love lol
The baggy suite era 🤦🏼‍♂️
Rose is a punk
Much lije mt teeth
Easter Sunday Freshly Dressed!! 😂
Edgar Olivares Anthony T-han Gregor chip the rip
Nicholas Clayton chip sample 👂
So then why did you show grown men dressed as clowns?
Clown suits come in big & tall?
Knicks fans boo'd KP. #NeverForget
A bunch of stupid looking suits
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Will the next face of the NBA be drafted tonight? 🤔

My name is kevin durant and im a snake
Is it weird that we're getting to the point where everyone's "way back when" videos are in HD or shot with a smartphone?
Is it me or is Steph the only one who likes like an Elementary school kid was interviewed? 😆. Maybe he was that young.....idk.
LeBrons lookin like Don King at the 30 second mark
Seeing James Harden without a beard, is like seeing Batman and knowing that’s Ben Afflecks mouth
No. As great has this draft may be, I don't see the "next face" of the draft here. LeBron is the face now and KD, Steph, AD, Giannis, Westbrook, Harden, Irving, Kawhi are all supporting cast members.
Probably not because there are no real standout players... reminds me of the draft where the Cavs took Bennet #1 lol
Steph Curry, looking like he's still in pampers....LeBron James is definitely a hybird
Why they use them as children but use current steph? 😂😂
Warriors are the only team that drafted well and really paid off in the long run.
Austin I never seen James with so much hair lol
I cracked up when I heard Westbrook talk 😭😂
Kobe Bryant The GOAT kinda looks like the same
Trae young - Steph curry Ayton - lebron Bagley - Durant
This is actually pretty inspiring
It's weird seeing Lebron with hair and James Harden with no beard.
The next face of the league is a Young-in’
Simon Manuel so oag Wennst alle siehst wie die ausgeschaut haben Vorallem Harden 😂🙈
Sponsors, schoolarships, just USA has it, thats the succes!!
Jamaal Burns moral of the story is " Always Keep dreaming." 💪🏾💪🏾
Tony East It’s the most wonderful day of the year!!! Robert Dupler
Who is that weirdo at 0:32, Mitchell Berg do you know? lol
What ever happened to winning a championship for the team that drafted you?
did Lavar Ball enter the draft?
:30 mark, never seen Lebron lookin like buckwheat
ESPN16 hours ago

When in doubt, cartwheel it out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

LeBroom would be in a coma for 3 months after that pitch..
Creed Bratton would be proud of that cartwheel.
The Unwritten Rules of Baseball state on page 1127 that he must be hit AGAIN, for showing up the pitcher and disrespecting the game with a cartwheel. Cartwheels are fun and there is no room in baseball for fun.
Don't let this distract you from the fact Cleveland blew a 3-1 lead in the WS.
I wish I could avoid all my problems like that
Janssen Dewayne Foster Jr. tell yo twin to stop getting hit by the ball bruh! lol (I literally thought that was you!) Lol
Shannon Puthe next time in live I’m going to hit Kat Prevo or Morgan Cole and I expect them to do this
"Juuuuuuust a bit outside" - Bob Uecker
Rajai has been a great baseball player for a long time. Respect.
Rajai's been playing too much Dark Souls.
What's the speed on that one
Sepehr another fail attempt😅😂 like the Iran soccer player 👐🏼throw-in⚽️
What the hell happened here, Curtis? Lol
Some brazilian martial art Capoeira , nice😂😂
Faith Gray, we've got work to do. lol
Is that the only hit the White Sox got?
Mataya Racey Hunt do this in a game next week if you get a home run
He looks like Derrick Luke when he played Diddy in Notorious
In Cleveland, this how we do.
Is it me, or does he look like ESPN's Josina Anderson...?
I have 0 desire to get hit by a 94mph baseball.
The most "athletic" thing you'll see in baseball today 😪🙈
Waiting for the right time,like a td celebration
Lebrun James has went to the locker room for less.
Cooper Santos I just watched this on repeat like 25 times haha
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Just another day in the office for James Harrison 💪

Just another casual workout for James Harrison.
I used to get mad when gyms only went to 150 - I see now how to bypass that.
Planet fitness would of been staring him down just waiting to hit the lunk alarm.
James Harrison is going to evolve into a cyborg here soon
I would be working at the gym like, “Better put those weights back yourself.”
I usually don’t brag about my financial situation but my credit card company keeps calling to tell me my balance is outstanding 😊
Oh they make 150 lb dumbbells?
Why is this not a story on LeBron James? I thought that is all that was covered.....
I've banged hotter girls than he ever has, without them being gold diggers. Glad he picks things up and puts things down lol
Preparing to defend Narnia with the rest of the Minotaurs.
He’s lifting one of me with one hand....😧
Saw him at the Indy 500 this year, where i was sitting there were drivers & other famous folks passing by walking side by side. James was sooo wide he was walking by himself & right behind him people were side by side again. Dude's size rivals the Incredible Hulk for sure...
I mean thats cool and all...but do they not go higher than 150? Is that why the resistance strap is needed? My gym only goes to 120 so i do high reps. What will a strap do for me that more reps won't do? Serious question.
I’m confused ESPN. I didn’t read anything about Lebron, or an opinion from Stephen a smith. Are you feeling alright?
I do 100 lbs dumbbells for the same work out 8 reps and you better off dropping it or you could hurt yourself
People just walking by not even looking. “Uh? What? Oh yah. That’s James Harrison lifting weights. Last week he was pushing a sled with a rhinoceros on it. This is nothing.” #rhinoceros#150’s#hesabeast
Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than... Who are we kidding? Happy Gilmore couldn't do that. That's insane.
Hi guys i have a league of 10 teams i already have 5 need 5 more entry fee is $100 trough leaguesafe 1st place takes $700 2nd $200 3rd $100, league $100 entry due is on june 30 , draft day is Sunday september 2 at 8:30 pm message me if interested thanks
Unless he is trying to be in the World Strongman competition not sure why this is relevant, he will never be in uniform on a football field again
James Harrison The way the browser was positioned on my screen, I couldn't see this was a post from ESPN and I thought you had legit gotten jacked.
That’s already crazy weight, but with bands you will get a super peek contraction . That’s some serious power.
Speed, Agility, Power dis guy is a Monster keeping up with the younger killers in da league. Ain't no other way great example for d rookies coming into d N.F.L mad props🏈
300 plus dumbbells. Rubber band idea looks great except I wonder if you could easily get more band on 1 side which would uneven the resistance.
Roy Garcia Jr. Weak sauce
Montellis Daniel Whitt What the actual f^&* I don't know how much the band contributes but I'm sure it's not small. That's a full person in each arm.
Eric Jantz and Doug Dillingham. You guys can finish yourself off with a few of these tomorrow. Keynan Gibson
ESPN shared First Take Your Take's video.1 day ago

Stephen A. Smith and Max were not buying some of these fans’ takes.

First Take Your Take
On Monday, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debated which player will turn out to be the best from this year's NBA Draft. Today, we turned the takes over to YOU. Here's what you had to say.
Daily reminder that Ben Simmons is NOT a rookie and WILL not be rookie of the year!!! Lonzo Ball IS a rookie and WILL be Rookie of the year
Can we start a petition to get Stephen A Smith another job???
I'm going with trae young. I'm picking him because I'm a ou fan from oklahoma. So I have to back the guy that played for ou.
Dee Whit lmbo what your tone
So what does that say about the Euro league? If a 18 year old was MVP, Idk if he’ll be ready for real Competition over in the NBA Suns Fan here: I’m going with Ayton🔥
This is a somewhat pointless argument to have at this point: the player's natural talent and abilities are important, but just as important is the team situation the player is brought in to. Are they going to learn bad habits having to try and hard carry a team to the playoffs, stunting future development? Is the coaching/front office situation stable? Are there other players the rookie can turn to, or is it "every man for himself" in the locker room? Will they start right away or come off the bench, and how does that player respond accordingly (wanting to wait and learn, or unhappy about not starting? Wilting under the pressure, or owning their team a la Chris Paul as a rookie?). There are too many variables to make any sort of informed decision, and trying to do so now is both laughable and foolhardy...
I’m going with... who gives a fuk.
Ayton played PF not Center for AZ so of course he's not gonna have the blocks per game as Bamba. Ayton is a monster physically now and you think he is just gonna stop? No, he's a kid like everyone else in the draft and will get bigger
is stephen A saying he hasn't watch doncic play? why? is he too busy shouting? HOW CAN YOU BE A "JOURNALIST" AND DON'T EVEN WATCH THE BEST PROSPECT OVERSEAS???
What does it mean if a player can put the ball on the floor? I can put the ball on the floor.
Is it not bad enough listening to max n Stephen A's ridiculousness? It's a guess folks, stopping screaming like you have a punchline.
I miss Skip Bayless
Porter jr.... Hes gonna be a joke of a player and he isnt the next kevin durant.
Can't stand Stephan a smith! Dudes is super annoying and false! Good job loving a super team. Turd
The best player will be whoever the Warriors draft. Lol.
Melo and Gelo Ball WILL be numbed one and two draft picks for 2019 season
this shw is trash. bring back the days of 2011-13 with skip, jaylen and kwaaaaaaaaaaaame brown
Best/safest pick: Luka Doncic Most upside: Mo Bamba Steals of the draft: MPJ and Kevin Knox
These kind of debates are for simple minds.
Mikal Bridges from Villanova.
How is Jaren Jackson Jr not in this picture? lol
Marvin Bagley, gonna be another Jayson Tatum story where he’s the third pick, but plays like a vet. Joe Dela Cruz Anthony Verghese who ya got?
Mo Bamba