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Oregon Football's got some 🔥 new threads.

Isaac I like these!
My Team DuckNation🐥
Vincent Walker these are sick asf
Deejay Banks
Frank Willis
Bernie Hill
Steffen Hecker
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This might be the greatest Rocket League comeback of all time. (via Purgent/reddit)

Must have been playing against the Minnesota Vikings...because nobody knows how to throw it all away at the end like the Vikes.
Can I just say that Waka Flocka Flamingo is the greatest tag I've ever seen?
Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago.
If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times, little sombreros are the key to hitting a giant ball with your car
Get this garbage off of Espn I can handle wrestling and the other nonsense you post.. but this is not athletic
Don't let this distract you form the fact that the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead!
Here comes the people to say that videogames are'nt sports... to all them, yea, ok, you are right.
The cutting edge sports coverage we crave
I cant believe how unrealistic and absurd this game is. I mean for God sake, a car is wearing a sombrero! Cars dont wear hats! Who came up with this insanity?
At least it’s a post with no mention of Lebron
This is low level play maybe even bronze, until the tie. At some point the keeper stays put, crushes the ball and ices it.
Please stick to real sports like Ronda Rousey’s professional wrestling career.
Yeah if the defense was even halfway decent it would’ve been game over. Why is the defender leaving the net when they are up 3 goals with <10 seconds left..
How does he have champs wheels? He’s absolute garbage
Im just here to see all the turds whine about ESPN posting video game content.
Yet, you can't show the softball championship game between Japan and the US, where the winner gets in the Olympics. Awesome!
Don't let this distract you from when Potato struck out in the bottom of the ninth inning to a 13 year old Henry Rowangarner who threw underhand slow pitch to beat the Yankees and win the Pennant!!
Frank Garcia they showing video games on espn bruh. We are officially living in the Twilight zone.. That being said, if this how its gonna be my 36 pt lvl shoulda made sportscenter
Braden Harper Wes Maxwell I just wanna take this opportunity to remind you that I beat you guys single-handedly in Rocket League
I don’t play a lot of video games but this is one that I can play when I’m in the mood. Quick fun & it doesn’t take a lot of skill to have fun. I score garbage goals all the time lol
I dont think many of you realize that certain rocket league items can go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars
DevonRay you know you’re a bad man when you make it on espn for rocket league lol
People playing us when we doing rainbow flicks and shooting from 50 yards out on pro clubs being 4-0 up😂😂😂😂 Kieran Edwards Gareth Davies
Ben Skaggs Nick Wright looks like me when I joined a match with one minute left and down 6-2 and came back to win 7-6 in OT
All these losers crying esports are the future have never touched a hockey stick or picked up a baseball or anything like it.
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JJ Watt left a special note when signing his brother T.J. Watt's jersey for a fan 😂

ESPN is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment and will return to our regular Lebron James scheduled programming as soon as possible.
ESPN meant to post this: Lebron doing more charity work by hanging out with me.
Like if preseason NFL football is better than soccer.
When I was a kid I had Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz autograph my Carlos boozer poster cuz he got a big applause after warm up and I thought he was boozer... Williams laughed his off at me while he signed, still have my boozer poster signed by Williams and framed!
I am not a Texans fan, but am definitely a J.J. Watts fan. He is one of the true good guys in the NFL.
What does this have to do with LeBron James?
New goal: Get the Watt brothers to sign each other's jerseys
Soccer should be call football and Football should be call Arm Ball
that's hilarious. Should get both brothers to sign it now.
I hope that fan gets their JJ jersey signed by TJ now.
Jersey will sale for more now! Probably already on eBay?
I got a caron butler jersey with a signature from dwade on it. You get signed what you got at the time 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣
That jerseys probably worth more now than it would be if it was the correct jersey.
Scott Whitwell, this is almost as funny as Drew Dempsey‘s basketball skills.
Watt messes everything up, terrible
that is now priceless until he does it again
That's awesome!! I LOVE Peyton Manning but to have Eli's autograph would still be pretty cool!!❤️
Lol thought it would've been the other way around. TJ moving on up
Did they not notice that’s a Steelers jersey?
Hope he didn't injure his wrist or ACL signing the jersey.
It'd be worth more if it was signed by Lahbraown-Jaaiyymes
What would have been funny is if the jersey was switched to JJs lol!
Daniel Kwasnica John John and Tom John
JJ Watt is an animal. 🐘
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Kobe Bryant's investment in BodyArmor has yielded more than 30 times its money in fewer than 4.5 years.

He wouldn’t have done it without shaq
My friend bought bitcoin in January. He wants to kill himself right now
Kobe is my favorite player of all time, but when you are a well known sports figure like he is it’s easy to turn a $6M investment into $200M. Just saying...
Just here to see how some idiots will find a way to hate on this!
He needs to pay his fair share in taxes!!!!!!
Body Armor is good. I like that stuff, and it is so much better for you than Powerade and Gatorade. Read the labels.
how do i get facebook to stop showing me stories about insanely rich people? $6m ... $'s all the same to me...shoot, show me $25k in cash and i'm a happy camper =D
Takes money to make money. Does he get a paycheck everytime someone yells, “KOBE!” When they take a shot😂
It’s amazing how many petty people are mad about this. We get it! Your parents think your a disappointment so now you get mad at the success of others. No need to voice your obvious pain, we don’t care!
Oh good. After the $680 million he made in career earnings and endorsements I was really worried about him surviving after he retired. Glad to know he doesn’t have to worry about money.
I'm pretty sure a financial advisor made that choice, not him.
What about David Wright trading a paycheck for a percentage of vitamin water for his endorsement? Shortly afterward, coke bought it and he made bank.
People are trying to discredit this guy but they couldn’t turn 6 dollars to 12 dollars 🧐🤣🤣 Just show respect or keep it moving, all the hating shows a side of you that you should keep tucked away from society lol
If you have millions to invest like that, then you have many millions period. Investing isn’t that hard especially when you have a cushion like he does.
Great investment but you got to have money to make money. Luckily for Kobe he could afford to lose the 6 but he lucked out and turned it into 200mil. Not a hating on him he's clearly a smart and cerebral business man just like he was on the court, and that's coming from a Celtics fan
I like the drink. It really is something you can rely on. I like their contests they have to meet players. I do feel better after I drink it. I think he should get credit for inspiring the blackout flavor for the Black Mamba. I like to try the different flavors and I'm glad they are making different size bottles now. Keep up the good work.
I remember when 50 Cent invested into vitamin water coke also bought it for like $300 million i believe, now 50 is only worth $20 million how the hell does that happen lol
Anyone else wonder how this stuff gets public? Like I understand if you are a famous athlete (let’s say basketball) your contract and earnings are public but outside investments is odd to have public anyone have any answers?
Still think he should come back and play now with all that cash do it for free change the stigma of the league a man that has everything why not be different
Micheal Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaq, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James... dominant and sports dominant in life...The dominant Black man 💪💪😎
I tried 1 flavor n thought it suxs. Maybe a different flavor would be better. Never seen anyone drink that over Gatorade or Powerade though
This dude keeps winning. Won at basketball, won an Oscar, now we hear he’s winning at investments. Good for him.
For every Kobe story, there is a Schilling story when it comes to investments.
Lucas Greenall the rich get richer . The poor get peanut butter and jam . Not just any jam . Raspberry jam . Helgas bread too don’t forget . Raspberry has a silent p
What's Coca Cola going to do with Power Aid? Either they are going to canablize their own sales or create a Monopoly....
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Doesn't even matter that this was a goaltend. Zion has HOPS.

so we got a near block from zion and a near dunk lebron jr. maybe one day those two will be on a team and the duo can be nicknamed zibron and we can have nonstop near highlights.
It does matter
I wonder what this kids Salary is at Duke ?
That Duke team has a chance to be the best college team ever.
This dude reminds me of SHAWN KEMP!!!! Going to be a non stop highlight reel!!!!
Why does ESPN hype this so much? It’s against a Canadian team for goodness sakes. And the season hasn’t even started.
Just FYI for the negative peeps on here...Zion finished with 29 points and 13 rebounds and hit some threes.
Here we go. Massive hype for a college player who gets injured his first year and sits out. When have we seen this before?
Not a Duke fan, but I will catch some of their games. Definitely the number one team in men college basketball this year with the talented players that have this year.
Well everyone that said Zion was only good because he played against short kids in high school and couldn’t shoot can officially stfu now.
Love to see the Celtics get the second pick (Via Kings) and steal this guy. Talk about Dynasty renewed 😳☘️
Oh God. We're already seeing Puke on highlights in August. Just declare them the best ever, give them the trophy, get back to covering the other GOAT, the Ball family.
ESPN used to have a rule: Penalty or Foul=no top play/not worthy of a highlight. Just this week I've seen this trash and that Marshawn Lynch run. Doesnt count in game, so why should I care?
Actually it does matter. It scored 2 points. What is the ball wasn't coming down and he did that? Well he done messed up a-aron.
They’re literally highlighting how high he jumped... people look in too deep. Just sit back and enjoy the show
Lebron get out the way Espn on some other 🍆 now
That dude almost got killed by the truck running thru! lol
Still haven't seen a jumper from 20ft..? So another guy who can jump.. Even though I'm a somewhat of hater of LeBron. .He can do it ALL !
How is it goaltending? It's not in the square and as far as I can tell it doesn't appear to be on the way down? Someone wanna enlighten me lmao
Martin Puente can the bulls please pack the season up and grab the #1 pick this year. Shouldn’t be hard for them to do that
Lonzo Ball 2 years ago, Trey Young last year, now Zion Williamson will dominate ESPN's Facebook page for the next year.
Goaltending means absolutely nothing other than the other team is rewarded two points. Not impressed.
Man, if Zi lost 30 lbs he could block 3s
great...not even the season yet and we are hearing about the dude with a name that is epitome of terrorism
Coach K doesn't mind "one and dones" if they play for him
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21 first-half points from the Duke freshman.

If the guy can finish around the rim and play defense he will be good in the nba.. idk what the hell you guys are talking about ... everybody doesn’t have to be curry
He’s gonna get locked down against Kentucky. Cats by 90.
No one does that to Ryerson and gets away with it 😡
Yeah this guy screams dominate at college level, mediocre in the NBA
And here comes the annual ESPN Duke love affair
I really question some of y’all basketball IQ. The kid dominates around the rim, has plenty of hustle and energy, and plays lockdown defense. If he continues this through the college regular season and playoffs, he’s going to the league easily.
Still won't beat Kentucky
Congrats they are playing junior college canadien teams. Where was all the love from ESPN last week when UK destroyed 4 good professional teams?
He going to be the 1st ovr next year no doubt
They're playing canadian teams. This is like if the browns went to play a CFL team (with our rules). Im sure baker mayfield would look like aaron Rodgers
Incredible athlete, but that athleticism isn't as striking in the NBA. Body-wise, he has average measurables (average height, average wingspan). He'll need to have supreme skills to compete with combo forwards in the NBA who are taller and just as fast as him.
UNC sweeps dook this season. They got the better big man in Nassir Little. Now that dook is officially a one and done school, expect the Heels to clean up the ACC from here on out! 🐏🏆
For his size ,outstanding athlete and if he works on his Jumper then he can be a huge talent.. Good luck to him.. All the people throwing darts 🎯.. they wish they had his game and size.. don’t kid your selves..
When he has to play a actual team. And actually defend. And actually run up and down the court every play. Not going to be the high school zion. Not to mention actually playing against some one big. Not high school kids
Get out of his way? Lol four guys with a foot in the paint nobody was even remotely in his way. Nice flush although uncontested completely uncontested
Aye he went 3/4 from that arc tho!? He still cant shoot? lmaoooo!! Oh what he didnt hit a mid range lmaoo foh. Kid is a monster
This is one of the contributing issues the NBA is facing..."The ESPN Effect". ESPN plays these guys up so much to sell viewership, they start believing the hype. In these games, they are not facing the same level of competition within the NBA.
Zion played well, probably better than Barrett. Couple thoughts- he’s gonna need some counter attack moves, he often goes with a pre determined move rather than reacting to the defence which is not gonna work against players as strong as him. On defence he is really good at timing out the block or shot challenge, he knows he can wait for the other players to jump and still react in time. Same for rebounding (gonna have to be careful he doesn’t get over the back calls a lot cause he just jumps over dudes who have superior position). 3/4 from Fiba three is impressive but he barely jumps on his shot, going to make it easier to block against better competition.
any one who says he won’t amount in the nba due to his lack of skill is very wrong. y’all jumping on what the media says. he’s put in a lot of time to improve his offensive versatility and jump shot. he’s showed it tonight. don’t hate, let him flourish under coach k and that duke coaching staff.
Josh Harrelson could handle this guy. Just like he did against Ohio States big guy they had a few years back. What’s his name again?
This kids gonna be fun to watch. I've officially changed my opinion on the one n done rule. The age limit to work is 15 and a half in this country...the NBA should be no different.
Masterful logic in here. If ESPN only shows dunks, then he can’t shoot 😂😂😂😂. He has been draining threes and is a good shooter. You would see that if you put some work in on google or actually watched him play.
Haven't seen him do anything but dunk. Won't be much help if that's all he can do!! UK will hand Puke their A$$e$!!!!
You can smash all the scrub teams by as many points as possible, still wont stop Duke from losing in the Tourney 😂
How exciting is it for Duke fans to watch this guy play for one season, lose in the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament and then he leaves for the NBA? What a great school and program.
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Daryl Morey's run the numbers, and can come to only one conclusion about LeBron James.

😂😂🤣 yeah ok 👌 Updated after Lebrons 14th season. Michael Jordan has: •3 more rings •3 more final mvps •1 more DPOY •1 more season MVP •9 more scoring titles •3 more steals leader •3 more all defensive team selections •4000 more points / bron moved past him in playoff points, but it took him longer. •800 more steals •Beat 20 50+ win teams in the playoffs (Lebron only defeated 10) •Jordan never averaged less than 40% Field Goal in the finals Lebron did it twice •6/6 (never allowed a game 7) •Lebron had much more offensive help, example: Jordan never had a teammate average more than 22 points in the finals.. In fact, Mj is Only player in NBA history to lead a team to the championship with only one teammate averaging double figures in scoring * In the Bulls’ 1997 playoff run, Scottie Pippen averaged 19 points per game on 42% shooting. All other teammates of Jordan averaged under 8 points per game Kyrie averaged over 28 and DWade averaged more than 26 •MJ never ever had a finals meltdown like Lebron in 2011 against the Mavs •MJ had more points in the playoffs in less games.. MJ accomplished all of this in 13 seasons Lebron after his 14th season, is still chasing the “ghost (GOAT) that played in Chicago” •Michael Jordan in the playoffs has put up atleast 40ppg, 5rpg, 5apg in 6 different playoff series. Along with an average of about 55% shooting, 3spg and 2bpg. (86 vs bos, 89 vs cavs, 90 vs philly, 92 vs Miami, 93 vs Phoenix, 88 vs cavs) Jordan won every one of those matchups except for the 1986 matchup vs the celtics. •Jordan in 88-89 averaged 32ppg, 8apg, 8rpg, 3spg off 54% shooting. LeBron has never even came close to this stat line. •in 87 thru 92, MJ averaged 5 straight seasons of atleast 51% FG shooting. LeBron has never done this. •the lowest FT% MJ ever shot in a season was 78%. Lebrons highest in a season ever is 78%. •MJ has a higher playoff FG% of 48.7% to Lebrons 48.3% •MJ has a higher playoff player efficiency rating of 28.6 to Lebrons 27.3. •MJ shoots a higher playoff 3 point percentage of 33.2% to Lebrons 32.9% •LeBron James has scored 30 points, 416 times in 1,117 games. Michael Jordan did it 562 times in 1,072 games. Jordan won 6 championships without losing a final in 1,072 games and LeBron in 1,117 games has lost 5 times and has only won 3 times (updated 2018) •MJ also shocked the league by being the first (and only) player to have 100 blocks and 200 steals in the same season, then turned around and did it again the next year.. •Mj also has more career blocks (893) than Lebron James (853) despite playing in 22 LESS career games and being the smaller guy. Also, MJ averaged 1.6 blocks per game in the 1987-88 season which is absolutely bonkers for a 6’6″ shooting guard. Seriously this list can keep going. This isn’t even a debate. Mj is the GOAT. MIchael Jordan: •NBA record 5 playoffs series’ averaging atleast 40ppg •Only player in history to lead league in scoring and win DPOY •Highest scoring average, points per game, in any championship series: 41.0 vs. Phoenix Suns, 1993 NBA Finals •Only rookie in NBA history to lead his team in four statistics (1984–85) •Only player in NBA history to lead the league in scoring, win Most Valuable Player, and Defensive Player of the Year in the same season (1987–88) •Only player in history to average at least 30pts 6reb 5assists And 2 steals per game AND HE DID IT 7 TIMES. •Only player in NBA history to win Rookie of the Year (1984–85), Defensive Player of the Year (1987–88), NBA MVP (1987–88, 1990–91, 1991–92, 1995–96, 1997–98), All-Star MVP (1988, 1996, 1998), and Finals MVP (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998) •Only player in NBA history to lead the league in scoring and win the NBA championship MORE THAN ONCE in the same season * He did this SIX TIMES!! (1990–91, 1991–92, 1992–93, 1995–96, 1996–97, 1997–98) •One of two players in NBA history to score 3,000 points in a season: 3,041 points scored in 82 games played (37.1 ppg) (1986–87) * Wilt Chamberlain is the only other player to achieve this. •MJ is also the only player in NBA history to score over 40 points at age 40, and he did it twice! •In 1988, MJ earned: Dunk Champ, All Star Game MVP, NBA Scoring Title, League MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. Michael in only ELEVEN complete seasons with the Bulls: -10 scoring titles, -Won Defensive Player of the Year, -9 times all defensive team, -9time All NBA, -5 league MVPs -6 finals MVPs All 11 seasons. Mj has done in 11 seasons things Lebron hasn’t done and won’t do in his whole career...
I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. It’s all generational and opinion based. My dad would say Bill Russell is the greatest. Someone my age might say Jordan. Someone my sons age might say LeBron. And 20 yrs from now, some people will say some other great player is the greatest ever. And none of us are wrong!! The greatest player of all time is an OPINION. The bottom line is? They’re ALL great.
Statistically speaking, he definitely is the best. But he's not the GOAT. The GOAT doesn't quit on an elimination game in the Finals.
The Ring argument is a dumb one. Use anything else you want, but the ring argument is a horrible measurement on greatness for single player performance in a team sport. By that logic 7 players are better than MJ including Robert Horry because he has more rings. We all know Robert isn’t. Stop using rings as an excuse to hate on Lebron. Both are great players and I’m not saying one is better than the other. Simply rings are a team accomplishment, not a solo accomplishment purely.
40k 10k 10k club will have 3 rings with 3 different teams. GOAT!
Barely beat a Celtics team missing its best 2 players then got swept. Now he's gone out west and won't see another finals except on tv
And Daryl Morey just traded for Carmelo Anthony so that goes to show how he gauges talent.
When did jordan ever win in the nba without 2 other hall of Famers. Oh ya never lol hed get bounced first rd swept in 2nd rd fir years. Lebron took a 20 win team the the finals at 22
Lebrons individual accomplishments are probably the best. But he can’t win when it matters, and him leaving 2 organizations in a 5 year span shows that
Why is that when this argument about Lebron and Mike is debated I NEVER read or hear defensive statistics. Offensively I want a killer. That’s Mike. Stop passing to Kyle Korver when the game is on the line because that’s the right basketball play. Average free throw shooter, so end of games he’s not looking to go to contact. Handles the ball for 10 seconds of every possession (see Russell Westbrook and harden). Of course he’s going to have numbers. Oh, and the defense. YouTube Michael, defense. Even if he was playing the Warriors while on the wizards, he’s not giving up. And he’s definitely not blaming it on a bum hand. Mike is the Goat. But I’ll take Lebron off the court any day!
How about we compare what lebron has gone against vs michael Jordan ....... not even close lol..... how about we say floyd Mayweather is better than Muhammad ali then.....
They got that good liquor in Houston. Morey must drink it & cook with it because it ain’t even close LeMove ain’t even near GOAT maybe Goat cheese or goat milk . 🤨
I don't care about ranking players. He is the greatest of his generation. He would have been a different player in, say the same era as MJ or Bill Russel. He's better than others in some ways, those players are better than him in other ways. It's a pointless subjective debate.
LeBron James is objectively the greatest basketball player to ever live. It’s so stupid that we keep pretending like it’s even a point that you can argue.
Well at least LeBron doesn't have to wait until the finals to lose to the Warriors now he gets to in the first round!!
It’s football season I’m sick and tired of seeing crap about the NBA and I’m definitely sick of seeing crap about LeBron James my god get off of it!! Two letters for you ESPN! MJ The greatest to ever play the game you morons! LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS!
I agree that it is a big margin but LeBron is not on top. Too many flops, too many excuses, quit too often and doesn’t make those around him better.
Both are worthy of the goat conversation. I have Jordan but I can see and get the Lebron case. For me Jordan's dominance in the finals is the deciding factor. 6 for 6 is amazing but 6 mvp awards too. Mj was always the best and most dominant player on the biggest stage.
Lets see how he fares in the loaded West Conference. Bet he dont make the playoffs. Jordan had to run the East gauntlet every year. We all seen the years the East had competion, LeBron won absolutely nothing without joining multiple All Star teams.
Numbers is meaningless when you compare it to the time having a different rule. Hand checking? Illegal defense? No more now. The rules nowadays more in favorite of offense. Bigger numbers from easy rule now cannot compare to the tough past. Period.
I like when he was asked did you get a chance to talk to LeBron? He responds " he's got his own way of doing things and we respect that" another way of saying he does what he wants...
mer·ce·nar·y ˈmərsəˌnerē/Submit adjectivederogatory 1. (of a person or their behavior) primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics.
I believe ESPN posts stuff like this to see how many sheep they can rally to argue with each other. This is USA in 2018. Nobody cares about your opinion. Everyone just waiting for their turn to talk
He’s not catching Stockton (assists) he’s not catching Wilt (rebounds), he’s not catching Olajuwon (blocks) he has a chance to catch Kareem (points) so what numbers made him come to this conclusion?
Who is Daryl Morey and why would anything he say be relevant?? Hasn't won a championship, hasn't been to a NBA finals, and just signed Carmelo.
ESPN14 hours ago

Not all Little Leaguers are little 😳(via Darren Rovell)

The dude on the left is a divorced father of 3 paying $1255 in child support each month.
I guess we know who buys the team post game beer.
*3 weeks later* "Little League player actually 17."
My son was 6 feet tall when he was 13 . I had a lady behind me at one of his baseball games discussing how he could no way be 13 and something should be done about this “fraud”. So I turned around and introduced myself 😃. Hello , I’m the fraud’s mother .
It's Kevin Hart and the rock in their new movie..
Nah b, "little" homie got a mortgage. I'm sure of it. Can't fool me.
Beaver tranquilizers. There was once a case of this in the girl scouts. Her name was Bernese. She got her team disqualified against the average Joes in a dodgeball tournement.
When I was 13, I was 6’1”, 180. I reached my current height of 6’4” at age 15. Human biology is an inexact science, people.
😂 Welcome to my world On the left is my son Héctor 12yrs and my nephew Julian 13yrs on the right . I use to love to see the faces of the other teams parents when these two ran out 😂
My son is 6’2 and 13, so what’s the problem? Some kids just get an early growth spurt. I actually had to get a state Id to verify his age because some people didn’t believe he was 13.
I can relate I was 6ft 160lbs in grade 7. couldn't fit in the desks properly used to levitate the desk on my knees. 😂one time I sneezed so hard my knees jerked I flipped the desk. Everyone looked back and thought I was hulking out and I just yelled sorry just a sneeze not angry don't need to be sent to the office 😂😂
My son was 6’1 in 8th grade, and you can be bullied at that size..and he was....felt bad, but then at 6’7 , 300 lbs as a senior ( and not fat) he took care of the ones who bullied him, nicely, went on to play football at NDSU, grew up to be one of the nicest kids I know!#be nice you never know when karma can get you! #big kids mom@6’
That's a full grown man! I saw him with a six pack and a bottle of Jack before the game. His wife and two kids gave it to him.
After this year there won’t be any more 13 year olds playing in the llws. Changing date so you can’t be 13 before sept 1st.
To be fair, there’s been several times we’ve found out the players in the little league World Series were over age after the tournament was over.
And that 13 yr old is not being developed as a player on a field with 60’ bases. If he’s that big he should be on the big diamond where he belongs. That would actually benefit him. Of course his development as a player would have to be the priority for that to happen. Little League needs to evolve...
Exactly why the LLWS is a terrible model of baseball for 13/14 yr old kids. It's insane that they don't even play on a 50/70 field much less an actual regulation size field.
Everyone always jokes that the tall kids are 16, but if you’re really trying to skirt the system, you’d bring in the kid who’s 14 and looks 11 but hits like he’s 16. Why would anyone try to cheat with the kid who stands out the most.
I have no reason to discredit the way this guy look. I've seen plenty in my lifetime that look 3-4 years older than their age(and younger)when I was in grade school.
I find it funny how people who were 6' at like 10 years old, only grew to like 6'3" MAX. I don't believe none of you
RIGHT THERE WITH THAT KID growing up. I was so tall that at 11 I was asked if I was too old to go trick or treating and my momma had to yell at a mofo I was only 11 and in the 5th grade. (on the plus side, they either gave a ton of candy or slammed their door ashamed of themselves)
13 years old is too old for those little league dimensions anyway. Regardless of size they should be playing 75 foot bases at that age.
I remember when Hosea Taylor ex-Baltimore Colt 1981-1983 played Little League in Longview, TX, and they demanded to see his birth certificate, because he was so big. He must not have grown much between then and college because he was 6'5" when he was drafted in the 8th round.
Uuummm...I believe his playing the wrong sport someone get this kid a football and a basketball... oh i played football when I was 12 old years had a kid on our team that was 6”1 and 250 pounds. He could barely get in a 3 point stance but man he made our O line look big and could always push a whole open for Guaranteed yards. Yeah we won all of our games lol...
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Introducing the best NFL roster money can buy.

Browns making the playoffs this year... mark my words!
Forgot travis kelce
Injured people that may return to form. Contracts with players who are holding out. ESPN has gone down hill. Stupid speculation crossed with tons of politics. What happened to highlights and analysis. Good lord
More like - building the perfect 53-man roster under the cap, with a bunch of random arbitrary rules thrown in.
Browns making the playoffs this year... mark my words!
How did Luke Kuechly not make the linebacker list...
Josh Engel we needed this yesterday
WOO! Bengals got the 5th string safety!
Anthony Junior should we mark them once or twice?
Daniel Moreno Alpízar Alejandro Arce Alpizar ideas para madden
Liam Frank
Antonio browns making 17mill a year
Luke Carpenter
John Christiansen
Jake Bjork
James Justin our kicker is the only one on this list..
ESPN19 hours ago

A chance meeting at a training camp practice produced an inspirational bond between the New England Patriots safety and 10-year-old Jack Berry.

This is why we love sports Great story but sad at the same time.
Hannah Lantzer-Moses
Mark Hutcheson
It doesn't matter because lebron james is 3-6 in the finals and got swept twice by an underdog teams Wake up bronsexuals
This is why we love the patriots 😉