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Can we come with?

Miley Cyrus + Ariana Grande

Big mistake #MileyCyrus... #ArianaGrande is evil.
Before you know what, they are suddenly gay😏🙄
A duet 😍❤️
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You're gonna see John Mayer in a new light. 🎶

His stuff from the early 2000s is his best. That was back when vh1 played John Mayer all day and all night.
It should be "John Mayer 's 10 best songs that everyone knows" 😀
Queen of California, Heartbreak Warfare and Edge of Desire would have been on my top 10 list.
Someone didn’t even try.
Queen of California?
Where is neon??
King of Pop 👑
Dani Chacon
Paula Dopuđa
Areli Montaño S
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Offset: I miss you cardi Takeoff: miss Offset: she took the kid Takeoff: kid Offset: I'm serious Takeoff: serious Offset: I want ya back Quavo: skrrt skrrt Offset: for my birthday, baby Quavo: birttt birttt
He needs the money train to pay his child support to other 4 kids
His new name is Offstage! (I saw that somewhere, and I had to use it! 😂)
Awwww now call him Upset
Nicki >>>>>>>>>>>
Can they just tell us who's dropping new music already? This charade has gone on long enough.
offset is so wrong crashing cardi's show like that
She turned Offset off. Its an example for anybody who has been with someone that thinks an apology will always make up for terrible behavior. Atta girl!
Makes you wonder how he got the name “offset”
Perla Hernandez did you see this yet?
Offset let her love you than you do buh don't forget to make her feel like a woman in the house Cardi i like it,
His name changes to UPSET
🗣 Not This Again⁉️🤦‍♀️
Amanda Cantarin watch it
Pls wat caused their fight
Flowers ain’t gonna cut it lol
Nicki : Okurrrrrrrrrrr
Okay Robin Thicke
Tiye nayo Travis Mwiinga
she love for real
Heather Keys
I am even tired
two marrie
Tiffany Barnhart
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"My mum got me back on it."

what kind of mother is she 😕
Good!! I like high Miley.
They can do that they don't have real jobs.
Well its legal and safer than alcohol so ...
No wonder why Miley is so grotesque and whacked out of her mind.
I actually don’t think true Miley is going avertise that she smoke pot mom give break I think she had little more class then that not make here mom look bad don’t believe every thing read
So glad drugley is back
and the Mom of the year award goes to......
Donatella look good
Old news !!!
Wow what a mom
Su mama es Laura?! :0
Nina L Us die Mutter ist ja ein tolles Vorbild 🤦‍♂️ aber Miley eigentlich erwachsen genug 😂
never have guessed
Don't Care Pothead
How many times have you posted this?
what a narj
She was relevent during bangers
White ppl problems...
La madre te nunca enseña algo malo.
ib Nha
Just be careful miles.
She can stop
i love miley cyrus
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Holiday special: Buy one, get one! 🎁

Ariana i love you
Yes . 💘💘💔💔🖤💝💞💘💚💎💎🎶🎵🔥☄🌋🍇🍓🥄🥢
I want it toooo :(((( but it’s not in my country
Queen teen 💕