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From Rihanna to Beyonce.

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They are the only musicians to make the long-running list.

Kirk Sunderman Where have all the Voice winners gone???
Frank Nardulli I’ve seen sexier guys at the grocery store
Rudy Manuel Basulto Adam Levine is
George G. Kitchens III Yeah that’s not a coincidence. I wonder how much money producers of the Voice paid People for this silly honor, or how much Blake’s team did to help promote his coincidentally just released new album. Shelton is good looking but this has paid set up all over it.
Houari Ben Top maroon 5
Luana Medeiros And only one is actually sexy.
Chucho Tavares Well that's good PR :)
Ryan Salay And both are attractive guys but they don’t scream “sexiest man alive” really.
Anj Whr r we going now. Anj from uttarakhand India
Barsaa Rabsaa They misspelled name Idris Elba to Blake.
Thelma B. Sookman They should have looked at Rob Thomas
Nathan Beard Morgan Agolli wow 😂😂😂
Jackie Marquez Yaaas 👏🏼👏🏼❤️
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"He was not as sad as people think he was"

Ryan Salay Can Billboard stop obsessing over this guy? Let’s just wait for the official cause and remember, before he died no one cared except for his fans and family. Those people know how to check up on these reports. No need to make this news. Sad but people die all day every day so we can’t highlight everyone.
CJ Philbrick That’s not his brothers decision to make! Lil Peep probably didn’t share everything with his family. You don’t know if he was actually happy with it, you aren’t him. You’ll never know now, but doesn’t mean you can make assumptions like that. People can hide emotions well!
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Which look is your favorite?

Juaren Frausto Black hair ❤
Frank Concepcion Long Black hair
Mark Crowe Don't like.. Superficial
Kyrian Emeka She's got hair goals. Can slay on any colour. I love Katy😙😍😍
Arjay Paguio Dalino Black❤
Devie Grace Agosto Ew
Mike Froedge Is Billboard still a serious music industry publication, or is it now a vapid fashion magazine?... Inquiring minds want to know...
Mahtosha Myles She makes porn music video remixes with coolio etc sluts r us called Hollywood pop music
Casey Brown none
Eduar Rafael Rosario everyone, because she is art, she is the innovative goddess of pop; It hurts whoever hurts. long life to the innovative goddess. of colors and styles. ✨🐈😍👏🔱👸🎤💿🎶✨
Barbra Prisca Blonde
Bragle John All of the obove
Alex Hudson She is so beatiful❤
Milan Ahire All
Kokoy Amaredlav none
Agustine Jabido None😒
Lubang Tinling Blond one ✌
Marco Carvalho Morena
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An "upgraded version" of the velvet concept.

Shawnne Michael Ramos billboard please promote fifth harmony stop promoting this koreans😡😡😡
Aundrea Florita And now Billboard is kpop. What's wrong, Hollywood?
Precious Lucy Dela Torre Reveluv❤ Haters gonna hate live a life man goodluck
Mark Sambajon OMG RED VELVET
Zintle Grey REVELUVS I'm so proud for you!! Your queens are got a billboard article about them! And the comeback song is so cool.❤
Jay-Ar Doloriel Morales Dear Billboard, please promote Little Mix not those group of girls who can't even sing.
Martha Mendoza Haters going to hate. Red velvet is an amazing kpop group. To all the haters kpop is already in America and the billboard are all for it and promoting them ✊🏻
Frank Militello The symbolism is right in ur face
Noe Godinez Palomino Jr. More shitty music.
Rajat Kumar Sethi Yay. . red velvet . Woww thanks Billboard.
Priscilla Espinoza
Fabihan Riki Yo this comeback of Red Velvet is my favourite one yet, after 'Be Natural' 😍
Mariam Qureshi
Mich Yato Doromal I Wish Black Pink Will be the first To perform as a Girl Group in America. And I love Red velvet also
Iruz SG Another Illuminati artist? So many nowadays....
Helen Chan People still fail to understand that Hollywood whitewashing is a huge epidemic amongst Asians in America! I'm all for K-Pop if it's only going to help open doors for Asian Americans!! ✌! #EndHollywoodWhiteWashing #Gorgeous #GhostInAShell #OnlyOne! "But they would try to crack me if they ever see a black me!" -🐼!
Gustavo Ogawa she is Illuminati member ?
Keav Ced My Red Velvet <3
Marlogne Dela Crüz