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"I often still listen to this music cause it reminds me of those years."

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"I'm one voice of so many that are missing."

Then you should stop acting like one !
He's a spoiled brat who throws the flowers of his fans out
Who is he refresh my old azz memory?
Straightn't icon then.
ICON? Why does everybody needs to be an ICON? Does Billboard even know what an Icon is at this point?
Stop ✋🛑 labeling
Well good because isn’t an icon of any type.
Gaga say hi
Kim Alessia Trời ơi Troye Sivan nhìn khác quáaaaa
I saw him in #GTA IV 😲😲😂😂
Is that Miley Cyrus old picture?
Muhammad Junaid😂😂 he got no chill
Ricaela Diputado
En Jean
I thought he was Bi.
i dont know her
Sissy 😂😂
Who is That...
But he is ❤️
Don't know em
So sad 😢😢😢😢😢
just call him gay
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Adam Levine and James Corden caused a "traffic hazard."

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It's not everyday that you see a dance act set foot on an arena tour, let alone sell out nearly every stop.

Because he’s dope.
his album sold 37 copies 💀