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Darren Criss says to expect a previously unheard duet from him and Lea Michele at Elsie Fest

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The Foos had one very special trick when they played Japan's Summer Sonic.

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Here's some of his best work.

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التوت البري
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Mariah is just like the rest of us.

Ian Ho Mariah's a living legend that is EXTREMELY UNDERAPPRECIATED. People often talk smack about her being a "diva" and on about her lip syncing cause she's "lost her voice". After losing Ms Houston, Mr Jackson and so many incredible artists, Mariah remains as one of the last few living legends. We should be uplifting instead of bringing her down always. Appreciate her for while she's still here with us because she won't be here forever.
LuDwig Soto Albornoz A real living legend ... no matter what people say...Mariah Carey is the biggest singer ever!
陳羑叡 Love you Mariah!!! No matter what people says, Lambily will always on your side!!!! We know you have spent so many years in the music industry. You don't need to prove anything to anyone. You're a Legend and always will be !!! #L4L #SongBird #QueenOfMusic #Artist #talent #Vocal
Monching Monching Monching She is except for her talent and being genuis in music only she has that hehehehhe love her music and it speaks for and even helped me when im down. . . Thanks for the music Mariah. . . And please continue to make music while you can cause u helped many people with ur music 😘😘😘
Arman Bendicio it's the reason why her musics are very uplifting, there's depth and quality. She used to compose songs from her very own experiences, ambitions, dreams and goals in life, making her one of a kind singer - songwriter - producer. I always play Can't Take That Away. I 💜 it.
Sam Hussain Emma Fretwell this is me and you, when our rich husbands die of unfortunate circumstances and call MTV to film us in a massive bath tub and crystal chandeliers talking about life while sipping non alcoholic beverages and looking at our diamonds and haute couture closets 😂😂😂🙌🏻🙏🏻
Tom Clement Its always been obvious she has insecurities, likely to stem from low self esteem. She used to be defensive if media misrepresented her. Now shes created her diva persona act to deflect it. You hardly see 'real Mariah' anymore because she hides behind her diva persona
Myk Gonzales Legendary lazy diva
Carlo Alfonso Sales LEGEND
Chelcie AJ Millan now pay for my masters prove to me that you aint broke no more
Jessy Herrell Except that she's not like the rest of us....
Richard Chen A true legend!
Danita Kokupya Queen! 👑
Jessix Resuello Sia I love u mariah!
Aleena Abbaxi I love this women. She is a legend.
JP Casihan
Joann Petkovich Snort.
Michael Davis She's so relatable.
Alex DG Napoli
Bill Vanderwijngaard She's really not.
Imeraan Keshav QUEEN ! I LOVE MARIAH!
Frankie Villarreal
Benson Nogaliza Queen!
Justine Benson Fementira Rochelle Luna Lady Stephanie Janolo
Marcco Peixotto Diego Correia #rollercoasterlife
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Justin Moore is taking over the country airplay chart.