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"He made what was ugly sound beautiful."

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Thoughts? #BillboardNews

Frank Neal CB reminds me of Usher/MJ he just needs to put his focus on his music and get better PR. Tamar was the best singing performance, CB most of entertaining, Big Sean, Migos, Future/K Lamar best HipHop performance
Tina Marie I always get excited until I hear someone speaking over the music. Just my 2 cents. I do not care for it at all. I am a music person. I want to hear the music. Just sharing my thoughts.
Ryan William't Karreuche there? Isn't he not allowed near her? She must have been kept somewhere specific.
Memo Enea Andra is the best artist in Romania and deserves to enter the top 100 Bilboard. Search Andra on Facebook and Youtube to see and listen to the best Live in Romania. ❤❤❤❤
Twanda Houston #privacy #chrisbrown
Jackie Marquez Remember when he was actually good?
Dandara Ramos Nassor Oliveira Ramos
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"This is wildly overwhelming."

Tariq's Life is Art I hope I'll be a better person too! :(
Lucas Ramos Harry Potter
Gaby Morales thought of you when I saw this! Kelsey
CJ Jones He deserved that award. 😃
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Future has been unstoppable in 2017.

Ryan Bayne So laughable even Remy Ma should've been there on that stage and kill everything during his performance.
Mario Vázquez Ramos Arleen Wilcox el anterior Bet Awards fue Freedom, ahora le tocó a Future... ok...
Erick Espinoza Kendrick Lamar is overrated J Cole and Drake is way better
Ken Sullivan Valentina, take that thing off!
Yerkoh Bustorf Calderón VALENTINA'S IMPACT.
Anthony Seyffer Oh look they're wearing Blang masks (Bane + Bling= Blang)
Watson Cindy Kendrick murdered that performance
Ant Yayo I like the remix to mask off
Scott MacGregor
Giovannie Hernandez Future has been unstoppable in 2017.
John Quinn Check it out(
Lonni Dee Rowe Precious Garrison mask on
Youthfull Quest Lit perfomance 🙌
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24K magic #BETAwards

Cristiane Brilhante Merecedor👏👏👏👏 piro nesse homem #BrunoMars amo❤❤❤❤ q venha muito mais.
Tauheedah Pearson I missed the awards show, congratulations on winning Bruno!!!
Tariq's Life is Art Bruno Mars is king of Mars! 👑 talent! 💕
Israel Valdez Just give him all the awards 🏆 he is LIT AF
Kelly Mèndez Is Amazing💜
Paola Valeska Aparicio
Chezka Lapitan Valeroso ILY bruno😘
Nonna Lovely Jones-Reddick He had it lit...loved it
Tracy Mitera Karen Mitera Panozzo - you gotta watch this performance
Frank Neal I like Bruno but what was that?!!!!!???!!!!
Noe Chejolan 😎😍
Zaire MW Already a video?
Stephanie LeGrand Congratulations Bruno! Awesome! :D
Jackie Marquez Bruno Mars is literally the only good artist
Erika Fabia I love Bruno Mars!!!😍😍😍❤❤❤❤ Felipe Silva
Paola Guzmán ❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍
Hanna Sanz
Derrik Brookins Bruno mars rock
Julie Aguilar I love bruno mars!!!!
Aprille Cabello Jauregui 5H
Aprille Cabello Jauregui :-c
Basha Belinda 😍😍😍😍😍
Pame Salgado Your Bruno, Mariela Duarte 🤗
Artisha Abbott Cassandra Wade
Christy Michelle Alexis Corrine Morrison watch