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"Today we mourn with you. Tomorrow we will work side by side with you to fight back against those who seek to destroy our way of life."

Kyle Rogers We owe it to those who lost their lives to remain strong and overcome this evil. RIP to the innocent lives lost in this senseless crime against humanity. Evil will never win!
Gilbert Mall I don't know how those who lost their relatives feels and how Ariana feel but I pray for them all cause this is more than sad.
Sahil Rana Pray for those souls
April Joyce Enriquez Ribu
Troy Andrei Salvador Make it side to side
Prisila Escalante 😢😢💔
Chezka Lapitan Valeroso Is Ariana Okay😥?Pls Answer 😥💔☝
Zahid Hasan I like to be familiar with foreign people. So pls add me
Sohel Shaikh
Hassan Majaliwa Dear Whites, Why Are You Pretending With Your Fake Jesus Who Did'nt Say In A Bible Either To Call Him God Or To Worship Him,sex Everywhere,dirtyness.I'm Sure That Is A Tactic Against Islamic, I Hate Christians,i Hate Europe, I Hate Usa & I'll Never Come To Your Dirty Countries. R.I.P THOSE WHO LOST THE LIVES.
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"This has been the most horrific incident we have had to face in Greater Manchester and one that we all hoped we would never see."

Kelsey Carrigan My thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone effected by this horrific tragedy. Absolutely heartbroken over the fact that so many girls were there to have an amazing time singing along with their idol, and many of them won't be returning home to their loved ones. Concerts are supposed to be a place to have fun and be carefree for a few hours, enjoying your favorite music... not a place you feel threatened and fear for your life. #prayformanchester
Lawrence Gonzales Such a terrible and devastating incident. Prayers for all the victims and their families. I feel bad for Ariana also, she'd feel accountable for something she had no control over. Concerts and shows are the venue where we can all be ourselves, have fun, chill, relax, sing along with. It's so sad, seeing concert venues become the area where bombings and other tragedies happen. It's heartbreaking. This has got to stop. Prayers for Manchester and the rest of the world. #PrayForManchester
Jthrlx Jthrll Those were kids wanting to watch their idol live. It's heartbreaking that they've been waiting for this day to see Ariana but little did they know that it was the day their lives will be ended. #PrayForManchester
Jose Pagan I drink and I curse but I do believe in God prayers and condolences to the families who passed:( :( :( :( :( :( :(. Terrorist or promised one thing before they die and then blow themselves up women and Heaven which are false prophets. You can believe whoever the hell you want to believe but God is the ultimate decision.
Ola Jachym Concert s place where u should feel free ,careless and truly happy this s not place where you should be afraid of ur life ..💔💔💔
PJ Arcaute People need to stop bashing Ariana Grande. Stop saying terrible things towards her. She may not be perfect and may had said alot of things that was uncalled for in the past. Doesn't mean we can forgive the person from their past. We learn from our past. I am 27 years old. I love Ariana. She is beautiful and talented in her own ways. She is going through so much right now. You be shocked and heart broken too if you heard a bomb go off in your own concert. Please pray for her and the victims at this very difficult time 🙏🏼❤️️
Courtney Pearson It was awfullll😖😭
Janderson Queiroz So sad!.. All my prayers and condolences for those who were affected by this tragedy!
Aya Muhammad This is so horrible, hope everyone who was there is okay, they did nothing to deserve this
Ella Dionisio Nica my thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone effected by this horrific tragedy.
Sahil Rana Go through reaction and comments this is a proof that humanity has died
Audriana Hines Okay I have seen you down my Facebook wall too many times. Stfu we get it. Show some respect and have a moment of silence. Thank you 🙏
Kike Salas Ariana is not a victim! Real innocent people die....
Akpobi Blessing For does that lost there life's RIP
Chantelle Go Omy my SONGBIRD PRINCESS do not cry
Aze Portuzuela Suicide bomber a muslim??????
John Vu All this terrorist bs makes me sick
Jonathan Cabbat We going to war or naw?
Lynwood Lewis Painful
Prisila Escalante 😭😭😭💔🙏
Lê Mai Hương #PrayforManchester 😢😢 such a tragedy!
Rechelle Medrano 💔😭🙏
Matt Packer So awful
Bao Duc Nong they and ARiana don''t deserve this
Samanthafik X Tragasha Usher too bad
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Manchester Arena is the largest indoor venue in the U.K.

Gavin Hardy You guys, seriously. This is so horrifying. I can't even imagine how terrified people were, and I'm dreading the moment they release names of the deceased as I assume they will be mostly teenagers and parents. This is not a time to be bitchy for fun or make jokes. This is the world we live in, and it's not ok. What are we going to do to fix this? ☹
Zii Gmz Ahadain Instead of blaming each other. just pray for the people who lost their Family. RIP
Jade Laurence Its an Indoor Venue, and there's something about the security, they're the one to question this tragic event, they're staff, where the hell they are? I feel something fishy, I'm kinda sad and pissed off too!!!
Alexander Wira Salim As a Manchester United fans deep condolence for all people in Manchester. Hope everybody safe
Ella Dionisio Nica Its ok Ariana! remember we love you anything what happened . :)
Storm Charles Ariana Grande likes the taste of doughnuts, but she "hates" America and Americans
Lê Mai Hương So sad for her and her fans 😢😢😢 I hope they stay peace in heaven...
Jose Pagan If you don't believe in God and believe in hatred you going to have a one way ticket to hell burn in Suffer if you believe in the Hate.
Kny Orteoli Childrens, teens, youngs, much people in this concert, how is possible that exist so evil people in the world?.
Jessica Mullett I know it was at her concert but imagine how she feels now seeing her name everyday due to this event . This is so sad :(
Lincoln Williams That's so sad in the tragedy what happened these guys need to be stopped quick fast in a hurry the just punks
Patrick Cremeans 21,000 capacity, slightly ahead of the O2 Arena in London at 20,000.
Precious Maw-asha Washington What has come to this world? Is the second coming of Jesus near? I'm devastated by this horrifying the family of the Victims, stay blessed
Alexander Wira Salim Arianators, Citizens, and Red Army will know this scene
Becky Asquith Jhon Paul Polutan i live near here omg im scared
Daryl Mico Definitely a Security lapse.
Mona Howell 💔
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 667💥💥💥💥
Winnie Lee Is she got hurt??
Evelyn Jowett So awful! RIP
Julie Irene Park Gamorot R.I.P
Karen Hill Ridiculous
Zarni Cho I'm kinda sad and pissed off!!!
Elvis Axl Dz Oh my god:(?
Richard Walusimbi Rip
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Britons are due to go to the polls on June 8.

Aya Muhammad I don't get what's the point of killing WHY JUST WHY When is all of this gonna end?
Mëglën Dësuasido WTF is wrong with these guys?! Insane terrorists! Bomb your ass instead.
Jose Pagan For those who have hatred in their miserable lives just take a gun and commit suicide nobody would give a damn.
Lirim Memedoski Ariana almost died and people are still hating her
Lirim Memedoski It's not her fault
Mutambo Boyd let the terrorists do there #JOB it does not make any difference if the devil die today.
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 693💥💥💥💥
Clare Scott I support u
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The scene from the ground.

Zii Gmz Ahadain For those who blames ariana has a point if that concert didnt happen that wouldnt happened. and for those who dont blame ariana has also their point ariana didnt know that would happen shes just giving happinest to people. Instead of blaming each other. Just pray for the people who lost their family. RIP.
Aradhana Parida Stop calling her DANGEROUS WOMAN for the loss.. although I don't like Ariana, but it's not at all her fault.. #RIP victims. Prayers and love...
Alex Tatiana Wilkins That's so awful and I'm sorry for Ariana and her fans who were just at the concert having a good time. I pray for those family's who lost loved ones and for those who were injured
Kevin Lopez This is what multiculturalism looks like. Islam simply isn't compatible with the west so stop trying to call it a religion of peace as if the Quran doesnt support the killing of infidels
Fred Ibbitson No need to read anything in this article. Nowhere in the article does it mention a suicide bomber. I checked it out because I haven't seen any other articles yet to say that it was terrorist or a suicide bomber
Jason Shackelford It's trump rubing elbows and bowing down to those evil Muslims! He can't even control his own property..Bought and paid for. ( His wife) in his point of view!
Duat Puii Fanai RIP to those who lost their lives&may God be with all the victims...instead of blaming each other lets pray for Manchester&to Ariana...
Tina Jones To those who would be terrorists: just because you don't agree with something, that doesn't mean that others don't have a right to participate in it freely. It means that you are mentally deranged, if you would seriously harm or even kill others for being part of something you don't agree with. Grow up and join the human race already.
Kimberly Summers I don't feel sorry for those who died at all. Stupid Brits wanted Muslims in their country now deal with them and the effects they cause
Dave Bouchard The worst part of this is that 22 people died. Many injured. The second worst part of this incident is that Ariana Grande is still alive...
Klein Swift Why do bad things always happen to her, first her airplane crashed last year, now this. Love you Ari!
Lirim Memedoski I hope Ariana doesn't blame her self
Daryl Mico Worthless Terrorists strikes Again, we need to wipe them in this world.
Charles Leschke more dumb ass terrorists, all the more reason to completely nuke the dirt in the middle east
Zack Irwin They should ban guns. England needs common sense gun legislation.
Kathy Waddell I'm so glad we finally got a President that shut the USA borders. Terrorist are killing people now children.
George MP Macesich The religion of peace strikes yet again. RiP to those lost and prayers to those in recovery.
Schyl Perry This is why I stay away from large gatherings and tourists locations
Lirim Memedoski It was not her fault.
Nathan Anokwu The days of going to bed with all eyes closed are over, no matter who is in charge.
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Rest in peace, send this condolence to the broken families💥💥💥💥
Shannon Rolicheck I don't burst into tears often. I just saw the death toll jump from 19 to 22.
Maja N Pablo Kind of weird how it happened just when she left the stage. 🤔
Tina Skrefsrud Moe Roy Aleksander omg stakkar Ariana og de på konserten hennes😩
Jeremy Behrend so, this is kinda what you get for allowing muslims, isn't it?