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From "No Ordinary Love" to "Smooth Operator", here are Sade's Top 5 Hits 🎶

One of the best artists out there timeless music.
Unquestionably indubitably the best. I ❤️ Sade!
There is no one else like her. Everything about her is likeable.
Love Sade and her songs, a true inspiration 💓
I thought she rapped or whatever.
My favorite artist of all time❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
This woman is ULTIMATE
Spice Girls Net My favourite British female artist, along with Adele. She's amazing.😍😍
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Ariana Grande and The Beatles charted three songs in the Hot 100 Top 5.

See the other artists who have achieved this feat.

The Beatles and Ariana should not be in the same sentence. It's musical blasphemy.
The Queen of Pop😍
Legends only 😍
all these fake records are giving me diarrhea...
Katy perry's 5 songs was hit with No.1 in 1 Album. (California gurl, Teenage dream, Firework, E.T., Last Friday night) but other album, Her songs were hit with No.1 so many songs. E.g. I kissed a girl, Roar, Dark horse so she's become a legend singer on Top Chart history.
Minha pequena ❤
Pop queen ari❤
#Gái nghành đi #khách 2 #triệu 1 #lượt ai muốn ib em
Billboard stop already
“365” by @KatyPerry & @Zedd is out now! • Spotify: • iTunes: ⁠ • YouTube:
Seriously? How can they use the name of ariana with the Beatles , Beatles is like G.O.A.T and ariana is desperate, well looks desperate 😂
Don't put Beatles and Ariana in the same statement please. Beatles will always be one of the greatest and ariola well will always be the one to kill her fans
Ariana making locals pressed as always. Is not her fault, she just drop music when she wants, she doesn't want to follow the rules that the industry wanted to put and she remains successful without performing her songs 😂😂
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Beyoncé and JAY-Z pay tribute to Meghan Markle during their acceptance speech at the 2019 BRIT Awards. 🙌

The Beyhive 🐝 clashes with British Army💂 over Meghan👸 Portrait...... This war will never end......
The acceptance speech goes apeshit🐝🐝🐝🐝
Kate is experiencing numbness right now
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For the second year in a row, not a single woman is nominated for entertainer of the year.

Reba McEntire had some strong words about this.

well maybe they just aren't good enough...
When are you in Virginia!؟
Kacey musgravesss all the way
E #hàng cao cấp nhận di #khách 2 #triệu 1 lần ai cần ib
not even kacey musgraves?
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From "Tomorrow Comes Today" to "Humility."

Gorillaz, when you hear them at first, you say Oh normal, not bad at all (like for example Phoner to Arizona) but ironically you want to listen them one more time it's here when they become a drug, actually their music is very sooth, i can't describ how their music touche me deeply ♥ I love them, if you want to feel high, cool and happy listen to Gorillaz
School days 😌
Gio ..... díaaaas! 😉😽
Анужин Эрдэнэбаатар
Brandee River
Alex Berenger
Right in the feels Patrick John To