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"I had the best dream last night."

Queen of the Billboard charts Darling. MariahQueen x
Can we get a duet 😘 SamSmith Mariah Carey
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Hear Simba roar.

Liked this remake more than I thought I would. Beyoncé as Nala was so distracting, her voice just didn’t match for me she made it sound so scripted. Other than that it was a stunning movie visually
Visually beautiful but nowhere near as emotive as the original.🦁👑
Everyone is praising the visuals, but giving mixed reviews on the rest. I will wait to see it. Congrats tho!
Beautiful 😍
i enjoyed it. yes the original is better but the remake is good also. gonna see it again soon.
The voice acting is horrid in this one, but the visual is stunning!
Thanks to Beyoncé.
Hakuna Matata
Half of these tickets bought by Disney just for making headline.. True Mastermind working behind Disney,,,,
I know!
And I guess its all Beyonces doing
Arun Malik
It was ok
Disney spoil my childhood
Chris Pienaar
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Lana Del Rey has revealed that her highly anticipated follow-up to 2017's 'Lust for Life' will be released next month.

I am sooo ready!
Sorry! Gave up on her months ago!
Jackie Arias
yes queen mother 🙏
Love me some Lana. 💗💗
Abigail Noulis
Simona Benenati
Yes mummy!! 😫😫♥️♥️♥️ Can’t wait now
We are ready
Laura Louise
Eskil Furberg Hoff 😍😭🤧
Mariana Maude Gil-Solis
Daria 😍
Man, Lana needs to lay off the plastic surgery.
DC in the 80s Gracja Nowak
Dylan Ché Carreiro-Hensel
Brittany Fabian excited maybe we’ll have some new dance jams for Monday 🙌🏽
Tasnim Ahmed
Ayla Arhelger
Declan Hobbs
Queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Check out some of the most famous pseudo jobs in music history, from Coldplay to Prince.

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Selena Gomez celebrated her cousin Priscilla DeLeon's wedding on Friday, serving as her maid of honor and delivering a heartfelt speech.

Very nice feelings
❤❤❤❤❤that's her
My baby
Maryam Naeem kr lo shadi ab
Selena is a amazing person
we don't care about either of those things🙄
Who cares?
And your fake as hell.