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I just keep on coming back to you.

Uswatun Mustifasari But I wish Louis will make music with Harry, Niall, zayn, liam. Have they broken their friendship at 1D? I dunno. I just wonderin as bloody hell.
Jez Mark Ray 🎤
Juster Limpioso Happy Anniversary One Direction. <3 ^_^
Marisabel Santana Castejón My baby! 😍
Kirangopal Singh Flop ❤
Lana Ornedo Looouuuiissss
Retha Sipayung Love it... Happy 7th anniversary 1D
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 1313
Lujain Henawy It's just the best song.. king my LOUIS.. proud. ❤❤👑❤👑❤🔥
Hayley Trinkle Brittany Trinkle
Mariel Fernandez Mc Neill Sabid
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“So I won’t be having any pizza slices in New York,” RuPaul deadpanned.

Shaylots Kool Emanuel nueva temporada! Seguro la vemos en 2030!
Christian Castillo Cabanillas Rocío ponte al dia que se viene nueva temporada :v
Martin Alvarez Moncayo Isabella López ¡TIENE QUE ESTAR AQUARIA!!!!!
Smith Aracne Can't wait!😁👏👏💪🏻💪🏻
Mitchell Agostinho Jesse David Gayse ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
Elusive Rex RuPaul and L.A. Reid they look like twins to me
Keylor Quirós Amazing!
Φοίβος Βασίλειος Νίνος Mama Ru 🙏🏻
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 693
Robbie Martinez Love you mama ru!!
Derek Van de Kamp I want to see judge Judy let these new queens have it !
Tom Cheng Lyris Miu omg
Mel Newton Lauren Parker. 🙄🙄🙄
Britain Arlt YAY!! Madison Carlson
Pedro Felipe Costa AAAA Tamara Barbosa
Thomas Aguilar Delaney Wendland
Kevin Stata Amy Jane!
Kane Eddy Teneisha Thompson
May Venegas Judith Mora
Marge Obando Anne Brinkley
Caleb Gee Zella MacLennan YAAAAZZZSSZSZZ
Tirsch Rezenick Levi Wyatt yaaaaaas
Luke Joseph Emma Elizabeth
Gregory Alpher Gary
Angie Loya Mandy Loya Shalie Raelyn West
Aline D CB I'm too weak and sad. My heart is broken in thousand pieces. Your lyrics helped me so much, but you cant save yourself :( You will be missed, thank you for being my safe place. You was the voice of the voiceless.
Marie Khel The help Chester must've needed came a little too late.But on the lighter side,suicide prevention is a good cause for many will be saved from the depression and all the struggles that many troubled persons are facing each day of their lives.Losing Chester somehow brought about a positive change.Then again,I feel really shattered for his loss.RIP Chester.You'll forever be missed :(
Nicole Buchanan I suffer from depression, PTSD,anxiety it's not easy to live with or to ask for help. Chester I wish you would've been able to seek help but I know how hard it is. You will NEVER be forgotten & always remembered💔😓
Abbey Heithoff-jordison I wondered what they had shared earlier. I tried clicking on the link but their website wouldn't load. I thought maybe it was due to very high traffic or something. #RipChester
Trishna Das My heart is still hoping its all a joke... I m trying but can't get over it... Most of ur songs gave strength to our lives... But now most of ur fans are feeling weak... It seems lyk i lost my family member...
Sandra Arviso Anguiz Your death really hit me hard. During really difficult times your songs brought me through, made me strong. R.I.P Chester you will never be forgotten, you will live on forever in your family, friends and fans. :( #heartbroken
Ebru Bulut I miss him so much, he helped me the past years and especially last and this year with my suicidality and depression and it's just unfair what these illnesses can do to the sweetest of the sweetest
Gio Marcano in the end it doesn't even matter. damn really wish I could've met chester, one of the greatest rock singers of the 2000's
Paola Guevara I feel like one of my family members passed away. We will always love Chester❤️😢. #RIPCHESTER
Linda Tahalea I'm so sad and my heart is broken in thousand pieces 😭😢 you'll never be forgotten and you'll always in my heart 😔💗
Thilina Dias you will be surely missed #Chester i couldn't even believe that he is gone... :[ :[
Dawn Black Mc Laughlin They should get together with Cornell's wife on this. She's pretty proactive with suicide prevention charity.
Jezrel Dagohoy Linkin Park 0% Racism 0% Sex 0% Nudity 0% Mod*fuka 0% Dancing Girls 100% Talent A Legendary Band R.I.P Chester
Atif Ri I'm too weak to say good bye to him 😭😭
Ana Ailed Hernandez Ortiz
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Howard Greenberg TOO LATE!!!!!
Graziela Fresneda
Denise Hartline Or give us Robin Williams back
Nujeed Jaa R.T.P Chester
Mohamed Albarawi ^_^
Khairul Anwar #ripchester we lost you but never loose you
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Linkin Park's most streamed song on July 20 was “In the End."

Angela Radic I don't think the people who call Chester a "coward" realize how many lives he actually has changed. He helped others when he couldn't even help himself. A lot of fans, millions of them, found themselves in his lyrics and Linkin Park's music, to which it even has literally SAVED some of them. Some people need to realize that when people are depressed, they don't think about the consequences of their actions because their mind isn't working properly. I hope Chester found peace with himself and is happy wherever he is. This is such a tragedy, words can't describe it.
Youvette AndMatt Cox Okay here I go again, I'm so sick of seeing posts saying he was selfish. People who complete suicide are NOT selfish. They want the pain to end, they aren't thinking rationally because if they were they wouldn't be thinking about suicide. Mental illness is a serious disease that needs not be taken seriously and talked about.
Precious Mawasha Washington I never really knew Chester before...why is it that these artists get so much exposure after their death? His passing is such a sad one though. RIP Chester. :'(
Adrianna Holbrook To be expected. I felt personally relistening to some of my favorites was the best way to cope and pay tribute to Chester. ❤️ I was a depressed teenager in the early 2000s and Linkin Park's songs helped me to not feel so alone in what I was going through.
Anahi Lopez I feel like if I personally lost a family member. It hurts, it hurts to know that you are not with us in this world anymore. I was always a Linkin Park fan since I was 12 in middle school 28 now but, you got me through some pretty shitty stuff. I personally thought about suicide when I was younger due to sexual abuse from a family member. I can't believe you are gone. Your legacy will live on. You are gone but never forgotten🙏🏽🙏🏽
Abdul Fatir Hameed Fayez. He didnt die, he went to Bermuda triangle for a peaceful life with Paul Walker and illuminatis and got rich by the 730% increase in the streaming.
Nicole Buckley the fact that he isn't here anymore and now their sales are going up that's just very heartbreaking and sad. People don't care unless you're dead. Man I feel so bad 💔😔 he had so much to live for. Like this if he was here the sales wouldn't have gone up because you people couldn't care less but when someone dies then you start caring. It's really devastating. I wish this happened when he was here so he could see this. But no when he's dead it does. It's just like wow really? 💔😔 Chester you're a legend. You will always be one. Rest easy angel👼🏻❤
Victoria Reed One of my all time favorite songs. His voice will be missed.
Aayush Sonkhla Everyone cares when its too late 😢😢
Shamil Hasanli You see, death doesn't happen to you Lydia, it happens to everyone around you, okay? To all the people left standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how they're gonna live the rest of their lives without you in it.( from Teen Wolf)
James Scott Tudtud People nowadays don't care unless you're dead . that's the time they'll realize how great you are while you were with us. Sales may increase but it couldn't add up to happiness because of Chester's death. Especially on their newest Album One More light. Alot of people hated their new sound since they miss the "old Linkin Park" .There's no old Linkin Park because they are the same band, they just add up more genres each song and album. Their song heavy got a ton of dislikes, and after his death they realize that it has a deep meaning, which Chester faught the demon(the depressed Chester) and it won..Ignorant!! We hope their new singles would reach the top 10 of billboard or at least reach number one and kick out those trashy top 10 hits.
Ronel Escuro RIP Chester Bennington. Now "In the end" your body is "Numb" but you have "No more sorrow". "Breaking the Habit" was difficult for you but you were always "One step closer". Your voice will be always "Crawling" on me "From the Inside" till the day I "Bleed it Out" and "Faint".
Maria Centeno I knew that song since 2000!!! Others people since two days ago
Brittany Figueroa THIS was the first song I heard when a friend introduced me to Linkin Park. She had asked me if I have heard of them and I told her no. She asked me if I had wanted to and said yes. She played "In the end" and I instantly fell in love with them.
Alyssa Ewing This song is currently playing on my playlist and now I'm in tears reading these comments. Chester has touched so many lives and has helped us through so much and nobody can order should take that away from us! He helped me get through my parents divorce at the time that I didn't think I'd survive. He'd continue to help when I felt alone, sad, angry, like dying. I will not let anyone who says he was a coward or selfish affect my grieving for him. We all lost a friend and it sucks.
Chad Luckern One of a kind person Chester bennington ive been a fan since their first cd in 2000 seen them live an its a great live performance an chesters voice is like a siren going off it shuck the building an got you on your feet an rock out so we just lost a good one ya know
Tony Sanchez Listening to every linkin park song now seems like a suicide note. Wish he didn't have to kill himself. Feel bad for his kids. R.i.p Chester.
Krissia May Callos i grow up listening to linkin park songs. i'm sending my prayers and condolences to the family and friends of chester.
Toni Grace I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn't even matter I had to fall To lose it all But in the end It doesn't even matter... ❤️❤️❤️ Chester
Ešräā Al-ĤaŜħimi Because all their songs make sense now. He was battling depression 💔 R.I.P. Chester 🤘🏻💔
Lea Abegail Asas Galua Aem Mai ayha pa naminaw ug patay na. . Hahaha. . Y klaru jud ning tao. .
Zoila Perez I heard what I've done.. what have you done praying for family and friends and fans I'm so sad and shocked
Carolina Altamirano Sébastien Julien Gamez there, saw u saying something about his on a comment
Carlos A. Guzmán The best album was Hybrid Theory Just a Master Piece... reanimation its the secuel... just Thanks LP
Susan Esquivel Just waiting for the media to say he faked his death 😒
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"blink-182 is wrecked by the loss of our friend and amazing musician Chester Bennington."

Sumaira Mayan Caden Ravlin yo 😭😭 they were boutta come to queens soon 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
MayOo Tha Thiha Kyaw Din that tour would have been my childhood dream :'(
Vito Norambuena The demons in your head will finally let you rest in peace master Chester Bennington. so sad :'(
Anderson Barbosa de Lima Danielle Costa não sabia que teria uma tour conjunta. Tô mais triste ainda 😢😢😢😢
David Kabwama Our Sincere Condolences to Linking Park on losing the leading Singer Rip Chester. B.
Ovidio Villán Salve banda de Linkin Park. RIP Chester Bennington (+) Saludos desde Bolivia.
Cindy Tavarez-Lorenzo One of THE concerts I said I must attend before I died.. smh my life will never be the same.
Morgan Rullo I was actually looking into tickets for that tour. What a shame 😩
Michele Duran You're not alone Blink 182..this left all of us a wreck. Heartbroken beyond belief!!! :(
Steven Carrasco Roo Dee Vince
Weng Rollon RIP Chester Bennington!
Mohamed Albarawi ^_^
Kcirej Allicarg RIP Chester Bennington!! LP for Life.
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 667
Yusif Almograbe بلكي تبو تغنو وصاحبكم ميت اول امس
Teodora Teo We miss you Chazzy 😥
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Forrest McFarland
Bob Hay #NoTomNoBlink182
Kathleen Thea Villaro Andrea Ermoso mgtuor pd unta sila duha ka banda. 😭
James Morales Rlp Chester
Thomas Johnsonfeld Blinkin Park? Stinkin Farts