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Short and sweet.

I'm so glad. I couldn't sleep until i heard what the baby daddy thought about the birth of his daughter.
And all the white dudes went like, "WTF is she doing?"
Wow that was so informative
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'Black Panther' leads the way.

Tall Justin (Cyanide & Happiness) Luv It, Any Movie That Battles The White Race Is Good With Me #BLACKLIVESMATTER #LEARNITNOW #YOUDIDNTKNOW
Huy Đẹp Trai <3
Black Panther, King Kendrick All hail the king !!!!
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"I honestly tried my best."

This is the best publicity she’s had since 2006. Nobody even knew she had an album drop a few months ago. I think this performance is going to resurrect her career.
She tried to sex it up. The national anthem isn't meant to be sexed up.
Maybe the people hating on her should get on that stage and sing the National anthem it's not easy to get up on that stage and sing in front of tons of viewers get off her case keep it up fergie
it really was awful though
17 teachers and teens were just recently murdered and this is upsetting to you?
She's actually a great singer and very talented artist. As a musician not near as successful as her i must give her some respect that is due. However, her national anthem performance was not a good rendition. The arrangement and the style of the song was odd, distracting, cabaret, slow, and a bad fit. She tried to sing it like a lounge act singer would perform. It was just a bad idea, a mistake, and it flopped. I feel bad for her but she'll recover and learn from it.
With all the problems facing our country these days, you folks have to go off on her! Someone trying to bring some joy to everyone’s lives!
That was painful to watch...😣
The only thing that could have saved Fergie’s rendition of the national anthem is if right after she sang “the bombs bursting in air” the black eyed peas came out of nowhere and sang GOTTA GET THAT BOOM BOOM BOOM!
Mariah shoulb keep her mouth cloused
I love Fergie, and everyone makes mistakes, however this could easily be avoided with preparation. If she was trained she'd know better, and if she had prepared and practiced with a vocal coach they wouldn't have allowed her to go out and do that. It's not a big deal anyways though, everyone has shitty performances, why is everyone so hung up on this one? Move on
I love her to death. Big fan. That said, it made my ears bleed. Did no one hear her rehearsing and then pull her aside to let her know that it wasn't working that way. My god.
People are mean! Why further humiliate someone? She's a person!
I think you tried your best to impress, but what you should've done was honored and respected the song and the words! The National Anthem should be performed straight with no "creative licence". It's not YOUR song! It's our Country's song and it belongs to EVERYONE!
It was like a fusion between a dying frog and Christina Aguilera x)
I don't care. I'm still a fan. Hated the arrangement but hey, win some lose some. Go Ferg!
When they panned the faces of the players during her singing...I couldn't stop laughing. I know she tried, its a hard song to make hip. I really like Fergie, but this is just another rendition in a long line of anthem flops...forgetaboutit.
Sorry, but Mariah Carey has no room to judge. Nobody does!
Her team let her down because someone should have told her um no at rehearsal
She had to be drunk/high while trying to perform the National Anthem, that was awful. I love Fergie and her music, but this wasn’t her proudest moment.
singing the national anthem before sports or similar events is really a way to show your patriotism? or the way how you sing really reflect one's patriotism? serve ur country or make ur country better is much better than criticizing ppl's performance. asking artists to sing national anthem and expect them to keep it simple and old fashion? if yes then pls just stick with brass bands instead.
I'd hate to see her at her worse.
The arrangement did not suit her voice. Should've followed the late great Whitney Houston's version: simple, straight-forward and powerful. Still the best performance of the Star-Spangled Banner.
Mas gente que péssima, não poderíamos esperar muito mesmo dela.
It seems like she was trying to make it seem like some older song from the 20s. Nice try though. Can't hate on her cuz she's still wayyyyyy better than me lol
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We're on Lorde's team. #MVE

2017 videos are just VEVO performances, not music videos
Where's "Green Light" ?
Are they revealing the top 10 today for the Billboard Hot 100?
😱 and the song GREEN LIGHT??
Why do you guys keep forgetting Green Light!?
Well, I like it but I miss some kind of a thing... like a green light, but I do not know...
2013? Seems like it was last year
Team ..cover macy kate .better than orginal team 😂💔 We're on each other's team 😍
Who cares about that crap where is the top 10 this week?
She is soooo talented! Just love her ❤
سامعيننا شي؟؟ 🤔🤔 Rere Sliman
Do some lawson
Where is green light?!.
I was expecting green light
Weird list.........
Raull cada dia mai loca e melhor
Cobi Lee
Victor Carreon
Allan Diaz
Leticia Zambretto
Alan Fred
Lorde hates Jewish people.
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"I felt it right away and I prayed."

How does one “suffer” a wardrobe malfunction? People suffer from cancer, not clothes.
Prayed for her tit to get back in?
Why does this have to be published?
Lori Henrikson did you see this ? I noticed it and was like wow